hello everyone my name is Eric Jones we are going to take a look at a lecture entitled Personnel Management it’s probably one of the most difficult things that we can do as business owners or even in a supervisory position working for someone else and that’s managing the people Louis and through the picture here of the of the kitty cat here on the first slide – to kind of just lighten the mood about Personnel Management because one of the biggest things we’ve always found had difficulty with them doing is people showing up on top you know Monday mornings at 8 o’clock you still got crew members coming in at 8:15 even 8:30 and there are always late and they’re always late returning to the shop in the afternoon when they should have been back hours ago they dragging it on you got to make up for that for that time they missed in the morning so let’s go ahead and get started with Personnel Management in labor it is the largest single budget item for any landscape management project this is where not only education but you’re really going to get this information just from experience how long does it take how long does it take for for a project of this scope to be done whether it be the ten-minute mowing job the 2-day irrigation job or you know a weeks you know one week landscape installation job how long is it going to take you in your crew to complete the job and basically again this goes back to you personal experience you cannot learn this in in textbooks you cannot learn this you know from someone else you’ve physically got to get out there and and know how much time it’s supposed to take to do these jobs yes there’s all kinds of spreadsheets put out by the experts that you should be able to cut so many square feet of turf in an hour and things of that nature but when it comes to your company and your sites that you’re mowing on it’s gonna take the owner getting out there or the the the supervisors getting out there and seeing how long it should really take to do this and my dad he was always good for going out and doing the jobs himself first and he could get the he could cut a if he could cut the yard in 15 minutes he expected his crude to be able to cut the yard in 15 minutes but what we had found is that me and him went to go out and do some of these yards ourselves would get done in 15-20 minutes where it was taking our crews 30 minutes and it’s just the employees were not as dedicated as we’d like to seen them you know and plus they’re an hourly employee so the longer they take the thing they’re more money they’re going to get so if they can extend each yard by so many minutes they’re racking up on the overtime so we started looking at doing piece rates piece rate labor and things of that nature shortly before I went into teaching but you’ve got to get out there and see how long it takes to do your jobs supervision the greatest challenge to graduating students and even new managers is not problem diagnosis or product knowledge but the lack of experience in supervising people and this is this is this is so true you can be the expert in your field you could be the absolute best irrigation instance taller out there you know all the products you know all the ways that you can save the custom or money by using advanced products and you could you could just be the best irrigation guy out there I mean you know every company would would hire you based on your resume and based on the education that you’ve gotten the certifications that you’ve gotten but you may have a problem supervising people and this is this is very hard for people that’s not that’s not been in a position to supervise that’s why I

absolutely love hiring veterans they are coming from the military they’ve come from a very disciplined background it’s very very good experience for people especially in the lower ranks that they you know can move up from you know a you know soldier up to a squad leader up to a section leader and up to maybe even you know platoon sergeant within so many years and that puts people in a supervisory position and it is very difficult to hire graduates right out of college because they haven’t had that that super supervisory position unless unless they were like myself that had to work all the way through school and we’re able to you know to take a crew out and do things so you know we preferred hired veterans and sometimes it’s easier to train the people how to do the horticulture work or the irrigation work that’s got good supervisory skills than it is to hire that irrigation expert and teach them the the supervisory skills that they need so when you are interviewing and hiring your your your candidates you need to know you need to have a job description and you know there’s organizations out there that you know have generic job descriptions or job titles that you can that you can reference – but you need to come up with one that that that that’s going to fit your company you know what is it that you’re looking for are you looking for the education are you looking for the experience are you looking for appearance and you know you can’t discriminate against people but yeah you may not want to hire you know the guy that’s got you know twenty piercings in his face you need to know about that but you can’t you can’t discriminate you know on paper that way and you need to know what type of personality you’re looking at you know your firm your company you know the type of image that you want your company to uphold you know the the characters of your other employees their personalities so you might want to hire somebody that’s going to conflict with the overall personality of the company and then on the application form of course always be careful of what you ask the candidate you can’t ask you know how old you are you can’t ask what raise even if you’re a woman or female leave all that