Api didn’t think once before doing all this Chanda will face the outcome of whatever she has done What did I tell you? You didn’t understand? I told you again and again It was Chanda’s stubborness that she will marry him only Tell Chanda that don’t try to trap my son I’ll bring worst to you and your daughter What happened? Did she pick up your call? Babar, you need to stay here Leave my hand! Please sit down. Please control yourself You’re the elder brother of the family, Chanda is your sister You have to show patience right now Are you happy? Hm.. Very happy but I’m scared. All hell must have broken loose at home Nothing would have happened, everything must be fine You don’t understand Shahab I’ve been out all night, they must have been imagining so many things Chanda, we are going to your house We’ll talk to everyone, they’ll find out that we’ve gotten married But this isn’t a small matter Shahab I know mom, dad and everyone will be very angry and they’ll burst out on you as well but you promise me, you won’t say anything to them even if they do You won’t get angry, you’ll just stay quiet, for me? Listen to whatever they have to say silently please Chanda Please Shahab, for me? Mansoor? Come and have breakfast at least You haven’t eaten anything since last night, have a couple of bites Can a father whose daughter has been out all night, gulp down anything? Give me poison if you have some, make me have poison I will.. Move way! Move away!

Please leave him brother! Please leave him! She is my wife You ran away with my sister, right? We both love each other! I will not spare Please leave him! I have gotten married to him by my own will Stop talking nonsense! I’ll handle you later! Leave him! Leave him! Dad! Dad look at what he is doing! He’s my husband! Come here! Leave me Come here! There is no place for you in this house! Get the hell out of here! Hey relax! She’s my wife! Dad, stop him! He’s kicking api out! Get the hell out of here! There is no place for you two in this house! Go! Stop him! What are you doing? Dad! Brother! Dad! Your brother is quiet a hothead? He held me by my collar. What does he think of himself? I was only quiet because of you I had told you before only that everyone will be very angry, no one will accept us and dad today I don’t know what I’ll do. Dad loved me so much. I would have never thought dad would do this Please be quiet Chanda! Can’t you stay quiet? I’m sorry? We have to go meet mama and dad right? Will you go meet them with this face? I am right here with you. Everything is going to be fine Yes sure. We’ll meet you then.. Okay, Allah hafiz Ask Shebi to call me when he comes Yes, I’ll tell him Asalam o alikum dad Asalam o alikum mama Come This is Chanda and we’ve gotten married Tell me the truth Babar. What did the Doctor say? Okay. Alright I’ll call you then, do pick up my call No, I want to go to dad Children are not allowed in this hospital. Why do you not understand? Mom, dad will be fine right? Yes Inshallah. Pray that he gets well soon You got married? You got married just like that? How could you get married like that? I’m glad you did You couldn’t even trust your parents enough to inform them, we could have also participated in your simple marriage No, it’s not like that dad. And mama you know her mother Shahab! You only know that her mother refused, you don’t know what all that happened Enough, stop it. I’ll bear that insult for the happiness of my son. I’ll bear it Api didn’t even think about us even once. She took such a huge step Your sister has destroyed us She didn’t even show concern for the respect of her father and brother We can’t show our faces to anyone now May god shows mercy on us You don’t worry and stop worrying about api,

pray for dad and what difference will your tears make? Come inside. Pray for dad Insult? What happened? At least tell me You want to know right? Then here it is, me Ghafoor counselor, being desperate and foolish went to Chanda’s fathers office for your marriage proposal I begged and pleaded, all that was left was that I get down on my knees But what happened? What did he say? What answer did he give? He disrespected and insulted your father! Her father insulted dad? I came back quietly A result came out of that, her brother came yesterday, he’s your brother in law now right? The doctor is here.. He’s coming How is he feeling now Doctor? He had a stroke As he came in time so he’s out of danger but the patient is still tensed. Try and keep him relaxed Inshallah. We’ll do as you say. Can we take him home now? Yes of course you can take him home You’ll have to give him his medicines regularly for a week and then you’ll have to bring him in for a check up once Dr, he’s out of danger right? Yes, he’s out of danger Thank god. Thank you so much Come on In my house, under my roof, he insulted your father! Her family, again and again, insult your parents And you say that ‘I do’ I do’ and bring her and make her stand before me You tell me, what would you have done? Put yourself in my shoes. What would you have done? Uncle, it is entirely dad and brother’s fault. Not mine No, my child, no! It was us, who came to ask for you wholeheartedly, the fault wasn’t ours either You just give me some time. Let some time pass. I am making a promise to you Every one of them will come and apologize to you I will make them helpless enough that they come and apologize to the both of you What a nice thing she has said. The girl is smart But until they don’t come and apologize, this girl won’t be living in this house And this is both of ours final verdict Dad Mama Chanda, your brother insulted me so much! But I held back my emotions, did not utter a word in front of him and stood quiet. Only for you So? What’s my fault in this?

