[Traffic Noise] Sir, my hand is broken – Go away Madam, I have a broken hand – Go away God, you are the father of the whole universe Day after tomorrow is the Rakhi festival Like every year, even this year, take my Rakhi to my brother Mummy, what is Rakhi? – I’ll tell you Rosy Brother D’souza – The Rakhi is just a thread But as a bond, it is stronger than an iron chain I will come here day after tomorrow & my foster sister will tie a Rakhi on my hand But sister, where are you sending this Rakhi? Bombay, to my brother, Raman I have forbidden you many times, yet you are sending Rakhi to your brother? What do I do? I have only one brother But what kind of a brother? A thief, fraud, a cheat? This is the home of a decent custom officer I don’t even want his shadow falling on this house Don’t send him a Rakhi – I have full faith in my Rakhi Just watch, my Rakhi will reform my spoilt brother one day [Humming] [Sneezing] [Knock On Door] Anyone in? Damn! there is no food in my stomach, no water in the glass no cigarette in the carton and no sticks in the match Who is knocking down my door? That door is not strong Prasad…son – What is it, father? Go and open the door – You only open it I have not smoked, how can I open the door, I am feeling giddy

Even I have not eaten since three days I have become so weak, even my shadow is feeling giddy Throwing my dialogues at me? – A son takes after his father If a son goes after his father, where will the father go? To open the door [Door Opens] Sister, is Mr. Raman home? – Damn you! I am brother, not sister Your letter Mr. Raman. Give me a tip on this festival day Tip? I’ll claim one from you How can you ask a pauper for a tip? Look at my state first When my fate has not tipped me favourably, how can I tip you? The state of my poverty is such that if I attend the funeral of a beggar he considers it an insult and jumps out of the coffin It’s so long since I ate food that I don’t remember how it tastes How rice looks, what is done with tea, I have forgotten everything My son is lying hungry and lifeless since weeks I feel God only gave us life, he forgot to give us destiny I’m sorry to hear this Sorrow? When sorrow hears our story, even sorrow feels sad you are still human But we are self respecting people We eat our sorrow to fill our stomach and quench our thirst with tears but never beg before anyone If you could help me My son is breathing his last If he dies, you only will have to carry the bier No Raman, don’t talk like that That’s enough – That’s not my money They are money orders I have to deliver So what? – I’ll check the other pocket Hurry up, my son is dying – I had a 50p 50p? You are insulting my poverty? If you put a 50p coin in the charity box, it jumps out Give me more My pocket is torn The coin must have fallen off Damn! If ever I have to get something, even that doesn’t come I’m sorry. I’m leaving Listen. If you could get us some food from your home My wife is visiting her mother’s home I am not asking for your wife, I am asking for food She only cooks food. I myself am eating in a hotel these days Can I come along? – I owe him a huge credit Maybe he doesn’t oblige even me today – Damn! Atleast give me a smoke – I have only one Will do – Atleast return the match Your wife is not home, you don’t have more cigarettes, what will you do with the match? Go enjoy yourself God will bless you, of which there is no chance What a fraud he is! He was asking me for a tip Have I spared anyone until today that I will tip him? Oh yes, read whose letter this is There is a Rakhi in this – Rakhi? Oh yes. I have a sweet sister. And she never forgets to send me a Rakhi Had she sent me money this time, it would be so much better Leave the letter. Take this to the bazaar and try selling it I’ll give you Rs.2 – Nonsense! This Rakhi is an antique piece You small men don’t know the value of precious items Alright, take Rs.4 – That’s the price of only seeing it I won’t pay you more than Rs.5 – Alright, give me eatables in exchange What do you want? Eight loaves of bread, two packs of cigarettes, & two packs of biscuits Now hurry up – Wait Slowly father. I haven’t even touched the food yet and you are bent on finishing the whole thing Don’t eye my food Since I have been born it’s the first time I’ve eaten to my fill [Belching] Thank you, sister May God bless you What a Rakhi you sent me It filled my stomach Hey! What are you eating? – Nothing Chocolate? Did you flick it from my pocket? Your pocket doesn’t have cloth, how will it hold a chocolate? Then where did this come from? I flicked this when the shopkeeper was making my parcel Bless you You will make me proud Come, I’ll teach you different ways of picking pockets Picking pockets is a job that involves concentration You have to concentrate, and the distract the other person Assume this is a wallet full of money I am putting it in my pocket Come and dash against me and pick it Okay? Here, I put it in my pocket Come Hey stupid! Come here You made a mistake The wallet is in my pocket Father, you were concentrating on your wallet. So I flicked your watch Crutches?

I’ll surely get Rs.10 for it I’ll flick it. He’s lame anyways Help! He took my crutch and my bag Someone catch him! Catch him! Teacher? – Bravo son! What wonderful students I have They steal in broad daylight They snatch the crutches of lame men Tell me, why did you do this? Tell me! Father You? – Yes, me. Why are you beating him? He committed a theft He stole a lame man’s crutch So let him Is that lame man related to you? Great! What a father you are Instead of punishing him for stealing, you are defending him? Perhaps that is why you withdrew his name from school so that he can become a thief, a cheat, a vagabond like you? Yes, that is why I stopped his schooling What do the educated get in this country? After wasting their parents hard work and money children get degrees, but what after that? They run from pillar to post to get a job Half their life is spent studying, and half is spent in running around What is the use of getting such an education? Infact, after an education, they feel embarrassed to do hard labour because they become obsessed with the fact that they are educated What will he gain by studying in school? What will he gain by staying with you? What will he become? A thief? Who becomes a saint after taking an education anyway? All of them become cheats. They study and invent new ways of cheating Shall I tell you something? Only that guy should study whose father has lots of money So that after completing education, he takes up his father’s chair makes graduates his slaves and rule over them That is why I am educating my son in my University so that he doesn’t grow up to work for anybody So that he does his own business with his brain power and with his fingers as his equipments You saved this boy from being slapped today But tomorrow, this very sin of yours will slap you so hard it’s resonance will break your heart You will weep But regretfully, you won’t have anyone to wipe your tears then [Crying] Inspector, I have come to hand him over to you To me? Is he your son? No, he is not my son. He was standing at the bus stop and crying He doesn’t have parents, he seems to be an orphan So I thought I’ll bring him to you, you adopt him I myself have a huge family – Then keep him in jail How can I? He has committed no crime So what do I do? Where do I take him? Get him admitted to some orphanage They are orphanages in name only They are actually trouble houses Those who grow up there, have to tolerate hunger, abuse, poverty When they come out, they are already half criminals I’d say that 75 % of the criminals are from these orphanages You are right, brother I am a living example I grew up in an orphanage and became a criminal when released. – See You will shudder with sorrow when you hear my story Once – Shut-up! I am narrating my story, and you are barging in between Inspector, forget your uniform and question your sleeping heart whether this innocent child should be sent to an orphanage Did we shed our blood for the freedom of India so that the innocent shoulders that carry the burden of future India will grow up in orphanages? Do one thing You yourself bring up this child Me? – Yes I will give you money for his upbringing. Tell me, do you accept? I can do anything for the future of the country Give – Take this much for now From next month, take Rs.100 from me every month I’ll come every 1st – Ensure the kid doesn’t lack anything I will ensure that I will make him a decent and honest man That’s my duty Go – Let’s go, son May you be successful Children, go home and tell your parents that a new leader has been born, who has formed a new Party and made a flag of that Party That flag is flying on that pole

