dan and his family live in a typical suburban neighborhood he has just done something that has changed the lives of his family Dan bought a Roku Smart sound bar for their living room TV within minutes he effortlessly transformed his family’s TV with premium audio suite that was family can enjoy a dynamic bass and crisp clear dialogue and then with Roku you’ve got everything your heart desires but he didn’t stop there dan wanted an extra kick of thunderous bass he added a Roku wireless subwoofer for even deeper richer sound it also came with America’s number-one TV streaming platform built-in but he didn’t stop there dan added one more thing yes I did well done Dan well done well that was cute and isn’t it a treat especially these days when some of us are getting a little antsy the kids are still at home and who knows how long it’s going to be to be able to bring your own home entertainment system into your living room or a bedroom because what Roku has done is taken what used to be a little like a little thumb drive essentially to give you a Smart TV no matter what model you had and now they’ve designed it into this sound bar so now you get all the incredible content new content free content and the upscaled experience of that sound bar now if you want the subwoofer if you want any other wireless speakers we do have them but they are getting super close to selling out we have a couple hundred in each in fact seven hundred I think combined so with that being said and with over half of our quantities haven’t been spoken for today with this Roku it’s a limited today’s special and everybody is all over it so you have the best price in the nation it is the first time we’ve done anything like it this is a sound bar and it is the built-in media streamer the Roku media streamer so if you want to like really start enjoying some great movies and all kinds of great TV watching experiences this is the way to do it without having to pay for a really expensive cable bill you can you know literally cut some wires if you want to go that route we’ll talk more about it I do want to let you know what you’re getting and the value that we’re turning around today which is part of the reason that with over closing in on 2500 spoken for we’ve less than 2000 available if you got it all separately but looking at two hundred and thirty-five dollars so our price is phenomenal in that is close to $100 less there is free shipping it’s the lowest price available it’s an HSN exclusive bundle it even comes with the optical cable the power cable the remote control batteries for your remote control so you’ve got all the chance in the world to be able to upgrade your home TV watching experience and I tell you what it’s the number one selling streaming media player brand in the US for at least the last year and I do want to encourage you know because we give you a couple extras too and it comes to the coupons and the vouchers it makes it even more fun as a matter of fact let’s see you’re getting three months of Pandora premium music three months of the grower fitness services which is fantastic so many of us are like dyin to get back to the gym but now you can workout at home so that’s part of the bundle too you are getting it on a flex pay about thirty one dollars it’s yours it’ll be there delivered and guess what it’s not going to be a mess to be able to connect there’s not a billion wires in fact there’s work it’s a wireless experience and we’ll go through what that means so it looks good it feels good it sounds good and one more thing before I introduce you to bill Duggan who is skyping with us from his home if you want to take another $20 off even a today’s special price you can do that by applying for our HSN card today it’s VIP Tuesday and you can save $20 actually off of $99 or more there’s two promos going on today I’ll tell you about the HSN card in a minute but on $99 or more with you putting your purchases on an HSN card take $20 off the top right out of the gate put a coupon code one eight four seven eight seven in there as you checkout and you can do that as many times as you would like today that’s not just a one-time offer I’ll tell you more about the HSN VIP card if you wanted to get the card you can save another $20 off your first purchase and that’s something I’ll get to in a moment but as you’re looking at all the apps and all the things that we love from Netflix to HBO now to show time I’ve been binging on a new show not that it’s new to you because it’s been around for eight years but I’ve been binging on show time and it’s so nice to be able to get all of these look at that prime video in Hulu and this is just the beginning but during these crazy times we are doing our thing with social distancing and inviting all of our guests to join us and it’s fun to see everybody’s homes quite frankly so bill Duggan thank you for inviting us into yours this afternoon with your brand new media experience I am glad to be with you and

I cleaned up my house a little bit we’re looking at my television and I upgraded my television don’t we wish we could all do that right now or you know what maybe we already have a nice TV but we just want to make it better make it smarter make it sound better how much would we spend for just a soundbar alone remember this sambar has Roku built-in in this box you have everything from the cables the cords that you need to just elevate that experience and elevating it is not just by what we’re watching it’s how we’re watching it how we find it and how we hear it and that’s why Roku is taken everything in terms of content in terms of the visuals and in terms of the audio and really given us this nice exclusive configuration so yes Roku’s number one because you know what my television it’s a smart TV it’s about four or five years old it does not have Disney Plus it does not have Apple TV now it does cuz I upgraded and you know maybe it had Netflix but it doesn’t stream fast it doesn’t stream in that 4k I can do that because this bar and the broker system will adapt to the highest quality of my television easily done and remember I just plugged in the HDMI cable and it’s gonna give me and walk away with great amazing audio so we get the streaming