Zain and Sitara, come and have your breakfast. Do finish your lunch today Mother I finish it everyday. It’s Zain who doesn’t finish his lunch Mom, just give me lunch money Why? You’re getting a healthy snack from home then what’s the need of eating unhealthy? All my friends buy their lunch from the canteen Zain! You be quiet! Sahiba Yes? Where’s my breakfast? It’s ready, you got a bit late Oh wow, thank you. Sitara, did you prepare him for his test? Yes, I did Zain, I want a good result. You should get good marks Yes abu Inshallah he’ll get good marks. Oh no This van driver Then you should wake up early then How is the van driver to be blamed? Did you take your lunch box? Khuda hafiz! You also be quick otherwise you’ll miss your buss Listen, I’ll drop her. You warm up my tea or make another cup for me Ami, please give me my clothes quickly, I’m getting late Babar, one minute. I’ll take another pant out, this one is all torn Pant? This was my new pant, how come it’s torn? Show me Take a look Mother, this jean isn’t torn, this is fashion, this jean is todays fashion. And who told you that jeans are supposed to be ironed? My jeans will get ruined. Just press my t-shirt, I’m getting very late. I’m going Such a filthy fashion! Chanda, wake up! It’s 11 o clock. Go have your breakfast quickly, it’s on the table So many clothes, I’m putting them beside the washing machine Have your breakfast quickly and then wash the clothes in the washing machine. Come on! What is your problem mom? I can’t even sleep in my own house! I’m not a maid, I’m not washing any clothes. I don’t like washing clothes I’m so sleepy Don’t talk rubbish. Have your breakfast and start washing the clothes Mr. Hafiz, what we need to do is that the lower floors needed around 300 doors and 600 windows according to the planning so we need to order their door frames meanwhile until this opens we’ll give the order for it later For now we should give the order for their door frames Alright fine but don’t worry about the quality like last time Try to learn how to earn a few extra rupees It’s better to earn some honest money rather than more dishonest money, that has more prosperity Perfect! I’ll look the best You have been preparing since yesterday, you still haven’t decided what you’ll wear at the mehndi? I decided long time ago. Look, I’ll wear this, I’ve matched the jewelry and the shoes also Okay fine Your father is about to reach, I’ve soaked the rice, go and cook them. I’m going to go pray

Oh no mom.. I just got done washing so many clothes. Tell Sitara, she’ll cook them Sitara just got back from her college, she’ll do her assignment What’s the big deal? It’ll only take 15 to 20 minutes That’s it? Only 15 minutes? Then you can also do this very easily after praying. There’s nothing to be tensed about Mom, if I’ll go to the kitchen right now then I’ll get tanned. I’ll do my facial right now, I’ll look more beautiful in the evening. I can’t go inside the kitchen I’ll do my facial right now, I’ll look more beautiful in the evening. I can’t go inside the kitchen You just need an excuse for not working. Do whatever you want I swear I’m not making any excuses. After all I have to look nice in the evening Omer! So Babar, how is your preparation going on? Come here, I’ll show you. The preparation is going great. Take a look at this design, I want this design to be our primary design and you listen to me… Did you iron my clothes? Yes sister, I just brought them Okay. Hang them here somewhere, make sure their ironing doesn’t get ruined Sister, I hanged them and brought them only and I’ve kept them on the sofa so that they don’t get creased Oh no, you kept them on the sofa? Make sure no one sits on the sofa then otherwise they will get creased Who will sit on your clothes? And it’s been half an hour, take these off What are you doing? Let it be I’ve gotten dark circles, I have to look fresh in the evening, pure beauty! You go. Why are you standing here? I am going api Listen, take my shoes out of the cupboard Clean them also, make sure they’re not dirty. I’ll wear them on my dress, they’ll look very nice Sister, I do whatever you ask me to do but it will be better if you’ll tell me whatever that needs to be done all at once No no, there’s no more work. You can relax and start preparing Sure You’re supposed to subtract I don’t like the math teacher Because you don’t understand math Yes so I don’t understand it If you don’t understand it and fail then? Mom, look at what she’s saying What kinds of things are you saying? God forbid Did you have fun? You pass only because mom prays for you Yes so I pray for everyone Who will add to this? Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam Dad, Asalam o alikum Dad, Asalam o alikum Walikum Salam Go freshen up, the children have been waiting since quiet some time Sure, we’ll have lunch. Where’s Chanda? In her room And has Babar not come back? He called, he said he’ll be late I’m scared this boy will definitely do something wrong Get up, serve food. Come on, leave this for now Let him study mom, he doesn’t know anything Hello Shebi! Why? I told you that I’ll message you when I’ll leave from my house What’s wrong with you Shebi? The invitation is of 8 o clock Yes, of course, why not.. do you know what mom has said? Here you go This bitter medicine again. Till when will I have to keep eating it? Until you get better. The doctor has said you have to eat for fifteen days I am absolutely fine. I don’t want to eat it anymore Look at me, your face looks so dull You didn’t sleep properly at night right? I would say you should rest for a while after having lunch Thank you so much but I can’t rest Work has been finished at the site, the finishing is going on. It’s important for me to be there What does it matter if you rest only for a while Mansoor? It matters a lot Tell me, It’s Mr. Tanveer’s daughters mehndi today right? What time do you have to go? We’ll go around 8 to 8.30 I took out two thousand rupees. Put it in an envelope and give it to her Asalam o alikum dad!

Walikum Salam my Chanda princess! My doll! Oh no I forgot! What do you do dad? Oh I am really sorry I forgot, I will give you money you can go and get it with your mother No no no, what would mom know about male perfumes? Male perfume? It’s Malaika’s mehndi today mom so I’ll gift the groom a perfume Why would you give the groom a perfume? Mom, all my friends are giving the groom something If I don’t give him anything then they’ll make fun of me. I’ll do one thing, I won’t go! Hold on, one minute. I’ll go right now and I’ll get it You sure? Yes for sure. Let’s go Mansoor, what are you doing? Here we go, mom will not ruin the whole plan Is this the way you should talk to your mother? Say sorry You’ll bring it right? Yes now say sorry Okay sorry mom Let’s go have lunch now Hero! Yes dad? Will you bring the roti or should I bring it? Dad, you seem quite hungry Mr. Danish I’m talking about you. I’ve eaten Dad, I’m not hungry. You rest, I’ll bring it later Alright Tell me, did you get your salary? I’ll get it in two to three days What do you do Danish? It’s the third today, it’s still going to take two to three more days? To hell with such a job! They make the poor work so hard the whole month and they can’t even give the salary on the first of the month! Dad, I’ll the money in two to three days and you know how hard it is to find a new job these days Mr. Danish don’t think less of yourself You are not an ordinary man. You are a degree holder, what do they say? You have a marketing degree. They’ll hire you instantly! Dad, you’re absolutely right If I don’t get the salary in two, three days then I will do what you’re saying. You don’t worry Okay fine I’ll go and get the roti then, okay? Close the door. And stop using your phone all the time What is it? Why are you calling me again and again? Sitara is also getting ready in the room with me. If she finds out, she’ll tell ami Shebi, what’s wrong with you? I’ll call you as soon as I reach, I promise. Let me get ready now Lower the volume of the television Zain Mom, he’ll lower the volume but I asked you for money I have told your father, he’ll give it day after tomorrow I don’t need them day after tomorrow, I need them urgently and it’s not like I’m asking you for a loan, I am asking for my own money back Please give them back to me You’ll get them only if mom has them You be quiet, don’t talk in between. Mom please I only have the money for the house expenses Take it out from the expenses. That will be great, adjust it from the money dad gives you Okay fine, take it from me in the morning. Let’s go.. one minute, show me your face Yes? So much make up! Go lighten it up No mom, the makeup is absolutely fine. It’s not even dark. I look so pretty No no it doesn’t look nice You look like a monkey I never look nice to you ever anyways Yes, I don’t like you at all Chanda, go lighten up your makeup Mom, I’m not going to lighten up my makeup I’ve done such a nice makeup. You’re always after me for no reason Listen, you should obey mom sometimes You obey her right? That’s enough I also obey her sometimes, things which are meant to be obeyed Then why aren’t you obeying to this? And listen, you know what your problem is? Dad has spoilt you, there’s nothing else other than this Oh so you don’t like that? Obviously. I dislike you so I would obviously dislike that And mom, make her understand, if she’ll talk back then that won’t be good for her No no what? Api, your absolutely right Right? That’s enough now! Stop it Chanda, go and fix yourself Go put a scarf on yourself and call Sitara Alright okay Go Listen, all three of you have dinner when your dad comes. Lower down it’s volume Look at what mom is saying, does anyone lower down the volume when they’re watching a match Brother, get me a burger Have you lost it? You think you deserve a burger? Please, bring one. Only one, we’ll share it What was the need for you to bring me a present?

