xbox concedes to the playstation 5 and today i’m going to be telling you guys how that is so smack like on this video because i’m getting to the point right now okay so before i dive into this point i am not a playstation fan boy i like pc that’s if i had to be called something call me a pc fanboy because that’s my favorite platform now i am fully aware that playstation is less powerful than xbox i hate playstation’s sjw politics that they play and insert unnecessarily inside of their games and i also understand that as the generation goes further and further playstation is going to become more limited with the amount of capabilities that it is able to pull off in these games that being said xbox concedes the playstation 5 with the xbox series x and do you want to know how they do this they do this by conceding the excitement factor simply put i’m going to ask you all a question right now and i guarantee you not one of you will be able to answer it at least not honestly name one xbox series x exclusive day one that you’re excited to pre-order the xbox series x4 you can’t do it because it doesn’t exist now play the same game with the playstation 5 and then it magically changes everybody magically has an answer and the reality is that is why playstation according to analysts and industry experts and again the playstation 5 community understand that 70 of the pre-orders are coming in for playstation 5 because of this nobody’s excited for the series x like there is no reason to be and while it may be more powerful and that part is very exciting you don’t have control over your power and pc gamers like myself understand this you’re literally reliant on the developers so what’s gonna happen when you buy this xbox series x for anybody confused at this point in the video you’re gonna buy this machine it’s gonna arrive you’re gonna be very excited open it up plug it up play it but then realize all you can play are your old games oh but problem digital foundry already showed you that you’re hitting 50 to 60 fps and performance so you can’t even say that it’s self-reliant back compat because it’s brute forcing and that’s a problem when you have to brute force your way into some [ __ ] because microsoft didn’t engineer the machine with backwards compatibility in mind but then they also don’t want to make any exclusives day one for you to enjoy well now you’re seeing a big problem with the series x the xbox series x is conceding the first two years of exclusivity and exciting reasons to play games to the playstation 5 because news flash playstation 5 has exclusive games made just for the playstation 5. and they’re not waiting two years to do it like microsoft and that’s just going to put them further in the hole this gin and so while they may be the more powerful console for third-party games we have pc for that and for everybody saying that yeah name a pc under 500 your xbox isn’t 500 that nineteen 219 ssd that you will need because you only have eight hundred and giga eight hundred gigabytes of system storage is already gonna cost you seven hundred bucks man you’re seven hundred dollars after the price of the console and that ssd expansion never mind xbox live never mind game pass or if you actually buy games the reality is it is very close to the price of pc gaming and news flash the rtx 3070 is launching this november this october i can’t remember i think november i’m not sure but the reality is you’re getting more than rtx 2080 ti performance out of the rtx 3070 and it’s a 499 dollar gpu and to finish a computer build around that is not that much more expensive and you can definitely do it within the seven to eight hundred dollars you’d spend on series x and have more power more capability and an endless world of control that doesn’t exist on console so don’t sit here and talk the power game or talk the affordability game with a guy that knows his [ __ ] now moving on we’re going to talk about the reality of the situation when we talk about xbox series x walking away from the brand you must understand that this is not a good move in any capacity you are losing control over what you have to value the microsoft brand for because you don’t have halo forza and gears anymore exclusive to that console i got them all on pc so i mean you’re losing reasons and you’re not having day one reasons to pre-order and you still think this is the best console ever because [ __ ] what you can talk [ __ ] online with your friends as you play the same call of duty franchise over and over again i mean you can only point and shoot so many times right or wrong aim and fire that’s the game that’s the concept run run run go go go be a good soldier blow up die become a folded flag i mean really how many times must you do that [ __ ] until you get tired of it i am bored of shooters they are very linear very generic and cookie cutter and lame and the reality is people aren’t excited about anything on xbox and that’s the problem now we can talk about the fact that microsoft isn’t the only one who’s bringing their games to pc because playstation is doing it too

horizon zero dawn is one of the most notable ones selling out in record time on pc becoming the number one most sold out game on pc if playstation continues to do this they too will lose relevancy and i hope they do it because i’m sick of consoles frankly i think they’re a dumb business model just just add up all the money you’ve paid on every single gaming console and you’ll understand that comment and statement the reality is it’s very expensive it takes up a ton of space in your home to have all these consoles lying around now you need to invest in bookshelves to store all your video games and for what some [ __ ] that won’t move forward onto the next platform as you go forward i can buy any pc game i want right now and that [ __ ] will transfer until the end of [ __ ] time you can’t do that on your console and guess what you also don’t have control over the power you’re bragging about right now all of you stand up on your little chairs in class beating your chest but in reality the teacher at xbox puts you in your place because they don’t let you have anything you want and that’s just how it is and honestly speaking for everybody saying that this is pro playstation 5 and i’m a sony pony or i’m an xbox fanboy again i’m a pc fanboy that’s what i like and if i had to go a step further i’d even say i like nintendo better than all of them because at least i get [ __ ] mario karts but that’s just me the reality is when you look at both consoles they have their strength and weaknesses but we cannot deny the fact that xbox is conceding with the series x to the playstation 5 because of excitement because of exclusive reasons to play and because of just honestly being geared more around storytelling and gaming exclusively on a platform that was built by playstation 4 playstation fans that’s just as real as it gets smack a like on this video if you understand dislike if you like little children and watching cuties on netflix until the next video thanks for watching the number one brand in honesty i’ll see you guys later he’s [Applause] you

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