We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns National – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! We have a very familiar face as our guest today Please welcome actress Kim Junghwa Hello Hello, I’m Kim Junghwa Please welcome Honggi and Minhwan from FTIsland Hello They are handsome Please welcome the great ballad singer, Han Donggeun Hello. I’m Han Donggeun Hello Junghwa, how have you been? – I got married. / – Right I already have two children – Did you have two children? / – Congratulations My first is 4, and my second is 10 months old – Has it been that long already? / – Yes (She’s been married for four years.) (And she’s known for her love for her two sons.) I heard they are both boys You wanted a daughter. Why not have one more? What? (I’m happy enough right now.) I’m really happy to see this person – Who? / – We were child actors together – Who? Honggi? / – It’s Honggi – Honggi. / – Really? He is just as handsome as he was then (KBS drama “Magic Kid Masuri”) (Honggi and Taejoon.) (They are handsome best friends.) You came here again after ten years – What? / – After ten years? I mean, it’s been ten years since their debut – FTIsland… / – I debuted 30 years ago What did you do for ten years? This show hasn’t been running for ten years I think they always wait for me to make a mistake – They released a 10th anniversary album. / – Yes Please sing for us Right (“Wind” by FTIsland) (His voice hasn’t changed for 10 years.) (Our love for FTIsland began) (with the song “Love Sick”.) (We will always cheer for you.) That’s how it goes (He’s amazing.) I’m a big fan of Donggeun – Thank you. / – Your song is doing very well – Yes. / – How do you feel? Thank you for listening to my song I will work hard Can you sing without the music, too? – Your new song. / – Yes (“Crazy” by Han Donggeun) (His voice is unbelievably sorrowful.) (It’s something we can’t hear anywhere else.) (The authentic ballad touches our hearts.) (His perfect voice makes his songs perfect.) (His voice comforts our ears.) – That’s amazing. / – We have three stories again Show us the keywords please “Please Help My Friend”, “My Goodness.” “My Bleeding Dad” This person’s life has become tough because of one man Hello, I am writing this because I want to get rid of a lifetime resentment My phone rings “I need some money. Lend me 1,000 dollars.” My phone rings “I have to pay my phone bill. Lend me 300 dollars.” My phone rings “Lend me 500 dollars this time, please. Hurry.” This man who always asks me for money is my 39-year-old older brother “Should I do music?” But he quit soon after “Should I just open an Internet cafe?” He quit again “I’m so bored. Should I become a comedian?” – He’s so immature. / – Gosh – Does he think this job is easy? / – In the end, he ran away to Seoul with my credit card I’ve been supporting him for ten years since then “Goodness, life is all about one hit.” While trying to get his one hit, he got hit many times I’m now married and have my own family How much longer must I take care of him? I can’t do it anymore. Please talk to my brother He’s such a good little brother It’s from someone who lost his life while supporting his elder brother. Let’s bring him in (Who is the man with a burdensome brother?) (Cho Sangwook) (He makes a powerful entrance.) Goodness (Welcome!) You said you’ve been supporting him for ten years When did it start? I’ve been supporting him since I was discharged from the army ten years ago When I was discharged from the army, he called me “Do you want me to open you an Internet cafe?” – I was tempted by the idea. / – An Internet cafe – You were going to own it. / – He said he’d open it He’d be an owner So we opened it. But it turned out he got it using 100,000-dollar loan under my name What? So he didn’t open it for you

I had to pay 3,000 dollars a month He suddenly asked “Give me your credit card. I need it for something.” After helping me with the business for one year, he ran away to Seoul – He did? / – Yes What business did he have in Seoul? He joined a rock band – He’s in music? / – He ran another Internet cafe He also tried becoming a comedian He must have some talents I guess so. But he always spent money on buying people drinks He said it’s important to get contacts He uses 30 dollars for breakfast, 30 dollars for lunch and 30 dollars for dinner He even drives a red sports car I couldn’t believe his lifestyle Why didn’t you suspend the card? I can’t suspend the card he has because he is a credit delinquent He can’t live without my card – He’s such a good man. / – He’s a good brother We’d get a bill every end of the month So I have to pay for it every month But I can’t afford to pay everything. So I work two to three jobs. Carrying iron bars pays well – Right. / – While doing that, I hurt my hands I’d also lost my thumbnails many times (His hands are covered with wounds.) – His fingernail must’ve fallen off. / – Here, too My hands will tell you how hard I’ve been working – Right. / – He’s right Do you pay for everything? If I don’t help him, he’ll turn to our parents I always argued with my wife because of this – I’m sure. / – She couldn’t understand me I couldn’t let her find out since we fought so much, so I started helping him secretly Every month, I get an allowance of 100 dollars I’d keep that and send it to him You send him your allowance I also send him the money I get from a part-time job I need a side job. Only then I feel relieved Why do you keep doing it for him? What does your brother do now? He started singing trot six or seven years ago – He’s a singer. / – Is he a trot singer? But he’s not earning any money and he’s never been on TV I don’t know what he does He’s been a trot singer for six or seven years, but he’s not earning anything Did you perhaps come here to promote your brother? I wouldn’t have come here if I wanted to do that – You would’ve gone on a better show. / – Yes (It sounds as if he’s disregarding Hello Counselor.) He says he’s chasing his dream, but he keeps giving his family a hard time He calls me and makes my life hard I want him to stop asking us to sacrifice for him – I want him to stop. / – Have you ever not helped? I tried. But he called me one day and said, “Honestly,” “I haven’t eaten for three days.” – That’s pathetic. / – That’s sad (His words made his family sad.) He said things were too tough for him – That would make you sad. / – I hung up – The thing is… / – You’d feel bothered I don’t know how he could afford to drink, but he drank and called me in the early morning “Help me just once.” He even cried. As a brother, I couldn’t not help him (His brother’s tears made him soft again.) Even if he doesn’t like the situation, – it’s hard to neglect / – They’re still brothers his brother Let’s meet his brother. Hello Hello (Who’s the man being supported by his brother?) He looks handsome – He looks handsome, doesn’t he? / – He is handsome Why do you keep asking money from your brother? The credit card I use is paid by the income that comes from the Internet cafe Since I set it up for him and gave it to him, I asked him to share the profit with me When I used the shared credit card, I did use all the money he earned That’s true. But I don’t get his support at all now – You’re not getting any support? / – No But he said he’s still supporting you He helps me when there’s an emergency and when I lose my grip So you are being supported (You lose your grip very often.) I want to clarify something Because you set up the Internet cafe for him, do you think you deserve a share of the profit? When I was moving to Seoul, I promised him that I’d be successful and I asked him to support me to become successful That’s what happened Did he agree to invest in you? Of course he agreed He’s a strong man. He’s a scary guy (How can you make a joke?) You said you could become successful in one shot Are you still counting on that idea? Of course If I had a normal job, I would be a manager and get paid 4,000 to 5,000 dollars a month That’s 60,000 dollars a year If I work for ten years, I’d earn 600,000 dollars, which in Seoul is Of course it’s big, but I think it’s still small You can only afford a small house and a car It’s not enough. I can make a big hit with trot You are all celebrities, so you must know You can make a lot of money with events. So I thought this was it, and I jumped into this field If you are to work for someone,

