even after the climate summit in Paris there will be long and difficult negotiations about how to deal with the ever more pressing problems of climate change a growing group of people has lost confidence in the political system coming up with sufficient measures in time meet Hong Kong southerners of is a dual by right I was very odd considering system a little bit and from the front climate of Germany the here the human passes forward four levels of a can they target the financial sector and organize campaigns to urge pension funds churches universities and governments to withdraw their investment in oil coal and gas producing companies in other words to divest from companies that profit from climate change you had the Mart in this system in the hood of your master page it’s in also financially halts that’s why divestment is such a such a good thing this divestment movement is gaining more and more influence several funds have already announced their divestment from fossil fuel stock and surprisingly the movement is getting support from the financial world itself investing in fossil fuels turns out to be increasingly risky I don’t agree that we should sell fossil fuels for ethical reasons or that that’s gonna change Society it’s the reason to sell fossil fuels is because they’re overvalued this is back light welcome to a future of rising temperatures and falling stock prices so if you can join the circle if you’re on the grass already at a farm hostel in Seoul Miren in the Netherlands a group of a new type of activists has gathered the plans they are making in preparation for the Paris climate summit will probably have a bigger impact on climate change than all the deals made in Parliament and climate conferences put together so do you want to destroy in during this group yes thank you they are not just concerned about the climate but also about our pensions that’s why they are asking pension funds universities and governments to withdraw their investments in oil coal and gas producing companies to divest so can we we can think about what what we can be doing as part of these moments they do this with demonstrations and banners but also with in-depth knowledge of financial markets and research into risks and returns this morning we’re going to be talking about the big moments that are coming up I hear people have been murmuring about Paris apparently something’s happening we’re going to be talking about that and this morning the movement originated at universities in the United States and grew rapidly over the past few years all over the world my name is Ella [ __ ] and I’m from Berlin in Germany I’m Chris leti from burn in Switzerland my name is shin Farina I’m from Tokyo Japan my name is Lars Jansson and I’m from Denmark my name is father Jose Akuma drove Saddam been active in eBay pay for souffle accompanied by baby paper seems phones flash on investing in the fossil energy industry to stop we are planning to ask the banks of Japan not to finance international coal projects we’re working on convincing the Berlin mayor to divest the public money that’s invested in fossil companies all the divestment movements campaigns receive support from New York it is the home of three fifty.org a relatively young environmental organization may bhuva leads the climate campaigns okay there’s a lot of momentum in Europe right now I just looked in over 42 countries are running the campaign and there’s the new victories absolutely every single day some some days there’s victories every hour you’re you’re watching Twitter and

a new town will divest a new University a new bank in some cases and each each of these divestment victories that happens tells the same story that more and more people don’t want to be associated with the fossil fuel industry it’s fundamentally about making a choice between something that’s right and something that’s wrong for a lot of people their decisions are made around money and where you put your money is where you put your values what we really needed is a way to make it clear that it’s immoral to cause climate change and that the fossil fuel industry is really hell-bent on doing exactly that divestment also gives anybody a way to get involved so if you have a pension fund if you’re at a university if you are an individual investor if you live in a town that has a pension fund of its own there’s a way to actually use divestment to get involved in this movement and so that was another reason why it stood out to us because so many people are concerned about climate change but don’t know what to do and here’s a way to get get active that actually means something one of the divestment campaigns targets the city of Berlin cities also invest their reserves often without regard to what the money is invested in lrj is one of the volunteers of fossil-free Berlin our main goal is to urge the city to divest what they have invested in fossil fuel companies and it’s probably about 10 million euros and that is not so much compared to pension funds or so but the point is that it’s a symbolic step to take and we also want them to be loud about it I realized that when I talk to people about climate change they sometimes have this really funny reaction of well but then summer will be a bit longer and maybe we can grow why and that you know now they can only grow in Spain yes possible but that’s not the only thing that will change and somehow people seem to think that if it gets really bad somewhere else in the third world that people will just say okay so we’re gonna die here now okay we’ll drown that’s fine but that’s not gonna happen people will try and fulfill their right of surviving by going to other places and