we share our road test results from the new Audi q3 talk about Ford’s just announced driver assistance system and answer your questions including whether it’s a good idea to cover your car and rhinestones next on talking cars welcome back I’m Keith Barry I’m Emily Thomas and I’m Mike wincing and we’re here to talk cars and the first piece of information that we’ve got this week is a new semi autonomous driving system an automated driving system and it’s from Ford it’s called Ford active drive assist it’s part of the co-pilot 360 package which includes a lot of safety and driver assistance technologies and this is this is aimed right at the heart of Tesla’s autopilot right Mike yeah but but but you know you kind of hit on the key words here I mean it is a driver assist and not autopilot and we’ve you know kind of criticized Tesla for even using those words and implying that it’s a self-driving car and Ford is pretty clear in its press material that says this is not a self-driving car I mean we’re we’re kind of interested in in getting a chance to test this because it uses the eye tracking to ensure the drivers alert as opposed to what Tesla does that Tesla just wants to make sure that the the drivers hands are somewhere on the wheel but we weren’t as impressed with that as we are as words like Cadillac super cruise so this system essentially it will kind of take the wheel a little bit it will keep a distance and it’s and it’s going to be coming when it’s coming in the Mustang maquis right yeah the 2021 model year I believe it was and you know in Fords own words they said you know it’s a hands-free driving to help with the stress of long highway drives I don’t know about you but a long highway drive that my hands are the least of my worries it’s more like I’m getting tired or something like that I I’m a little a little concerned that there’s all this emphasis on hands-free because Consumer Reports has been a big advocate of saying you know drivers need to stay alert they need to stay engaged they you know they need to have their hands on the wheel but this is this is a system like some that we’ve we’ve tested before like super cruise like autopilot like Volvo has one Nissan has one this is sort of forward throwing their hat in the ring Emily we’re sort of heartened by the fact that this one seems this system seems like some of the better systems we’ve tested right yeah it sounds like they’re in corporate a lot of similar aspects as the Cadillac supercruise which we rated highest when we went through the partially automated systems and you know in part because it does have a tracking it is using these driver monitoring systems like Quincy mention but more than just like you know is their touch on the wheel it’s gonna be tracking head position it’s gonna be looking for where your eyes are looking on the road so that combination definitely is indicative of more driver engagement than just keeping your hands on the wheel or having some sort of like touch on the wheel so we’re definitely heartened by that and just even the fact that it’s limited in scope you know similar to the supercruise right it’s only works are like highways and roads that have been mapped by the system but there’s no doubt about it this is I mean the fact that it’s debuting on this electric car I mean one of the reasons why is because it has EVs have enough power to power one of these systems they take these take a lot of energy to run and a traditional 12-volt automotive battery and electrical system might not be enough to power all of the the cameras and sensors we don’t know too much about how the system actually works but it’s probably going to take a lot of processing power but it also means that it’s it’s hit it’s hitting right at the heart of of Tesla so I mean the Cadillac supercruise GM says that they’re gonna have 22 vehicles with supercruise by 2023 but right now it’s only on the CT 6 which is a big expensive sedan that doesn’t really sell in huge numbers I’ve seen I mean I’ve seen like what like three or four on the road we have one and yeah when I’m driving by a reflective surface I see another one plate glass windows look there’s but and it’s a great car but it just isn’t it’s not necessarily that the same sort of savvy consumer who might be buying the electric Mustang it’s interesting that you said you know the ct6 sells in in small numbers so does the entire electric vehicle market selling in small nars so I you know but this is a mainstream this is a mainstream brand coming out with the system that is gonna be sort of trialed on this one car and I think it’s really I think it’s gonna be very interesting I’m really looking

forward to what when we get to test it when we get in that Maki and we’re gonna get one as soon as we possibly can and as soon as we can possibly get one with this Ford active drive assist system and and as soon as we get it it’ll be up there in our ratings so something to look something to look forward to on long highway drives so we also have just finished our testing of the Audi q3 a new sort of subcompact luxury SUV it’s new for this year with a turbocharged 228 horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission so that’s up twenty eight horsepower and two more gears than the prior version gets 23 miles a gallon and it doesn’t take premium any more it takes regular and this is the most interesting thing to me the base price range it starts at under 35 it starts at thirty four thousand seven hundred dollars which is about what the average cost of any new vehicle is let alone one from a luxury brand so Emily I understand this has been sort of