stuff out it’s we can’t discriminate that I know women out there that could work several men under under the table they’re hard workers and I would be more than happy to have them on my career whether it be installation irrigation or even maintenance I watched my mom and my aunt you know work themselves you know silly when when things were great within our within our company mom and my aunt ran the pruning crews they were the ones out there every day pruning that was something they enjoyed they spend time together and they could work any of our men employees underneath the table so be careful what you ask on your your job applications you need to you know ask questions about you know hey what’s your highest level of education you know what certifications you have things of that nature nothing about race religion you know if you’re a man or a woman so here is a table out of one of the textbooks but qualities of a supervisor a supervisor must be able to work with people of course they are going to be the the miniature boss of a crew as I like to call it you need to evaluate the applicants for supervisory or leadership roles in relation to the father does the person have adequate supervisory ability and experience and based on their resume you can see that hey they could been a shift manager you know in high school of a fast-food restaurant that’s good super supervisory skills did they work somewhere while they were in college were they a Boy Scouts troop leader Girl Scouts troop leader were they put in charge of any any type of organization like that has a person demonstrated leadership ability how does the person work with others can he or she communicate readily and clearly with

employees other supervisors clients and management and guys you’re you’ve you’re gonna have that hunch feeling when you when you meet somebody you’re gonna be like wow this young man this young woman you know spoke to me clearly they were enthusiastic you know they’re they’re gonna be the type of employee that I would want talking with with our clients in the prospect make good decisions yeah that’s going to be tough to know right off the bat but if you have a person come in for an interview and you see that they’ve got a good track record good work history you know they’ve worked for a landscape company for five years they felt it was just time to move on that is a good decision to move on but somebody that’s got sporadic work track that you know they’ve worked for twenty different landscapers in the last two years that’s somebody that’s probably not made good decisions how successfully can the individual delegate responsibilities or assignments again only tough to to see during an interview but again you can go on that hunch feeling a little person overreact to the promotion or new Authority again we have to hire them to see that how will how will the person accept advice or criticism from superiors and technically I could pick up on that pretty quick just just from my military experience by talking to a young person or you know a new employee and the questions that you ask during the interview you can get that information about it when you when you certain questions that you do ask them can the applicant assume the added responsibility track record call their previous employers and a lot of this information you can get from previous employers and does the prospect have sufficient stamina and guys we all know our work is very very tough it’s very time demanding it’s very hard on the body especially you know the the growing season yeah we may be chilling out during the winter months unless we’re doing a bunch of snow removal but you know when it hits march on up until you know November even into December you know we’re still working hard cleaning up our properties for Christmas you may be doing holiday decorations for your clients so you know I’d say in my area here in central you know North Carolina we’ve got you know good nine ten months worth of work that we work very hard and as this potential employee going to be able to you know are they gonna be able to hang with you because a lot of times you know they may look great on paper that may do great in the interview but are they gonna be able to get out there and do the work of course they can do the work but are they willing to that’s the big difference and I’ve always made the mistake of trying to compare somebody’s work habits to mine you know I was brought up in the industry and mom and dad made me work I mean there was no if and buts about it you know it wasn’t a matter of getting a paycheck it was me and my brother worked hard to avoid you know a you know a butt whuppin from dad I mean he he didn’t take no joke when it came to to us helping them in the nursery or actually helping them mow after school we worked hard yes they paid us but we wanted to work hard you know to make mom and dad happy employees aren’t that way they don’t see giving a hundred and ten percent and it’s kind of a mixed emotions there you want them to be as dedicated as you are but then again you can understand why that that or not and that’s why you’ve got to build in some motivation to help to help your employees so where to look when you need to hire survivor community colleges a great place to start and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a horticulture or turfgrass program it can be any type of the AG sciences or even the business business degree students you know that could come out I’ve always said you know if you if you learn the business end of running a company you could pretty much work for anybody out there because they can teach you how to do the work universities you know we may not all be lucky enough to live near one of the

