lee deforest routinely called himself the father of radio it was even the title of his autobiography and in a way he was right he invented the idea of radio broadcasting he conducted some of the first radio broadcasts and he even invented the most important device in all of radio the vacuum triode or the vacuum tube however he did this because he outright stole most of his ideas ready for this crazy story let’s go Lee de Forest is a rouĂ© a CAD a thief and yet probably the man most responsible for bringing radio broadcasting to the American public Lee de Forest grew up in the 1870s in Alabama to a stern preacher from the north he was a lonely child small and homely ignored and abused by his family and neighbors he was always tinkering around with things in his teens he thought he invented a perpetual motion machine which convinced him that he was a genius a feeling that never faltered in college he wrote in his journal that quote I never doubt for a moment my genius in his late 70s he even tried to convince his fourth wife to write a book called I married the genius when he was 23 deforest read a book about the Tesla coil and became fascinated with electricity and wireless in fact he became the first person to get his PhD in the study of radio waves after trying and failing to get a job with Tesla and then Marconi lee deforest got together with a man named Abraham Wright to create their own company the American DeForest wireless Telegraph Company why thought it was the perfect vehicle to use the forces and enthusiasm to over sell stock to the American public and divorce the greed writing in his diary quote soon we believe the suckers will begin to bite and bite they did soon the company had over a million dollars DeForest and whites major competition was from Marconi’s Wireless and Marconi’s biggest weakness was how they receive signals see Marconi used a Co here that was slow and erratic DeForest created a solution that he called the GU anti coherer based on some German ideas which worked about as well as it sounded meaning not well at all then in 1903 DeForest visited a man named Reginald Fessenden and found a better detective in feza Daan’s laboratory soon with the help of a Fessenden employee that DeForest lured to his company lee deforest started selling a responder that was identical to Fez attends electrolytic detector and all but naman quality not surprisingly pheasant ensued while the lawsuit raged on DeForest and white went to a World’s Fair in st. Louis they constructed a 30-foot tower to promote their business while in st. Louis he forced her to talk from a Danish man named Lauda more Polson about a new type of radio transmitter called an ARP transmitter were used an arc lamp to amplify the signal and create smooth radio waves Polson said you could use his new device to send sound wirelessly an idea very intriguing to lead a forest now sending sound through radio waves was not a new idea in 1904 Reginald Fessenden the guy suing DeForest for borrowing a detector had transferred sound with radio waves way back in 1900 although the quality wasn’t very good by 1904 Fessenden was working on an alternator or a machine where you spun electromagnets very very fast to make smooth radio waves for this very purpose by the way he succeeded in 1906 with quote perfect fidelity however Fessenden and Polson and almost everyone else was thinking of sending sound wirelessly to make a wireless telephone not to make broadcast radio lee deforest thought of it immediately he predicted that quote Sunday the news and even advertising will be sent out all over Wireless divorce tried to get his business partner interested in sending sound wirelessly with the Polson arc transmitter he wasn’t interested in using pheasants alternator because it was too difficult for him to copy or independently invent and besides Fessenden would probably no longer let the forest into his laboratory or near his employees however White was

uninterested as wireless Telegraph was raking in the cash however two years later in 1906 Fessenden won his suit DeForest ran to Canada so that white could creatively rearrange their finances which he did by backstabbing DeForest as well as president and destroying DeForest company DeForest was devastated he wrote quote this is the funeral of my firstborn child stolen by a robber who has fattened off my brain but my work goes on while I live broke but determined DeForest started a new was his idea of wireless transmission of sound and a new company the DeForest radio telephone company with a new president James Dunlop Smith who used it to you guessed it oversell stock lee deforest then invented a crude carbon arc transmitter which was a Polson generator with a microphone attached of course he never purchased the rights to Polson’s transmitter and went with the vague idea that he came up with it on his own and it his was significantly different but the major difference was it wasn’t as good by January 7th of 1907 DeForest managed to transmit speech wirelessly across his laboratory and from then on he pretended he was the first person to do so by February Lee de Forest was broadcasting signals miles away from his laboratory in fact a Brooklyn Navy officer called him up and said quote am I drunk or crazy are you sending out some talking music over that Wireless of yours in nineteen no.8 deforest married a female engineer named Nora Stanton Blatch and DeForest and his new bride used their wireless to transmit music from the top of the Eiffel Tower on their honeymoon in the beginning of 1910 lee deforest even made the first live broadcast of an opera from the stage it seemed like lee deforest would be the forefront of the broadcasting revolution however his radio sounded terrible his marriage fell apart as he didn’t want his wife to work and by 1912 his company was charged with fraud by January 1st 1914 two members of deforest company where Charts was stealing over 1 million dollars when de Forest was acquitted on a technicality he collapsed into his lawyers are although he personally did not lead the way into radio surprisingly one of his devices did see way back in 1906 when DeForest was losing his first company to a lawsuit to president he became interested in borrowing someone else’s detector that was based on a light bulb called a Fleming valve after failing with a direct copy DeForest made a new version of the Fleming valve by adding stray pieces of metal all over the place to make it his in 1907 DeForest filed for a patent for something he called an audience that was a Fleming valve plus a zigzag of wire that little wire ended up making all the difference and the audience there was renamed the triode or the vacuum tube became one of the most important devices in the 20th century here in my hand is the first radio tube the miracle seed from which sprang the entire mighty structure of radio and television sonar radar talking pictures guided missiles automation the electric brain computer and long distance telephone communication however DeForest wasn’t the one to figure it out how a college student named Howard Armstrong transformed the world with a jacked up light bulb is next time on the secret history of electricity electricity electricity electricity electricity thanks for watching my video please remember to give it a nice thumbs up if you’re interested in pheasant and how his electrolytic detector worked and how he created the first radio waves that transmitted sound I have a video about that if you are interested in the Polson transmitter and how that worked I have a video about that and of course check out the one about the vacuum tube it’s gonna be a good one ok have a good day

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