We will hoist this flag and announce the creation of our Party [Clapping] Where did the flag go? The flag is here, father – You stole a flag? What else could I do? That fake leader was lying to the people and praising himself That he will do this, and that But he doesn’t do a thing So I flicked his flag – What will you do with it? We can make one pajama each for us And anyway, your pajama is so dirty It stinks – Then why do you smell it? Stupid! do you know what a dangerous leader he is? A man of this city and his son have together made the lives of people miserable They commit thefts in broad daylight Today, they had the guts to steal the flag from the pole when a meeting was on Inspector, how much I told him, but he didn’t even hear my story that day Arrest them immediately or we will go on a hunger strike Shut-up! The father and son you are talking about must have looted you only once But they have been looting me since the last six months That man calls his son an orphan and takes money from me for his upbringing Come with me, I won’t spare them today Let’s go, father – Come, this is the house Come on fast Run! There is no one here Where did they go? Father, why don’t we go to your sister’s house? Are you crazy? Why do you want to knowingly go to death’s door? Even your grandfather, that is, my father, doesn’t go there out of fear Why? Because my brother-in-law is a customs officer He’s a shrew – Being such a big man, you are afraid? Are you coming, or do I go? What will I sit and do here? Beg? You do look like a beggar – Mind your tongue! Come, or I am leaving – How will you go like that? I will. I will shout – I will beat you Shut-up! What a nuisance! I have one child and even he has taken after me We’ll go Oh God, save me from my brother-in-law, Pratap Singh’s temper [Thunder] Pratap Singh! Pratap Singh! Pratap Singh! I am fed up of hearing the name of this custom officer I bring goods with such difficulty and he takes them into custody Wonder how he comes to know And he conducts a raid right at the time of delivery That is why we could not bring today’s consignment either We had to throw everything into the sea All of you are useless You all are cowards Watch what Gullu does now Tomorrow’s day will be Pratap Singh’s last day of life Daddy, come home soon, I am feeling hungry You go home dear, I am coming Shanker, take her home Okay sir Hi D’suza How are you? How’s business? I’m fine, but where were you for so many days? I was busy. You are aware Gullu is reigning high these days That’s okay, but [Gun Firing] Stop! [Ghost Laughing] Why are you standing with your heads lowered? Go and iron your master’s clothes, he has to go on duty

And you, you haven’t made the breakfast ready yet? Until when will you make us cook breakfast for master make us iron his clothes? Master is no more No, don’t talk like that! Doctor, you only explain to them. They Brother – Aunt! Brother -What…what have you done to yourself? See what these crazy people are talking They say my husband is dead That he will never come back Brother, you tell me, he will come back, won’t he? Will he? – Yes, he will Sit down Doctor…what is all this about? – She is under terrible shock She has lost her semblance It is not proper to keep her at home in this state Such patients can take their life, or even kill others So I suggest you get her admitted to a mental asylum in Raipur, 20 kms away from here No! I won’t go! Mother! – Let me go Brother…brother, take me away from here Uncle, take me to my mother Look son, your mother is not feeling well As soon as she is alright, I will myself bring her home Okay son? Let’s go [Train Horn] [Indistinct Voice] I cannot feed myself, how will I feed him? I’ll leave him here. Some good man will take him under his wing I am buying the house, but there won’t be any problem later, will there? There won’t be any problem This house belonged to my sister The poor lady is mentally sick I have to get her cured Whatever money I had, I used it on her treatment I don’t have a penny left now, so I am compelled to sell this house Wish I could sell myself to cure my sister But regretfully, no one will buy me That’s why I’m selling the house The money you give me, I will utilize every penny of it for her treatment Can I make a request? Sell everything in this house, but please don’t remove my brother-in-law’s picture I plead with you Wish every sister gets a brother like you You are an angel Here’s the money Father – Who is it? Why are you sticking your head in money 24 hours like a beggar? You won’t understand that now You will, when you grow up Tell me something Why don’t you grow up? Have you applied brakes to the vehicle of your life? Everyone’s sons have become taller than their father, my son is still short Why don’t you grow up? – Shall I grow up, father? Yes – Then look I’ve grown up – Wait! What are you doing? So soon? It’s not soon This world is very fast 15 years just flew by – Nonsense!…Oh yes! And we shifted to this new home The world is round, and we have a big role to play in it Finished? – Finished Then come, the world’s wealth is waiting for us [French Horn] “The world after us, we ahead of it” “We fool everyone and run away” “Who has the guts to confront me?”

“Who has the guts to challenge me?” “I am the son, he is the father” “Hear this carefully” “I am the son, he is the father” “Hear this carefully” “This is not a lie, it is absolutely true” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” Money! “What a beautiful night it is.” “What a beautiful night it is.” “Beauty and youth are with me” “Just don’t ask me!” “It’s raining money” “Go and do your job” “Don’t bother me” “Go and do your job” “Don’t bother me” “What a beautiful night it is.” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter …” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter …” “Greetings to all our fans” “Greetings to all our fans” “Greetings to all our fans” “Everyone is talking about us at the party” “Greetings to all our fans” “People sigh when they take our name” “People fear to come face to face with us” “We are the music that makes the heart shudder” “We are artistes that no one can defeat” “Our voice makes people shiver” “When we sing …” “When we sing, people run away” “I am a gale” “I am storm” “I am a dagger” “I am emperor” “I am fire” “I am a fireball” “I am sensational” “I am destruction” “I am smart” “I am smarter” “You are a coward – You are a leech” “You are a crow – You are a pigeon” “You are a monkey – You are a rat” “You are an aubergine – You are a cabbage” “You are a barber – You are a washerman” “Confront me – Get lost!” “Confront me – Get lost!” “Who are you?” “I am your father!” [Screaming] Who were those guys? “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter …” Father, we have committed so many thefts until today

What if we get caught? – Who will nab us? We steal, but we don’t leave behind any proof Years ago, you had left a small proof Who are you talking about? – Your sister’s son, Ravi Who is Kolhapuri Dada here? [Ship Horn] That’s me. What do you want? – Ravi Dada has sent me He has told you to vacate this place by evening and return to Kolhapur He has sent this bag for your luggage Who is Kolhapuri Dada? What nonsense is this? – It’s not nonsense Ravi Dada has sent this ticket to Kolhapur for you Pack your bags and be ready A taxi will drop you to the station You will go in that taxi, not me You…! [Tire Screeching] [Taxi Door Closes] Who is Kolhapuri old man here? – Your father must be old! I am Kolhapuri Dada – Whoever you are, as if I care Get in the taxi, it’s time for your train I think your time is up What is this? You didn’t take the taxi. Now Ravi Dada will come to send you away And when a big personality comes, there is a lot of frenzy, music is played. Like this So you are Ravi Dada? Yes. This is my area I went to jail for 4-5 days and you started acting don here? Now that I am back, go set up your business elsewhere [Groaning] [Bottle Break] [Groaning] He’s dead No! No! Chunnu, open Who is this Ravi Dada? – He is a storm He sent me a ticket to Kolhapur When I refused he switched on some music, and beat me black and blue This has happened in my life for the first time Dada, my last offer, Rs.10000 Sholapuri, what happened to you? Haven’t you brought any money?

