How much will it cost me? Tell me a reasonable price It will cost you Rs. 2 lakh Not a penny less than that But will it be done? I hope, you won’t cheat me at the right time It will be done It will be executed perfectly I give you my word Hello ‘You were missing me, didn’t you?’ No, I wasn’t – Then why would I call you? Is that so? What if I had asked you to come? ‘I would’ve come had you called me.’ Then come Hold on Priya, what are you doing here? Why? You’re shocked, aren’t you? Just now you were making tall claims Am I dreaming? – It’s not a dream but a surprise Stupid! Is that so? Even I have a surprise for you What surprise? It’s a pleasant weather Let’s go on a long drive and play some romantic songs Really? I love you I love you very much It is said that lucky are the ones who get the love in return from the person whom they love When that happens, those two lovers become each other’s whole world They just want to live every moment of their life with their companion Lovers go to any extent to have each other in their lives They don’t even think that a single wrong step taken by them can lead them to committing crime Supriya, you know how much I love you, don’t you? I can do anything for you Anything! I know that Sometimes, the lovers themselves commit the crime or it is done by someone else as a reaction to this love But the outcome of this revolt is very bad ‘Result’ Hello – ‘Hello, Dad.’ Manish, it’s me Mom, I want to speak to dad It’s very urgent ‘He slept off, dear What happened?’ I want Rs. 10 lakh immediately – Rs. 10 lakh! Why do you need so much money? And that too, all of a sudden and at this late hours! Mom, it’s very important that’s why I’m asking, right? Please send me the money – What do you mean? Do you think money grows on trees? We don’t have so much money! You’re never helpful when I need you Really! Hello! Tea Manish called me last night – Okay He wanted some money – Money! How much does he want? Actually, he wants Rs. 10 lakh – Rs. 10 lakh! Why does he want so much money? I don’t know Please talk to him once He isn’t answering the call

Last night, I refused to give him the money so, he might be upset with me Why should he be upset for that? He should at least answer my call, right? Try calling him once again This boy is too much! Study diligently Next time, take a long vacation Do you understand? No matter how many days I stay you aren’t satisfied Dad, Supriya is going to college to study and not to her in-law’s house What happened to you? It’s nothing, Brother Dad, take care of yourself And don’t you worry about anything Come, your bus is leaving – Okay, dear Come on Hurry up Take care of yourself Once you reach the PG, give me a call without fail Don’t miss me too much See you ‘The number you have called is switched off.’ I’ve been asking you to call Manish from a long time But you aren’t paying any heed I can talk to him once he switches it on He has switched it off since yesterday Why is he so angry? Rs. 10 lakh is not a small amount! What if he hasn’t switched it off due to anger? What if he has some problem in real? Hold on, I’ll call Sheetal I’ll ask Anand to go to Manish’s room and check Tell me, Father-in-law? What made you call me so early in the morning? Dear, did you talk to Manish? I’m not able to contact him for the last two days No, Father-in-law I didn’t talk to Manish Father-in-law, day before yesterday Manish had called up during the night Rs. 10 lakhs? Manish, why do you need so much money? Sister, I need it Just a moment Anand Anand, please wake up What happened? Manish is on the phone He needs some money It’s midnight I don’t know He wants Rs. 10 lakhs Pass the call to me Manish All of a sudden, why do you need so much money? Brother-in-law, I’ll let you know but now, I need the money Please. – Listen As of now, I’ve only Rs. 1.3 lakhs in my account Is that it? Only Rs. 1.3 lakhs? Okay. At least transfer that amount I’ll return the money What? He even asked money from you Neither you nor Sheetal told me about this Father-in-law, we didn’t let you know as you would’ve been upset Father-in-law, I’ll check on Manish right now Please don’t worry Okay – What happened? What did Anand say? ‘The number you’ve called is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later Thank you.’ Dad, what happened? Still the phone is switched off? – Yes Ever since Supriya left, I’m not able to reach her phone I’m trying her phone since yesterday night Maybe the battery might’ve got exhausted Then, why is it still switched off today morning? Calm down, Dad. Maybe college – No, Satish I’ve to leave for Ahmedabad right now Something’s not right I didn’t see him for the last couple of days Did he inform you as to where he is going? No. He didn’t tell me anything Mr. Anand, I’ve sought information from the Commerce Department Manish didn’t attend college since 4th June In all the subjects, he hasn’t attended any of the lectures No, Dad Neither Manish attended college nor went to his house

