hey what’s up guys Brent school here and today I’m going to be playing bugga bug again and I know last video I if you watch the video I said I was gonna be playing this I’m sorry I never I wasn’t able to record so sorry about that I’m gonna make a tribe just because I don’t like what I just had their clothes on but um yeah I just right before this video begins I want to thank you guys for all the support you guys gave you pulling my last buggabugga video I got way more subscribers so thank you to everyone who subscribe and make sure you guys consider subscribing to for those of you who are new here but yeah it had like in like the first day it got like after like 300 and then like I woke up the next morning in without like 700 so that was insane um yeah none of my videos are done that good but um right and I’m recording this it’s like yet 900 so it might be at 1k when this comes out I really hope so so that would be really cool but um this video is that a red tree right over there I didn’t I’ve never seen that it’s kind of weird anyway um I know what you guys are probably thinking how are you in god armor yeah I only have technically to rebirth now including my water walk for one so I want to get into that a little bit more um because I’m also a lower level I ended up pretty birthing that would explain that but um pretty much oh we’re actually going to I got this there you go this thing’s kind of on the broken side right now like um it’s pretty cool but it’s a little on the broken side but um basically what happened was if you don’t know there was like a huge data loss I mean it was it did affect too many people but it did affect quite a bit um and everyone who had the data problem all all were given a full God set and a mojo point which was really cool I actually used my mojo point from to make the god rock because that’s cool but um yeah pretty much I did not have the data issue um though when I recorded the video my last photo book video the data issue was already happening I was not affected however if you had the Waterwalker if you had that because for those of you who know it is removed from the modo shop um it is gone now and for those cuz when um they removed it they didn’t give anything nothing for it no I was pretty upset but um I don’t know if soybean saw my video or something or maybe was already working on it and yeah he gave everyone that used that a full setting on armor a god bag and that’s pretty any free mojo point along with that I gotta remove that that I always hate when there’s like a one about that but anyway um so that’s pretty much all about that um oh you drop see ya see he’s pretty nice sometimes a glitch out and um not you won’t be able to pick it up but it’s kind of whatever so um just before all cards on the table I still don’t know how to get magnetite I tried that me your thing people were taught selling me about and you like have to cook the outer in the year and it’s don’t work so don’t know about that but I want to show off how to get pink diamond because I had a few fans comment down below on how to do it and so it does work I did it there are three ways I know how to get it so um yeah my cats are running down the stairs they’re so they’re so noisy I’m also when I was giving my god armor you remove my void armor so how to make it again but yeah anyway I’m loving new god armor I mean it’s great and then my god rock it’s so cool but um yeah so there are three ways to get the pink diamonds now the first way in the simplest way if you just smell um crystal so if we make a forge I’m not gonna make it cuz I’m kind of low on cool but I think you’ve to be like level 20 or something oh we drop me um an iron look at that um yeah that’s pretty cool sometimes you can drop magnetite which is super cool which is kind of why God because he sometimes does give me a kind of tight but anyway um yeah so you have to make a forge and then you just have to cook crystal simple as that that’s how I got these pink diamonds it’s literally that simple to get um pink diamond there are two other ways um so I don’t know this next one I don’t know exactly how to do like I know it’s kind of hard to explain there’s a Shelley that randomly spawns in the map it’s a big pink diamond Shelley um it’s like one of the medium snails I don’t know exactly where it spawns unfortunately um so it’s kind of sad but um I just know it exists and I don’t know exactly how to find it but I do know it exists so take my word for it because I’ve seen it with my own eyes but I it spawns on like the side of a mountain so just just so you know that so I know it does it that is real though but um so then you it just drops pink

diamond or so I’m still what questioning what that tree over there is it looks transparent I’m gonna go over there mind that I think but there’s also the third way to get pink diamond is um there’s one other ways so even in my last video I said about how on the how you got it in the old map you used to have to kill that gigantic purplish Shelley and um that actually is still in game I have seen it um before I think it was glitched and I couldn’t get it but um I could um I had someone I saw them kill it so yeah you can get it that’s how you get a lot of pink diamonds at once but it is the easiest way is to just um smelt the crystal which is really easy that is a big chicken but anyone else think that’s a big chicken anyway I want to go kill this tree I don’t know what its gonna give me what is this does it hurt me a wacky poem by using the right thing yeah it seems out um we’re gonna kill this cuz I don’t even know what it’s gonna give me but yes so that’s when you get pink diamond umm you use pink diamond for a few different things you can use it to make God armor and well obviously pink diamond tools and armor and all like that oh my friend doing yeah I’m actually using his VIP server right now um I’ll just send my quick hey I didn’t hey I didn’t mean this time the question we’re um yeah um he was a fan and he let me use the IP server for free and I’m like thank you do that was fourth innings I got to eat some I’m starving personal know exactly where I am um I’m still confused too spiky poem what does it give me odd bear oh so there is technically a way to get odd berries and strange fruit because I actually had them from before and I had no idea how you got it before but I guess they’re still in game does that mean there’s a way to get jelly I wonder because yeah because I have jelly and I actually lost one somehow no idea did we need it but yeah I guess well he’s I bought berries again I kind of ate all of them not really knowing but yes I did I did rebirth yeah um so that was that um so I think those are the only ways I know going back to the pink diamond but I think those are like the only way oh thanks for your I know that you can get um the pink diamond so I believe that’s the way still figure out magnetite yeah still figuring that one out cuz I still don’t even know and it’s kind of getting ridiculous so I was literally just over here and I didn’t notice I I always third-person the waters to make sure there’s no sharks in them and there’s actually a shark like right here waiting and I almost died by it there’s a crystal right there how is here at Crystal right there alright I think the shark swam away yeah i pure self I was there crystal right there how maybe my Shelly dropped it that’s nice I don’t really need crystals right now so I should be good with that umm yes so that’s pretty much how you do all the pink diamond um I actually can’t make anything right now is that rebirth but um yeah so I’m working on getting all the UM mojo items cuz like why not but yeah so that’ll pretty much I got like way more items now like I got a lot of gold I need a lot more meat now but um yeah still working on magnetite so if you know how to get magnetite make sure you guys comment down below because I really want to know how you get it but anyway thank you guys for watching and if you did enjoy this video make sure you guys drop a like down below make sure you guys subscribe so you never miss another video like this one comes out and with that note I will see you in the next video

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