I am going back to Sholapur A Dadi beat me up What nonsense are you talking? What is a Dadi? That’s a female version of a Dada (goon) And that Rosy Dadi beat me to pulp Damn! Someone was beaten by a Dada and someone, by a Dadi Just let me get released I’ll teach that Dada, and Rosy Dadi a lesson! Rosy Dada, here’s your protection money Rosy Dada, here’s your protection money Ravi Dada, your money – Take it Here Uncle – Hello, Ravi Dada Hello – Here’s your money What do you want? Rosy Dada! Sorry Take it – Yes Dada Dada look, a new shop over there Come on mister, give protection money – Protection money? Yes. I collect protection money from all the shops in this lane You are new here, so you don’t know Out with the money Hey mister, I want that money, not him Because this is my area Hey Smarty! Don’t cross your limits Your limit is up to that shop. Get lost! Money – Money Money – Money First you two decide among yourselves who will collect the money I don’t raise my hand on women or I’d show you! Even I don’t raise my hand on people like you, or even I’d show you! That will be decided when the right time comes. For now We’ll leave the decision on our men for now The one who wins will collect the money Accepted? – Accepted Tarzan Johnny Attack – Attack Rascal! He’s gone? Forgive me! What are you doing! You mosquitoes! I won’t spare you! Run! Run! Inspector, it all happened because of these two Arrest them! What! You are husband and wife? Yes sir, we are newly married And we came out of the house for the first time today You mean you didn’t fight in the middle of the street? Fight? No sir! I love him very much Marrying him has changed my life Or I was a girl who grew up in an orphanage I have suffered a lot over there You are right. People who grow up in orphanages are very unfortunate Even I grew up in an orphanage If you hear my sad story – Shut-up! Stop your story, for God’s sake! I am sick of hearing it But where have you heard the whole story? It is a bit boring in the beginning But you will enjoy the latter part Once – Shut-up! I don’t want to listen Take him away! And you two go home You, and my wife? [Laughing] Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? It will break in fear

Shut-up! The police station is near by, that’s why I’m quiet Or I’ll punch you so hard, even you will shatter like a mirror Who will marry you? If I give an advertisement in the newspaper today men from all over India will come for the interview Smarty! – Show-off! – Dud! Dada, a letter from your sister ‘Dear brother, it is many days since I met you’ ‘Do come to meet me this Sunday I will wait for you. Your’s Anita I’ll have to go to meet my sister this Sunday Arrange a suit for me – Suit? Yes – Is she your blood sister? She is the daughter of that mother who picked me from the train She sheltered an orphan like me She is no more so I want to give her daughter all the happiness in the world You don’t know my brother, Ravi He loves me so much Rarely would a brother have loved his sister so much You are fortunate. Atleast you got a brother who loves you I never got anyone’s love in life I have not even seen my mother I have been alone ever since I know I don’t have anyone – Why? You have me Since I have met you, I have begin to love life Only life, not me? The other name of life is love, and love is life You are my life’s first love Brother! You have come after so many days I crave to meet you How are you, Anita? – What is this? You are crying? I feel lonely without you How long will you stay away from me? This is my last year of study Then we will live together I will never leave you Okay, and that Anil you spoke of, when will you introduce me to him? Forget him. Alright tell me, how is your business doing? Great! I’ll send you the Rs.5000 you have to pay in college very soon Here’s Rs.200. Buy some books – I have all the books I know. Here’s another Rs.200 Buy new clothes for yourself I have loads of them I know. But so what if you buy another new dress? Take another Rs.100, buy new shoes – But I already have six pairs Don’t refuse when your brother is giving you money Take another Rs.100 Buy chocolates for your friends This is not a school, it’s a college Whatever, chocolate – Look, the bell has gone I am going. Don’t go away, I’ll meet you after class Take another Rs.20. Give it to the peon, he will understand Be happy Go away – We don’t have change I’ve recognised you! – You have been ruined? Totally. Since your jinxed hand has touched What? – I mean, since I have seen you, I have been ruined, I don’t even have anything to eat Give him something – Take I don’t want that I want work We are frauds – I know. Even I am a fraud That is why we looted you Wait. Let me check my CKF – What is CKF? Like the police has a file of criminals, we have a file of thieves We loot them Like this Mr.Bokadmal Mr.Bokadmal He has lots of land. He is planning to sell it off, escape paying tax and slip out of the city What will we do with him? – I will go to him as an agent Look Broker, if you strike the deal for 5 million, it will be great Nonsense! Such a good piece of land for only 5 million? You don’t know the worth of your land Look, if you have a client, bring him, take your 2 % commission or just leave – I have a very good, very rich client He’s come! Welcome. Welcome Where is the land? – This is the land This land? Broker, what did I tell you? I need land to build a bungalow, not to spread my handkerchief Which beggar’s land is this? Not a beggar sir, even he is a rich man of Bombay, Mr. Bokadmal Your name may be big, but your land is small Sir…sir…sir

Speak – Sir, I have only this land Take it if you like. Decide in a day or two. I have to go Put your hand down Why? Are you going to cheat the government? No problem, even I do that but I know all the tricks Understood? – I cannot speak English No, even I cannot But what I do is I talk with the different people with the different style with the different time and with the different day with different night, different season and different movement Enough now Understood? – No It is something only people with brains will understand. You won’t Agent!…What are you doing? Stand straight What are you doing? I like this plot But it is very dirty, ask him to clear it We’ll have it cleared by tomorrow – Stand straight Mr. Hut Mr.Bokadmal Why do you bother whether it is Hut or Bokad. Am I right? Yes What price are you quoting? – Five Six million rupees Accepted. I will come after two days and take possession For now, take this advance of Rs.50000 Rs.50000! – I had two and a half million What I did is donated the money to an orphanage on my way here Two and a half million…donation! I have to give donations Who am I? Mr. Boman Raman Kaanji Naanji Fashoinji Nutbolt Sodawater Bottel Openerwala That’s my name, not my address Got a sensational current on hearing my name? I’ll be going All the best You got my land sold at a very good price That’s okay, but the plot is so dirty We’ll come tomorrow with some laborers and get it cleaned What’s this? Huts on my land? Where did they spring from? [Goats – Baa] Not done, sir. You struck the deal with us, and sold the land to them? You fool! I didn’t sell the land to anyone Wonder who they are and how they settled here overnight What are you saying! Come with me It’s all a matter of time When we came here 10 years ago there was nothing here – Nothing at all? Now there are buildings all around Why are you lying? You came here 10 years ago? There was nothing here until last night What are you talking, sir? I have been living here since 10 years Shall I show you the ration card? It is 9 years old You are lying. You want to take illegal possession of my land? I’ll go and lodge a police complaint Don’t do that, you’ll mess things up If you go to the police, assume you have lost this land What do I do? I am feeling giddy I got you 6 million instead of 5 million for your land How much profit did you make? – One million Give half a million to these guys, take possession of the land and get rid of them That old man will come and take possession of your land tomorrow Assume you sold your land for five and half million rupees You are right I will give you the money Pay them and make them leave – Great There is Rs.550,000 in this – Stupid, don’t worry Collect six million rupees from that old man tomorrow [Softly Laughing] Now go, I will get the land vacated So Mr.Prasad, did we do everything well? Very well. Here’s your share, Rs.10000 If I have any other work, I’ll tell you Now get the land vacated Yes sir He must be coming with six million now What a fraud father I have He is sitting here, and Bokadmal is waiting for his six million He must be tired waiting in the sun And weeping that he lost Rs.500000 I lost Rs.500000! I don’t think they will come Here Ravi Dada You said you will be back in a day and took so long? The milkman is screaming for his money

