Kashf You’re here at this hour? I was straggling here since quite a while now I was desperately waiting to talk to you What did you dream about? Aunty? Mom You do not want to tell me? Dream Okay fine don’t tell me Tell me why didn’t you come to see me in the evening? I was very disturbed And what about when I get disturbed when I don’t see you, what do I do about that? Grandmother was saying that you’ve become a saint? It was better if I had become a monk What would have happened to the most? I would have gotten charity, at least people wouldn’t have expected anything from me My hands are empty themselves, what can I give them? Love You can give me love Make me your disciple Wajdan! I am already very worried, don’t bother me more I cannot give you any happiness, all I have I sadness, so much sadness that I sometimes feel that I won’t be able to carry the weight of so much sadness I’ll go mad Then who is asking for happiness from you? Even if you give me sadness, I’ll happily collect all of it Don’t make me do more sins Wajdan, I’ll die while I’m still alive I want to sit on dust instead of clouds Then I’ll pray to god that I become dust… For the love of god please go away from here before I pray for the earth to explode I’ll leave but promise me one thing first, show yourself to me sometimes even if you don’t talk to me You didn’t listen to me, I had asked you not to share your dreams with anyone Do you have any idea how much harm you’ll face? God has his special blessings on you From today you are my guide and I am your disciple Kashf! What are you doing?

Nothing Tell me Tell me I was cutting myself so that I don’t get sleepy out of pain I don’t want to sleep Why? Why don’t you want to sleep? I dream when I sleep I don’t want to know what is going to happen with who mom I don’t want to sleep I don’t want to sleep My love.. don’t cry my love.. Enough it’s going to be fine Everything is going to be fine.. We’ll go to Qari sahib, everything is going to be fine Okay? I’ll sleep next to you today. Come, come along come along If you’ll stop yourself from sleeping then you’ll dream while being awake How can you run away from this? I am not running away Qari sahib, I’m just shocked by the fact that I’m not even worth of all that he has blessed me with I don’t even say my prayers properly and I don’t know what I perform is even a prayer or an unsuccessful obligatory duty When I open the Quran, all my focus is on my father’s room hoping that he doesn’t get angry on some matter and when I’m calling out to god my attention is towards the roof where Wajdan is trying to get my attention I can’t seem to recall if I’ve ever done a good deed in my whole life How can such a sinful woman even be blessed by god? Have you paid attention to your words? They’re full of respect and humility How do you think god weighs the deeds of his special beings which he blesses? Would he keep that persons prayers or the concentration or humility during his prayers on the second scale of the weighing machine? No dear, he has whole different scale for worshipping, he only sees your intention If you’re honest then you don’t need to prove your honesty to him God is very beneficial I thought it was an ordinary matter There is something which that girl has Shahji It felt as if Qari sahib was the leader Do one thing Order away Shahji Meet Imtiaz and give him my message, tell him that Shahji wants to meet him, it’s very important If he refuses keep insisting that Shahji wants to meet Alright If he still refuses then tell me I cannot give you any happiness, all I have I sadness, so much sadness that I sometimes feel that I won’t be able to carry the weight of so much sadness I’ll go mad Hello Zahid. How are you? I am also fine. I had a favor to ask from you Ashi, shall I bring food for you? No, I’m not hungry right now, later Okay Asalam o alikum aunty

Walikum Salam Come and sit Oh god, I’m so tired By the way Qari sahib gave you the right advice, you’ll have to be careful now Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam Asalam o alikum chachi Walikum Salam I am actually here to take Kashf with myself Where? Do you trust me? Yes but when Imtiaz will come he’ll ask us, what will he tell him? I’ll come back before he comes But Wajdan Aunty, trust me Your respect is mine, I won’t let it get disrespected I’m waiting outside Keep some nice fruits Put it on my tab What tab? What did you say? Keep this, give me my change now What are you checking? It’s real Asalam o alikum Imtiaz Walikum Salam Shahji wants to see you Shahji, Shahji who? Matiullah Shah, your brother in law. I mean to say That’s enough Tell him I’m not free right now. I’ll come when I’ll get free The matter is not about the loan Then what is it about? You know your elder daughter Kashf Yes? God has been very beneficial to her Shahji wants to talk regarding that only What? What does he want to talk about? Shahji will give you the details, all I know is that it will be profitable for you He wants to do partnership with you Alright, I’ll come in one or two days One or two? Two Alright then do come. I’ll let Shahji know Alright Give me back the change Come Wajdan, why have we come here? Kashf, I’ve brought you to psychiatrist Do you think I’m mental? No no, Kashf it isn’t like that Look, I just want to find out if whatever that is happening to you is true or not So you think I’m lying to you? No. Kashf don’t give it a wrong angle Look, I love you a lot I don’t want for us to ever separate in life which is why please let me give it a one last try Please trust me Let’s go Wajdan has told me about your condition Can you also see the future? God forbid. Who am I to do that Dr? I just express what I dream about Then what do you dream about? Is it a nightmare or is it some accident or does somebody die? Dr, I saw a dream of my cousin’s marriage breaking off and then her marriage did break off After that I had gotten very worried So are you very attached to that cousin of yours? Yes, I am very attached to her

