audio check one two check check check check let’s go go don’t tell me that’s broken again now too too don’t tell me that’s broken again now too too pretty sure my stopping and give me one sec I’ll refresh this this thing it’s broken again again wow it’s broken again give me one second guys I’m telling you that thing breaks all the time that thing breaks all the time time widgets you you counter launch launch it’s broken again wow it’s stream labs labs your YouTube View counter counter is broken again again might want to fix it it all right so the YouTube you counters broke it again good job stream lips the job street lamps all right let’s get it going first codes on screen you guys know the deal guys today is really important if you’re watching the show share this tree every single person here needs to be sharing the Stream every second every minute every hour hour no not the view cut not the view counter on YouTube The View counter like this this this is broken again again it’s broken yet again why they can’t have that just work work right that that broken whatever you guys will keep me updated keep it keep it keep keeping me updated when we hit let me know when we hit 300 viewers let me know when we hit seven hundred year viewers let me know when we hit 1000 let me know when we had 2000 we were taking the stream all the way up up okay people that don’t have names are not playing playing I have a name if you don’t have a name you’re getting kicked all right let’s get it going of course we’re going to go in rotation I tried to CO2 put on the shields oh that’s right no sound for the game that’s right my bad my bad we’re good we’re good were good were good we’re good the bright I break everything I break everything I killed him is great that is great what a clutch move it another body body

oh no we got a lot of them going what I’m Jessica father to Samara one little kale EF mag black hyoni a basic edits what up baby Wallace studios please do the matter plug me how do you get mod do I have to pay $500 well first of all I don’t hand out mods unless you’re a regular of like four years but hey if you want to donate $500 for a mod go ahead what you want to do where it’s orange orange don’t blame people without Clues who are we voting purple yes it’s orange red is so us super sucks well I’m your your size let’s go go I’m skipping everyone skipped yes we’re still in it baby bop the take it bout to take it guys if you’re just stopping in to the show share the stream like crazy we are trying to break my all-time high viewer record of 10 we are hitting all new numbers tonight folks so share the street and keep sharing sharing oh I hope he’s killing people too we need this job we need this job job we need this table let’s get that Gigi come on baby come on baby baby oh oh oh there’s Brown there’s brown Browns doing something I don’t want to jump out of the vent yet though blue just got found people aren’t I talking about the right let’s go we are breaking all guys appreciate you guys stopping then we are the number one place for viewers here the number one live stream for Among Us every other live stream on YouTube is nothing but scams fakes and just spotted there just garbage so remember to keep sharing the stream out their Facebook Twitter Instagram Graham Snapchat LinkedIn Tick-Tock you name it so far our time high viewer record for this game is for Kay the all-time Channel High viewership is nine thousand six hundred and fifty Seven if we can hit 10,000 live concurrence tonight we break all records records so keep sharing the stream out there guys we just got started we’re all like two minutes into our live stream let’s get it going let me know like I said the view the view counter on my arm is broken so let me know when we hit 100 let me know when we had 300 let me know when we hit a thousand Orange everyone voted on on yes baby let’s go let’s go easy easy easy that’s how you get those doves baby let’s go she’s not let’s get it all right guys you know the rules next one’s going to check check unlock text 4 there we go what a guy what a great win what a great GT right off the bat I love it I mean you can’t you can’t touch it or just too good we’re just too good good we’re just too good baby baby remember guys we go in rotation code will be on screen chat Discord and we keep in rotation absolutely absolutely Logan preciate it you guys ready ready you guys you guys wait guys ready to hit 10K viewers viewers

we are taking over YouTube tonight share alike like & Share some more let’s go 70 people grow 70 people into two minutes let’s go we’re on our way we’re on our way all right hurt on the communications what a speedrun my tasks get them done he’s a sea fish – see you later man preaching stop it in best imposter ever appreciate rodeen appreciate it is done done remember guys if you’re just stopping in make sure to share the stream with your friends put it everywhere we are breaking viewer records tonight all over the board I mean we really don’t have any competition tonight I mean Valkyrie and a couple other creators are streaming but I mean let’s be honest they only stream for like two three hours and they only play with each other it’s boring so me what Tyrell appreciate you stopping in Logan how’s it going dark Sun alter appreciate you stopping in I fixed my grades for school what does it mean what is clear hmm hmm who’s this – who’s that’s us who’s this us all right let’s see if Meg yep I might be able to get on my iPad tonight love it all right guys so here’s what we’re gonna do we’ve only been live now for about five minutes we are going to try to break speed and a viewer records our current record so far as 1000 viewers in about 35 minutes so if we can hit 1000 views whereas in 30 minutes we will be well on our way to hit new Rikers tonight dark blue mmm mmm I mean with one person that I don’t know if it’s a self-report or not I’m not I’m not going to vote him what up black and crap appreciate you stopping and Caitlin came early to appreciate it electrical see if I can get these tests speedrun run look they’re oh it’s all an electrical I play with the game you I was Kao Shi well I’m glad I’m happy you actually got it to a match buddy I mean that’s that’s what I would that’s what we’re all about let’s see that’s what makes this the best show on YouTube for Among Us no one else no one else does what we do no one no one does if we can hit 1K in 20 minutes we can hit 3 k yeah yeah I mean like I said usually we hit 1000 viewers in about 40 minutes that being said no one else does it like we do no one no one does it like we we do no one not a single other streamer does it like we do do none of the big creators play with their viewers all they do is play with each other and I that to me that is just boring and just I mean who wouldn’t want to watch that why would you want to watch someone for five hours hours play with other people the best thing about the Among Us Community is being able to play with you guys and have you guys on the show the cool thing is is having what is is having was I going to say the fact that you as a viewer can come into a show with thousands of viewers and play on the show that’s huge like I said we’re still in always will be the number one place for among us here the mayor of widows what server were always on North America were always on North America so press the button good Lord I almost press the damn button electrical pink blue yellow red done those you guys just stop in and keep sharing the stream out there guys let me know when we hit 100 you guys are gonna have to let me know on the viewer counts I don’t have mine thing up shells Bell 28 welcome to the show hey doll appreciate you stopping in server it’s always North

America always always always North America why it’s it’s hey I mean they can do whatever they want the only thing that sucks is there in front of all these people that are going to get they’re going to get caught they’re gonna get caught caught what’s up fellow fun Domingo welcome to the show thanks for stopping in ninja go boo thanks for streaming every day hey that’s what we do man we keep grinding we keep grinding on our way to 100K Subs let’s go 100K Subs we are hitting records tonight let’s see incognito mode mode no no turn on nope shoot turn on incognito mode mode Among Us us Oops I meant cash crash crash it’s your time yes T I don’t think it’s EST I don’t think it’s EST ooh and look at that we’re right at the top of the list we’re right at the top of the list that’s what I’m talking about baby baby I’m dead but I’m still a look at these tests done let’s do this this I mean there’s a little there’s a 30-second delay and it does help out with be an imposter a little bit but like I said I don’t really care too much to be imposter I actually find it fun when I can actually destroy everybody in 30 seconds before people actually see me on stream stream all right start the reactor easy as the next one of the Discord yes that is the rotation on screen chat Discord on Screech at Discord what a my thoughts on magnets magnets magnets magnets like what kind of of magnets like those big magnets that can like literally crush your hand or like frigerator magnets remember guys if you’re just stopping in keep sharing the stream out there we are hitting records tonight or about to break records tonight tonight it’s too funny it’s too funny no I don’t think PewDiePie is why I don’t think PewDiePie is live today I don’t think PewDiePie is live today don’t far the only people that I know of that are like top and the only the only top Creator that’s streaming among us tonight is Valkyrie but like I said she started early so she won’t be streaming long is there a command that I can use for an iPod no no commands I mean there’s a few commands commands but nothing nothing too big nothing too serious there’s a few commands but nothing like I said nothing too serious there’s actually there is people on Twitter that think covid snot real I can’t believe that that is so larious well this match went quick the I’ve been watching a lot of football mostly because of work yeah what’s your job you should know everybody oh Pewds is live to his stream doesn’t show up is he doing Among Us

us hold on let me check check I don’t remember seeing Pewds pewds though Among Us live live I’ll see there’s there’s Valkyrie there’s corpse husband oh okay so that’s the top all right so I’m pretty much I’m right below PewDiePie right below I’m right below Valkyrie corpse PewDiePie okay that would explain that would explain I was like why is today going so slow that was Jack courage that was doing follow guys I thought they were all in Fall guys today well that explains why it’s going slow today that would explain it because you got alright next one’s going to the Discord guys good luck that would explain it why it’s going so slow today today 50k on Valkyrie a hundred and forty on corpse husband hundred and sixty one case let’s 300 350 k that that would explain it that would explain the entire Among Us Community as watching Pewds corpse husband and Valkyrie that would explain a lot let’s see all right Discord give me one second discord code Discord discord alright that is good good well here’s here’s the thing Jack courage put up a post today about there’s some Fall Guys charity event going on right now and I think heard all the big craters were playing fall guys today but yeah it’s it’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna take a little bit longer to get up to a thousand viewers especially since almost 400,000 Among Us viewers are on Cutie Pie’s corpse and Valkyrie street but yeah once once they get done then sky’s the limit boy I feel like honey badge gets an aviary match it’s it’s hope I got to do weapons I feel like even if you are the Imposter you should be able to at least do tasks at at least I got a plan this right right I almost took him out I would urge urge I’ll come on on let’s see 96 viewers and girl guys let’s keep it going 100 and going like I said we’re only 10 minutes into the show I didn’t realize that three major creators were sucking up all the viewership tonight so that I mean that explains a lot yesterday no one was streaming and we got what we hit like 3 .5 k we’ve been hitting 3,000 viewers every night besides the knights when actually Pewds and all the big craters are on all of the same time but like I said they’ve been live for a couple hours now so they they usually get done around like 6:00 ever since the Among Us Trend I think I found my favorite game I mean it’s all right right I was playing Roblox ever since Among Us us he said adjoining this car like two weeks ago I don’t see when I press the link nothing pops up well I may have to check I mean we do have a couple of

moderators in there but and mr beasts is live do I know you’re not even saying that that that sunscreen yep next one’s on screen screen I just went for that so how are they gonna do this to me mom hit so to hit so too got it hopefully they don’t find the body run run suits I love it oh I love it but ya know next coat is on stream next code is on screen screen what if I split my sentences like this slogan that doesn’t really help that does it really help help oops oops oops I feel bummed some are you’ll get and don’t worry he’ll get a don’t worry about it Gigi gee gee gee got crushed I was going to run from you sip well I screwed up I should I don’t know why I killed them right there that was the biggest mistake ever ever let’s see and we got we got roasted alright next codes on screen guys good luck oh my God so I put this thing on Twitter today that this game has a bunch of hackers and you should have seen all the idiots on Twitter I swear to God because the inner sloth team puts something up and I was like hey before you don’t you know like update the game with new skins and new characters and things like that I was like hey listen why don’t you guys take care of the hacking problem in the hackers and maybe in install an anti cheat or then because there’s like a hacker all the time the amount of hackers in modders on this gamer ridiculous you should have seen the amount of people that were there no her good I’ve never seen one all the just some of the people on Twitter today just absolute idiots well I mean that’s that’s to be expected that sweet expected you got a lot of 12 year olds on Twitter but pretty much mr. cheese but hopefully when they do update this game they’ll implement something something Bill Implement something do you know what I mean hopefully there’s some kind of like I’d what games have anti cheat Call of Duty I think Hip wait Call of Duty doesn’t have anti cheat Apex Legends kind of think of other first-person shooters to have it yeah it feels quick guys and it feels quick like if you’re literally not on top of the code it’s gone it’s gone let’s keep it going you guys realize how many people are going to flood in here once Valkyrie who was it again horse husband PewDiePie and Valkyrie so that’s 139 160 so that’s that’s

300,000 plus 50 that’s 350 people 350,000 people that are going to be flooding into other Among Us streams as soon as they end it is gonna be not 118 viewers and growing guys keep sharing the stream out there we’re going to make our push the 300 viewers once we get the three other viewers hashtag 300 in the chat and then we’re going to go from there but yeah 350,000 people are going to be looking for Among Us streams as soon as the end I’d say everybody that’s Everybody is watching those three streams right now why take us a little time to get up to a thousand today because of that more likely I think they’re going to be done I think I think they’re going to be done I usually usually like PewDiePie in those guys that usually don’t play more than like three hours I think that’s because they like to keep their streams short so they can make videos and stuff like this but maybe they’ll get done at 6:00 Pewds definitely doesn’t stream as long as he used to to well who’s the guy if you be nice to Mars will be nice to see you yeah pretty much much yeah mods like I said if you ever see anything just to the usual time them out I’ll come in with the ban hammer pretty simple hover engine I think is good miss Miss Mister cheese is sauce sauce just because you guys hear the did you guys hear the good news about PlayStation today did you guys hear the good news about PlayStation today nine I think they said 99 99 % of all PS4 games will be playable on PS5 PS 5 ball backwards capable for PS4 on PS5 that is huge ghost of toshima will be backwards I’m sorry ghost of toshima will will work on PS5 day one one 99% of the PS4 Library will work on PS5 day one that was a huge drop today that’s awesome and then of course they’re going to be upgrading PlayStation Now another thing I don’t think people even realize PlayStation Now is getting revamped in its go to it’s gonna hold the entire PlayStation one PlayStation 2 Library which is insane I don’t know how they’re gonna pull that off off but the PlayStation PlayStation Now it’s either it like six months after the release of PS5 PlayStation Now is going to get a major facelift and then what you can do from there is play the entire PS1 or PS2 Library PS3 I’m not sure how they’re going to do that I don’t know if there’s any PS3 emulator is out there right now I mean I know you can emulate PS1 and PS2 games and I can know that they can implement it in that into the whatever but that being said that’s huge that is huge HUGE Windows 98 you know what I miss the most you know what I miss the most Jen Jane or whatever your name is who here mrs. Windows 7 I was so sad when they actually stopped not me either either make sure to share the Stream we are hitting 10K viewers good night but yeah do you guys remember when Windows 7 got finally discontinued it was such a sad day when 2007 was amazing you could play so many old PC games Windows 7 can’t wait to see the first game on PS5 all right not bad not bad viewership looking good 20 minutes in in Windows 10 has better the only thing I don’t like about Windows 10 10 is that it has a hard time playing old games like Windows 7 was like perfect perfect for old games like Windows XP games when no 98 games like it doesn’t matter like Windows 7 was just really good at playing

