this is the Xbox 1x Scorpio inside welcome everyone I hope you guys are all having an amazing weekend today is day number two of big unboxings if you didn’t see yesterday we unboxed a brand new iPhone 10 and I’ve been using it that she finally set up but everything like this isn’t the iPhone 10 this is my old iPhone Oh where’s my new that’s the problem of all of my phone’s being the exact same color I actually low-key kind of wish I got this in white it’s got a lot of fingerprints on the back but so far having a lot of fun with it I’m gonna show you something quite cool that’s a there’s very nice little notifications on the phone so if I unlocked the phone it over notifications don’t actually show anything but if I use face ID and look at it you guys can now see all the notifications have unlocked themselves so that’s quite cool it won’t show them until you actually look at it cool little things that are so far definitely really enjoying it if you’ve missed that unboxing if you link down below in description to go and check it out but today’s one it’s also very special this will may be even more special for the fact that this consort isn’t even out yet we are unboxing the brand new Xbox one X this is gonna be very special I actually plan if you guys have seen a video on my main channel recently he just over here see that TV there that is actually a brand new 4k LG OLED TV that the guys that sent me LG and is a perfect opportunity for me to set up the Xbox one X on that screen and actually see what it looks like in 4k so I’ve got two Xbox one X is not what you probably expected this one is the first one this one is Claire’s and then this one is the second one this one’s mine and there’s actually slight differences between them this one is the project Scorpio edition which i think is amazing and we’ll see why it’s different and why this one’s really really cool in the second class and forks with standard one but it’s cool because I can show you what’s different between both of them and I do plan on plugging it in and actually seeing what the games look like or what at least the console looks like in 4k so let’s have a look through excited for the first look at Xbox one X give it a big fat thumbs up hopefully as excited as I am and let’s get into it now the first here keep them forgetting because we get so many packages is actually this cardboard box is a part of the unboxing so if we lift this up you’ll be able to see look at that 4k Xbox logo loads of Xbox one stuff this actual box is actually a part of it and we don’t want to throw it away because it looks so cool god this box is on its side little bit here we go here we go sideways and boxing – so much stuff in here some of the things I won’t need this and I will be giving away so I’m not giving away the console but all of the extras I’m gonna give away because I do not need them if you want to win any of these extras there’s a lot of games in here there’s a load of Xbox one I’ve gold memberships give them video a thumbs up leave a comment down below and I’ll just go through and pick a few people a message you all a load of his coat this is so impressive this is a complete pile of games I don’t know how many exactly we’ll go through okay so we have cod World War two for Xbox with Assassin’s Creed we have destiny to Disneyland adventures me because I want to play that fee for 18 you guys been asking me to potentially make a video on that for the most of motorsport 7 I’ve already got that Gears of War 4 halo 3 halo 5 halo 2 killer instinct Madden 18 shadow of war we still got more minecraft rush the heck is rush a disney pixar bench i’ve actually actually looks really fun quantum break a member klair playing that last year recall star wars battlefront 2 super Lucky’s tale what are you playing that Monday super Lucky’s tale so Claire’s doing a livestream in London on Monday where she’s actually getting hands-on with the Xbox 1x early so she’s can be playing this game Super Lucky’s tale so stay tuned to their Twitter feed to find out more about that should we found them finally zoo tycoon some of these games I’m not gonna give away I’m gonna keep for most of them I don’t need guys so all these codes all of these games could be for you you guys watching at home so good luck leave a comment hit the like button and you could win some of them on top of that we have even got to console yeah we’ve been sent planet Earth 2 in 4k so this concert will act as a 4k blu-ray player as well so like not only can you watch 4k Ultra HD films but also all the games are enhanced to be 4k which is just insane and that is before we’ve even gotten to the console guys wow if we lift this up though put this to one side actually scoop up something else what the hell is this basically a brochure I believe yeah there’s a load of things on compatibility oh this is quite

