Hey everybody! welcome welcome are we on there we are uh shall I a podcast read somewhere other than Patsy’s country ha Bergen frog in Lincoln Park was nice enough to let us do this here we’re not really sure we’re doing way to move after George destroyed the entire apartment last time in the trunk your age yeah so we’re gonna try to keep this more focused on I know what you wanted to start it off with unions very strong independent about them this one is coming on quite close many people the gray domain is do we want the saying it’s great it is a great thing we for like world building and things of that nature but it just like has like some of the shittiest tendons I’ve ever seen with a movement mainly be at the end there’s a gold order my hand like she has like a cochlear implant was like what disables now wait wait did you say the highest screeching noise disables them early on yes I did so what you’re saying is this is basically the ending of Mars Attacks but instead of a Dolly Parton song it’s just a screeching it just screeching which is pretty much the same here the same and there is okay you know what that honestly is a way better oh I hate it so much for example it sounds a bit like the guy had similar thoughts to tend to play the whole psyche aliens are actually real and running around well I mean like aliens being real like that would be good but the fact that they have like very like just driving along she’s like just done that whatever honestly old action see ya most of it technical stuff but obviously this you if you can defeat John Goodman guarantee you can take down a true story alien oh yeah so John Goodman’s in there he’s got like these two other people on it’s got Mary Elizabeth Winstead and monkey unit other people on house arrest it was only one other oh yeah and but yeah so they’re all the same like okay you’ve got be for the most part right

and then and they towards and it’s like they forgot you know it’s like some modern movie you know conventions like alrighty it’s probably sleep right now so let’s just do an accent I get the feeling those they could teach a able to write your decisions it was it was probably it’s my favorite of what’s the guy that was in transformers 4 no not him um to do with the Gracie here no it’s not even tell you Oh anyway anyway ah the guy that played Hood I don’t know dude stain but I didn’t like the Transformers war but I loved it man and focus well he was pretty much yes there but yeah amudha the best song recently but I didn’t think I was gonna like and I actually did was it I didn’t I thought that was gonna be terrible cuz I’m like it’s not even there like a personal like that this is what the lab did you get the lab that’s the yeah it’s okay that Star Wars is a space fantasy they have magic in it they can forest true that is the biggest inner warrior it’s actually biologically yeah baby’s still just still just imagine like a vegetable space wizard with a sword this way I disagree with that but literally when with started in here whose team on the new Star Trek he’s like there’s there’s some good ones in there but they also to distinguish our education wasn’t it I think there’s like a number was the second the train home of the Corps of Discovery 26 first contact number 8 kind of us which is nemesis which had a young tom over here is max told me the Star Wars movie took me to kick ass Star Trek series they explore all these new stories remember wait did you say Star Trek or Star Wars series Star Trek I mean there is a Star Trek series on right now discovery critically it’s just that inside like this CBS 3 traffic

species they’re doing yeah he’s wicked it don’t be straight don’t eat I’m pleased myself yeah so my question is Rebecca our expectation is so low because your carpets are broken directed to happen anyway our members are like the newer movies we gotta do like salvage the people’s watch to play moist Angeles I’ve heard without which one the animated there were two enemies Network one okay CGI one bitch maybe watch it again and again it does time it’s where to because like it’s hilarious like they were trying to sort of fix that viewers without actually largely like goodbye said he wanted them to inject more humorous infinitely more because he was gonna say I was talking with some other friends of mine and I was talking about an actor’s performance that a farmer will be as opposed to their other and it’s like when you see what you see like a happy life like a product like a Conchita word like it’s like she didn’t have a whole lot to do to get to the scenery well it’s amazing you don’t admit these excellent actors

in these Marvel movies you watch them it’s like you said their performance is not that but you see if another stuff you’re like wow that you have a really good in that like what Chris Hemsworth a month the biggest fan of Chris Hemsworth in general but you know yeah jeremy renner right yeah excellent actor he’s amazing but yeah for that performant you know you it’s a paycheck at the end of the day yeah like a lot of these like actors and actresses will take these like smaller stuff yeah which wait yeah so analog kidding zero one asked the stanley kubrick’s sterile and push on in christian filmmaking style today answers the tragedy satire and apparently in the majority the senate so my kid number one I would say some dr. Strangelove for instance for is it that actually pulp sleep actually like if there’s what if my chemical one is saying the sterile filmmaking is the other day moving our secret from you didn’t I mean there’s dr. Strangelove would would bear you the clockwork oranges some say the shininess this is going straight hard like the book apocryphon just that’s what I was saying I was saying very little could be a satire at some leve community the way it’s presented did you know you have two different it’s stages of his life and uh he’s kind of like a literary truck that’s what variable is in kind of represents and in the tip number one yeah I would say it’s someone said that you tried to make and it really does it’s like so in preparing that time period I think it could be possibly and he’s like have you seen if the shining was meant to be a

