morning to all of you guys out there how’s it going it’s me the cubing bear coming back at it again with another pokemon go video woke up extra early this morning because today we have to hatch a couple more eggs before the event is over uh trying to get that shiny gimbal out of the seven kilometer eggs we still haven’t done it yet but uh we’ll see if we can get out of the next batch that we’ve got for today um so yeah we’re up here a little bit early in the morning it’s all right getting a good jog in there uh so uh yeah so before we go ahead and start off on the shiny hunting i think it’s i think we might as well just complete our research right now so now it’s been a really long time since uh this research was released the uh thousand-year slumber but now i get to complete it and get my jirachi so i’m really excited about that so that being said let’s go ahead and catch ourselves our jirachi from the special research let’s go ahead and catch it look at that that looks so cool look at all these pokemon i take a picture oh dog i know all right it’s just me and you now that was a horrible horrible throw we will catch him whoa let’s get in drotching in the pokedex finally all right we got sts cubing in the chat what’s up so finally i got my drotchie not pretty good id but i don’t really care see we got a shiny check in there where are these shinies so yeah where we have the eggs so we’re at point 2 right now we got a couple more to you going to really be yes i shall be doing pvp when we’re done hatching these eggs so stay tuned for that someone else came into the chat what’s up hello there so i’m at the park today i’m currently just walking around my neighborhood circulating around there we’re uh we’re gonna try to go ahead and see what we can do hopefully we can get ourselves that shiny hopefully fingers crossed today’s the last day so so it is very cloudy today i hope it doesn’t rain while i’m walking 0.2 all right then so roundabout very quiet today i never knew it was just people this peaceful to do early morning walks but it’s pretty nice unless that meant though i do like sleep better so yeah

you know you know since we’re trying to walk and hatch eggs at the same time let’s go ahead and do a battle let’s just do a battle let’s do the great battle league while we’re walking you know kill two birds with one stone we can go ahead and do the battle league while we are walking to hatch this thing let’s go ahead and do it first battle let’s do it in the great league hopefully yes let’s see how it goes don’t know if you guys want commentary while i’m doing this let me know i guess what are we starting off with okay say bye all right this time out here let’s go ahead and switch ah fudge all right stable i can’t have an ice type attack uh i think it just has dark i’m gonna just not shield for this one okay so far we’re gonna save some energy that we’re gonna switch he’s gonna switch what have we got that’s a weird creature okay let’s go ahead and give it a nice beam so here we are in the zone all right we’re up by two shields watch out for the power i wonder if i should shield i will it’s an energy ball it seems i resist that let’s do it hopefully this will do enough damage to kill it it wasn’t enough to kill it i might have to take it this truly comes down to whoever can put out there actually i wasn’t able to switch on time that’s shame that’s goddamn shame i’m gonna go ahead and take it let’s go ahead and take him out with this oh what the heck very interesting decided to go ahead and switch on me let’s go ahead and kill this cyborg hopefully we can kill that other pokemon and then it’ll just be a 1v1 whatever his last pokemon is versus mine a zoom rail oh shoot i should be able to win okay so if he has hydro bomb we could be in trouble but he doesn’t i think we’re going to be good save some energy because we need to get this thing fast and i know he has disabled in the back ready to hit me with another energy attack so i gotta be ready for that it’s probably gonna be a play-off or an ice beam i’m not sure i guess okay let’s keep it going save some more gonna hit me again it’s perfectly fine i’ll take it where’s that play bro another ice beam now it’s the time all right here we go can we get it up here let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see oh shoot let’s get in that’s how we win that’s how you win oh that was a good battle not bad not bad at all that was the first dub first win of the gold battle league let’s get it let’s go into this stop real quick