your your sort of quarantine pandemic car this is the car that you’ve been driving throughout all of all of this you’ve had it for a while yeah for a few weeks now I I get them in large chunks but I really like the q3 um I have driven like the old version when I first started working here and I loved it immediately that was also kind of like my first introduction to Audi because my family it’s was notorious for having mostly you know like Japanese cars and I drove a beat-up Corolla through grad school so I was like ooh shiny new and German engineering might eschewed my opinion in the beginning but I did really enjoy that car a lot and so I was pretty pumped we got a new one so I liked the redesign you know it comes with some nice new features I like how the infotainment system is not those weird like knobs anymore that were kind of annoying and they were just more tedious to go or anything like to be able to sync up your phone or do anything was just like a really cumbersome task I’d have to sit in the CR parking lot for a really long time trying to set anything up before I can actually leave work so I do enjoy that part of it that it’s like touchscreen now it’s a little easier I spend a lot of time in the backseat everybody knows this um setting up the child seats sitting back there with my toddler and I’ve found it to be pretty spacious pretty roomy the seats are comfortable even just the cargo area has been really great for us like we’ve been able to fit Micah’s toddler bike back there when we’ve gone for walks and stuff I was able to fit my husband’s for a new tool chest back there by like putting the seats down and it has four aft adjustment now which is really great so like I was able to like push the second row like as forward as possible and fold on half the seats because each of them fold individually which gives you like a lot of versatility I feel like you’re able to kind of configure the backseat the way you need to depending on like what you’re carrying which has been super helpful for like just you know different array time stuff we’ve been doing so I enjoyed the car a lot because I was great and I I’m a big fan hmm yeah a lot of stuff I agree with there Mike what do you think so the q3 has definitely improved a lot of ways like Emily mentioned that the that the new touchscreen infotainment system has gotten better a better driving position according to you know all of our testers and just it’s a reminder it’s not just the three of us driving this car we have a whole bunch of people that weigh in on this forward collision warning automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection is standard so that’s also good news I thought it was it was too bad that adaptive cruise control which I actually I love I use all the time it’s not standard on the base price model that you mentioned before Keith you know about thirty five grand and that’s that’s a little disappointing to me because every total Corolla you know every Toyota has this I mean every lower price Toyota model has this standard and and I also think it’s I also don’t quite get the small like luxury SUV market I know it’s so it sells pretty well but I just think it’s kind of weird I mean to spend this much money and ours was about you know $43,000 I mean that’s not that’s not inexpensive in my opinion so I’ll get an a3 or a q5 instead well well no I just I don’t know for that much money for a kind of a family vehicle Emily I get everything you’re saying my kids are older but when my kids were smaller when we would go to sign out cars for the weekend we would definitely think you know okay what can hold the stroller and the child seats and all the bait the diaper bags and all that stuff but so for me for this much money I’m looking at Telluride a Ford Edge these Keys both these vehicles have a lot more room inside and and so something like that the q3 the the Lexus NX the BMW x2 the

Mercedes GLA which which Consumer Reports has tested all of them again they’re small they’re kind of expensive and I don’t think you’d get a lot for them but I don’t know just just you know just my take so I drove this car I so I sometimes I like to try on different lifestyles when I get a different cars so you know we have this this Ram Laramie and I just kept it I kept the radio on a Willie Nelson station on XM the whole time and that was like Monticello right there yeah I just you know I was driving around rural central Connecticut just living at yeah like I got mulch I have a condo but I picked up no I didn’t pick up much but uh but I didn’t lend you my key not that Todd’s not talking cars no so this q3 I the week that I had it I just happened to have a scheduled trip to New York and I was staying in sort of a really up-and-coming part a Long Island City and you know seeing friends in Brooklyn and staying in a neighborhood I could never afford to live in but that had a little bit of street parking and had to pick up a friend at JFK and and I kind of got the sense of what it would be like to you know have a have that sort of wealthy young professional lifestyle in the city without with a real nice condo and enough money left over to buy a small luxury car and I really liked it I would say you know we went to you know there you know there are three of us in the car we went to an antique shop and Greenpoint we found street parking there was space for stuff went out to dinner you know but found a space that we could just kind of squeeze this thing right into I felt like I was in a commercial I was gonna say there’s cards you’re an advertising agencies dream right next thing you know we’re gonna open up