comedy I will say though what I was going to say you see the trailer I think they made the shining but they have to go wait and I was like I saw like pretty much showed me that I was like about this shining is what I know it’s not like this something which is basically this was up for award because when they got the other County earth is the point eighty percent of all most big entries it’s time they figured that got selected that’s always taking nowadays what does it take to hit into something very unique concept that no one else is going to do true and every also have to be part of like that oh yeah they’re like a powder I was going to say we got it we had a question about Stanley Kubrick earlier number one why in the hip-hop I release my family companies say okay the comedy scene that made me laugh the most it’s the most ridiculous thing it’s the scene in a Van Wilder where the guy has he takes laxative reports drove begins in the laxatives before the law exam and then you get it runs to the it’s funny it’s not one I’m talking about it but it’s so child if I think it sounded boring that’s just the nature of Who I am but I will say the bed scene has me laughing every time regardless of what entire that’s my favorite CR but I don’t know if it’s one of my favorites like he’s dead have any of you represented the boonies swiss army man just like whiskey that tastes exactly like cinnamon let’s do the same ring yeah you stanley kubrick i have water yeah like that I don’t know my favorite one it’s like most memorable for me because I saw this at Sundance well like lifted Christiana like that all that somebody sees taking over his body just starts party way back so it’s like super into comedies like that but actually every

time think about that I think it went quite well another love Steve Reddington asked what is the worst thing I ever saw in wine no it greatly depends like now we talked about educating women oh uh sorry no I’m Athena I think like I would think you like so bad it’s good or just like so bad that you never want to see it again and he’s also saying you can’t hear anyone too much background noise these Reddington in the road right instead of getting President mics on the game would work better to answer Steve’s question more succinctly art answer period I would say the worst movie that I’ve ever seen has to be the worst thing that I’ve ever seen it has to be a movie called the last Sentinel and it is so bad it’s totally fried slut in it the only good part the only good part of that movie is the fact that ass keep David in it and anything with King David is awesome so but yeah and it’s pretty much about this mercenary guy and the future and the guy pretty much talks to his gun like literally like what is walking around with an assault rifle and he’s like but it’s like okay hey what should I do and then like the gun responds but like this my Christian you know this robotic poison and I’m like are you serious yeah I was I was so mad because I was hanging out with some friends and I was like we’re like oh yeah we’re gonna watch a movie and they think that and I’ve never let them look that down because let’s just say my friends don’t exactly have the greatest of movie tastes unforgivable when your friends make my friends have a thing called bad and leather watch bad movies religiously they think it’s funny I think it’s horrible yes it’s horrible yeah it lets the only good thing about it is the weed and that’s it that’s you know it’s boring we watch that it’ll be trolls one in trolls to our to troll – yeah yeah yeah it’s just you know what’s the food per se it’s like corn cotton seed which 100 the cork oh yeah see there’s so many bad but we’re talking about twelve articles too oh that’s the perfect one right there but I think one of them gets turned into answer so I think that’s offensive towards vegetarians being completely honest you know it’s just not you know it’s an older movie but still yeah you know it’s not vegetarian correct or something it’s a saying that we see you know it’s out dating and question from Steve Reddington if you were gonna make a movie to make our own movie would it be Oh okay that’s great that’s genius

okay all right okay you see what you see what you started Steve all right it’s gonna get dirty probably okay hopefully one man goes to the store to get milk finds a discount for Reese’s pcs on to you sir and it’s burns around and looks behind him and in walks his mom was shot and his dad was peanut butter he opened their mouth to say it’s delicious eat me now okay close that’s you I don’t know no I’m nothing left is that yours that where’s the left cuz we’re simply if my left their right is all business side I was gonna say we have a Halloween party next Wednesday October 31st from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. it’s gonna be crazy you’re gonna wear something you’re gonna dress up for Halloween it’s gonna be awesome yeah we have like 300 people signed up for the event crazy yellow red yes you can see we’re already read today rockin it right now so you yeah there were 30 first one in the arrogant crossbar it’s free starts at 7:00 all these players cranking come up here we had like 300 I’ll be having three other just rocking it right now all right no so let’s go let’s continue back to what this is all about hating on fucking awful movies Adam Adam is what is the worst movie or one of the means you have ever seen you gonna watch it till the end it’s like it’s like it’s like a bad marriage you just gotta grit your teeth and just like once it over just be so happy about just complain about to everyone else what’s your what’s your motive I already what no I when I when I went already just before early on I scream – I don’t understand I mean it’s so amazing awesome okay we’re here now he’s one of our special friends so where did it come

from I think in high school during dodgeball somebody called me Special K because I would be my money the next great minds indiana glacier i don’t come past but what I do Oh lots of erosion what do you do all right transformers of that masterpiece horn sound us ear fingers fingers fingers yes her fingers look like toes weird quickly Jamie Google that Megan Fox hands please funny after or any day a director

