[MUSIC] And that DNA is sitting there in the [INAUDIBLE] nucleus >> Thinking Matters is an introduction to college styled classes It really focuses on critical thinking >> We have courses drawn from the sciences, from the social sciences, from the humanities, from the professional schools We have medical school faculty engaged in the program >> There are three different parts to Thinking Matters, there’s, generally a lecture with the entire class And then there’s smaller sections of about ten And every few weeks you have a tutorial with the section leaders >> Nearly all Thinking Matters courses are taught by more than one professor The effect is to bring perspectives from different disciplines >> Professor Yearley and I, we choose novels, short stories, poetry, essays that in some way confront each other That question each other >> It really gave us a model for coming up with our own thoughts, and sharing those thoughts with other people And understanding that two people can have different thoughts that are both, in essence, correct >> The relationships that I’ve formed with my lecturers, and my section leaders demonstrated how beneficial it can be for both students and teachers to sort of, form a relationship and, realize that they are a resource above and beyond what’s in the classroom >> I felt, really, deeply challenged to think hard, about these topics I had, so much access to support My professors were so available The faculty in section wanted to answer our questions >> It’s my hope that some of the students will take the Thinking Matters course itself as the first step in their individual intellectual adventure at Stanford [MUSIC]

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