How can Manish go just like that, Anand? What about that huge amount of money? Why was he asking for Rs. 10 lakhs? Dad, I think, we should make a police complaint Please come over – Okay I’m leaving right now 10 lakhs is a huge amount Why did your son need so much money? Sir, as I said, I’ve no clue Neither he said anything to his mom nor Anand And now, he is missing Sir, I only had Rs. 1.3 lakhs in my account which I transferred to Manish’s account After that, I had no contact with Manish Tell me something, Mr. Rajan If you’d that kind of money with you would’ve you’ve transferred Rs. 10 lakhs to your son’s account? Do you trust your son so much that, without asking him the reason you would’ve transferred such a huge amount? What kind of a question is that? My son is missing Maybe he is in some kind of a trouble If I would’ve transferred the money or not Why are you asking baseless question, sir? I’m asking because I’m not able to understand Anand, you transfer Rs. 1.3 lakhs in his account And after that, you didn’t contact him You don’t even inform this to your father-in-law You didn’t even try to find out if Manish is in trouble or not Sir, we trust Manish He is a sensible boy, sir Please find Manish, sir We search a person if he is missing Whatever you’ve told the police it shows that Manish went somewhere on his own You don’t even know about Manish’s friends How is that possible? Sir, what are you trying to say? Definitely, we don’t know That’s why, we’ve come to the police Sir, we don’t know what you’re thinking Maybe Manish – We’ll start our investigation Let’s see, what result we get Give Manish’s mobile number his home address, his college details Last but not the least Give me bank account details Mr. Rajan, are you sure that Manish is not involved with some girl? – No Manish is not having an affair Even if he was having an affair, I would’ve known about it Even if he hadn’t informed us, he would’ve definitely informed Sheetal, his sister, sir ‘The number you’ve called is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later.’ Dad, it’s no use repeatedly calling on Supriya’s phone We’re going to Ahmedabad We’ll find out there So? She didn’t even give us the phone number of her paying guest accommodation We would’ve give her a call there His name is Manish Solanki He is missing We need a detailed statement of his account Sir, give me a couple of minutes. I’ll give it to you As I’d told Manish’s brother-in-law in the morning Manish didn’t attend college after the 4th of June After Mr. Anand left, I spoke to Manish’s teachers Even they say that Manish never bunks their lectures Any classmate of Manish, who can give details Salil and Vaibhav Both of them are good friends of Manish I spoke to them in the morning I’ll call for them Have a word with them Sir, the morning of 5th June Rs. 1.3 lakhs was deposited in Manish’s account from Mr. Anand Joshi’s account He had around Rs. 20,000 in his account After the deposit, it amounted to Rs. 1.5 lakhs In a few hours after the transfer Rs. 40,000 each was taken out from different ATMs The next day That is, also on 6th June The rest of the money was withdrawn from different ATMs What are the locations of these ATMs? There were four withdrawals from four different ATMs All the four ATMs are located in different parts of the city Sir, this is a 6-month consolidated bank statement of Manish Solanki On 15th of March, there was a major transaction from this account of Rs. 20,000 Rs. 20,000? What was that transaction? Sir, Rs.20,000 was transferred to a jewellery store from Manish’s account I need the name and address of that jewellery store I also need the addresses of those ATMs from where Manish had withdrawn the money By the way, I also need the CCTV footage of these ATMs for 5th and 6th June Sir, I’ll right away give you jewellery store’s address But the CCTV footage is with the bank headquarters and I’ll only be able to give the footage tomorrow only Sir, you’d told me that Manish had also asked money from this father but no transaction took place Right? – Right – There is a catch, sir Six months earlier, a major transaction had taken place from Mr. Rajan Solanki’s account The amount was Rs. 2 lakhs The amount was withdrawn in cash through a cheque the very next day of the deposit Salil, Vaibhav, the matter is very serious