I carry them over it it wasn’t actually that wall we just retain backyard it was just really how the drug parties on October 31st from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. so we got 300 RSVPs so we’re going to have like three drinks we’re gonna have like mud fight fight and Megan Fox in her tow hands to come in credible play the famous game is just a tow or is this a hand one game we can play yeah though they the first 800 people who show up who enter for free and I know we’re gonna start charging like $700 I hear it’s only open for dishes wait a minute yeah and we only need a quarter game so it could bring cash you can’t find it so what is the worst movie you’ve ever seen I’m keeping this on track mr. jingles oh there we go kidding kidding Canadian can you describe the cover in great detail you’re terrified o’clock so how do you feel about the movie it no no just no just no fair enough yes I’ve seen it in that movie that movie gave me emotional whiplash it’s like let’s try to be funny okay now it’s scary huh now there’s a terrible awful like great scene there’s like wow I’m

sorry my neck hurts from this I can’t watch this movie anymore well I don’t know how to feel about it but no I did not flow I did not fall I hide I some took up the bottom and cracked my head and forces and your blocks on the way down that’s how I felt about that and now we’re gonna see the sequel of it and it’s just gonna be I know I mean they’re children you can’t just say fuck all these shitty kids can’t fucking act it’s like they’ve been around for only a couple years leave them alone a good portion up there crapping their pants below what movie I’ve seen recently I brought up was the quiet but if I go off on that rat again our viewers are calm okay yeah see yeah just just forget about me don’t involve me I also hate the notebook I know it is fucking hate you so I hated me a tip tip tip no guy going on a rant but I’m gonna go on a very like precise rant about this goddamn movie so first off it starts off with how he asked her on the first date he jumps on a ferris wheel burns the fucking kill himself so even so with an average guy you’re on a date and you’re on a ferris wheel in your Chicago and a guy qilin things like hey you don’t got a date with me I’m gonna kill myself and you just think also treat mean wonderful it’s so peaceful and so we’re gonna go on this part right here but the worst part of it is so the is the other guy I feel so bad for him Cyclops I don’t know the actor’s name someone help me out there we go that name alright I’m just gonna keep calling him Cyclops though and so I’m the guy so this guy is like the best person that’s ever existed like he’s like he supports her and like he didn’t bring up his money right away you got the shit blown out of him the army and even though when he’s injured in volleyball he’s still cracking jokes like hell of a guy and then he’s wealthy and then she goes and sees him and she’s like hey I gotta go take care of something secretly I’m gonna go fuck this guy that I saw this summer who smacked me around a little bit and he’s like and he was like and he was like cool go do that it’s your wedding day did go off and then he finds out that she sleeps with a hair of him and then he’s like you know what and you think you know I could do all these things but I don’t get you and then and then what happened the next scene she’s fucking fucking too Ryan Gosling and there’s a fan there and they want you to forget that she was like now fuck you and just leaves do you want to know how his food is made that’s how a Scrooge’s made a man wouldn’t what elephants power he controls cotton he controls all the clothing that’s why we have problems in this country because he’s angry and that’s what there’s no fucks about it but created angry lonely rich man who ruled everything and fuck everything else up that’s why the noble cause climate change climate change I’m sticking okay wait let’s also talk about okay every other wall where they have Ryan Gosling playing it talked about Ryan he walks in there and he’s the creepiest motherfucker ever people and he hits the chick in the end great script murders a guy stomping on his head and she’s still in love with him just like oh he’s so dreamy I’m like do this kind of fuckin serial killer he’s pretty much walking around staring at people that stops yeah Oh stopping someone’s head in a swamp way there we go sorry about that you must also like Joaquin Phoenix and I was never here just Harry a hobo stand-up comedy kind of like now it’s a great it’s a great movie I’m just saying you wouldn’t fuck yeah but it’s watching people with a hammer everyone’s crazy no I haven’t seen

I’m gonna kill each other because they want to like you know they want to be like the one martial art my favorite movie and I was like okay maybe I made the wrong choice you guys aren’t drinking enough I send us money so we will do it but this is terrible than everything else that he mixes with his own hands ha ha I mean are we talking about right now everything okay look the man I don’t have anything against it personally but as a movie person no I used to stay far away from that he makes the same exact thing every single time like every time I hear opinions on a long rant about solid period there was no okay what you think I have anything important to say dumb shit

Warnie not quality right here oh we got a question oh what’s that Oh is your favorite and works director rachel mcadams no accident the worst thing of summer in was the bike Seymour Hoffman’s lastly the most wanted man a seasoned expert again for me I know nothing I’m chopping these randomly is fine because what makes for a good bus yeah yeah a regular hangs out with the Chicago film crew have not featured in the movie though no my favorite movie is actually Solaris the American version which I know is somewhat controversial have you seen of course I’ve seen the Russian version and fallen asleep many times but they’re very philosophical that is not sure I mean yeah there’s that one where they’re like walking through the dead zone and it is you’re no longer yeah stalker one or two like all that yeah you know they’re classics but yours either use the Russian it’s hard to imagine anybody ever saw those in movie theaters in Russia like how could you sit there for seven hours why do you have a lot of right I guess yeah but what and then you saw them the production rushed up until like you go yeah there’s the Italian ones where it’s like the room and it’s gray yeah come on Marco come on you want to be in the pod gasps they can edit you out if you’re not good it’s fine I like every movie there is I’m in the room when it first came out I watched it I watched it I saw it like totally legit I was like this is truly a horrible movie and then I realized it was like later on that it was a thing that people enjoyed how bad well I remember seeing it first on Netflix as if I recommended videos and as I was watching I was like how much of a loser in my that they think this is a movie I would like this is so weird and that’s what it turned out to be but you know when when a recommendation England is suggesting that in real times before it’s a hipster thing you know you’re a bit of a lunatic it’s like like when you’re on Facebook and like all the ads

