hire one I’m going to be starting out tonight with the meal 2 here hopefully everyone’s having a good day so far it looks like as far as platooning goes yeah I guess sent you would did I receive one no let’s say I get sent you one and you sent me one and uh yeah these are from earlier just within a match for some people but yeah it doesn’t seem like it’s working still okay the only way I’ve seen people do it is either I think a training room or something or people have even resorted to going to play tier 1 matches until they get on the same team oh but I see guys hello hi hi rich that John 23 and I Greg’s me too if few requests here so far though grinding the Emil – of course getting closed on it like 45,000 I think experience a little warrior nice to see you the test server is up I’m not going to be hopping on it just because you know this is kind of like a little mini patch and there’s a bunch of HD tanks there’s changes that have matchmaking a little bit the where it’s gonna balance out mediums lights heavies you know what not between the two teams better like they’re not going to be identical but it’ll be closer to the same on both sides but more or less you know just some minor changes oh oh oh that guy is he’s hurtin I am NOT an Iraq like someone like that in a while alright so far 2000 damage with the first clip not too bad yeah I completely agree I would rather not play tier ones it seems like you can balance but it doesn’t really always work it’s very temperamental hello up esmad oh I know that was pretty sad watch it if you watch his video I posted a link of it and discord it’s kind of funny sitting there like this guy doesn’t even notice what I’m doing good then they all get banned and he’s like [ __ ] this guy is so funny but I actually I actually asked some other people that stream you know what why people really do that and apparently it’s usually a good thing where people read like another stream at the end of theirs to basically get some of their viewers to transfer over to like a smaller streamer or something but that guy was just doing it to try to troll people we really need some help here is I can’t Bluff my way with this man this many tanks luckily he just whiffed but like they got there a fair bit of tanks here I would say trying to get this m103 my life depends on it like kind of does crap said luckily he backed up enough yeah I can’t even pull off further because yeah this asking asking for help and I did 44,000 or forty four hundred forty four thousand Blair but like literally I don’t get why any of these guys like I really need to like do a match strategy for this I don’t think I have one for this update it and just basically Photoshop this part of the map out and just black it out and say that you can’t go there but anyway moving along I guess but I as far as platooning goes it

doesn’t look like if anybody would like to platoon its Anna clan here you know send me or I guess message in the clan chat if anybody wants the platoon technically you know I do platoon Thursday’s it’s just the friends list is so screwed up it’s been a bit difficult to actually do that big uranium look depleted ammo or depleted uranium ammo hello Andrew nice to see you it did not show up in the clan chat let’s say afterwards I’ll try to send a I’ll try to send invite or you try to send me an invite see if that works sometimes it’s been working like the platoon invites go through other times it has been barking so it’s just a little strange Thank You Randall for tipping Levi a biscuit I’ll tip him one here in a after this battle here but as far as wargaming is working on it apparently I do not have the meal okay he tried to send me one well I’ll try to send you one after this and see if it works but yeah outside of getting like on the same team when it’s not working as far as like not being able to accept them outside of battles it’s it’s impossible unfortunately a little frustrating because you know like part of the fun of the game is playing with other people sometimes that you know and it just makes it it’s a stupid it’s going on this long thank you for tipping Levi ball god I don’t know why I was sitting out there as long as I did let’s say I got him new treats do not feel bad for tipping him anymore that you guys are going to make him fat I bought him little like little treats he’ll love them they’re uh the cheddar flavor they I would like to not be here I’d like to be past here but fortunately they’re able to spot me he’s that guy is the little gun but last stream and yeah someone who they don’t work on World of Tanks but they do work for wargaming I figured wargaming’s working on a fix but he he did say they are working on it but he doesn’t exactly know the specifics of course cuz he works in a different branch for wargaming in na not gonna name his name so he doesn’t get bombarded with where’s my friends list alright do I think I can get across here this is c100 ruin they don’t wanna free I know a lot of people don’t really like it it’s mainly due to the armor but since picking it back up I haven’t felt like underpowered or anything in any matches like these few shots I took here I stupidly sat in front of it one hunter for some reason so have I personally confirmed I have not eaten one no but I did sniff them and they do smell like cheddar it’s good to say I picked up there’s not too many treats you can have because you know you can’t have like a lot of certain meats and gluten at them these have chickpea flour I’ll to read it there’s there’s like little weird flowers in them and then just cheddar cheese that’s it and he gets got a Iraq which you know the test server for 9.19 point ones up

shoot them in the turret guys don’t shoot him in the hole AMX 50b as a weak tart but 9.20 because 9.19 point ones like a interim patch to where you know just a little bit of a not placeholder stuff like HD tanks little tweaks tweaks of the matchmaking personal missions stuff like that 9.20 more details came out today there’s gonna be able you know the graphics render is going to be changing and maps specifically but more so it’s gonna be rebalancing a ton of stuff last stream I talked about the Japanese heavies where you know they’re rebalancing basically from the oh I experimental up and some are getting buff some are getting very small nerfs the largest ones honestly the tier six oh I where the change for that is it’s just getting a two rear armor reduced so nothing drastic yeah tier 4 tier man 103 is definitely better really the only thing the Conqueror is better for a heavy tier 9 platform for a gun but outside of that that I’m gonna freeze you know number two in that regard in my eyes and that’s discrediting Auto loaders because you know it’s a little bit different like and of course say like in a meal two against m103 meal two is going to be able to put a ton of damage out on one clip but if then when I’m free smart doesn’t get shot by all that he’ll have the upper hand but as far as 9.20 the bat.chat 25t is getting rebalance in some way the initial like this it’s all initial stats so you can’t really get hung up on it too much the batchat you used to have a larger clip size they’re looking to bring that back where it has six rounds instead of five but instead of 390 damage it drops to 300 300 I think it’s 320 it’s going to be at the end of the day I guess shot the ground but in return it gets much better accuracy especially while moving and it’s going to be a lot easier to use for anyone that plays a batchat now the thing is completely inaccurate which is why you see so many people throw heat out of it so it’s getting buffed but at the same time it’s getting changed a little bit as well thanks a little bow bow for the tip that’s a Dan Daniel tip maybe for a stream today it was have you uneven debt but thank you very much both you guys not a great match but yeah 2100 damaging to shabby at lost do I have aha that is why I missed I’m taking off large first aid kits on a lot of my heavy tanks alright so grinds up doing the meal to again I know it’s getting I’m playing a lot of it but I’ll be done the grind soon they’re also rebalancing the AMX 30 prototype and AMX 30 B the French medium tanks which lower Wayne needs to see it and frost frostbite gaming how to grow world of tanks channel B interesting stream regularly yeah it’s hard you need to you know basically which I forgot to tip the dog you know you have to have a regular schedule but also you have to at least be like I’m interesting in my own way to where I you never know what you get from me either get really good matches or I fall off of a cliff and flip myself over but I also have my real I don’t even know what to call the headliner basically the cover band where he’ll he’ll bring people in my dog why people come to watch me uh more yes I would say that yeah I do not have the st. Emil Artech please take a look at my tank request list but basically trying to remember where I was