What do I do? I’d gone to meet my sister, but I could not meet her eyes today She keeps asking me about my work, and I keep lying to her But one day, she will come to know the truth about me How will she feel then? – What can we do, our life is such If we had parents, we would not fall into this business But you do have a mother Where is she? I don’t know. I don’t remember anything about my childhood I only remember that my mother dropped me to school Bye mom – Bye I always see her face before my eyes Even if I see her among a million people, I will recognise her But wonder where she is now, how she is No! Leave me I want to go to my son Take her away – Let me go to my Ravi Hi friend – Hi Anil What is the matter? You look upset Nothing. That lady’s case is strange She is in the asylum since so many years, but no one has come to see her ever Is it? – Yes What a mother is, how affection for her child makes her crazy one will understand if one sees her She is only living with the hope that her son will come to meet her once Can I meet her? – What will you meet her and do? Let me meet her once Who knows, it may cure her and this orphan may get a mother Stop there Don’t come close I said don’t come close Or I’ll kill you Don’t come, I said, don’t come Stay there, don’t come close Mother You are my son? – Yes mother I am your son, mother Then why did you keep me here? Take me with you Please take me with you Yes mother, you won’t stay here now You will live with me, with your son Come…come Found mother’s home in Poona? Yes. But I didn’t meet anyone there I came to know that her brother sold the house I have heard he himself lives in Bombay in a very big bungalow I wonder where her son is Now I will go to Bombay and make their lives miserable But Anil, why do you have to do all this? Because that woman has called me son Why don’t you understand? A man who can cheat his sister can prove to be dangerous for you too If anything happens to you – Hey, don’t worry about me Just take care of mother until I return I want to know that in our country, where people give up their lives for their sisters who is that brother who has cheated his own sister [Tire Screeching] We are those cheats The biggest of cheats Other cheats loot simple people We are the cheats who cheat the cheats Come father, the souls of these two cheats is calling us Business is dull these days The police doesn’t let us offload here Even my case is similar I don’t know what to do Sir, do you have a match? – Get lost! Angry? Why are you getting angry? You think I am a beggar? Even I live in this hotel, in the adjoining room Don’t get angry Get lost! Stupid fellow! Greetings Who are you? Why are you sitting here? We live in this hotel – Why do you live here? Why not at home? Wherever a man may stay, that’s none of your business Don’t show off! Talk properly

Constable, we have come from another city seeking jobs Have you seen this guy? – No. What has he done? He has fooled the people, the government, and made millions Really? – The entire police force is looking for him. Have you seen him? Do one thing, give us this photo, we’ll watch out for him Do inform me What is this? – Mr.Fraud see this picture My picture? Where did you get it? The police gave it to us – Hey! look there So you print fake currency Let anyone prove this note is fake and I’ll chop my hand Charles Sobhraj, Venkat, Natwarlal and I have made this machine It prints such good notes that even a real note looks fake against it Printing, writing, the water mark, is exactly like the real We’ll know right now whether the note is real or fake I will try using it in the bazaar You wait In some time, a decision on you will be made Decision? What decision? – The city’s police is looking for you Don’t hand me over to the police. If you like, you can keep all this money But please spare me What will we do with this fake currency? Not fake Makino, they are real I got change for the note I had no problem Look dear, you are a thief, and so are we And fighting among own brethren is not right So it will be better if you give us this printing machine Alright, then give me Rs.100000 – Rs.100000? I invested Rs.250000, over and above all the hard work I won’t give it to you for any less, even if you hand me over to the police Alright, we accept Bakshi, get the money Print a note and show me – Okay Isn’t this plain paper? Isn’t this plain paper? – Yes I’ll print a note and show you Look, isn’t this a note? See Here’s your Rs.100000 Okay friend A thief looted a thief today [Crying] Come, now I’ll show you how to print a note Isn’t this plain paper? – Yes Isn’t it? – Yes Now watch how a note is printed Plain paper? [Telephone Ringing] I’m the printing machine guy – Your machine doesn’t print notes That is why I sold it to you You are a thief, and so am I So I won’t lie to you. The notes hanging in the room are real I hung them there to dry to fool you What machine is this? – Sugarcane juice extracting machine Sugarcane juice? Yes, try putting sugarcane, maybe you get juice It’s old. I bought it from the flea market for Rs.50 Rs.50!! What is it? Who are you? – You have wronged my mother Mother? Which mother? My mother, your sister, Gayatri Recognised me now, cruel uncle? Ravi You were so little when I left you in the train I mean, when you got left behind in the train You have grown so big And so tall too Yes, I have grown old, and tall too And came here from Poona looking for you So that I can settle old scores with you Scores? What scores? – Don’t pretend You fraudulently sold my mother’s home and took the money I have come to claim that money But I gave that money as charity to an orphanage One who even sells the bed sheets of orphanages

will give a donation of Rs.100000 to an orphanage? Someone has misinformed you I am a very decent man If I hand you over to the police, they’ll strip your skin along with your decency in moments Shall I go to them? – No, why go to the police? We’ll sit down here and settle the issue I don’t want to sit Pay me the price of this home How can I pay you right now? Even the richest man doesn’t have liquid cash Give me some time, I will repay your every penny I’ll give you only 24 hours Remember, cruel uncle! Father, why are you so terrified? Have you got the fits? Son, if he punches you, you will go round and round like a fan I have a solution to set him right What? Gullu Dada [Naqareh] Gullu Dada Ravi! Where are you hiding? The whole city is celebrating Gullu Dada’s release today And you are hiding like a rat in fear? Come out!…Come out! What is it? – Come down, kid I’ve heard you play the music and fight Disco music is for girls to dance on I want to have a macho fight with you I will beat you up on drum beats today [Naqareh Continues] Play! Why did you beat up my man? This is fun! Gullu Dada, beat him on my behalf too Dada? Dada? Father, we came looking for Gullu Dada, but he’s being beaten up like a dog What will we do now? – Let them finish The one who wins will get the contract The one who loses, we don’t know him Ravi, take this Next time you come here, I’ll send you to hell Take the dog away I will not spare you My name is Gullu Dada I’ll come again! What is it, inspector? – We have to search your jeep We have news that you supply drugs Drugs? Ofcourse not – Let us conduct a search Conduct a search Sir, see this You won’t budge Bring him along

We never knew he was also into drugs I kept the drugs in his jeep You? But why? Because luckily, you beat him up today But he would not spare you tomorrow He would come and kill you What would you lose? – Everything Without you, I would lose all competition Who would I fight with then? And if you have to be beaten, even I can do that Hey Smarty, get lost, or I’ll beat you! You…! Ravi Dada – What? Hello, good morning – Hello. What is it? We have some work with you A goon is troubling us We want to get rid of him Then go to the police, why come to me? Dada, if you do this job for us, we will load you with money We will pay the price you quote – I don’t do petty jobs Listen to me. Once – Get lost! ‘Anita, I’ll soon send you the Rs.5000 you have to pay in college’ ‘Okay brother’ Okay, I’ll do your job But on one condition I want Rs.5000 for this job Agreed Look, he’s coming Where are you going? – Inside, to claim my due You cannot go in – Why? I’ll tell you Ravi Dada, you look very happy What is the matter? Found a girl? – No I was worried about my sister’s fees I’ve solved that problem Now I don’t need to worry for a year So shall we celebrate? – No, drinking is a bad habit We’ll celebrate by drinking sweet lime and orange juice with soda Then let’s celebrate! [Glass Tinkle] “Serve me orange, sweet lime, anything else” “If you don’t have soda, add water” “Serve me orange, sweet lime, anything else” “If you don’t have soda, add water” “So that I falter, so that I am knocked out” “Make me drink that much” “He’s on a high of riches” “He has a high of poverty” “The whole world is a drunkard” “What’s the harm in drinking then?” “Here, there …” “Here, there …” “everywhere, the whole world drinks” “O uncle, serve me” “Serve me orange, sweet lime, anything else”

