for the last six years if you were looking to buy the least expensive new Lexus here in America a lot of dealers would have happily pointed you over to the CT 200h it was essentially the previous generation Prius wrapped in a different body style to kind of give it more of a hot-hatch look now sales were tepid at best celexa discontinued the CT back in 2017 which left a pretty big void in the Lexus showroom for entry-level buyers looking to spend a lot less money which is why I’m standing by that vehicles replacement this is the all-new 2019 Lexus UX 250 H it’s based off of the same platform that underpins the Corolla hatchback and the Toyota CHR but instead it comes standard with all-wheel-drive it’s got a hybrid powertrain with about 12 more horsepower versus the non hybrid version so the big question I want to answer in the ever competitive small luxury CUV segment does the new UX 250 H have a chance that’s what we’re here to find out so earlier this year when I tested the UX 200 I’ll be honest I was pretty disappointed with that car I found it to be very underpowered a little bit too noisy especially with a car that wears the L badge at the front in that grill now Lexus promised me that the hybrid version would be the one to get because it’s quicker it gets better gas mileage and it’s a lot quieter versus the gas only version now so of course starting with underneath the hood this is where this particular one’s gonna differ in it shows that it’s kind of a spiritual successor to the old CT 200 now gone was the old Prius powertrain that was in that CT 200 it’s been replaced by a new powertrain it’s a 2-liter atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine that makes 143 horsepower on its own and 133 pound-feet of torque now that’s actually less power than what you got in the 2-liter that’s in the UX 200 however because it has two electric motors one for the front and then one that drives the rear axle you get a combined output of 181 horsepower which is 12 more than what you get in the UX 200 still pretty paltry numbers considering you when you look at the class I mean you have the Mercedes GLA which has a 2 liter turbo engine the upcoming Audi q3 and then of course the BMW x1 all have more power than this now because this is a hybrid that’s not turbocharged it gets excellent gas mods in fact I would say this is probably the most fuel-efficient of the luxury small SUVs Lexus says this is rated at 41 in the city 38 on the highway that is about 2 mpg less than what you got in the old CT however with standard all-wheel drive this thing does weigh a lot more than the old UX or CT and the UX 200 which this one at 3,600 pounds weighs about 300 pounds more than that gas moan now it all goes out through a different CVT versus the UX 200 this is a more of their hybrid CVT it doesn’t actually have that physical first gear Lexus doesn’t rate this thing to tow or anything like that it’s not supposed to really go off-road but they did say 0 to 60 times should be around the 8 and a half second mark which will go into the test drive later on and we’ll see how this thing actually drives now shutting the hood and looking at the rest of the styling you can see this is a particularly attractive looking SUV when you look at it from certain angles it’s definitely gonna stand out you have the big gaping Lexus spindle go at the front you have stand your LED headlights across every trim level of this vehicle you have an LED low and high beam and then you have LED fog lights down here just incandescent turn signal which kind of surprised me but overall this one with the export package does give it a slightly unique mesh finish grill with the intricate l’s that makes a little bit more aggressive you have that dark chrome trim here and there I mean overall this looks more like a hatchback as opposed to SUV because it’s not that much taller than something like the new Corolla hatchback from this angle you can really see what I mean when I said this is more like a hatchback as opposed to an SUV it’s basically following the same trend of adding some cladding and making hatchbacks look a little bit taller to make this thing look like a crossover it’s not really a crossover because at only fifty nine point eight inches in height it’s only about two inches taller than a Corolla hatchback it really just gives it a stance of a regular hatchback instead of a crossover now it’s will base at 103 point 8 inches long is about an inch longer than the old CT about the same length as the new ch R its overall length one hundred and seventy seven inches long is about six inches longer than the CHR so this is the same size as the UX 200 that I tested earlier this year but again this is still very small even by modern day standards now you can see this f sport model has these very attractive set of 18 inch wheels finished in this graphite finish they’re wrapped in 225 with tires these are all season tires and honestly looking at the rest of the side profile here there are some attractive angles and there are some angles of the car where I kind of think hey I could really do without the cheap looking plastic cladding I really wish the windows back here were tinted they’re not tinted because I feel like the EPA classifies this more as a hatchback as opposed to an actual crossover and you can see this one here does have a sunroof if you’re looking for a big panoramic sunroof it’s just not available on the UX from the rear of the vehicle it has a much more distinctive look over the front fascia I especially like the taillights that are connected here at the center which forming one continuous long LED strip you have LED turn signals you have an LED reverse light and then you have more