you see are for like dating and viagra and like legal services you probably are bringing a lot of really negative it’s like yeah they’re telling you something about yourself Oh based on your browsing history and you’re not gonna feel good about yeah I’m gonna stop using this entirely and just Google like kitten pictures from now like he would make very room like movies every fool absolutely bleep one it’s very similar to the room and it’s like acted out in this kind of improv way where you wonder has any of these people ever made a movie before and in the 90s they were really popular like subversive like art house movies and yeah how hardly if you like the route or you thought the room was interesting delve into the 90s of Iceland they don’t like complain Roger Corman from like the $50 yeah just get together with your friends in the camera as a bunch of buildups you guys are sweet and roofie it tasted like butterscotch and butters come cereal yeah you wanna if you wanted to get teenage girls into drinking you would give them that it’s why wine coolers were convinced us you had teenagers so like 2-liter bottles of yeah yeah that’s another evolution yeah like like if you’re not ready to actually drink alcohol but you like soda pop yeah that would be great it would be like in Napoleon Dynamite where he’s like kind of wrestling a little bit with that I mean if you want to fight you won’t like what you talk about its to each other that you like but in slow motion with no I’m sure I’m just gonna kinda like whatever now I’m not really gonna focus is this super chat where we can get money because I would like your viewers to firing camgirl I really have I just haven’t got my demographic yet but I know it’s out there it’s gonna be like gonna be

Jessica’s B yeah because I can do that yeah and it’ll be just like all middle-aged Japanese guys and just like dark and weird don’t do everything they say on the Internet yes yes I will leave this baloney sandwich you’re right am i eating provocatively oh that’s baloney sandwich you know you like that I just thought everybody has a super chat now and you just got like donations like videos i watch a man on the moon I’ll give you ten dollars you’re like how my ten videos deep into the Federal Reserve and not and it’s also real you look like you look like a champ a suspicious like TV and there’s a triangle from New York to Dallas and all the Illuminati and you’re like this is absolutely a potential theory for that whatever there was no JFK I was gonna say but it’s owned by many is a lie to admit the music somewhere exactly yeah it’s a whole genre filmmaking now like you can make conspiracy videos as like this cutting base like genre yeah someone are you – right yeah it’s completely a genre there’s a great let’s talk about local what is this it’s my I’ve never given the director’s name is to use their and Equus treatise and it’s basically that where it’s like what like Civil War yeah totally it’s like how do you feel about what is your opinion on videos on YouTube are you big fan of them you find yourself getting high and watching the top yeah totally you’re like black and white photos here’s a person with a brief gaze and then they visited like the Supreme Court now it’s suddenly there on a space yeah exactly and as it turns out this is all reality yeah that was a good one and they’re planting like c4 on the building Tommy it seems like you’ve done radio before no never really no the first time I’ve ever been on the internet like recorded way that’s huge I’m glad to be a part of the I don’t like rehash conversation together ahead but did you have like a favorite movie that you wanted to talk about or anything like that well no I mean my I’m a very sincere like sentimental person so Solaris the American version is my real favorite movie and my second favorite movie would be Midnight Cowboy okay you guys did not know a fucking about Midnight Cowboy midnight Dawa is the first x-rated movie to ever win an Oscar and it had Dustin Hoffman and I don’t know some cowboy George Bernard john-boy yeah john-boy and Dustin Hoffman john-boy moves to New York City from

Texas to be a male prostitute but what he did not if this is in 1969 when this movie came out and what he did not realize is that in New York City to be a male prostitute you had to be gay but because it’s the 60s and homosexuality was still not a recognized thing nothing in the movie will acknowledge that he’s gay so you watch it and they’re always suggesting that he’s gay and everybody who’s a male prostitute is gay but they never actually say it so it’s one of the most bizarre movies you’ll ever watch and it was not any homosexual scenes there are kind of like suggestive blowjob scenes but because it’s American cinema of the 60s it is not gay yeah a lot of green space yeah but when it came out it was x-rated it was an Oscar it was this bleak portrayal of the underbelly of New York City and it was discussing themes that at the time nobody could talk about explicitly so that’s interesting an Oscar be a nomadic training movie to ever win at all actually I remember this when I was in high school and it was actually an x-ray for the mic Thank You Suri so awesome around the whole time in like this cowboy yeah like not trying to wake up people on the street high school student you like you know go into the champagne club by raging to risk this movie out for free because that’s what they do in public libraries I was extremely disappointed and I didn’t get my money’s worth like movies based in the 60s so obviously yeah in the 60s is like h3 but so when you say it was next rated describe what means not x-rated dude there’s like a very as a typical high school guy like I’m gonna lift this it should be so cool and it’s x-rated and like we’re gonna see some some movies you know matically like shocking like what do you so there was a time at uw-madison around the school where the social science building was actually used to screen pornographic films on weekends a theatre day at uw-madison yes they showed they showed pornographic films every every side of a Friday or Saturday night and that trend seems have gone away could be the Internet well to be completely honest it’s probably the most viewed type of movie there is and there’s conventions there’s you know development I mean we all are familiar with a genre and yeah it’s like this secret job that nobody can wear you were talked about publicly even though we’ve all seen David Foster Ross as a good article slashed work I’m going to the but the great thing about the Midnight Cowboy is in the 16 at the end of the sixties he’s walking around New York City in this cowboy outfit trying to pick up people basically just having gay sex when nobody can talk about that and it is this deconstruction of the cowboy Danny really because up till then it’s all like bonanza Cowboys rode horses and jockeyed like doesn’t masculine presentations of cowboys and then there’s this like two and a half hour long movie of a cowboy in New York that just deflates that whole narrative and I think the recent guidance and rating is that mainstream Americans could not accept that – what big cities really lightly when we all know that show is a complete freak show there’s Cowboys there’s space there’s pornography Man Bites Dog yeah that plague as you and bites dog yeah it’s where those