a farm-to-table restaurant just you know but anyhow but but yeah but I think in these sort of neighborhoods that you know you know in Boston it’s sort of JP or like the Seaport sort of these areas that are nice with a little more a little more parking places like Austin places you know Silver Lake you know West Hollywood these these sort of neighborhoods where where it’s it’s an it’s an urban area so you don’t have a ton of space to park you have to have some money to live there and you want to be able to get out of the city this is perfect for that and I honestly if that’s your lifestyle you know if you want to trade just give me a give me a call but I I think your point about easier parking is a really good one and that’s definitely that definitely has an advantage of the vehicles that I was recommending for the same price but that’s a really good point but on up you know on you know on the BQE on you know on a four-hour drive back to you know back home you know stuck in traffic it was on the Merritt it was just as comfortable as it was you know and as it was practical so I love this car basically or at least you know lifestyle that that I can’t afford version of me loves this car so that’s kind of nice we get that we get to try on all kinds of things it’s better than getting to try on different washing machines or you know different vacuum cleaners but talking lifestyles you make a great point about the parking though because I took it with me when I went down to Philly for my grad school graduation and it’s all Street parking down by the University and so I was able to park great because it it is tiny enough that you know you can get in and I was able to you know throw all my junk and stuff so I really use I was totally on point for that city kind of lifestyle of you having to park on the road just to clarify this was all sort of pre-pandemic that that we did all the fun driving in this car now it’s just oh yeah and I great to hang your mask from the drive from our garages to our mailbox and I’m just you know it starts the battery’s still yeah that’s uh talking mailboxes all right to learn more about the q3 to see our full road test review our scores everything else head over to consumerreports.org it’s all there and if you’re a member you can you can read all there is to say and a bunch of opinions from people other than the three of us so speaking of people who aren’t the three of us it’s on to some video questions we love video questions send them to talking cars at icloud.com this first one no I don’t think there’s so much of a question I think it’s some some advice I think it might be someone auditioning to you know to get on the show so let’s take a look hey talking cars this is Chris Nelson from Redding California and I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to clean out the car as an alternative to using a suction vacuum machine you can actually use a blower and it works really really well so anyways give it a try just open all four

of your doors and blast it out alright interesting idea and this is something have either of you ever thought of this and the other have you ever done this no definitely not just a thought like just watching him describe it was giving me anxiety because I was like my allergies would be so angry at all the deaths just like flying around and I feel like are you for me personally I would feel like the cars dude like I like to suction dust up like I don’t like to blow it somewhere oh good that HEPA filter yeah there’s a microfiber cloth yeah I feel like heavy duty dust removal so I think for me I I can see maybe if you wanted to like get rid of some larger debris like you know if maybe if you had kids who do sports so they tracted a bunch of like grass and leaves or whatever but for kind of like your I would I would still follow it up with like an actual vacuum that you know sucks up dirt and gravel and sand things that you know Wigner oh my my out eq3 lifestyle anxieties came up as soon as I thought all those dust ships and stuff blowing through the car yeah I mean and that wealthy lifestyle of yours you would really be sad if your interior that stuff you you’d be you’d be kicked out of the Audi Club no question so the good news is that CR does have people who test leaf blowers and I and I reached out to Eric Hagerman who’s in who’s in charge of the home section at CR and and he said you you know we gave a bunch of advice this guy’s got a battery-powered blower but if you have a gas-powered blower you know about 13 14 people every year die from using a gas-powered small engines and enclosed spaces so don’t do this in your garage and Eric says you should absolutely not use a gasoline-powered blower in any enclosure they emit carbon monoxide which is lethal at certain levels so don’t do that that’s kind of the you know if it seems like a good idea park it outside and also he says that with a battery-powered blower any blower using it inside of a car might amplify that sound and those things are loud yeah there’s and there’s also you know an issue that these are these are blowing things rather than picking it up and they can drive the dust into crevices where it will stay forever I’m surprised I looked online and a lot of people do this and I found some people who claim that they’re sort of car-detailing experts and they they do it I thought that I thought the video was was funny neat idea but I personally would never do it all right next question I think is time Peter asks should I buy my friends 2018 Golf R when his two year lease is over if I do should I do it through the dealership when my friend brings it