story because we are home more we’re probably like oh there’s nothing on TV what are the kids are gonna watch what am I gonna watch and when you find something you want it to sound good and now you’re not getting two speakers that face the wall you’re getting four speakers that fill any room size easily in terms of how it’s set up but more importantly it’s gonna give you a nice fuller sound I mean you can’t feel it music I’m talking about the audience how often have we all been watching this show or like wait I can’t hear it turn it up or turn it down the commercials too loud the sound bar has so much technology built into it that I’m going to be able to walk away with I’m jumping in some settings over here just so you can kind of see it full screen but I can increase my bass not because I have you know extra bass because I have the sub because I have my sound bar right over here the volume mode leveling mode so it’s nice and level throughout the commercials and throughout the actions where it’s only high low high low that drives us crazy but most importantly and one of the number one reasons why our HSN viewers like you upgrade to a sound bar is we want clarity in terms of that text or in terms of that speech so we can understand the accent so we’re not always constantly pausing and rewinding and the cool part about that is I can easy turn it on or turn it off I’m gonna turn on too high because I want to be able to hear all that speech quality and then guess what no matter what I watch I’m gonna be able to understand it I’m gonna be able to enjoy it and more importantly I’m gonna be find it – there’s a reason why Roku’s number one and it’s not just for the variety of content it’s truly because it is the easiest interface out there and talked about you mentioned Kali which is great three months to grow cur work out in the privacy of your home and it’s not just about healthy living it’s about healthy mental state healthy finances a lot of health apps no it’s more premium which is great – yeah Pandora great music broker three up months of fitness and that is included I mean think about that I mean all the extras that we get to do at HSN and the truth is we have offered sound bars in the past and that’s all they were greats out and that’s a big deal when you’ve got an older TV that doesn’t have that digital kind of surround sound experience now the sound bar is a sound bar you said heard Bill say with four different speakers inside it’s also your Roku built inside talk about technology marching forward and then I love the idea that it’s much cleaner when you look at it it’s easier to connect there’s not a billion wires everywhere if you do want to incur a big bass sound we do have the subwoofer we’re gonna hear a sound demo here the subwoofer is a different item number we also have wireless speakers if you wanted to put them around the home you can certainly still do that final couple hundred available in the subwoofer which is eight three three seven eight that’s right here it’s a 10-inch drive-in cinematic sound subwoofer from Roku its Wireless love that and then we have the desk speakers available too it’s a set of – there’s the info eight three three eight seven those have been wildly popular you don’t have to have them because you still get the incredible engaging sound with this awesome sound bar but if you really want to go for it why not do it today while they’re at special pricing bill I’m gonna ask you a couple questions as a customer if I weren’t like familiar with what’s going on here because I’ll bring it back to my personal experience I have a new TV in mind big in my living room but I have two more TVs in my bedrooms so what do I do with those older TVs if I don’t want to have to buy new TVs because they’re not Smart TVs is this something that I can just add to those TVs and make them more modern yes and that’s the perfect part about it I love my television I know it I know their remote control but I want a little bit more more for the entire family

just by adding the Roku sambar I’m getting more content and more audio I can set it up on my guest room television it can move around from room to room or maybe you already have a Roku put that in the guest room upgrade the main TV and I’m gonna play a little bit of a commercial for us which is great and realize this one it’s in volume 50 can you hear it sounds okay inadequate right but volume 50 I’m in about volume 25 on this television and listen to the difference with and without the sound mark okay this is without this is with that’s at volume 50 this is at volume 30 but it’s volume from that sound bar another important experience have you ever gotten a sound from bar before alone and you forgot to turn it on you were like oh I shouldn’t turn it on it would have sounded better would have been better this is always on and engaged so I’m always gonna walk away with a bigger and that’s something truly we all can appreciate at the end of the day I don’t like pausing on enemies there you go i’ma come over here cuz speech clarity is again one of the most important things we want to walk away with in terms of hearing our shows in terms that you’re in content and so I can come over here I’m gonna find a video clip because we all love it here with this woman has to say so boom come right over here and this one I gotta tell you you’re probably getting this via my Skype camera via the studio you gotta get it home it ships you for free we give you 90 days to play with this set it up explore all the amazing options that are here realize once you get the Roku system at home you don’t pay more for Roku you might subscribe and pay monthly for Netflix and Hulu and all that but all this other content on here and the easy interface and that great audio it’s yours to enjoy and when I mean great content there are free stuff like Roku Roku channel check it out there’s other free channels but in Roku right now because we all are at home more providers are offering free content right now specifically so you come down here Showtime Kelly are you paying for it I great stuff to try and explore even one of the big providers out there they’re giving us 500 hours to binge watch some of our favorite shows that