large range we’re gonna say a losing world I’m minutes more like that so I think the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen was audition by Takashi Miike yeah yeah I would actually like no it’s just like a show watch but oh no yeah yeah great when rating the waves like in those Wars main trigger movies from the late nineties what is that called dog bun dogmas day oh my god those are those are soul-crushing yeah that was the thing it was kind of humorous but then like very victim me like a dog man bites dog that Belgian movie where nothing exists this film crew is falling around basically this kind of serial killer right three open about it they’re talking to it while he’s killing people and you know know that this is a this is a European French Trinity said yeah I know what you’re talking about to me I think they made it a Korean version of that I don’t know because I don’t think they made a Korean remake of it and all the point is that the filming or the the audience is what is sort of inciting killing Maya he’s performing for the audience as the serial killer I was gonna say like a every black mirror but it was all in black and white – yeah no that’s kind of there with like like each year the killer like I’ve never seen I’ve never seen it – the killer but I was just heard it was like student worry and you know stuff like that so I think yeah I think so yeah that’s what it is yeah yeah movies I really like that or not so I like are why they’re not like they’re not like martial arts right yeah they’re I was gonna say I’ve seen you know my scene I saw Chungking Express in college that was I was gonna say that one was okay and then I saw the most recent thing of his that I’ve seen was the Grandmaster good as I get deconstruction of the martial arts jaw when it comes to more space yeah when it comes to martial arts movies like I’m like a kid so like that’s yeah like a huge section of my martial arts movie at home and so for me like coming off book like watching like da da like me like where China joined over the future of baking yeah visually like story-wise yeah Chinese people won’t like all the great I think what a big word did that with really kind of like catapulted me into loving uh movies from Asia and other than the girls is Crouching Tiger Hidden

Dragon yeah that’s because I come in like I was 13 when I saw and so I’d never seen anything like that in my life so and always wanted to go to China and move you know inlet there and stuff it’s so like having the thing that has that effect on me was good yes I love ya I love ya oh it’s for you to win the win the movie with that everybody was complaining about like the everybody was complaining about you know Scarlett Johansson and how the movie wasn’t like be for me remake of the anime but I’m like you couldn’t because visually you could not read and not even just that I was gonna say if you want something that’s been said but those features will be pretty much done Wow first Matrix movie is like a condensation of the rock yeah but you’re not gonna get like 13 I mean if if you’re in like retro cartoons basically that like expand your mind goes to the show bigger little ghosts out of life in this whole world that they’ve never been able to and I think it was originally like a copy oh yeah well when you think of like American animated stuff the South Park and the Simpson excitedly nobody in America is really trying to create to the unity in the way that like Asians are like their commanding in the future and they’re creating these visual images these stories about the future that we are all just immersed in this day to day political debate where like you watch South Park it’s all about Mormons and hilarious but nobody here is thinking about and actually yeah and actually I think to go along with that I think filmmaking in terms of America its I feel like it’s it’s kind of in a stagnant pace like every element you get something that well every now and then you get something that usually leaves you like a Blade Runner 20:49 or something something that a apologize for only with direct or something like that but then with just with Asia like they’re always doing something and I think with them it’s more they’re not trying to stick to one thing and I think with America we give I mean every year we got like a Marvel movie every year so we need to make money we need to put you know glutes in the seats the soul and make three creating something different here yeah that’s kind of I can’t see a movie studio investing like five hundred million dollars in development goes why didn’t come down like real people who like like you guys with the movie and meet up and stuff like the olden days how people would make scenes and make like animated things you just have to like not have a money motive and just make these stories that people find exactly and as you do that now that you have YouTube and distribution channels where you’re not so money motivated you can start to make content I was gonna I was gonna say to piggyback off of that like I think doing really good on the bike you can watch