you think you can get paid 5,000 dollars a month? I can never get paid that much (He admits it.) But we’re good brothers We need to assess the facts Have you paid him the money you borrowed? I haven’t paid him back everything How much did you borrow? – Approximately? / – That’s a good question I promised him something If I become successful, I’m going to buy him an apartment in Gangbuk if not in Gangnam We get it But how much do you owe him? About… But he has no money either – So how much? / – How much is it? – Give a rough number. / – About – Give an estimate. / – I think about 100,000 dollars – 100,000 dollars. / – That’s how much you owe Yes – What do you say? / – How much does he owe you? I don’t think it can be calculated numerically – Right. / – I’ve been hurt too much It took so much of his time – He must feel sad. / – Are you sad? It makes me emotional (He went through so much for his brother.) What did you want to do before? In Busan, I was a member of a quite well-known indie band with my friends for a long time We were quite popular, but we couldn’t make enough money – Right. / – Honggi has gone completely commercial – Commercial. / – We (I love music, too.) – I am sorry. / – What’s wrong with you? Goodness And you know the biggest obstacle to a band Our guitarist had to serve the military We became stressed and disbanded the band After we disbanded, I had nothing to do So I discussed it with my dad “I’m into games, and I hear Internet cafes are good.” “Please trust me and open me one.” So he got a loan for me I opened it, and it did well But one day, kids came to the cafe and asked for ramyeon, but I didn’t want to serve them I felt suffocated inside, and I couldn’t stay there At the time, they were recruiting new comedians So I took the test, and I passed right away What? I worked under Cultwo for three months (You worked with us?) – You did? / – I was the rock Were you the rock singer with long hair? Yes, that’s me Did he work with you? (He was in the corner of their memory!) – I remember him. / – That’s crazy – I remember him. / – He’s really good Why did you quit after three months? I was an ace I made really fun skits I was the most popular So why did you quit after just three months? I will tell you. Wait (I’ll tell you now.) He’s excited “People Looking for Laughter” closed at the time – It stopped at the time. / – It was when it stopped When we heard the news, everyone was shocked – Right. / – We didn’t know what to do If you are working as a trot singer, you must make some money Why do you keep asking money from your family? Because I’m an unknown singer, I only sing at birthday parties and weddings And as a rookie, I only get paid 300 to 500 dollars When I don’t have any gigs and I don’t have enough to pay the phone bill, I turn to my brother for money. “Lend me 200 dollars.” You don’t always have to work at events You can do a side job like your brother You should try making money yourself If I have a job and get a sudden offer to do a big gig, I have to quit my job and take the chance Then I’d feel sorry to my boss So I can’t take regular jobs I load and unload parcels, and labor work I only do short-term jobs – You can’t have a regular job. / – Right The nature of my job prevents me from it He says he can work, and he does work He loads and unloads parcels But then he goes, “It’s hot today.” “It’s 36 degrees Celsius. I might die. I can’t do it.” – He quits easily. / – In winter, “It’s too cold. I can’t do this.” “I shouldn’t do this.” He says stuff like that And he keeps asking me for money I work two to three jobs. What he does is nothing He stresses me out so much that my face got paralyzed one day – You’re too young. / – Facial paralysis – Yes. / – Goodness When I was eating soup for breakfast, it kept coming out from one side I had to stay in a hospital for a month The doctor said I had to practice my pronunciation about 3,000 times a day to become normal again – But… / – I kept saying it – Did you? / – I even did it in my dreams My mouth moved by itself until I recovered You’re laughing now, but it was serious for me – Right. / – It must’ve been so tough for him How did you feel when you saw him like that? Did you know about this? I didn’t have any money for transportation When I heard about his condition, I was so sorry (He suddenly feels sorry.) He’s suddenly crying – He’s sorry. / – Right – He’s soft. / – When When I saw my brother’s mouth paralyzed, I felt really bad If you feel bad, you should bear your responsibility – Crying won’t do anything. / – Right How did you feel? When you were paying for his credit card bills,

what was the biggest amount you have paid? (He can’t calm down.) He’s sad When I was paying his bills, the amount ranged from several thousands to – Around 1,000 dollars? / – 10,000 dollars – That’s a lot. / – Is that a monthly bill? Yes. I somehow paid for everything How did he spend 10,000 dollars a month? I write and produce my songs I have to promote them, but my agency isn’t doing well So I have to produce my album on my own My parents supported me to chase my dream, and they lent me money for the last time So that’s where the money went in Their parents are here, too – Hello. / – Hello Your younger son is suffering a lot because of your elder son Do you sympathize with your younger son? Yes. I’m honored to be here because of my son (He subtly disses his son.) – Goodness. / – My youngest is acting as the eldest He takes care of his father, mother and brother – I am so thankful to him. / – Right How have you been supporting your eldest? He came to Seoul in 2005 He took 20,000 dollars at the time He needed it to pay the rental deposit We trusted him and gave him the money But he lost all of that Last year, he asked for 20,000 dollars to produce his album So we gave him 20,000 dollars, but he began asking for 3,000, 7,000, 1,000 and 500 dollars continuously – I don’t think he is making an album. / – Seriously – It’s hard to believe. / – It doesn’t make sense He says that the money is for making an album, – but he uses it as an allowance. / – I see He borrows money if he needs more money How much money have you spent on him so far? The total amount is close to 200,000 dollars – 200,000 dollars? / – Yes He spent 20,000 dollars every year And that’s excluding the money from his brother He continuously asks for money It’s like pouring water into a bottomless pot And where did you get the money to give him? We mortgaged our house and took out secured loans My husband also set up a line of credit – He set up a line of credit. / – Yes – Also, / – My goodness I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer nine years ago and received money from my insurance company He just took that money without thinking He doesn’t care about his family He only cares about himself Are you still in debt? Yes. We could never travel abroad like other people We are still about 100,000 dollars in debt – Why… / – You are 100,000 dollars – in debt? / – Yes Sir, how much do you pay back every month? A taxi driver must take several days off a month I work 17 days a month I must work 15 hours to make 100 dollars a day It’s hard to make 100 dollars a day – Sir. / – I make about 2,000 dollars a month My wife takes out 1,000 dollars from the total – She pays off debt with it. / – to pay off debt It’s the money my beloved son spent (Angry) Your beloved son Did you know about the 100,000-dollar debt? I received about 40,000 or 50,000 dollars My mother exaggerates when she says she spent 200,000 dollars on me My family isn’t that rich You continue to give excuses – Okay. / – Their situation makes your heart ache, – doesn’t it? / – Don’t downplay the money you spent – My goodness. / – You know that your parents are struggling financially So is your brother Don’t you think it’s dangerous to put your hopes – in the uncertain future? / – It’s reckless Trot is my life’s passion I put a lot of effort into realizing my dream As you know, the population is aging rapidly I want to be a trot singer and make people happy I think it’s good to have to a dream – That’s right. / – However, as I said before, you fail to take care of those around you in your desire to realize your dream – You only receive support from others. / – Exactly It a sad situation You think of success as a one-shot deal – That’s right. / – It’s not a one-shot deal Success is built on continuous and diligent works You haven’t even debuted yet You won’t become a hit immediately after you debut There is a problem with your mindset I was the winner of “Star Audition: The Great Birth” I thought incredible things would happen afterwards – That’s right. / – The change doesn’t come suddenly It wasn’t like that I thought I would make a lot of money