That could be just a coincidence because we dream about what we get tensed about But that comes to life also I would say that you are stressing about something and with that your mind and body both will get affected I’ll give you some tablets Sure Dr Once you’ll have them then Inshallah you’ll be just fine and come for a check up next week Yes madam? Send in Mr. Wajdan who came in with madam Buy these and bring her to me next week in fact on Monday again Alright And if you see a dream about me then tell me beforehand Thank you Khuda hafiz Listen, I’m sorry about what the doctor said Where are you coming from? I went to a friends Which friend? What happened mom, why are you asking so many questions? I can’t give you the answer to every question That’s it! That is what I wanted to check of how much you can lie to me You were with Kashf right? The girl who destroyed our home, who built a wall between a mother and son, you were roaming around with that girl on your bike? Mom I I’ll go to Dilshad right now, she should also know what her daughter is up to! Mom! Mom! Get out of my way! Mom please! I swear to you, listen to me please I had taken her to the doctor What is it Imtiaz? Why are you so worried? Nothing The same old daughter issues What happened to the proposal which had come? It broke off. You’re doing great, you don’t have a daughter nor do you have any kind of tension Then who asked you to birth a daughter? Look at me, I told my wife on the first day, if you give birth to a daughter then you will also leave along side with her I should have done the same I have one solution to your problem What? I have a proposal in mind but I will only tell you on one condition, I will take half of the dower money which will be decided Don’t think too much, your daughter will stay home otherwise So what knowledge do you have? Knowledge? Yes yes Nothing Okay I’ll accept that And you also listen to me, get dressed properly and be ready tomorrow, some family is coming to see you tomorrow Sure And if you see a dream about this family then do tell me, I also want to see how true your dreams are Sure Good girl and listen honey, whatever we have talked about, there is no need to mention to anyone When I think it’s appropriate, I’ll tell them myself What are you making? Bitter gourd with onions Should I give you some? Oh no no, I’ll eat out Listen,

look at me I am listening What is this? Give me my book back Everyone has a problem with what I do but what everyone did out there, what about that? What has everyone done? Where had Kashf gone with Wajdan? What all are you saying? Have some shame I should have shame while talking but the shamelessness she has exhibited outside, nothing about that? Zoya I am not a child, I know everything that is going on in this house I have seen it with my own eyes when they came back together on the bike You have lost your mind. They had gone to the doctor Thank God at least you accepted that both of them were together Now gradually you will also accept that going to the doctor was only an excuse You are hopeless, you have actually gone crazy Yes, I have gone crazy and you know right whoever goes crazy can do anything She is studying all the time Kashf, Kashf, What was brother Imtiaz saying? I can’t tell you, father has asked me not to You won’t even tell me? Father has said he will tell himself if need be I am getting very anxious, tell me I can’t tell you Has he made you promise? Whoever wants to ask something, can come and ask me and then I’ll decide whom I want to tell and whom I don’t want to If you have something boiling against me in your heart so spit it out With God’s blessings I have a lot stamina to listen What is all this? Happiness, this is called happiness you unlucky woman Whom have you sold now? You think I am crazy? I don’t have sense? I have fixed Kashf’s proposal Do thank God after prayers They are very nice people Imagine, the people who have given me fifty thousand rupees before even seeing her, after the wedding they will make us filthy rich Your daughter will rule like a queen, like a queen What kind of a father are you? You should ask yourself this question that what kind of a mother are you Don’t you even care a little that your daughters get engaged to someone, they get married? If their father is thinking you are questioning him that what kind of a father are you? You are a strange woman You can’t bear happiness If anything of mine gets lost, I’ll make a report Cry, cry Listen,

