you just spoke to the company tell us what they had to say uh you know I think that the category that’s actually hurting it badly is tablets and you know that’s being almost fully offset by better mobile phone sales Mobile is up on asp so you know more expensive phones I think that’s great and I think it’s you know they should be complimented on their ability to capture that traffic it does set them up for kind of a disappointment next year because even if tablets flatten out mobile phones are highly unlikely to be more expensive a year from now so you know that that was the weakness the strength was televisions and both on a unit basis and on an average selling price basis I think people are increasingly wandering into stores and looking at you know 55 and 65 inch screens instead of you know 40 and 46 inch screens and best buy has been great at capitalizing on that traffic big big TVs or something that probably most people want to look at before they buy and best buy is great at converting people once they come into the store so I haven’t underperform rating because I think that as Amazon grows and more and more people join prime they’re just less likely to spend as much time invest Buy stores and they’re certainly less likely to spend as much money invested by stores so I just think that’s best buy faces headwinds but the company has confounded me with its flawless execution and this is the first quarter in four years that we’ve seen them grow gross margin right first quarter seven years they’ve grown both margins right so you so let’s talk about because they’ve put a lot of money and effort into revamping their stores becoming much more consumer friendly is that working for Best Buy and is it enough because at the end of the day the pie isn’t really growing there isn’t really the business is not expanding so much and that there’s not really a hot new item that everyone has to have there’s just kind of a shifting of market share is it enough when they’re facing some you know competitors like Amazon Bobby that’s an excellent question and the answer is that it’s working but it’s not enough so yes they’re they’re doing an excellent job on converting the traffic that actually is in their store they’re not doing a good job of bringing new traffic in and they’re not doing a good job of bringing back people who used to shop there so when people join amazon prime they don’t stop going to bestbuy they just shift their purchase behavior maybe eighty percent best buy in twenty percent amazon and that’s the problem that they don’t go into best buy as often they’re not going to spend money and best buy is flawlessly capturing as much wallet share as they can get from the people who come in but they’re not doing enough to bring new people and I think that’s why they’re actually destined to continue to decline you

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