However, thinking about money ruined my music It’s time to think in an objective and realistic way Even if it’s heartbreaking, those around him should draw a line when he asks for money Haven’t you thought to stop supporting him? Since he always asked for money when he came home, I made him give me a written promise, promising to pay back what he has borrowed It was two years ago, but he borrowed again last year He still borrows money from us You should forget written promises Haven’t you thought to stop supporting him completely? When we brought it up, he talked about depression and committing suicide (It’s the worst thing he can say to his parents.) He would say that late at night – He is the worst. / – He made me worry that I would drive him to commit suicide It’s not like I will take money with me when I die That’s why I just couldn’t cut him off coldly (He can only sigh.) Let’s take this moment to see if he has the talent to succeed as a trot singer – That’s a good idea. / – Let’s listen to him sing That’s a good idea (Good luck, my son.) (He is channeling the spirit of trot.) (He dreams of succeeding as a trot singer.) (The eldest son is excited.) (Depressed) (His posture looks familiar.) (He sings passionately in hopes of success.) (Happy!) (Let’s be happy) (Stretching out the note) Thank you (What does the audience think?) Say something I have no words – Don’t embarrass him. / – I’m going over the lyrics “Such is life” Donggeun, tell us what you think – Me? / – You are a singer Give us a one-sentence review I don’t know Really? What changes in your brother were you hoping for when you sent your worry? I want him to lead the family as the eldest son and take care of matters, small or big However, he doesn’t do that I asked him to hold a dinner for our parents’ birthday “I don’t have money for traveling expenses.” “You can take care of it.” “I’ll just send my love.” He refuses like that He says he doesn’t have money for traveling expenses Yes. But he would come when I send him 500 dollars for traveling expenses – 500 dollars? / – That’s too much Since it’s an event, I pay a performance fee (It’s an event.) – It’s a family event. / – A family event You pay your brother a performance fee At my parents’ birthday or other family events, he receives an allowance from our mother (That’s unbelievable.) What did you need the 500 dollars for? The round trip on a bus costs 80 dollars I also had to buy gifts for my niece – and meet up with friends. / – He bought gifts Anyway, I’m sorry. I’m in a tight spot He used the money he received from you to buy gifts for your daughter It’s ridiculous, but he cares about his niece My daughter is five years old – She’s never received a gift from him. / – What? What do you mean? She never received even a toy from my brother He just said that he bought your daughter gifts You said you needed the money for gifts I had the intention of buying her gifts, but My goodness This is ridiculous Did you decide to come to the show because he has done something particularly bad? No. My mother and I will stop supporting him financially now – It’s a heavy burden. / – I am done – It’s hard. / – I feel like I’m going to die I told my parents, too My mother calls me whenever she can’t get a hold of my brother She calls me and says, “I can’t reach your brother.” “Have you talked to him recently?” “What do you want me to do?” We’d end up fighting and me hanging up on her Eventually, I call my brother because I’m worried I repeatedly send him text messages and call even if his mobile phone is off But then my mother would ask, “Did you talk to him?” Just stop it. I need to live my life, too Stop pushing me. Let me live my life My feelings get hurt Of course Whenever she does that – I feel bad for him. / – I have a wife and a daughter She often hurts my feelings

when she only takes care of my brother It makes me feel lonely You need to consider what your brother said Your brother said he might become depressed and kill himself Your parents can’t help but worry I know You haven’t heard this before, have you? – No. / – How do you feel? – You hurt his feelings. / – I feel bad Of course You heard what has been happening – between the family members. / – Yes It’s hard for them to support you financially And when you don’t keep in touch, your brother argues with your mom I came here cheerfully, but hearing their worries makes me realize that I have done them wrong They are my family, not my investors. This is a sticky situation No matter what happens from now on, I promise not to ask for more financial support I’ll work hard to make my name known in the trot industry There is something you should know Take a look at people in the entertainment industry No one succeeded with money from their family – No one did. / – I had nothing at first I lived in a rat-infested room and worked many jobs I failed auditions repeatedly and challenged myself while working part time (You can’t get anything without putting in effort.) Say what you want to say to your brother Brother I won’t stop you from pursuing a career in music I sincerely hope everything works out for you But I don’t want you calling me or Mom and Dad and saying it will be the last time Don’t say, “Help me this one last time.” Let the family live in peace I hope you live well. I love you (His words are blunt, but full of love.) Donggeun, tell us if you think it’s a worry Okay. Gosh, I feel emotional I think it’s a serious worry I hope the family will live in harmony Since every problem they face stemmed from you, I hope you could make wise decisions from now on I also think it’s a worry Parents don’t wait for their children I was very busy after I debuted and couldn’t take good care of my parents Then my mom got cancer and passed away few years later She was gone when I could finally take care of her I hope you would keep that in mind and make an effort for your family I also think it’s a worry I hope you would look back on your family I think it’s a worry It’s nice that you have talent Please live happily and harmoniously with your family If you can sympathize with the man with a heavy burden, please press the button (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one – Stop. / – Time’s up Please say a few words to your younger brother My beloved brother From now on, I won’t ask for financial help I will try my best to become an older brother you can lean on I love you (We hope the family will become happy.) Let’s see how many votes the worry received Show us the result (The result) (“My Goodness.”) (The last digit is zero.) It received over 100 votes (What will the result be?) 160 votes (My goodness.) (160 votes) The title of the next worry is “My Bleeding Dad” Hello, I’m a woman in my 20s who live with suspense like a drama character I live in constant anxiety, anger and a sensation of my heart dropping all because of one man “Gosh, you reek of alcohol.” “Did you drink again?” “I had a few drinks on my way home.” “Let’s go for a third round,” “and have soju and beer.” Are you a fool? – I thought your acting skills improved. / – Wait – You’re playing her dad. / – Her dad? – You misunderstood. / – It’s her dad – Did you think it’s her boyfriend? / – Yes Let’s try again “Gosh, you reek of alcohol. Did you drink again?” “I had a few drinks on my way home.” “Let’s go for a third round, and have soju and beer.” My dad doesn’t go a day without drinking The problem is that he gets hurt whenever he drinks (Phone rings.) “Dad, it’s past 12 a.m.” “Why aren’t you coming home? Dad.”