the AMX 30 and AMX 30 B French mediums again they’re all preliminary stats but what they’re trying to do is differentiate it from the leopard one line buy more or less giving it a little bit more armor on the turret while also making them a little bit less accurate I believe in giving it a little bit more firepower I kind of glanced over them but essentially the leopard one is gonna retain the whole was late medium roll which I guess I don’t know why I went this far out here in the mail – it was really stupid of me this is not a tank where you want to push honestly should have went over to the hill but I’m kind of overthinking this here little miss Masson mr gaming I’ve about 44,000 experience away I think really Kron vagan that’s pretty late there thanks for waiting for me bad a pretty I’ve I have a cup of coffee over here because I had a pretty long day at work today this we’re finally like finally getting busy this weekend where I have no more slow days after this so no more easy days for me which Levi’s kind of woke up here a minute ago so I’ll be able to tip him some biscuits after this match here and yourself a little bit isolated isolated but um as far as honestly streaming and growing a world of tank channel your best bet is honestly to do it here in YouTube because twitch take for example like granite i streamed on both but i did like a month test of streaming to both YouTube and twitch and twitch not like two people watching me oh Lord why is he sitting all the way back there he got me but oh god that is how you do not play a t95 even though he killed me I really don’t care because he literally just sat there and let his whole team die but it’s easier to start say streaming in a new channel on YouTube rather than twitch though cuz people on twitch will only really watch the top few people hello Rick nice to see you Mitch hey little dog you up again I got a new treat for you come on he’s probably like what are these which uh possibly Randall alright so let me catch up on requests here I think that’s probably gonna be it because this is a shorter stream here you know than the last one it’s only two hours so I think that might be it for now as far as requests I don’t want to take too many and then you know have people wait not being able to bill them which huh I actually forgot to take that off from last age stream but tank requests are full but um alright so the next one up is the AC for experimental here Oh what are you gonna start whining now okay before I like I know how this goes I whine I get tipped stripe s1 it’s not always the easiest to fly but it does make a lot of credits it’s in the top three as far as net profit which tank tankfest is essentially if your community contributor wargaming goes to it’s essentially I forget where exactly it is though but essentially people make a big hoopla of it because it’s like a big tank event where you can go see actual actual tanks community contributors actually get flown out to it I believe they don’t have to pay wargaming kind of puts the

bill to bring them there but honestly since it’s over in Europe I don’t really pay any attention to it so I don’t know too much about it other than that which Lola gunner I’ll add the are you on here but I’m not sure if I can actually get to it blow a meal this is see you guys and I Sean and says otherwise a little bit far away from me all right so a lot of people up there yes I’m going to try to help out my eyes too but going to be really interesting to see how this goes all depends on luckily this is an AMX m4 45 and not something a little bit if there’s a 49 there I would not be able to depend guys behind this need to help out or the Bulldog here now this is this is not a tank to be fricken brawling with especially around a corner like this but I kind of know our iist who’s not going to run away so I was trying to help him the best of my ability because I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the north rarely be see me go to the north because typically I find it to be pointless they even try to push across I only go there certain tanks and the center here to type 64 I probably should have went through there but at this point this point I kind of need to help out thanks I have left here I’m still gonna they’re going to fall because this is too is cleanly close to dying bring it pretty much we all are I’ll switch over to some skill rounds and the Cromwell be behind me got me yeah really this is one of those matches on Paris that your team we lost a couple people pushing up here then you have a lot of people sitting there and fear and you don’t have enough people to win the south or cover the center so you lose there’s not too many ways to play Paris I do like the map but you typically find yourself losing like that a lot alright so the next tank up here is actually I put it in there the Tiger Tiger 131 I splurged and I got it for myself mainly honestly mainly for the crew because I know I’m going to be getting a you know at another German tank that I do not have a crew for it so yeah you know Bovington their videos are pretty neat the watch but Sam I don’t know what you’re talking about so so so gay eysan pretty sure that’s from animating bleach I think yes I’m going to na server but more or less anyone looking to pick this tank up just one on sale today it’s more or less the heavy tank number six so I know for a few of you guys that pretty much means you’re not or at least one

person you’re not going to get it no take on your offer would you buy the oh um John I wouldn’t um thank you very much for the offer i I’m pretty much I had the free experience for it honestly I’m gonna get it by basically at the latest end of next stream if not before it so I would say save your money like I’m down to you know a little bit over 40,000 so that’s with a personal reserve I can get that done in an hour if honestly I guess ground ground it out thank you very much so much Aloha wolf I can try to add the male salon but honestly I’m not sure I have time to get to it hello I’m music fan thank you for nice subscription yeah more or less I have a lot of thank requests right now and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to you know any any new requests typically my tank requests fill up very fast especially on my evening streams you know first 15 minutes 20 minutes they’re usually full only a certain amount of tanks I can say you know at a time that the freaking thing I do not have the FV 405 oh go figure I didn’t even see that he was throwing a PCR so it’s 9 I can’t angle against the tiger if he’s shooting a PCR go figure alright as I said I played one match in this earlier and I think I got like 1800 damage it’s not bad but it’s literally a clone of the heavy tank number 6 just with a different skin on it yes rich I decided not to move the crew for now just because you know it’s mainly for the leopard one when I get that I’m gonna move most of the crew over to that but for the time being doesn’t hurt to just leave them in here granite I’m playing like crap in this right now I really wish I went to the center and yeah I guess backed right into an is alright so there’s my crappy match obviously I shouldn’t pick my own my own tanks but l2 a kv-1 up after this yeah I think there’s another one coming up like that balance I think you’re right there which math is my favorite with sorry I’m a little bit behind on chat here and it’s a hard question I’d probably say something like I know a lot of people hate it probably like malinovka to be honest it’s a little Joel I know you love the heavy tank number six uber and say I do not saving for what gift and say I’m a little bit lost because the chat light shot up really quickly honestly though I guess I should say my favorite map is anything but live oaks I hate that mad literally like a circle that you drive around

