why must you sony fanboys be so combative i mean you continue to lose and lose and lose on a daily basis how does it feel to be a part of the losers club it must be so incredibly sad do sony fanboys continue to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and it’s so incredibly sad because you’re too busy going [Laughter] imagine imagine buying a playstation 5 what’s up gamers i hope you guys are all having a great day today just full of positivity and happiness dude because for once i can honestly say that i am even with college completely crushing my soul and just completely eradicating my will to live you know there is some silver linings here and there i just got a brand new cpu i upgraded to an i9 and on top of that i bought a brand new mic mixer called the go xlr and honestly i’m still trying to figure out how to set this thing up so bear with me if the audio quality sounds a little bit weird let me know i would greatly appreciate it and i’ll try to get a fix for next time but overall some pretty good news man things have been going well on the channel it’s just been a really great time and then on top of that dude we get to talk about one of my personal favorite youtube channels on all of youtube and that of course is none other than the legend himself michael does life or as i like to call him michael does meth but anyway as you can see this man is very unique let’s just put it he puts a very unique spin on console war clickbait youtube videos and that is exactly what we’re gonna be taking a look at here today now a lot of people like to give me [ __ ] they’re like dude you’re an xbox fanboy you only ever make fun of the playstation you only ever make fun of playstation fanboys dude you’re biased you’re an xbox fan of denial well today is your day okay i am now going to be defending the playstation 5 or so we’ll see man you know this dude could really sell me on his idea he could really convince me to not buy a playstation 5 because i’m gonna keep it real man this guy is one of the most convincing people on youtube for sure but for all you playstation fanboys out there this is your shining moment okay i am not making fun of playstation fanboys today no promises on tomorrow but for today this is your moment dude i mean it’s not even like i want to not make fun of other console fanboys it’s just they’re like a dying breed you know they’re like endangered species at this point the playstation fanboys are like the invasive species that have killed off all the other fanboy species if that kind of makes sense but anyway you know i’m not even gonna try to bother to explain what we’re about to witness here because you just need to see it for yourself so without further ado guys let’s go ahead and check out these two absolutely fantastic youtube videos now the title of both of the videos we’re going to be watching is don’t buy playstation 5 and don’t buy playstation 5 serious so guys go ahead and sit back relax and let’s go ahead and find out why no one on planet earth should buy a playstation 5. imagine imagine buying a playstation 5. they have absolutely nothing to show for when is it time to wake up and smell that coffee hopefully it’s sooner rather than later for you sony fanboys it is really time to ultimately as someone who has a playstation 4 right there it is ultimately time to make playstation great again i mean i guess my only question here is was playstation ever really that great to begin with which you know there goes the whole [ __ ] thing i wasn’t going to make fun of the playstation 5 i guess dude it’s like an animal trying to deny their instincts bro when he sets me up like that i have to [ __ ] take the shot bro you know i’m sorry playstation fanboys i just don’t know how i can live with myself knowing that i did that to you you know i said i wasn’t going to make fun of the playstation 5 and then 20 seconds later bro i’m making fun of the playstation 5 i’m so sorry dude you know i hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and when i look at what sony has done with the playstation 5 based off of what we know as of this recording it’s quite clear that they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing they’ve lost again in the power game as xbox series x and this isn’t my opinion by the way but xbox series x is clearly more powerful than playstation 5. that’s not marketing that’s literally a fact i mean this dude is kind of spitting facts right now i mean it’s kind of sad like in all honesty that this dude is spitting more facts than the average fanboy on youtube bro unironically i mean it is kind of scary to think about that this dude is like more intelligent than almost every single other fanboy i’ve talked about on this youtube channel probably let that [ __ ] sink in so what sony has done is they’re now paying developers to shill the ps5 ssd and sony has done this before in the past they went to the developers as the ps4 was on the horizon to show the upcoming ps4 hardware at the frickin time and all of the sony fanboys who are stupid idiots by the way they bought that [ __ ] hook line and sinker folks it’s quite clear that this is crumbling fast the playstation 5 is going nowhere fast