old games let’s see I miss Windows XP because those old games yeah Windows XP was all right too but the look and feel of Windows 7 was just perfect that is done Everyone’s watching me like I’m the Killer a hundred and fifty-one viewers and growing guys let’s keep pushing once we get to 300 viewers we’re going to do a massive share Spike which will push this off the seven hundred or thousand then from there we’re going to 3K once notification start rolling in will be good let’s go over the larger goal what’s done whites done well we’re climbing baby the space shuttle is getting ready to take off by the way using my school computer to watch how are you able to watch YouTube is it YouTube like blocked on school computers oh no that’s twitch that’s that’s twitch twitch the place where streamers – oh man twitch is such a joke all right trust it’s not me I was in front of the server reactor I was I was doing tasks tasks what do you guys think you’re getting Xbox x for PS5 PS 5 oh man is the core Duo core Duo my goodness AOL discs dude I used to chalk AOL dislike frisbees all the time I remember I’ll never forget a LOL dis were like literally filling dumped dumpsters left and right yes five I have no clue what it is I don’t know why I voted purple want to see who people were voting for honey badger probably was the self-report I had just spent like two months ago that my dad reported it to the school wait what what you’re dead reported Discord to the school I’m confused I mean there’s nothing wrong with this chord y’all remember one dial-up was so slow like if you try loading a web page you just was like and it came in layers anybody remember trying to look at pictures with dial-up up you’d get like halfway through the picture and it would just lose connection most kids don’t they don’t they don’t they don’t even know about it they don’t even know about it all right that’s gonna bring us down here to Communications once we get our test on we might be able to get the G on this and we lost lost alright guys you know the drill next codes on screen good luck it’s all guy filling and they’ll all dis fluid on the roof the restaurant exploded oh man oh God the Tylenol the dial-up noises were the greatest thing in the world what up silver got welcome to the show thanks for stopping in Bear gamer clapping fnk leak a marker Le Rana Chaka chellb l28 Rift clips whilst we got in here here a little Logan appreciate you stopping it as well don’t wait that doesn’t have a key on its hold on guys hold on hold on hold on hold on I want to know what they did because I feel like before to three days ago the codes always worked but something happened in this game three days ago there must have been an update or something because three three days ago there never was a problem with the code now like every third match you make it’s a broken code I wonder if they did that to like relieve stress on the servers like to notification 200 notifications it has to end with a Q hmm I don’t know I just I just feel like when we were when we first started playing this the first two weeks it was just like it was fine what I’m Samara Little J softening but it feels like the last the last three days every time we go to create a room it’s like not working working and we have to keep refreshing it what I Baron jeka is it jokke is it just jakka what’s going to go on I cannot I you guys have no idea way until they get done

screaming ‘throw skills skills well that’s just imagine if we can capture at least 10% no not even 10% 10% there’s three hundred fifty thousand people watching Among Us right now on three streams so even if we were able to grab two percent of that 2% there’s our 10K viewers I cannot wait until they’re done streaming streaming the second Valkyrie Pewds and dude man stop streaming at the we’re going to get flooded the what we gotta do is make sure this is the biggest stream ever before they finish that way where the next biggest stream on this game is so easy the stream snipe it is but I am using a 30-second delay and I that was not me me what was dead outside I’d Electric who was inside election with me me that we get if we get like 40 K I mean it’s very possible and ladies and gentlemen we just hit 200 viewers this is where we start to take off if you’re just joining the show we are trying to achieve is somewhat impossible but if you’re just joining the show we are all working Gathering today to make this the most biggest live stream on YouTube for Among us today let alone break records for our our Channel if you just stopping in share the stream out there on your Facebook or Twitter your tick-tocks your Snapchat your stories your DMs let’s keep it going we’re on our way to 300 once we get 300 we’re going to do one more big push to a thousand and then it’s just so you from there how do you make your name name in the Invisible invisible hi YouTube that’s a doctor who by voted blue I hope I’m not blue oh it’s the guy with no name but he wasn’t an imposter let’s go Kerbal make a rocket let’s go oh man we’re getting there were getting there like I said it’s a given it’s a given it’s we’re gonna it’s gonna take a little bit slower for us to get up to a thousand viewers because every single Among Us viewer on YouTube is watching three streams PewDiePie that dude I gotta remember his name I’ve never heard of him pork corpse husband I’ve never heard of him ever ever oh my God but he has girls donating to them left and right she’s there all females to he must not be married he doesn’t even have a thing on screen he doesn’t even have a camera on every single one of his donations are from females females oh my God another female another female this is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen who is corpse husband they’re all all females what the is this dude like Magic Mike is I gotta look this guy up I gotta look this guy up it’s know it’s the weirdest thing it’s the weirdest thing like I’m just looking at like all his super chats coming in every single one of them are from a female every single one of them what’s his Twitter I have never seen so much activity from females on any streamer especially when it’s a dude corpse husband oh there’s this Twitter there’s this Twitter there’s this Twitter the hell it’s got dudes gotta be like Magic Mike or or something let’s see no no it doesn’t even have pictures of himself that’s odd huh you know it’s so it’s so crazy like I literally just checked out his stream to check it out and it’s just super chance super safe super chance super chant super chit and it’s all females girls must really like this game game though all right I got to finish my tasks but yeah anyways once Valkyrie PewDiePie and corpse Huntsman once they get

done it’s game over over well that would explain why we’re having such a slow night and why the Twitter do is her sucking on dudes butt holes ha ha ha you know these Twitter dudes are so sad sad but yeah it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a slow climb today with those guys streaming they should be done soon though it’s I think we need a personal invite well right now the code was on text code goes the chat next code goes to Discord all right let’s see see Legendary why did legendary get timed out what do you do I live stream among us should I live stream Among Us okay he was spamming got it well I told you guys I told you guys I told you guys the time them out then I’ll take care I will take care I I will take care of the Banning you guys just time people out 250 viewers and growing guys we are on our way to 1000 keep sharing the stream out there on all your social media media I mean not I can’t complain we’re actually climbing pretty fast having the entire Among Us YouTube Community watching three of the biggest streamers on you right now I can’t wait the second base stop screaming we’re gonna fly we’re hitting new records tonight folks folks somebody should go look at one of their streams and find out when they’re done we can get an idea idea yeah PewDiePie doesn’t scream more than three hours there’s no way way has anybody seen PewDiePie stream more than three four hours what’s the last big game PewDiePie is actually actually streamed hate when they lock Us in here all right Med Bay let’s get our medicine if something happens when I try to chase invitation expired so pretty much what you gotta understand there’s over getting close to 300 people here and now trying to jump in so you have to compete with 300 people right now your chances to getting into a match right now are very high when they when we hit when we hit 1 2 3 three four thousand people it’s extremely hard to get into a match 279 viewers and grow it on our way to 300 let me know when we hit 300 300 guys once you guys two hours that’s how long 10 hours from PewDiePie when did he stream for 10 hours what was that like was that the last all that’s right PewDiePie said he hated The Last of Us so definitely it definitely wasn’t the Last of Us it definitely wasn’t The Last of Us if I remember correctly I’m pretty sure Pewds was like Hey I don’t like I don’t like The Last of Us maybe it was Red Dead Redemption there was some game that he played like where was it death stranding $2.99 and ladies and gentlemen we just hit 300 viewers we’re still only 40 minutes into the show we have not hit the 1 hour mark let’s hit 1000 viewers before the one hour mark and take over YouTube thank you so much for the sub 309 growing baby here we go go black it’s black it’s black uh-oh if it’s not black didn’t start green because nothing in between try to join invitation expiry you don’t have permission to Troy you’re just all your talking about the disk without you’re talking about the code no no no was he not the Imposter we’re gonna lose this one see when they’re standing there you know for a fact they’re true yeah see who’s gonna move first it’s one of the it’s one of these two for sure it’s definitely one of these two don’t spam you’ll be timed out or band hmm we gotta get that shot off cut up well no we only have six seconds we’re screwed we’re screwed we’re screwed we’re screwed no oh come on alright guys you know the drill next codes going to the chicken look good luck chat

you do do do do do gonna watch a different streamer for a bit all right we’ll get see a little bit bring some people back with you Logan ha ha bring some people back with you bud 331 viewers to grow and we are on our way to to 1,000 let’s make it happen the number one place for Among Us is right here we are the only legit live stream on YouTube that isn’t a scam that isn’t scamming you for money that isn’t using viewbots we are legit playing with viewers you don’t want to donate to play its first come first serve we put the code on screen chat and Discord many chances to enter we’re going all night long we are breaking records nights nights clamped got in mr. mr. Clapp all right let’s get it going I don’t like I don’t like these people that don’t like what is this like have a name just just have a name just have a name that’s all you gotta do is just have a name there’s legendary I thought I thought you got banned legendary where you’re back you’re back back all right let’s keep it going all right CO2 hopefully I don’t get crushed look up Marlo Army is a scam no I think the scam streams are still up like morphy ghost zombie Tom plays I mean there’s like eight there’s like eight or ten different fake stream trying to scam people like I said you just got to watch out for the streams that are like oh nine hundred IQ Among Us playing with viewers mean character chat something and then the other one is like Among Us Red Dot playing with viewers and they’re all fake pre-recorded streams oh I don’t remember that being in the garbage last time electrical purple’s follow me which I don’t like probably gonna die right here I’m still alive thank God there’s people around me O2 maybe as no name how do you make it so you have no name like I don’t understand how are they managing that or is it like some special character you typing all right over the CO2 they’re gonna get the lights on I’m not going to worry about the lights right now both the killer can see me me either Med baby got into medicine going orange and white make you imposter get a movie guys if you’re just stopping in to the show Welcome to Ace Nation the number one place for viewers folks where we do it all here this is the loudest thing in the game and now I have to go through it again now I have to go through it again God I wonder who it is now all right let’s see what your codes in code chat waffles waffles waffles waffles all right let’s see what it is who are who are we voting let’s see I’ve been reporting them like 10 times yeah there’s no one at there’s no one at YouTube YouTube does not care those ten streams have been breaking TOS for the last six days straight they have been running their live streams for six days straight 24/7 Non-Stop all they do is view bot bot scam it’s pre-recorded and YouTube does nothing about it when it clearly states right in the YouTube TOs using a viewbot to farm ad Revenue as against Tio Sasson TOs and can get your thing been but they’re not doing anything a a bottom so there’s no one at YouTube YouTube is not doing anything about it and I talked to Ryan Wyatt the head of the head leader at YouTube gaming he said there’s absolutely nothing they can do there’s absolutely nothing that’s coming from Ryan Wyatt that’s coming from the head leader of YouTube gaming he said he told me said we could we could shut them down but then they just come right back they just come right back which makes sense you know what I mean they’re using viewbots that can literally just open up and just put up the same thing again but that being said said there’s nothing to do but good news

good news in this is really exciting news the team at YouTube gaming is working on a system to catch these fake streams and to keep them blocked that’s really exciting when Ryan told me that I was really excited because then it’s going to make it fair for everybody I mean we can hit 3 5,000 live viewers in this but just imagine if all those fake scam streams weren’t there Imagine the viewership viewership we could hit I was in storage yeah yeah they are working on a system to actually catch these fake streams in the check check sorry to catch these people using viewbots and they will no longer be able to cheat the system so I can’t wait I gotta give it to you to game before finally coming up with something to take these guys guys out or we voting I was doing tasks in talking to chat I promise to bring people back from all right Logan do you buddy don’t self-promote though don’t don’t self-promote that’s one thing I’m totally against don’t go don’t go into someone else’s stream and self-promote I mean if you know a friend over there sure bring a friend but don’t don’t self-promote my stream and anybody’s chat that’s just wrong wrong what up LOL Crystal 125 what I get place in timeout for nothing what do you do spam something no no if don’t if if people are telling me what the viewer count is because this thing is still broken I think it’s still broken give it a hard refresh refresh and it’s still broken what if I do this hit OK Go to properties properties and put a biggie at the end and then hit OK again then hit properties properties yeah you know what I think it is I bet you it’s like an API block from YouTube It’s gotta be 600 viewers and growing guys this is where we take over YouTube this is where we take over if you’re watching the show right now if you’re here with us us come on but that that being said 600 viewers and growing and we still haven’t hit first hour yet baby let’s go wow you’re here with us if you’re here on the best of on the show for viewers here on YouTube Share the Stream hard our goal today is to hit 63 three thousand Subs in the last two weeks we have went up five point nine case Subs pretty much six thousand Subs into two two weeks rushing it right now I want to hit all new high records tonight if we can get this stream a big enough before before zombie husband Valkyrie sorry corpse husband Valkyrie and Pewdiepie if we can get this stream up to 1,000 viewers before they finish we’re gonna capture at least 5% of that at least least I want to hit a new record tonight that’s the goal these these people are trying the thing is of you’re the Imposter just want to let you know before hand you can kill me in the beginning if you want you can try but that being said you kind of want to save me for the end that way you can actually win because if you kill me in the beginning everyone’s just gonna see you you know what I mean if you want glitch name you gotta be on mobile I figured I figured that’s how we do it I wonder if I can put an emo in in there I have a question is Valkyrie a fake streamed Novell Kris not a fake stream course not now the the one thing I will say this you can tell kind of I mean PewDiePie’s thumbnails kind of any pies thumbnails kind of ant but usually you can tell who the real streams are because the real streamers actually create good good thumbnails and then the fake streamers usually have like the basic thumbnail that everybody’s using why is there only 200 people there 600 people here where if where have you been sub you might you might want to clean the the

you might want to clean your glasses bro we’re almost at 700 viewers and growing and we still have not hit the 1 hour mark we are five minutes away from hitting one hour hour keep sharing the Stream let’s hit 1,000 people in five minutes I know you guys can do it if everybody here brought in one person one person every single person here brought in one person’s share it on their social media we would be at 1200 like that easily easily easily but can you send me a personal invite sorry for asking too much right right now I can’t send personal invites because doesn’t make it fair for everybody here for the last two weeks we’ve always been doing first come first serve we put the we put the code on screen and then after that the next match we usually put in a chat and then we put it in Discord and then we just keep rotating the on-screen Chad Discord on screen Chad discord yo what up nasty nasty preaching stop it in Danny Danny dee dee dee dee dee dee don’t kick me for self and all of my friends dared me please well you better you better talk to your friends then yeah if you saw from all you’re gonna get time Don that’s just a given that’s just a given 1000 viewers incoming let’s go boys and ladies prej stopping in ladies let’s get it going what’s up Trayvon 603 appreciate you stopping then we’ll get some shoutouts real quick Christians Sanchez welcome to the show nasty Z appreciate you stopping in laugh out loud Crystal 125 sub to Halt Pro appreciate you stopping in Noah Summers how’s it going I mean I might as well do some tests just to help out I’m pretty sure if I complete my tests we can win this these you the best appreciated legendary appreciate it bud appreciate it I mean we are the number one best viewer live stream on YouTube for Among Us I mean the no one else doesn’t like us know what else doesn’t like us all the bigger creators they just play with each other there’s no one there is no large crater that plays with viewers like we do we are the only one I YouTube and we have been rocking the best Among Us with viewer shows every every day 700 people life’s go two minutes we have two minutes to hit 1,000 viewers 700 guys this is it this is the big push tell your friends your sister your brother your family members grandparents Aunts Uncles co-workers Facebook Facebook gaming groups put it on your Snapchat your stories your Instagram your tick-tock Tock share the stream hard ladies share the sea with your girlfriend’s fellows share this room with your homies let’s break records records tonight crash guy was not the Imposter we’re just kicking out people and eat it and Sherlock age to get home home wow look at always say You Gotta Give these You Gotta Give these guys prop for winning a match in front of all these people probably guys next code goes and chat you know how it goes good luck luck all right so I think it goes in chat if it doesn’t he go well well I type that so wrong I typed that so wrong wrong Belfast is fills up and we’re full and we’re full oh and of course guys obviously if you’re enjoying the show make sure to slap that like button sharing is good but liking is always just as good and then obviously if you’re new if you want your name on screen make sure to hit that subscribe button to turn on the notification belt to all so you always get notified all right why is it why is your little dude up your freaking out like them gate he’s like he’s got ADHD and poor little dude Discord is being a pain today why what’s wrong with this chord Discord looks all right this car looks all right one blocked message message good let’s start it up good luck next code will be in the Discord guys I can’t join you gotta be quick you have to

