hello welcome to brew time in the kitchen so if you’re anything like me you like to pre prepare and feed your meals for a later date and he also like to include fish in your diet because it’s healthy unfortunately you hit snag a fish because you can’t cook it freeze it and then we eat it because it goes all nasty and rubbery so I find a solution to this in that you simply buy frozen fish and then add it to the meal just as you’re reheating it so I’m going to show you how to do that in this Brazilian fish to you recipe so let’s get cooking all right so we’re gonna start with the marinade know we’ve got four that is line 1 clove garlic piece of ginger and some spices so all of the ingredients will be in the recipe and I’ll put a link to that in the description get started so I’m gonna start with the lengths I’ve decided that the topic of conversation for this there is gonna be about my experience last week when my boiler broke for 8 days this is over a period of time where we had the worst snow that you can see in several years so well I make this nice colorful warming stew I’m gonna be talking about my dull miserable time last week just for a bit of contrast but mainly just a wing right so about freezer back here on the fish is gonna go in here found the marinades gonna go as well this is it’s a medium-sized feasible to me medium to large should be fine but not small when I would see small to get all the picture so just pour the juice of one line in there my ginger so the gingers just slightly bigger than a thumb size it’s peeled okay how much you want we’re just going to breathe the piece of ginger with the small piece of the grater we’re just gonna talk until the garlic they feel it I’m gonna mince it quite fine but it doesn’t have to be fine because my hands in front of the camera that’s why I’m holding it a bit weird like I don’t have to be super fine just just mean spices man under human and quarter teaspoon of cumin teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon of coriander teaspoon of the smoked paprika on board okay so that’s the marinade in there I’m

just going to get the fish and add it in okay so just go by the fish pie mix and a bag of prawns make sure you buy the the raw prawns don’t buy the feed cooked prawns just go ahead at the feeder bag of Maggie we’re gonna give it a good shake [Applause] okay so that’s all coated I’m gonna pop it back in the freezer guess I’ve got these vegetables here got a red pepper yellow pepper fry onion chopping those right so about my last eight days cuz if I was only fixed yesterday it’s the tanks today the 10th of March so I don’t know what time it will be when you know what day it will be when I actually look at this because testing takes forever I’m still not happy to see videos for the– the locks bolt videos I did so last week was gonna get in beast from the east I think some other European countries hunt other names Fred I think it’s sweetening they called it snow cotton which I will have to assume so I’m in favor of translation got a little bit back over here by the way I’m not just throwing the ends onto the countertop so yeah it was very cold so this was on the Thursday morning I think Wednesday probably be the warps day for the snow and really bad no diamond home was don’t knock me up was terrifying so woke up on Thursday morning those of the day off so I said to go for a jog yes when I walked up I could smell gas but well I thought I could smell gas I wasn’t sure at first decide ignored and I thought I’ll go after my dog and I’ll see what’s like when I got that so after the dog came back and there’s this smell of gas hit me when I walked in the door so I thought right okay something’s not right here I said Potter Canio’s I know come on a gas leak but with a fast Dartmouth um because I’m a and I was paying more attention to looking at the camera and said oh I was joking the pepper so I will no be with you the pepper so I don’t slice anymore fingers anyway absolutely work where did I get to my little tail feel really awesome right so I googled what to do in the UK there’s a national line that you phone if so phone that way and it took about 20 minutes to get through which seemed like a long time but given all the snow I’m sure there was a lot of people whose borders were breaking so so so somebody came to read the Gospels quite quickly and they said you could spell gas and this was after we’d opened all the windows and things but these they couldn’t pick it up on this leader that

they had this meter so the called an engineer and thinking I checked the boiler did their stuff and they were literally they were just by to leave they’d switch the boiler back on and it would be running for a little while and he just eat it said to me basically I was I was safe I could turn the heating back on I could turn the hot water on and this was the other thing I’d been in my my workout clothes my running clothes the whole time because iPhone by as soon as I got back as soon as I smelled the gas perform this helpline so of course it says to just switch the boiler off to turn on the eating likely the hot water so I don’t think being able to get sugar and I was freezing because all the windows were open and it was cold outside so yeah he’s busy he’s just about to leave and he says oh oh hold on I’m getting a reading now so it turned out that the gas was only leaking when when the boiler is actually on so we had to switch it off and they couldn’t fix it because my property is rented so the landlord had to get somebody to to come and fix it so coal belly’s an agency I can’t fit the DeLonge Lord and somebody came out with an update then they they fixed one part of it but there was the two leaks there was two places that have been leaking from and he said that he could fix about one there but he couldn’t fix the other bit you needed apart they always do you know what’s a good part on cam to be on you next I’m gonna do a little bit like some why did I cut myself so let’s say that was in the Pharaohs day you won’t sure when they’d be able to get the part and because it was quite late on the Thursday you say the faith sort of hot one and already they could do it on Friday but if not so for a given way and no one it turned out no one said anything so I knew that was going to be the weekend that I would not without eating a hot water so but it was absolutely freezing so cold I woke up on Saturday to Sunday I think it was it was similar temperatures on both day but was one morning I woke up but I looked at the thermostat and so one morning I woke up found it was eight point five degrees Celsius the temperature the fit should be is between four and eight so it was slightly higher than the temperature of a fridge that’s how cool it was my flat this is also the day that I was filming the first absolute for this part of the first

