Are you worried? I am not calling you to apologize I am calling you to tell you that you should not have left from the restaurant And I will never forgive you for that Run run! Seems like the doomsday Are you studying? Seems like the doomsday is close Shut up man Only twenty minutes are left for the exams And why are you so happy? Those who have God on their side are always happy like me What have you accomplished now brother? It is He who has done it Me and Anaya will be sitting side by side in the exam hall What happened? No matter how far you run away from me, you will be the one dancing in the fore front on my wedding Your case is badly botched Only a miracle can save you I have been spending so much on this case, I have been paying your fee and you are telling me that only a miracle can save me You are useless to me then You have been accused of fraud And if you are paying me my fee than you are roaming around freely on bail I did not mean to say this Try to understand my problem

Sir, all the evidences are against you Fareed has submitted an application against you in the police station and not a common man He never loses a fake case and this one is a real case Try to understand that if I lose this case the engineering council will cancel my degree I will stand nowhere I will try my level best Mr. Yasir But I cannot change the evidences I don’t want to keep you in the dark You are affiliated with law since so many years There must be a way out There is one way But it will cost a lot of money Don’t worry about the money I will pay you as much as you want I will sell my house, my car but I don’t want to lose this case at any cost Now I can see some chances Don’t worry, have some water Nothing is working on Hasan Atif called He said that the whole university is amazed at his attitude Dear just control your anger Keep convincing him on and off He will get convinced It takes time to change the thinking His thoughts never took time to change earlier That girl has changed Hasan’s thinking in a few days only It happens at this age He will be fine And once he is fine he will laugh over himself I cannot understand you It is his life…let him decide He will learn with experiences Hashna! I have just one son I cannot sacrifice him just for the sake of experiments Never say such a thing to me Where is Hasan by the way? He is preparing for his exam Greetings Father Greetings! Greetings! Have a seat Sit with us and spend some time with us too I was studying Father, I have an exam tomorrow How was your exam? It went very good Once you finish your degree… I need you badly my dear Is everything ok? Nothing is ok dear Times have changed Our competitor’s kids have finished their degrees and come up with a new business plan Anyways, I have also told them that I will deal with them once my Hasan finishes his degree You are absolutely right Father Why should you worry when Hasan is there? Isn’t it Hasan? Yes, you are right Can I study now? Yes, go Last twenty minutes please It is so weird What you want is right there and you cannot even talk to her Once the degree is finished in a week, you will not be able to see her Anaya! What is it? Nothing, nothing Called you by mistake What are you both doing?

Give me the paper please Sir I was not doing anything Will you give me your paper please Anaya? Sir I was not talking I have been observing you for very long Sir he was talking to me not me You were talking Sir, I am sorry sir No sorry Sir please let me finish Give it to me or I will tear the paper Sir please What about the rest of the students if you both will cheat Do you get it? You both can leave Sir, Anaya was doing her work I was calling her time and again You are wrong I have seen her myself talking to you No sir she was not talking to me You were talking? Yes sir Are you ok? Cheating is my job and not yours I was not cheating I was talking to Anaya During the exam? Is it that serious? It has finalized What? From my side She will also do it You will regret the whole life and this time will never come back Look at your face These things do not suit you Hasan! Hasan! Where did this evil come from? Where did she come from? Run or we would have to listen to her Run fast Run fast Hasan! Stop! I wanted to tell you that Anaya is looking for you in the whole department What? Why? That I don’t know but Muneeba and Fatima asked me to look for Hasan She started arguing me when I asked her What happened brother? I remember now…Father has called me at the office You go …I will call you Ok You guys are playing badminton here and you are eating snacks I asked you to look for Hasan…Where is Hasan? I looked for him but he is not in the university Sit down and have some snacks He is not in the university? Well done You have changed Please Nirmal Don’t start giving me a lecture I am not giving any lecture Ask yourself and you will get an answer What should I ask and what answer will I get? Miraal! Do you realize what you have done with Ali and how he would be feeling? I start shivering when I think about what you have done to him Then ask him to leave me He will be at peace Why would he have had beared his insult if he was capable of leaving you? Value the ones who love you Try to understand their feelings No one thinks about my feelings No one cares about me I am the one thinking about everyone Has anyone thought about what I am going through? The only difference is that I don’t cry like everyone Then tell me what has destroyed your peace and brought you in this condition?