“If you don’t have soda, add water” “We will drink and serve others” “It is a happy occasion, we will celebrate” “We will dance, sing and rejoice” “And forget all our sorrows” “I drink, you drink …” “I drink, you drink …” “he drinks, and the trend continues” “Serve me orange, sweet lime, anything else” “If you don’t have soda, add water” “So that I falter, so that I am knocked out” “Make me drink that much” Father, he is lying badly injured in hospital There are no chances of his recovery – So? That means What’s happening? – Father, what’s happening to you? What’s happening? Is anyone around? – Call someone – My father is bloating [Thunder] Rosy You have shed the blood of such a man today, Ravi who had gone to help a hapless woman get her due A mother, who was not even his own You may have to pay a heavy price for it I needed money for my sister’s fees And I can do anything for her What if your sister comes to know of this? Who will tell her? Brother? – You, at this hour? Brother, the Anil I had mentioned to you about has been injured How? He had come to this city to help a hapless woman But some cruel man beat him up and injured him He is now lying in hospital The hospital sent me a telegram Take Whose picture is this, Anita? – Anil’s This is Anil? – Yes Why are you silent now? If you have the guts, tell her you injured Anil To pay her fees, you tried to kill Anil You wanted to pay your sister’s fees by injuring her love? How well you repaid the debt of your sister’s love But now, you will also have to save your sister’s love But will Anil’s life be saved? – You deposit the money in the hospital We will have to call the renowned doctor of the city, Dr.Sinha and get the operation done by him Don’t worry, he’ll be alright It is three days since Anil recovered Why don’t you go and meet him? How can I go? I did such a bad deed for money that perhaps even God will not forgive me No Dada, once you regret an act, all your sins are washed away Atleast meet him once I am sure he will forgive you Forgive me Anil, I committed this cheap act to pay my sister’s fees I didn’t know that the man I am beating is my sister’s Enough Ravi, I have no complains against you I am happy that against these injuries, I got a friend like you and found them all Now I only want to get my mother her due Don’t worry Anil, whatever they have looted, I will break their bones and claim it back from them No Ravi, if you do that, you will go behind bars We’ll get them arrested – On what charge? We have no evidence against them We have to be very calculative

We will have to collect concrete evidence against them Greetings Mr.Gotya and Mr.Potya Sirs, when are you sending us to Dubai? We will send all of you Our work has got delayed but it is a confirmed job We will get a call from Dubai now and we will send everyone together [Telephone Ringing] [Call Receive] Hello. Gotiya Potya Company Mr.Sheikh from Dubai? It’s from Dubai? [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] They want a labour force of 3000 [Arabic Language] [Arabic Language] He has made a demand of 3000 men. I told him I cannot send them like that That I will have to test them before I send them, or it will spoil our company’s reputation Once they leave India Put the wire down. I received a call from Dubai with that disconnected line If they come to know, they will beat us all the way to Dubai Hello Mr.Gotya, Mr.Potya Who are you? – You don’t recognise me? No – I am Kallu’s son, Lallu You sent me to Dubai two years ago I have returned after two years And as I got off the ship instead of going home, I came to see you So? Did you make good money in Dubai? Ofcourse I did What did I have when I went? What? – A torn vest and shorts And look what I have now that I’m back This tape recorder, clothes, Rs.200000 worth of goods in customs And see this, this gold broom [Indistinct Chattering] Sir, I want a ticket to Dubai today itself Send me to Dubai today itself – Me too We’ll send you all by tonight’s flight No Mr.Potya, why are you sending them by air? There is always a traffic jam in Dubai nowadays Planes don’t get a chance to land So many accidents take place, so many people die Even they must be family men – Yes Send them by ship Even I came on ship If you like, I’ll drop them there – We’ll go by ship Silence! Alright, we’ll put everyone in water I mean, we will send you by ship Do one thing, all of you pay an advance of Rs.5000 and go home Come to the port tomorrow and we’ll send you to Dubai by ship. Right? Right Majbutilal, you have become weak here Eat dry fruits in Dubai, and improve your health. Here’s Dubai currency Thank you very much Dubai! Dubai! Dubai! Hey! He’s going to Dubai! What are you doing? Where are you extending your hand? Are you weak sighted? – He is almost blind He has no right to live in India I must send him to Dubai It’s all thanks to you Ahh! He crushed my foot Hello Mr.Potya – Come, Milawatram Want some Dhirams for Dubai? No sir, look at this I am taking all my earnings along I am not a pauper like the others Wear your cap Hail the Lord! – Hail Dubai! Come on, hurry God bless me Hail Dubai! All of you take rest We will reach Dubai tomorrow morning [Boat Engine] They are all asleep Turn back, quick! Everyone get up Look! Dubai! Come, look Move it….stop

Get off, Dubai has come Look, that’s our office Write back to your families You are stepping on Dubai soil Where are the steps – Help this blind man Greetings, Dubai, the land of my destiny! Come Let’s go back to Versova Where are you barging in? What do you want? Great! You speak our country’s language Watchman, are you from India – Then do I look I’m from Japan? Since when are you in Dubai? Dubai? Are you all drunk? This is Madh Island, the other shore of Bombay You are in Bombay – Bombay? Yes Bombay, in India Understood? – Understood That rascal took us around in the waters, dropped us at the other shore and said ‘get off, Dubai has come’ Let’s go to their office and bash them up! We are ruined We have been ruined! We tried hard, but were unable to find out what the father and son do No one knows anything Infact, the house they live in no one lives there except them There is just one cook who cooks meals and leaves Even she doesn’t know much about the two And what is strange is that the two disappear from home for months together Anil, note one point, they are always together Wherever they go, they go together If we have to take revenge, we must break their unity We must create a rift between them and separate them I’m sorry, sir Where are you going at this hour? What will you gain by hearing my sob story? People say I am young – They are absolutely right That I am beautiful – No doubt That if I extend my hand towards any man he will leave the world and hold it Even I am ready But my father wants to get me married to a rich, but old millionaire And I hate old men I get angry on seeing any old man My dream man is some youth like you How handsome you are! How young How good looking Do one thing. Come home with me – Your home?! But is there any oldie in your house? – Oldie? I mean, your father Yes, my father…no, I don’t have a father My father died 3-4 years before I was born I am a born orphan – That’s great news Alright, come Oldie!…Oldie! Who oldie? Help! – What happened? Oldie! He is not an oldie – Then who is he? He is my cook No…he is my watchman No…he is my father – Father! Don’t worry, he has come only for 15 days, he will leave What are you doing in these clothes? Go change. Wear some good clothes We have to go shopping – Oh yes Even her slap is so sweet What did you say? Cook? Oldie? Watchman?