like a short film based off of like a video game hi and he’d be blown away because you can tell if this heart is passable nobody really wants to be a big part of that like for brick-like movie industry stuff people want to make stories but they don’t have a way to distribute it and that’s what YouTube is yeah like you can make a movie if you’re willing to do the anime do the story and every day and if you’re willing to put it online you will get a naughty yeah I like Liza Co she liked you guys ever watch the coach and she’s this young lady like she makes these brilliant bunny videos about her life but they’re really funny they’re good the kind of like yeah they haven’t you two baths of all kinds of like independent like content creators that just make videos and we turn to Madison right now I’m not a documentary this your real life from doing stuff and talking about things I think he’s a social media person yeah but one that’s very engaging and real where you kind of root for in these videos and it’s like watching somebody you know like going do these life experiences yeah I think yeah I saw kind of skittish but um so they made this this guy made this Power Rangers fan film and like I saw it was like oh my god it was dark in his Craven serious and I’m just like oh my god like we have more but you know a dog and I to the port would like event like the original creators like like they started talking about it and all this and they actually shut it down just because I get started cursing and all this other kind of stuff man they shut it down for branding reason right to save their friend and even like one of the guys that was originally part of like the show it was like I love to do it like you know you’re willing to do the work yeah and create the content yeah and they give you will attract an audience because most people will just talk about it people have ideas but you see somebody who’s really invested in doing the words creating content it will attract people then that’s the main thing I would say is you just have to commit yourself to doing the work and we have to do a show in some shitty bar in Chicago with five people doesn’t matter you got to get out of there and play the song that you believe there is a competition yes and you have to beat that competition by providing something yeah I don’t agree I think it is a bill I presume but television reporting in Warhol yeah like this is beautiful well the answer when you say that with liquid Oh scrod – or like that kind of environment what they were dealing with was that media was super expensive approval I mean to

be able to make it to our live in a pond filled with editors and the night down what a minute astronomically who’s been spending nearly so they had to invest a lot more in this structured storytelling methodology that made it interesting whereas now it’s very easy you lose the video content and so the ability to really a way of interpreting the content in the constraint of that financial burden I mean why wouldn’t you say that about computer is like why would you have this computer knowledge is snapchat us $15 or send us your panties thank you they can they can’t express are you just email it you know either way fair enough that was a joy to get through the dark leaders but now I’m helping humans know all the story the world in every journey friends and you right yeah so you didn’t beat every single movie that drink oh no I was thinking this need someone explain this to me Dark Knight yeah I’m gonna go out this one growing up hospitals why didn’t Commissioner Gordon have to pretend to be dead a very good question what was what was the whole thing what was the point of them pretending to be dead besides talking with his family because knowledge is power Oh no family yeah Oh ain’t that Suns ooh art of war tight shit where you’re like maybe you don’t know anything he says sending here I am you know and I saw and

also to this point I think it’s paid I think it’s um also true just for the hot it’s I mean you know everybody loves pretty record is awesome yeah and ocean and also like to have a character that we’ve known you know for quite some time I mean to put its life on the line and to actually like sacrifice and I think it was good because no I’m saying well no I I’m saying to fake his own death I think that was also from a narrative perspective to show they okay yeah even bitch there’s like like top guys again wait well it also helps the screenwriters out where they don’t have to like really develop the storyline in that respect why don’t we just not have right because when you know they’re going to come back to the movie you can always have it be some big singer you know there is like multi hundred million dollar movies and trying to like come up with a plot line yeah my name is and I think it has the bras now the butter pickles for accordionist yeah it’s a tired story in the industrialist to saving the world like the white guy like all of it is a tired theory means doc like there’s nothing left in that story it’s funny experiments nick is like one of my biggest contentions with that movie on our love of seeing numerous times but um is the ending where we’re like that big hide it becomes like the public or animal – piggy in a moment like when I first saw him when impacts day like in theaters I’m like okay wait that’s just like in the comics there’s a white man in America to be that central figure of Justice it just doesn’t exist anymore and like what can you do with that I think it’s that he has to fight Superman like what well yeah that was just right there fight Thor it’s gonna be I mean I think if button this is kind of like my issue with like the whole diversity thing or whatever you want to call it it’s like you don’t have diversity for the sake of having diversity unless these characters are well written you know bass kilobase you know I’m here to write a character who’s black you know and write a character you just make them whatever is right you’re getting in a non you know like right yeah you don’t say okay yeah he’s a black dude and then you know you you know you bases the tight character around just one aspect yeah and I think that’s what a lot of people are as a lot of filmmakers are missing the boy like and a lot of writers of missed the point especially with like diversity is like like perfect example like in a the last Jedi you like it they made a big deal about all this whole diverse cast but all the diverse