anyway though I need to that last match was a you don’t want to play a tiger like that even if it is a tier six but I basically just gave them a giant box to shoot at okay oh I think I might be able to retreat here fast enough I’m probably going to get shot at least once but they think we found 13 oh you’re you’re so good at 46 throwing a PCR already not surprised but still annoying rid of thanks now though yeah the wz-111 one for already pushed across where unfortunately another match in the meal to where if you’re fighting close up in this tank it’s very difficult to get a lot done you need a lot of space to be able to work with it of course I had them right on the gun just to reload time for tea or now 38 seconds it you’re not going to land all your shots more more often than not which yeah this is going to go bad because all these people here need to move over here so they can actually shoot instead they’re all going to sit and see to wait for us to die and then it’s just going to be a domino and it’s just hopefully we can kind of hold out here but there’s only one SPG and not really an SPG that can do a ton of damage and hurry so we’re kind of at the mercy of the enemy which they’re definitely going to be pushing on us there’s no doubt about that and I guess I don’t even know why I shot that that shot there oh great somehow I guess missed three tanks by shooting at the damn ground but yeah we’re kind of screwed it’s just them I’m 46 I feel really sorry for him because he is still shooting APCR even after he has flanked in a meal too but it’s just sad that they literally had like it’s at the 11 minute mark here they had at least two minutes to just move over a few squares and chew yeah but that’s where little thanks up it’s any game and unfortunately that’s PvP sometimes you get people that actually want to work together and other times you get that but let’s move on to the kv-1 there it is International contest to give you the nicest Christmas present let’s say I leave I might want to donate to that but he only is capable of creating one thing I don’t know if you would like that oh I know I completely agree with you Bert it’s that’s why I like like on talking about like when people bring up when r88 and stats and stuff it all started when people started to basically care about that a little too much thank you very much a little bit low for the dip Thanks hello Casper it’s basically people do that they buy a premium tank that you know has a really good premium round they just throw it a hundred percent of the time so it’s just it’s sad unfortunately but honestly like them 46 it wouldn’t have made a difference he

still would append me regardless if he had a standard or a premium because I’ve talked about the meal two before meal two and cron bagging pretty much if he can’t you’re gonna either pennant or not pennant it has a ton of turret armor on the front but if you hit on the side turret hit it on the whole more often not you’re gonna penetrate it with a standard or premium it really doesn’t matter what round you throw it at unless you have some crazy like tier 10 TD keep round like the cheap easy 100 you have a smidgen of a chance to pend the turret front with that so people throwing gold at these tanks it’s just you know it’s pure out of them trying to you know cover up penetration more or less and they’re just wasting money because they think that they need the best win rate they need that more damage which yeah it’s part of the game and it helps but it’s just sad that you know we’re gaming should fix it because more or less thing I said last dream if you give people the option of doing something and it’s like say that detrimental to balancing you can’t expect them not to exploit it like that’s just human nature they’re gonna exploit the hell out of it like which I don’t think he even he’s gonna shoot me of course I don’t even think that t-34 85 saw that why experimental right of course he already is shooting at me yay oh how I missed that but I missed it I was like a second late thank you very much Rick for buying Levi’s a new toy I’ll have to oh god there’s a t14 back here how are these I’m getting a little bit annoyed at my team because there’s two tanks very capable of killing it a pz 4-h I yeah I’m not even going to drive around there because he’s running away now and they somehow can’t do that like I I have no words right now like how were they not able to kill that guy after all that time but I’m getting a little bit honestly frustrated right now so I’m gonna yeah is freeze a good tank I just need to thank that honestly I can get a somewhat solid match and without getting a little bit frustrated as people here I usually don’t get frustrated but that’s it’s pushing me a little bit over there hey little dog get your head out from under my chair do you want this it’s the giant tennis ball this dog is obsessed with he is obsessed with tennis balls so we found him one that he cannot fit his mouth around that honestly he’s probably gonna get mad at me for getting it for thank you very much for tipping I leave I a new toy a trick I was let’s say it was very close to the III but the highest three should be should suffice hey lis that could help with a garden yes Graham I David nice to see you why I I can’t play with you right now well you play at this end that tennis ball literally weighs maybe maybe like four four pounds but it’s the it’s the only way that we can actually give him what

he really wants without him tearing it to shreds or becoming to over overly obsessed with it like we were playing with him we were playing with him yesterday he’s having way too much fun back there we’re playing with him we were playing with him yesterday at the beach and he is like a little ball that it floats but after like a few seconds he was having a blast though I was jumping in and out of the leaves thank you very much a Griggs fee for the tip sorry the kv-1 match was a little a little crappy he bud you having fun he’s probably like I hate you Cody Hey I’m getting a little bit he’s getting a little bit too in hi maybe maybe it was a mistake to give him a a tennis ball he hasn’t had one and uh he hasn’t had one in about maybe a year and a half but uh your Veda you’ve made him a little bit too too happy here Rick right now I was the one that gave it to him but hey sorry t49 I’m petting me honestly I think he’s pissed at the tennis ball for being for being too big you can hear his uh his chirping noises are you meal two year a little too slow hey hey hello I crazier Internet one out that’s thanks I guess you’re watching on your phone hey what’s wrong is it too big you need a bigger mouth I’ll probably just end up giving him a different toy here that way he can obsess about the new the new new toy thank you very much a tough four total for the subscription I have no idea enter with Al good thank you for deleting that John I’m like what he’s a little frustrated cuz honestly um hey when he uh he’s obsessed with balls I’ve told you guys it sounds weird saying that but he’s obsessed to where he likes to carry them around and not let him go the word this one he can’t he can’t fit it in his mouth I will deal with this situation though right after I finish this battle though luckily I somewhat plan for this we bought him a second toy at is also a ball however this one is a little squishy so it’ll be a little bit better for him hey Munna we put this away is this one better there we go that ball toys a little bit more play alone time it’s I got a mastery bad first class somehow while playing with one hand for about a quarter of that

match but as the is-3 for you it’s got a freaking good gun on it as long as you don’t get shot a lot by higher tiers typically you have a really good match in it all right sup next is the fe3o4 oh I know you honestly I’m glad to have Ryan I see what he does but literally he when we take him for walks like we have a field near our house here the we’re like kids play you know it kind of tennis balls and field hockey balls and stuff out there he’ll find them and try to hide them from us and like run away from us it’s it’s so funny hello I’m mr. penetration and a robo Guillermo uh-oh as I guess Ram this sorry stug I thought he uh he isn’t he isn’t nice cuppa um oh god I guess ran mmm Ezra have another thing lordly ximena SPG I’m kind of keeping an eye on make sure he doesn’t reopen it but essentially they shade play a little spot on his chest he has a few more days of antibiotics and if it doesn’t like the swelling doesn’t go down we have to go back and uh it’s still a little a little bit of puffy we have to go back and they have to essentially cut it off but Ryan’s gonna be really pissed cuz he’s he’s trampling her her clock back there she’s uh getting ready to redo that clock that’s been sitting back there kind of torn apart and she has like all these wood wood pieces laid out and he’s kind of running all over up luckily she labeled them now tips for a new player honestly learn learn your Maps maps are very important and then you know learn learn your tank as far as the strengths of it weaknesses so mainly like if your tank doesn’t have any gun depression don’t go to somewhere that has Hills on it like stuff like that but more or less World of Tanks comes down to a knowing the match because if you’re not in the right spot doesn’t matter what thing you’re in you’re not going to do anything knowing your tank and knowing the weaknesses of that enemy tanks it’s more or less the basics that you will start out and uh improve whether all right they pushed I think they pushed up on the two lines so I’ve actually got to fall back here but if you find yourself dying early try to play a little bit like look where your team typically heads on a map and typically your team goes in the right area there’s not always but even bad teams typically you know get themselves in a decent area to work from they just don’t you know either defend right or push right stuff like that but even if your team sets up wrong sometimes you just have to go with it and if you’re new in the game you know sticking near most of your tanks is a good good rule thumb because if you’re out playing alone you’re not gonna survive long usually I’m getting a little bit lost here but the most important part about World of Tanks is honestly knowing knowing the maps and how they play this pz 4-h is not gonna survive let’s go to D forty shot me I still did a hundred eleven damage but yeah and also do not Ram your teammates I did that twice they’re not that it would have really changed the outcome but yeah a little bit distracted by the Penal dog hey you’ll play no now that you can play

