hey guys this is Steve atronics fix again today I’m going to be tearing down a ps4 12:15 a I’m going to show you guys the easiest ways to tear down this thing and I’m going to show you the things to avoid when you’re tearing it down this one’s a lot different than the other models of the ps4 so I’ll show you all the tips and tricks to make sure you can tear it down without causing any other problems to your console the tools we’ll be using for this teardown our needle nose pliers a small pair of needle nose pliers we use this pick just to remove the labels on the back we got a Phillips number one screwdriver we’ve got a brush to clean off any debris we find we have a Philips zero-zero we have a t8 Torx security screwdriver we also have a 1/16 flat-head screwdriver the first thing we got to do is take the hard drive cover off and we just slide that off just like on the older models so that is all the same but now we get our first look at some of the things that are different hard drive is totally different and you can see the motherboard is much smaller just by just from the look we get now once we take this cover off you’ll be able to see it a lot better so the next thing we’re going to do is take these two screws off normally there’s warranty stickers here that you take off using this pic you can just get it in there and pull it right off so I’ve already removed those I have done several tear downs of this already so those are all gone already but what is missing is there’s not a screw there and there’s not a screw there like on the previous model so that makes it a little bit quicker to get into I’m going to be using electric screwdrivers again on this just to make sure that we can get this done quickly so we’re going to start by taking these two off put into my screw holder right there okay now that those are off we’re going to take these two t8 screws out there the t8 Torx security screws now to remove this cover you do the same as with the old models you pull up right there near the power button you have to be careful not to pull on the power button this time because that is one of the changes they made it’s not attached to this cover so I’m going to pull up here pull up here and then pull back on it and that comes right out so now you get the view of the inside of this it is obviously much different than the old styles the old models the motherboard is about this big looks like maybe they’ll be coming along with a slim model before too long with the size of this motherboard and so there’s different different sizes of screws these are a t8 these black screws right here you can do use the Phillips number one there’s also another kind of screw right here and here also Phillips number one and there’s three screws back here that are different as well and those are those can also be removed with Phillips number one so the bottom case is a little bit harder to remove on this one we’re going to start about right here get our opening tool in there I’ll outsides off one thing you have to be careful of is if you’re not careful the other side will snap back on so what I’m going to do is actually use another opening tool stick that in there so now that can’t snap back down now we can go ahead and demonstrate this again for you guys I’m going to get it this in there right in the lip there go along and there we go so that’s going to come off just by pushing this forward as we lift up the back that one’s off careful not to knock your screwdriver off the edge of your bench there okay the disk drive on these it doesn’t look like they have any sort of a daughter board on this so I’m assuming that you can just swap these disks drives right with another one from any ps4 now we haven’t actually tried that yet so I can’t say for sure but it looks like these are going to be swappable drives without the the daughter board on there which would be great so the next thing we’re going to do is go ahead and take out the power supply so we’ve got a t8 here a t8 here at Ta in the corner here and then the two Philips pretty much the same as the old-style let’s get these taken out that one’s loose and that one’s loose so now this whole metal piece is going to come up