Your friend is missing If you guys know anything, tell him Ma’am, we spoke to Manish last on the 04th 04th? Yes, ma’am He had called us Rs. 10 lakhs? How will I have such a huge amount? Ask your dad Tell him that you need it I will definitely return it to you Even if my dad has Rs. 10 lakhs, he won’t give it to me He will ask many questions too Try talking to him I know my dad He won’t give it Hang up You are useless Did he ask Rs. 10 lakhs from you too? Yes, ma’am He had asked me too Manish, if it was Rs. 5,000, I would only arrange it But I won’t be able to arrange Rs. 10 lakhs All of you are useless Nobody helps when required But why did Manish want such a huge amount? Ma’am, we don’t know that You guys are his friends He might have told you something earlier related to money Salil, Vaibhav, if you know anything please cooperate with the police Ma’am, Manish wanted to join MBA coaching He might have wanted money for that Which coaching centre in Ahmedabad charges Rs. 10 lakhs for MBA coaching? Ma’am, this is all that we know We don’t know anything else If you think you are out of reach in college and we won’t even touch you and both of you can lie as much as you want you are wrong No, ma’am That’s not true We have told you whatever we knew Salil, identifying lies is my daily routine I know that both of you are lying You can fool the principal Not me Tell me the truth now Where is Manish? Ma’am, we really don’t know We spoke to him the last time on the 04th His phone is also switched off since then Vaibhav, how is it possible that nobody knows where Manish is? Neither his family nor his friends What kind of a boy is Manish? Ma’am, Manish wouldn’t talk too much to anybody We are friends But he shouldn’t share his personal details with us If both of you are hiding something and we get to know about it later we will hang you upside down Tell me You still have time Why did he want such a huge amount? Betting, gambling or any other habit or is it about a girl? No, ma’am We don’t know much about it No, sir I didn’t talk to Supriya She would definitely give me a call if she was planning to come here Hasn’t she come to the PG since last night? Her phone is also switched off since yesterday Where could she go? Sir Come, Mr. Rajendra Sit Sir, did you get any clue about Manish? Not yet I wanted to discuss something with you. – Yes Mr. Rajendra, when I had asked you about Rs. 10 lakhs you told me that you had not transferred any amount Yes, sir This is true I had not transferred any amount 12th March, 2019 Rs. 2 lakhs was transferred to your son’s account from your account It was a cheque deposit Why did you hide this from us? You know the things that your son is involved in You are trying to save him What has Manish done for which you filed the missing complaint to cover up for his absence? What date did you mention? 15th March? Yes, 15th March His name is Manish Solanki His debit card was swiped here He had shopped for Rs. 20,000 Here it is He had purchased a ring from here on that day No, not all this Show me a new design This is the latest design, sir All of them look the same Show me something special because the one for whom I am purchasing this is very special Wait a moment Look at this Special? Was it a ladies’ ring? Yes, sir Your son asks for huge amounts Another member of your family gives him the money without even knowing the reason Do you guys have some treasure

or do you think we are fools? Sir, I had asked him the reason when he had asked for Rs. 2 lakhs Rs. 2 lakhs? – Yes, Dad I’ve seen a MBA coaching I have to submit the fees Rs. 2 lakhs for a coaching? Yes, Dad It is a huge coaching centre That is why they are charging so much Rs. 2 lakhs for a coaching? Did you check what coaching it is or did you give him the money just like that? I trust Manish completely I don’t say no to him for anything I don’t ask him anything But when he asked for Rs. 10 lakhs this time I didn’t get a chance to talk to him Sir, I don’t know why he wanted Rs. 10 lakhs You may not even know that he had purchased a ring on 15th March Ladies’ ring And I am sure that he wouldn’t have gifted the ring to your wife or your daughter Whom was it for then? You don’t know that too, right? You don’t know anything What is happening? We found out the names of his friends from his college Are you guys hiding from us? Are you lying? Nobody is hiding anything Why don’t you trust us? Manish cannot go anywhere like that Sir, he is missing This missing is a pretence, Mr. Rajendra There is a girl in Manish’s life And you have no clue about it I cannot believe this Who is that girl? What has Manish done to her? Manish withdraws money from different ATMs Why was he in such a hurry? What has he done that he has to run away and hide? Mr. Rajendra, no matter how much he runs away if he has committed a crime he won’t be able to escape And the more he runs the more difficult his situation will be I don’t know anything I cannot understand what is happening Nothing! Do you have any friends or relatives in Ahmedabad to whose house Supriya could go? We don’t have any relatives here Her college friend, Neha, stays with her in the PG Even she doesn’t know anything Did Supriya have an affair with anybody? I mean, did she like anybody in college? No, sir. My daughter is not that kind of a girl Every father thinks the same Your