by yourself you don’t care about me anymore Levi come here bring it here no he does not want me to touch it first good line I would either say the American heavy tank so t125 or like the is-7 line t-62a object 140 line if you pop over to my website wok guru calm there’s a article there where it’s called which tank line is right for you it’s pretty big but you can kind of click through the different nations and it goes over like every single tank in a specific line and how they play so that could help you ever I would say T 125 line is 7 line object 140 slash t-62a line honestly I’m kind of screwed because after I get done streaming here like usually I go to bed right afterwards he’s he’s gonna he’s gonna force me to play outside whoops thought I was still on cruise control here and there’s nobody over here I guess I have to my favorite tanks the t 123 I you finally want to play no whatever you gotta grab something he’s like ducks down and growls at you a little bit um the colonel I do not have one on hand however which thank you very much for the subscription Tom I I’m not even gonna try to pronounce all that but thank you very much I don’t want to embarrass myself I’m pretty sure these there’s an invite code for reddit that is fairly good if you pop over to world tanks reddit the subreddit there you don’t have to join or anything it should be awesome on the side the sidebar but I honestly I guess I’m gonna head over here because yeah these people weren’t pushing and the enemy’s pushing up so but if you he is he is licking the drawer over there the one that I put his tennis ball in Levi oh god this dog he’s usually he’s used to beat up this dog hmm honestly I think he saw that I have like three or four more toys in there and he probably saw them he oh yeah hey stop licking the drawer it’s not gonna open Oh Lord he’s never done that he’ll like sniff a drawer he won’t sit there and lick it hello atomic nice to see you thank you nice couple yeah I wasn’t exactly what what the code was but I used the code that nice cuppa posted in chat that should give you a decent amount of premium time free I think a t14 or tier 5 premium Levi’s doing better yes thanks for asking me we’re still we still have to keep an eye on him even though right now he’s he’s honestly about to get in trouble cuz he is licking he is licking the drawer where his toys are if he doesn’t stop by after the battle here I’m gonna have to yell it up thank you very much for the subscription eternal its hello black gaming and I’ve been do World of Tanks is a free-to-play game it’s on console PC mobile pretty much on everything

[Laughter] I don’t know if you guys can see him in the background he’s probably behind my chair but he’s he’s going a little bit crazy back there over trying to get the rest of the toys out Oh God that fix that Oh about two Jonathan if he doesn’t stop but I think that’ll do it he wasn’t being that bad you know he’s just being obsessive eyes at the yellow demand complete my finger at him and he knows if he doesn’t cut it out then he gets he gets rolled over on his back and shamed in front of the live stream honestly he does think that labove oh he randomly walks around the house now and tries to open up drawers by hopefully not licking them all now but he just sits there in like blows air and oh yeah he’s gonna get in trouble because he’s doing it again uh what have I started here I’m gonna have to I’m have to get a new dresser now with how obsessive he is gonna change all the furniture in the house really be nice if they could spot there we go about t95 I’ve been waiting to at least get a shot on him cuz he’s just been sitting there an entire match I’m just gonna let him get himself into some trouble here cuz he’s completely forgetting that there’s a bunch of tanks this way so he’s a done goner there I hope Levi sleeps well I know I actually hit something there like I’m freaking amazed and I racked him oh he found a squeaker in it yeah Oh God now you’re actually getting your gums the bleed that’s not good I was hoping that he was not gonna find third there’s a couple squeakers in a but give me a second here had to pick up those little pieces of wood Ryan has down because he’s starting to not ruin them cuz it’s the back of them but he’s starting to mess up her little drawing on the back I guess I am if I can send you an invite but I’m not sure if it’ll actually work so my next even on my next tank up it unfortunately is an SVG which fortunately the next patch you’ll be able to platoon one SPG again but let me know if that pops up I did cancel it but it hasn’t been showing up for anybody I wasn’t watching the world of things finals but I did see that they were giving away codes for that I could make a Levi oh it did work a pozer the the code is a it’s for new players only nice

that the code worked for you hey no but um I know that gums his gums bleeding aren’t great he has a lot of uh is a lot of problems we manage them honestly I brush his teeth every single night um yeah he gets his teeth brush most and some people brush their own teeth he just has when we got him at this point it was a little over a year ago from someone’s family member who was kind of abusing him he lost like he’s down to like seven teeth outside of his little front ones they had to rip out like ten teeth some were rotting and falling out so he’s much better than he was but it’s never gonna be perfect especially with his age here yeah I did get a to mark here hello Misha okay you found me you won good there’s always some floating around somewhere and say I’d be able to find one if you gave me enough time but they wouldn’t be honestly they wouldn’t be as good as the ones that Vegas have a static ones oh I completely agree not brushing your teeth disgusting by levi’s lucky every single night I brush my teeth and he sits there like looking at me like I know what’s coming he doesn’t really like it but he at least he accepts it he doesn’t like try to bite me or anything police he’s starting to calm down now honestly that dresser over there is a little slimy he really wants that tennis ball even though he can’t fit it in his mouth all right but for the second half of the stream here hopefully I can focus a little bit more and try to play a little bit better here couple of these matches I’ve been yeah we bit we bit distracted I should say oh this is not good not good at all yeah I would say that this team’s gonna lose yeah I guess got spotted I don’t think I’ll be able to run away here without the size of the turret on this but we’ll see luckily this thing’s pretty fast yeah this is what like I like playing RT but it does come down to what map you get on your team a lot of different things so one of those things where I at least I enjoy playing it every now and again now since it’s actually balanced and not miserable to play but it is it’s still a crapshoot you’re really dependent on a lot of different things to fall in your favor more so than say any other tank blows AK Levi has six toothbrushes his two faces like I don’t even know how to describe it it’s just really thick so we have to be honestly at the like a but a minute dishwasher every few days so we kind of rotate him is like his two faces more expensive than ours he is special toothpaste this dog is so spoiled honestly and I go figure I should have went a little bit further down here but I knew that there’s possibly enemies here but I should have at least was just positioned myself behind this building a little bit better crap I missed my shot on this t-49 unless he does me a favor and hops back out here I don’t think he’s gonna help me out maybe there we go awesome we’re definitely not gonna win