“My daughter.” “I’m at the hospital.” I don’t know where he had gotten hurt, but blood was pouring out of his face His clothes and shoes were soaked in blood This is what makes me angrier “Dad, you get hurt all the time.” “You should stop drinking.” “I didn’t get hurt because I drank.” “It would have happened whether I drank or not.” “I just happened to be drunk at the time.” His words make no sense I can’t reason with him anymore Please help my dad see senses That’s the worry Why did everyone look away at the mention of drinking? (The male MCs have no words.) – Dongyeop. / – Yes? – What’s wrong? / – The fact that I enjoy drinking – often is nothing to be proud about. / – Tell us – It’s not advisable. / – Have you ever gotten hurt? Whenever I drink, – I fall asleep. / – He falls asleep As I said before Don’t lie. I’ve known you for 20 years I haven’t seen you fall asleep once I don’t fall asleep in front of you (He makes a shocking confession after 20 years.) Does he fall asleep after I leave? – You kept yourself awake. / – That’s right I kept myself awake I keep myself awake when I drink with Lee Yeongja or Hong Sukchun Seriously I won’t be safe if I fall asleep Let’s talk to the daughter who sent us the worry Please come out (Whose worry involves a dad who always gets hurt?) (Park Siyi) Help her (Welcome) Does your dad get hurt after he drinks? There’s an incident that began the line of accidents It was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death The relatives were waiting, but my dad didn’t come We kept waiting and wondering, and when he came home, he had one eye swollen up like a balloon I asked him what happened He got drunk and fell asleep on the street He fell over and scratched his face – on the asphalt. / – My goodness That accident was the first of many to come He once got drunk and fell down the stairs before he came home – They are minor accidents… / – Minor accidents? – Are you sure about that? / – He fell down the stairs I’m surprised that he’s still alive Seriously There was once a very serious accident He didn’t pick up the phone until 3 a.m Around 4 a.m., I received a call from his friend He said my dad was hurt and at the hospital When he came home later, his clothes and shoes were soaking with blood – He bled a lot. / – He couldn’t wear his shoes When I looked at his face closely, I found 30 stitches from the forehead to the nose As it turned out, a stranger joined in while he was drinking That man was drinking well when he suddenly picked up a glass full of ice and threw it to my dad’s face That’s unbelievable My dad didn’t even do anything Since you might not get the full picture, we prepared a video he took in his drunkenness – My goodness! / – I can’t believe it (His face is badly hurt.) (Shocked) Do you continue to drink after this incident? You should direct your question to Siyi – Does your dad… / – We haven’t met – her dad yet. / – That’s right Does your dad continue to drink? The doctor told him not to drink – for a month. / – Of course He said drinking might cause an infection to the wound My dad said he won’t drink of a month and kept his promise As soon as the month came to an end, he immediately went drinking and I couldn’t reach him again Please come on out (Who is obsessed with drinking?) Hello – You heard your daughter’s worry. / – Yes Do you understand? I don’t think it’s a worry You say that even though you get hurt a lot We saw the picture I don’t remember it You may not remember it, but you fell down the stairs – and went to the hospital. / – Yes How can you still think it’s not a worry? It’s okay. I can’t live without alcohol How much do you drink? I drink two to three bottles of soju on weekdays I drink about seven bottles of soju on weekends I’m not exactly sure because I have no memory of it in the morning Is that right? (A blackout is not something to be proud about.) It must be fun to have no memory (It’s a serious worry.) Where do you drink every day? Who do you drink with? I like friends and alcohol – I go to high school alumni groups. / – Alumni groups