daughter was staying alone in Ahmedabad She was studying She might have had an affair with somebody Sir, how can you say such things? She is missing Please look for her We will look for her Give me Supriya’s mobile number and details We’ll file a missing complaint This person resembles Manish in height and figure He might be Manish One person withdrew money from four different ATMs And he was wearing this hoody every time What’s the matter? He purchased a ring for a girl few days back Later, he asked his family members and friends for money And he disappeared all of a sudden after withdrawing money Perhaps, Manish planned everything long back It’s possible that he has eloped with the girl for whom he purchased the ring It’s possible Have we received his call record details? Yes, sir He made the last call to his friend, Salil, on 4th at 12 midnight After that, no call was made from his mobile His phone got switched on 6th June morning And it’s still switched off Have you found any girl in his call details? No, sir He made all the calls to his friends and family members except few random numbers What was his phone location on 6th June? In Bopal, Ahmedabad I checked with his two friends and family members According to them no one known to them stays there They have no idea why Manish went there and to meet whom A girl is involved in this case for sure Disappearing all of a sudden with such a huge amount purchasing a ring for a girl three months back Even his friends don’t know anything Either Manish is very shrewd or all of them are lying But it’s confirmed that there is a girl in Manish’s life Is he Manish? – I think so His face is not clearly visible This is the same hoody Sir, this is Manish’s hoody Last year, Sheetal gifted Manish this on the occasion of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ And here is your gift Tell me how it is Wow, Sister! Hoody! – Yes Rajan, it seems your son, Manish, has gone

somewhere on his own Why are you repeating the same again and again that he has eloped with someone? He would have talked to us if he had an affair with a girl He would have told us something he would have informed his mom and sister on 4th June itself when he called them up to ask for money Mom, I need Rs. 10 lakh Why do you need such a big amount? Rs. 10 lakh! – Sister, I need the money It’s urgent Sir, everyone is worried at home Please search for Manish Sir, it’s possible that Manish is not doing this on his own Who is asking him to do this then? It can be clearly seen in CCTV footage that he was withdrawing money on his own It doesn’t look like that he was under any pressure Or is there any other reason? Look, tell us everything What do you mean? We have told you several times that we have no idea We made a mistake that we didn’t ask him anything We should have asked him But what should we do now? Won’t you search for him? Will you keep questioning and suspecting us? Had we known that he did something wrong and we were involved in that we wouldn’t have come here to save him We would have waited for you in Junagarh And you would have come there to question us ‘The number you have called is currently switched off.’ Supriya Goyal studies in B.Com, 2nd year in your college And she has been missing since 6th June Even she has been missing since 6th June! What do you mean? Is anyone else missing too? Another police team came here two days back They were looking for Manish Solanki who is a student of B.Com, 3rd year Even he has been missing since 4th June Manish Solanki – Yes From where did the police team come? Adarsh Chowk Police Station Manish and Supriya are from the same college Manish went missing on 4th June and Supriya went missing on 6th June It can’t be a coincidence Is Supriya the special girl for whom Manish purchased a ring? But we didn’t find any link between them Why didn’t we find Supriya’s number in Manish’s CDR if they were in a relationship? It’s possible they are using different numbers in order to keep their affair secret And no one is aware of that It’s possible that both the families were not aware of their affair But their friends were also not aware of that How is it possible? You forgot to tell us about an important link, Neha I told you everything Which link are you referring to? The affair between Supriya Goyal and Manish Solanki You forgot to tell us this Why, Salil and Vaibhav? Manish Solanki What does it mean that they went missing at the same period? You mean to say that it was a coincidence It must be a coincidence They were not in a relationship They were just – What? Tell us everything you know Otherwise, we know how to force people to speak the truth Manish used to like Supriya He expressed his feelings to her around 7 to 8 months back Supriya Hi, Manish – I want to tell you something Actually, I like you very much And Manish, I am sorry But please don’t tell me this again I am not