I’m sorry about what the doctor said Rashda, can I come inside? Mom! Grandma, where has mom gone? She has fought with Imtiaz and gone to Rashda’s house She was saying she will try for the last time, maybe they will get convinced Look at my pleading hands Rashda, if you say I will get down to my knees but please bring my Kashf to your home Kashf’s father will get her married elsewhere and I can’t see this injustice happen to my Kashf You have come today after my Shumaila’s henna ceremony, today, when your own daughter is in pain You didn’t come for Shumaila’s pain What would have happened if you had come as Shumaila’s aunt to wipe off her tears? So then today I would have thought about wiping your daughter’s tears too If you ask me the truth, I really don’t care what happens to you or your daughter Don’t be so stone-hearted Rashda You can say whatever you want, stone-hearted or cruel but one thing is decided that Kashf will not become my daughter-in-law This is impossible at least in my life time Aunty? Why is aunty crying? What can happen? Come inside I’ll tell you Rashda was not home otherwise I am absolutely sure she would have agreed Yes, your tears are telling everything I couldn’t do anything for you Do one thing, you run away with Wajdan, get married to him because if I try to get you both married then your father will never let it happen Why are you saying all this?

You know I can’t do all this Why can’t you do this? Be strong otherwise you will regret it all your Your father will marry you off with some old man! He has taken the advance from someone, your father has sold you! Runaway, go right now, go go So then? Rashda agreed? When is she coming to take her? I knew she wouldn’t agree and even if she had agreed, it is a refusal from my side Now Kashf will marry wherever I want What happened? What’s the uneasiness for? Seems like you were running away from home and I caught you You are right I was making her runaway and I will make sure she does runaway Selling your daughters in the name of gift money, I won’t let this wish of yours come true I will give you a tight slap on the face! Won’t let me… if you interfere in the matter of Kashf’s marriage, I’ll divorce you Remember that They are coming in the evening, have tea ready Get away Why are you crying? Look, look at me. Let them come, if God wants dad won’t be able to do anything Dad will refuse to this proposal himself, I have dreamt it What? What did you say? What have you seen? That you will refuse to this proposal yourself And what will be the reason? You won’t let me get married at all, to anyone Shut your blabber Go get ready. Today your proposal will get fixed and next week I will marry you off Kashf I couldn’t do anything for you It’s nothing, everything is fine Don’t cry Shumaila, go have your breakfast I don’t want to Why? What happened? Whatever you did with aunty was not right You be quiet Why should brother be quiet? Did you become quiet after my wedding got cancelled? You created a scene over my wedding getting cancelled No one has revived my wounds the way you have, Kashf and Wajdan can’t get married because Shumaila’s wedding got cancelled, ‘Kashf won’t come into this house because Shumaila’s wedding got cancelled’ and on top of that ‘leave this house because Shumaila’s wedding got cancelled.’ Making me an excuse, you have insulted aunty and Kashf a lot If you didn’t want these two to get married, you could have said it clearly, why did you make me a part of all this? Enough, mom, you have insulted aunty and Kashf a lot now, not anymore Really? So what will you two do? You will marry her without her parents? If someone even talks to you or tries to make you understand, it’s always insulting for you It’s not like you have thrown flowers are them, you have even made fun of their financial situation Yes I have, do whatever you want with me And she says that have created a scene, I have refreshed her wounds Since the day your wedding got cancelled, my heart is in pain Whomever you feel for, they turn you into the culprit Do whatever you want to do! Where are you going? I am going to talk to Imtiaz uncle There is no need to go anywhere, I’ll talk to him myself But Dad you have seen how mom… Oh leave it, you know her They are coming mother Tell us mother, why have you called us all here?

Talk to them please People are coming to see Kashf today I know What do you think? Whatever is happening is right? We have to get her married somewhere Rashda is not agreeing, we can’t force her You can’t force Rashda so you thought lets force Kashf? We are not getting her married today, they are coming just to see her It’s a very good family and Imtiaz tells me that they are very well settled, they will keep her very comfortably And how old is this boy? Age is not a flaw, yes in fact if he was a gambler, drunkard, thief or a burglar I would have been standing in the same place as you or Dilshaad Mother, Mateeullah had all these flaws, where were you standing then? Talk about what is in hand right now, if this Mateeullah comes in then the discussion will get very long Yes so let’s talk, I’ll see who can talk more, you or me Mother, make her be quiet otherwise… Otherwise? You two keep fighting, I won’t talk now, I’ll be quiet Look Ashi, the truth is I don’t have a proposal either do I have enough money that I give it to Imtiaz that he prepares something for the girl and get food made for a hundred people get her married to a nice educated boy Except Wajdan if you have a name then tell us, I’ll tell Imtiaz to refuse them and tell them not to come Whoever you will say, whoever you will say, we will call them Speak up, tell me, do you have someone in your mind?

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