that will be huge the other thing is that during winter what we eat is not grown here but somewhere else and it’s grown in places where climate change will kick in much more heavily than here that also means that we are going to be short and food I feel much more scared of what could happen to my kids and my grandchildren it scares me a lot to imagine how terrible they would feel in a world like that everything I mean for myself I don’t look so much into the future I think because it’s I’m not able to predict what will happen I just know that what we’re doing now must stop basically the fact that we’re facing extinction if we don’t change this on time that would be something that everybody agrees on and so obviously I would have expected politicians to work on this and try to solve the problem taking a long-term perspective and thinking about what effects were what we decide have on the future of this country I really really missed that in political decisions I think that’s why divestment is such a such a good thing because it’s something very concrete that you can ask for you can point fingers at people being a really small group you can get a lot of

things going and you can make a lot of noise you don’t need to be an expert to demand the obvious really and it’s so obvious that it’s wrong for the state to invest in these companies that are destroying our future it can be a normal person with the profession that has nothing to do with this and yet I have the right to stand up and say I want you to change these things [Applause] the mayor is a tough one because well from all that we’ve learned the whole environmental issues not the top of his list we sent him letters invitations to talk to us about this topic and we never really received a reply from him yeah – Ziggy endowment an HP guzerzi gunshots leash students of the mall to me the Bugatti Alok Singh was not fresh tennis bitten does steal again iboga my astonished lights at each year but wins in tryptic opening sign can never be as it’s there’s an auto at entwicklung would embed andreas kaiser so we started searching for him we realized that we need to confront him wherever he appears in public because he will not write back so we went to public appearances starkest aren’t going to public appearances when he’s answering questions by citizens and that was actually the only time when we got a direct statement from him escape – wobbly not as I hoped that the red/system divestments we can easily plug to the investi on with goodbyes reference immunity tying us the infant Wharton’s on chemo shots and named when a flag on G is currently dispersed eating wood we see in the last night regeneration – concrete house via happen for Coulson and a given degree successful Berlin Bush lost nan Hammond is Amanda given The Gazette says collectors where the serum Belinda’s 5050 mono trials Omaha ABBA on to fill a leash Cadmus is scratchy she deserve and is actually mm of house the ocean isn’t in the steel and on against a megawatt splits hangin tough enough does an Aggie pets are biased on Suzanne realized non-sterile tomorrow sneaked what the last non slighted is not ours basically I would have expected him being the senator for environment that he would have a strong opinion about fossil fuels and and he didn’t he didn’t say anything he said that he’s not going to close any plans okay and he drew a line or a connection between unemployment and divestment which doesn’t make any sense and he just didn’t give any concrete answer it’s really about leveling the playing field and creating a functional democracy that can tackle climate change because all else being equal if our democracy functioned we would have dealt with climate change in 1989 when the science was first revealed it’s too serious it’s too threatening so why didn’t politicians act without any measures to decrease carbon emissions the average temperature on earth will continue to rise possibly by as much as four degrees by the end of the century we as a movement want to have the last word we don’t want Paris to end with whatever the International negotiations land on we are gonna take this forward and we are gonna solve the climate crisis it’s more than changing a lightbulb or riding a bicycle it’s about changing the financial system that’s helping to cause the problem you will have an opportunity at the end of the session to put all your things that you have planned on going on in your countries on this timeline it actually started on some college campuses here in the u.s. at Swarthmore College and students called on their university to divest from investments in coal and since then it’s spread like wildfire and within one year we’re now at a place where two point six trillion dollars of assets under management are now fossil-free in the Netherlands – there are campaigns to get funds to divest their money from fossil fuels one of these is focused on a BP one of the largest pension funds in the world managing more than three hundred