interested – But Supriya, listen to me I really – Manish, please! Why did you hide this from the police? Sir, it was an old incident Supriya refused his proposal Manish was upset But he never talked to Supriya about this again After that, he started concentrating on studies Hence, I forgot about that Did Manish buy a ring for a girl? It’s possible that even Supriya started liking Manish And their affair started Now, both of them are missing And you will still claim that there was nothing between them! Manish is your friend, right? Didn’t he share anything with both of you? How can I tell you why Supriya didn’t tell me about her affair with Manish? – It’s simple You are lying You are shielding your best friend Manish and Supriya hid their relationship from everyone They planned to elope prior itself And it’s possible you were aware of this Sir, Supriya can’t elope with someone What are you saying? She has already done that The truth is in front of us But Manish would have talked to us about this for sure He can’t elope with someone without informing us Mr. Rajan, this is the truth whether you accept it or not Even Manish’s friends have informed us that Manish used to like Supriya

He purchased a ring for her It’s better you accept the truth that Manish and Supriya has eloped together I kept telling you not to give her so much freedom I trusted my daughter I am still not able to believe it All the evidences which police had found proved of an affair between Supriya and Manish and that they had eloped together But their parents were not ready to come to terms with it Did Supriya and Manish really elope together? Or their disappearance was the result of a bigger and more heinous crime? There was going to be an interesting revelation in the coming days which no one could’ve even thought of This news was going to change the entire case upside down Sir, this seems like a double murder case It seems like they both were shot dead The body is in a very bad condition It seems like they were murdered 3-4 days back It’s difficult to recognise them because their bodies have fell prey to animals too Sir? Sir, they were first shot dead and then their bodies were left here to decay Did you find the mobiles of the victims? No, sir The killers might have taken them along Sir, we have informed the families of Supriya and Manish We have called them for identification We thought that they had eloped together and were living somewhere away from their parents Now this case has entirely changed Sir, what if they were killed because they had eloped? Supriya Will you marry me? Manish, our families will never agree for our marriage We will have to go to some place far away if we both intend to marry Why don’t we run away? Mr. Kishore We have found this stuff near the body along with their identity cards Is this of Supriya? Yes Yes Mr. Rajendra, is this your son Manish? How can we recognise him? His face has been tarnished completely Can you recognise these clothes? Are you guys Hindu? – Yes This can’t be their son Why? – It’s because this is a Muslim body His body was circumcised Sir, we thought of this to be a simple case but it is turning out to be very twisted Yes, and we are finding new evidences Sir, we have to file a complaint against their son He eloped with Supriya and killed her Hey! We respect your sister and that’s why we are quiet but this doesn’t mean that you can say anything about our son We are speaking the truth Your son is a killer He killed Supriya What proof do you have that Manish killed her? Why are you guys creating havoc here? What is this drama all about? – Our son is missing and he might be in some trouble But these guys are busy talking rubbish about him Mr. Rajendra, even we want to know the whereabouts of your son What will he say? His son is a criminal He ran away after killing Supriya If our son is villainous then what about your daughter? What was she doing with that person on an isolated road? Mind your tongue! – Get back! This is a police station Go back home We are investigating and we will update you as soon as we find anything Sir, our case was limited to Manish and Supriya’s relationship till now But this new person has come out of nowhere Let’s find about this person first Manish’s friends, Salil and Vaibhav told us that Supriya had rejected Manish’s proposal Maybe this person was the reason and he was a part of her life We know that Manish liked Supriya Did Manish know that why did Supriya reject his proposal? Maybe, Manish killed them because of this reason I like you a lot – I am not interested Neha, we have found the dead body of another person along with Supriya We thought that he was Manish but he isn’t He is a Muslim guy Do you know his credentials? Yes, sir He must be Asad Asad? Who is he? Sir, he was our super senior in the college Salute me Don’t do it half-heartedly Do it properly! What’s happening?