agricultural schools but definitely the community colleges are out there within North Carolina and I would do some advertising there like I said it doesn’t have to be a turf grass or a horticulture program I would look at the the business business students even some of the diesel programs you may need mechanics but a lot of times these these students become good landscapers paper advertisements yeah I can get kind of costly but I would definitely put that in there especially during the busier but one thing my dad’s still doing right now is Craigslist very very easy to do he keeps a listing in there so people are continually talking and he’s always had the philosophy of hire slow fire fast so if you keep that ad posting out there you’re going to continually get you know phone calls about the job set up the the interview and go from there and they promote within your own company especially if you’re a larger company if you have a crew leader that moves on or starts its own business you know promote within that builds morale advertise on your social media advertising that to your to your to your clients is a good way we’ve hired a lot of our clients children during the summer months when they’re home from college and that always kind of got us out of a bond they may not be the most efficient mowing person on the crew but you could put them on you know you know flower insulation or flower maintenance we we’ve hired several of our clients college-age students to work both male and female and we would put them you know if they didn’t feel comfortable moment you know they can always be spread mulch you know doing all kinds of stuff and you know not necessarily have to pay them as much as you would as somebody that’s full-time they’re just want a part-time job for the summer mom and dad wants to keep them busy and you know what better place than to do that is with your landscape company see them and call them and see if the kids can work for them and then indeed.com guys I always always search indeed.com I just want to know what jobs are out there it’s not that I’m looking for a job but I always get on indeed.com in horticulture type in landscape type in landscape architect and I search like all of North Carolina I just want to see what’s out there because you know yes it’s easy to find a job when you have a job it’s it’s always harder for somebody who’s unemployed to find that job but what I do is I look for my students I look for my friends I’ll look for even myself if something’s out there that grabs my attention but I’m not willing to relocate but I always search indeed.com because that just lets me know hey what are the what are the companies out there looking for evaluating resumes grades are not the most important indicator of knowledge and that is the absolute truth I got a little story about when my brother graduated college he we went to his graduation and we were sitting in the auditorium and the Dean of his school came across the stage and he’s like hey where’s all my siste do I mean where’s all my my a students you know he had all these people stand up and yeah you know mom and dads clapping being really really happy and you know that’s my son that’s my daughter you had a big cheer of you know the a student’s the Dean’s like alright y’all sit down there where’s my B students B students stood up and you know he had parents clapping and saying yeah that’s my that’s my kid but it wasn’t as loud as it was for the a students then the Dean said alright B students sit down where’s all my C students and they stood up including my brother we were both you know average students our problem was is that we worked through college but the deans like alright my C students stand up there’s a few claps you know again it was it was toned down a lot from the a and B students and the Dean looked out the crowd he says you know what you a and B students want you to meet your future bosses he said because the C students are the ones that I will see out in industry making it all the way to the top and you know something I believe him to this day I’ve

seen my brother within his career move up the ladder he has a great job he’s only a second great job one of the he had left his first company and actually went to doing the same type of work within the banking industry he is a software engineer and he has climbed his way to the top making good money and he was a C student same thing with me I was eighth and B’s my last year in college I had a I did have a 4.0 my last year that’s when I decided to buckle down and quit chasing chasing young women at school I was like you know what I’m gonna focus this last year and I pulled up my GPA you know very good final GPA by focusing that last last year in college wish I’d have done it the first three as well but but that’s my little my little sideline conversation about grades and being a teacher myself yes I have students that are BC students that I would hire more quickly over my straight-a students it it’s it’s the overall it’s the person overall you know are they hard workers are they a good student do they have the passion you know I have students that have straight A’s but they don’t have the passion forfor horticulture as some of my BC students and who do you want to working for you more you want somebody that’s passionate about their work that’ll give that 110 percent are there gaps in the work history you know my resume is small because I’ve only worked for my parents Uncle Sam and now teaching so I have you know hardly any gaps with him I work history and I have years to back that is the resume too cute or too slick yeah you don’t want it to be fancy you want it straight to the point wherever you worked what are your skills and you know what’s the objective you know my objective is I want to become an employee of this company it’s time for me to move up interviewing make sure it’s in a public place and that can be at your office you know having