video the first the first more time in the kitchen video so if I make it mine is shivering in that or if if I’m like breathing heavy because it’s so cold served walls because I’ll honestly if I didn’t love it I wasn’t wrapped up with blanket it was cold I have a halogen heater but it’s broken basically so this Sunday I went to go a new electric heater but though the worst part by far was not being able to Walsh nobody able to got a shower and I won’t flop here and I’m gonna put the temperature to medium I’m gonna get some oil just a little bit about a tablespoon okay so either the Hopis will heat up a little bit and then we’re going to have the onions and the peppers okay we’re gonna let those cook for two minutes stirring occasionally I will tell you the rest of my story so so we’ve got to Monday lunchtime and I hadn’t heard anything from my TV that was fixing the boiler so I give I give the company the blood spurts in the boiler ring they said my leaving agency hadn’t proved this part but then you get to order to phone them up and they said that the landlord needed to confirm it so got to Monday evening and I hadn’t heard anything back after that they said we’re going to try and get in cut it with a landlord and later on it turned out that the company had given them some information so because all that good reason who information might have all these doors and fix so then on Tuesday I got message finally saying that the landlord had approved part and so it was gonna get fixed on Wednesday so he got to Wednesday to find I thought shoot I’m gonna be able to get Cherie put the heating on when I get home didn’t we amazing would be still toasty but just as I was leaving work so they’ve been an answering machine says lacked and the answering machine message said that basically it come they fix the hall that was in the boiler and there came another book so there was a third Pole so remember we had three holes and if the gas was leaking out off to begin with so by the by this point I lost all hope up until this point I start being trying to be a PMA I thought oh you know it’s character-building I’ll get through it but then at this point I was like no I can’t deal with it I nearly cried it was I’d had enough it just had enough but I hold it’s harder than Thursday and Friday okay and they fixed it I showered in my own flat because I’ve been sharing I’ve been charged either at the gym for basically filling basins of more and choking them over myself to watch which is very cool yeah and I appreciate hot water heating a little bit more than I did before yeah the moral of the story is appreciate what you have well you have it right so anyway in his story time so let’s get the other

ingredients in so adding a dinner table tomatoes then of chopped tomatoes tablespoon tomato puree I said before I have this tomato puree because of reusing the tablespoon a tablespoon of coconut sugar you can use any type of brown sugar that you want I like using this in recipes if you’re using normal brown sugar now use about a teaspoon this isn’t as sweet as other stuff so it’s not sweet as normal sugar so just use a teaspoon of anything else I’m not necessarily suggesting that you use that brown sugar the coconut sugar it’s just for out of my cupboard can’t manthie tablespoon puree and I’ve got a ton of coconut milk but I’m only going to add the cream part of it and the reason for that is just that I don’t want the stick to get too liquidy now obviously it it’s a stew so it is gonna have a little bit of a liquid in it it’s supposed to be watery but I find if I if I add the whole tip because that’s there’s a lot of liquid in there I don’t know if I’ll be able to tilt a little in everywhere but yeah there’s a lot of liquid in there and I find about it all it just it gets watery and it doesn’t taste Pleasant and plus when you add the frozen fish it will make it more water it’s some of what was a horrible kind of the the seafood so I don’t like to be in that water so I’ll just just add a tiny splash of it and you can keep it on the side and add more if you want to but you didn’t need any more zooming in so you can see me stirring all the ingredients together it’s quite a nice colorful dish then the coconut cream makes it nice and creamy without adding any dairy it’s a nice pescetarian dish I just want to get all the coconut cream mixed in and we’re just gonna let that simmer for eight minutes until the vegetables are nice and soft I’m just going to take off the heat and we’ll let that cool down before I separating it out into four freezer bags or these are suitable containers okay so I’ve got a pot here of the vegetables and the sauce that’s one of the portions that would have defrosted overnight here throughout the day I’ve also got the bag of the fish in the Proms cut out of it so for portions of the sauce and vegetables for portions okay so that’s right reporter even though it’s frozen I can smell all the nice spices and anything so we’re going to put on a medium heat and we’re gonna let that cook for 810 minutes and we’ll put some rice on in the meantime you just want the fish and the prawns to be fully cooked so about five minutes in we can see the fish is mostly defrosted cooked on some sides so we’re gonna turn everything around make sure we’re getting cooked on both sides and see the prawns are starting to turn a bit pink especially this money so it really doesn’t need much time at all to cook I’m just gonna pour this over my

rice I’m just gonna add some coriander leaves the garnish for a bit extra flavor and color okay so here we go is that finished article so you can see all the nice colors in there I’ve mushed it a bit because this is the third take so try and get some cool whatever they want so I’m going to let some of the fresh fish so yeah it tastes really nice and fresh feel the fresh vegetables fresh fish it’s a creaminess to it even though we’ve hung out there we have to feed cream coconut so perfect the VFX pescetarian it was a nice warming dish okay so I’ve got the vegetables here red onion no it’s not red onion that’s a red pepper

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