My high school has seven alumni groups – Your high school has seven alumni groups. / – Yes Do they have same members? Yes, they do Do all members love to drink? There are a neighborhood group, impromptu gatherings, a company group, a National Marine Corps group, and a Busan Marine Corps group – A Marine Corps group. / – Yes 30 days a month aren’t enough There must be more I’m also in hiking and golf groups – You drink a lot. / – How is your health? I am healthy. I had a medical checkup last year Both my liver and stomach are clean That’s incredible for someone who drinks a lot I drank that day I had to He drinks too much Let’s go over the accidents one by one You got hurt on the anniversary of your mother’s death You should’ve gone home early on that day I was going to come home early, but it rained that day – You have to drink on a rainy day. / – Yes I crave for alcohol when it rains (He craves for alcohol when it rains.) Since it was raining, I kept on drinking After I got the call, I was going to go home Then I suddenly felt someone smack me on the back painfully I got surprised and fell down The impact woke me up I had fallen down on the asphalt on my own (He had fallen down on the asphalt.) I had fallen down – My goodness. / – This is serious – Could you explain about the photo? / – Okay I felt something roll down on my face It turned out to be blood The next morning, I saw the photos on my phone I don’t remember taking those photos (When did I take these photos?) (He takes danger lightly because he can’t remember.) What are the reasons you drink often? Are you stressed out or do you just like it? I have the normal level of stress from work – I just like drinking. / – You like drinking? I like meeting friends and having fun with them – You just like drinking, right? / – That’s right One day, I saw some days were marked on the calendar My wife marked the calendar to see how often I drink – Your wife did? / – Yes – It’s almost daily. / – What does the triangle mean? That’s when I drank a little less than usual What about the circle? – That’s when I got hammered. / – I guess he was drunk (He got completely drunk more than half of the month.) – He was completely drunk. / – What’s that? What’s that big tick? I stayed out overnight that day (He even stayed out overnight.) – Oh, my. / – There’s a note, too I wrote that Who? Did you write that? Your daughter wrote it What was the occasion? It wasn’t a special day I drank with my friend, and it was so fun You didn’t drink on others’ birthdays, though I had a drink, but they didn’t mark those days They don’t mark the days I drank with my family I told them not to do that – It’s because I was with them. / – It doesn’t count? I told them not to mark those days He drinks almost every single day He doesn’t remember the accidents, right? The bigger problem is that when he drinks, – he doesn’t answer his phone. / – Right He even slept on the street once He lost his mobile phone and wallet several times He lost 600 to 700 dollars’ worth of gift certificates, – and 2,000 to 3,000 dollars of cash. / – Goodness 2,000 to 3,000 dollars? Haven’t you thought you should drink less? – You lost a lot. / – I have no intention of doing so You don’t think you should drink less? No. I never thought I should drink less – I wonder how your family members think. / – Me, too As for my mom… I lived in Seoul for a year for study My dad calls my mom and says that there’s a tree in front of him, and there are some cars on the road, – and asks her to pick him up. / – That’s what he saw – Please continue. / – So my mom ran away from home – I see. / – She came to me She said she would do the same as my dad She turned off her mobile phone Why didn’t she come on the show today? Every time she looks at my dad, her blood boils – Her blood boils. / – She’s distressed – Her blood boils. / – Yes – She was too embarrassed. / – I see Your wife ran away from home and turned her phone off How did you feel? She always comes back home She came home after that Didn’t you apologize to her? – I don’t remember that. / – Sir, do you not remember anything every time you drink? Not every time I drink. I remember some days – Just when you drink a lot? / – I asked you that because your family members suffer – during the time you don’t remember. / – Right You don’t take it seriously saying you don’t remember Don’t you think it’s too irresponsible and selfish? I feel a little sorry for them, but I drink again the next day and I can’t remember – He doesn’t… / – Imagine your wife drinks a lot – She gets hurt. / – She says she doesn’t remember

– “I don’t remember.” / – When you ask where she is, she says, “I see three trees. Come pick me up.” – “I see the sky.” / – Women shouldn’t drink outside like that Gender doesn’t matter – Then, Sir… / – Men can drink like that? – That’s ridiculous. / – What if – your son, a man, drinks every day / – My son? – when he’s grown up? / – He’ll learn from you He’ll drink just like you That’s not acceptable. I should teach him What would you teach him when you drink like that? – Exactly. / – You know that you’re doing wrong – He knows that. / – However, I like drinking, hanging out with friends – At first, he looked like a nice person, / – He did but it turns out he’s not so nice – Is he evil? / – He’s immature – He’s immature. / – He’s totally immature – What do you think? / – I don’t want to say this, but just as he said, I think he’s immature Since we were children, my brother and I don’t talk to our dad often In fact, my family members don’t even know how much my dad’s income is – Even your mom? / – She doesn’t know either He said it’s a secret. He said, “I won’t tell anyone.” He’s so immature – Then… / – “You’ll never know.” – “I won’t tell you.” / – He spends it all on drinking? – Oh, my. / – Does he not contribute financially? He’s the head of the family, – but he doesn’t take responsibility. / – Goodness Does he not contribute financially? He paid for my and my brother’s institute fees, and he gives us allowances, but that’s all My mom pays the bills and everything else – He must’ve given her some. / – Not as far as I know – Don’t you pay the bills? / – No – Really? / – He doesn’t How can he say that so cheerfully? – He doesn’t give the living cost? / – He’s shameless What do you pay for? I pay for my kids’ institute fees My spouse pays for her insurance – Spouse? Are you talking about your wife? / – Yes – Do you always call her that? / – What about food? – That’s… / – I thought – Pardon? / – That’s how you call a spouse (I understand why his wife is angry.) How much do you spend a day on drinking? – I drink only soju and beer. / – Okay I spend between several dozen to 200 dollars You pay most of the time, right? I do – The first to suggest always pays. / – Exactly He must spend 3,000 dollars a month – Do you spend 5,000 dollars? / – 3,000 dollars – 3,000 dollars. / – 3,000 dollars a month at least – Right. / – He must spend at least 3,000 dollars 3,000 dollars – Today… / – “I won’t tell you the exact amount.” (Dad, please grow up already.) Your wife didn’t come here today because she’s angry, but your daughter and son are here Let’s meet with his son. Hi (He bows politely.) – You heard your sister’s concern. / – Yes Do you understand why she’s worried? He drinks alcohol as if it’s water – My gosh. / – I’m used to it now I’m not as worried about it She said your dad doesn’t care about your future What do you think about that? I’m disappointed, but I’m used to that, too I only talk to my mom I’m in 12th grade. I come home after my classes, and always go to bed after midnight My dad comes home around that hour He always wakes me up when I’m about to fall asleep, and nags me to chat with him He chats with me only when he’s drunk Then he doesn’t remember the next day – He can’t remember what he said. / – That’s right He repeats the same thing – That’s another problem. / – Yes Don’t you think you’re too indifferent about your son? My wife took good care of him since he was a child, so I left it to her because she’s good with kids My mom suffers the most Is that right? What makes her suffer the most? My dad does nothing to contribute to family life My mom has hyperventilation syndrome – What’s that? / – She can’t breathe all of a sudden Not long ago, we had to call an ambulance for her My dad went out for a drink two days later Even when his wife was sick? (Shouldn’t you be worrying about your wife?) – Sir. / – Yes? Did you not drink for the two days because your wife was taken to the hospital? Yes. She came back home I have meetings arranged almost every day, so I had to attend it. Besides, even if I was with her, I wouldn’t have made any difference – So I went out for a drink. / – That’s harsh – He’s unbelievable. / – You could’ve cancelled Your wife was sick. No one would’ve vilified you I didn’t tell them about her because I enjoy drinking with them Why do you think your mom developed – hyperventilation syndrome? / – Hyperventilation Why did the doctor say she has the disease? The stress from the family is the main cause – Of course. / – How about you meet friends less often, and drink less? I can’t meet my friends less often I wish I can meet them more often Can you drink less instead? I don’t think I can drink less – How can he be so brazen? / – You can’t do that? (He really makes me angry.) – I can’t… / – You drank on the way here, didn’t you? – I really didn’t drink. / – You didn’t? You’ll drink right after this, right? Yes, I’ll drink on my way back home