be quick these rooms fill fast fast guys when we hit 1000 viewers hashtag 1000 in the chat G fuel giveaway started at 2,000 viewers we have another great G fuel starter kit to give away and tonight is a special night night tonight is a special tonight I’m gonna give to people and I know it’s not gonna sound like much but hey you might be able to get a get lunch with it who knows by a couple drinks whatever two people are gonna get cash app some money tonight two people are getting some cash app cache obviously you’re only going to be able to accept it if you have cash yet but we’re going to be giving away some money tonight and we’re going to be giving away some cheap fuel starter kits none oh my God testicle or that’s why I meant send me an invite and Discord we’re not doing private invites 760 people and growing on our way to 1000 let’s get it like I said as long as we can get up to like 1,000 maybe 2K before they fished we got a good chance to hit Dan Cates night we got a good chance wait wait wait to actually oxygen oxygen oxygen no one’s over here oh well actually they took care of it pretty quick quick all right red blue yellow pink done done how to join the giveaway all you gotta do is stick around usually what we did was you just do a random and number will actually we only do it this way but basically when we go to run the giveaway we do a random number in chat it’s usually like between 1 and something and then you get multiple guesses you can just keep you can keep smashing guesses but like I said we will start to give aways at 2,000 viewers I like having a lot of people here before we get it out there because it’s good way to promote the brand why were you on the body that Crow that I like I have no clue if that’s how you spell it but I tried I tried tried let’s see I mean invite you to your discords server oh that’s right cleped I I keep thinking I keep thinking you’re talking about the game I’ll get you an invite but don’t worry or let me let me check my Discord list because you probably got banned for something stupid we’re still trying to get it all figured out out get the vote in time everyone’s vote in cyan I mean invites you to skirt server not code invites let’s see see all right let’s get these tests on quick try to get it done as much as we can can 800 viewers and growing guys let’s keep it going weird the fact that we’re still taking over YouTube with those three people taking up all the viewership who wait until they get dumb baby we’re hitting we’re hitting 10K tonight we’re hitting 10K tonight tonight if anything I would be happy with 6K but if we can break 10,000 live viewers that would be insane that would be insane you know maybe we should do it g feel giveaway right now should we if you guys want me to do a g fuel giveaway right now if you want me to start giving away some prizes anti Shadow thank you so much for the sub make sure your subbed and then put hashtag G fuel in the chat if we should do one right now we’ll give away a g fuel starter kit at 1,000 will give G fuel starter kit a 2000 and some cash and prizes as well well all right here we go here we go here we go here we go and by the way guys if you’re hitting the Subscribe button in your name is not showing up on screen you have to go into your settings privacy and make your subscriptions public YouTube did this thing where they made all accounts private so when you stub your name doesn’t show up on screen so you have to make your subscriptions public for your name to show up up but obvious and their job thank you so much for the sub preciate it that’s pretty much it it’s pretty much like it’s an energy

drink but it’s more juice it’s an energy drink but more juice Miss Kitty how’s it going can detect preach a stopping in black and crowd Michael Michael Munoz they know some yeah welcome to the show thanks for stopping in DJ DJ a well thanks for stopping in in preciate it all right let’s keep it going all right where are the clues where are the clues all right let’s see here what if there’s among us but it was a hundred players there’s actually there’s a video out there there is actually a video up there that that the say what if there was Among Us for dead a hundred place there’s there’s somebody out there that actually tried doing it they modeled it they had a hundred people there and they were all in the Discord trying to talk only nine no jeez cat attack a lord there’s a lot of kids that watch the show 900 people and growing Christian Sanchez thank you so much for the sub we are about to get we are on our way to sixty three thousand Subs sixty three thousand Subs I’m going to check it right now we’re going to open up Social blade and we’re going to make sure we know how many we need social blade blade Bublé Ace bugs gaming just want to see how far away we are are that way we can have a goal in mind mind but those you guys just stopping in to the show we need your help today because we are trying to hit an all-time high viewer record canned ball towards your thank you so much for the sub If you’re watching if you just came into the show okay what does that gotcha trust Sims thank you so much for the some if you just came into the show share the stream out there everywhere everywhere and I mean everywhere share with your friends everything I don’t care about donations tonight I don’t care about hitting the like button I don’t care anymore at that stuff the only thing I care about the best way to support the show tonight is to do what we always do in share the stream like crazy you guys have all gym doing amazing every stream we have over a thousand shares which is amazing this is this awesome just stop it in make sure that the share button Rudy loves angle thank you so much for the sub ate it stupid deviced I will keep in charge Brava by the way we also got new merch guys new marches in the store new marches in the store remember kids if you want a cool shirt tell Mommy and Daddy to hook up the merch the device died can you guys isn’t that crazy though isn’t that crazy that we’ve been we’ve been streaming this game for 3 weeks 3 weeks and every single night every single night for the last three weeks we have hit absolutely insane viewership insane viewership it’s always these dumb it’s always these dumb little games that literally just blow up with us blow up with us what were we playing before before this where we going where we getting like dude I don’t want you to reach 63 rate 70 or hundred well the guy that’s the goal that’s the goal but first tonight we’re going to 63k and then we’re going to try to go for 70 after we hit 70 the next goal is going to be a hundred k YouTube Silver plaque is on its way done done all right let’s see here just checking the count right now all right so officially I believe we’re at 60 two thousand four hundred and fifty possibly so I mean will easily Crush 500 subs tonight usually we’re gaining around 500 to a thousand Subs the night 967 viewers and growing guys and they’re still not done can someone check real quick is PewDiePie Corpse

husband and Valkyrie still streaming if they’re still streaming we’re in good shape to blow up the soon as they’re done we’re in fantastic shape shape the gotta be only one over here I hate when a million people are at these lights and they screw it up up check one on the reactor one’s trying to sneak in and get me me go on see see all right all right we gotta I gotta get one of these Among Us plushies Ashley Benitez was showing me this plushie last night why is it every time I find a posture they vote me don’t ask man don’t ask 1000 viewers and growing baby let’s keep it going done dun thank you so much for the sub PewDiePie is not streaming so PewDiePie just finished PewDiePie just finished so so they’re no longer hogging all the views now now this is where we really start to push it to the next level guys this is where we really push if PewDiePie just got done oh man I cannot wait wait I mean not bad though I’m gonna say this I mean we got to have a pretty amazing Community here we have an amazing the fact that we can have 1000 viewers when three major craters are sucking up all the views is insanely impressive so now we just wait for everybody else unreal unreal unreal why was Sarah Whittle timed out what she do now lift bass in big Brave with the win let’s go all right that one was chesil next one’s going to the Discord guys of the next match will be on screen you know the deal you know the deal preach everybody stop it and we have some new people in here Karina how’s it going appreciate you stopping in can you Discord chat corpse is still alive with 106 K yeah I know I was about to say PewDiePie doesn’t scream that that long but like I said pujo send it to there’s a hundred K Free People the probably trickle into Valkyrie and corpse husband but that usually usually happens there’s one thing I know if there’s one thing I know about viewer I don’t know what’s the word I’m looking for how viewers acts and how they operate viewers will always go to the next biggest tree stump you it’ll go down they’ll go into Valkyrie or corpse husband after they finish everyone will flock to the next biggest stream and we got it in the bag all right this one’s for Discord next codes on screen guys what’s this person to my Discord with a blocked message oh oh wait who is that that yep he’s getting banned banned good I love dropping ban hammers it is the greatest thing in the world all right get it going invites rockets you know what’s crazy to like the viewership for this game has been great but it’s just crazy to me that a game like this can pull in such viewership like I mean I know we’ve hit big numbers before Resident Evil 7 9 k Red Dead Redemption 4K Friday the 13th 3K got a war remaster 2K Outlast 2 to 3 k Red Dead Redemption 4K among us 5 .5 k I mean we had so successful with some releases some releases we we don’t I mean there’s definitely some releases where it does not go well like Resident Evil 2 that wasn’t that

good I think we maxed out at like 800 viewers maybe a thousand but it’s so weird oh green Hal to 3,000 live concurrence every single night it’s always these weird games that we absolutely just crush it with bass let’s back in all right everyone’s got their outfits it’s gonna kill him bro you’re my favorite streamer you’re my favorite Muir Gabrielle Gabriella is that my see there Gabriela you’re my favourite viewer how about that that from the screen all right let’s get going what is he wearing how did you get the Snowman on your head how do you get the Snowman that’s crazy yeah I’m yeah what’s up Miss Kitty well they’re being Among Us 3D no there won’t be an Among Us 3D if anything will got said about the Among Us among us to was going to happen they were going to make it among us to which would make sense it works but they realized let’s cancel among Us to and just put everything we would have put in among us to into Among Us one that’s honestly genius it’s honestly genius who is is us sorry I’m I’m grinding the show hard purple then me if you’re bad I’m your dad vote pink D don’t care skip for now they vented it’s pink I’m imposter and I don’t I don’t believe half of these people people don’t forget top 100 that’s right Battlefield one three thousand people every single day for months months top number one sniper in the in the world now correction Battlefield one I was the top 1% sniper in the US top 2% sniper in the world that game was nuts but yeah I think it’s just crazy man it’s just crazy some games some games we do absolutely terrible with Trayvon on I don’t know what’s going on with if you’ve been banned on the Discord I don’t know what’s going on I gotta go in there and check the banned list I don’t know what’s happening but I gotta I gotta figure it out I don’t know what’s going on in the Discord like I said I barely operate the Discord I set it up for this game I mean it’s what other Ethan Reynolds thank you so much for the sub we are crushing 63,000 sub guys if you’re watching the show we live stream every single day and 5 p.m Eastern Standard Time so if you never want to miss a show make sure you hit that subscribe button click the bowel turn your notifications on all your bail should be solid solid forget though your name will not show up on screen if your subscriptions are set to private you need to click on your profile picture go to settings channel settings whatever and make subscriptions public won’t everyone who are you guys voting voting who are you guys voting or are we skipping I never see the killer ever ever what UPS new XA appreciate you stopping in to the show lapped I can’t give you an invite to the Discord right now there’s no way to do it if your band I have to find you on the banned list and unbanned you then getting a link is not gonna help you whatsoever whatsoever they’re all voting purple I missed the vote on that 1152 viewers and growing guys keep sharing the Stream let’s hit 2000 2000 alright so that was chat next and wait no no no no well that was Discord so the next codes on screen good luck guys what’s so far for the last three weeks we have been the number one Among us live stream playing with viewers for the last three weeks no one else has been able to touch our numbers doing the show The Way We Do do every other larger streamer plays with other streamers they never involve the community ever that’s why we Crush numbers baby you have to add disabled disabled polymer what is disable polymer I love your streaming keep it up appreciate him you okay my Discord is Trayvon 603 all right like I said I’ll check I will check the list list that being said I there’s no point in sending you a link because if your band that you’re not gonna be able to get in anyways I think they go by IP IP address but yeah I you know what’s funny too I love the trolls on Twitter

though the Twitter trolls are the absolute worst there’s some of the most pathetic people life I’ve ever witnessed witnessed what uh that beings I love when people are like people are like oh he have fun with your for viewers and everything like that but see I love that because I love the hate because it lets me know that people know that I’m good plain and simple that the show is too good and that they just hate where their shits at plain and simple but yeah I mean so many games we have hit so many numbers numbers with so many games what was the full I have a full list list somewhere profile profile yeah res Evil 7 was nine 9 K concurrence Friday the 13th will 3K gotta worry master and was 1K Battlefield one was 3 a night out last two was 3K Red Dead Redemption was 2K Among Us was 5 .5 K green hell was to ke to the 3K death stranding was a big show we have 4 .5 K with death stranding with an average of like two to three thousand a night I just it’s just insane insane but like I said some games some games we get screwed over on and we hit like maybe like 500 800 and then there was that day we were playing what was it Resident Evil 4 all I got he wouldn’t do that baking tasks as a crewmate very interesting they’ll never find out RX reflex thank you so much for the sub but yeah guys we are trying to hit sixty three thousand subs today if you love Among Us that a sub is the right thing to do we are live every single day we are committed to a schedule we have been doing this for the last four years years the last four years there where we have no stopping in sight so if you love Among Us you never want to miss a show definitely the sub button but I’m Derek good one how do you get a code we go and rotation Derek well for example I think this one was on on screen leave so but Derek what we do is we go and rotation so a match will be on screen the code will be on screen and then like the next match will hide the code on screen and put it in chat next match will hide it on screen put it in this chord and then it’s back on screen we just keep it going and rotation screen shed Discord screenshot Discord green chat Discord voting everyone’s given so thank God I got the right thing I’ve been trying to play with UT e it’s I know it’s really difficult I know it’s really difficult also as well appreciated by stopping in if you’re coming in from one of those fake scam streams how did orange get through the door but anyways if you’re coming from one of those fake streams remember to Mastery pork those fake streams streams we’ve done our part we have set their streams to the YouTube staff we’re doing everything in our possible to get those accounts band and taken down but we’ll see we’ll see what happens got a Millions has to do done admin reactor hopefully it’s on the last setting its I hate this minigame thank God doesn’t look like The Killers actually doing anything does it oh purple who killed purple and Electric like they’re gonna answer answer speak Portuguese and I wish I could speak Polish Polish is such a hard language to speak guys orange is not imposter follow me me and blue were at Navy was it me lime or red skip or seven how do we not have any any clues someone is lying lying here someone is