When did I say that it was your fault? But keeping in mind the situation that has been created in my house, how will I take a stand in front of my parents? I cannot go against them, right? So what will we do? What is going to happen with me? Where will I go? Look Chanda, in this entire situation, what can be done is that I go home, talk to them and make them understand. And I know that they will understand And me? Where will I go? You won’t go anywhere. You will live here, at the hotel What is wrong with you? Have you gone mad? I am your wife now. Who leaves their wife like this? So what else will we do? We can’t stay here in this hotel all our lives I will make try to convince them, bring you home. All these things will happen… I don’t know where we are going to live but what you are saying, cannot happen! I am not going to live here. I should live at the hotel alone! Then Chanda, I don’t understand what is going to happen! I don’t understand what I should do either! Listen, your Muraad uncle. Let’s go talk to him? Uncle? Yes We have gotten the blood tests done. Now let’s see.. We should get the reports by tomorrow I’m telling you the truth, Babar. I cannot see my brother in this condition What did the doctor say? What happened? The doctor said that Allah has saved us from what could have been a big trouble for us But now we will have to take a lot care of dad I hope there is nothing to be worried about? Oh, sister in law! What could be a bigger problem than the one that has already reached this house? Please! Make something light for my brother to eat And look at this. I’m holding my hands together in front of you people, I have no one else other than my brother For god sake, don’t put my brother through any more trouble. Please Why isn’t he conscious? Mom, doctors have given him injections and he is sleepy because of them. Don’t worry doctors have said There is no one at home. It’s locked Where is Muraad uncle? Should I call him? This can cause a lot of trouble Come, come with me. Come with me. Come see yourself. Come, why are you getting so tensed Hello Hello? Muraad uncle? Yes, Shebi Yes, Muraad uncle. We are here outside your house There is a problem. The house is locked. Are you not at home? Where do we go? What do we do? Oh, Shebi my son No need to roam around here and there. I am coming. Wait for me. I am coming Please you come as soon as possible. We are waiting for you. Please, Muraad uncle What is he saying? Is he coming? That’s what he has said Hello. Babar, my friend! You haven’t reached as yet? Actually, father wasn’t feeling well. I just got back from the hospital Oh! How is uncle feeling now? A lot better than before My friend, we have to prepare a lot of stuff. And anyway we had very less time But now because of uncle’s health…

if there’s any disturbance, it may cause a lot of problem for us My friend, why are you getting worried? Once I’m back, we’ll work day and night and complete the order. You please don’t worry Alright, okay. Khuda Hafiz! Allah Hafiz! Oh, my child. Stop crying You both are my children. It really hurts to see you both in this condition I am very disappointed What would have she lost, had sister in law just agreed to this without being stubborn about it? She could have sent off her daughter respectfully All of this would not have taken place Uncle, the way things have taken a turn, it is going to take time for them to get better You don’t worry. My prayers are with you. You wait and watch If god wills it, Allah will make everything alright. Allah will help both of you I had to make a request to you… Yes, yes. Go ahead Can Chanda stay with you for a few days? Oh Shebi, my child. Is this something to ask? Chanda is my daughter. She is my soul. She is my beloved Why are you getting stressed? This is your uncle’s house You can live here for as long as you wish, till the situation gets better. And I assure you You will not have to face any issues, any problems over here With me, my own parents did me wrong Exactly. This is what I’m sad about This is what hurts me But what can we do? Forget about it. Let it go And anyway, crying won’t make any difference It is only prayers that might make the condition better And that is why you should stop worrying. I am with you. I am with the both of you You, go. Go inside. Wash your face. Get fresh Nothing is going to happen. I am here, right? Your uncle Father, this is the last bite Enough, my child Alright. Are you done drinking the water? Here, take it My child. To tell you the truth, I am very saddened God knows how much you might have wished for this God knows of all the dreams you must have dreamt About all that you wished to do once you got married But these people’s stupidity has changed everything Uncle, it was fine till me But the way Chanda’s brother and father have insulted my father? That should not have happened Shebi, son. It’s my sister in law who is the reason behind all this Bhai Sahib does not utter a single word in front of her Do you know what happened when you left from there? Bhai Sahib had a heart attack Really? Yes! We took him directly to the hospital And son, whatever I had, I used it to pay off the hospital bills Now to be honest, I don’t have a single penny in my pocket That I spend any of it on my daughter Uncle, why are you getting worried? I am here, right?