and fifty billion euros some activists like Vuitton Hazare are also building up their pensions with a BP as is the effective funky mud flow meningioma Findo Aquitaine lasted even do have a local Optima from bring about igniting both divestment campaign the Institute is also to have a pension reforms of the loop and invest ailing and fossil energy to stop a BP fossil free is not only worried about the climate but also about the pensions of firemen teachers government workers and soldiers who were building up pensions at a BP oil coal and gas are no longer the safe investments they once were seven and elephants a seductive million and la no Bronco bored Iceland yeah those chemical today I’m so thankful today I was Koechner of cloth fair few Islands we thought the the very fun and the old FAA is work elders with five safety percent and what the government also pension before built a BP pension fund has two point eight million participants this is huge I mean for every seventh Dutchman there is one participant in the ABP pension fund which is insane and there’s a lot of people we could reach out to and make sure they understand our worries and adopt our struggle as well so so the idea is just to think who’s your target group or whatever question comes up in your mind just ride them out and put them up there and we can learn from it in the end all right so osmond climate everybody vote on hey Madhava has I’m anemic una voz Bella is there any mosaic of Owens fruits ovens what it is all scream adds warmth Eric devices phones understand and that be safe you need on dot Val Jean Haley practical into beginning avid Walker mags and the supermarkets all that folder here met food so and all that this is actin a new ammonia on daughters a Gleek the Karen found the finish aid of a hot ass breaks I like and it is to Karen from system and told me to wear Himalayan and varying climates running the doctor yeah that isn’t links you who know hobby of so the over a next May and in the oven amends don’t know states momenta to the financial county of Alcatraz break Adan had it in the Karen from the economy rock and daughters valve ammo design climate change involves risk and the financial sector is very knowledgeable about risk one of all streets most famous risk managers is Bob determine he was head of risk management at Goldman Sachs and is now running key post capital a hedge fund that manages over three billion dollars when I was head of risk management at Goldman Sachs and I would go to my boss who was the chief financial officer of the company and say we have a risk problem there was no you know well I’m busy come back next week or come back this afternoon it’s always the most important problem well what is it what do we need to do how do we address it in the world today with respect to climate risk there’s no one there governments aren’t responding right now there’s no one in charge there’s no one to say all right we have to address this it’s it’s a terrible problem determine also fears investors should pull out of fossil fuels but for other reasons than the divestment activists I have a lot of agreement with the people who are asking for divestment we’re all in the same page that this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed the question is you know how do you address it and the divestment movement is basically looking to stigmatize fossil fuels and in some ways they have they’ve made it easier to regulate against coal for instance but I don’t agree that we should sell fossil fuels for ethical reasons or that that’s going to change society it’s the reason to sell fossil fuels is because they’re overvalued so it’s not a moral argument or an ethical argument it’s an economic argument and that’s why we talk about stranded assets

on the financial market investors are getting more and more worried about climate change their worries don’t concern rising temperatures but the falling prices of their assets the stranded assets theory that Bob littleman talks about is a simple one to avoid dangerous climate change the world shouldn’t warm up by more than two degrees this target involves limiting co2 emissions fossil fuel producing companies have large reserves in oil coal and gas the proven reserves correspond with about 760 to gigatons of co2 but to keep climate change in check co2 emissions cannot exceed 225 gigatons that is about one third of the proven reserves it means that in the face of climate laws about two-thirds of fossil fuel reserves cannot be used so they are worthless calculations may diverge but a conservative estimate would be that the value of oil coal and gas producing companies may drop by 40% to investors in these companies this constitutes a great risk so if their valuations are too high let’s call them stranded assets I don’t want to own them so when I’m talking to investors that’s what I tell them you should worry about the risk that certain assets in your portfolio are overvalued you can increase your expected return by eliminating those assets from your portfolio until 2009 jeroen van der fear was the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell he too is familiar with the report on stranded assets and the risks some investors see it’s convince investors and over-faced obsessed hire not be need a lolicon polish ear under hidden markup with details Guardians you know the trail is here that shale deposit of it a Porsche and from from the VL tolling this afternoon the portions were the under dementia support is here because it is a magnet oh yeah kakashi do behave hot marathon day on the wheels all the production shall have the oculus ear in the canal the no shima tape or some tab click on it when a nori across industries way command amazed upon the short nombre Hazaras frost edema drag had been a teen year of being a teen 30 i also tried to produce year there was no net insolence work about professional particular analyst owner same a hill vein Bethesda’s errors now survey this new con scene of the dream alpha wondering anyway to 40 but represent no no this in other law is 30 reserves or an adult for policy at Cumberland what it is people have thought that well this risk is way off into the future and and the oil companies have been arguing that is don’t worry about us we’re not stranded because we’re gonna use up these reserves in the next 10-15 years and nothing’s gonna