okay i mean up to this point i’ve kind of agree with about everything to be honest like it is 100 confirmed that sony pulls this [ __ ] all the time they pay developers to say oh this is only achievable on playstation hardware it could never be achieved on another console it’s even better than all pcs out like case in point [ __ ] epic games they literally had epic put out that demo and said it was only capable of being run on the playstation 5 ssd and then a couple weeks later it comes out that sony literally gave them 250 million dollars to [ __ ] chill for their new console like it is absolutely amazing to me how stupid people are when they take [ __ ] that these companies tell them at face value but i will say this the playstation 5 is going to be a great console is it less powerful than the xbox yes is there going to be a difference yes but at the end of the day it’s a [ __ ] console bro they’re both going to have limitations is one slightly better on the hardware side sure who the [ __ ] cares like just buy whatever the [ __ ] you want but dude apparently no one should go out and buy a playstation 5 and you know maybe he just may convince me to go ahead and cancel my ps5 pre-orders and yeah i said plural pre-orders that’s right [ __ ] i have more ps5s pre-ordered than your ass does but you know i’m the xbox fanboy am i right dude like how many playstation fanboys do you think are punching the air right now that didn’t even get one the ps5 is a piece of trash and this is coming from a playstation guy i waited over 12 hours in line for the ps4 and i picked that thing up in november of 2013 i was there before you were so don’t sit there and claim that i’m this xbox fanboy because i don’t even have an xbox one bro i just want you to imagine a scenario real quick in the back of your mind all right you know you’re walking into work one day it’s like a typical monday or tuesday or wednesday whatever day you want to call it all right it doesn’t matter you’re walking up to your co-worker you’re like hey man how’s it going how are you doing today and your co-worker just looks at you for a second you know kind of gives you the silent treatment and says well dude you know i’m doing alright but there was actually something i wanted to talk to you about because the other night i was looking up reasons on why i shouldn’t buy the playstation 5. and well i think i found your youtube channel dude and you are this guy what is your [ __ ] reaction at that point bro like what do you do to salvage that situation i mean i’m not gonna lie dude like my life would be [ __ ] over like i would literally feel so embarrassed to show my face out in public ever again but you know i guess this dude just has bigger balls than me to be honest like this man does not give a single [ __ ] and you know i kind of respect that [ __ ] but you know moving on here to the second video because you know this was the short one we’re gonna save the best for last year we’re gonna get into this meaty six minute long video here and overall man it’s only going to keep getting better from here on out why must you sony fanboys be so combative i mean you continue to lose and lose and lose on a daily basis how does it feel to be a part of the losers club it must be so incredibly sad folks the cracks are indeed starting to show and i know this isn’t what you want to hear but strap your seat belts on folks because we’re getting started right here and right now and this is already a huge red flag we’re on the playstation 5 website and as you can see sony playstation they’re playing catch up to xbox you know i’m going to keep it honest bro like he was doing pretty good in the first video we watched but this one mad bro we’re started off strong here apparently the [ __ ] playstation 5 website is all the proof we need that sony is playing catch up to microsoft the playstation 5 is a confirmed [ __ ] flop bro no one should ever buy this console like dude you know maybe i just don’t have the [ __ ] required iq to reach the spans level of thinking like this dude could be on a completely different mental plane from the rest of us on the [ __ ] internet bro like i mean this is obviously the type of guy who knows what he’s talking about dude like you don’t look like this unless you’ve seen some [ __ ] you know the type of [ __ ] that would tear the normal human mind to pieces bro and you know there’s two scenarios here either this man is onto something right now or he is on something very strong and that something is probably meth so you have the 4k blu-ray drive that has just now been added into a sony playstation console yet xbox they had it there with xbox one s back in 2016. okay the all digital edition that’s just now coming holiday 2020 to playstation xbox they had it last year about a year or so ago you know we could all sleep easy at night knowing that the playstation 5 now has a 4k blu-ray player you know i could only imagine the complete disaster that would have ensued if playstation had not included that 4k blu-ray player bro thank god they were playing catch up to microsoft i don’t know what the [ __ ] i would have done with my playstation 5 if i couldn’t watch 4k blu-rays on it dude like honestly what the [ __ ] man no one is buying a video game console to watch a 4k blu-rays but whatever man apparently this is a thing and also they’re playing catch-up because they’re doing a digital only console because apparently the xbox one did that first well i mean if you