Why? You buy me so many presents yourself. Can’t I give you one too? If it was in my hands, I would get you each and everything from around the world and put it in your feet Really? Open the present Okay Okay How is it? My favorite cologne! Thank you Alright now tell me, where do you want to go for dinner? Dinner? No, no, no. I don’t have that much time If the event has finished and mother finds out that I’m not around, she will create a scene I’m going to go now. Okay bye! Why do you get so scared? You have your dad. Doesn’t he speak in your favor?

You have your dad. Doesn’t he speak in your favor? Yes, he does talk in my favor. But sometimes, he comes under mothers influence and when that happens, mother also gets an excuse to talk That’s why, I can’t stay any longer. Alright? Okay Mother! Where is Chanda Appi? I myself have been looking for her since so long. Where has she gone? You have been looking for her too? She’s not here. She might be inside with her friends Go find her. We have to go home. It’s getting late Okay. Let me see Yes so what have you decided about your education? There is still time. If you wish, you can start over No, father. It is too late now. It will be very difficult now Alright. So it is decided that you will pursue with the tailoring business? Not a tailor. Designer It is the same thing. You may hold your ear this way or that way What you are saying is right but in this field, whoever works hard gets fame as well as wealth This money is not everything Education blesses a person with pride A person may not have anything good to eat but life is something that is spent well when you have your pride These are all bookish talks Anyway those who don’t eat well, the world kicks them on the ground These days, the ones who have wealth are the only ones who are treated with respect That isn’t called respect, my son. That’s called flattering And you will only find those who flatter, around the wealthy Not the respectable ones Anyway, it is up to you May God bless you with success. Yes, this prince of mine will become an engineer No, no father. Pilot He will become a pilot! To become a pilot, you need to study. You can’t just become a pilot without doing anything Greetings, father Greetings. What happened? What took you so long? Actually, my friend’s driver had to drop me. That’s why it took longer to reach back home Alright, okay. You enjoyed right? A lot! I had a great time. And everyone complimented my look so much telling me how pretty I looked But you never told me what you thought about it? Alright then stand up and show me what you look like Look! Ma Sha Allah, Ma Sha Allah! May god give you a healthy life. You look very beautiful Do you know there was so much to eat over there that I couldn’t make up my mind on what to eat. I had a wholesome meal! This is decided. It is not possible that my daughter does not enjoy the food, am I right? Now go, get changed and rest. Go. You also have your school tomorrow, go, it’s very late Hold on one minute, Sebi. Did you get the chance to meet Mujeed and his waiter? Why? Did a fight take place? As if! What is his value that he’d fight with me? He is turning poor people against me, this father and his son Saying that I did not fulfill my promises What do you think? Just because he said something, do you think these people are going to stand in front of us and ask us for answers? They don’t even have the guts to look straight into your eyes and talk to you You are stressing over this for nothing. I have been trying to explain this to you since so long My son, if they gather the courage to talk in front of me, I will have to teach them a lesson, no? So why are you worrying about this? You are not of their caliber and you don’t need to communicate with them I am here, right? I’ll look into it, I will handle it My youngster! My son, my prince! Do one thing. Keep all of this. And also donate it to someone. Go! Bye! Enjoy life! See, after all whose son is he! I just hope no evil eye be on him You are also wearing a very nice color today. Do I look alright? Yes Yes Mother was getting very worried when you weren’t there