happen until then well what’s happening is now in the last couple of years people are realizing no this pricing of emissions is coming sooner and at higher levels than I anticipated and that puts those assets at risk it’s not even the actual pricing that puts the asset valuations at risk it’s the anticipation as my expectations change those coal companies have become now we haven’t started pricing coal yet but the valuations have come way down because people oh we’re going to you know or there’s gonna be regulation something we’re not gonna burn all that coal yeah this is the stock price for Peabody Coal which is one of the largest u.s. coal companies and yeah it’s come down quite a bit from the peak there where it was over a thousand to the latest price which is fourteen sixty it’s pretty representative of what’s happened to the coal industry as you know investors have recognized these are stranded assets

what’s happening now it’s kind of interesting is that when you realize that the scarce resource is not the fossil fuels the scarce resource is the atmospheres capacity to safely absorb emissions then we’re not going to burn all those fossil fuels and so it does so then all of a sudden there’s a surplus of fossil fuels that we need there’s more coal than we’re ever going to need there’s more oil than we’re ever going to need and indeed what happens is let’s say if if I’m Saudi Arabia and I’ve got a huge reservoir of oil that I can more or less tap into for a couple of dollars a barrel I I want to produce it today while I can I don’t want to keep it in the ground if I realize I may never be able to sell all this oil I’m gonna take market share today the expensive sources of oil things like tar sands deep-sea drilling Arctic drilling those aren’t going to happen we don’t need that oil well it will use the cheap oil investors and regulators and governments have become very aware of this there was a meeting of the Financial Stability Board just about a month ago in London where that was the whole question you know how how risky are these stranded assets and there was I was invited to talk at that there was someone else there who was saying well you know it’s not that risky these firms aren’t that levered and it sounded to me a lot like what they were saying about subprime mortgages you know that can’t take down the economy it’s such a small I think you know I think this is a risk that regulators are worrying about that investors are worrying about and appropriately so because it can happen very fast ABP fossil-free is preparing a new campaign to get the ABP pension fund to pull their investment out of oil coal and gas producing companies but the fund itself turns out to be pretty active too ah hello Donna and have actually not a buffet and public art she will hand back over and do Ram MBC’s Horner may wanna check it out over the wall the fund has called a press conference at their Amsterdam headquarters Corrine Voight Hmong president of the board will do the honors because he is good in word mom laughter yeah put in with mom okay yeah hi I could give you like 400 billion Yahoo see top neo blighter out ottoman complete into karate from dues telling and folders are made from to it on the name made arrangements to Sterling with its michael fisher from toad is it this new dad right in the past yeah is it like an accordion fiction FK could what a debate fishing for himself successful tacos cake open facebook and twitter annex complete the doors telling forums he’ll belong right very villains committee era Annan and we church dues telling for truth bring Brennan from the sale to a foot of drug in on sir I’m della porta fire five intent of present Mandir and Bible Ockham’s am BT or made a Yahoo design in the transit inna do some energy of may the forum cave door also be lacking in do some initiative over 500 her native a docent winter from n95 mill yard oh yeah half day on Damon okay are they sure for savvy people deals our humble I can go black and almost looked at the deal names forfeiture funds in dues I’m obliged worked and almost owner a devil phosphate a bad fact and in beta and scolded two cones within three days until they sent two kilometres active five tech Malia seven eight and twenty only after moment ale yeah that is the for doubling was doted over hefty yeah yeah zero almost routine open Twitter ID and amp a quote yeah definitely stare cause as a special premium channels blog exhibition yeah and even phone calls of

life in Harlem just to buy enough to just meet on my show school isn’t it out bill either my came out filming his needs will have a bit was very roots specialized Capitol Hill and only go so yeah who you aren’t Packard okay cap amperes States variable another two comes to the lesson in cope loafers and beloved cop Lopez dr. Ambe Drive and he said in Selma the best health fun and sector between us had on random entry Zico Costa and front row on the name the [ __ ] but definitely be taken under 2.4 sill add-ons fortifier Hatford rain oak dark on the driver’s ed qualify Sierra in the bhava staccato Korean I’m German treat no cuisines activist to you tweet me Pezzini yeah bro gonna chat yet did his next news stop at Kohler daughters an actor stop actually Tito man who already gone okay what six me lift for the mouth off like a drug and his worn on the do some villanous with a new banana Antonella phones a behavior of want Laura Campbell area the lots of wonderful egg has made on the deal name as an adventure oh ho a new blade tracked under a box entrusted that will correct artisan the drain poem in the average paper to fire hat on ho and Alba Drive Mutasa tuara of new solely cetera foreign Newark