lying I have tried to get into your game it’s FC FC a year going against over 1K people on my backup Discord definitely don’t sell for what your Discord no problem let’s see got any pizza pizza does sound good we got to do a g feel giveaway we gotta do it g feel giveaway hold on hold on hold on we gotta start the G fuel giveaway giveaway all right guys we’re gonna make this one easier because apparently doing doing a number between one and three hundred is too hard we’re giving away a g fuel starter kit right now it’s a fifteen dollar value you’ll get a cold for me thank you so much to our sponsors over at G Fuel and them in my amazing G feel partner he’s always hooking me up with more codes every month I get a batch of codes every month to give away to you guys so big shout out to G fuel fuel energy that being said we’re going to give away one right now pick a number between one and two hundred winner is going to take away a g fuel starter kit from G fuel.com if you are a winner you’ll be received a special code that you’ll be able to use it g feel.com you’ll be able to select any starter kit you want any flavor you just enter the code at checkout and you get it you do have to pay shipping but hey take that up with G fuel G fuel does ship worldwide though but the giveaway has has started to pick a number between one and two hundred multiple guesses are allowed you can guess more than than once but good luck guys guys giveaway has started started red pink yellow blue Mods make sure to keep an eye on chat so we can catch this winter keep an eye on chat so we can catch this this winter discuss this disk des glass all right any winners yet yet top of Cafe who was near do you do you leave the game mods what does that mean I’m not sure we know case let me know if we get up a winner he even put up $15 don’t put a money son son that’s where we make I like that marble bottle put up a thousand it’s a number between 1 in 200 200 one in in 200 one and two hundred guys first one to get it multiple guesses are a lot are allowed the giveaway has started pick a number between one and two hundred don’t stop guessing until we have a winner winner you get to vote me vote you to clap clap you really gotta leave the game or keep playing the same game game we’re playing among us all night I don’t know what I don’t know what you’re asking keep an eye on chat mod with some of the night pot comes up with the winter we can grab it what up Ashley appreciate you stopping then who’s taking in the chief you’ll starter kit giveaway frenzy of IG feel.com remember to use code bugs to save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on G fuel.com products all your shakers tubs cans of whatever again that is code bugs bugs no I’m not leaving I’m playing I’m gonna go mom – I’m not leaving the game whoever you are probably some Twitter troll again we don’t have a winner yet how was no one got this number yet no one has got this number yet it’s literally a number between one and two hundred literally some of you are so close close who is taking it home it’s blue vote blue then yellow pick a number between one and two hundred winner will take home a g fuel starter kit brought to you by G field.com again remember use code bugs Bo o gz to save up to 30% on all your G fuel orders well let’s see

who’s taking home a cheap fuel starter kit for free free I can’t believe no one let me check the bar again so nightbot his still not grab the winner of the winner Marwan Hassan thank you so much for the sub oh and don’t forget guys if you do win make sure that your subbed your prize will be defaulted to the next person if you’re not sub so make sure your subject how is how is no one got this number yet that is insane that’s not even possible possible that is in pain it’s a number between one and two hundred some of you were really close some of you were way off off I’d say about 50 percent of you are way off with some of you are super close I can’t believe no one’s wanted yeah to get hey Raptor Gaming X thank you so much for the sub preciate you stop it in buddy Mar 1 hus on his one the giveaway congratulations congratulations no but I got a winner congratulations congratulations guys the giveaway is over the giveaway is over chill it out till it out we have a where Marwan asan has taken hold of G fuel starter kit congratulations buddy hey Jace oh my God we got Yang’s we got Yang’s man band thing Picasa rough Cuts something to you so much for the sub wow Marshall Lily bug 956 thank you so much for the sub who else we got in here was that much sun Marwan Marwan Hassan one one silver rabbit thank you so much for the sub wait that’s not Marwan Marwan Hassan that’s a totally different account that’s a totally different profile picture and Marwan Hassan is a subscription holder that stuff Marwan Hassan first of all Marwan has son doesn’t have a green profile picture Marwan Hassan is a is a channel number who are you plasma Atomic thank you so much for the sub all right let’s see we did one on screen so the next one is for chat all right guys next coat is going to check check good luck you know that who is that that Marwan son has like a purple profile picture and he’s a got a membership it’s not you you who is that yeah guys to give away is over this is the profile why is there to Mars Sons then who wanted wanted then why is there yeah right I knew it Marwan Hassan has a purple profile picture and he’s a member so why is there a bunch of Marwan Hassan accounts I have no clue who won then why do you have multiple accounts Marwan Marwan this is me then who won it is it you or the fake burst this is my main profile why Marwan I’m just I’m just curious because it makes absolutely no sense sense why would you be using a secondary account that’s not your membership account what that’s like that makes no sense why would you not use your account that you’re a paying member with that makes no sense at all all right let’s get it going oh that’s that’s right cheek Juan Bernat gotta get a big sound them that $300 donations last time was insane it will leave it up I don’t know if he’s here we’ll leave it up I don’t know if he’s here but if you’re here this is my account account though all right well Marwan you know what to do get a hold of me on Discord I’ll get that code sent over to you remember you do have to pay shipping and that’s that’s just how those things work you’ll be able to go to G feel.com you can pick your starter kit pick your seven flavors go to check out put the code in I

give you at checkout it’ll take off the price of the starter kit and then all you have to do is fill out all your stuff pay shipping and then it’s on its way what I’m David yellow yellow no David actually tonight’s been going pretty good good but yeah I don’t know if you’re here chiquan Burnett but I got to give you a shout out again that three hundred dollar donation the other day was insane insane all right I can get rid of this for now get rid of it route the real robot what’s up xox actually how’s it going silver rabbit that’s crash him out even reactor room yellow saw me do scan the room is from security it’s not me it’s not me I shipping was like six to seven dollars if you live in the u.s the shipping the shipping is like the shipping is like I don’t know five six bucks like what Kaylee just said that being said why is Miss Kitty’s messages being deleted deleted okay so timeout 179 was the number know it was hold on I can tell you right now bar saw one with the winning number of it was either 60 wire 63 our people so fast because there’s over 2,000 people you’re all trying to put in the same code by 4073 and it was already fixed all right let’s clean the leaves out guys next G fuel giveaway will be at two I was in viewers I appreciate everybody stopping in to the show there’s a lot of fake scam streams out on YouTube they’ve been live for six days straight and they’re really hurting the community so let’s keep making this the best among us live stream with viewers tonight you have Miss Kitty I don’t know why your mustache was deleted either I ask myself that question question I don’t know why it kind of I’m not sure but at least you weren’t timed out thousand 770 whoa whoa Brown did you kill them well body was in storage storage but I’m not 100% sure Brown did it it brown was in there as well but again I don’t think it’s brown brown also the whole time that is true I don’t think it’s brown though let’s make this stream damn lick it let’s see papa papa you’re the best dreamer by far because you don’t say guys every two seconds ha ha appreciate it Daisy rosters yeah we also don’t say that you have to donate to play like all these other fake scam streams out there that are using viewbots dead giveaway always remember this guy’s when you’re out there looking looking for live streaming first first what you got to do is look for their sub count if the channel has like whatever they have a massive viewership look for two things it’s a dead giveaway if they’re hiding their sub count for unlikely it’s a fake stream in their view botting if they’re hiding their sub count and if they’re hiding their sub count and hiding there like and dislike numbers they’re definitely definitely scamming for sure so that one was Chad this one goes to the Discord guys good luck remember guys if you want the Discord length of Discord link it’s put in the chat every five minutes we’re going to get over to Discord next code will be on screen we keep in rotation so if you’re just stopping the show we are the realest best live stream for viewers here which is it we’re just we’re gonna kill it tonight we’re gonna kill it tonight we’re absolutely kill it tonight but that being said there’s a lot of fake scam streams out there so keep sharing the Stream bring some people in report those other streams bring some people in from there because you know people don’t need to get affected by these streams you know many people have come into our show and said they’ve donated to money to some of these fake streams one girl came in here the other day and said she donated $45

to one of those fake scam streams and it’s just a pre-recorded thing what up J I mean that’s as much as of a shout-out you’re getting jab appreciate you stopping it all right hold on I gotta get this code over them but I did it okay okay all right we’re gonna wait for the Discord people to come in and remember guys the next game will be on screen called will be on screen chat Discord screen Chad Discord stay in rotation if you say my name rodina is it rodina it’s probably rodina appreciate you stopping in in Rodina I know you’re real because one you react to the chat into because I’ve been in your games will ya I’m the um probably the only I am probably the only major live stream that actually literally reads every single chat message I mean I understand like if you’re like one of those top 1% streamers and you’re pulling in anywhere from 50 to 100K viewers I could understand but what doesn’t make any sense it’s like even though they have like 50 k or a hundred k what the it’s broken maybe I gave you the guys wrong code hold on why are they not able to get in in the invite try that way probably gave him the wrong code code it’s not working whole I got to reset then actually had a Queue at the end of it too so I don’t know why they didn’t work what’s up Mohan appreciate you stopping back in how’s it going water coming back into the show vigorous wolf how’s it going David yes David prescience toughening how’s it going David this code probably won’t work either because it does have a queue in it why would they do with that way you’re the only stream I watch besides the other streams Nicole Nicole but I’d say I would say 90% of the live streams on YouTube gaming right now are all fake for all scams they’re all pre-recorded my favorite fake scam stream though is the ones that they have like the fake streamer in the corner and it’s all choppy you know what I mean have you guys seen that like the gameplay is like super laggy they have the fake chat in the corner and it’s the same kid on replay just doing this you guys seen that one it’s so bad it’s fake so bad that’s my favorite one though that’s my favorite one appreciate the sub by the way I’m sorry I didn’t get your name though though make sure I put the code in right this time all right hopefully this works works hopefully this code works works there it goes there it goes hashtag get rid of the fakes all right we are all here let’s go by the way lift bass mr. cheese can you guys if you guys have played every single match are you’ve been in here 10 times lift bath you been in here 10 times mr. cheese you’ve been in here 10 times do without a name you been in here ten times like guys guys beaker of other people or I’m just going to kick you I don’t know I’m just being being honest I live stream every single day at 5:00 p.m. ET ET that being said some of you have played five times in a row start giving other people a chance or you will will pants or exit I can’t I I mean I understand I can’t control it but it’s so annoying it is so annoying when people just hug the room it’s I hate it like literally they play every single match doesn’t matter if the codes on screen and chatter Discord they’re in every single match and they’re hogging hogging like dude let some other people play you know love of God dance other thank you so much for the sub let’s get rid of that from right now now texty texty Eva gation I feel bad for the other people so I left bull you left when the game was already starving starving yellow everyone it’s food almost 2K viewers going to the Moon baby if you’re stopped Jaquan Burnett’s there he is Miss the chick wha Burnett in the house

my man appreciate you stopping in Jaquan we were just we were just talking about your massive three hundred dollar donation the other day how’s it going man well I thought he would just watch folder read the chat you probably shouldn’t kill me in front of 2000 people in the beginning you probably should should all right let’s see here here that’s so funny the I if you’re an imposter and I’m a crew mate what you have to do is wait till the end to kill me it’s very possible for you guys to win as imposter but you wanna wait until the end kill me last and take the win all right they’re playing them ads baby they’re playing the man’s baby all right here here you don’t you know the stream is going good when YouTube starts playing the good ads on your show oh that’s right I’m all screwed I’m dead come on this is my favorite one who here loves the card swipe let’s get a hashtag mm in the chat if you’re here right now watching the show if you’re here crushing it with us if you’re a fan of Among Us if you’re enjoying the show if you’re a human being hashtag too in the chat let’s get that high rolling and actually you can put hashtag whatever you want hashtag mm hashtag hype hashtag lit I don’t care baby up I can’t believe they killed me already I swear to goodness I bet you Marwan was mad man but now that I think about it Marwan he’s trolling is he was trolling yesterday yesterday who do we say mm so we got another G feel giveaway to get get out to you guys let’s see see it’s it your YouTube YouTube love you always mm baby why is it not playing playing it was yellow I wish I wasn’t dead though I wish I wasn’t dead though though oh well what are you gonna do it that bread baby little beer now what’s up your boy Matt appreciate you stopping in mr Heat Miser who else we got here Daniel crew Slim I’m on Shema random user appreciate you stopping in Bank baked bans against Steven even that’s the right way to do it alright so that was Discord this codes on screen we’re going to keep in rotation guys if you’re just joining the show it is free to play with with us we’re not I am stream you don’t have to like or sub to get the code we go in rotation so this matches on screen next code will be in chat next code will be in Discord and we just keep up with with rotation so all you have to do is remember where we last played and you should know where the codes going to be but again we keep in rotation on screen chat Discord on screen chat Discord that way everyone has a chance the Keisha Robbins Ace is the best YouTuber I love you nikesh nikesh wha the quiche wha appreciate it all right let’s make sure to wait until we got everybody in here we got a full room in that was quick that that was quick yeah you gotta be quick I won’t sub if I can join that’s okay that’s where not one of those scams dreams you don’t have to sub to join I don’t care if you sub or not that’s not that’s not why you’re here you’re here to enjoy and have a chance to get in here they have your chance to get in front of 2000 people but you got to be you got to be quick all right let’s see looking sus looking sus eighty eighty

nine-year-old I love that night I gotta change my outfit I’m gonna go full Jason I think someone’s gotta let me be brown though okay so we the dirty outfit with the mask actually that’s not bad all right yeah I’ll go with that I live is three minutes behind then you need to refresh your stream there’s only a 30 second delay there’s only a 30 second delay there’s only a 30 second delay Rob oh man all right let’s get back on task one of my favorite things to do they need a more minigames like this alright that is done I’ll start speedrunning tested over the navigation download going got deleted it I’m mad that’s good but yeah sherea superevil if you’re three minutes behind you might want to refresh your stream you shouldn’t be that far back back all right Community question let’s get something Community questions get a little Community involvement here what is everyone’s favorite candy bar it has to be a candy bar Mike and Ikes Ricci cups that doesn’t work what is everyone’s favorite candy bar your answers in the chat enough don’t do nothing like Jolly Ranchers lollipops and crap like that what is everyone’s favorite candy bar I never saw a big stream that quiet you’d be surprised 90 I would say 50% of the people that watch among us our kids and kids don’t talk and chat but yeah a lot of people put me on their televisions chromecast’s and things like that that come on just follow me on Twitch I still don’t understand why people follow on Twitch let’s see Three Musketeers nickers melted on ice cream cream yeah but you’d be surprised Snickers Snickers KitKat Three Musketeers let’s see Twix Wicks Twigs yep you’re getting banned camp he’s about to get banned in a heartbeat all right we gotta get back in in here ha ha who are we voting voting any clues I can’t even type right now let’s see I don’t have one because I don’t eat chocolate why are we voting is is so us the one where you go have to click the line all the thing lines up I’m not a kid is enjoying the show yeah see you’d be surprised you would be surprised there’s a lot of people that just watch the show and don’t talk talk now if we had 10 people here then the chat would have to go into slow mode but to K is still very it’s still very small to K is still very small I tell shorty come here and I’m trying something something what is the next chief you’ll give away probably when I have a chance to actually run it I’m in a game right now if you haven’t noticed so I can’t really run the giveaway right now pork a pro player another person followed me on Twitch I don’t I don’t see the thing is I don’t know where they’re getting it like where are they finding my twitch Channel channel I mean I’m twitch partner I have a purple I hope somebody finds my body but I have that stupid twitch purple check mark but why use it twitch his twitch is definitely not the best place to stream YouTube is the best place to stay because you can crush it 3,000 viewers is the next goal absolutely so here’s what we’re going to do guys everybody that’s watching the show we 2.1 K here we’re all working together so if you’re watching the show right now this is what I need you to do okay share the stream with somebody you know if every single person here every every single person here cheers the stream and brings in one person will be sitting at 4K like that that like that that