conference room if you’re fortunate enough to do that don’t bring it into your office whereas people might feel a little nervous just going into the boss’s you know 10 by 10 office you know trying to have a you know conference room a large table and that way you know the interview can be conducted by 2:00 or 3:00 so if you know you don’t have that you don’t instill that fear in the candidate I remember when I interview for my teaching position I actually had I was interviewed by a hiring committee there was a group of five people that interviewed me and I had to do a PowerPoint presentation after they interviewed me to see that I could teach and it was on trends trends in the landscape industry and I did a you know tin tin slide PowerPoint on what I thought the trends were and landscaping and the biggest thing back then was outdoor rooms they just wanted to see that I could use PowerPoint and actually present to people but we’re not asking our clients to do this make sure you read their resume before the interview this kind of gives you a history of the the candidate let the candidate do most of the talking that makes them feel a little bit better doesn’t make them feel so stressed out about about you doing most of the talking and quite about their goals in the next two to five years avoid indications of permanent point don’t don’t tell them that this job is forever and ever there’s never indicate that it’s permanent employment and then let the candidate know what the next step is they don’t want to get up from the interview and be like okay do I call to see if I get the job do I do I send an email say let them know we’re going to discuss your candidate see we’re gonna let you know by phone call in the next two to three days what we think or by u.s. mail you can let them know that I applied with you know other jobs within the college here and you know I know the Director of Human Resources I know the people that were on the hiring committee but they still send me a letter in the

mail saying whether or not I was awarded this additional duty or if I was not awarded the additional duty salary fringe benefits are very important to candidates families well you know now we’ve got to provide health insurance to our employees Reserve the salary discussions until the job offer is made you want to make sure that they really want to work for you and you know salary can be based on experience education supervisory skills so you know you can’t I would never say that hey my crew leader all my crew leaders are going to make 14 bucks an hour you know I would if somebody was really worth it and we wanted them on board if it meant paying them 16 bucks you know I’m willing to do that gotta have a general idea of what it’s going to what you’re going to pay but each of each candidate may be a little bit different non-compete contracts corpse of role contracts are unreasonable restriction on the employee and free trade but some courts have upheld contracts that protect the firm’s customer list client base and trade secrets well I have a good friend well he’s no longer with us he died 46 years old our neighbor had a garage door business and you may have heard me talk about him in some previous lectures but mark they were born in Tennessee they moved down here and he moved down here with his parents they were neighbors he was four years older than me so he you know died this week he came down with brain cancer sorry it’s a little tough for me but three years ago just after getting married he was six weeks into his marriage came down with a brain tumor and it he fought it for three years very strong but he had the support of a great woman and a great mother and father but Mark started a rod store business and he moved back to Tennessee to do that and he had worked for another garage door company years prior to it so he had the experience doing the garage doors he had the Supervisory skills needed to start his own business and that’s what he did with the help of his mom and dad started his own garage door business but he ended up getting sued by the company that he had worked for him even though he was I forget how many hundred miles away from the from the company that he had worked for well they sued him based on the non-compete agree well that went to court and everything and he spent quite a bit of money fighting it but the courts favored in his decision saying that he was so far away he did not take the customers list I mean so many hundred miles away from where it was at and it worked you know the non-compete did not hold up for him and he’s the type of guy that went to stole their customer list anyway I mean he’s he was strong enough individual and dedicated to his business he was going to you know build his own build his own business and we had an instance where we had hired a guy to strictly take care of our lawn care customers you know we you know it was something I always wanted to get big into with my parents you know we were focused mainly on installation and maintenance but I really wanted to build the lawn care segment we had on probably 50 customers that you know I was slowly building what we did was hire an individual to help us build the home care that’s all he was going to do every day five days a week all day was build our lawn care business well we hired him and paid him to market it he put up fliers on mailboxes and you know everything went up we built the business up fairly quick and in a couple months we had probably 150 lawn care customers and we hired him in the spring to do that built it and then it came time to plug and see he left and when it came time to to Ariat and seed in the fall he left and he said that he was going to