for an IHOP lack in answer Belarus Spotify on the newest Alexei criteria double attorneys and a not oceanographer who tournament Tara Costa Adeje kosher deli very saucy toss him chain of the driver food on an octave a food you might have wanted own name from the overdrive name – guys well just lives now of do stallion hmm hasten our overwriting in energy sector from the overdrive name of skies yeah reduce myself a biblical a non-terminal mythical dune almost north of judge the photo come from the overdrive name okay and that comes in this little decennial uncle Burt someone’s got an exit yeah no there’s a nexus Delta P and others well no the Isaac knew he’ll have such path of war pension XO leaver in festive in each Slavonic tank Dave Navarro’s as a kid in house infest Arizona Panero upset dr. MacPhail division in first era done in a pension system of an egg tank no Asda no held at canto Sigma P sugar Africa club Johan veer moot manages hundreds of millions of dollars part of it is it families capital the rest belongs to clients he foresees even more risks in oil coal and gas so he has not only decided to sell his investment in that sector he has even started to speculate actively on a swift downfall of fossil fuel companies he’s going short if your macroeconomic view says we’ve come to a point in time where renewables are now cheaper than fossil fuels without subsidies then you get a macroeconomic view of the world which says Brazil will go bankrupt Russia will go bankrupt Indonesia will go bankrupt Saudi Arabia is going bankrupt and everybody else going backwards depending on oil and gas and individual oil companies will see the value collapse the way that the balance sheet of an oil company works is they have huge assets which are proven reserves which are valued on the basis of long-term future oil price and as long as that long-term future oil price is higher than a lifting cost that’s a positive profit which is discounted forward it gives you the asset now if that long-term oil price forecast is wrong and it falls belong below the cost that assets evaporates and to us there’s no question that the oil gas coal companies of this world the greatest short of all time and what a wonderful place to be shorting

and best dates – LD dizzy alochol ginger hair log and arresting cannot is haram attitude okay under the impact of this area that’s okay I know that Thank You director of that base but do blood Stouffer and so where is all Elaine Dahlia husband so long Coco her to hold canal and the histogram tapped the heart valve a narcotic carbon pricing the sale to a set of this a tape resulting the heart coma and another hams so they should not from the only sane not a double him to do over it to do your betaken thought on this and new by Energy Forum is a whole food co-op or a beta world become preferable shatters tell dr Klimas problem Hotel aviable Shane who’s it on the starter feed poncho and of care and rehabilitation area of Benghazi that’s me a nice fuzzy Unsworth and are now moved to the the investors will my nod think about what’s you gonna do we receive all university of need what enables a company to be able to do business part of it is their money and what they make and their ability to transact business on a daily basis the other is the so called social license which is the public perception the positive reaction of people to the brand and that’s what we’re trying to affect with the fossil fuel industry the best example about this is tobacco companies that at a certain point they were exposed as lying to people about cigarettes causing cancer and suddenly nobody wanted you know there’s that iconic image of the heads of the major tobacco companies having to testify before the US Congress and all under oath saying that nicotine is not addictive and then it being revealed that that was completely a lie and that creates among the public of reception that these companies are not in our public interest and that means that politicians then don’t want to be accepting campaign contributions from them and right now our analysis is that the reason we don’t have climate policy is because of the amount of lobbying pressure I would not say that all fossil fuel companies are you know bad and you know in the sense that you might say tobacco companies are bad but but many of them have supported you know deniers or let’s say have supported political parties or institutions that are trying to prevent appropriate pricing of emissions trying to create uncertainty trying to tell the public that this is all alarmism that this is you know some sort of leftist plot or something I mean that’s that’s horrible this is a real risk management problem and people who are saying don’t worry about it they should be found liable for that knowingly I mean there’s a bunch articles in the paper in in the in the press recently about Exxon that it knew for thirty years that this was real and went out of its way to fund you know people to cloud the issue and and to attack science and that’s just that’s evil you know I’m not a lawyer but I think there is liability risk there to the extent that these companies have knowingly lied about what they’re doing about the hip that they’ve knowingly paid for disinformation there is a change in the sort of zeitgeist if you will people are recognizing it’s it’s happening and so you see it in the valuations investors are realizing well either emissions are gonna priced or there’s liability or something it’s gonna you know we can’t keep going listen.you City under 100,000 euros 50,000 years whatever it is as the manager of this public pension fund you think you’re doing your job right by selecting these companies but in fact you now know that there are fossil fuels who are no longer profitable and that these companies will be worth nothing and if you don’t sell now then you be legally responsible personally responsible to all of the pensioners in Holland all the pensioners in any other country who you not only destroy the future of their children but you also destroyed their savings because you didn’t listen the Vuitton trace our ancestors was at