Father, you didn’t dye your hair? I was, when this oldie came suddenly and shouted ‘Oldie!’ Where did you bring her from? – She is not an oldie She is a very nice girl Only, she is afraid of old men Then she must be very afraid of you What do you mean? Am I old? What youthful attributes do you have? [Laughing] This girl fell for me as soon as she saw me I’ll break your head! Business is down, the police is after us Moreover, you brought her home? – I have fallen in love with her Shall I show you the mirror? You will start hating her right now Darling, let’s go, we are getting late Let’s go – Father, not you, we We have to go shopping Come darling. Move Don’t try to hide, cruel uncle You wanted me killed by those goons? I won’t die so soon I will die only after I kill you But I won’t kill you so easily I will scare you, torment you, torture and kill you I have a right over this whole house and everything in it I will claim my right! I will come here everyday now. And take everything from here one by one And when everything has been taken, then I’ll take your life Wait for your death until then For your death! I beat him and broke his head. What do you want me to do now? Kill him? That goon came to my house once again He has threatened to kill me Why fear? That’s the norm of the world One who comes, goes One who lives, dies That itself is true – He’s a strange goon I am showing him my heartburn, and he is lighting a cigarette with it Do something, or he will kill me Look sir, you can only do one thing Appoint a bodyguard Bodyguard? – Yes, bodyguard? Like the 4-5 guards rich men have around them to protect their body I won’t get a better bodyguard than you. You become my bodyguard Are you mad? Me, and bodyguard? Please! Or he will kill me – Alright! I’m coming ‘What are your tresses, but long shadows of the night’ Ravi Dada Why? Any problem? He is my bodyguard Along with your old man, even he will stay here? Hey! Who are you calling old man every time? I am still young Infact, I am trying to get married What? – Listen darling Father, don’t you feel ashamed to talk like that in the presence of children? You are being rude to me? Until yesterday, you were like my pet dog You got a girl and changed overnight? Do you see his behavior? – I do I’d heard a cheat is shameless He’s totally shameless Shut up! Get lost! Come on darling, you should not talk to such uncultured men Come [Chuckling] Sir! What are you thinking? When times are bad, even your children desert you I myself am a little afraid right now, or I’d have thrashed him You know how hot headed I am – You are tired sir, go and rest Not there, this way Has the water gone? My hands are here, then whose hands are on my stomach? Mine. Hi [Screaming] What happened, sir?…sir?…What? Who? Where? It’s your illusion…What happened? Sir…sir. There’s nothing here, go and take rest Come on. Do wipe the soap [Yawning] What happened? What happened, sir? Look who is sitting there – There is no one sitting here, sir Ofcourse he’s here – What are you talking? There’s no one There is a man sitting there and you say there is no one? What’s Where did Sir…what? There is nothing there Nothing

Then why can I see him? – You are imagining things I am standing out, you go to sleep – What if he comes again? I will be standing outside I am paid by you, I am your bodyguard Don’t worry, sleep here I am outside [Murmuring] [Pinch] Hi – Hi [Screaming] Sir…? what happened sir? Sir…sir…what is it? There is nothing over there, why are you bothering me? There is – Relax! I am here I’m here. Sit here, I’m coming What is it? Darling, I am in a very romantic mood today All that won’t be allowed now Only after marriage Damn! I told you this old man is a pain Sir…sir….what a bother What happened? – What happened, father? – Take care of your father Wonder what he keeps seeing Take him away You keep doing stupid things Come, sit there You ruined my night. Sit down Why are you afraid? Don’t be Trust me. Sit down You wasted my time Don’t be afraid [Screaming] Father! – Why are you bothering me? What?…This was moving? Are you crazy? Did you see it moving? – No Then what is he saying? – I was reading Alright, I’ll keep a watch, don’t worry Take care of your father I won’t come in again You stand outside – Hey! Stand outside. Father, don’t worry at all. Let me see how this moves Move now…move [Screaming] What happened, father? – What happened to your father? This moved up and down? Come with me, please come. – Take him Father go, go with your bodyguard Come with me. I think we’ll have to take him to a mental asylum Since the bodyguard has come, my father has gone crazy Come sir Look, pictures of girls all around There is only one way to forget that goon Think of ways to woo girls Teach us youngsters to woo girls And lie down, I am standing outside Lie down…lie down, sir [Tomtom] “Doom doom play the drums” “Doom doom play the drums” “Doom doom play the drums” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl” “How to trap these beauties” “How to trap these beauties” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl” “Doom doom play the drums” “Here, there, go around your whole neighbourhood”

“Here, there, go around your whole neighbourhood” “Find out where they live” “If there is some girl living in your neighbourhood” “Begin …” “Begin visiting her home” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl …” “Doom doom play the drums” “The exciting beauty’s naughty friend” “The exciting beauty’s naughty friend” “If ever you meet her alone” “Express your love” “Express your love” “A love letter …” “Give her a love letter” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl …” “Doom doom play the drums” “Sing Amitabh’s songs for her” “Sing Amitabh’s songs for her” “Even dance to the song’s tune” “Wear clothes like Govinda and Anil Kapoor” “Wear clothes like Govinda and Anil Kapoor” “Slowly …” “Slowly steal her heart” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl …” “Doom doom play the drums” “Doom doom play the drums” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl” “How to trap these beauties” “How to trap these beauties” “Come, I’ll teach you how to woo a girl” “Doom doom play the drums” ‘I am still young’ What are you saying, sir? You are not young What? – You are very young Yes Honestly sir, you look even younger than your son, Prasad Is it? Do I look like Prasad’s elder brother? Yes, but how much elder to him? Just about one or two months You don’t know, but the street you pass by, girls fall behind you You should have told me before, I’d pick a few and bring them home You won’t have to pick any Your destiny is shining Girls will themselves fall into your lap [Groaning] Sir! – One has really fallen in my lap?! See! I told you. My friends are right when they say my words come true I said it and it happened – What a beauty! What’s your name? I am leaving – What name is that? It’s not my name, I said I am leaving Listen. What is your name? – Prempyari Prempyari Who is he? – He’s my Jamura

What? Not Tambura, Jamura. He and I are jugglers who perform in the streets Oh – I was trying pole jumping just now And from the street, I landed straight into your lap You fell from above and entered my heart Like a bucket falls in a well, you fell in my heart Prempyari, I feel we are related since many births That we love each other since millions of years What are you saying, sir? You are such a rich man and I am a poor street juggler Prempyari, you won’t do tricks on the street anymore You will do them in my heart. I will rip my heart and make a street for you And you keep jumping and do tricks on it In your heart? But it will be dark inside I will get scared – I’ll get a light fixed in my heart But just once say you… you – What? I’m feeling shy – Strange! I should be feeling shy Marry me – Oh my God! Did I talk too much? If that is the case, then get engaged temporarily Because I have gone crazy about you – Okay, but on one condition I’ll accept your every condition – Atleast hear it first Tell me You will have to make Jamura your son Son?…No problem Though I won’t be at a loss Being so small, his clothes won’t be expensive, he will eat less He is eating quite a lot Alright, I accept. From now on, Jamura is my father…no, my son Okay new father, first of all, buy me new clothes Your size clothes will not even be available in a museum I’ll get my suit cut and altered for you Hi brother – Brother? Yes – You…! Get me a glass of water – Me? Who are you to order me? Your new mother’s son – New mother? Where did she come from? Go and ask your and my father What is your problem? What is all this? Who is this Shorty? Who is this woman? He’s your brother, and she’s your mother I know this is your trick To throw out my would-be wife you have brought this woman home But they cannot live here When you can keep this girl here to make her your wife why can’t I keep this woman here to make her my wife? What! You will make this street woman your wife and keep her here? Ofcourse – You will insult me? Prasad, I will not live in this house I won’t even spit here Who is asking you to? Go and spit outside, or you’ll dirty the home Did you hear that? I am leaving Wait…darling, think calmly If we leave this house my fraudulent father will keep everything for himself or hand it over to that pauper. Don’t leave me and go. Try to understand Then what do I do? Don’t do anything, leave everything to me I will deal with my old man I will make them leave in a few days Father! Come out, father What is it? Did you eat bitter gourd for breakfast? Why are you barking like a dog? What is it? Oh, so after getting that street woman’s son, your own son has become a dog? – What son? I don’t know you Don’t recognise me? Recognise the son who is born from your affection? From today, even I don’t recognise you – No problem, get lost First give my share – What share? Money, wealth, property, house, everything should be divided equally You want a division? – Right now! What is this? – Your share Skin? – Yes, I’ll give you the skin and keeping the fruit for myself – What does that mean? It means that we will divide everything in such a manner that I will get everything, and you will get nothing Do that cheating with the world, it won’t work with me

