well this morning I want to talk about love the word love not not the not the popular version of it but love from God’s perspective what it means me and my next talk is I’m going to talk about love and politics not loving politics love and politics I believe my next talk and that’s an item to be talking about devoutness as Paul being when he talks about developments what is it and just to say the start God justified god save us not just to save us God saves us to just displays character starts here and then eventually it’ll be in the celestial realms will be displaying it perfection so the first question is what is love but before I define it I want to show you what the Apostle is a prayer that Paul raised in 1st Thessalonians chapter 3 verse 12 and 13 the apostle paul says this he says though may the lord cause you may the lord cause you to increase and super abound in love for one another that’s the family of faith and for all for one another and for all one of the glorious things about our message is we have the same attitude that god does from all humanity notice nobody’s left out we have a special love for the family of faith but it goes out to all love for one another and for all since Christ died for all we love all from Christ dies the apostle paul says be at peace with all of mankind in Romans 13 the Apostle Paul says in Galatians to work for the good of all mankind Galatians 6 press s onehans 3 he says love all and in 1st Thessalonians fighting to be patient to all and so we are really an all-embracing group aren’t we if we want to be imitators of God we embrace them all because we know that even our enemies our potential friends they one day will be for some of them that might go through a series of judgment before they get there but they will be eventually so that’s the good news so the question is what is love I’m gonna give you a definition I wrote at the top of my scriptures and it says this this is from the the greek-english lexicon put out by the concordant concern that’s what it says under love a complex emotion arousing appreciation or delight in in desire for the presence of its object let me repeat this love is a complex emotion arousing a appreciation in or delight in and desire for the presence of its object love always has an object in view it always has an object in view and the object is something love the lights and the presence of that object and it delights to promote the welfare of that object it is to be as distinguished from affection or fondness which is aroused by the qualities of its object so many people love people just because they’re like them they only love people well if that person’s like me or I like his or her personality it’s amazing how many people judge people based on their personalities if they’re not like them they’re not lovable but try growing up in different cultures what we might consider to be a someone who’s a jerk or rude maybe that’s just part of their culture some families that I know one guy grew up in a military family he wasn’t trained to smile is trained to salute the people why don’t you smile it just wasn’t something it doesn’t mean you’re happy but we so often don’t want to get to know somebody we prejudge it’s so easy to judge someone not knowing what their circumstances are but love us beyond that even if somebody’s in the bad mood you don’t know what they went through that day Marvis got a scowl right now what a jerk no five minutes ago he slammed his finger in a window it was bleeding and it hurts so people were judging by his look right now that’s ugly and then it continues by saying love knows how to the utterly unworthy a lot so that’s love so it seeks the presence of and delights in the promoting the welfare of its object now think about that love is a very active word it’s not doesn’t practice mockery it doesn’t hide from people it’s 6ml first Corinthians 13 love chapter we’re gonna look at that and the question I want to ask you this

and to think about it the Apostle Paul was asked a series of questions by the Corinthian church it will pull a row first corinthians he answers their questions starting with chapter 7 now concerning this chapter 8 now concerning food offered to idols chapter 10 now concerning spiritual hips spirit first Corinthians chapter 10 and excuse me I was wrong there first Corinthians chapter 10 is part of a eight to eight through ten answers 1 1st Corinthians 11 now he talks about the position of men and women 1st Corinthians 11 verse 17 he talks to them about the lord’s dinner and then in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 not concerning spiritual endowments so captors 12 to 14 the Apostle Paul takes up their questions regarding spiritual in down it’s those gifts that we call gifts given to the church in Corinth in Chapter 12 he enumerates them in chapter 14 he tells you how to operate them but right smack dab in the middle he brings in this love chapter somebody missed the context here Paul is not leaving the context of spiritual endowments why is he bringing up look here because in the Corinthian church they have all the gifts they had all of them but people were using the gifts for selfish reasons the reason the show-off for instance to give the languages or to give the prophecy and the gift of balance three supernatural gifts and they were using them for what reason selfish reason and they were also weren’t following that how they were supposed to do them corn at first Corinthians 14 you’ve got a kind of hostile churches that you see on the women speaking in tongues no interpreter and yet Paul says the women aren’t to do it so no one ever follows it it’s always used for show they never follow Paul’s injunctions and people say well you don’t believe in they guess and I said I’ll believe in them when you operate them in accord with scripture never see anyone operated right but when I was Paul riding the