interesting so this is a comparison between the Xbox 1s which I forgot was a thing and the Xbox one X and if you guys can see all of that but just show some of the differences between the consoles I think that’s interesting because it’s always hard to know what’s different between all of them although I know but this thing is super freakin powerful and can pump out 4k so a cool brochure there and this is where it gets interesting ladies and gentlemen this is the console as I said Project Scorpio Edition this is very special so these editions were available to pre-order and I think because people like the name project Scorpio and the branding and the name was so cool they decides to a few limited edition releases this console which were only available to pre-order and I think all sold out I actually was going to pre-order AMA didn’t have a chance but now I’ve got one from the guys directly Xbox which is amazing this actually lights up a little bit differently and just looks a little bit cooler than the standard edition so let’s take a look inside and see what’s in the actual console case and what we’re gonna get inside this box I’m gonna zoom in a little bit for the honest guys again I think I’ve got more game codes and Xbox Live passes more stuff to give away to you guys she comes with a HDMI cable that is so good oh my god and the best thing about this is I believe this is the power cable and no longer needs that huge brick of a power house the old Xbox needed absolutely massive it’s gone you just need this now and this is very cool we’ve also got a project Scorpio controller look at this it’s got branding on the front look at that that is really really cool sense project Scorpio on there this is a very oh my god it’s matte black No even the buttons are blacked out that that is a very cool controller Wow knives also comes with a stand let’s put the console on I actually actually like that I think I’m gonna use it keeps the console vertical always a cooler option then inside the actual box if it wants to come out it’s quite heavy yes it’s to be expected this is couch down there with this is the Xbox one X Scorpio get inside Wow ladies and gentlemen look that obviously go take that off it says project Scorpio just along the front there the disks go in here little IR reader there I assume that’s the power button at the front there it is a very sleek very small console and one of the greatest things is that the USB port is now on the front rather than the Xbox 1x the old one it was there such an annoying place to put it on the back for any of you guys that are interested we’ve got all of the ports running along the backside as well you do have the ability to have HDMI in if you want to plug in like your TV set or anything else there’s a lot of input delay by doing that but if it’s just TV definitely something to do for an internal to multimedia system but the biggest thing I want to do this console is turn it on and see what it looks like because I’m pretty sure part of it lights up green as the project Scorpio edition so let’s do that now very briefly before we plug in my concerts going to show you Claire’s boxing it’s a little bit different as I said this one’s a standard edition just got wow so much stuff that one came all the bonus stuff as well but we have a look inside the box is very different so Claire got the peasant version now I’m kidding it’s just as good it just doesn’t have the cool branding on it and you can actually tell what it is a little bit easier so this is a standard edition you just don’t get the cool blacked-out controller you don’t get the Xbox one X Scorpio logo and you aren’t gonna get the cool lighting which we’re about to see so let’s put Clare’s away this is her should we be touching it bye guys we’ve gone handheld the Xbox 1x is set up I put the little box behind me there so you may see it in the background of some of my recordings now please forgive me for the craziness you’re about to see this is literally my setup right now cool duty across all of these screens and that’s being played on this screen dasty on my desk old iphone new iphone new controller and then on the floor here these are all HDMI so I’ll switch out depending on what recordings I’m doing a load of old controllers the Xbox one x controller I placed the new Xbox one X Scorpio there you go looking very very sleek I placed it on its side and you can see all the other consoles Nintendo switch from my matter your playthroughs on there with the control freaks on and you can see just by looking at it the size difference like this looks so much nicer than the old Xbox one Plus that’s like plasticy this it’s like feels more sturdy and strong I’d say that’s a PlayStation 4 Pro pros definitely bigger but they’re similar in size this thing is just an old brick and that that’s oh my god I’ve gotten it we

you down there as well anyway this should turn on I’ve plugged it all in let’s see oh sure something’s meant to light up Xbox please know the class it’s gonna be a research and the may actually be no difference between Scorpio new normal I was sure there was lights on it but anyway we’ve got a hooked up to a TVs looking your boss console down there oh-ho-ho baby look at it looking amazing so let’s get this thing set up I still can’t get over this like matte black blacked out controller it is definitely the coolest Xbox controller I have I think consoles currently doing a little bit of an update you can neck-and-neck slowly but surely the setup process took ages my xbox got some security labels it took ages to log in but finally the TV is set up in the Xbox one X is displayed in 4k this won’t be a 4k video but I mean you can go pretty close to this TV and like barely even see the pixels it looks very very impressive indeed and look at the teeth like look at the size of this TV just to give you scale those are the other monitors this is the TV like this is the ultimate gaming TV up here it’s amazing so fortunately you can see me no reflection hey guys unfortunately I’ve got no games obviously installed on the console at the moment but if there’s any games you want to see maybe on this in 4k let me know down below in the comment section I’ve got a few of the games on install from all the free ones I was given event I’m also planning on getting called World War two on here and soand se2 of the interests team 4k as well so let me know there’s a lot of reflection going on here but I wanna do up some games and see what they look like so guys I think I’m gonna end the unboxing there let me know if you think a new Xbox one X if you’re an Xbox fan this console is definitely an upgrade looks so much nicer very quiet can’t even hear it at all and if you’re looking for an upgrade for your 4k TV this is definitely a great console so guys if you enjoyed the video give it a big thumbs up make sure you leave your comment down below as well to get involved all the giveaways that I’m doing so don’t need half the stuff it was inside the box and good luck to you guys invented thank you so much for watching super melody will continue very very soon hopefully tomorrow cool things goes to plan hope you enjoyed these two days for some unboxings and I’ll see you guys very soon or another video bye bye

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