I want an equal share – Equal share? Yes Alright, we’ll draw a line in between this hall That side is yours, and this side is mine. Agreed? [Whistling] Agreed Hey! Do you have insects in your throat? Why are you whistling? I am doing it on my side – But the noise is coming on my side Try stopping me Switch off the light, it’s hitting my eye I’m enjoying it Switch it off! – I will not! The button is in my area – The bulb is in my area What difference does it make? – I’ll show you Oldie! [Thunder] What are you doing here? I’ve come to ask why you are sticking so much to that old man’s son You call him ‘darling’ all the time Whatever I may do, who are you to question me? Are you my husband? Hey Rosy…listen Whose picture is that? – My father’s You are D’souza uncle’s daughter? – You knew my father? I’m Pratap Singh’s son – What! You are Pratap uncle’s son? Never! Pratap uncle was so great And you are a loafer That is what even I was thinking D’souza uncle was so good, and you are such a big mouth Had I known you were D’souza uncle’s daughter What would you do? – I’d seal your mouth “I am in love” “I confess today” “I am in love” “I am in love” “I confess today” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I am in love” “I am in love” “I confess today” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I didn’t know what love was” “My heart, O love, was lonely” “I knew what my heart desired” “But it was difficult to confess” “My breaths are hot” “I revealed my heart’s secret” “We have been naughty” – “We have been naughty” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “If ever I go far away from you”

“The pain of separation will torment me” “I will come into your arms” “How will I be able to live without you?” “We don’t have to fear the world” “We won’t sit and sigh anymore” “We crazy lovers always rebel …” – “We crazy lovers always rebel …” “when in love” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I am in love” “I am in love” “I confess today” “I always loved you, I love you even now” “I always loved you, I love you even now” My brother! Prasad, you are hugging him? Because along with me, you have snatched his right too We have come to claim our due For that, you will make your enemy your brother? To fight a devil like you, our union is necessary Wait and watch, our union will ruin you! Let’s go, brother He says I will be ruined – What are you thinking? You are the king of the world of fraud He has learnt all the tricks from you And every teacher leaves out one trick which he doesn’t teach his disciple Think of a trick that will make him lick the floor Prasad, you will have to adopt crooked ways to get your father’s property You will have to think of ways to get your share out of him You will have to think of some great idea Prasad, I am your father I can do your signature You’ve lost your bank balance Father, here’s your locker’s key You’ve lost your gold My cheat of a father may come Did you see that, darling? So much gold! You were right. Oldies are stupid My father very smartly withdrew one million rupees from my account But he perhaps forgot that I am smarter than him I removed gold worth rupees five million from his locker [Laughing] Don’t laugh so much. When you hear of my trick, you’ll gape open mouthed Atleast I have withdrawn real money worth one million What you have brought are fake gold biscuits What!! Wow brother! You bought so many biscuits for me? Get lost! …get lost! This is called a smart move I’m your father, I’ll always be better than you. Isn’t it? Uncle is very smart. He had removed all the gold in the morning itself But even Prasad will not spare his father He is making a plan to sell his father’s office Ravi Dada

It’s him Ravi Dada Move! [Door Opens] What happened? – I am feeling sleepy Then go and sleep – I have come to sleep Sir…! I won’t sleep in that room If he comes again, I’ll faint I won’t go – Nothing will happen. Come No, I will sleep here I’ll keep my coat and go to sleep Hi – Hi What happened? – He is here There is no one here – He is here He’s not – You are here, aren’t you? I said he’s not there – He’s Why are you talking like a girl? – What are Speak again – What are you talking? Speak again – What are you saying? Enough. Your voice sounded like a girl’s to me And? – He is standing in the cupboard Who? – The same guy Come, let’s see – I am scared. You see Open it Look – Clothes He was here – There’s nothing here, don’t bother me Sir, please go and sleep I will not sleep in my room – Then go and sleep in your office Go. Good boy. Go Stop the car Get down What is the matter, inspector? We have information you supply weapons to bandits No, you are mistaken. I am a decent man, what have I got to do with bandits? We don’t know all that. We have to search your car. Open the boot Sure. I have nothing to fear I am a respectable man. Look This is not mine, this is someone’s trick Come to the police station – But Get in! – I am not a thief or a smuggler Why are you putting me behind bars? – You’ll know what you are tomorrow Atleast listen to me Even you will know who I am tomorrow Thief…thief! What happened? How did a thief come here? Who are you calling a thief? – You. What are you doing inside? What do you mean? The police has locked me in What are you talking, sir? This is not a police station What do you mean? – This is a film studio Studio? This is a police station set – Set? Film shootings are done here Now leave Someone fooled you This is all Prasad’s doing What did he do with my office? Give me something too – Coming Take – What has he done to my office? Move – You think I’m a beggar? You are standing in queue – Shut-up! What’s happening here? – The inauguration of a new office But there was another office here – It got sold Sold? – Yes, the owner died in an accident What nonsense are you talking – His son sold this office to us He sold it? – He is a very decent guy Is it? – Yes He requested we can change everything here, but not remove his father’s photo Look Beggar, your face very much resembles his Your father is a beggar! What’s this! Father! You cheat! You cheated me? Shut up! Don’t bore us, we don’t have time We are going to get married If you survive until then, we will seek your blessings Until then, please wash your feet Move aside, old man. Let’s go, darling. Why are you boring me? Your would-be son is old! Sir, don’t worry about your son at all I know where he’ll go to get married I’ll go and mess it up – Just ruin them

Don’t worry Priest! Come soon [Wedding Clarinet] Take a bless – What? Yes Here…bless you What is your name? – Prasad [Muttering] What mantras are these? – Prasad, garland the bride [Short Laugh] Prasad. Prasad [Dog Barking] Dog! Where is Rosy? Where is the priest? What is all this about? Who did this to me? Who else other than your rascal of a father can do this He got you married to a bitch And he even made it lick you Had someone insulted me like that, I’d kill him. – No Give me this sword, I’ll kill him Both father and son are ready to kill each other We will find proof against the two thieves by tonight We’ll do one thing. You arrange for the police to arrive I’ll bring mother – Okay Anil you? – Come Anita, I have come to take you Found mother’s real son? That’s my only regret, that I could not find him Why don’t you tell her you are not her real son? I have spoken this lie that I am her son Ravi to please a mother’s heart For which even God will forgive Mother Mother No…no mother You are not my son? Mother, I didn’t lie to you out of any greed I am an orphan I have no one in the world No one has ever loved me But I saw a mother in you I saw a mother’s affection in your eyes Forgive me, mother Don’t ever leave me [Breathing] No son, you are great Even greater In today’s day, when people forget relationships being a stranger, you have done so much for me You are my son. My son Mother, you will get your right today I have found my son, now I don’t want anything in the world Nothing at all The father and son’s game will be over today We will get proof and we will hand them over to the police And mother will get her right But why haven’t they come yet? Look friend, I’ve brought that mother today to get whose due, you helped me Come mother. Come in Mother! Mother, do you recognise me? I am your son, mother I am your lost son, Ravi Remember, you used to drop me to school everyday? Daddy was a custom officer Ravi Yes mother Where had you gone leaving me? Being separated from you, look where my life has taken me Don’t leave me and go now, mother