orange got tiller just getting tossed or just getting tossed by Orange Orange my God why are people I don’t by the way guys I don’t stream on Twitch ever ever I mean you’re more than welcome to go follow it but I don’t ever stream there such a waste of at which partnership that’s for sure you know what’s funny you know what’s funny to talk about twitch twitch partnership like some people will be like holy man I got my I got my purple check mark how I got it I literally got twitch partner because I was a big youtuber I don’t think people realize that some of these people on Twitch grinding and grinding so hard for twitch partnership do you know easy it is to talk to Twitch staff and just get a purple check mark if you have a huge community you can easily sign a contract like like that they litter twitch literally handed me a check mark day one they said wow you got a big Channel he pulling some big big numbers here’s your check mark But then twitch is just terrible for search optimization optimization all right let’s see 2 point 2 K well like I said everybody here everybody here we do this every night and it works every time time the thing is is that sharing the stream is the most powerful thing in the world I don’t think you guys realize how much power you all have right now we could literally make this stream bigger in some of the top creators on YouTube but all you guys have to do is share this if we all work together and keep sharing the stream and keep bringing people in we’re going to be a 3K in no time mm people sharing the stream is insane by the way a little status update you guys have been sharing the stream like crazy on average in this is this is I don’t think you guys realize how insane this is on average every night that we stream you guys are sharing the Stream 1.337 K times that’s insane guys guys nice nice win you just passed 30 Subs good job hey Miss Kitty keep grinding keep grinding the longer you keep grinding the better all right let’s see that one was on screen so this next one’s for chat but yeah guys on average every time we stream you guys are sharing one thousand three hundred times I don’t know if that’s counting one person where every time someone shares the link but that’s 1,300 people per stream sharing the Stream that’s insane don’t think you guys realize it for some reason to the top thing it’s gets shared on is Facebook the second thing that it gets shared on his WhatsApp I don’t know what WhatsApp is but 32 percent of the shares are from WhatsApp I still don’t understand what that is but for those you’ve been sharing it on WhatsApp I appreciate it especially those you sharing on Facebook remember guys this codes for chats will be on the lookout and chat for the code it’s going to fill quick I don’t know oh man yeah let’s hope scrub we’re just getting started oh man I love reckon these Twitter kids I love reckon these Twitter kids kids I’ve there’s so many It’s the funniest thing in the world I get so much humor out of it if I never hit 100 David what’s your YouTube channel bud how many Subs you had David how about this who here has a YouTube channel that actually creates content I want to help somebody out today we have a lot of people here watching the show I

want to help somebody out today today well let’s see do you two ever was my kid dream 76 well how about this this is what we’ll do at the end of the show I want to do something nice for smaller creators so if you have a YouTube channel a twitch Channel and you have less than a hundred subs let me know don’t post your links don’t post links because you’ll get banned or timed out so don’t don’t post links but I would love to help out a few small creators tonight and help you guys get your subs up and introduce your content to three people or more who knows where we’re going tonight we got smashed and green was live was the Imposter all right well we know it’s not me because I’m Freddy I’m Jason all right easy and this real quick oh 2266 2266 I want to try the cinnamon I don’t know why is the chair and slow is it in slow mode hold on let me turn it off off well actually slow mode helps me reach hold on all right chat settings settings slow mode but slow in the what’s not there we got people people trolling well I guess you know that that orange and why are most likely imposters thank you don’t it’s funny I see them Iman I see them I’m on Twitter about orange and white always being sauce idea of my best friends are not very good Brian me we need another what’s another good Community question another good Community question I know there’s a lot of kids here so I don’t know if asking everyone’s favorite movie would be a good thing to do actually actually white no let’s easy let’s do something easy what is everyone’s favorite color how about that good community question it’s related to Among Us who here I mean sorry what is everyone’s favorite color I need some more good Community questions asked asked I’m a crow content record like I said guys if you’re if you’re if you’re a Creator and you only have a few selves we’re gonna try to help out some small craters tonight and introduce your content to all these people towards the end of the show but yeah guys what is your favorite color color David says blue blue my favorite colors green slime red green red a lot of greens blue and black black shorty where’s likes the black hole okay okay I always thought it was I always thought it was weird when people like the color black not like the color color but like it’s like you only like to call her black on like cars right lately the rainbow nice nice nice all right so that one was chat so the next one’s in discord here we go I’m at 3 Subs but do you create content I want to actually I actually want to raid somebody that creates content if you just have a YouTube channel with a few sobs black silver red orange yellow white and gold black blue and black green big green beads beads that’s right got invite Discord hold on all that code won’t work blue like my soul black and blue I don’t think I can draw your circle some Farmers every time I type the code it says could not find the game you’re looking for that’s cause it feels fast there’s there’s like almost 3,000 people here like if you don’t get the code quick and get it entered quick you’re not gonna get in are we gonna raise somebody tonight yes we’re going to raid a small stream or tonight should be a lot of fun run North America work we always play on North America always all right here we go let’s get these guys in this code is for Discord next code is on screen remember if you’re just stopping in to the show we are a legit show we know that there’s a lot of scams streams out on YouTube that YouTube has done nothing about there is like literally a dozen fake scam streams out on YouTube and a lot of them a lot of people in the Among Us compute the community are getting hurt by it and and it sucks so the best thing we can do guys to help alleviate that problem

is by making this the biggest stream on YouTube tonight keep sharing the Stream let’s do our best to get people away from these fake scam streams these streams that are you know begging people to donate for the code and all these streams that are like oh like and sub if you want the code we don’t do that here if you’re joining us you can hear more lot more and welcome to play with us but it is first come first first serve put the chat on screen in the chat and Discord separately each match but you got to be quick I highly suggest if you want your chance to get in I highly suggest you do one thing have the show on one device have your game on another device that way you can see the chat you can see the Discord you can see on screen and then you can actually just type it in and go but I’ll tell you this right now if some of you were on mobile mobile and you’re trying I like switch from the show and the game you are never getting in Because by the time you switch from the show to the game on your phone you’re already too late but yeah it’s first-come first-served this court has in I got it on the first try but if you do have Discord and you do want to try to get in that way Discord link is in the chat every five minutes and we are currently now at 2335 on our way to 3,000 baby let’s go if we can break a viewer count tonight let’s get get it all right David I got Discord David what you got to look for is night Bob puts it in the chat every five minutes just be looking out for the username night body will be fine oh scrubby scrubby the was we can find somebody to build my Discord I need to find a decent admin that could do it I don’t have Discord I’m too young for it well if you can’t have Discord because you’re too young I know we have a lot of kids in here like I know that and that’s half the reason why yeah cheese again yeah that’s all he does that’s all he does trust me there’s there’s a lot of people in here that hog the room he’s nine a pro pro got him there’s nothing there there are things that admin bad Noah white this got why are people following the twitch there is literally nothing in my description that says twitch twitch there’s nothing in my description that has a twitch link there’s nothing on my social media like bite which doesn’t exist I wonder if people watching the show just assumed I wonder if he’s on Twitch to but yeah dude the stream says tv-pg yep I put that up because there’s a lot of kids watching you would be surprised I’d say 50 percent of the people watching right now are between the ages of 6 in like 12 guaranteed guaranteed and a lot of those kids aren’t allowed to use chat a lot of those kids just have the show on stream but it’s TV PG v because like I’m not stupid I know there’s a there is a ton of kids watching and I want to make it better for the parents so when the parents let their kids watch the show they know that it’s rated PG and then V4 cartoon violence because there is cartoon violence but yeah I like I like putting a like putting up a rating up there because with the rating up there you’d be surprised I gained 10 percent more viewership because parents can like see the stream they see what the content is rated because a lot of parents probably don’t let their kids watch streams because a lot of streamers like to swear and cause and things like that don’t usually when I play Among Us I never swear we always keep content pg-rated we never talked about anything crazy we just have fun and enjoy the game that’s why I put it up there I will gain more viewership viewership it’s letting them watch the Stream then if they didn’t but yeah that’s why it’s t rated tv-pg V because it’s PG we keep conversation don’t friendly friendly what there is cartoon violence obviously that’s what the v stands for I’m 12 I’m 16 I’m 13 see that’s why I’m telling you that there’s a bunch of kids

in here a lot of these people are kids and they’re not allowed to use chat of any edits that you so much for the sub posture their pumpkin get over your pumpkin oh I forgot to get a pumpkin today no where was the body Where was the body I know Electric eye like didn’t even see the body body your 60s your 66 you’re 13 you’re 12 yeah see you gotta you gotta understand guys a lot of the people here are young kids that aren’t allowed to use chat chat bet you any money I would say 30% of the viewership here is from parents putting the show on their kids TV or their Chromecast I bet you money I bet you money I’m in my 30s I didn’t know that but to be honest the the younger the younger crowd our best that sharing the Stream orange non-electrical when everyone wasn’t in orange mr Chase you’re going down chase Nicole is 14 Mark we swing choir is 12 melodious is 10 RX reflexes 11 Ahmad Jamal is 9 oh my goodness see I told you guys I told you you what do you to Liars why they kick horns out oh no but yeah guys that’s that’s probably why why you’d be surprised this game well I mean it is Among Us I mean it’s to be it’s not a surprise that pretty much everyone here is under the age of 15 15 but yeah that’s why we keep it we keep it we keep it kid-friendly here we don’t swear here there’s no cussing we don’t talk about any adult subjects we just have a fun time with the community and we have a good time followed you on Twitch or cheese don’t you like my purple checkmark over there there actually that contract should be ending soon I can’t wait wait I can’t wait until that twitch contract ends then I could start dual streaming to YouTube and twitch and then really start taking taking over where am I tests i’ll admin running around I’m almost done with everything everything first try come on beautiful beautiful butter I’m too much salt that’s funny all right guys quick pause for commercial break remember guys when you guys watch the ads its supports the channel yeah quick commercial break break and inserted let me know what adds you guys see to I’m curious I’m always I’m always curious what’s going to send out see I don’t know I’m staying with them I don’t like this I just don’t like being near these guys I’m just gonna keep running because if they get near me I’m screwed it’s gotta be a body somewhere oh Oh well if it’s not the guy with the apple on his head who was by me me when I found the body so so cyan who else was with me when I found the body well I got the other end Guitar Man I never see dads Ace Haley I don’t know why do you have YouTube premium I do know this if you have YouTube If you have YouTube red or YouTube premium you won’t see ads if you’re a paying YouTube actually you know what I don’t you don’t see ads because you’re a member that’s why that’s okay yeah if I remember

correctly Kaylee You don’t see ads because you’re a member of my channel you’re you’re already paying each month to watch my show so you don’t see ads I think that’s how it works everyone voted yellow yes he’s pretty yeah my PS 5 is already paid in full Hayden full say say yellow one left but yeah my PlayStation 5 is painful we have a lot of big shows coming up in November just I’m gonna stay with these guys I’m just looking kind of sauce but yeah November 12th we’re doing an IRL stream picking up the PlayStation 5 after that I’m going to work out a 4 KP A PS5 unboxing unboxing video and then later that night we’re going live from the PS5 playing Demon Souls day day one November 12th is going to be hot hot and then of course November 18th the amazing developers over at CD projekt Red we’re getting a free copy and an early review copy of cyberpunk 2077 which is awesome you know I think it’s Lyme I just I just think it’s Lyme the way he’s acting I’m going for the call I just the way he’s acting acting I think I think it’s Lyme is acting super sauce but yeah we’re gonna be getting a free review copy from CD projekt Red we’re getting cyberpunk pretty much I think four or five days early be able to test out and review but streaming embargo won’t lift until November 18th a day before it actually releases so that’s going to be awesome and again I don’t know if this Oliver get out to them I’ve already said them thank you take you to see projekt Red for hooking us up with a free review copy so that’s going to be excited exciting all right let’s see see let’s see answer I am pre-ordering the Xbox yeah the Xbox x and like I’ll always always have this argument I’ll always have this argument I’m voting line it’s got it his name is innocent like come on we know it’s you we know it’s you why did no one vote vote oh my God god we’re never gonna win we’re never gonna win I think they’re all working together I think they’re all working together look at green it’s green he’s literally doing it oh Mike you we literally just saw them do that he just put up the test oh my God who is it it I have no I’ve no more calls I can’t call anymore yeah I’ll always say the Xbox series s is a joke the Xbox series X not too bad but some they did find out something about the Xbox though I don’t know if they’re gonna say anything about it the Xbox series X the stand doesn’t come off off so when you lay your X Box on its side the big circle stand is just jutting out you can’t take the stand off like you can with the PS 5 now I’m not sure if that’s 100% true true yet I’m I’m lime lime well why blue blue blue blue Holt lime oh this is cough come on blue we’re about to lock this this GGN come on come on on this is that a fear of the weirdest has a week is great great but yeah the PC Master race all the way but that being said that being said