Nothing…I cannot tell you Miraal! Ok look at me We are childhood friends, isn’t it? And you trust me Then tell me the problem, we will solve it together What should I tell you when there is no problem? There is some problem And you are not willing to tell me I am very sleepy right now, please come tomorrow, leave now No Miraal, I will not leave until I find out about the problem Nirmal please, tomorrow We cannot talk right now Greetings madam Greetings! Greetings Father! Greetings dear Have a seat Dear this is Yasir Qureshi’s file The lawyer has prepared the entire case I want you to personally monitor it You will get a chance to learn Father, our lawyer will look into it I don’t want to get into all this Dear, it is a very important case We can set an example for the other employees by punishing Yasir And you don’t have to do anything You just have to go to the court on the day of hearing The rest of the employees will get to know about your nature if you get Yasir punished Ok, as you wish Good girl and good luck Call the lawyer and start working on this case Sure sir God bless you Mr. Hero! Brother, have you lost your senses? What are you up to? What have I done now? You always keep crying What else should I do? What else should I do? you don’t listen to me and now you want me to stop crying also Now I will not hide from Anaya I will go straight to her after the exam and will propose to her Happy now? How will you understand Hasan? How should I convince you? You don’t try to do that Forget it One should be sensible enough to understand things And you are way far from it I am going to the café Let’s have tea before the exam No man, I am not in a mood You go ahead As you wish I am having tea We will meet in the hall Ok, see you Hello! How are you? Atif here I am busy Tell me if it is important Actually Hasan is about to propose to Anaya What? Yes Who told you? He himself told me today I am going to the court, I will talk to you when I get back Madam, is everything ok? Yes I will bring the lawyer along Considering all the eye witnesses and evidences, this court has taken this decision that the accused Yasir Qureshi is innocent This court excretes all the accusations on Yasir Qureshi and orders to close this case If your case was so weak then did you bring me here to insult me? Madam our case was very strong, I have provided all the evidence to the court in front of you but I think the Judge was bribed Do not blame the Judge for your incompetence He is of no use, get rid of him I came to your house to apologize

But who is not aware of the evilness of Mr. Fareed Do not forget that you were running the house with the salary paid by Mr. Fareed That is what I came to explain Let the employee be an employee Why did he become a competitor? And unfortunately he lost the competition Anyways you give this good news to Mr. Fareed We will keep seeing each other Why is Muneeba taking so long? The paper was not that lengthy You know her She will keep rechecking until the teacher snatches the paper from her Oh God! The university has come to an end Time just flew away And you know, our freedom has also come to an end along with the degree Why? You know what is going to happen with us now? Everyday some Bilal, Mehmood or Shakoor’s parents are going to come to our house for the sake of our proposal And all of us will be inspected And you know what is Fatima going to do? What? She will keep her eyes down while serving snacks to them in the drawing room Fatima does not have that much time She will not do anything like that No My dear I will ask you when the time will come Our parents will emotionally black mail us, then all of us will have to do this drill We will see when the time comes For now let us go to the café, I am starving You people go ahead, I will just come Where are you going? To the library, to get some notes Ok we are waiting for you in the café See you Ok see you You said that we cannot lose this case You have been working on it since so many days… were you just killing time? Sir I fought the case really well Shut up This would not have been the result, if you would have fought it properly Clear his accounts and fire him Sir it is not my fault I worked on the case with honesty I can prove it to you You did not prove it where you had to You had to give all the proves to the judge not to me Get out of here and do not show me your face ever again Get the case ready again and submit an appeal against this decision in the high court Sir our case has become weak after today’s decision I think you have become weak Should I send you along with the lawyer to rest if you say so? No sir, this is not what I meant I will get the case ready Go Dear, there are ups and downs in business Do not worry I should not have gone there You cannot imagine, how embarrassed I was And that loser Yasir Qureshi was insulting me What! What did he say? How dare he? Oh! Greetings