this but uh I do not have an FV 405 kick honestly Levi that’s the first time I ever saw him like frantically lick something like that hopefully it’s not a start of a trend but unfortunately a loss but thank you for the subscription of mr. hacker it’s weird that the platoon invite works for you but it wasn’t working between uber and I that’s strange which thanks for this subscription mr. hacker but you know begging for people to subscribe back is ya good luck trying to convince people unless you make world thanks videos like ya but up after this I’m going to play the t-34 made with ru251 the mouse I might be able to take some more requests after that here he are you happy yeah yellow happy dog thank you very much look over for the tip yes Greg feet dipped dipped a little bit ago you yeah I can probably take I’m not going to bother changing all my overlays right now but I might be able to take you know like two or three more tanks here as far as requests go I know I do not live stream all day you can see my schedule over there you can see the ending over here honestly I excited a few times even if say could make enough money or viewers and what-have-you from live streaming say like some other people do I’m not sure I would want to do it as a a primary job it would probably grow to be on fun I know a few other streamers have said that that where once it becomes a job you kind of have to approach it differently like I like this being a hobby and you know playing games for fun that’s what games are meant to be I would never want it as my full-time job because it would probably grow to be hopefully not miserable but unfortunately I don’t have the t-50 Paul please look at my tank request list possibly Randall I create all my overlays in a Photoshop alright that’s why you don’t drive right behind people fortunately the Chrysler is gonna get freakin premium rounds for an item because he’s in that tank sounds mean but people that drive that thing should expect to get pain around throat hit of the things ridiculous I guess I’ll help oh god what do you Greek this is three again like could have had this guy out already no and he’s still alive now because my gun elevation but like I don’t like people that sit behind you and mess up your try think yeah I’ll send you one right after the battle uber dad look to see if you’re on thank you very much Andrew and thank you very much Rick for the for the tip be as far as overlays yeah I make them

down to the pixel and a photo shot myself all right so that’s what I get for throwing gold out being a filthy gold spammer it bounced it missed there we go the meal too is not exactly the most accurate thing in the world I gotten I ran into a rock holy crap there’s tanks over here I’m just out of it today I’m gonna blame it on the heat because for some reason it was nice outside today I was like 80 is 80 something so not too hot in the kitchen no oh there’s something going wrong like we’re getting our hood systems on Monday you have to get them a service every X amount of months ours is coming up on Monday and hopefully it fixes something because like the humidity is just like getting trapped in the kitchen which it usually doesn’t do that because like half of our outside walls are like floor-to-ceiling windows almost but it’s a little bit miserable in the kitchen I should say like I don’t get done until 3:00 3:30 and uh it was like 2 o’clock and I’m like I’m done just yeah I’ll finish cooking orders when they come in but I’m done doing anything else hello hello Russia what is it pre-vet I think read it I think that’s hello maybe yeah that doesn’t sound good 91 95 percent humidity Oh he kind of know how I was feeling then I would say the the ambient temperature in the kitchen was basically that and behind where I cook bump that up to like 100 110 he’s he’s doing his little wines now he wants to go out and play down to one platoon ah yes him now you gotta let me know you’re actually coming like rich when he came that like two weeks ago rich s Ryan baked him and his wife a couple little East cakes for him autumn some drinks I think honestly I was so busy that weekend I got I got to see I think rich is here got to see him one twitch timing worked out perfectly otherwise I was running around I was actually running fruit out of a kitchen one day which I rarely do that was the first time I’ve done it since back before when I didn’t even cook I was a runner that’s how busy I was a service call from Michigan yeah luckily my family one of the few people that do it around here they’ve known like the family for a while and you know it it’s nice they don’t charge us too much and they’re in and out and like maybe two hours with their little crew oops I clicked on everything except for what I wanted to click on I’ll invite you over hopefully it works here I’ll send you two but uh next ups the t-34 heavy believe it’s just strange though how its it’s not working for some broken for everybody I’m honestly confused

let’s say Ryan actually baked hmm and let’s say it’s not you it’s I don’t think it’s working at all here yeah I don’t know what it is it’s odd I guess it really likes John here hello Lola was here that’s strange so basically for those eaiser watching from russia the friends list is broken on the NA server nobody can platoon and I know other servers are having problems with it but na has been I think hit the worst I do not have the MX 40 unfortunately yes I do Xavier I guess I guess I’m gonna head over here I just don’t think I’m fast enough to get out here he had a crown boggans pretty close which I forgot Rick to update the donation goal I’ll hopefully get to that after this one be I can play a cronbach run tonic the Chrysler if you’d look one I could probably that would be my last tank request I take I’m just so so loopy tonight that always helps buzzer unless you’re like made aware I barely eat at work because I’m always so busy go figure something that cooks all day doesn’t eat while he’s there like I tried to make something today and then I got freaking like 20 to 30 lunch orders in a row so I said screw it and I brought it home I come home though and eat and I go into like a food coma cuz I haven’t eaten all day let’s say I do have the loofah he’s calm down a little bit but he’s he’s still whining you guys guys can’t hear him hear him as much but I yell to him at the end there and he kind of he’s like okay I guess I won’t ignore him or annoy him that much whoops huh I screwed up my equipment I don’t have a repair kit I have two med kits oh my god this is all Lord this is what I get for I was doing it too quick and I’m month I screwed it up my equipment all right well bring it on already I got two med kits be afraid I have not waned no yeah I said of misha pre bit not really going to accent but uh ah [ __ ] it’s like a drunken stream without the alcohol kind of

I don’t really like corned beef I know a lot of people do though as probably just because cooking it in a restaurant that’s probably I took it off the menu a few years ago we weren’t selling enough of it but uh that was probably the most dangerous item on our menu because cooking it in large scale it would explode off the flattop because we’d have so much of it on there you know when you got a lot of orders at once and it would like try to blind you pretty much though wasn’t selling enough to warrant keeping it on and I’m like well it’s also a safety hazard and off it went I love when things work out like that oh crap that was a bad shot no problem Misha was here I have no idea why the test servers down I’m sure you can look somewhere and figure it out I honestly don’t know I’m not on the test server it’s probably down for maintenance though if I had to guess no he’s gonna get me reload reload he stopped goddammit yeah uh here’s only so much hiding I can do take the tracks back home hmm yeah sorry uber that it’s not working um I don’t know why it’s only it’s working for some in the clan it’s working you know it’s not working for others for some reason it’s sorry for that noise that was a little loud and I’ll definitely say this is that that’s all the tank requests I can do here you firming up my thing over here here we go okay we had dangerous food as a you need glasses to be able to cook it like that stuff would splatter everywhere Thank You Graham because I probably will forget pancake I make pancakes unfortunately some days a little bit too many time to run away and exactly go out there unfortunately how much time times over here it’s only about 40 minutes I left well won’t say I heard about a specific person but I’m sure plenty of people have found glass in their food before honestly we we’ve had someone find it but unfortunately it was it wasn’t actually in food it was like on a you know how there’s like a like a plate underneath your bowl bowl of say soup that has like a little doily on it there is a little piece on there I don’t know how someone would have missed that but I remember that night person wasn’t even like angry about it