take all the customers that he’d built up for us we’re like no no no well we started calling these customers up and they’re like yeah we’re gonna go with we’re gonna go with Brian you know we went with your company because Brian to work they’re like no it’s you know you went ahead and give us the okay to plug in teeth so we had to fight with some of that we never pursued it in court or anything like that but we ended up getting most of the clients back it was just a situation there where we should have ax we talk to an attorney about doing a non-compete contract for for for this especially when it deals with customers list I make sure that you know guys here on out they really don’t know they don’t have a list of the customers you know they get their route sheets either on their tablets or printed and you know they visit the site and they turn that stuff in back at the end of the day they’re not gonna have a complete access to have name telephone number and addresses they might can build it piece by piece but they’re not going to have that complete list sorry I got sidebar conversation again I try to pull as much life experience into these lectures is it all possible and I hope I hope that helps with you guys alright immigration 247 a of the Immigration and Nationality Act states it’s unlawful to employee aliens without proper employment documentation however two four seven B of the immigration Nationality Act establishes discrimination based on the individuals national origin or citizen is unfair and illegal employment practice therefore we must use the form i-9 employment eligibility verification and we haven’t had to do one of these for our Hispanic employees because it’s been it’s been a long time since we’ve had Hispanics work for us ever since dad kind of slowed the business down you know we hadn’t had to depend so heavily on the Hispanic labor force I love the I love the Hispanic labor force they were awesome you know when we were using them we couldn’t have done the work without I mean they were just that hard of workers and did not mind working the long hours and weekend hours just them didn’t want to work on Sundays and I don’t I don’t blame him for that but they would work six days a week as many out since we could give them and never had to issue them showing up occasionally and have one show up that was you know he liked the sauce at night and he’d show up a little late but most of them were squared away they were dedicated to their families they were dedicated to saving up money to send back to Mexico and he can’t blame somebody from wanting to take care of their family but this two four seven eight says that you can’t hire them without the proper identification what is the proper identification you know is it the green card is it a driver’s license is it a social security number written down on the napkin that’s probably something you need to ask your attorney we were told that if they give us a social security number that was all we needed we fill it out on then the hi9 form and then guess what we’d wait two to three years sometimes for some of these guys to get that i-9 form back don’t know how how long it’s taken nowadays you guys probably know more about that if you’re using the Hispanic labor force but we would hire some fill out the i-9 send it in they’ve worked for six months and after they’d left us we’d get a letter from the from the government saying you know that this is the wrong social security number for you know mr. Jose you know we need to figure out who he is Uncle Sam he’s been gone six months I you know I don’t know how to get in touch with him so you have to you know they have to show you proper documentation but you can’t discriminate based on the national origin or citizenship now you know I agree with that but they do need to show to you who they are employee orientation always have an employee handbook we did ours in three-ring binders that way we can always change certain things based on something that happened so you have introduction your hours of operation and that’s C that’s continually going to change base we’re horticulture business we’re not 8 to 5 Monday through Friday you know we could be six seven days a week during the busy season because we’re doing retail nursery as well

attendance you know what is it that what is expected of your employer they’re supposed to be here Monday through Saturday such-and-such and you can have it broke down to certain times it years certain time of the year they you know during the busy season we work Saturdays you know November through February we’re off on Saturdays we work in five days a week it’s kind of level no need to talk about their pay and salaries and then what benefits that you offer and always we always spend an area that we you guys are getting workers comp insurance you know we’re taking out the taxes that we’re supposed to that you guys can get Social Security all that is benefits and now you’ve got to include the health insurance for your full-time employees so all that would be in your employee handbook we when we first implemented our employee handbook we had several guys quit because we went to the uniforms we were just printing t-shirts and you know giving them a hat but first thing they do is cut the sleeves out of the t-shirts and make it a muscle shirt and you know dad just got tired of that I mean we were looking kind of scraggly so we went to a uniform company service that provided us with you know the pants and the shirt we still had our hats they could still wear the t-shirts if they wanted to but we wanted to have that that same look and we had several guys quit just because that we went to that uniform system with an employee orientation you know go over the employee handbook with them the drug and alcohol abuse you know we randomly screened our guys for for drugs harassment discrimination discipline you know how will you handle situations to come up employees safety and one of my dad’s biggest