hey there YouTube restarted give you a quick update on my modded console couple of things have changed we’ve not been at a move on this too fast recently I’ve been a bit busy doing over a few other things but as you can see if you if your kin at the sides outside of the size of the sides wasn’t quite happy with it so shut down and I read it I did all the sides up and then decided to either what to me looks gorgeous a chrome trim I think chrome on black always set stuff off but it also highlights our little our little corner which we’re putting just so it wasn’t box square because typically when people do these they tend to cut on either in here easy to cook sort of edges all the way around and it’s not really there’s not really a lot of effort in that so we decided to do as clearly differently and this was the first one so it’s not like we’re changing anything but yet so with chrome trim on we’ve also were reversed the grille we didn’t get time to do that last time so yeah you’ve got a literally drill about 30 31 I think also it is plastic weld throughout every everywhere around the fan throughout the entire thing and we’ve put a blue light on the front so much the rest of it which run the outside which is blue just the heart of the consoles green round the fan obviously followed by the the green board but yeah so what power arm will give you a little look at it so as you can see nothing in this area is changed apart from the lid has been removed we are we are sat on the screen by the way we’re a couple of issues with a blu-ray so just so you know if you if you do ever strip these down don’t bolt the guides down these should see at the top of the guide if you vote if you imagine a little hook like that this should sit right at the top where my fingers meet not up the bottom like the old 360 caused me a bit of an issue that figuring that one out for a while can you stop would thought it was a laser issue but a yes as you can see we’ve got the chrome trim which just bounces the light off a little bit more she’s quite nice reverse the grill so you can see the front directs whilst it’s while you’re on the right side of it obviously last summer we did a video that’s of our board VAR behind we can’t do anything with the sides right now because clearly they’re not symmetrical like the top lid so there’s nothing we can do with them at the moment and it looks quite white but you can probably tell it is actually a blue light pulling the cameras just not picking it up properly but the Blues on the outside but well if you’re looking at it from where I am that is actually just a blue light and it’s not as bright as it looks on there actually seems to be picking up a lot more light than than what you see with your eyes but uh yeah so that’s level 2 right now I’ve also got the PUD strip down I’ve done the you know the Honor Flight the power light I’m just waiting for the parts for the thumbsticks etc and then um almost done really nice to think of something else you know what it’s like yours come up with stuff but that that is the update on the console so I hope you like the slight improvements it’s definitely better for the farm and we’ll catch you soon cheers guys bye

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