they’re like well you know we still comped their meal though it’s you know it’s pretty much what you got to do at that point I don’t know why I sat back out there I don’t know why he’s still throwing heat at me though at t54 ah horn beef is Jewish which I just stupidly sat out there oh well sorry that this match sucked too I’m just I’m having one of those nights I don’t think I can do this rev one but I will wit sorry I didn’t even see that John you’re still in the match I’m just it’s one of those nights where at least on one night a week I’m just like bride master work and unfortunately it seems to be one of those nights here next up though like John still in a match but I’m take getting an eye on how much I have left on the meal – so I’m down to 34,000 experience here ah thanks John I didn’t know if you’re still alive or not to be honest I was just I was zoned out there my t-34 is still and it’s still in a battle there oh yeah heat 54 yeah hello Jerry and now Julio oh I got a point the opposite way ah yeah you are right I never thought about that to be honest Thanks they’ve been due thanks for watching hey little dog do you want to play with your ball again no here I’ll just leave you be for now yeah I’ll play with you after the stream he’s easy to go play again of course there’s somebody trying to why do people try to discuss stuff like they’re about the bat chat in the chat there is that the perfect time to discuss something while your team’s trying to play a battle go talk about that on the forums hello a person from Israel the dog is a Levi he’s a his name’s Levi thank you very much marika for the subscription all right so I’m just looking at the time here honestly I don’t think I can get to the edge drive s1 because I’d also like I want to get another match in the mule to since you know I’m so close to it but my next stream after this is going to be Sunday I might be playing a little bit on Saturday but I don’t think I’ll stream it just because I’ll probably only hop on for like maybe like 45 minutes or so and just be playing them be able to don’t think that’s a honestly worth the trouble to be honest I know some of you guys might like to see it but it would probably create a bit of a hassle for those like popping in that expect me to like the tank requests and stuff I’ll probably just pop on for a little bit pop off I don’t have the emil or i thought you meant the person hasn’t pretty seen a meal earlier sorry I will be playing you

know the meal to at least one more time here hello mine Pro well the thing with I could stream it it says it takes me at least like quickly about 20 minutes to set the stream up beforehand so if I only have say like 45 minutes or an hour to play that that cuts into my time a lot that’s the main problem I have to where I don’t think I have a lot of time Saturday Bryan’s um she is a pumpkin with her friends I forget exactly like a bachelorette thing to go to like they have a dinner planned well she won’t be here I have to do a couple things that usually she gets done on Saturdays thank you very much whoever just bought something Thank You Alexey shredder for the subscription oh I know every now and then like I do play without streaming cuz it’s hard for you know you guys maybe understand but it is tough sometimes that every single time say playing a game you’re live it’s just one of those things that which that guy is extremely rude but it’s just one of those things where it is nice playing oh well sometimes without being live if only because honestly I like putting um grinding tanks I like putting a music on and listening the music I can’t do that long streaming for copyright reasons fortunately though we do not have anybody in the South anymore male strippers now her one friend she she kind of pick the place because a lot of people they live all over the place honestly Ryan’s the furthest away where she picked like a nice restaurant closest to everyone kind of as possible and they’re going out for dinner for a couple hours and you know exchanging whatever like it’s kind of like a bachelorette slash bridal shower combined since it’s hard to get everyone together you do this is not gonna work down for me putting a chain for range he’s gonna get me on this shot but uh he got me he got me the second time with the Ichi but like that’s his yeah that’s a little strange he shot a chi at me lifted foam up for the USSR hello mojo nice to see you all right Ricky purchased a challenge what would you like to challenge me on the tog all right si purchase a alright so with this I might not be able to get to some of these requests to help gives it the tog batch but all right so the challenge here with the tog the one that Rick purchased I have to do one and a half times the HP total of the tog here but more or less only 100 between

blocked damage and assist damage which thank you very much little Bobo for the tip let’s say I actually you know from the you guys have requested a few centaurian between nine and ten I’ve actually started to like them a little bit more well 18 rounds they are useful I’m just surprised he shot me with one cuz the jpz he could have penned me if he just took a little bit extra time he still was gonna get shot and I bounced all to him he could’ve just turned a corner Gilby instead it took him two shots and I got another shot on him I forgot that text Ryan back here Floyd well hopefully your stream doesn’t break again maybe try every refreshing oh yeah I’m not sure hurry up work phone all right so I’m going over to the town plan to get call out in the center here but with this you know I had to reach 2,100 combined between all three of a you know the stats down here I don’t reach that Rick gets back 5,000 Levi’s biscuits what is better the rhm where to score PNG I probably say the rhm if you’re just going off of performance I believe it has a slightly better gun just by a pinch and the better gap camouflage the score PNG though definitely makes a lot more credits be I’d go just purely off of performance like this sorry Jim just barely inches it out and also when you factor in the height who but everyone’s entitled to their opinion plus you can switch the two different guns on the Borsig that would be fun Karl I’m sure someone out there has a mod for that yes we’re both in the tog full steam ahead which is extremely slow feels like I’m driving a battleship but much less cool Oh Lord this is not good they uh ya know we’re kind of stuck out here in the center now okay this is not good at all might actually work though if I don’t get shot from the center that much Rayna I don’t know why I just bounced that shot sorry oh I if I knew those guys were coming I honestly would have helped you I got some bite in my leg all right these guys I’m gonna bank on them he’s pushing really yep I think you’re gonna win this is slowly based off of there’s not enough things for me to shoot I don’t think so gunner but if tanks are pretty close to each other as far as stats but I believe that