normally we would be paying for upgrade pick content enjoy content find content Kelly what are your favorite movies Moulin Rouge right you know it’s one of them okay what channel it sounds great they’re singing and involved let’s ask Roku Moulin Rouge and please notice I’m not typing it in my letter of it oh it’s mm not only did it find it quick which is great it’s telling me where I can watch it oh and guess what every time I search I’m saving money because yes I could pay $3 $4 or I can watch it for free because I have a subscription to these providers which is great and I got to tell you four dollars to watch a movie when it sounds like I’m at the movie theater because I have this great audio and enjoy it from the comfort of my home it’s just a win-win situation I just gotta get there number one oh yeah yeah I just this this makes such sense I am so happy with this today’s special I can’t even believe anybody who is well hopefully you’re not gonna wait until later if you’re tuning in take a quick listen to what we’re here to talk or okuu has really marched forward with incorporating technology into a soundbar so Roku and an audio bar that gives you that engaging sound put together in one now this TV I don’t have anything attached to it we’re gonna do a little audio comparison for you audios coming up we’re gonna raise the volume so you can see we’re going going pretty high 47 sound good this is without the today’s special 45 doing same levels hearing for our 50th anniversary you hear it fine delicacy the today’s special audio movies all kinds of content and I’m glad bill went through a lot of the content is free a lot of the content is new it’s changing all the time and you can pick and choose as to whether or not like for example if you want to get Showtime right now because you want to watch the show I just started watching homeland I was curious and I did pay for it upfront but you’ve got 30 months to be able to try it and see if that’s a show you love if you don’t you can move on to something else so very excited for all

of us to get this today’s special we have moved over half the quantities we’re at 2/3 closing in at 3/4 of the quantities available for the rest of the day less than 2000 are available for the entire nation best price in the country free shipping 90 days to be able to try it and if you don’t love it send it back all your money will be returned all you’re paying is that first flex in this case it’s only 31 dollars you choose any major credit card or debit card or PayPal HSN carter’s holders go ahead and add another flex if you would like you can do that with that card but bill I’m gonna come back to you and have you explain when the box comes to us how complicated is that how many cables how many wires what do we hook to what I would even say it’s complicated the kids could set it up everything is in the box so no more running out to the store cuz you need an optical cable you need an HDMI cable II need the batteries it’s all in here because Roku set you up for success so then what I did is I plugged it into the wall and then I plugged it into the back of the television with the HDMI cable that’s included and then I logged in and started to enjoy and as you said try new channels because you know sometimes if I wanted to get Showtime like you were talking about I have to make sure it’s with my cable provider I have to make sure it’s in my contract or more importantly I wanted to remove it I have to renegotiate my contract to add in to remove a program or channel it’s so simple so we showed you all the free content that you get there’s other free options out here to like crackle and pluto and to book a to be I love this up for the sports fans look all the major networks are on here the news networks local programming which is great because maybe I want to get the news out in California from my local broadcasters I can turn that on not all our local news broadcasters offer a channel but guess what most do give it a go for 90 days explore and this is where you have fun with it turn it into a digital fireplace I love the rain channel and is in my bedroom because I and go to sleep with that ambient sound there’s stuff from overseas there’s even games built-in for the kids so this gift might be for the whole family or maybe it’s a Mother’s Day or a Father’s Day gift but you’re walking away with better audio better options and it truly is a seamless design because we were talking about how before if you want to Roku it was a stick or a puck yeah and then if you needed better sound you had to go out and buy a sound bar exactly taking all those worlds and giving us one great beautiful configuration and it really is the perfect time to upgrade because yes we are home we are hibernating and you know what we probably already have a nice TV but does it have all this amazing content you’re walking away with some of the latest and greatest so we found Moulin Rouge what was another one of your favorites brave heart and legends of the four on the list how can I find it where do I begin right not all road crews have this but you can speak to it Braveheart does the searching television shows movie stars so perfect found Braveheart and it’s gonna save me money because I have a subscription because I found it right away and I get to enjoy that much faster because it’s introducing kids to old movies it’s kids wanting to find their stuff that’s where you’re setting yourself up to really enjoy your Roku and I got to tell you my television here it’s a smart TV but it’s not this smart it doesn’t even sound this good I used to have a sound Bart stand on its own and what would quite happen all the time I would start my movie and then halfway through and like all the sound bars not turned on I forgot to engage the sound bar so I was cranking up the volume with this you’re always gonna walk away with great audio great content and as Kalin is highlighting it’s easier to define stuff enjoy stuff and I want to point out one other quick thing remember it’s not just about a bigger sound it’s about clearer sound so whether I’m watching something on YouTube or watching HSN Jim there’s even channels on the Roku then already been provided by cable which is just