luck check because he was in the Corinth in the Church of Corinth day the gifts were going to cease prophecy knowledge tongues and Paul is saying what happens when the very things you’re using for self-promotion are gone what will remain if the thing that you are using to promote yourself and not edify others as 1st Corinthians 14 senses are gone what are you gonna do then and the answer is love remains Paul doesn’t say faith hope and expect the faith expectation and love remain when we get to heaven he’s saying those are what remain now faith expectation love these three then what’s the greatest why because when we’re in the presence of Christ we will no longer need faith when we’re in the presence of Christ we will no longer need expectation it’ll be realized but love will remain and that’s what will reign supreme in the universe so Paul is saying these things are temporary here’s the thing that remains and here’s how we exercise it now and so in first Corinthians 13 Paul says right in the middle this chapter love is now let’s look at the words now first Corinthians 13 we’ve read first of all love is the first one is patient now the word patient is interesting the Greek elements look like this the word far and field now this word feel is used as for losing your temper it’s used for losing losing your temper temper it’s to work up a strong feeling to be furious idiomatically means to get so mad at someone they can angry at someone for maybe traveling your rights or doing something that inconveniences you somehow Stonewall Jackson says anyone can lose their temper anyone can do it our memory was was reading the war stories and anyone can lose your temper but it’s discipline that maintains the day I’m not trying to bring in a war illustration when I’ve talked about losing your temper but the point being is anyone to do it anyone anyone can lose their temper its easiest thing in the world it doesn’t require virtue to lose your temper how many of you agree with it how many of you have a hard time losing your temper raise your hand you do hear your James Baskett anyone can do it so the word feel to lose your temper essentially so what does the word fire means everything that field represents put it far from you put it far from you

I used to think that righteous anger was a good thing now I patched this out with some friends you can also call you know is it right to be angry or not I’m always going to lean on the side of saying no the Apostle Paul says can you be indignant in not sinning and Ephesians 4 equals at all bitterness fury anger malice all of it be put away from you except be tender-hearted dealing graciously with one another as God in Christ is dealt graciously with you now remember what we said you say this is a very hard thing but remember love is a fruit of God’s Spirit that’s why Paul praise the Lord would cause us the super abound in love for one another and for all and if we are if we allow grace to instruct us I think we’ll be prepared for the time when the time comes when a situation presents itself for us to exercise patience so love is patient love sees beyond beyond inconvenience or somebody angering you we’re going to talk this is going to come up a lot we talk about politics later especially din with our brethren so love is patient anything that feel represents put a far from you the next one is love is kind if you look at the keyboard concordance the word kind has word reuse USC is a word to me to be useful so love not only doesn’t lose its temper in the presence of stupidity or provoking being provoked but it’s kind it actively seeks to be useful to others remember the definition of love it’s a complex emotion arousing arousing appreciation or delight in the end and desire for the presence of its object as well as to promote its welfare so love is useful useful how is useful are we God made us to be useful so love is patient love is kind what’s the next one love is not jealous jealous comes from a Greek word meaning to boil to boil over it is using a good and bad sense in Scripture but here it’s all bad all bad it’s not good at all it’s to be zealous for your own benefit at the expense of others jealousy means you’re intensely angry at someone because they have something you don’t have one of the worst things about jealousy as jealousy isn’t always content where always what something the other person has jealousy is so bad it would be content if the other person lost what they had just so you feel better about yourself jealousy is awful jealousy is a killer what’s the opposite of jealousy love seeks to promote the object the the optic its objects wealth fairly we should be happy love is happy when others are blessed in ways maybe you are not so long as patient love is useful love is not jealous then it says love is not bragging you ever seen I was laughs when I watch football games when guys attack when they get up and they do a fist pump up like you actually got up and celebrate and doing your job normal today things that are normal are considered heroic that word hero is you sell off your everybody’s a hero for what heroic are you kidding we always love to brag we’re adding means to spread your own thing everybody has to have a special day teachers have to have a special day soldiers have it’s nurses no offence Lisa nurses have to have a special day everyone wants a special day look at me celebrate me I am so much more special than you but love is not concerned about promoting itself love is not self promoting love doesn’t brag it’s not it’s not a fun and it’s interesting here the were dragging and puffed up are together because they’re the same thing so love doesn’t the seek to spread some famine in the next is not puffed up and it’s the word meaning to inflate now something inflated is not natural jibber here the fray is full of hot air you ever hear that I mean this is