PS5 is insane yes please please please please please don’t be blue please don’t be able to please don’t be blue please don’t be able to please don’t people who come on on yes let’s go I’ll take the I’ll take the dumb let’s get it all right I’ll what next one’s for Discord right yeah I think next one’s for discords pretty sure but yeah I like I said the Xbox series X is going to be going to be decent the PS5 is obviously going to be decent but I still think that Xbox series s is it makes no sense like I get it I get it all right guys let’s go let’s go in for the Discord like I get it you want to make a lesser cost in Council get people in but like there’s like I just don’t understand why you would want to buy something that limits you you it doesn’t future your gaming experience you know what I mean like why wouldn’t you just save up the other two hundred dollars by the Xbox series X and have a beast of a machine and have full 4K 60 frame per second like why wouldn’t wouldn’t you and I don’t want to hear I don’t want to hear the argument either that 4K is not popular you can get a 4K television for 200 bucks so I don’t want to hear it discords good let’s go next coat is going on screen guys series as his the homeless I’m just saying it’s a dumb by why buy something that keeps you pretty much stuck in last gen you know what I mean I don’t know that if you’re gonna get an Xbox get the series X the series X is a monster the series s is like last gen it’s like an Xbox One S but with a SSD drive Drive I don’t know like the Xbox series X is an absolute Beast compared to the ass I just don’t know why people wouldn’t save up up for Crocs Crocs yo why is brown just sitting there no one died skip skip no one died died we’ll skip skip everyone vote dark blue everyone vote vote yeah we gotta vote dark blue we gotta kick them out of here we’re going to kick them out everyone vote dark blue blue let’s get the stinker out of here here dark blue all right dark blue see you later man funny everyone’s going after dark blue done and he’s God and he’s gone 160 likes if you guys are enjoying the show you already know what to do slap that like button share the stream let’s keep it going weapons weapons he spied me the PS5 there’s no there’s no PS 5s in the world there’s no PS 5s in the world I was abundant I was with dark green so it’s not me me but her wear white sauce do we have proof it’s white please type your Clues sauce in the chat dark green of sentences

no dark green isn’t the Killer DG was with me do lights and vents to the place did anybody vote for white white beard beard I don’t know one voted for white daddy wants insecurity option motion security oh Oh Prok Prok sorry guys we have the reset the game we’re starting to get the hackers the lowlife hackers are starting to come in the the lowlife hackers are starting to come in you know the ones that have no lives they’re probably nine years old parents don’t like him nobody loves them they have no life no job they just sit on their computer every day eating pizza pockets you know the lowlifes are starting here comes the lowlifes get ready for it guys get ready for the lowlife hackers here we go every match from here on out it’s going to be a hacker watch watch here comes the here comes the idiots get ready for it it here they come here they come here come the hackers this will be fun here we go okay so what I want Hassan has now become a double member thank you so much for the donation that was the that was the Discord wasn’t see the hackers are in my Discord that’s the problem the hackers are in my discord that’s where they usually attack attack the guy there’s no way to know who’s a hacker in the Discord we have over 1500 members in the Discord man here we go please this man she’s looking pretty good good problem so far guys can we get the hashtag shuttle for more wand or Hassan becoming a supporter of the channel thanks for the donation donation now now let me do a Friday the 13th next baby baby baby very nice us I was stuck in Med Bay I’m doing tasks tasks I’m a good little sprout sprout Oh yeah baby got a new support appreciate it remember guys if you want to become a member there’s an awesome proves to becoming a member there’s four there’s four different tiers that you can do you can become a member for a dollar 99 Which is less than a cup of coffee or for the kids out there less than a pack of gum it’s less than a Happy Meal but you might want to ask your parents first that being said and become a member for a dollar 99 what that gets you is your name and green in chat you get an ace books gaming logo royalty badge next year name you get to

use of 12 custom emotes that I had sent out and drawing that cost me almost $70 so those are really expensive emotes it’s not it is not cheap commissioning an artist to do emotes it really isn’t but you get pretty much $70 emotes for free and you get private custom access to our now you can become a member for five bucks 24 bucks or 50 bucks each tier has different perks you want to become a member you can find the blue join button next to the Subscribe button down there it just it’s just join the word join in blue and then obviously after that you can click the money sign at the bottom of chat and you’ll see like super chat super cute sticker and then join or become a member but yeah there should be like a little money sign at the bottom of of chat rocks we’re blue can you chill for a second I’ve been doing my test yellow yellow yellow everyone everyone is going after yellow everyone is going after yellow yellow free cake did we just hit 3K viewers did we just hit 3K holy cow cow we’re on our way we’re on our way let’s go if we’re at 3K hashtag 3K in the chat hashtag let hashtag height hashtag Among Us Among Us hashtag anything you want chiquan burn that naughty player thank you so much for this up by the way guys to get your name on screen screen you have to hit the Subscribe button and turn on the notification belts all that being said if you have hit the Subscribe button and your name did not show up it’s because your subscription settings are set to private you need to click on your profile picture or the Cog wheel go to settings privacy and then make your subscriptions public and then resub and you’ll get a shout out and you’ll get your name on screen in front of 3,000 people people but I just want to let you guys know that because a lot of you guys have probably hit the sub button and your name never shoot showed up and that’s why all YouTube accounts made after 2018 are automatically set to private by default don’t know why YouTube did that it affected a lot of live streamers dumbest thing they’ve ever did but that being said you need to find your privacy settings and you need to make your subscriptions public and then resub and your name will show up on screen screen imposter hits which has to who are are there we go we want good job pretty sure that was a hacker again pretty sure we had a hacker right there because that ended way too quick so there’s another hack gave that’s two games in a row hackers great here we go third game bring on the hackers bring on the lowlifes that have to have nothing nothing in their lives probably adopted here we go bring on the hackers that’s Hecker number two because inner sloth won’t update their game to fix the hacking problem this is by far the worst game that I have ever seen with hacking problems Call of Duty doesn’t get hacked as much as this and they don’t even have have anti chiid there was no hacker what do you mean the game just ended without showing us someone getting kicked off the ship right or was I not paying attention yeah I’m gonna let laugh out loud that you so much for the sub he comes old sub sub trains yeah I’ve been here since he started to Haley thank you so much for the sub appreciate you stopping in even look at David blunkett welcome David what’s the code hi hi thank you so much for this appreciate you joining a sand Nation I’ve been here since he started appreciated Gabriella both good all right let’s go hacker number three can’t wait for it we just did a quick vault but why didn’t I get get to vote whoa whoa whoa wait hacker all look at another hacker all cool oh you’re so cool oh you’re so cool like dude I’m sorry

like girls don’t want to be near you and they don’t touch you and your only pleasure in life is hacking Among Us what come on Duke it out alive what a loser loser just an FYI to you know the little looser hackers out there you don’t mess with my views and you don’t mess with my paycheck so you’re literally wasting your time I’m still making bank and we’re still crushing it but let’s go forth match in a row let’s bring on the hackers whoo love this game here we go hacker City yay wow come on on bring on the adopted child that no one loves come on hurry up hurry up yep here we go yep started up get ready for hacker number four four here we go watch watch watch wait for it it here we go come on do it do it do it it here we go watch what what oh boy love this game game all right guys here we go Community question this is a good question question what is everyone’s favorite Among Us player what is everyone’s no actually here’s a better question who is always sucks sus volt line for everyone both live but who here’s a good yeah good Community question who does everyone think is always super color is super sus no matter what what color is super-sized us no matter what he wasn’t an imposter so innocent Bob man smash smash smash smash smash let’s go asteroid King baby if you’re just stopping in to the show share the stream everywhere guys we are all working together to make this the largest live stream for viewers in Among Us us if you’re enjoying the show share the Stream tell a friend Anastasia perk thank you so much for the sub share the Stream everywhere tell a friend bring a friend in Snapchat Instagram Tick-Tock wherever you guys can put the show let’s take this straight to the next level level everybody here bringing one friend one your school buddies your girlfriend your boyfriend family members co-workers everybody let’s take this show to the next level level why why whyme got heated well I’ve got you Eatin yeah be careful on spamming guys by mods don’t mess around all right guys quick commercial break ready for that commercial there’s another 10 bucks but it’s another 10 bucks who are we voting voting do we have any sauce let’s see hey Balboa what are you spamming everyone type in the disk whirring stream chat asteroid asteroid king he didn’t spam anything Kaylee she literally said everyone in the Discord type asteroid King and then her second message was completely different Kaylee only spam the people to my mods only spam the people that like go like like messes message message message message message message guys are kind of time and people out that are literally doing nothing nothing black I kinda go over to my stuff we got none of my tests done one two three four foot come on on now I got a Pepsi I don’t need friends they disappoint me ha ha I just got

an ad from honey honey nice yep every time you guys see in the ad give it a watch Gummy muffins thank you so much for the sub every time you guys watch an ad it supports the show that allows us to not require tip and donations no one has to tip and donate to keep the show going nothing we can literally keep the stream going just from ad Revenue just from ad ad revenue on any one is sauce electrical deadlights we’re seeking my head follow me so skip no clues clues how do we have no clues hopefully hopefully Brown Asos one of the killers let’s see so boys girls what’s up Bob oh my goodness I’m a lot of the soil what up Malik six thank you so much for the sub watch code on screen chat it’s a get in dead people be ignoring all right we gotta get these lights and we’re screwed we’re screwed we have nothing done I guess I could fill up gas how do I play you can either get the game on PC or you can get it for iPhone and Android it’s up to you red pink yellow yellow engineering I’ll bring us over here here I’m gonna log to sin well it’s not black and Les Binks the the JD one hey Isaac thank you so much for the sub we got a nice little sub train going on preciate it guys let’s we need to hit 60 we need to hit sixty three thousand subs tonight that is my goal honestly we might not hit 10K viewers but if we can hit sixty three thousand Subs I’ll be a happy camper camper keep it going I’m so happy because he realized me a maid maid David I feel like you look familiar though though David I feel like you look familiar like I’m okay to call a true statement but I’m pretty sure you were part of one of the trolls on Twitter that was pig that was pigtails pink it was pink pig killed right in front of me but David you look like one of the the trolls on Twitter today that profile picture looks familiar but maybe you weren’t one of the trolls definitely killed right in front of of me you ran from the body we know it’s you keep a qu ran from the body dude but I’m willing to call a truce David where is my Mountain Dew is that my Mountain Dew yes yes I got to play some time out for saying I got an a/d I got an ad yeah I don’t just we’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out like I said we should only be timing out like oh you alike offenders people that really spam crazy crazy let’s go buy pink see you you got caught you got caught caught well I mean you know stuff happens like black is on my phone like the way we black Don the storage quick lights are off off oh no No yes oh purple or yellow it might be yellow for character I’m almost done with my tests anyways let’s get this done done I got body body ha ha ha all right pink red blue yellow yellow all right navigation

got to get these done no see a could I think it’s yellow I honestly do do I’m sorry but yellow is sus to me why is it purple purple so now he’s saying it’s purple I’m at lights lights Tom sabotage find vote me out then if you want I was going to security purple how do we know it’s a purple what if what if blacks actually the Imposter and he’s just trying to get rid of P rid of people purple purple I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do I don’t think I don’t think it’s a purple I don’t think it’s purple I think we just lost this one it’s it’s it is yellow oh my God hello we have no he has to get off the scanner I know it is I should have just went with yolo Yolo I knew I like I said to myself I said it’s yellow it’s yellow it’s yellow it’s yellow I knew it it I should have went with my gut instinct I should have just went with my gut instinct instinct oh man come on all right this one’s for Discord guys three viewers and grow and folks let’s keep it going all right Discord next codes on screen guys this code is for Discord next Conan’s on screen that Dad of two trolling you huh I got I didn’t control I’m so mad mad oh man that was tough that was tough again I should have went with my instinct I really should should have I should have just went with my instinct but I didn’t but I didn’t and I got killed killed eat us yes BK is normal now it would seem any tonight oh my God these kids on Twitter or so butt hurt these kids on Twitter are so butthurt butthurt oh my God old rooms full was so full these kids on Twitter like oh that’s he said oh you have so many viewers dude this is normal this is normal you know how many games we have played where we have hit massive viewership now sorry where the actually only real Among Us stream on YouTube today that doesn’t need a viewbot because we have the power of the people to keep sharing the Stream stream I mean that’s pretty much saying like Valkyrie and Jack courage and Pewdiepie viewbot to yeah okay he’s Twitter I love these Twitter kids man there’s so butthurt no but her I have a feeling there’s gonna be a hacker ten bucks says there’s a hacker in here Watch and Bucks says

there’s a hacker appreciate that some by the way Kelsey love preciate it watch watch watch watch oh really really well that’s a surprise all right never mind until the they’re probably waiting I think the hackers I think the hackers no no they like the way they like to wait a little bit let the game play out for a little bit maybe like maybe like a couple minutes and then they come in and just ruin the game they’re waiting they’re waiting watch watch watch it’s just it’s funny because it’s always the people that don’t get viewers that always say viewbots it’s so funny for the five years that I’ve been doing my streaming career I have built my community and I’ve built my career from the ground up since 2016 without collaboration you want to know how you get big viewers it’s very simple cover every single brand new new release that comes out if its brand new play it doesn’t matter what genre you play doesn’t matter if you’re a World of Warcraft streamer or whatever whatever you can just play the one game you like I mean you can but if you want to grow fast and that big viewership you need to play the hyped games you need to play a major new releases and you mean to try your best to get them first that’s why we get all our new releases early from developers CD projekt Red Capcom what else did we get we got Red Dead Redemption the developers will give me some pregame we get all our free games early though that might seem hard to you guys to to be honest it’s actually very easy to get a free game from a developer very easy but yeah if you want to be if you want to hit big numbers on YouTube it’s it’s very easy easy have the games early play hyped content play with everyone is searching for because YouTube is Google so you want to play what people are searching if you play what people are searching you can hit massive numbers easily well not too easy like I said we’ve had some games we’ve had some games like Resident Evil 2 we capped out at like like 600 800 viewers that was unfortunate Resident Evil 3 we didn’t do too well with yeah some games we don’t do well with and sometimes we don’t break a thousand viewers but some games we do like look at green hell green hell was an green hell was an indie game and Alpha alpha and we were able to pull off two thousand viewers a night you just gotta play what people are searching and trust me you can actually really pull off some big shows it right on the guys get right on and press the button press the button button I’ma buy merch when I get some dollars please say this message going to buy some merch what are you buying though you gotta get a t-shirt you’re gonna get a hoodie gonna get a pair of socks whoa whoa who was that green Acker another hacker what did I tell you another hacker that is now the fourth game that’s been hacked and all these the all these damn Twitter kids are all like oh wow there’s know what there’s no hackers in this game there’s no one that hacks in this game oh my God oh my God yeah trust me he’s been crash has been here forever trust me I don’t use Bots cuz I go months sometimes there’s months where there’s only like a hundred 200 viewers here but that’s a nice Baseline average to here’s another thing I don’t think people understand hold on I think the next code the I told you that was a hacker though next code sunscreen sorry Discord kids only thing about the hackers hackers lowlifes but anyways let me explain to you why this is this is but yeah like some on average before we got this game we were streaming every day it’s maybe a hundred average a hundred average but a hundred average viewers is a nice Baseline that being said we were streaming every day sometimes we have really low days and we have low months and sometimes we do really good usually the like I said if you want to find channels that are