pet peeves was the guys smoking and I couldn’t blame them for that they did not need to smoke in the trucks around the trucks you know we had gasoline on the truck we had chemicals on the trucks you know so he banned smoking and then what got us was you know that would be on the clients property let’s smoke a cigarette and throwing cigarette now on a high-dollar residential yard they just spent an hour mowing and tucking pine needles and I mean just making the property look great but right before they leave they do it cigarette down and in the mulch beds and I’m like just things like that how people why people would do what they did so we ban smoking on the properties and in the trucks Oh talk about the grievances you know how will you handle that workplace civil tea and if there’s a dispute between employees how how do we how do we handle that and then again the appearance you must wear the uniform we’re upholding a image that we want all of our employees to look the same employee benefits fringe benefits again our Social Security workers comp unemployment insurance let them know that you know you’re legit you’re paying this you’re paying these taxes on these guys then other benefits is there a pension is there profit sharing are they eligible for bonuses after working a year or so are you gonna help them with their continuing education you know dad would always pay for somebody to go get their pesticide license he’d get paid for him to get their certification but it would be up to them to pay the licensing fee he’s like you know as long as you’re certified they you know he can work under me and work under you and but he would pay for that training that school would go for it to get them a certified they just have to pay for the license if they want it insurance you know you offered the health insurance now nowadays it’s required you know full-time employees have coverage a lot of times we’d have employees that that didn’t need the insurance their spouse you know they had insurance through their spouse so as long as they were covered or you had a plan in place to take care of that evaluating employees again always have that job description that way they know what’s expected of them define the performance standards so that everyone understands everybody within the organization needs to know your performance standards and do not wait to discuss improvements or praise the employee at evaluation I’ll tell you what you get more out of somebody with by being nice and said hey good job even if it’s to an employee that you may be a little difference with you know you

might think that they’re not doing the best that they can do but if they do something good make sure you praise because praise will want to make them do better for you I see that with my students you know a pat on the back said hey you know a good job on this lab any other thanks mr. Jones and you automatically start seeing a turnaround in the student that you know by just a little a little saying hey good job you know it makes people want to do better same way with me you know if my my first order that came to me and said Jones good job you know we appreciate what you did today hey I’m like hey first sergeant was noticing you know I’m gonna keep doing good motivation by punishment fear and intimidation is the least effective management style I couldn’t agree more people need to be praised people need to feel good they need to know that their superiors are watching them and congratulating them on doing a good good job people-oriented management you’ve got to have that communication you’ve got to be out there with them if you’re in a supervisory position make sure that you’re visiting the cruise going out to the job sites walking around you know give them a thumbs up hey Gaza’s properties looking great building people you know make them feel good never tear down somebody I just that’s not my my cup of tea I could never be a drill instructor or drill sergeant you know I’m more of a praise or I couldn’t I don’t think I could tear somebody down and then try building them back I’m always willing to make somebody feel good so you do have to build your employees and build build their confidence up and show that good leadership you know the best leaders are also some of your best followers and having that leadership skills and wanting your your subordinates to do a good job shows that you are that good leader positive compliments of course they need it every day and give them rewards you know give them some tickets to events hey the green and grow show you know pay for their ticket to get into the educational thing that helps them get there Con Ed it just makes them feel good hey man the boss you pay for me to go to the greengrocer show you know take them to lunch every now and then and with uniforms you know you may have a standardized uniform but hey if somebody does really really well you know every so often have an Employee of the Month you know give them a nice polo with the logo on it or give them something that’s you know a little bit nicer that they went and actually wear to the job site and to get messed up you know that nice collared shirt with the logo on it makes makes any employee feel good managing the the Latino employees it’s a growing labor force for our companies it’s good to have your key leaders learn Spanish you know take it at the community college or you know give them access to the online learning language like rosetta stone pay for that let your let your key leaders do that and you gotta remember that some groups don’t work well together you know we had some guys from El Salvador that didn’t like the guys from Mexico so sometimes you do have to kind of separate them you know by cruise because they they will you know you’ll see some turmoil there we saw it every day retaining employees you got to have that competitive compensation and benefits you you can’t pay somebody ten bucks an hour when they can go down the road and get twelve for the same job you’ve got to keep the you’ve got to keep you got to keep you got to keep your salary right there with you know your competitors have those solid job descriptions I can’t stress that enough it’s something that you’ll always fall back on if there’s an issue and even when it comes time to reward have that Job Description incentive programs and rewards again nice polo shirt at the you know once a month for the Employee of the Month verbal praise and reinforce reinforcement you know do that every day just the small things hey guys thanks for you know keeping the trucks looking good you know appreciate you you know getting the trash out you know we keep we keep our equipment good and it’s