cast members you know thing but that’s what I’m criticizing about the Batman franchise is okay so you have this like disorganized city filled with chaos and crime and you have this wealthy white billionaire who’s imposing justice I mean that story is dying there’s nothing in that story that anybody is really committed to yeah and so they can keep making movies and try to make villains that he overcomes but that’s not the story of nobody wants to see that they’re like what are they gonna come up with like what could that where can that even go I understood ones trying to you and it’s a charismatic like I felt like I can like I don’t want like all the potholes and all that stuff and even when they were developing it like and they said there was like a eight year gap in between I’m like okay Abba narrative standpoint that’s way too much time then it’s way too much time and I’m like okay wait so you stick it in here together Rachel Ross and all that jazz that character has collects there’s just nothing more to say about that character in any movie like it could be Superman it could be spider-man it could be Thor and like that character we get it we’ve seen it and the narrative arc is done that central character of the white man establishing justice in a world of chaos well I don’t know I mean yeah because it’s familiar and also I think to there are not a lot of all characters and why we are not characters but people of other races that are kind of boy can stand like well that once they don’t have 60 years of comic book like cartoon yeah movies like the establishment of those characters is revenue-generating characters took tremendous in rust right decades of work that that’s why whenever they make a change to a character like braces they’re trying to they try to have Michael B Jordan please Superman because Henry Cavill is like disappearance yeah the right and what nekkid no elephant in the colony will live things well here’s nothing don’t do it to push them don’t do it in sincerely overnight because like Charlie Chaplin to mission Bale is a hundred year project of establishing this narrative of a certain type of character confronting adversity and overcoming it like with one Black Panther movie and there was the middle grades in my opinion the movie is saying like if you see the construction of that review it comes from like a hundred years ago to now and like them dead like my presence a perfect example where you know the movie became more about its politics it did about you know whether or not it was good or not that was the devil’s fight and that was my issue with black heaven that’s my big else might think about diversity you don’t have a diverse write them write greek characters and goes for there goes for blacks that goes for female any other anything else you can do it in the long term you’re not gonna up in this whole world new right it’s gonna take like a long slog through you know Paul Newman type characters you know it all through the whole narrative gamut of establishing in this type of world and getting people to buy into it and watch these movies and adopt this world you know and that’s that’s what Hollywood hit with the 20th century know which was I think Hollywood was Soviets and we need something like trying to make another we are invested

like movies where they’re like courtroom dramas of like we’re standing up the little guy and like Hollywood has been a propaganda machine for like five hundred years maybe that is true and that’s not going to change just one or two like diversity bill right yeah that’s gonna be a whole new propaganda industry and so but tend to live in like 2150 movies are so Indiana Jones movies were awful because his shot Arabs and that was wrong pulls out the pistol and shoots the what about the dude if he had a sword and therefore you should dive blacklivesmatter oh gosh oh gosh now is free black lives matter what what a man has a sword you should just like accept his authority I just want this is all wrong I was resigned actually could we bring back fencing could that be a thing like I mean I feel like that would help at least some of the issues here like in the city like get rid of the guns replacing football number one you pull out a store the guy has no but the second one that’s not going to be you call us or another we’re going fucking gayer than Steve in a sword fight over a stereo man number three that’s how it always I’m the bed from nowhere you like I’m on the dating game you’re not on industry or not and you enjoy swords unbuckles you’re not a member of the you’re not a member of the Union so you don’t get to be named and number three I’m sorry I keeping your opinion in the one cuz it’s totally unexpected in the modern world that you’d break into

somebody’s apartment but people have soared there’s that Harvey Keitel movie where they’re sort fighting I can’t just he’s the one yeah jelly right where where they’re all like it’s that movie and then Harvey Keitel is jelly yeah weird about so how the fuck did you turn out to be a Chinese guy we didn’t know that was happening it’s really good that was fantastic that was really unexpected yeah only the strong unusual that he’s actually Harvey Keitel thank you I learn for watching TMZ so just said he’s Harvey Keitel talking about the White House with Kanye West what is the most mediocre arrested Oh God like not Yahoo Sports yes and the mummy no mummy now like 99 furgoneta movies so you can’t how could you possibly remember that yeah it’s like by definition a movie you know remember most forgettable just another girl on the IRC about that one is that the movie where they crashed the plane in his 911 and there’s really arrows and that kind of stuff let’s go to art school and stop playing like go to California no one’s gonna my guess is the terrible idea she’s not more hot like some type of martial arts three of these the first two were good first ones good second ones then okay you know but I have to wet my pants but I’ll see you next week when we do thank you guys all right sorry blaring all right let’s do something controversial all right let’s talk about the Midnight Meat Train who said that starring Bradley Cooper in his finest film yet I’ll do an entire render date night graduate who plays it’s a reporter and there’s a train people who are going missing and there’s a man who’s on there who’s murdering people and there’s some back and the greatest twist ever it goes underground because there’s underground people they end up in this guy oh it’s it is doing yeah Bradley Cooper happen to be where he defeats the serial murder and he gets down there there’s a true target on the trains like oh I see you murdered murderer like their use used to murder people and these pleads them there and it’s hidden by the mobile people underneath Lestrade system well no you have to be in a serious and look in it and then he gets this tumblin I’m sorry I do anything people know that you know she does need to murders them to feed them to the whole people so they’ll rise up they need us I’m not placing a real move it’s called the midnight train oh shit what wasn’t a hundred thousand 19 it we’re Bradley Cooper has definitely done some movies where he’s well-known and he just decided to you know when did it come up like 2008 2007 2008 um he just told me 2009 so this was