He’s driving me crazy Your daughter looks distressed She smiles, but she’s worried Your dad just said he won’t quit drinking – How do you feel? / – How can he be like that? If we don’t come on this show, my family could – separate. / – Is the situation that bad? If my dad won’t change I understand why you choked up If your dad won’t change I feel like we won’t care if he gets hurt or drinks a lot and stays out overnight I think we’ll become indifferent to him I’m scared we might become like that When I see my brother not having conversation with Dad, it reminds me of myself when I was in school It breaks my heart Of course Sir, among all of the people who made their families come on this show and all the people I know personally, you have the most serious drinking problem – He has a problem. / – However, most alcoholics – try to fix the problem / – They feel sorry when their families and friends ask them to change You have no intention of quitting drinking It feels like you’re not even in this family You know that you drink more than normal, right? Please be honest with us – I don’t think I drank much. / – He didn’t know That’s why he acted like that – I don’t think I drank much. / – He didn’t know That’s why he acted like that – Your friends… / – It became my daily routine Above all, you said the correct answer before You said your wife, daughter and son shouldn’t drink That means you think it’s bad You know that But despite knowing that, you say you won’t quit. That’s ridiculous (Doesn’t it mean that you’re ignoring your family?) While you hang out with your friends, you might lose something more precious, which is your family. Haven’t you thought about that? No, I haven’t thought about that – How would you feel? / – How do you feel now? – Think about it now. / – Right Imagine your family turning their backs on you That has never happened to me in my life (My goodness. He makes me angry.) So you won’t quit drinking for your family? That’s right (His children are disappointed in him.) – He… Go ahead. / – He said (She became emotional.) – He said his family… / – She’s disappointed – I thought she would be. / – She’s disappointed – She must be. / – He keeps saying he’s important, – but not his family. / – How sad – would that make her? / – She must be sad Stop crying. Your dad isn’t himself right now He drank too much to think clearly – I’d be upset if my dad was like that. / – He’s drunk – How could he say such a thing brazenly? / – Right (He hurt his children who trusted him.) Let’s say your daughter comes home at 3 a.m – Would you worry about her? / – Yes, I would Why would you be worried? I’d be worried something bad might happen to her You often get hurt when you go out for a drink Do you think your wife and children aren’t worried – when you’re out? / – They must be worried – Then… / – Why do you keep making them worry, then? (Why do you make them worry when you know that?) – You should take responsibility. / – Right Do you want your family stop caring about you? No. They can’t do that – Then drink less. / – You should make an effort If you can’t quit drinking, you can go home early You should show that you’re trying to change If you keep saying that you won’t change anything, your daughter must be disappointed in you It could become hard to continue the meetings However, when you go through a hard time, your family will be around you giving you emotional support I hope you realize that Regardless of the show, you should go to a clinic and consult a doctor about your problem You have to make an effort on your own You have a serious problem – I feel sorry for you. / – You need help Your children grew up so well despite their upbringing You never express your love for them You don’t sacrifice anything as a dad Their mom is amazing I understand why your mom got sick If you have anything to say to your dad, say it now I want him to drink only twice or three times a week I also hope he pays more attention to my brother And as for my mom I hope he’ll become a good husband to my mom (Please be a good dad and husband.) Honggi, you go first It’s definitely a worry

I think it’s a worry, too If you would try to build a bond with your daughter and son, your family will be very happy – Junghwa. / – Any daughter dreams of having a good time with her dad, watching movies and having a meal together I hope you’ll be a dad like that You didn’t do it for her until now I’m not telling you to quit drinking I just think you should drink less If you think it’s a worry, please press the button (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one – Time’s up. / – Stop Sir, I saw you lower your head I’m regretting My daughter, Siyi I’ll listen to you and try drinking only three or four times a week I’ll discuss it with your mom I’ll also try to talk more with you from now on I will make efforts Say something to your son, too. He’s in 12th grade Son, I’m sorry (Son, I’m sorry.) – I will try hard. / – Great Tell him you love him I love you, my son Please show us how many votes she got “My Bleeding Dad” “My Goodness” is the current winner with 160 votes If it is 170 or over 160 votes, she can be the winner The number is going up (She got 152 votes.) The title is “Please Help My Friend” Hello. I’m a man in my 30s living in Gwangju I have a friend whom I’ve known for eight years Please help me humiliate him today What’s the problem? “I’m a potential criminal.” “Why? Women may die from a heart attack” “when they see me.” “Not long ago, the nurses at a hospital” “fought to give me injection.” – No way. / – My friend thinks he’s so handsome, and it’s a problem “Listen. I can make every woman in this world” “fall in love with me.” “Do you see that girl?” “She keeps looking at me because I’m handsome.” “Watch me.” “Excuse me. Are you interested in me?” “Do you want my phone number?” He asks women out all the time Whenever he does that, I want to hide in a hole Exactly. That’s so embarrassing Everyone, please help me make him come to his senses by humiliating him I think he does that every day (Please help my friend come to his senses.) Shall we meet him? – Please come out. / – Please come out (Who is the man with a delusional friend?) (Kim Uihyeon) Hello, hello (Welcome) How serious is his problem? He thinks he’s the most handsome man in Gwangju In Gwangju? Every time he looks into the mirror, he says that he’s so handsome He writes a post like this on his social media “I don’t let any woman sit next to me” “because she may die from a heart attack.” He always posts something like this – I really don’t like him. / – Gosh – Is that true? / – Nobody in the audience died “Pretty Boy in Gwangju”, “Handsome Guy in Gwangju”, “The Prince of Gwangju” (The cast members burst out laughing.) – That must be him. / – These are his keywords – He put on sunglasses suddenly. / – That must be him (While Uihyeon was talking about his social media,) (his friend put on sunglasses all of a sudden.) He’s so despicable (We can see how he acts already.) I don’t know him He’s unbelievable I feel so embarrassed when I’m with him He thinks he’s more attractive than Wonbin – He thinks anyone will fall for him? / – Yes, he does He must be very handsome He’s not that handsome He flirts with girls with his eyes all the time (His friend flirts with girls all the time.) Whenever their eyes meet, he thinks she fell for him, but he’s mistaken I wouldn’t worry much if he’s just mistaken He says he feels excited when he flirts with a girl He said his ultimate goal is – the singer Hong Jinyoung. / – My goodness – His ultimate goal? / – Yes – She’s from Gwangju, too. / – That’s right (She’ll fall in love with me once she looks at me.) I understand that your friend is delusional, but why does it give you a hard time? When we meet my acquaintances together, he always tells them that he’s met a lot of girls, where they can meet girls, and that he prefers a beautiful body to a pretty face When he always says things like that, it ruins my public image as well Let’s meet with his friend now – I’m curious. / – I want to see his face now (We’re curious how he looks!) Let’s meet him. Hello. Welcome (He looks around.) (Hi, I’m Bae Inkyu.) Why are you looking around? I made a request about the angle – What do you mean? / – My right side looks better, So I asked them to film my right side You asked to film your right side? Yes, that’s right