What do you mean by when I wasn’t there? I was there only. Mother has a habit of getting worried Whose call was it? What is it to you? Why do you care whoever’s was it It’s ringing again You, stop acting like my mother. Understand? You don’t take our mother as a mother even. What am I to you Oh, yes! You have told me a very nice thing. And you are a very obedient daughter to your mother, right? Alright now, go to sleep You have to wake up in the morning, make breakfast, and do the chores as well. Right? Go, go to sleep. Goodnight. Go to sleep Yes. Now speak You have no idea, Shahab The way I met you today, anything could have happened. I was really scared What is there to be scared about? I’m here with you You are there. That’s the only reason why I’m so strong But you know what? Mother was very angry today. I’m just scared she might say something absurd to father Something absurd? What do you mean by that? I have a feeling that mother has a suspicion on me Alright then make her believe the fact that we love each other If not today then tomorrow, everyone is going to find out. Why not today, then? Chanda! Hello? Who are you talking to, standing here, so late at night? Umm.. Shamsa called, mother This late at night? Yes. She couldn’t attend the ceremony today. So she called to ask who all was there, what all we had done. I was telling her that only Hmm. Where did you disappear to while we were there? Me? Where would I disappear? I was there only We looked for you inside the entire house. Sitara and I kept looking for you We couldn’t find you anywhere No, no. Actually, I went to Nida’s room You weren’t there inside Nida’s room either. Sitara went and checked. You weren’t there! Sitara was telling a lie. I don’t know what rivalry she has with me Alright. Don’t talk rubbish. Where did you go? Tell me Tell me! Where did you go? Mother, are you doubting me? Where would I go? I was there only. You should… Let me wake father up Wait a minute. There is no need for you to wake your father up at this hour You will wake your father up at this hour and distraught him. Go and sleep I will sleep Come on Oh God! Keep my daughter under your safety. I hope she doesn’t walk on any wrong path You did not do the right thing getting a phone for Chanda Why not? All the youngsters these days carry a phone with them in their hands If I hadn’t gotten it for her, she would’ve fallen into an inferior complex You’re not trying to understand what I’m saying I understand, I understand. She is always on the phone, she keeps talking to her friends She has started dressing up a little And you, you want her to be responsible in the house chores. What else? Mansoor, after a certain age, we have to show some strictness to our children. It is necessary Look, I cannot be strict with Chanda And if someone else does the same, I do not like it You do know that she is my favorite She came into this world three years after our marriage And after she was born, our life had transformed for the better Remember how this one time when she fell sick, we took her and rushed to the hospital? She got so many injections, so many drips Even then, The Almighty wanted her to survive. And what’s left now? She has grown up She’ll go to her own house once she gets married

I hope that prosperous day comes soon You are worried for her for no reason Oh yeah! Muraad called I have to stop by him on my way to work. I wonder what is it that he needs to talk about Pass me my bag. Allah Hu Akbar! Actually, bhai sahib… Danish has started a new job We have no idea about when he gets paid For last month’s expenditure, I took a loan of five thousand from someone else And that person keeps banging my door to ask for his money back. It is very embarrassing for me You should have told me this before, when I was leaving my house. Right now I Bhai sahib, if you could manage anything Neither do you look at the time nor Wajid Sahib has constantly been calling me, I have to go and meet him as well. You go home. Ask your sister in law for it. I’ll tell her. Go, take it from her Bhai sahib, your bag Yes, yes. I’m coming. Alright He will never give it on his own. Every time, I’m told to go and beg that woman for it And she sits on top of the treasure like a snake. I wonder when I will get rid of her Will you always be stuck to your phone? Your eyes will get weak Go and do the chores. Go to the kitchen and cook today Aunt Zohra is coming over. She has found a proposal for you. It’s a nice motherly They will be coming over in a day or two Hold on, one minute. Who has said to you that I will get married? That also, to a guy that she has found for me? Never ever What do you mean? Am I supposed to look for a proposal for you when someone tells me to? I am your mother. Should I not be worried for you? My beautiful mother! You