the quarry Boardman call is from hearty Bratley petit seen on tungsten enema I forced a little elf elf from Marietta thought he needed opens contour Thomson downtown Lodi to speak with fathom from the other day for Sufi exactly telephone him standing think Novell also fill in via email traffic Mahoney’s acacia Bela it cotton frackie of elves elves and the force of data on the korinthos break this is so that Elaine’s either by average Suzanne is it so that lots of formats are uniform of who can the sword in a bad habit a symbolism me over so from creative manila and briefed Oklahoma as it is the infinite adversarial hook socially a sort large in the personal fulfill as it had on the West boarding put it in that form during oak for the debate the shoot phones obvious negative that of the Alamo was resorts and over the two components pension and this yes my balance back zones reserved or any problem at ECL fun devastating and facil Nitin Bob the ulema and Zino’s a moralist email compose and seen as a financial physical what is really a liquid do is a dual by right I was very odd facility stop mmm-hmm yeah those break the commitment placement and from the fontina top Somm need here the here and vices forward four levels they can only meant and a difficult and design record door doesn’t schematically never deviated right now in ink in there will I have a and in angular interests you have about a three month yeah it’s not really do but Magnus is assaulted island and so you could I reckon me too yeah and it is an old ability to fight vibrated mere by Hobart by doesn’t screw on the particular at the same anklet interests in boat Eva driver do overflowed and allowed the Mets of Moher some include Konami bins almond drive on the draw GT be supported lad still cracked the situation so it’s not decennial long in that have collide thought but I’d will head back driver in every state own team at room on team athlean serious rant pakka my even close to investing the deform home of the me you know heroes in Exxon Mobil before build you know first of all you give folks a faux pas de Coubertin at Exxon Mobil as we can for water so since they are safe to Vista funky man throwing and more focused and colorful the business bill arming the doing from the port fire for incision line yeah talkin to [ __ ] that’s that isn’t asked a mistake on the net out that way African bar will assign a place to talk very over D hail and a LaPorta failure the sale triads tow truck train and the color be drive the act violet of coal hat and the optimum digital stone from the in fact the cyber world of the hammer artists indecently stops fulfill needs crowd as well nice really a grater to be applicable of optin opposed to telephone to sever benefit crater from betray for money may be letter d thank you from hey blade blade was also in festival Malins now the muhammad nur first titled stand here and there on to villa oh good bacon upon bringeth a look at how the rubella filled positive for this prick met a buffet for silver a dude had the marked in this system in the harukomizuki base it’s in also finish a revealed and exact ave oz burgers almost cotta but veils in if you do confer honour and he heard you finish a lot good meet hong kong it will start on there so I feel like slapping accent mama do McGrath I think the divestment movement old keep

changing increasingly the focus is on larger and larger institutions increasingly the focus is on banks themselves and their lending practices and hopefully this idea of divesting at the government level these campaigns take a lot of time some institutions people have been working on for three years that we may see in two more years they’ll have agreed to divest I might have forgotten voigtländer boy I guess Parliament understood that they have to reduce co2 emissions so they formed an uncapped Commission and one of the recommendations that they are giving is that the city should divest it’s not decision yet but it means that Parliament has to deal with this an asset it has to discuss it we’re so excited about that this isn’t happening that we decided to take action and prepare to that the surprise and we hope that everybody will be super me about it we will applaud when they mention divestment and then we’ll hand over a gift and thank them for having said yes to divest name is Teresa and Joe Clair silicon and the spoon is land the arm is a three burner stove around hula Austin from the Hickey boy the Dolphins elegant international mechanism for larvae by einen unlearn Austin for Seon tall skin [Applause] the violent spectacular Ignacy Yaga’s I talked to the investment from non-fossil people in person via London I’m from thousand melanin on Helena’s Andy a botanist at and how sceeto school you don’t gas it is so easy that fear dances of technologies accent this is he won’t stop Berlin to divest is just the first step if we reach a success it makes it possible to take the next step as long as I can I will follow that path thank you for watching for more on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended video don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and we’ll keep you updated on our documentaries

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