– Find the right angle by yourself. / – Okay (Adjusting the angle) – What is the right angle? / – My right side – Turn your head. / – Our cameramen are Like this? (As you wish, Your Highness!) I think your left side looks better No (This is the best angle, right?) (He shows his face.) – He’s handsome. / – He’s handsome – He’s a snob, but he’s handsome. / – That’s right If he’s just joking, he would be charming – If it’s a joke, he would be charming. / – Are you Are you serious – about the camera angle? / – Right That was my condition for appearing on the show – Do you like this angle? / – Yes, I do (What kind of person is he?) Is your ultimate goal really Hong Jinyoung? One of the reasons I keep practicing is for attracting Hong Jinyoung I’m working hard to polish my skills What is your intention? Do you want to marry her? Yes, that too – Jinyoung would be… / – Do you think she’ll fall in love with you once she looks into your eyes? She’ll be mesmerized at once (He thinks even Hong Jinyoung will fall for him!) (Anyone, please say something.) I can’t think of what to say to that (Everyone is speechless.) You know (They all look away or lower their heads.) – My goodness. / – You know (I’m the best in the whole world!) I heard you suddenly gained confidence three years ago Was there a reason? I went to a nightclub I know it’s not right to do this, but I asked three women for their numbers, and all three of them gave me their numbers I thought I must be deadly charming – “Deadly charming”… / – “It’s working now.” You want to speed if you have a car with a good engine I decided to rock my 20s That’s my plan It’s not a bad plan, but I think you’re going in the wrong direction (I really hope you’d check your direction.) – He’s driving backwards. / – I think I’ll have a good married life after dating many women (He’s dating many women for a good married life!) Do you think there are any women here who like you? – Look around… / – There are many single women here – You can tell from their looks. / – Look at them (Who will he choose?) Who do you think likes you? – The woman in the yellow dress. / – Where? (Hey, lady.) – Which one? / – The yellow dress and blonde hair The one who’s looking around right now (Me? What did I do? Why?) I guess it’s you – She has a boyfriend. / – She’s with her boyfriend (We can’t be together.) I think he’s just a very happy guy (He’s not a bad guy. He’s just a happy guy.) – He’s always positive and happy. / – That’s right (There are two types of women in the world.) (Those who dated me,) (and those who are waiting for me.) (Are you anxious about when you will see me?) (It’s okay. I’ll always keep my engine turned on.) Do you really think that you are handsome? (No, that’s not it.) Among ordinary men, I’m in the top class – Is that so? / – People tell me that, too – I think he’s handsome. / – Go on I’d say I’m one of top ten handsome guys in Gwangju Do you think you’re more handsome than these guys? – Can I be honest? / – The four men – Yes, be honest. / – I’m number one – Number one. / – Just like that? (You think you’re at the top on Hello Counselor?) Number one? You’re number one? Are you serious? Number two would be Lee Honggi – Why would you rank them? / – You’re serious? He says you’re number two At least you are in second place What do you think, Honggi? Do you think he’s more handsome than you? – Be honest. / – Be honest. He say’s you’re second I think his features are prominent So is he more handsome than you? No (No way.) We should just make assumptions – He’s like my youngest uncle. / – Your youngest uncle You wrote, “You’ll get a heart attack” “sitting next to me” on SNS. Why did you do that? Rather than saying “I’m not pretty” When you have good looks like this, I think it’s more attractive to be honest Saying honestly that you’re handsome is better? I’m curious. Let’s see his account – to find out what he wrote. / – What did he write – and what picture did he post? / – They’re ready – Let’s take a look. / – They’re ready? (Let’s see the pictures.) “Girls may die of heart attack from sitting beside me.” – “A potential criminal.” / – “A killer.” (His manner beats all others.) Is there anything else? – “The divine looks”. / – “Even I find my eyes sexy.” – He’s driving me nuts. / – “The prince” – “Even I find my eyes sexy.” / – He’s driving me nuts “The prince” (I’m sure you’d want me, but be patient.) (His captions make you cringe.) Is there anything else?

(Incredible!) “My good looks and nice car” “I enjoy them both.” – The picture. / – He covered his license plate Did you cover it in case someone chases after you? People don’t normally say, “Do you like me?” “I think you like me. Do you want my number?” Do you? That’s what handsome guys do (I just live up to my good looks!) I get it Anyway Do they all give you their numbers, then? About 99 women out of 100 do (His success rate of winning their love is 99 percent!) In fact, I don’t get why that one woman rejects me I think she’s a bit strange – Why don’t you get it? / – I (Go away!) It’s almost like, “I don’t like men.” I heard you spend so much money to date women You change your car and you have about 30 suits I don’t say this often If this is aired, – you better take notes. / – Go ahead – You better take notes. / – I’m curious Look. When you get the girl’s number, going out for drinks to get close would be the best but instead of going overboard, I go out for a meal – Women can’t resist it. / – Isn’t he right, Yeongja? Yes (It must be nice!) During the meal, take out movie tickets In fact, you shouldn’t just watch a movie You should touch the woman slightly “How scary. Isn’t it funny?” The guy beside you did nothing wrong That subtly creates a bit of romantic feelings Go for coffee after the movie I must pay for that because doing so would make the girl feel guilty Then she’d naturally say, “Let’s go for drinks.” There are things like that – We all know… / – I spend my money with a strategy I don’t splurge it He’s basically writing a novel (He spends a lot of money and writes novels.) Do you end the relationships first or get dumped by women? I mostly break up with women first – Almost… / – You’ve never been dumped? (Have you ever been dumped by women?) It was a very long time ago – Since you’ve been dumped? / – Before I was complete “Before I was complete.” (I got dumped once before my looks were complete!) Do you have your strategy for breaking up as well? – No, I just break up. / – Do you text the girl? – Excuse me? / – I text her (He breaks up through a text message.) – You break up through a text message? / – How mean You don’t even meet to break up? “I don’t think this will work. Let’s break up.” Is there something wrong with that? (Is there a problem with it?) Are you nice while you’re in the relationship? Of course. I’m loyal So you suddenly text her the next day to break up? It’s because my love for her has faded away – You’ve had your fun, so goodbye now? / – Why did Why did your love for her fade away all of a sudden? (Why did you change your mind suddenly?) It just fades away (We can neither understand nor communicate with you.) Even though he has a girlfriend right now – He has a girlfriend? / – He has one right now? Yes, there’s a girl he’s going out with, but he still hits on women – Does his girlfriend know that? / – He makes a move? – What? / – Is she okay with that? – And? / – He seduces women even when my wife is there He disappeared after we ordered food at a restaurant When I called him to find out where he was, he’d already left with a girl nearby – He just left without a word? / – Yes. That’s right He left while you were waiting for the food? That’s why my wife hates – me seeing Inkyu. / – “Don’t see him.” “What’s wrong with him?” – That’s right. / – That’s what happens “You must’ve done the same thing as him.” What’s worse is that he’s affecting those around me That’s not right – He did it to my co-worker. / – He breaks up easily Inkyu suddenly said he’s around my office I didn’t even know that he went out with her – He came only once though. / – Yes She even quit working after breaking up with him – She called me. / – What did she say? “Why did you introduce him to me” “and give me so much trouble?” – I didn’t even introduce him to her. / – That’s right I only had three employees, so after she quit, work became harder – He’s like a bullfrog. / – Does he have someone? – He destroys the ecosystem. / – The ecosystem (I know that you’re jealous.) – I was blamed. / – Your girlfriend may see this – Will you be okay? / – It doesn’t matter – Why? / – My girlfriend – will understand. / – Then – He’s just the same. / – Then, can your girlfriend show off her charms and date others? I won’t allow it That’s so selfish. You can, why can’t she? She must bear it to go out with a handsome boyfriend (He’s unbelievable.) I don’t think my relationship method is very bad We’re not judging you I think you’re all doing this because you’re jealous – What I’m saying is… / – He came out of jealousy? – Yes. He’s jealous… / – You’ve never been hurt from going out with a girl you like? I have, before I was complete – Before you were complete. / – “Complete” – I’m curious. / – When you were incomplete You couldn’t do it before He could pursue his way of life alone, but he’s forcing others to follow it, too