before Bradley Cooper realized that he could be a mainstream actor and he was probably legitimate late making like this might be my life you know she might be my oh my how many did one hot American summer men oh yeah I did which was like I don’t know what I was amazed how many people came out of that movie oh I’m telling right now thinking so I mean if you get the this Chicago film scene deal I’ll take a shot it’s the same price as if VBR which would the shot everybody come down for us John Henson what how American summer was then it was an oddly successful suit comedy series and I’ve not aware of hoopla together whoever did they must have had just because someone’s it does not mean they’re like Michael Ian Black what the fuck is he Michael right but there’s an outsized percentage of people who made it from that from that company so like an insane amount like 3/4 believe well Amy for had already done SNL at the time read like she was choose probably kind of known right or is she not yet I feel like it’s just kind of like getting not enough but either way they had her Bradley Cooper engine anything except for maybe like a couple rom-coms low-budget rom-coms however only did a cute feed thing there’s a lot of extras you would like Janeane Garofalo out then right like Jade rifle is it that you’re right yeah one of my favorite comedy specials on YouTube it’s like 30 minutes long it’s her performing it’s like some comedy central’s but she was good yeah G drop no she was one of the counselors she was like the lead counselor but yeah run off a lot of shit and like we did like I don’t know a lot of other extras there are not as well known but they’re famous we’ll just wind it down for it we’re down to three we’re down to three well I think I think Alex might be coming back with his shots but well he might we might call it before not way not probably not even use the chair you need to wait we have another opinion okay um Lion King Lion King yes that’s on tape that’s what Simba don’t go into the fucking dark place oh you just don’t exist whatever the sky touches Rio today son I don’t remember liking at all you all I remember is like don’t go play with Uncle simple so Mufasa in I forget what language meets team yeah and his brother scar his scars actually not as a middle name sorry like if it Nana gave himself once he got a scar his real name I don’t know what it is but in in the language you need garbage how do you not be the create a fucking evil kid when you need one good kid and the other one in garbage it’s like yeah you knew it like that which I will talk about that next week yeah no I think yeah I know like I know Sarah’s like kind of goofy face is such a bit what a bitch that’s a father tweeting about his daughters I thought man so great they should have thought about that when they named him scarred but they didn’t and we got to like it because it we all wanted hyena not that your favorite childhood movie three ninjas kickback oh there is what those with jelly bro I will wonder the two more come I’m feeling tipsy Daigo film scene is living up to its name where do these raspberry bombs come from I have no idea I need tonight shoes for that over

justice for you we’re talking about rocking cold and Tumtum yeah I want to talk about good call follow my car pretty creepy like when you waited wait for it after the bar closed see that seems like overstepping your bounds bartender we gotta be honest please oh yeah maybe closer a lot of unpopular opinions to Chicago from Santa Jesus Christ but I can come in two years this man’s probably probably reddington’s filibuster Steve Reddington has a long sentence went to bed medication more likely on about hey Special K no no not just give us a topic special can’t give us the topic Special K wants us the talks are hot fire topics favorite movie sex scenes favorite movie sexy go with your gut you know the pie symbol nobody fucking trying I take that back oh no like the one with Nadia you

remember naughty or no it was the Ford chain from the movie yeah what was her name in real life was the real name Shannon alright this is going nowhere anyways my favorite section in the movie you go now I am too ok so one is Bobby here where Willie in extreme detail but the first obvious sexual chemistry going on in the entire fucking hand at some point the weapon you guys I gotta find it’s hard to see what is the best sexy movie for you I mean

Black’s mom’s pretty good oh yeah I can see that well it’s at such a pivotal moment – it’s when when Natalie Portman is finally deciding to fully have such a woman no like literally giving in to the Black Swan just Mila Kunis now what happened pretty into that scene biers times watching well comment below hey there might be some boats out there for some boats are they all would do dondoers I assume if that was a movie watching not that there’s anything wrong with it some people online appears dead Fox it puts the lotion on its skin tonight we have Josh Hartnett on the board with us I think that Josh Hartnett looks like Josh Hart maybe right Josh my favorite Josh I understand oh yeah that’s probably a lucky number Slevin lucky number Slevin fighting for you sadistic dr. Schuman and jewellary intensity just a parting bowl it’s really good logic numbers used like peanuts lucky numbers club eyebrow it’s gonna it’s gonna stop that one movie that comes to mind is always four days for your breaks up with them or some shit so like not like masturbate for like 40 days and 40 nights of nice he doesn’t worry to get out in 30 days of nights and it could save our town in Alaska what’s the call where the Catholics they don’t like don’t do that shit like for a while it’s a oh yeah well it is it’s you guys realize it check out there’s a 40th we’re never I didn’t have a sex tour or just anything for United’s even baby yeah it’s a nice comparison to greet your hair down the more we have to grease your hair now be ready to pitch there or leave just enjoyed mass everything when if this was 2005 you could be doing really well yes really well hey guys you’re pretty much talking in the fade right over there he’s quite drunk at the bar having a good time we should do that that’s exactly your name sounds like something

that someone makes up and what Adam named anonymous it’s something that like a soldier would say well reporting for battle in Exodus 13 hundreds to his tribe like who are you walking up to our tribe names out of us Adam Adam Asst I don’t know where you going we are well we’re definitely Randy and it’s a one day probably sign off Poliquin I think it insert isn’t I think so dude and you are left you to see needed lady gentlemen here’s to you yeah I know joy you’re drunk we like that

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