it’s a kilometer range we’re at 0.5 all right let’s go back to the battles um arcanine versus alteria i should be able to win this is an easy dub this is easy i won the game he’s getting shield now should i switch he’s a fire type i think i’ll switch knew it as i predicted now let me go ahead and hit this thing with the ice beam hopefully he’ll shield again but if it doesn’t i have to go ahead and uh i have to fight it with this i gotta hit him can i even survive to get another hidden will i survive no i will not all right we gotta think with the righty still he can resist and i am gonna shield once shadow ball would have done some some neutral damage hopefully we get him with this i know he’s got an arcanine right there that he’s going to go ahead and release out on me fire type is super effective against me so my switch is ready to go i’m ready to go in case that arcanine popping out i’m ready should i shield yes i’m gonna shield it probably shouldn’t have i was resisting it oh shoot oh you gave up sweet that’s a gg nice nice nice nice nice nice nice second dub of the go battle league let’s get it going to the third battle of the third battle of the go battle league we’re up against rob against einstein this guy must have some genius level iq this is going to be quite tough let’s see what he’s got packing a toxic croak all right so my red steel so i need to kill that in order for her to just still come out okay so we got skarmory coming out totally fine just gonna go ahead and give it a sky attack then we’re going to switch on over to azumarill because the zoomer will tank this thing go it’s going to be a sky attack perfectly fine we’ll take it someone said reggie i wonder if i just i usually switch to a room i never thought about switching over to uh what do you call it i’ve never thought about switching over to reggie still maybe i’ll do that next time when i have to switch again okay so we got one hit in that’s the one dub that we needed got one of them down that toxic cook’s probably going to come out right now this is it’s going to hit me with an attack i will hit first i need to kill that toxic coke he needs to die right he’s better i see okay i see all right we got some experts in the chat today about pvp i’m gonna take that folks let’s pretend i see i see i see what is it sumo i should have known there should be a winged up we should be able to get the dub on this guy he switched so i’m going to go ahead and switch on over to reggie still right now i cannot shield please don’t have hydro pump i hope this thing doesn’t have hydro pump of course it has hydro pump this is going to give me the worst possible scenario this thing fudge me

all right all right all right i feel power okay we’re doing really good right now we’re getting the dub he might shield he might shield he’s shielded what the actual no okay i’m gonna take it whatever it is actually what did he do did he do a hydro bump before he left me sludge bomb will do pretty good amount of damage let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it come on come on okay so i’m not going to use my attack yet i’m going to save it for the azumarill is it a good idea yes it is let’s go come on hit me with that that was a gg so close we were close i should have known he had energy started like that that was gg good game game to go battle lead it’s just difficult league yes r.i.p no all right then let’s go to the next battle it was a good gg good battle so we got another zoomer oh my god gonna give this guy a second before switching out damn it end my life in my life all righty damn it what do you got a reggie steal i know exactly what to do to win the game flash kit if i can get him to use his last shield i’ve won he just has to have no shields for me to win unfortunately we have to use it hmm what the hell am i going to do where’d you still cannot come out until this thing is killed okay we killed dad and now our zoom roll is back at it again now we can go ahead and switch all over to our reggie steel hopefully he’ll switch too because if he doesn’t want it of course he’s gonna use a hydro pump that’s the first shield down i might just die if i go for another one doesn’t matter i’ll die this is my death all right i’ll tear you hopefully we can get to your sky attack before he gets to his ice beam

and we did wow all right let’s see whatever it is that’s in the back whatever it is we have to kill it it’s alteria we have to get to our dragon pulse first holy shoot this is insane he was right all along we have to get to the dragon knight we have to get to the truck it’s gonna use sky attack shoot should i have these guys act no that would i wouldn’t have killed it unfortunately that was a close game wait we need to check our kilometers real quick let’s check this pokemon real quick another shiny we’re at point eight kilometers all right cool let’s go back to the battles yeah that’s true all right let’s go ahead and do the next battle battle number four i think five i don’t know what that this is using a tropius i don’t even have one i wish i had one come on let’s get it am i gonna get it oh my god i did hopefully he’ll take it or he’ll shield it please use your last shield okay we’re up by two shields now we have to be able to take whatever he’s got at us should i block this i guess i will i should have brought out reggie that’s interesting oh my god i figured as much steel flying what is that skarmory hmm let’s get him with the sky attack am i gonna block it i don’t think i should he’s got tropius and he’s got that in the back i would have been able to kill trophies i believe i believe that through power we can’t win okay let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it can we get the dub though that’s the question whoa let’s get it this is why we never give up hope it’s not over until it’s over sweet we got another win not bad not bad at all see what kind of pokemon we’re gonna get gonna get a lapras i wish this could be shiny

oh this is an aggressive one did i you you had a shield though after i get a shield yes that’s why i was confident in my abilities this thing better stay in the ball we got some storage drain pipes coming out right now interesting uh but yeah what do you guys think about those battles those are some good battles there i’m actually surprised we got a dub on the last one uh so we got three out of five wins not that bad considering we’re in the rank eight it’s really competitive up here uh and you know three wins is good enough for me i’m just happy to get three wins that’s that’s good for me let’s see another non-shiny to reward me for not getting that win william is still in here and delena is still up in the chat we already know he’s getting lit just walking up out of here see good games those were ggs let’s see how many kilometers we’re at we’re at point eight still what the heck oh wow i haven’t seen you in a while magnemite today is getting increasingly more difficult to hatch these eggs for some reason so okay time to go back to the battles this is game set number two what what is that it’s a shiny what is that thing oh well that was the fastest one i’ve ever had in my life look at that i won that was gg for me all right next battle i guess that’s the first dub let’s see somewhere else shoot let’s see if we can get to that zoom roll quickly did we do it oh my god we did it yes so so well that’s interesting just died