Borsig a little bit better you didn’t steal my damage so good that’s world of thanks a lot of people rage but all right let me I still have to give other people their Levi’s biscuits from tips well I’ll have to do that after after a stream here but I can at least get Rick his I don’t think I’ll reach the water before before they kill him I might though it’ll be fun to see if I I’m getting close okay go for a little swim honestly though the tog I could um and the one and a half times HP it’s easily obtainable if you actually are able to get to fight here’s the thing does do damage but yeah unfortunately yeah Congrats Rick you won that challenge there so mixed ups the sp1 see and then you know I might have to like I’m definitely gonna do another meal to match but I’m not sure I’ll get in another match after that since tog – yeah it takes up a bit of time I was about to say as far as easy I don’t know I don’t think I’m gonna have time to do this right now so I’d like to get it as many matches as possible yeah I completely agree the Scorpion gee I like it but the lack of armor combined with the lack of camouflage is what it just makes a – situational in my opinion like it’s pretty much the premium for people to camp in the back and Chuck you know gold rounds of people which is why you see a lot of people throw APCR from it because it gets rid of the terrible shell velocity of the standard round because it is a little bit slow as far as that goes but that’s the thing about word of thanks people love some things others don’t and you know for the most part the game is pretty well balanced outside of you know but several handfuls of Tanks I probably say you saw I saw a list someone posted earlier of it there’s like I think it’s like 14 to 16 tanks that you can justify kind of skew balancing and make it seem worse than it actually is the rest of the tanks in comparison you know they’re a little bit inferior but they’re pretty well balanced if you exclude the you know extreme cases if he’s firing I’m fine here Oh God no they got you already let’s say that’s not good just outside of max fee range and that went off into space one thing this gun is not very accurate in the least bit blow out CJ nice to see you God frakkin ruin his day granny he probably has a repair kit Oh Lord why are you pushing on me to this move away from these guys

I know really Alan open here but I’m more concerned about the people shooting me from this way Oh God that’s a I’m fairly far away from him he does not have the best guy accuracy really really well then I almost made it granite I could have like went down there something but yep guess it’s not my looking like tanks today hello Enzo I did not yet last time it was still in battle thanks for reminding me though I’ll do it since I’m barely close to it now Oh next up we got I then probably have to be the meal – I just can’t go past that too much 9 o’clock here sorry Bartek I do not have this in torreĆ³n mark 1 I do have a tank request list but unfortunately I only got these two and I can’t take any more tank requests tonight yes he won’t see though I like it but the gun does not perform very well long range but unfortunately there I couldn’t really go anywhere else for it you know out on the edge of the map they were just getting shredded over there Benna me had so many more tanks than we did why I kind of chose to go to the bridge a little bit safer there until they actually push on you but I know hoping that what happened thank you Bartek for understanding oh my god where do I want to go okay I’m gonna have this way I think we have think we have enough people over there I just don’t want to head over there and being that this guy is a bit slow and to be left in the dust maybe I’ll try out the center a little bit no Artie Levi is patiently waiting to go play in the backyard and I’m probably going to get devoured by mosquitoes we came and go somewhere in our or some places in our neighborhood along like the edges because there’s a you know there’s woods because there’s so many freaking ticks and mosquitoes this year because we didn’t really have a winner like in January hit like 65 70 degrees a couple times like that’s unheard of in the Northeast oh crap maybe we don’t have enough people over on the left let’s say they’ve already pushed across pretty pretty quick now how I guess bounce off the side of his turret but I did that was a stupid mistake we have plenty of skunks possums raccoons I’m fine with them as long as they don’t try to dig into my backyard last year read a little skunk family like four little babies living in our neighbor’s house next to work I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you guys but I’ll head over here crap bounce off the side of him kind of a lose lose lose lose situation to where I at this point there’s nowhere for me to go like there’s people on the left there’s people on the right and there’s people in front of me I just I

didn’t choose the right spot and the loss it’s been happening a lot tonight but fortunately that’s one of the things we’re all tanks you have to put yourself in the right spot in the beginning or else your match is going to be miserable I’ve just been picking a lot of duds here tonight unfortunately Xavier it really depends on the person to me it takes me like several months because I play a ton of tank requests here that’s why um you know sometimes it’s nice I thank you guys when you understand that I can’t always do every tank request because you know um you know I don’t have a lot of time and I try my best to find a balance between the two mosquito the of a state bird I could believe that I literally go outside and they’re like on me like I’m one of those people that kind of attract them to them like Brian can be standing next to me and I’m just like covered and she is nothing all right after this depending on how long it takes I might have time for the crisis okay I might not be a crazed missile thank you very much for watching hopefully Sunday I’ll be a little bit more on my game here but I’ve got nine more weeks until summer is kind of over for me it’s just night right now for me like you know this is I could stream a little bit earlier like an hour earlier but then I run into the problem if it’s hard for me to get everything done beforehand but like literally after the stream here I go pass out and play it’s not like I’m staying up any later I always go to bed between like nine and ten even if i’m not streaming yeah and I get up at 4:00 for work but you just need my body the kind of adjust the getting busier again it’s like a whole different motion like today oh I fortunately it’s better I like doused it with a burn cream and kept the glove on for like an hour like burned my whole right hand here up my thumb and my index finger with a pork roll grease of all things I accidentally eyes scraped to grow off a little bit wrong at a different angle that was a 400 degree uh grease does not feel very well at 8 o’clock in the morning but luckily though I’m the one kind of in charge of a stocking the the first aid kit I made sure to buy extra burden stuff this year I’ve got like three or four different things and so far it’s come in handy for a couple of us then you can angle all you want a leopard but that’s not gonna help you that lunch you should have just sucked it up and ran away when it was just me well mosquitoes are drawn by carbon dioxide there’s certain light there’s something else certain people of like a I forget what in their body to where they emit it it’s not just carbon dioxide where attracts mosquitoes more so than other other people pre-internet yes even though I’ll say my neighborhood I’m actually surprised not all the kids but all the teenagers and up here like say middle

school and higher they’re all like pasty little kids that don’t go outside of their house like I see some kids like getting off the bus when I’m walking the dog and I’m like there’s a kid living in that house and like you know I I’ve lived here for two years I used to live in neighborhood but we moved back ball say the the younger kids it’s the ones under ten they’re always outside so I think finally it might just be a small group of kids and a small sample size but seems like parents are starting to force their kids that go outside again but unfortunately you know there’s that generation that it seems like Vegas trapped in their house all day computer or what have you do I see myself running a kitchen well I kind of already do that’s what a sous chef is like my brother is the head chef but a sous chef basically does almost of what a Executive Chef does except for you know he’s the number two and you don’t get to make all the decisions like I do a lot of ordering I manage essentially half the kitchen staff I take I do breakfast lunch ITA’s dinner I would never want to honestly run a kitchen as an executive chef now at least not forever like I don’t plan on cooking forever like I would say by my mid-30s I will be pursuing something else what that something is I don’t know yet but I don’t I don’t want to cook when I’m older it is pretty painful but fortunately my hand feeling all better now I got a couple blisters but uh I’ll take burning myself over cutting myself get myself in trouble you trying to brawl in the Emile – again with only two rounds in my clip get him thank you go turning your turret that worked out um pretty much nice cuppa we’re all joking about it honestly like burns unless it’s like really bad then everyone needed ROPS what they’re doing to help the partisan you know you get burned all the time in the kitchen the guy burns all it mainly all up and um my forearms here as far as dinner harder than breakfast lunch it’s two completely different things like I cook dinner up until like four years ago I did dinner basically dinner stuff it’s slower paced you’re still doing you do a little bit less people but when a ticket comes in if a restaurant like standard restaurant for dinner it takes about them it takes them about eight to fourteen minutes at least in our restaurant and other restaurants I’ve seen it takes about the same for a dinner order to go out as far as like entrees so it’s actually not a bad match here I’ll hop one more match here in a Chrysler K even though my dog is he’s ready to go play breakfast is a little bit different honestly it’s called when you’re working breakfast they call short-order cooks more or less because for breakfast we shoot to get a from the ticket coming in to the ticket going in the window and then it’s on the weights they have to run it out we get orders out four to five minutes so say we have a twelve top come in with like eight pancakes like different kinds of pancakes stuffed french toast omelets Benedict’s that all goes out within five minutes preferably like max we shoot for eight minutes but

