Ananya is perfect for you Of course, I know That’s why I am getting married to her If it was someone else, perhaps Rudra We have a business relationship Don’t drag that into it Okay Oh, sorry! I I forgot completely that you don’t like shaking hands I am sorry “The shadow has got separated from the body like this” “that both have gone on different paths.’ “Those words which gave me comfort” “have been lost somewhere.” “Now, my heart doesn’t pray for no reason.” “The only request and appeal of my heart is” “that you should always reside in my heart.” “You are like a bad habit and you are like a question.” “You are my necessity despite everything.” “My love is beyond any limit.” What does that girl do? Where has she come from? Where does she stay? Tell me about her Okay, give up – Tell me! Brother was right You just want to control me But you know what! Just go to heck! I don’t need to take relationship advice from you Nor do I need to take your permission You can’t handle your own relationship Now, you want to spoil my relationship Rishi! What! I don’t care for you and this family Nor do I care for this world I love her, Dad I can give even my life for her I can die for her You can’t even die without my permission If you go out of this room you will face dire consequences Got it? To heck with all of you! I won’t attend brother’s engagement Nor do I want to stand with you or anyone else Just go to heck! Go to heck! Ankit’s phone is untraceable, MJ It was last located in the place which you stated But there is no information after that It’s my fault I didn’t take her words seriously I got so busy with Rudra and his investors that I put Rishi in danger

I won’t spare her I won’t Have you ordered sweets for the evening? Rudra, see this This ring is for you It’s nice, right? Very good Hey Mr. Groom, just a moment Where are you going? Your smile has disappeared since you are under stress because of your marriage N-Nothing Rudra, just a moment Wait Need to decide the colour theme of your clothes Not now Now, I need to discuss something important with my would-be husband – Oh! Rudra Where did you disappear? I have been calling you for a long time And why are you so lost? You had a fight with someone, right? What rubbish are you talking? That’s not the case Okay, come with me I need to talk to you Ananya – Come Look, I know you are under stress due to our engagement And when you proposed me, I got so excited And I accepted your proposal out of my excitement But Rudra, I need to know the truth Are you happy with this marriage? I mean, you proposed me yesterday And we are getting engaged today Ananya Rudra, I-I am not joking I am serious I know I say that my love is my problem But it will be our problem after our engagement If you commit me once I won’t let anyone come between us, Rudra not even you Everything is fine, Wonder woman Brother was right, Maya Dad just wants to control me He was so angry today He even slapped me And he has locked me in my room Of course, Rishi Your brother is responsible for everything When you were about to tell your dad about us your brother announced his engagement Of course, your dad will get angry Your brother is enjoying there And you are not able to do anything Actually, you know what! It’s my fault that I have fallen in love with you I made you my life I got betrayed in love once again I can’t get betrayed in love again, Rishi I don’t have strength anymore neither to get betrayed nor to live No, Maya Please don’t say that I will marry you I don’t care what dad says I will marry you, Maya But how, Rishi? You aren’t even able to come out from your room Maya, nobody can stop me from coming to you No, Rishi My story will end today right here You are free, Rishi I will die in this very place where even love doesn’t go a proper path No, Maya Maya, no Open the door! What happened? Who locked you in the room? Krish, what happened? Where are you going? Just go to hell, Brother! To heck with you and your stupid engagement! What’s the matter with you? Why is it that this is the only day you chose to announce your engagement? You don’t even love Anu Everything is just about you Your engagement and your relation with dad It’s always about you! Have you gone mad? No, Brother This is the first time I am talking sense So tell me clearly as to what you want to say All the problems I have in my life are because of you

Had you not complicated your relations with dad he wouldn’t have been after my life You don’t let him come close to you and that’s why he keeps me away from whom I love He always controls my life He wanders around me round the clock This is his only fear If he treats me leniently I will become like you Again it’s you It’s all your fault, Brother It’s all your mistake Rishi Rishi, listen to me Come here Just stay away, Brother! Dad and you are the same You both are selfish What about me, Brother? What about my feelings? Is it just about your life and feelings? What about me! Rishi, tell me what you want What will you give me? I will get what I want I am not a kid – You are a kid That’s why you are saying it repeatedly that you aren’t a kid Don’t you understand what I said? Do this. Get lost! Go! Okay? Yes, I am going To heck with you and your engagement party! I just don’t want you all in my life I don’t want to be a part of this Yes, go Krish Maya, please Please don’t be stupid Maya It’s good that you are here, Rishi I got to see you for one last time No, Maya.. Listen to me Maya, please.. Where are you? Please tell me Are you crazy? Have you gone mad! What were you up to? Maya You know that I will die if something happens to you, don’t you? You are the love of my life, dear To heck with this world! I am there for you Promise me that you will never do this Promise me I am ready to marry you today In fact, I will marry you now We will elope and get married Yes Come on, let’s go No, Rishi Those who believe in love don’t hide themselves but they show the world what they are How do I show it to the world, Maya? I am doing everything But dad will not agree I know That’s why I was up to committing suicide Because I don’t want any problems to be there in your life No, dear It’s dad’s life which should have problems He is the one stopping me, right? But how will you do it, Rishi? Your dad will be worried only if something happens to you and nothing can happen to you I am afraid to even think about that so, I was going to give up my life Why would your dad have any problem? He has all his loved ones with him And now, he He wants to take away even my Rishi from me How does he know

the pain of losing someone dear? Like you feared of losing me That’s why you came here But he He won’t understand Exactly But we can force him to realise that But how? Is it by telling him that something has happened to you? Yes.. you are right If something happens to me then dad will be under pressure Then he must accept our love because he can’t bear to see me in any trouble He will do anything but won’t let anything happen to me Are you sure? – Come on, Maya I am Mruthyunjay Roy’s son Being sure is my habit I will call dad now What happened, Maya? I don’t know Rishi He is your dad He I mean.. listening to your voice, he will know that you are lying We must convince him, so.. – Yes Yes. You are right I have to do something else I have to think of something different Something.. more intense Your suicide drama? – Yes I am a fool I-I.. just said that I don’t think your dad will believe I mean, we have to I mean we have to to convince him we have to do something Something Real? We have to do something real Just make a small cut Blood will flow but nothing serious will happen And we will send this video to your dad Then, he will be affected the way you want Right Dad must agree to get us married or he can see me dying But Maya I hope there won’t be a problem I mean, can’t we use artificial blood? Artificial will be artificial, isn’t it? And this is for the sake of us getting married If we are caught lying then we can never meet But if you don’t want to do.. – No. Of course Anything for you I love you Did you plan everything? Baby, this was for me I wanted to record this and send it to you You are totally mad You know you need therapy Are you sure we will succeed?

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