back or would it be better for him to buy it out first then I buy it from him Golf R now the issue with a car like this is you know any card that’s meant to be sort of a performance car you know the Focus RS and I said you know Subaru STi you know back in the day the Evo is that people would drive them hard and if you buy one at a used-car lot you don’t know what you’re getting so I think you know he has this very responsible friend who has a Golf R and you know that’s awesome I have a lease right now it’s it’s almost done and every time I’ve brought this car in I’ve been told by the dealership listen what we’re gonna do is if you want to buy this car in the end don’t buy out the car we’ll take it back and then we’ll negotiate in the price and we’ll sell it to you as a certified pre-owned used car from less than the buyout prices so for those who don’t know with the lease there is an opportunity to basically pay the difference that between the amount that you paid in lease payments and what the car is currently worth at the time that you at the time that you trade it in but the issue is is that amount which is called you know that the payoff figure was calculated before you leased the car so it’s an estimate it’s what the automaker thought that that car would be worth in this case at the end of two years sometimes it’s really high sometimes it’s really low and like all things it’s negotiable so in practical terms what it means is what you know if you just pay that if your friend just pays this lease payoff amount and buys the car and sells it to you you might be stuck with a number that’s it’s it’s way too high so what I would do is I would find a dealership that you trust you bring the car back and you know you ask if you can negotiate you tell them I’m interested in buying this car and suggest to them do you want to take it back as it as a is a lease return and then sell it and then sell it to me as a CP o is a certified pre-owned Anil able to even get some some additional

warranty on top of it which is nice with a Volkswagen because they don’t tend to be at the top of our reliability ratings that’s what I would do quince what do you think well I have a few questions I mean I’m glad you brought up the warranty thing cuz I was I looked it up the Golf R from Volkswagen gets a six year seventy two thousand mile warranty that is transferable when that’s the the critical part of a warranty so I guess this is a two-year lease if I’m remembering the question correctly yeah and so there’s there’s plenty of warranty left but my question is why this particular one I mean does this person have intimate knowledge that his friend took care of the car really well does it have a good service history and for whatever price that he thinks he’s gonna get if he if he buys this car what else can you get for that money yeah and this is such a specialty car I mean I looked there only like two or three of these used for sale within a hundred miles of the track right now so it’s a pretty populated area so it this is gonna be a very special case but I would say start talking to the dealership now about that pay off figure and negotiate it because I think they’re they’re gonna be able to turn this car around when it comes traded in on the lease you know so if your if your heart is set on the Golf R then that’s one thing but if you have a certain amount of money that you want to spend on a cool car I would I would you know consider your options is what I always say yeah all right so I hope that helps our next question is also about fun cars but it’s it’s from Khalifa from Sri Lanka who says I’m 17 years old and I’m planning to buy my first car next year I personally don’t like to drive simple cars like most people because I’m a heck of a car enthusiast do you have any suggestions for a 17 year old car addicts first car my budget is 15 K to 20 K I don’t plan to take someone with me often so I’m fine with going for a two-seater now this is I love this because we get to we’re not just you know searching cars for sale in the US this is awesome but I do have to preface this by saying that some of these cars we that we’re gonna talk about we haven’t we haven’t personally driven nor have we driven you know there are different versions of these cars that get sold in different parts of the world so mutters exactly yeah I’ve never been in a Mahindra I’ve never which is great a great a great sadness for me honestly so my first so I went to I really I love his question I went to a couple of different sites that are the equivalent of like you know cars.com Edmonds Auto Trader for used car market places for the sri lanka market and the first car that I saw that I thought was oh man a Nissan March that sold in a lot of the rest of the world even in Canada not in the US as the Nissan Micra and it’s apparently you know it’s a it’s a small not very overpowered fun to drive car that is flight and possible and there in fact there even single make racing syriza’s where people just race Nissan Micra but then I looked at what was actually for sale and I’m realizing I’m thinking that this as as you know me in the u.s. thinking oh that’s an exotic you know strange little car but he says he wants something that not everyone else wants so I searched a little further because it appears that you know there a ton of my christopher sale but i found in your price range that there aren’t a lot of on the road out EA for classic sort of you know young person enthusiast car you can get a no.5 or no.6 in your price range the next one is a pooja 308 and this is a car that I don’t don’t laugh I’m laughing cuz you’re