call her right here and right now and refuse I don’t want to get married And yes. If I do get married, I will get married to the guy of my own choice What? What are you saying? Come here Asalam o alikum, uncle! Walikum Salam, live long, uncle’s darling. What happened? Look! Look at what mother’s saying What happened, sister in law? Why are you scolding my daughter? She’s saying she won’t get married Oh, alright Uncle, I will make you the best tea Along with some hot and fresh savories. Please, make mother understand. Please Are you sure? Thank you, Sister in law, seems as if a proposal has come Proposal will come only if I talk to someone. And that can only happen only when she agrees Oh sister in law! What’s wrong? She’s a child right now. We have a lot of time Daughter’s as soon as they grow up should be married and sent off to their own homes with respect. That’s what’s best, Muraad You are absolutely right But these two daughters of yours are the stars of our household Let them live their lives on their own terms for a few days After that, they have to get married anyway Muraad, neither you will understand nor your elder brother Alright Sister in law, elder brother has told me to take five thousand rupees from you If you want, you may call and ask him No, no. If you are saying it, you must be telling the truth Alright, so.. Sister in law, please give them to me The person that I have to return them to must be waiting for me Alright, I’ll bring them It kills this woman to give me my brothers earned money Yay, I won! Win this time and then I will believe you Mother, you are praying that I win, right? I’m not going to make a prayer for this silly game Did you see? Even mother won’t pray for this Father is here. Asalam alikum father Walikum Salam What is this that you have brought? A burger? Yes. I know that you guys love it. That’s why I bought it for you Give it to me. Let me dish it out Go, go. Bring it What was the need for this? There was food at home Sometimes, it looks nice. They are kids. They get happy

Alright, listen. Wajid Sahaab has gotten two new big contracts This is a very happy news And here you go. This, have brought for you I love corsages so much, father Girls don’t wear corsages So what did you get for me then? For you, I have brought this Greetings, uncle Oh look. Mr. Danish is here Greetings Aunt, greetings Chanda. How are you? I’m fine Chanda You tell me how is your work going? All well with God’s grace and your blessings Come, sit. Come here Asalam o alikum! You’re here, Muraad king. Now we can bet So, is the bet ready? How much do you guys have in your pockets? Uncle’s pocket has nothing in it, as usual Who all is winning? Listen, Muraad is here. Now only Muraad is going to win Bring it on. And the first bet will be of 500! You asked me to make tea for you and you’re standing here. Here, take this It’s very hot, be careful Listen Yes? Actually, I am Make it fast. I have to go back to the kitchen, there’s plenty of dishes I have to fix my room as well. There’s a lot of work I was saying What? Say it already. Quickly. I have a lot of work pending Actually, I wanted to get a present for you A present? What’s the occasion? I got my first paycheck. So I thought, why not get you a present from it? Oh! So… I want a college bag, a football for Zain, some make up stuff for sister Sssh! I’m only asking you about what you want? I’ll get you a bag. But apart from that? What else? And I want a lot of chocolates, I want ice cream as well and tomorrow, I want a treat with Zain No, no. Tomorrow isn’t possible at all. Nothing can happen tomorrow Here, I’m going crazy in your love and you keep saying not yet, not yet? I’m getting furious now! Really? You have never been angry in front of me before I’m telling you, tomorrow is impossible for me. Let’s pick a day for next week Next week? Alright. But I have a condition You will have lunch with me, we’ll hang out in the evening and we will go watch a movie at night, too We will do as you wish. And listen, Shahab If I don’t get you, I will die God forbid! I will talk to my parents for your proposal. I will send them to your house Are you sure? I love you more than anyone else. Have all the apples. Should I cut more of them? Zain! Go and rest in your room Listen! Take these. And have all of the apples Would you like some? Who were you speaking to on the phone last night? Me? no one? Who is Shahab?

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