– “You should live like me.” / – Exactly – Give me an example. / – That’s exhausting He forces his dating know-how on other employees – I can’t believe it. / – He came here, too – He’s the employee. / – He really came? Let’s meet the employee Nice to meet you. Hello Hello You would empathize with him I go through so much trouble because of him – Give us an example. / – He’s about to cry – Tell us everything today. / – Exactly (Say everything honestly!) – His voice is shaking. / – He might cry Roll up your sleeves. Good He says, “You should become Little Bae Inkyu.” I should work when I come to work in the morning, but he keeps making me exercise (His main duty is to build muscles to look stylish.) He says he’ll teach me his skills to be able to seduce all women, but I have a girlfriend I tell him that it wouldn’t be necessary Then he says, “Do you think you’ll marry her?” – Why? / – Why? “You’ll end up breaking up with her anyway.” “Since you’ll break up anyway, build yourself more.” “You should meet a better woman.” We’ll meet your girlfriend Hello She’s very beautiful You’d feel anxious and unpleasant because of him He loves women too much I had a feeling he’s taken him to places with women many times I felt something was weird, so I went to my boyfriend’s place, but he wasn’t there I called him He said he’d be home, – but he wasn’t there? / – I thought he was asleep I kept calling, but he didn’t answer He finally answered my call after a long time “I couldn’t answer because I was sleeping.” But I knew that he’d gone out for drinks with his boss “I’m at your place. What are you talking about?” “Where are you?” He confessed later on that his boss took him to a nightclub From then on, I kept feeling suspicious, and my feelings toward his boss became negative I’m sure – He took him to the nightclub for training. / – Yes Say a few words to him, then He’s your boyfriend I really want him to come to his senses (Please come to your senses!) – Is there a reason why you’re proud? / – The reason I think I’ve got everything since I was the top sales representative in Korea many times I bought a car for my mother’s birthday I gain weight easily, so I wake up at 6 a.m. to keep myself in shape I believe that I’m winning both work and love, so I don’t think there’s a problem with my life We’ll meet your friend, too – Hello. / – Hello (Let’s find out with his friend!) Is he always like this or did he change suddenly? He lacked confidence before – Really? / – He was fat (He was really fat!) He weighed over 90kg Then he broke up with his girlfriend after she cheated on him with another guy – From then… / – I see – Something happened. / – The puzzle is put together He’s taking his revenge He wants to be compensated by taking revenge He looks a bit like an upstart He made a lot of money all of a sudden, and the world changed completely Tell me I took revenge in the past, but I don’t do that now Actually, everyone has a desire to look charming and be recognized – by the opposite sex. / – That’s right (I’m just fulfilling my duties as a handsome man!) What you’re doing now is like what your ex-girlfriend did to you Don’t you think you’re becoming like her? (How are you different from your ex-girlfriend?) Actually, I never thought about it that way However, since you’re asking me so seriously (What’s the matter with him?) I’m saying this because we’re eager to appeal to the other gender when young by making money and trying to earn high social status However, that’s not everything Will marriage be the end of the story because you no longer need to look charming? It’s not like that It’s not only the other gender you should appeal to Your same-sex friends and your connections as well You want to be regarded as nice and be of help to them The joy from the accomplishment there is great My point is, you must not focus on just that (He’s focusing his money, time and energy on women.) I totally understand how his wife and the girlfriend there would feel I’d hate it if my husband has a friend like that Say a few words to your friend Inkyu I know that you’re a good guy However, I’m worried that those around you – will think badly about you. / – What a nice guy Please change, Inkyu (Live life for yourself, not for show.) We’ll start from Minhwan

Do you think it’s a worry or not? I hope his life will be successful, not just love – That’s why I think it’s a worry. / – Honggi I think he can change soon, so I don’t think it’s a serious worry Guys who sound honest, well-mannered and modest – are more attractive. / – Of course I’m sure most women think that way That’s why I pressed the button. I think it’s a worry – Donggeun. / – I also think it’s a worry I think he wants to show off his handsome looks I don’t have such self-regard, so I envy that very much However, I think it’s a worry because I don’t envy your love (I don’t envy your consumptive love.) Gosh, it sounded like a song lyrics “I don’t envy your love.” If you empathize with his worry, press the button (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one – Stop. / – Time’s up Show us how many votes his story got (The result) I think it got over 100 votes – Many thought it was a worry. / – I guess so – Did it get 132 votes? / – 4 – It got 112 votes. / – 112 votes (His story got 112 votes.) “My Goodness” is the winner of the week (“My Goodness” won by a landslide.) We’ll give the winner a certificate. Congratulations Until the day we are all worry-free Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you – Thank you! / – Thank you! (“Happy” by WJSN)

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