let’s see what else we got is the morals down what do we got oh that thing do not like that i know he’s gonna hit me with a flamethrower so i’ll block the first one this member is only a non-dub for us we might lose this of course we have to hit him with the he has an alteria way i have an idea so what am i going to do with you all terria if altera can use a shield i can switch out from ontario take the attack yes i can win i have a plan we’ve got a plan guys let’s see if i can execute my plan so first flash cannon then try tipping up energy a switch hit him with the sky attack either he shields he will not shield go back with this he’s going to use an attack that’s fine our plan was supposed to work but it’s not going to unfortunately oh well oh well that was gg let’s go to the next league the next battle the next thing that we need to do this battle is about to explode fight all right here we go again what has he got psychic type cresselia grass knot oh shoot i should have known something like that would have happened cresselia with grass not i have to shield and i think grassland charges faster than my ice beam i have to take it okay so i didn’t die that’s a good thing let’s go ahead and hit him with another grasshop another ice beam hopefully we can kill it it shield oh no well rest in peace guys i’ll die snow i know what you’re all thinking why in the world did he just shield that when another grass snout was coming i could ask myself the very same question uh my plan backfired now i have no shields i should have went up against that chris elio now i have no icing he’s gonna shoot an

ice cream that’s great it’s fantastic can i find you to complete some challenges yeah sure i’ll put my friend code right now so oh wow look at that it’s a reggie still he’s gonna hit me with a focus blast unfortunately i had not just oh shoot hello next battle skarmory i wonder what i should do let’s charge your benefit and switch to uh we’ll go ahead and switch over to okay switch i should have known you would have been here what am i doing am i glitching no we’re glitching guys this is not good we have to hit them i have to block this oh my goodness what is up with the all right hopefully we can kill this thing i’ll take it yeah i know he’s got a sky’s back damn i’m supposed to get past this though so so surface on my wind

what is we might actually lose or we could win no oh i was i was expecting to use his attack on the reggie still but i guess not so close we were so close y’all that was a hey jj let’s do this next battle in the gobot league era so yeah hmm it’s not gonna be an ice plunger is that gonna be a shadow ball that’s the big question right now it’s just a fire punch i didn’t know you could have fire punch well this will get a shield out of him that’s good he took it of course that means he’s got something else that’s strange very strange yeah i know you got your fire punching bill whatever all right let’s see what we can do here what kind of damage can i bring to the scope of the situation why did you still might actually die or i could survive oh wow look at that hmm really do i want to use a shield no i don’t i really don’t power is going to decrease my attack sad okay shoot you know what guys i bet you he has a blizzard for that other one that’s probably the case he has blizzard it’s a one-hit ko right there holy shoot we only want one battle rest in peace oh yeah just happy to get started start

as always make me happy the game just glitch on me guys did i just get a glitch in the game i may have just gotten a glitch in the game hold up one second team infinity just came into the chat hello there oh shoot our 7k eggs are hatching let’s get it nope all right so first okay first 7k and that was shiny can we get it these are the last eggs before the event guys then we’re going to be done gimbal oh my god gibble gibble gibble kibble kibble oh my god the cable came out of our eggs it could have been shiny though okay dumb shield on hate that thing got another one coming in let’s see don’t know how i feel about that okay let’s go ahead come on just give me a shiny man that shiny gimbal could have been it right there granted else let’s see another gleam low these hay catches are horrible today ill hello shinies where are you throw the crownados wow is that it that was it got one more egg but yeah sad sad day huh let’s iv check them no no no yes nope nope i have to keep any gimbal i have no no no no no i’m deleting them all now bye bye all right then that was it those were things um yeah i tried so hard for the go battle league but i just couldn’t do it is that a raid happening can we get into it is someone at the raid can we raid a restaurant during this chat during the stream will it happen uh doesn’t look like anybody’s gonna get in there oh well all right guys let’s finish up these go battle leagues let’s finish up these battles then we’ll go home then that’ll be the end of the stream but yeah i can’t believe that after all that walking i did not get a single shiny swampert hmm he’ll be tough to beat but actually it’s better to fight him stupid as a foreign what the heck happened there i just glitched stupid glitches