there’s no substance a hot air balloon poke the hole and there’s nothing there it’ll it’ll uh it’ll of deflate pretty quickly so love is not bragging and it’s not puffed up it’s not inflated and that’s another thing it says here love is not indecent now Clyde Martin they were talking about this just the other day about how when you come to the truth one of the things you have to realize is that the standards of decency set up by Christendom are usually wrong it’s a false standard you know what I mean carrier the rules of decent Society and you know when people go beef should be decent and sometimes decency from from the religious one actually it’s a warrant to God the Lord Jesus even said what it’s highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God and so when we see this or decency it comes from two words again forgive me if I’m being complicated and I’m thinking it makes sense it comes from these two words but in the figure now the word figure it means the prevailing former fashion and the prevailing faction spoken of here is not the prevailing fashion of this eon we have to keep that in mind it has nothing to do with how nice you are or how you well you dress thank God it has nothing to do with that it’s not conforming to those kind of rules that has nothing to do in conforming to the rules of organized religion either but it has everything to do with conforming to what’s fashionable with God love is not indecent in the sense that it conforms to what is pleasing to God it conforms to those standards anything else would be indecent you know I mentioned it false religion talks about the rules of decent society but 1st Corinthians 13 is not talking about some kind of false religious show or some kind of fake reverence or a churchy reference it has to do with being conformed to the fashion that prevails with God so the question is how do we know what that is and the answer to that is to spend a lot of time in Paul’s letters and then what how he tells us to walk in the light of the truth revealed so love is not always love is love is decent it obviously can forms to the faction that prevails with God it operates in the sphere of God’s truth and having said that I should preface this at the beginning love is John Lennon is wrong with all due respect to John Lennon love is not all you need people always talk about love some people you love to ignore doctrine let’s just all get along and ignore teaching so we can get along why point out the fact that Trinity is not a is a horrible team why do that for the sake of love let’s ignore doctrinal finer points but the Apostle Paul said this and I’m sorry to interrupt going through here for a flip first twenty thirteen in Philippians the Apostle Paul said this he actually praised this then this I’m praying that your love may be super abounding still more and more in realization and all sensibility for you to be testing what things are of consequence love must always be guided by truth in my name correctly cut truth the truth must be correctly cutted cut the Apostle Paul in first Timothy says this first Timothy chapter 1 he says you have the grace of our Lord overwhelms with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus so love is always guided by truth in the sphere of God’s grace in the sphere of correctly cut scripture putting scripture in its right place so when we say love is not indecent in other words love is not just doesn’t appear out of nowhere it comes it’s based and founded upon truth in its proper place so we have to keep that in mind love is not something that just ignores distinctions as a matter of fact think about it if we love God don’t we want to know what God says in its right place and then we want to proclaim it properly so love must always be guided by truth so love is not indecent the next thing here it says love is not self-seeking perfect examples Philippians chapter 2 first we have the example of our Lord who being inherently in the form of God deems it not to be equal God nevertheless empties himself think of all of our Lord went

through for the sake of others Paul is an example Timothy in that chapter a path for Titus who paradise risked his soul he risked his hell he was a sick man and said I’m still going on this journey to bring the Apostle Paul the need of sustenance from the Philippian ecclesia some of us won’t leave won’t go out of our way for people if we have a sniffle but here in Paul says he risked his soul one of the thing that characterizes Paul’s people if you read those letters is how selfless they were selfless not self-seeking a couple of weeks ago a sister drove to my house from Michigan just to drive me to Sioux Falls South Dakota so I wouldn’t have to pay for the gas and she did it while she was sick as a dog and I’ll never forget that that somebody went out of their way just so the Evangel could be brought to somebody 600 miles from our house risked her own soul for the sake of the advantage of love is not self-seeking you know I read and we talked about correctly cutting the word of truth the night I emphasized us a lot I know but I have to because I think it’s so important the examples in Scripture are there for us but there are certain examples we have to follow so for our day the examples we follow are people like Paul Timothy and up afroditi it’s not Daniel Daniel is a great example to read about but we can’t be a derrick we can’t dare to be a Daniel in our day Daniel wasn’t a different administration we don’t stand up the government’s we don’t claim our rights our examples are ones who suffer even if our rights are trampled upon we don’t use the sword we don’t call on City Hall and clamour our rights in the name of the grace of God no ours is not a violent religion ours doesn’t have a sword the weapons our warfare are not fleshly but mighty with God to the pulling down of strongholds we follow our Lord in his suffering and Paul