French car man I waiting for the waiting for the Renault to come up on you know apparently they’re just as rare in Sri Lanka as they are and almost as rare and sure you can at least buy them there so you would kind of stand out I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but honestly the 308 it’s a small car it’s you know really balanced good handling I don’t know what I drove home with a 3 cylinder and it actually had a ton of power you know gas three cylinder and I drove it a few years ago so it’d be the same generation that’s for sale there alright so our last question is from diego who asks pretty soon i’ll be inheriting my father’s 2013 prius v as you know there are much better looking cars on the market so to solve this problem I have decided to cover the exterior of this car in rhinestones is this legal in California will it affect my fuel economy my father says the rhinestones will never survive a car wash is there a particular adhesive that you would recommend for this task I will say I actually reached out to various governing bodies in California and strangely none of them got back to me this question but there are art cars out there there are lots of you know I was just gonna say like the two perspectives

I have on it are one is like the practicality of applying rhinestones I imagine would just be a really tedious and time-consuming task that it just seems a lot of effort for something that may not be very long-lasting or useful in the long run perhaps that’s just me but this is the safety perspective I’m concerned about visibility for other vehicles you know like during the daytime like I can see all of those little rhinestones just catching the sunlight and causing like a huge glare issue for other drivers at night I can see it catching other people’s headlights and high beams and again just making yourself blinding which it’s really detrimental for you as a driver and then also for everybody else around you so I mean I would think that safety wise it’s not the best Avenue to go because it just it seems dangerous I know that’s a little bit of like the party food thing but I think there are other ways perhaps to make your car interesting that don’t also make you a magnet for a motor vehicle crash perhaps hopefully and you get I can you get through this without a Glen Campbell reference I was just gonna say you know this is the first time in talking cars history that we can talk about Glen camel well as a song called Rhinestone Cowboy yeah from from using a leaf blower to clean your car two cars from Sri Lanka two rhinestones this has been a boom roads clear oh yeah I mean listen we love honestly this is this is these are some awesome this is a lot of what the fuel economy off that no these are but but for the for the prius v listen this is a car that’s super practical very fuel-efficient incredible reliability history it’s inexpensive to own and to operate so I know this is not your car of choice and so emily is talking like a mom I’m talking like a dad right now drive it for a while save your money for something that you want and and maybe kind of skip the whole rhinestone thing because it might be like one of those you know those tattoos that you’ve got when you were younger and then you got old and you’re thought well I look gorgeous I thought it was a good idea at the time no it’s an it like a pretty easy car to to resell like it I imagine it has good value right so something like that might really kind of diminish the value which would really stink where you have a car that can so well but but but in talking about this question Keith had the best idea yes so Diego I love I love what you’re doing here I love it when people try to express themselves in a car I think it’s I think it’s awesome and but I just don’t want you to back yourself into a corner where you can’t sell this thing and get something that is really you and that doesn’t say you know I I Drive a car that my parents want me to drive so I am practical you know a little bumper sticker so sort of a tale of two cars in my neighborhood there’s there’s one person who has put floppy disks glued floppy disks all to the outs and the five and a quarter ones to nothing okay and they glued them to the outside of their Honda Civic and that thing is never gonna sell I mean they’re gonna they’re stuck with this car forever but someone else in my building they have a they have a Prius and they have given it an iridescent car wrap and a wrap is sort of like a vinyl coating that that safely applies to the outside of a vehicle and when you’re done you can peel it off which means you can change it out as often as you want and if you’re done with a car you peel it off and you know no harm no foul and you can resell that car and get something else so my neighbors theirs is iridescent it actually looks really cool it’s kind of like one of those like hypercolor shirts I I like the look of it and if they don’t like it they can change it and it costs about three thousand dollars to get done but you can try it yourself and it sounds like you’re looking for a project here if you’re looking to grow glue a ton of rhinestones to the outside of a car so that’s what I would say is I would say get a wrap and speaking of wraps I think it’s a wrap for this episode because we’ve been talking a lot today so keep your questions coming we love questions of all different kinds than the practical to to the fanciful it’s awesome however you appreciate cars we appreciate it too so send those two talking cars at icloud.com and we’ll talk cars again with you soon

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