actually want to look back sony did it first with the psp go which i know people are gonna be like that’s a handheld bro it’s sort of [ __ ] console whatever if you wanna get [ __ ] technical about it but sony technically already had the first ever digital only console and plus pc gaming has been digital for almost 20 years basically so i really wouldn’t call a digital console a [ __ ] original idea with xbox one s all digital edition and the sony fanboys they were giving this console flack like oh my god michael this is the xbox one sad edition we’re so cool we’re so clever we’re gonna pick on xbox [Laughter] you’re a basement dweller i mean it’s kind of [ __ ] ironic this dude’s calling somebody else a basement dweller but whatever man i mean the only reason people [ __ ] on this [ __ ] xbox sad edition because it was like the exact same price as the one with the disc drive right like i’m pretty sure they were like the identical price or this one was like 20 less or something completely [ __ ] negligible like there was almost no difference whatsoever you were literally paying basically the exact same amount of money to not get a disk drive instead of having one it was a really [ __ ] stupid way they executed it so personally any [ __ ] they got for that console i think is well deserved like the pricing was [ __ ] stupid meanwhile you have the playstation 5 digital which is like a hundred dollars cheaper you just don’t get a disk drive and let’s face it bro it’s 20 20 who the [ __ ] isn’t buying [ __ ] digital you’re a basement dweller that sits in your parents basement surrounded by cheetos to feel so good about yourself but you know deep down that playstation they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and again they are quite clearly playing catch-up it’s so incredibly sad we continue to scroll down here dude do not make this man scroll down the page like he has already dismantled every single playstation fanboy argument and he hasn’t even gone down the page yet man like if i was sony i’d be afraid right now like i would literally be lawyering up to sue this man because he is single-handedly going to destroy any chance the playstation 5 had of actually succeeding this generation play has no limits their new catchphrase for the playstation 4 it was greatness awaits we never saw greatness on playstation 4 nonetheless we saw a bunch of movie games i mean he’s not wrong like if i’m being honest dude like i know this is an unpopular opinion but the whole sony story simulator open world over the shoulder third person action adventure game loaded with cutscenes and dialogue i don’t know man that template got pretty old pretty [ __ ] fast uh here’s what it says experience lightning fast loading with an ultra high speed ssd cool no it’s not cool because they never show the capabilities of this hardware they never show the capability they happen yep and yeah oh my god it’s the best thing since brand that’s what they want you to believe because they know the sony fanboys are gullible i mean again he’s not wrong sony fanboys are a special breed of stupid yet if you go to xbox series x and we scroll down folks look at that you get a demonstration of the hardware capabilities just a fun fact for you microsoft has still not shown a single minute of next generation gameplay on the xbox series x and the console comes out in exactly a month from now so i wouldn’t really consider that a great look to be honest it plus this demonstration he’s talking about is literally two screenshots dude like talk about being gullible you get a demonstration of the hardware capabilities it’s a huge win for xbox and you sony fanboys can shove your playstation 5 where the sun doesn’t shine because it is so incredibly sad how they just continue to lose and lose and lose here with the playstation 5. oh [ __ ] dude he’s scrolling down the page again i mean it’s over at this point sony you might as well just go ahead cancel the launch issue the refunds it’s a wrap man this guy’s not even halfway through his video and he’s already destroyed you and he’s still [ __ ] scrolling dude it’s just not worth it at this point everyone could easily understand why you would choose to walk away right now you do not want to [ __ ] with a guy like this and i cannot believe sony playstation they had the audacity to show off even more hardware because quite clearly they have nothing else to show for here’s a stereo headset here’s a wii mode here’s a charging station and here’s a camera you’re gonna love it you know what i mean no software so they have to resort and hardware that no one cares about i mean this is even more [ __ ] ironic considering that’s literally all xbox has shown off and we are literally a month away from release dude like honestly it’s kind of [ __ ] funny like it’s almost like he’s

indirectly [ __ ] roasted oh wait maybe that’s the whole [ __ ] point of this video and here we go again the same three sentences the same three sentences the same three sentences the same three sentences the same three sentences they keep yapping and yapping and yapping and yapping and yapping about their console i mean to be honest that kind of describes your entire [ __ ] youtube channel they never show off their system you know why because they are terrified they are terrified of 12 teraflops coming at them when they least expect it that’s the reality of the situation did you guys see the beads of spit in his beard bro like that’s actually disgusting we continue to scroll down finally we get to the software okay ps4 spider-man ps4 dlc coming to ps5 now that’s literally what it is and if i click here there’s no information about the game doesn’t tell me anything useless that’s what it is so incredibly sad horizon zero yawn ratchet and clank gran turismo some indie game that no one cares about sack boy i mean are you serious this is all they have to show for i mean i kind of have to agree there none of those games are really that [ __ ] great like literally the only reason i’m buying a playstation 5 is because i want to play godfall and that shit’s exclusive to the fortnite store on pc so i’m not downloading it on that so i’m just going to play it on ps5 and then i’ll eventually pick up god of war 2 whenever that drops but yeah other than that i really don’t give a [ __ ] about any of the games on ps5 