so i should have switched but i think i’ll i think i’ll sacrifice the reggie steele he will shield should i feel yeah i’ll do it i’ll shield i know he’s got a zoomer on the back so that’s why i’m saving up all this energy for him oh my goodness oh my god another hydrocannon looks like i’m not the only one that was farming energy here what in the world is going on right so i’m going to have to shield wait a minute he has all three pokemon still that’s crazy it’s a strange battle indeed i wonder if i can kill him oh he did a flash cannon on me come on can we get it guys can we get it guys can we get it yes let’s see him with the players just hit him with a play rough [Applause] come on can we kill this is tomorrow can we get the dub will we get the dub we won let’s get it that’s how we win a gold battle league let’s go to the next battle real quick rounded about bounding around trying to get the shade there’s no tiny anymore fast yet on shoot i know what to do [Applause] so i’ll take that but what exactly am i looking at here hydro pump that was a very loud motorcycle i’m gonna shield this we’re gonna save energy let’s go ahead and hit that well whatever it’s called all right who am i gonna attack i’m definitely attacking you with an ice cream that’s one ice cream down oh my god i’m so lucky to have this many ice creams available to me this is good this is good this is what i wanted guys this is amazing both of his shields are down now with both shields down there will be nothing to stop me hmm what should i switch into

he goes if he switches to bastion then i know what to do good blade whatever imagine you switch on over to his basket on at this moment this is it guys this is where it all counts i have to hit him with that focus blast i have to block this hopefully we can get the dub here [Applause] whoa we got the dope we got the dub oh no that was a gg right there next go battle league this is our last set of go battles for the stream and then we’ll be signing off uh yeah this is just a casual morning stroll you know we tried to catch the shiny pokemon we tried it for that shiny um gimbal unfortunately we weren’t able to get that what is that beauty is in the eye of the boulder hmm right a couple of bad nudes a flash cannon can be coming out of a basket on that is ridiculous it’s too much power already what am i looking at here what kind of attack am i looking at from him what’s his angle holy shield that means i kill them no i’m not gonna shield this okay [Applause] does this thing have an ability i don’t know what he’s uh he’s saving up a lot of energy there what’s he planning what is this guy’s plan one of the ones going on now obviously i’m gonna shield this but i don’t understand i don’t understand what’s the point of doing that that was a very strange plan from him

uh does he have flash cannons it’s a sky attack can i get another flash cannon before i die though no no okay let’s kill him so this may result in my death i may die can we get the necessary amount of damage from the sky attack to kill him no yes we can kill him though let’s go sweet all right then now battle number four five i don’t know how many battles he’s done guys it’s probably a discharge let’s see if he’ll take let’s see if he’ll think i’m gonna go for a sky attack but instead i’ll hit him with my dragon pulse that is more damage this charge gonna hit me up here hmm just switch on over to my stilex not by stealing i should have switched on over to um reggie steele that would have been the right way to go uh we’ll see what i can do oh george our warriors is back fudge me this is not good y’all this is what i was worried about an attack like this i might lose let’s look at him down to the yellow and then a flash cannon should be able to kill him off that is if i can get to oh i it in time of course it didn’t that was a non gg for the master league i mean

all right that was a gg we got one more battle let’s get it on and then we’ll be done with the stream well it’s a hummingbird what are we up against here go zubaro okay i want to speak sorry guys i had to evacuate out of there there was a what do you call it um there was a bee that scared me foreign uh so gotta use this i gotta shield sky attack flash cannon which one sky attack uh i like how i was supposed to switch ontario and they didn’t let me oh shoot get the dub that’s a stupid thing no way this thing’s gonna kill me right thank goodness i can look let’s go that’s how we do the battle leagues guys let’s get it all right well that’s cool got a lot of rewards right candies pineapps love that and a dno nice sweet ended up with a win yep

not bad um but yeah guys that is the end of the stream i’m gonna be ending it off right here um hopefully you guys enjoyed the stream and uh yeah i shall see you all in the next uh video uh how to solve terra minks it’s coming very soon guys so stay tuned for that that’s gonna be crazy it’s gonna be great hopefully you guys enjoy that but yeah um i’ll see on the next video it’s cute and brown did you get the shiny gimbal no we did not unfortunately we did not get the shiny cable but hopefully in the next community day hopefully when community day comes around they’ll eventually do it i will eventually get my fabled uh shiny gibble so yeah so i’ll see you guys around it’s a cumin proud peace out guys see ya

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