says imitate me as I imitate Christ we can read about Daniel we can read about these great examples of the Lord some who through faith subdued kingdoms but God isn’t calling you to subdue anyone with a sword no one hours have passed this suffering and this is what gets people they hate this message Paul said in first Corinthians 6 don’t you believe it dare go along with one another rather less yourself be cheated but the flesh says no I want my rights they’re given to me by the Constitution the founding fathers are about as close to Paul’s message as those who crucified Christ William Blackstone John Locke George Washington and John Adams all follow the pagan philosophies of natural law which are a perversion of Christianity where they’re not the same I saw someone once say that almost the Constitution was this authoritative as the scriptures someone once courted the Constitution saying out obey God rather than men because her rights were being trampled as if the Constitution was the Word of God this is the idolatry that’s been introduced into Christianity and it’s nothing like what we read in all letters we have been duped were being clawed out of our allotment by politics and associating the cause of Christ with American flag my brother in Australia is not inferior to me I don’t teach American exceptionalism as if we’re more exceptional in somebody in other countries I don’t know about you but to teach that is the height of arrogance do you imagine that thinking that you are more exceptional than somebody because they’re under a different flag sad isn’t it that the measure the measure of exceptionalism is flat-screen TVs

low taxes and the formulae the Apostle Paul got into prison with no 401k the Apostle Paul died with nothing except a smile on his face saying the good fight I fought it the race I ran it the faith I kept it henceforth there is laid up for me a crown a wreath of righteousness which the Lord the righteous judge will give me in that day not to me only but also to all those who love his Advent in the next verse he says demas has forsaken me having loved this current young demas was more interest in the flat-screens he is more interest in the politics of his day he was more interested in the things that promoted his welfare and property that he wasn’t the message it does he named this person Christ I’m sure Dimas took his journey into the public realm the Paul says he loved the current Aeon and we think somehow we can convert this evening out into a good one we can’t you know I’m getting too far ahead that’s my other talk but love is not self-seeking then it says love is not incensed then I thought it’s the first time for me the Apostle Paul would probably have loved to have this but I’m looking at my notes humming phone this is really cool law is not a sense and sense means to be incited and this verse it means the one who is loving others isn’t incited Bollinger has an interesting note the companion why I think the King James Reed’s here love is not easily angered his eminent sense clogged with a KGB their love was not easily wouldn’t say easily provoked I think that’s it so it says machetes memorizing King James only Baptist minister all right it’s easily an italics bullet driven development margin it’s absolute it’s not provoked period right period insight it it’s not incited love is not inciting it doesn’t get angry even when falsely accused you with the Apostle Paul says I will most gladly spend and be bankrupted for your souls even though the more abundantly I love you the less I am loved imagine that Paul would not allow his enemies and cordesman cite him to stop loving the corinthians he loved them regardless imagine that he wasn’t excited love is not incited he will allow you what I love him no matter what it continues here is not not taking account of evil now this is interesting love doesn’t keep a record throw the record book away it’s amazing it’s amazing what happens when you throw the record book away because I know I I have to admit Ursula there are times where I would bring to somebody when they tick me off and you know what that was not love that was just all of me love doesn’t keep records we love the store records so we can bring it up later because we’re always ready we’re always ready for self-defense self-defense can get interesting I read these common people make itself as nuts all self self centered self self defence it’s all right it’s all right self anything then it says here love is not rejoicing and injustice no words love isn’t happy when people fail this is the context love is not happy when people fail many want to find a reason to write a person off they don’t like they want to find a reason so they look for an opportunity to justify their dislike so when that person fails they can say you see look what they’re like anyways the use is an opportunity so in interviews if you’re the person they date they don’t like deserve to be disliked after all look under look what that person did so they use that failure as an opportunity to justify their dislike and then they usually tell others about it spread the fame of the person’s failure but remember we said about love it goes out most cases than most occasions to the unlovely