um so it’s a completely different pace to where you like you’re sprinting everywhere whereas dinner you know you’re actually cooking something in the pan grilling it off stuff like that and lunch honestly like like fortunately we’re not always super busy for lunch everyone I’ve ever talked to who works in culinary the culinary field hates lunch because essentially you’re doing the same thing as being a short-order cook like for breakfast where you have to get something out as fast as possible but you’re doing food that doesn’t exactly work in that regard unless you work in a restaurant that pre cooks everything which we don’t do because that’s this that’s wrong but more or less you know lunch sucks because you know putting together say a taco sandwich a salad appetizers you’re doing basically fast food while doing food that doesn’t work fast so it just it doesn’t work when you get busy well honestly most people expect me to get a head chef job right off the bat are sorely mistaken even if you go to like a school which is why I didn’t part of the reason why I didn’t go like a one of the top-end culinary schools and like go from say like a four plus year degree is the majority of restaurants unless you’re going for like some fancy restaurant in a city they take experience oh you know experience over schooling because most of the stuff you learned in school doesn’t translate to you know real world experience like what to do when somebody chops their finger off on a slicer like something like that or you know it’s just the stuff to where you only get experience from from actually working the job though I know plenty of people that went to culinary school and then almost none of them cook now because they expected to be like superstar chefs on Food Network and you know they were getting hired as line cooks because that’s where you got to start in the kitchen where I started I started as at my first kitchen job even though it’s my family’s restaurant I started as the dishwasher like how things go you track him yeah I don’t pay attention to win ready oh that’s a joke the winner a date cracking and fried egg honestly not the things you’re throwing a piece are at me granite and this think I kind of get it it’s not the toot my own horn a little bit but we kind of have a problem at times where I won’t even see I’ll stop myself there sometimes I’m a little bit too fast for my own good cooking because you really have to it’s a team it’s a team thing to where you have to work together though if one person is outpacing the other it just everything is screwed up so sometimes I have to actually slow myself down but that that’s part of the thing is you know working as a team and figuring out the best possible combination of cooking stuff in order to get it all out in the fastest matter as uh as a whole not just as like say one table over another table they don’t actually want to go all the way up here but I didn’t expect them to push as fast as they did perhap I’m gonna actually use this yeah Oh God eat 100 guys don’t go up there if you literally get saw us getting shot mainly by at44 with APCR but uh do i crack eggs with one hand I can but typically I do too because it takes longer to get an egg shell out of an egg

than it is you know what I mean it’s the risk isn’t worth saving a fraction of a second doing it with one hand but honestly as far as like cooking like I make most days in the summer when we’re busy cuz we only have two cooks for breakfast and lunch service unless there’s one day where we have free but I’m the third guy and I don’t cook I prep do inventory order stuff like that like I make I don’t know like eight Benedict’s at a time so that’s sixteen individual Benedict’s where we have five different Benedict’s while having a whole hour flat tops ten feet long a whole flattop full of pancakes french toast like pita sandwiches stuff like that to where you have to be a good multitasker to uh work in a kitchen he’s starting to get antsy Lord my team’s ahead but it feels like we’re down tanks and yeah he pinned me on my lower plate good for him for not using gold but I’m gonna do the raffle here before I forget honestly so sorry my I was off today as far as my game goes Oh sunday will be Sunday will be much better hey I’m almost done I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you I have sad little puppy eyes here but if you type exclamation point raffle you can enter oh crap actually are you guys restart here I only put it for one minute so anyone who in the chat got beeps to before the first raffle re-enter it I forgot to put it for more than a minute long but yeah we got a win here at least that’s all I could ask for a night anyway I was trying to get divorce again but thank you very much after for a platooning John trying to make this as it’s got the 15 centimeter we’ll sound meter on this though as far as the comparison between the two here you can still have two minutes left on the raffle the mate like there is the case of the Scorpion G being as good or better as the scorpion or not the scorpion the black boar sick more or less the Bora Singh is more DPM accuracy is a bit worse and this is going off the for Hunter I guess I can guess click out that 750 damage gun so you’re gaining more DPM a little bit worse as far as accuracy and aiming time and also gun depression but you know really they play differently but to me the main difference here is even though it doesn’t seem much the camouflage is a bit different between the two and also the size difference on them to where the Borsig you’re able to fire without being seen a lot better than the Scorpion G just because you’re able to

get in a spot shoot and even though after firing you lose pretty much all your camo you’re able to get out of a spot better in the Scorpion G because trying to get yourself like to that bush in the Scorpion G you have a higher chance of being spotted in the process it’s still you know which one’s better which one’s worse it depends on how you play it like the Scorpion G’s much more mobile a little bit more B range but me the Borsig the camouflage does make that big of a difference and you know you can disagree but unfortunately everyone’s entitled to their opinion and you know one of these days I’ll get to the Borsig but this Corby the G is definitely good it’s just in the role of a support sniper long range I think the Borsig it’s a little bit better at it than the Scorpion G due to the the shape of the tank camouflage a little bit better DPM is honestly the majority of the time you’re gonna pend stuff regardless at point two six or point two eight accuracy or point three four plus the Scorpion G shell the standard ap shell is much slower than the actual bore sake I believe I could be wrong now but anyway I remember when a scorpion G Cape first came out I looked between the two and yeah congratulations a victor for winning but anyway thank you very much guys for watching umm thanks for sticking with me here since in these matches I was like a houses out there on what I was uh what I was doing Chris thank you very much again prick for the other donation here but my next stream is going to be Sunday coming up here same time 7 to 9 and you know I may be on a little bit Saturday but I don’t think I’ll have time to stream if we’re whatever reason I do you know only be on for maybe like an hour or so thank you very much lab oboe for the tip as well but uh have a good night guys for those of you who want to test some tanks out the test server is up so you can test some tanks out to see which ones you know you want to grind for but otherwise this little patch coming out here there’s not too much too much to it there’s little changes here there but nothing too major it’s 9.20 that’s gonna be following it there’s gonna be really big changes but yeah I’m gonna go play with Levi right now I don’t think I’ll get around that he will probably block me from the bedroom anyway see you guys thanks again for watching have a good one

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