using viewbots the channels that are using viewbots have their subscriber count hidden and the likes and dislikes hidden that’s a dead giveaway but hold on one sec I want to pull up the statistics you guys know what I’m talking about about think if you were ship where’s where’s it at right right here this little stat will make you understand watch time I’m sorry right here watch time in minutes 90 look at that 90 percent of all the viewers here here are not subbed a lot of people don’t sub but 10% do of but a lot of people don’t don’t sub yeah change that if we add a 50% people something boom boom done done where are the Discord codes we just did this cord General chance what’s wrong with General chat good Lord what’s going on over there how do I delete a message beep message stop putting codes in general Chad or you will get banned banned some kid some kid on Twitter said I’m I use viewbots because I use the word but I don’t I don’t care listen if there’s one thing that I hate the most if there’s one thing I hate the most about the world we live in today today everyone is so so pathetic everyone is so handsy and I was so afraid to say I don’t give two craps about the word I really don’t I really don’t because you want my honest opinion I believe that calling someone mentally challenged is more is more disrespectful than someone just using the word or that’s just my opinion opinion if someone is mentally challenged like if I was mentally challenged I would find it so offensive if someone’s like oh you’re mentally challenged but if someone says oh oh I can’t I can’t load my I can’t load my I can’t load my game save this is that doesn’t offend me me like in people get so offended nowadays it’s so stupid and I’m definitely will never be one of these streamers that are all all all Heidi tidy and and all oh I don’t know I make sure not to have any trouble like I don’t care I speak my mind like the world is so pansy nowadays it’s so stupid but yes some some kid on Twitter said yeah you’re definitely viewbotting because what kind of big Creator when you use the word doesn’t matter what words I use the only thing that matters is that I don’t talk crap I don’t there’s no we never have any racist stuff here we never have any sexism here that’s what matters like everybody’s welcome here it doesn’t matter if you’re straight gay trans whatever everyone is welcome here everybody is welcome here doesn’t matter what you identify as your sexuality your sexual orientation everybody’s welcome everybody’s welcome LGBT Community is welcome here I love everybody for who they are everyone’s welcome also we don’t allow racism here I think racism is really disgusting but I could care less if someone gets mad because I said the word boohoo it’s like saying you can’t see the word you know what I mean yeah like everyone’s welcome here but people that say that you can’t use the word oh my God grow up up to be honest that word would only that work should only be offensive if it is said to a mentally challenged person period but God if you like put a Hot Pocket in

the microwave and you sit God does Hot Pocket is but just not wrong with that but if you were to say that word to someone that actually is mentally challenged yeah that’s really really mean yeah I don’t I don’t I don’t believe this whole cancel culture you know how many people on Twitter you know how many people on Twitter Bryce thank you so much for the sub you know many people on Twitter have tried to get me cancelled with my G fuel sponsor hundreds and they don’t care G fuel does not care why because I make them money and I put their brand in front of thousands of people they don’t care they don’t that’s thing I love about G fuel they do not care about cancel culture they never have and never will will they stay out of it they don’t care they stay out of it they really do G fuel didn’t even get involved with like remember that black lives matter movement when that happened just like a month ago or whatever but all that stuff was going down G fuel didn’t touch it they didn’t touch it they didn’t put up any BLM things nothing they just kept promoting their product they didn’t get involved until doesn’t get involved they want to make money and keep it focused on on their stuff everyone’s voting saying I think he should be present I should I probably do a better job than Trumper Biden but half half of the people here under the age of 14 so you guys don’t even know what a president is really well I would hope you know what a president is at the age of 14 14 we really got to start making some moves come on hey I weekly forty I’ll come on on mess that up too print a little game extremes found a fake scam person trying to get your money all the streams that try to get your money oh man those are the worst the streams are like it’s so funny cause they’re like oh whoever donates the one stream was actually saying whoever donates $100 can play with them all day and it was just a a pre-recorded I had nothing I had nothing to do with it but like I said you know you know we run it we we run an ice show here like I said everyone’s welcome doesn’t matter who you are it doesn’t matter the color of your skin I don’t care if you’re white black yellow brown green purple it doesn’t matter everyone is welcome here it doesn’t matter who you are if you’re like I said if you’re part of the lgbtq+ community everyone is welcome here I love everybody everybody everyone is my everybody here is my family plain and simple and I hate racist people that is my that is my biggest pet peeve it really is racist people make me sick they really do why me I was making a Pop-Tart pop-tart oh oh that’s so funny here’s how to make this so this is a fake pre-recording Tommy this is not a fake pre-recording we’re the only real Among Us stream on YouTube right now no no Tommy we don’t he don’t we this isn’t a fake scam stream like all those other YouTube accounts real people real stream real gaming plate you guys can all play he was just waiting for me to do it on many scams there’s at

least 12 of those scams creams out there at least least 12 I’ll tell you right now now hold on and you guys can do your do your best to go report on but again YouTube is doing nothing at at all well to be honest you were by the Dead dead body I was in Navi steering steering the ship ship I think it’s DG ha ha ha oh man I think it’s deg I’m pretty sure it’s dee gee all right we’re gonna do another giveaway we hit 2,000 viewers at home will slacking on the giveaway so hold on I’ve apply apply search I knew they were all gonna vote me off I knew it all right let’s see if I can find some of these fake streams and give you guys the usernames God I can’t believe I almost had it that was a I almost had it quits wow Valkyrie has dropped 20,000 viewers holy cow cow he probably was getting viewbotted to jeez Twomey can you imagine dropping 20,000 viewers but what that one was on screen so the next one’s in chat but yeah if you guys are just stopping in we’re probably the only real stream on here besides Valkyrie and gamer boy Ryan I mean there’s not many of us that are actually real I’d say 80% of the streams out there fake for Among Us there so fake fake all right Chef here you go what up Chris Murphy haven’t seen you in a while I’ve I’ve it will take one too to help your actually real nice these ones these ones right here I’m telling you right now they all have the same title I’m going to show you guys this is what you need to look for these are the fake scam streams using viewbots they’re scamming people for money like sin Subs look look I’m gonna get big real quick these right here I think that the focus if you see any of these these they have all the same title IQ 900 player 100 versus imposter 99 dong memes something animation something these are the fake ones they all have the same title look at this dewpoint 3K watching now watch watch this this we’ll get this is against TOS their farming ad Revenue they should have been kicked off the platform already look look it what 20 likes 23 likes and they have 3K watching look at look how fake it is look at they put a fake streamer up in the corner look at the gameplay look how lag it is and look at fake chat chat 2 point 3 k watching only 20 likes this is one of the fake streams like it that’s literally a pre-recorded streamer and it’s literally his face just goes back and forth but this is one of the fakes there’s four streams like this to have the same title 20 likes with almost 3 k watching look how fake it is it just keeps replaying over and over again oh there’s one but remember they will all have the same Title 99 imposter vs. 100 players 900 IQ in Among Us animation chat meme song Gameplay lives 360 VR trailer that’s the whole title that’s the whole title look how fake it is it’s just pre-recorded and then they put a streamer up in the corner that’s probably a 10 second Loop fake 20 likes 3 K people watching fake I’ll show you guys the other one there’s four streams

that are like that that five fly find the other ones so watch out for sure here’s another one like it look at sea well good two more two more but this Focus look at the same Title 99 and posture IQ 99 and posture i q 3K watching lies 31.3 km/h watching lies they use the same title this is two more now watch watch okay look the same laggy game play fake chat lies and then look it look it look at wait wait wait okay okay twelve likes 12 likes and they have 3 K people watching again it’s the same title let’s go to the other one let’s go this is too funny look it here’s the other one same laggy game play Babe laggy fake gameplay and they have three k watching another scam stream okay and look oh hiding their sub count mmm because what you only have a thousand so don’t want people to catch you but too bad you have the same title it look it look it such a heck it’s so fake oh my God okay so that’s what you guys need to look for go and Report these strings they both have they all have the same title and they’re using using viewbots they’re using viewbots look at 3K no one’s real 1.3 que no one’s real and no one talks in their chat let’s see if I can find another one another fake one okay Bonzi is real boy NZ he’s been streaming every day he’s a good streamer oh here’s another one there’s a bunch of fake streams titled like this this get that the the focus camera is focusing more they all start with a red dot and it’s called Among Us among us live stream line playing with viewers these are fake I think that’s Tom plays watch watch subscribe and it’s just pre-recorded chat doesn’t move at all look at it two thousand people watching in their chat does even move move they have a thousand watching but look it oh isn’t that interesting hiding your sub count hiding your dislikes and likes more scams Tom plays go report mmm look at that they hide their sub count and they hide their likes and dislikes but they don’t get caught you bahding again another fake fake stream let’s find another one I’ll look at it here’s another fake one look at it 100 player versus one something blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah well another fake fake stream chat does it move nothing no chance moving but they have two thousand people watching fake viewbotted look at the check has even move the chair does he won’t because it’s not real it it look at it look at the same leggy gameplay every single stream is fake its fake look at two thousand people watching easily got 34 likes 35 likes again look at the title same title same laggy game play every single live stream is fake they’re all fake look at here’s another one goes farming ad Revenue that’s against YouTube TOs tos yep look good go sambi another one has his sub count hidden has likes and dislikes hidden they do this so they don’t get caught fake fake pre-recorded he’s been live six days in a row all these streams I’ve been showing you them in live six days in a row there’s so many fake streams it’s crazy look at look at here’s another one is another one see same title Red Dot in the beginning among us live playing with viewers this guy has been live for seven straight days using viewbots bog Hall watch look at it watch look at chat doesn’t move he’s got a thousand people watching

chat never moves moves and he’s been live all they look at donate to play you have to give this fake Streep this is all it is it’s on a loop just him standing there but people have been donating him money and they never get to play because it’s all fake pre-recorded so guys do your best I’ve shown you what the fake streams look like do your best go out there and mass report report them anyways here you go guys good luck I’m putting this one on screen waist a little bit of time but go out there and report them them and like 90% percent of the streams out there you guys think that’s okay I want your honest opinion do you guys think that’s okay the thing is the bottom stream is not even shout out well you don’t even do that you can just go in for 10 seconds and see that they’re fake you can do it to be honest I think every almost every every um a streamer is probably getting viewbotted because how do you explain Valkyrie dropping from 50,000 views to 30,000 hmm explain that Valkyrie is a top Tier 1 streamer how does she just magically drop from 50,000 to 30,000 people how does she leave how does she lose twenty thousand people like that that I wouldn’t be surprised that every single stream on Among Us is being viewed by the by somebody didn’t even my stream probably has a few fakes but like I said Ryan Wyatt the head leader at Team YouTube they said they were gonna fix fix it it is sad though they didn’t really the the shape of YouTube gaming is not that good oh that’s right we gotta run the G feel giveaway I’m gonna run the giveaway while we’re playing here we go guys G fuel starter kit giveaway marce on one the first one one all right guys here we go pick a number between one and two hundred giveaway has started pick a number between one and two hundred multiple guesses are allowed winner is gonna take home a $15.00 G fuel starter kit brought to you by G feel.com dot-com good luck guys I’m to play rocket League I love rocket League I’ll play with you little howler I’ll play with you bud bud but yeah when you when you see people like the top streamers losing 20 30 50 K like you know something’s up no I just want to be clear I’m not saying that like Valkyrie or like Pewds or like courage or those guys do it but I’ll tell you right now when they drew when they dropped thousands of ten twenty thousand viewers just like that that’s a dead giveaway especially when they have attended the show yet pick a number everyone can play G fuel ships worldwide guess a number between one and two hundred guys multiple guesses are allowed don’t stop guessing we can get a winner here how long do you live stream for Thai livestream block well first I’ll tell you this I start every day at 5:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time I don’t know what your time zone is but I’m live every day at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time that being said I usually stream between four to five hours I like to end around 10 o’clock new releases I usually stream 9 to 12 hours maybe even 16 hours straight honestly I can’t wait to get away from Among Us I can’t wait PS 5 is coming out cyberpunk 2077 that game is going to be sexy definitely amateur title Demon Souls police station five I can’t wait let’s see if I wonder if the Twitter scrubs are still running their mouths he’s Twitter kids here we go get ratioed and what’s with these Twitter kids say get ratio why did that become a big thing thing it is the most cheesiest thing you just got ratioed hey

sherea superevil just one the chief you’ll starter kit congratulations get one one congratulations congratulations fun I mean though roll up Bluest Eyes Blue admin he kills me wide vile blue blue blue blue everyone is seeing blue though but white house blew keep calling it in guys guys we got a winner already shy ehre ehre superevil regulations you one where are are you let me know if you want to redeem your prize and let me know where I can send it it what really yeah you won won here the second winner of the night next we’re giving out $5 dollars in cash out five dollars in cash app who here has a cache epic account we’re going to give one lucky viewer here five bucks bucks yes this is real real who here has cash app app and we were really all the reactor we are erected on the module they’re not doing it we’re not doing we’re gonna lose a little bit of those we gotta go Gotta Go go yeah you won so how do you want to receive your prize prize I need to know and are you old enough I don’t think I can receive it though you’re not old enough to get it are you I had a feeling you’re probably not old enough to even get it it today yesterday it was working and after you fixed it it today it’s it’s broken I love that they got back to me fresh fresh yeah broke again if you work out out I’ve been live for hours a 2000 people and it didn’t work today today I’ve tried everything everything logging brushing brushing everything everything bill says zero zero it did it did work after you said you fixed fixed it what when I went live today today at 5:00 five I’ve 15 M ET ET didn’t work what I I tried is it an API problem problem is is an a streamlined said they fixed it but this kid is still crying crying it’s garbage garbage I love riffing on these Twitter kids at least they got back back to me let’s see hold on guys one one second what do problem is is

that sucks sucks I don’t know maybe if I try to relog all right what was it that go to chat we’re gonna give one to Discord Discord is not had one in Forever this court has not had a code and forever what up hey doll he can’t give away free memberships if they would charge money and yassi well that’s another thing that should be coming to YouTube soon YouTube gaming is working on the ability to gift memberships just like on Twitch where you can gift a subscription YouTube should be getting it soon where you guys will be able to actually gift memberships to other people in chat but for right now they haven’t implemented the system yet this code is going to work for discard but we’ll give it a shot it works oh they got it perfect there’s carrot there’s there’s carrot carrot carrot there’s carrot there’s carrot carrot let’s see that sucks you can’t get it um okay so I’m just going to ask everyone’s probably young here doesn’t have cash app is there anybody here that actually has cash app app here’s Breanna because I would love to give away five dollars in cash app right now how much money do I have in my cache F anyways – Chef how many how much Choice okay yeah yeah we got some money in the cash out but I would love to give away some $5.00 cash chefs tonight but I don’t know if anybody here actually has cash app all right we’re good I mean I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure there’s a hacker in here I’m pretty I’m pretty pretty sure there is a hacker in here don’t get ready for the game to end quickly quickly get ready ready all right let’s go give it a shot but I have a feeling there’s a hacker in here how do you get Discord you can download Discord on your phone get it on tablets laptops anything really hey nothing yet maybe the hackers went to bed get over there but the lights off the killer was definitely buy us though right here and just hide anyway she got on bad me at clap I just don’t have time to go in and do it right now you’re gonna have to wait until probably tomorrow I’m gonna have to do it after the show that more than I do May 1 2011 I do because I’m a link to your Twitter Twitter all my links are in the description below little howler little haole everything you need is in the description below bud the donation Link in the description below booster pack Link in the description below Cash f below venmo blow merch store below anything you need in the description how can I get the giveaway out of the u.s. have it shipped to you you I will tell you this though shipping anywhere outside the US can get expensive well that’s why I always ask if people actually want the giveaway because pretty expensive what once you live outside if you live outside of the US are we voting got scanning my day yeah I guess guess we have Clues for for well he didn’t get enough votes for it to be a self-report Logan’s back appreciate you stopping back man how’s it going please excuse the quick commercial break break