employees like you that let the clients know that we’ve we’ve got clean equipment clean equipment means we’ve got a clean job site review and reward again you’ve got to do those evaluations pay attention to diversity issues especially within the Latino community different you know different cultures they speak the same language but they may just not get along you need to bridge the cultural gaps between those guys and even with your American American employees there may be some issue there and help these guys to learn you know I get along with everybody it doesn’t matter race ethnicity you know women men and the army has helped me do that because the army is all about diversity and bringing people together and you know it’s easier I think probably within the army because it was a volunteer organization and we’re there because we love America so we’re kind of builds that teamwork and that’s what you kind of need to do within your companies advance within the company people want to see that if they see that their crew leader has just been promoted to Account Manager they know that they can move up within the company if everything keeps getting hired outside they may start thinking that this isn’t a long time you know a career company that I want to stay with they you gotta let them know that they can advance within and have that positive motivation if you’re down and out as the boss man that might be that probably need to stay in your office that day you need to stay positive because if you come across one of your employees in a bad mood or just are in a negative and a negative mood it’s calming we’re off on them they’re gonna pick up on that but you being constantly positive your employees are going to see that and want and want to be positive as well employee theft casual theft you know stealing pens and notebooks things of that nature a lot of times it may happen without them knowing it but you know it’s going to be done how how do we stop that have an office manager that watches that stuff like a hall kids is why I could say because people are gonna walk out with notebooks and pens and they’re not meaning to but time theft is one of the biggest things guys getting there at eight o’clock standing around for fifteen minutes before they get in their trucks and leave out that’s time theft and that will cost you more than anything and then phone usage you know you’re issuing cell phones to the guys and this isn’t a problem right now so much you know back when the Nextel days where he here uni had unlimited radio but she had very few cellphone minutes and you could see you’re paying $100 a month for that crew leader to have that phone why is this phone bill 200 bucks because he’s won over on his minutes now you know pretty much every cell phone plan is unlimited phone time but the data is why don’t kill you so you got to start watching that especially if they’re using something like clip software and they’re needing that data to make it happen but these bottom two time theft and phone usage is what can cost you the most money terminating employees it’s not not what you want to do but sometimes you know you’re just gonna have to need to have procedures listed in the Poli handbook should be used as a last reward last resort and never use the meaning words and dismissal letter a conversation you got to do it very professional you know you may be so angry at this employee that you want to say these bad words these four-letter words to him but you got to do it in a respectful manner to keep you out of hot water and it’s always it’s always better to be the better person you know don’t use those that language because they’ll always remember that and people will forget what you say to them they’ll forget what you do to them but they will never forget how you make them feel and if you make them feel very demeaning or or worthless and you can you hurt their feelings they’re always gonna remember that so always be the better person and and do it very professionally when you have to

terminate somebody always have a system for employee education you know help them become certified turfgrass man our certified Albert arborist have a tuition assistance policy where you know you pay a little bit towards their education at the Community College help them go to the conference and trade shows have an employee library in the office or the shop that they can you know check out a book and read it I mean it’s you’re helping the employee learn about the business all these are morale builders especially the certifications they get certified in this and they can put that on like their business card that you get printed for them things like that it builds morale and it’s building a long-term career employee and quote again I’ve heard my dad say this time and time again hire slow fire fast and that wraps it up ladies and gentlemen and I hope you’ve enjoyed this lecture and I will see you in the next one thanks

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