Are the first year students being ragged? It’s not ragging We are just teaching them some basic manners So, first day? – Yes, sir Please, go to your classes You must be getting late Mister, it’s just their first day in the college Why are you scaring them off? Go to your classes You must be getting late too What happened? You don’t want to attend your classes? Actually, can you tell us your name? My name is Asad Supriya was in love with Asad from the first day They both became friends and soon their friendship turned into love They both used to roam together in the college premises They both were in an affair even after Asad’s college was finished Why didn’t you tell us about Asad when we had asked for Supriya’s affairs before? Actually, Asad and Supriya wanted to marry each other But they were both from different religions They were worried whether their families will accept them or not That’s why when she disappeared I thought that she had eloped with Asad When you guys asked me about Supriya and Manish’s affair I thought that it was in everyone’s best interests to consider their affair to be true Did Manish know about Supriya and Asad? I don’t know sir But Manish liked Supriya a lot Do you know where Asad lived? Sir, Asad and Supriya were in a serious relationship from a long time Why did Manish buy that ring for Supriya? Maybe, Supriya was double dating Two timing Supriya, you know that I can do anything for you I know Or maybe, Manish is Supriya’s admirer You know, one sided love Supriya, what happened? Why are you scared? It’s very simple Supriya, darling, listen You have two choices Either accept this ring or else, I’ll have to choose this gun and kill you both Supriya, I hope you know that if you can’t be mine no one else can have you, either Excuse me – Yes? Are you Asad’s father? Yes. – You need to come with us God knows what shady matters Manish got involved in I’m just clueless Why did he need so much money after all? Asad rented a house near Ambanipur and got a job He used to call up, himself, once in a few days I last spoke to him just a few days ago So, how would I have known that Asad had gone missing? Asad was in love with a girl named Supriya He wanted to marry her We even found Supriya’s corpse with that of Asad Had Asad every mentioned her before you? Asad never told me anything about this Sir, here are Manish’s call records for the year When Manish had withdrawn those Rs. 2 lakh he had been in constant touch with one particular number This number belonged to a certain Vinod Patel The strange thing is he stopped calling him abruptly Maybe this is a case of hired assassins and Vinod Patel was the assassin Nab this Vinod Patel fellow And alert our informers, too Come on! Move! – What’s wrong, sir? Sir, where are you taking me? – Nab him! – What have I done? I want the truth! Speak up! Sir, I really don’t know anyone named Supriya or Asad Nor was I paid to kill them I’m just a garage owner and a small time businessman Then, why did Manish Solanki pay you Rs. 2 lakh six months ago, in January 2019? – Manish Solanki? Oh, right, sir! He was my customer I sold him a used car for Rs. 2 lakh The car is in a good condition But can you give me a discount? – Manish, it’s in mint condition and the price is right – Tell me the final price Rs. 2 lakh Not a rupee less But will it work fine? I hope it won’t break down abruptly It’ll work just fine I assure you

Sir, Manish paid me that sum for a used car I haven’t spoken to Manish ever since We need the vehicle’s number and transfer papers, too Was it even transferred legally? – Yes, sir, it was You may take the car’s papers from my garage Sir, the car’s documents seem original This means Manish has fled with the car So, it should be easier to nab him now Right! Circulate the car’s number everywhere We need to find this on a higher priority And check CCTV footage from all toll plazas in the city between June 4th to 10th If Manish has murdered them, he must’ve tried to flee town A simple missing case which the police presumed to be a case of a couple eloping had now turned into a double murder case The police were facing twists and turns at every turn during the investigation Whereas, some old questions were still not answered But their efforts were finally going to pay off and they were going to find such a clue which could have perhaps solved this case Hello! – Want a lead about who ordered the double murder? Who is this? – Your well-wisher Now listen.. The hit was ordered only upon the boy The girl was merely collateral damage We guessed this already Tell me something new How about the name of the one who ordered this hit? Who ordered it? Pal, we’d never imagined things would lead to this We should’ve stopped Manish instead of supporting him The damage is done now The cops are looking for Manish We better stay out of this now Sir, we’re tapping Manish’s friend’s phones Our men are constantly watching them But Manish has neither contacted them, nor his family However, Manish’s friends, Salil and Vaibhav seem a little too distressed – Keep watching them Something will surely come up What’s the status on the car? – Sir, Manish’s car wasn’t seen at any toll plaza or anywhere else Manish is absconding Maybe he gave that car to someone Or maybe the car was the payment for the murder The car must’ve been spotted somewhere Manish Solanki’s case had turned around At first the police believed that Manish and Supriya had eloped But now, the police suspected Manish’s involvement in Supriya and Asad’s double murder The police were trying their best to find Manish’s car But was Manish really the culprit? Had Manish’s one sided love for Supriya turned into obsession? Is that why he had ordered a hit upon Asad? Or was the truth yet to surface? We will witness the consequence of this murder tomorrow night in the last and final installment of this case at 11:00 p.m Now I, Annup Sonii, will take your leave We will meet again And remember The only distance between crime and you is decided by how alert you are Be alert, be safe. ‘Jai Hind’

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