i’ll pick up demon souls too that looks pretty good but i don’t know man like really there’s nothing on either console to be excited for like console launches [ __ ] suck for the most part like when i got a ps4 at launch last generation i literally regretted selling my xbox 360 every single day for the next two years like console launches overall just kind of suck in this generation doesn’t really appear to be any different this is the future of gaming so incredibly sad no wonder why the software is buried and again folks it’s not those hardware software drives hardware software drives hardware xbox they have an entire library of hundreds and hundreds of games with xbox game pass day one where’s the talk about backwards compatibility here huh nowhere to be found yeah that [ __ ] is kind of looking spooky bro like i’m not gonna lie like sony i have a feeling it’s gonna completely butcher backwards compatibility they’re saying they’re gonna have close to a hundred games at launch that are backwards compatible on the ps5 from the ps4 but you know they still haven’t released a list of those games so i’m gonna have to press x to doubt on that [ __ ] they have been very very quiet about backwards compatibility versus microsoft who has literally sent out consoles early to people for the sole purpose of showing off the backwards compatibility features that are gonna be built into the series x so xbox does have a pretty big advantage day one with the whole backwards compatibility [ __ ] and on top of that game pass but i think long term you know microsoft hasn’t made a good [ __ ] game to save their lives in the past couple years so i don’t know man you know it’s gonna be pretty interesting to watch i honestly don’t give a [ __ ] at the end of the day who wins the console war because i’m just gonna be sitting back on my 30 90 playing video games just laughing at the complete [ __ ] flinging contest between a bunch of 30 year old men who have nothing going on in their lives so they spend their days arguing about which plastic box is better than the other nowhere to be found because it doesn’t exist or it’s in this half-assed state capacity so sad and then we scrolled down to basically the third party titles or timed exclusives and again these third party titles are going to look hit man 3 resident evil nba 2k these games are going to look and perform better on xbox series x i mean what makes this even worse is yeah microsoft has the more powerful console games are gonna run better on the xbox series x but they still have not shown a single minute of gameplay footage running on a series x for a next generation title why the [ __ ] is that the case dude like that is so suspect and honestly i don’t even know what the [ __ ] to make of it dude like what are they afraid of showing i mean i understand the graphical leap is not gonna be anything that noticeable between this current gen and the next generation consoles like a lot of people are expecting to be absolutely blown away it’s not gonna happen graphics have kind of plateaued but still like why the [ __ ] have we seen nothing from microsoft when it comes to gameplay like i have never seen a company so unwilling to talk about or show off their console before 12 teraflops of power to 4k gaming and 8k ready up to 120 frames per second one terabyte custom this is the best console that money can buy no compromises so yes this is gonna cost more than ps5 put your thinking cap on and you will understand that this is the reality of the situation this is going to oh my god

dude no matter how many times i see this guy like literally it just never [ __ ] gets old like how is a grown ass man acting like this [ __ ] on camera bro like literally i would be [ __ ] mortified if somebody found my youtube channel and i was sparking the [ __ ] out on a daily basis like this holy [ __ ] it’s so stupid how you sony fanboys can’t see this you don’t want to see it and again this is it heighten your senses more gimmicky features with the dualshock 4. how many developers listen to me right here right now how many developers actually utilized the dual shock for how many developers utilize the touchpad how many developers utilize the light bar how many developers utilize the speaker very few very few greedy is not wrong but that dude is like legitimately molesting that controller dude he’s like acting like the number one cuties fan if they saw a kid in front of him are you telling me that these aren’t the launch titles well then they have absolutely nothing to show shut it down you sony fanboys continue to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and it’s so incredibly sad because you’re too busy going [Laughter] well you heard the man sony there’s obviously no saving the playstation 5 it’s obviously time to just go ahead and pull the plug i mean you know i can’t think of a single way that the playstation 5 could potentially redeem itself whatsoever so you know you had a really great run the playstation 5 was looking okay but i think it’s just for the better if we take this dude’s advice because as you can see this is 100 a mentally stable individual you sony fanboys continue to lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and it’s so incredibly sad because you’re too busy going [Laughter] but anyway guys that is gonna do it for this youtube video today if you did enjoy it make sure to drop a like on it i would greatly appreciate it and as always i want to thank you all so much for taking the time out of your day to check out this video and for all the recent support as well and i will catch you guys next time you

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