they wrote me back back I wonder I gotta do my tasks womper net gotten your shoutout here it is Jesus do you wear your own merch yep I have an ace books gaming hoodie and I have an ace books gaming t-shirt well that’s how did that scare me a little bit but yeah I have an ace books gaming hoodie I’ve had it for I think two years now I actually bought one for Christmas two years ago actually I think I’ve had my Ace bugs gaming hoodie for like three years and it’s still holding up but yeah we’re trying to work on getting hats done but they’re having trouble putting my logo on a fitted cap well that sucks sucks but yes I do have a couple pieces of my own merch obviously the hoodie I don’t wear because I’m inside the house and I don’t really need a a hoodie usually when I go out or if I go out to somewhere like an event and there’s a lot of people I’ll throw on the Xbox gaming t-shirt people usually ask me like hey are you a streamer and leads to more people coming to the show talking about who’s who I’m still a damn and I was of the red should we skip or no evidence we gotta know who the Killer is is who has been faking faking taps what up CJ gotcha plays preciate you stopping in to the show how do I join the Discord or Twitter Discord link is put in chat every five minutes by nightbot every five minutes why is my my merchants up that’s up shut that down down yeah guys here’s some of the merch tell you that Merchants fire that merch is fire audiological any clues not sure and purple I think found the body no I don’t think it’s purple purple he’s safe safe it’s black it could be let’s see but yeah that’s that’s pretty much a little preview of the merch obviously it won’t let me get in your Discord I won’t let you get in the Discord what do you mean what is it do when you click the link don’t tell me you’re banned too why are all these people bands for my Discord I don’t understand what’s going on on self-report self-report black was the only one one that skipped why that girl dual wink because she’s because she’s sexy all right she wants you to wear the the t-shirt I mean ladies I mean you’re going to look good in an icebox gaming t-shirt trust me I I look over to storage I have to get some merch the hoodie is so soft soft Ed red flu flu blue yellow red 2033 203 cafeteria cafeteria ha ha ha I’m already let’s go but the link to cache of I’m not sending a link to cash out out

what’s the point I said I wanted to give away five dollars on cash app but like I said I don’t I doubt anybody here has cash app there’s been like three people are like yeah I have cash cash app wow Brianna wow good good dogs all right let’s go sunscreen good luck where’s the code going next days on screen we gave the last code the Discord you guys got that code right there by swyto he sucks us and I I loop remember guys if you’re enjoying the show it really helps out a lot if you go ahead and hit that like button button there’s a like button below the Stream smash it hard let’s get a quick like Spike but if you guys could it would really mean a lot to me and it helps out a lot again smash that thumbs up button it’s below the Stream helps out a lot my phone died a little holder don’t know they see Olga thank you so much for the sub preciate you summoned to the channel live stream every single day at Five Guys Gerald gaming Fortnight in Roblox and Tick-Tock I really hope that’s not your username that is not your your username remember guys if you have subscribed in your name has not showed up it’s because your subscriptions are set to private you need to go into your privacy settings turn subscriptions to public than resub meet you you that the real Picchu Pichu he chew I relied on screen and me too pika ha ha pika it’s I sent you a message about cats oh my goodness Pichu Pichu God God I’m gonna feel bad if there’s a hacker in here a rainbow a rainbow come on Rainbow oh Oh are ready you don’t call why ew thank you so much Ace you have to pay for Discord know who’s telling you to pay for Discord where was the body oh you Discord is free who’s telling you you got to pay for Discord Discord has been a free service for as long as I know I know that there’s Discord boosted servers that’s it kyondra man so you so much for the sub we’re never going to find out who the Killer is all right going away down in bed watch the rest of the stream under my blankies okay good night oh my God to turn Whitey

does he send Vic thank you so much for the sub oh no we’re all in that hallway hallway who’s to know for sure sure yo little Cami Care thank you for the sub this is one of the best Among Us streams love your channel been watching a long time appreciating those Summers I’m screwed I’m so screwed the hold the hold that no ship was there where did where are these settings on YouTube I think you have to click on your profile picture go to settings privacy and makes subscriptions public and then resubmit it should come up I’m so dumb dumb ah ah come on on I didn’t know it sucks Lola Bob welcome to the show thanks for stopping in but back to me yet little little howler let’s looks good restaurant you have listed Eights or – – oh want it gone not going well here at at don’t door – just came into my city like three days ago and every single restaurant is trying to get door – band you believe that every single restaurant in my city we just got door – four days ago in every single restaurant is trying to get them band it’s crazy they all hate it there’s over 12 different restaurants that are trying to get door – banned from my city and it’s only been here four days everyone hates it I know it’s kind of crazy but you had or – ain’t gonna last long long that is crazy door – won’t last long long JJ Smith thank you so much for the sub please say hi to me I already said hi to you Lola Baba howmany highs do you need this is World flight 507 thank you so much for the sub care to explain what door – is door – is like Postmates it’s like uber for food door – you go on you place an order with a restaurant they get the order and then someone picks it up and brings it to you that

way you can get things like like you can get things like deliberate that don’t have delivery like McDonald’s Burger King restaurants that don’t have delivery things like that but yeah they’re my entire city is trying to get door – band isn’t that wild wild what sucks though is all those people all the people that are doing door – here are about to lose their jobs no one wants to hear wow that was the ones on screen right so the next one’s for chat all right good luck guys guys what up by Leah Rangel thank you so much for joining the show and I’m starting to slur my language what are my speech speech I have no clue what this is for chat but either way get in in why do they want it banned because it’s messing up every restaurant it’s messing up every restaurant it’s it’s confusing things nobody likes it a lot of the restaurants that already have delivery are mad that they’re stealing their deliveries I know it sounds pretty pathetic but a lot of pizza joints a lot of restaurants that have their delivery drivers already they’re getting getting mad they’re losing their $3 delivery fee to me I think that’s kind of petty and kind of stupid I mean come on the service is actually bringing you more business and you’re gonna cry about losing a three dollar delivery fee fee that’s pretty pathetic but that being said everyone all the restaurants here hate it they hate it they don’t like that it’s stealing their deliveries even though it’s all door – is is pretty much someone calling up a pickup order and someone coming to get it till they hate it they hate it and I parent apparently when you place a door – order and automatic an audit on automated voice like a computer program voice calls the restaurant and gives them the order well they they hate it they hate they hate it I don’t know it’s not going well well not going well I’ll tell you that much oh we got room for one more more we got room for one more guys guys quick commercial break break we’ll try to re log into this and see if we got my viewer counter fixed no still not working let’s do a real real og all right log out out okay Pokemon wasn’t on here what is it done along W downloading anything login login log in with YouTube thanks bro testing testing one two three 3

testing testing one two three 3 welcome welcome to the show it’s a he’s Nation all right all right enough enough we’re good but I gotta send him a picture of this because it is it’s severely broken broken wonder why it’s broken like that though well well is that stream Labs thing well broken bogged bogged oh if you you I don’t know why that viewer count broken that’s so weird yeah sorry guys I was trying to fix the viewer counter I don’t know what’s going on food food excuse me the admin excuse me oh no I don’t know I clicked out right at a hundred percent wow Wow back in order it’s good now clear better reconnect it that was what happened there it’s dank paintings dank oh man by a son leaving bye doll appreciate you stopping in yeah it’s getting about that time so we’re getting close to ending the show are we gonna rain tonight who are we writing tonight guys guys we gotta find a streamer to raid gotta find someone to raid tonight oh someone tried locking me in there not gonna happen stuck in here China trying to fix the viewer count on stream page or on your end it doesn’t no it doesn’t work at all like I’m logged in I’m logged into my stream Labs account I’m logged in you to base books gaming bring Labs fixed it three days ago it’s been working for the last three days but now today it doesn’t work watch copy the link browser source watch watch hey it just says zero 0 I’ve done everything I’ve logged I’ve refreshed it broke three days ago and I’ve done everything I’ve done re-logging I’ve done put the link and again I’ve done refresh

cache of current page like look at refresh Bill 0 refresh Bill 0 and there’s over 2,000 people here look at it just it just broken it was working fine after they fixed it but now it doesn’t work so I don’t know what’s going on on I’m logged into my stream Labs accounts the same stream lines account I’ve always used for the last four years years aye aye aye aye them three days ago they said hey just to let you know it’s fixed then it started working for three days and now look it’s broken on zero again don’t know why yeah it’s obviously not zero but it’s not seeing my live streams oh I don’t know I don’t understand it don’t want to get I know this sounds really really silly what can someone test out the tip and donation link just one person send one dollar because I’m wondering if that’s broken too too wondering if that’s broken too too we got a tip and donation link is in the description it’s like stream labs Facebook’s gaming send $1 just one one person what if that’s broke too but yeah the The View which is broken broken I bet you those the tip tickers broken too launch launch I’ll tip ticker works works oh goal know view count YouTube viewers save settings settings pots I don’t know what’s a good font to to have but maybe if I change the font I could maybe screw around with with it Sable save settings settings baj now it’s still broken it’s still broken I don’t know what’s wrong with it hopefully streamlines figures it out out my God those Twitter retards are in here again by idiot you lose lose all right yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with it pretty lame seems to fix it hopefully they fix it soon soon let’s see everyone’s no no everyone sent me a dollar one person send one dollar I want to see if that’s broken too too why is everyone following me like I’m the Killer there nothing there there goodness goodness all right guys who wants to get in the next match let’s do some private invites if you want to get into the next match but hashtag yes in the chat if you want to get into the next match I’ll do some private invites only just for only the next match match hashtag yes in the chat the next chat I am only doing it for the next chat though then we’re going to go right back to first come first serve but I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people that have not played yet I want to make sure you guys get in so if you haven’t done so already already make sure to put hashtag s so we can figure out who hasn’t played yet I think it’s broken because no one’s son you anything yet yeah the donations might be broken too too I don’t know what’s wrong with it though though alert box test merch hey Jon bought a t-shirt well that works

that’s the Super Chat chat there’s 85 bucks bucks that’s donation all right that’s all working working ah why would the view count what I don’t what does it make sense to me is why stream looks fix the problem it was working just fine and then it just breaks today I don’t get it why is everyone’s around me like waiting for me to do something I’m all my tests are done the body already alright guys that’s enough yeses that’s enough we I see everyone that wants to play it’s enough yeses till on the yeses okay okay no more yeses yeses because Dennis here while I still think it’s white security where don’t think it’s black I was watching a man someone invented in the lower that you still think it’s black well then black and whoo who you want to be Pub in a Channel or here on a nice chat Davis has got black and I got what you want so you know what it can mean it could be it could be all right we gotta we gotta find somebody to rain guys we got to find someone to rain we’re gonna take 2,000 viewers to the smallest streamer out out there certes certs all right let’s see see what does it look like that refresh that it it will make sure to turn over a channel by clicking the Bell next subscribe button yep and that’s right when they that’s that’s so you can literally see on my analytics when PewDiePie stop streaming when corpse husband stuff streaming and then one Valkyrie stop streaming that’s crazy that you can actually see when they ended their shows that’s awesome awesome all right I gotta find someone to read find someone to read who are we gonna raid guys actually I better see if we hit a record yet social blade social blade YouTube YouTube Ace bugs bugs nobody Subs were looking at set set channel see see okay so we are sitting at at 62,000 we’re at 60 two thousand six hundred so I think we went up like to 300 subs today but I gotta fight we gotta find someone to read who would be fun to read all right so we got to go to YouTube gaming of gaming I want to raise someone that will love we can send this many people over not much the streaming I know who were gonna to raid wait yo why does Pokémon have y is Pokemon that top thing Logan Paul Paul starting out with any new project do you even start well randomized and even to ensure even more than one of the packs were weighed too oh my God Logan Logan Paul is opening up Pokemon cards he’s got two hundred and sixty-two thousand people watching Logan Paul get in trouble for having a bunch of

guns in this house that dude is such a creep guarantee that guy has slept with so many underage girls and no one knows about it he’s a weirdo don’t tell me has a head a million underage girls in the house the find someone who made why is everyone standing by me and I go into the reactor that’s your own fault that’s your own fault fault but yeah if you’ve seen some of the girls that Logan Paul has had in this house trust me those girls are 18 18 they’ve definitely had a bunch of underage girls in their house that’s crazy though all right we need to find someone to raid raid let’s do should we should we raid another among a streamer or should we read somebody playing something just random it’s up to you guys should we read somebody playing Among Us or should we read somebody playing something something else so far the top stream is free fire the second biggest game streamed is Among Us Minecraft is third Fortnight and third Pub g/mol cloudy think wow they really know variety on here so what do you guys think should we raid should we read another Among Us streamer a so you going to play rocket League I don’t know I’m this is my end of the night Logan makes me uncomfortable it makes me uncomfortable too dudes like that are gross man yeah they got a lot of success they’ve made a lot of money but those are definitely the type of dudes that prey on little girls for sure well I wouldn’t say little girls but when you see girls it like California and like where they live trust me fifteen-year-old looks like she’s 23 it doesn’t matter what everyone wants to bond us all right so let’s find let’s find a small among a streamer I’m Valkyrie is down to 28k now see who deserves a raid raid we need to find somebody somebody we need to find somebody somebody oh my God all the top live streams for Among Us are fake that’s crazy I want to find somebody that has like five viewers someone that has absolutely no one watching watching them let’s find someone that has like no one wants but they have to have a camera have to have a camera all right I’m looking for someone that made their own thumbnail they have no viewers viewers look at them right here here real I mean yes wolf is in no I didn’t make it – yes one space left hey who do you want a raid yes or no homies hate Jon Arbuckle answer now here we go is perfect streaming still low I know obviously let’s see how is he’s got a camera he’s real cute Nick so deep got to say that he’s got to read the chat if he doesn’t read the chat well tell people about it he’s gotta say it these guys are cheaters they cheat do you want to re don’t know yeah yeah Amy I would love a raid he wants the raid okay here we go he said yes properties properties raid raid would help me out so what’s his name name his name is Hari and I all right guys he’s only got he’s only got 20 people watching I’m gonna put the link in the comments guys I’m gonna put the link in the comments get ready show that a station love let’s make a small streamers dates that he’s a real streamer he read the chat it’s approved raid raid this this streamer the show is done here we go guys show them that a snake should love everyone go to the raid he’s actually playing with viewers to he’s playing with viewers so here

we go guys click the link in the comments I don’t go the link in the chat guys guys hit that rage show them that a station love go to YouTube search that name click the link in the comments if you can’t like to click the link in the comments if you can’t like wow like the Khloe if you can’t click the link in the comments go search them up sense of that a station love he’s playing with viewers get over there guys send that Ace Nation raid here we go let’s make this kid’s day that’s what we’re about baby helping helping smaller streamers let’s go keep raiding guys click the link in the comments guys head over there find the name go Ray grade Ray a sweet Jesus raid Jesus reign back to the rage let’s go let’s get it rated all right guys I’m done I’m out peace peace out guys okay guys what is going on hi a second what is wrong wrong

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