No son, I won’t stay away from you even for a moment now Mother You are my son, Ravi. The long separation has tortured me I won’t leave you and go anywhere now – Stop crying, mother It’s a happy occasion today, don’t cry Don’t cry, mother – Let me cry, son [Breathing] I had saved my tears for this day God has given me everything today He had snatched my one son, today he returned me two sons Drive to the colony She is not here But she cannot escape me This picture? – It’s her father’s, Dada What a coincidence! I had killed him along with Pratap Singh years ago I will kill his daughter too today The whole family’s story will be over Father? Yes son When the son’s intentions go wrong, the father doesn’t snore away He stays awake and waits for him Like this You wanted to snatch my right from me The money we accumulated by very smartly fooling the world you want to keep all of it for yourself? You have committed theft in your own father’s home You kept fake guns in my car and got me caught by fake police? You proved me dead and sold my office? What? Your office? The old man who it belonged to, I got him out of the way Maybe, but I had got all the paperwork cleared If I want, I can send you behind bars – Even I can send you behind bars Because until now, we have committed atleast 10000 crimes And in every crime, you have been an equal party Well-done Raman and Prasad, by blurting out your own crimes you’ve helped me tape your confession – What! Yes, that’s true, cruel uncle Your game is up and your crimes have been exposed No kid, you are mistaken It is not me who has been exposed, but you My son did get trapped by your trick for some time but not me – YOU have been trapped In a while, the police will come to arrest you with proof How can they arrest me like that? You haven’t seen my last move yet Look – Look here too Brother – What brother? I don’t know you Enough of that brother and sister act now Give me the tape recorder – Get lost No! Mother – Mother Get lost! Police Police. Run! Where are you going? Inspector, arrest him He injured her – No inspector, he did not injure me He is innocent – Mother, what are you saying? You may go, inspector – This is ridiculous Why trouble us unnecessarily? Constable, come Go brother, you are free I don’t have any complains against you except one. If you wanted my house, my money

you should have just told me once I swear I would give you everything Who does this widowed sister have except you Even today, I don’t want this money, this house Just do me a favour I have not tied a Rakhi to your hand since years Let me tie one today Then I will leave this city with my children forever No sister, don’t tie this sacred bond on my hand This hand is very bad, it is evil For the crimes it has committed, this hand should be chopped & thrown away It should be chopped to pieces And you still want to treat me as your brother and tie me the Rakhi A brother and sister are related by blood This bond can be forgotten, but cannot be erased Every brother gives his sister some gift when she ties him a Rakhi This brother has cheated his sister all his life What gift will this base man give you? I have only one thing now Ask for my life, and I’ll I don’t want your life, I want my brother And that too, a good and honest one I promise that neither I will do any wrong nor let my son do any wrong I promise Ravi, I have wronged you the greatest Just tell me once that you have forgiven me Will your apology return my childhood? Can I get my mother’s love? Can I get my home? – Forgive me once, son Go Hello Father, Rosy and Anita are in our custody. What is the position there? Everything is fine here – Father, bring Ravi here Gullu Dada is saying he will kill them all together Anita and Rosy are in Gullu Dada’s custody Ravi Dada, Gullu had gone to Rosy’s house to kill her He said over there that he had killed Pratap Singh and D’souza years ago So Gullu is the one who killed my father? Take mother to the hospital, we’ll deal with him Hey Hero, why hasn’t your father brought them here yet? He will come, Villain Listen, should I dance – What did you say? Should I dance? – Strange girl she is We want to kill her, and she wants to dance You didn’t understand In the climax of every film when the villain kidnaps the heroine to one such godforsaken place he tells her to dance I was just giving you an idea You girl! Don’t talk so much and chew my brains Go sit in a corner – What a third rate villain he is The heroine is ready to dance, and he is not making her dance Will you shut-up, or do I hit you? Go! They have come Release the girls or I will blow off his brains Then kill him, what have I got to do? I only want to kill you – Hey shut-up! He is my father I want my father, not the girl Drop the gun Alright, I’ll even do that for you Let the girls go [Gun Firing] Leave me father, I won’t spare the bastard!

[Slapping] ‘You saved the child from being slapped today’ ‘But tomorrow, this very sin of yours will slap you so hard …’ ‘it’s resonance will break your heart’ Beat me, beat me more Not here, in the middle of the city so that the whole city watches it And every father learns a lesson that for the greed of money, no father guides his son to the wrong path Beat me – Hey, what are you waiting for? All of you are hand in glove Finish them all You are hitting my father! I will not spare you You rascal! Bastard! You beat my father! Hey, don’t fight with me, I am afraid of fights That’s how a father should be So much strength Whose hands are these? – Yours My hands? Stand straight I used to unnecessarily be afraid Move! Aren’t you afraid? Father, no – Why? – He is the villain We will beat him like a dog later Come later, we will beat you later Hey, come here Bend down [Explosion, Laughing] Father, Father, you have lots of strength – Strength? My father, your grandfather had more strength Once, when challenged, he kept a coconut here, pressed, and broke it What? Coconut? – No, his hand Wow…? Oh God! They are like black mountains One punch and I’ll turn six inches What do I do now? I’ll hide in this box I didn’t fall How was it? – Bad [Yelling] Pull his arm

Pull out his other hand too [Laughing] It’s so hot, na? Okay bye Catch him! Oh no. What have you done? They became six inches! Jamure – Yes dad Attack [Groaning] He has come again Wait [Gun Firing] Recognise me? I am Inspector Pratap Singh’s son who you ruthlessly killed in the horror tunnel [Groaning] [Running Footsteps] What a ghastly sight he makes All his internals have popped out – What do we do now? The police didn’t come. We’ll surrender ourselves to the police Father, do you clearly remember that your father was in this jail? He was there the last time But I don’t know if he has run away What is my grandfather’s name? I forgot You don’t remember your grandfather’s name? Dayashanker Dayashanker We agree that the land is yours, not the government’s If you accept, then you should pay me the price Take Thank you [Indistinct Chattering] Grandpa What have you fraudulently sold to the world? Taj Mahal, Getway of India, Lal Quila I just sold this jail to the jailer Father, he turned out to be your father What do you mean turned out? He is my father Is this a jail? It’s worst than an orphanage You are right. If you hear my story at the orphanage your eyes will shed tears of blood Shut-up! You are always narrating your story You have never heard my story Hear it today, no one hears it Shall I suggest a shortcut? Die and narrate the story to the angel of death Shall I go? Grandpa Shut it You had sold the jail and were leaving It was their plan

They wanted to catch me with proof They let me leave, and then caught me red handed with proof However big a criminal however smart, he can never escape You are right, son There is a famous saying Crime never pace Man can never be happy having committed a crime He can never escape the law “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “If the son is ten times smarter, the grandfather is 100 times more” “The father is smart, the son is ten times smarter” “If the son is ten times smarter, the grandfather is 100 times more”

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