and to the unworthy you know it’s not with the unconditional love of God but the unconditional love of the Saints are might be imitators got you the only the Apostle Paul says be imitators God yeah my god I think I’m gonna physically around the pool yeah all right so what never uses the failures of others reason to justify selfishness so those love is not rejoicing and injustice yet is rejoicing together with the truth love isn’t vindictive it never is love wants everyone to be adjusted to the truth that’s what we want we don’t delight in those who are an error you know I’ve heard some people accuse Martin and I on our shows of not loving people oh you’re so arrogant you know we’ll say something everyone loved it makes it’s like and then always has scuse me why don’t you overlook the part of our personalities you don’t like and the question is what are we right or wrong you never hear that part you always hear the part they don’t like personalities or something like that but people we say what we say because we want people to be adjusted to the truth even sometimes if it sounds harsh remember truth can cut but faithful are the wounds of what a friend based on the wounds of a friend but jelly you know Apostle Paul talks about ministry and one of the goals of ministry in Ephesians 4 is towards the readjusting of the Saints for the work of the ministry that word readjustment is a first century term it’s a medical term for Reta for setting a fractured limb now imagine what doctor has to to settle in has to be careful I saw Lisa working with your finger sheeting go you know take your time you nursed it to me but it’s still a painful process readjustment is a painful process sometimes because let’s face it we have a lot of bad information of God and that bad information has to be corrected it has to be changed so low again it’s not addictive in the addictive the want to see everyone adjusted to the truth Paul says for the rest brethren whatsoever is true to be taking these things into account so a lot of us rejoice them together to the truth this as it is for going all that work for going is a word that’s used for keeping water out of a ship it’s also used for keeping rain that’s like a roof that keeps the rain from linking into a house in other words it keeps out foreign foreign elements love this for going all in other words there is nothing love doesn’t allow anything in to keep it from stop loving we always look for an excuse well this is an extreme circumstance so I shouldn’t show a lot of patience here William Tyndale faced ill he said wouldn’t it be burnt at the stake people say well there’s got to be limits to this I mean there’s got to be limits what William Tyndale say from the stake open the king of England’s eyes he prayed for the guy killing them what our Lord Jesus say from the cross what did the Apostle Paul say fall for something may the Lord not lay it to their charge see one of the things about love it is always displayed best and the worst circumstances possible love is always displayed when things are contrary do you know why you know you know what Paul Paul even gives instructions to slave you know that Paul is saying that our faith our message thrives no matter what the conditions are even in slavery and that one says Paul say arm yourself and get free he says you bring the light of this message into your contrary situation I read now get into this in the political comment but I’ll never forget tonight it was feet deep in politics I can pull most of the constitution – and some of the comments by Hamilton Madison and Jay but I’ll never forget reading this robbery Lee’s grandfather Richard Henry Lee Light Horse Harry Lee said we cannot be happy without being free we cannot be free unless we’re secure in our property we cannot be secure in our property to look at others from taxes without our consent and I looked at it and I threw the book down I said nonsense and you

will imagine Paul saying that we cannot be happy unless we have low taxes and property can you imagine it how they’ve been conned out of scriptural Christianity and replaced it with the struggle of the survival of the fittest it’s amazing love is for going all is believing on what does that mean love has unlimited faith in its opportunity we easily write people off don’t we so easy people run people rip me off on Facebook that’s how short our temperance we read a Facebook post wives I hate Facebook somebody get my Kelly will tell you what I hacked her account my locusts are post I hacked her account and I said Dan share is the hottest man on the planet I didn’t know she had a boyfriend he stopped anyway but people who have written you they they read your post and they interpret it they interpret to impute motives and impute an attitude and then think you’re a jerk yeah you know so we wish her smooth disposed we’re predisposed to dislike people no matter what but love us for going it’s believing all it has welcome to faith in this object it’s expecting all and is enduring wall and no wonder Paul says love is never lapsing there is never a circumstance where in love is a failure when we exercise love by God’s grace there’s never failure now I’m not saying I’m hitting 300 or I’m even having a batting title with this all I’m saying this is the ideal and that’s why Paul prays if you know what turn a friend you know when you read a prayer of calling you know we should do all right push pray let’s pray first Thessalonians 3 12 verse eScience 3:12 Paul says now may the Lord cause you this our prayer may the Lord cause you to increase and super abound everything we just read in 1st Corinthians 13 don’t just do it super about it may the Lord cause you increase and super abound in love for one hour that’s you mean mr. baskin even if he’s unlovable to one another and for all that means the president obama i know you love that money Vladimir Putin that means the Speaker of the House that means your neighbor whose dog poops in your yard that means the tax collector thank people of a Nancy Pelosi Michele Bachmann all why because if Christ died for all we are to love all from whom Christ died our citizenship is inherent among the Celestials from once we are eager expecting our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ we are ambassadors for Christ as God beseeching through us be conciliated to God an ambassador never gets involved in the politics of the country to which he sent he is to represent the country he’s been sent from and that’s our role

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