phenomenal so I come over here I’m gonna load up this fun little roller coaster interview I do with Adam Friedman they’re screaming there’s action it’s gonna sound great but if I can’t understand this my quality and the clarity it’s not that settings speech party’s gonna walk away with better sound better understanding of what you’re watching and you just get to watch so much remember this doesn’t just have to live at the main TV right I can put it on any TV in the house as long as it has an HDMI course so I okay so I know cuz you said and I I have the other road crews that were like the thumb you know you just like the little sticks then there was a puck version with this I don’t have that extra piece it’s all integrated into the sound bar right I love it you’re totally getting it makes it so seamless another thing is some Roku’s do not have the ability to actually have Disney Plus and Apple TV so you might want to upgrade anything is if you know Roku you get it this is what I set my mom up with because you know streaming is kind of new to her the remote control has 20 buttons it even has shortcut buttons it has that microphone so I can speak to it because even my mom like the grandkids will come over and like Grandma we want to watch

paw patrol she’s like where the kids won’t even speak to the TV paw patrol and do the hunting and do the searching but the thing is when you can find it that fast you enjoy it yeah you know you’re gonna you’re making me fess up to something here because half the time I’m like I know I want to watch some news show but I can’t remember what network is on I can’t remember you know HBO isn’t on prime so this I love this remote control that you just speak to it it finds the show on whatever network it’s on it makes all of that frustration go away and then you get the incredible ability to enjoy better cinematic sound you know I love my Roku I’ve got one and down I’ve got one of my two bedrooms and they’re great but that was a separate purchase both of those TVs are probably seven eight years old I’m not gonna upgrade them anytime soon because it’s not in the budget right now but I do enjoy the fact I get the content I just don’t have great sound there now with this amazing today’s special we get it all the Roku sound bar with Roku built in we give you all kinds of extra goodies we give you three months of Pandora for free we give you three months of growth fitness experience for free and then you got the 90 days to be able to enjoy this at home right now I was talking to some friends earlier before the show we’re back up for example coming up later in this afternoon one of my guests she’s like it’s all good but my girls are starting to drive me crazy you know there’s a lot of downtime and if your kids are like mom I’m bored I don’t know maybe it is something you want to get for each bedroom or each room with a TV in it unless you want to like you said bill it’s easy enough to be able to move from room to room with just one basically one cable so it’s an option but our today our price is so good what a treat to be able to upgrade and enjoy that cinematic sound again if you don’t want if you want the subwoofer we do have it you don’t need it but if you want that really deep engaging bass it is still in stock but very very very limited compared to our today’s special will put the item numbers for you up on the screen because it’s nice if you want to really really make this your home your living room I should say a home theater go for the subwoofer go for the additional speakers and place them wherever you’d like they’re all wireless so they’ll come up on the screen for you periodically but bill if somebody is just tuning in and we’ve got two and a half minutes left in the presentation and closing in on three quarters of our quantities we have somewhere between 17 and 18 hundred left for the day that’s it so I’m just letting everybody know MSU sit people know Roku because it is number one it is the most convenient for us to enjoy and the thing is we love watching those content but you know sometimes where do I find it how do I find it we’ve taken care of that how do I hear it and realize this is my Roku sound bar and all that content is built in I can make this smaller TV sound good I can make the big TV sound good or I can mix it up remember this little TV we’re at volume 50 and I’m enjoying my show right sounds okay so I want some better you bet so I’m going to switch to my sound bar and remember the summer is only at 30 the speaker’s aren’t facing the wall they’re now four speakers in here filling any room with bigger quality sound and I also want to just share with everyone so guess what it’s also a Bluetooth speaker so have you ever been over here and you know you’re listening to music on your phone and it’s you know trying to get into the mood I can easily come over here engage my soundbar just go to bluetooth find your soundbar and that audio it’s then gonna fill the room and I gotta tell you this is via via my Skype but when it’s at home it’s gonna give you that fuller richer sound that we all want got the right equipment in my home it couldn’t be any easier for you to set up any easier for you to enjoy and have all that number one in terms of content provider in terms of versatility in terms of what we’re gonna watch and that’s really where you want to just take advantage of also our 90 day return policy binge watch and enjoy for 90 days if you’re not happy you can send it back but all of a sudden you’re gonna be like wait a second because that’s where you’re gonna enjoy it all the time it’s so true I’m just i am super super jazzed about this today especially I love the idea of great music in your home while you’re cooking and doing your thing you can engage that surround sound I’ll make sure bill thank you for spell for joining us they’re so appreciated really really great product great job appreciate it so our today’s special which is eight to seven six five free shipping 90 days to enjoy it the subwoofer if you’d like that we put that on the screen I would definitely recommend it because we are down to the final 600 for the rest of the day that one’s of it

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