Greetings How are you? I am fine I was looking for you I was also looking for you I am aware of that I wanted to apologize for that And I wanted to talk about something important too What else? Can I have your five minutes? It will be easier if we sit somewhere and talk Ok Come Please sit First of all I am sorry for what I did in the exam hall I was also thinking about it that why did you take my name and created a scene Even I could not understand What? I will tell you the whole thing then it will be easier to understand I guess Look, today is the last day of university I said sorry already… I have to thank you I know the reason for the sorry but why are you thanking me? Thank you because I saw new phases of life because of you I was living an artificial life and I was stuck in it I got on a new path because of you…my thinking changed Nobody can change a person, until he himself wants to change I will pray for your future Please I have not finished yet A few more minutes Ok And please do not say anything now otherwise I will forget I use to value wealth, money, status a lot It felt as if the person who does not have money cannot be happy But when I saw the life from a different angle, I realized that… one can feel satisfied to some extent because of money but he cannot be happy You have taught me to look at life from a different aspect And honestly speaking, whichever path I choose, I feel that you are with me I did not get it A single meeting with you has made my life beautiful I want to spend the rest of my life with you What? Please do not say anything I know it is a very difficult decision Hasan! Do not say anything right now It is not easy, I know Go home, relax Take a day, a month, a year…take as much time as you want I will be waiting for your answer Look Please do not say anything right now Go home, relax and think about it Take your time Ok I do not feel like going home at all It is the last day of our student life I will miss you a lot Me too What happened? Who are you looking for? No one You are hiding something, isn’t it? Are you mad? What will I hide from you? A single meeting with you has made my life beautiful

I want to spend the rest of my life with you Greetings Greetings How did your paper go my child? Very well You came early today? Yes I had a little headache so I took a day off See, that is why I was telling you not to go for a job You will get a headache if you will do a job at this age My child why do you want to prove that I have turned old? He is right…Anyone can have a headache Is it a compulsion to defend Father all the time You gang up within no time I will gang up with you too if you will accompany me in the kitchen from tomorrow I did not get a degree to step into the kitchen A girl’s actual place is in the kitchen No matter what degree you get, if you do not have taste in your hands, you will not be respected by your in-laws What will you feed your Mother in law? Oh God Mother! There are better things to do in life other than making food and feeding people One eats food to live But we trade on food in our country Somebody gets you a job… give him a treat The party wants votes… treat the people You want to make your Mother in law happy, feed her Just keep feeding everyone You explain it to her What should I explain her? I am on her side on this She has got a degree in engineering, she has not done a chef’s course to sacrifice her life for kitchen Yes Today you sound like an intelligent Daughter’s intelligent Father Oh intelligent Daughter’s Father! Yes champ Ok Mr. Aziz I am not going to support you next time Oh Mother! Why are you being upset with Father? All I am saying is that I want to do a job I have achieved this degree after so much hard work I want to help people I do not want to do the kitchen stuff like and talk about things like the tomatoes are 300 rupees per kilogram and the onions; the onions rates are super high and lady finger, do not even talk about it I do not want to talk about the vegetables everyday Ok Move away Move away Mother You have spoiled her I would have slapped her and took her in the kitchen if it was in my control Get aside She will slap you Darling just forget it I told you I will take care of it I will not spare Yasir Qureshi He is not capable of making me upset I am upset because of Hasan What did Hasan do now? The lover boy has proposed to Anaya What? Yes And you still ask me to talk to him politely, do not argue with him, and make him understand with love Father I am asking you to make him understand otherwise he will get us humiliated Darling he also has the same blood running through his veins that we have Stubborn and selfish I have tried being strict with him, but it was useless Our restrictions will become an adventure for him We will have to be patient We cannot lose him in any case Your Father is right Hasan is innocent If he was not innocent, he would not have done that hello, hello, hello Come dear Why is everybody so quite? You seem to be very happy I have finished the degree, I am free Happiness is all around Then we should celebrate your freedom then Let us do one thing, let’s invite a few people over dinner tomorrow What do you say Miraal? Sure Father, why not Done And you do one more thing, call Feroz and tell him to book your tickets for U.S I want you to go for a month or two or so and enjoy Father I do not want to go to the U.S I have been there so many times, what am I going to do there? Then you can go to Europe Father I was thinking, I should stay here for some time I want to work As you wish So come to the office from tomorrow and we will start working Trust me Father, I will join your office in a few months…I promise

Just give me a chance to prove myself What do you want to prove? You want to become a hero in front of Anaya? You have already become a joke for the people just because you want to be hero for her I want to be a hero for myself Who is this Anaya? Father I was about to tell you Anaya is my class fellow She is a very nice girl I really like her and I want to marry her Hasan Fareed, think before you speak Marriage is not a joke It is a matter of generations Father it is a matter of generations that is why I have chosen Anaya There is no better option than Anaya for nurturing our generation Who is this Anaya? What is her background? What nonsense are you talking? Every reputable man in this city will happily get his daughter married to you And you want to marry a road side girl Father my marriage is not a business deal that I need some reputable people And anyways I do not need reputable people, I need good people This is not you… this is your love speaking up If it is like that, then let it be like that My love is for sure speaking up You know it better that one cannot hear anything else when it comes to love

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