it’s like I got to loosen that one just a little more okay so that will come up and we’ll set that aside now for the T ace okay now this is similar to the old style as well you want to pull up here slowly as you pull up on the other side and then just kind of pull up on both at the same time and then we’ve got the power supply power supply connector down here and we’re going to take our a pair of mini needle nose pliers we’re going to pull up on one end and then normally have to pull up on the other end and then the saint’s that other end and go back and forth like that this one we have had out several times already so that was fairly easy to get out so now you get a look at the connectors in here we’ve got three ribbon cables and the Wi-Fi cable connector so for the Wi-Fi cable connector we’re just going to take our pliers and pull it out like that now this first I would say it’s the medium size connector we got a small cable a large a wide cable and a medium cable so the medium cable actually just pulls straight out now this large cable cable you have to be a little more careful there’s a black tab here you have to pull up on each end of it like that so it’s pulled up and then it just slides out like that and then the small one is the same as the first one it just pulls right out so now these cable connectors are all loose and ready to go so at this point we’ll go ahead and remove the optical drive it’s fairly easy to get out of here we got one two three four t8 screws to remove so we’ll remove those now oh go ahead and drop one of our screws here okay so when you’re removing this optical drive you do have to deer out this cable it’s easy to tell where it goes because there’s a slots right where that cable goes right in and out so each one of these is a little slot that the cable goes in and then it rests right there so then we also have to remember to take this ribbon cable out right here like that so now this is just going to slide and slide out like that so that’s the underside this is a little bit of a change from the old-style ones it’s got these black arms right here but overall it’s pretty similar to the old-style and we got our rollers here and they’ve got the bar in between for the rollers so you know this is pretty similar to the old style and I expect you they’ll probably have some of the same same problems but hopefully it’s been upgraded enough that it won’t be won’t have quite as many problems as the old disc drive okay so now that the Wi-Fi cable has been de routed we’re actually just going to tuck that into there and make sure not to get it bent when we flip it over like this okay so first thing we’re going to do here we’re going to remove the hard drive and I do also want to make a note when you remove the hard drive this hole right here is for not that hole this hole right here it’s got two arrows on it one arrow pointing this way one that way and this is for the manual eject for the disk drive so I’ve seen places online and say there is no more manual eject but there is just remove the hard drive and there’s a screw right down in there you just twist and that’ll get your disc to slot slip back out we’re going to take our hard drive out now our drive is pretty much the same as of this video publishing they were 500 gig hard drives in these new models I’m assuming very quickly they’ll move to the one terabyte but I don’t know for sure on that so that’s the hard drive ok now the way I like to do this is I take the two cable connectors out I need this one is for the fan that plugs into the side of the motherboard and then this one is that cable on the other side that plugs into the optical drive to disk drive and then also we’ve got one new thing this is the button for the power button for this new model so to get this off on the top side here

there’s a little hole and it just goes right in that little hole and then you just you just there’s a little clip there so you just pull up on the clip and then that will come right out as you push it out okay so the next thing I like to do is I’m going to remove this now keep in mind there’s one two three there’s four different kinds of screws in this so if you’ve never taken one of these apart you’re going to have to either take a picture you can go on I fix it we do have a guide on I fix it to show the location of these screws so you may want to do that when you go to reassemble this to make sure and get all the screws in the same places now keep in mind the black screws are going to be machine screws which have a different thread that will go that thread into the metal so if you get stuck look what’s threat what it’s threading into the large ta security screws just screw into plastic so if you look in there you can see that it’s just screwing into plastic you know it’s not going to be these block ones so we’re going to take out the large t8 first and once we get this out you’ll get a good view of the motherboard and how small it is compared to the old-style now pay attention when I remove the cover off of this black piece right here because there’s one thing you got to be careful of there I take this out and you’ll notice this right here this is basically a piece of metal that when you put the power supply back in one of the long screws that goes down through here is going to screw into this piece of metal right here and this piece of metal is removable so if you’re not paying attention you can lose that so if you have this little piece sitting around when you’re done taking yours apart then you got our member it goes right there on the top of the motherboard there so I’ll lay that aside and now we’re going to go ahead and take this metal piece off here so these two smaller screws and this one blocks through okay and then this just lifts off keep track of our screws here needs a way to do it to is you can just put the screw back right in the hole that it came out of for some of this stuff okay so there’s those I’m going to remove these three in the back right now right here okay then we’ve got just the rest of these black screws to pull off so we’re going to remove those next okay looks like I got one more black one right down here we get this off now this top metal piece is similar to the old wines by the fact that it does just lift off and also it does have the thermal pads they go right here and they go on the RAM chips so you got to make sure those are all there when you put it back together and another change is the clamp is under the metal piece so this is the APU clamp that hopefully is going to work a lot better than the old style so we’re just going to take this off there’s just two screws holding it on so there’s two pieces of this clamp it’s got a top piece and then it’s got this bottom spacer piece so remember that when you put it together now this motherboard is similar to the old-style in this way and that is that it does just pull up like this and then you just pull back so you got a you got to rotate it up from the back over here so once I turn it over you can see the thermal paste now normally you’re going to want to clean all that thermal paste off and put new thermal paste on but since we’ve had this apart several times before we already have the new thermal paste on there so we don’t need to worry about that so this is the motherboard you can see it’s much smaller than the old-style and like I said I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sony did come out with a slim model here before too long so we’ll put that aside and the last thing is if you’re going to remove the fan you remove this screw this screw in this screw just like on the old style and

then this pulls up and then there’s one screw here and I think that’s the only one for this one on the fan and then the fan just pulls up just like the old style and you put the new one in and put it all back together so that is the new model of ps4 the 12:15 and that’s the teardown for it if you guys have any questions at all then please let us know and we’ll help you out however we can thanks

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