Oh! No, no. I cannot do this How can I take money from my son in law? No! Keep this, you keep this I am not your son in law. I am your son. Your son That is alright. But how will I show face to my daughter if I take money from my son in law? Uncle, this is some money. You please keep it. I will not tell Chanda about this. Keep it. Take it Shebi… you are embarrassing me. I am so embarrassed Uncle, please make sure of one thing Chanda should live here properly. I will come and take her in a couple of days Oh, Shebi! Stop worrying about Chanda at all She is my responsibility now You just look after your situation and try to convince your parents as soon as possible That’s it. Alright? Thank you Sit. Let me go make tea for you. You seem tired, yeah? Sit, sit Mansoor, forgive me My fault was only that I did not tell you about it. But I tried my best to make Chanda understand At least talk to me. Don’t give me such a strict punishment. Talk to me otherwise I will die Go die Dad, I love Chanda. I did not commit a sin. I have gotten married to her Love? Marriage? That’s not a sin. You did the right thing. You did the right thing Son, there is a concept of the way you do these things. Your way was wrong You are sensible. Do I need to tell you how respectable your father is? People bow down when they meet me, they bow down when they greet me I would have accepted her but what about the people who will spit on me, ask questions. What about that? Look, Shebi. You have an identity You… are a brand. Ghafoor counsellor’s son! A prestigious family’s blood runs through your veins! If you did not like what I said about them apologizing to me, I will take it back What is there about respect? It comes. Anyone who likes may come and disrespect. It’s good! Our heads may be held down in front of her parents but that’s alright. You bring her Our children have grown into adults. Respect or disrespect… it is all the same No, no, no father. Your head does not have to bend down in front of anyone Your respect is very important to me For me, you are important. Your mother and I live our lives looking at you

We can even sacrifice our lives for your happiness, my friend! Father, I do love Chanda. But not more than I love you and Mama And what you said was right Until Chanda’s parents don’t come and put their hands together in front of the both of you to apologize, I am not going to bring Chanda That’s my prince! Someone who has a son like you, won’t ever have to bend down his head in front of anyone It will always remain high with pride! That’s my prince! It will always remain high with pride! That’s my prince! I know it is not that easy It is very difficult to come out of it What has it done to me? Very bad But mom…if keep on crying and stay sad from inside you will hurt yourself a lot What else should I do? I wish I had died before seeing all this I just want You should cry once only with all your heart Not after that She didn’t do the right thing She has destroyed us Look what Shahab could have done even When she had gone with respect from her own house then Son, the girls who run away and get married. They don’t get any support from their own house and neither they get any respect from their in laws What do you mean dad? Does this mean that brother Shahab No no…Shahab is not that type of boy, he is very understanding and innocent boy Leave it dad, innocent and understanding people don’t do these type of things I accept that he made a very big mistake Dad, api made a bigger mistake Running away from your home and marrying is not an ordinary thing Not only her parents, but she has put everyone down Look! Because of all this our image in our extended family has been ruined but same is the case on their extended family They are very innocent people They have a very big family, whom will they respond? That is why they did not accept her as a daughter in law Shahab brother should have dropped her at her father’s house He has asked me for some time, to make his parents understand Look, they will accept her and agree with him. You don’t worry by God’s grace everything will be fine Till then api will stay here? Obviuosly son! But dad I cannot bear her here at all You will have to bear her Look son you will have to bear her or our respect will furthermore be ruined in extended family Look I respect my brother a lot. His daughter is my daughter! And Chanda is your sister

I agree that she has made a mistake and committed a sin, time is not right but you tell what can we do? Shall we destroy our respect ourself? Tell me…listen to me carefully In any circumstances Babar or my elder brother shouldn’t get to know that Chanda is here I have told Shahab to take her away from here as soon as possible Dad what are you saying? If Babar brother gets to know that she is here, he will kill her I have been insulted a lot. Why did’t you tell me? Your father says that it will be fine if I die You are also asking me questions, this means you also think that it’s my fault No mom, its all my fault not yours Its my fault that I have borned in this house Its my fault that I opened my eyes in this hell Now my heart wishes that I should run away from here and get peace from this hell What do you think? Its you who is hurt and we aren’t? Only you are bearing it? Look she is a mother, no one other than a mother can feel the pain for her child We have to support of her, we have to clear her sadness…what are you doing? Don’t teach me supporting and taking care…understood? She should have trusted me If today I had known this then we wouldn’t have been seeing this day If she had told you that what type of people they were, you would have also refused from this proposal And api would still do the same what she already has done, she would get married. What is mom’s fault in this? And then mom would have blamed you for all this…? Stop your nonsense…understood? There is no need to talk nonsense in front of me Me and dad are the elders of this house We should have known this and if we knew this then Chanda wouldn’t have dared to run away and do this Okay lower you volume Tell me that did api ever obeyed you? Did she ever obey mom? She has always forcefully done things through dad Dad’s love has spoiled her It’s not mother’s fault at all Api has opened doors of hell for herself for not obeying mom

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