that black black plastic cladding here at the lower fascia with some nicely integrated parking sensors no visible exhaust tips I wasn’t really expecting that especially since this is supposed to be a hybrid vehicle now powered tailgate is actually optional you have to add in a special luxury package to get that now this is where the UX is really gonna fall short for me in terms of the cargo flexibility the hybrid battery packs are underneath the floor here so they do take up some space versus the gas only model which only had a paltry 22 cubic feet of space this one’s even less at 17 cubic feet of space now you can fold down those seats but I couldn’t find any actual numbers from Lexus what you get when the seats are folded this is actually more space than the old CT 200h by about three cubic feet so they did improve it there but honestly this is very small even by this class of vehicle now underneath here you can see there is some storage underneath hair there’s no actual spare tire but overall you’re gonna probably want to look at the competition if you actually want an SUV with more cargo space so it’s kind of the same story here for the back seat of the UX 250 H it only has about 33 inches of legroom back here and just like the CHR the opening is kind of small this door doesn’t open anymore or larger than this right here which can make you know getting a car seat into this a little bit challenging or if you have tall they’re friends now I’ll get back here just to show you guys what I mean I’m only five foot seven I’m short but for me the space is actually not bad I did have to duck my head slightly here I have a decent amount of food space underneath the front seats but as you can see here this is what the seat for me to drive it really doesn’t provide that much space now thankfully this is a Lexus even though there’s a this is their entry-level product you do have two USB ports you have a rear seat air vents back here which surprised me but unfortunately the materials here on the door panel they are hard touch plastic so in case you guys haven’t figured out what a s C stands for it actually stands for active sound control like so many other new cars today the UX 250 H will create fake engine sounds or it’ll amplify the engine noises and most of the times those systems sound pretty good and they sound genuine I mean most of the times manufacturers to tell me it’s a fake engine noise which we’ll go to that later on in the driving portion now first of all I’m going down this usual stretch of road which is pretty crappy and even though this has the F Sport Package does 18-inch wheels this thing rides like I expect a Lexus would ride it’s very soft and cushy ride quality it’s really quiet in here the cars cruising along and electric only you know mode right now which is definitely nice it just makes this thing feel a lot more you know upscale than the last CHR I drove and it automatically feels better than the last UX 200 that I drove just because I just didn’t like how that car had the same powertrain out of a Corolla hatchback it just doesn’t make sense in a vehicle that has a lexus badge but you know going down the road here the visibility also is good out of the front the car is small but the view out of the back is obscured so it kind of makes this thing this small size and this thing a little bit negated because you can’t really see out of the back now I don’t know if you guys can hear that but there is literally a fake like Formula One v6 that’s screaming in the background and you hear it coming from that front speaker let me put my foot down here and I’ll let you guys see if you can actually hear it if you heard that there’s literally two forms of noise in this car the 2-liter gas engine that’s screaming with the CVT which the car tries to mute in the background but then when you have it in sport mode here the response is slow but you literally hear the fake v6 with its fake shifts coming from that front speaker it’s horrible I just I don’t get it like this is probably the worst of the worst in terms of fake engine noises that I’ve ever heard in a modern production car like it’s weird because you know this car has specially has attack when you put into a sport mode and you see the tach needle bouncing around but then you hear that fake engine and it doesn’t it tries to match the where the tach is but it’s you can clearly tell that it’s augmented it’s like they recorded the v6 out of a Toyota Cameron just decided to put it in here which is fine but really put a v6 in this car don’t give me this fake engine sound with this 2-liter which I just I couldn’t get over now you can turn that off by going into the normal mode here and the noise goes away it’s still kind of in the background then you have to push this button over here on the dash which completely turns it off and I can go back into the sport mode here and that’ll turn off the fake engine noise so I can talk about the acceleration this thing because it does have 12 more horsepower than the regular model now the one thing about Toyota or Lexus hybrids they are dare I say they’re starting to feel a little bit more like old tech because you know it still uses a nickel metal hydride battery it still drives mostly off of the gas engine especially when you need maximum power

and they’re just kind of laggy off the line now granted this does feel quicker than the gas only model 0-60 time should be around the 8 and 1/2 second range this is a lot faster than the old CT 200 which took around 10 and a half seconds to get to 60 because that was just a dog but overall I’m just not quite satisfied enough I mean sure it’s got this thing has a really good mpg it’s not gonna get you into trouble in terms of speed but I just think with a car with a luxury brand people expect to 0 to 60 and like the six and a half second or sick below six second mark nowadays and you can get that from a lot of the competitors for this car so I would like to see Lexus you know just stuff the NX is 2 liter turbo in this thing and call it a day offer a performance version something like that I mean overall the hybrid model does Drive a little bit more pleasantly than the gas only model because it’s just less buzzy so I appreciate that now the steering in this car also is relatively quick but it’s just really light and numb this car it definitely has been tuned for softness I mean even with the up Sport badges all over this car it doesn’t feel like I’m driving like a hot hatch or like a sporty car it just feels like a comfortable car that’s trying a little too hard to be sporty the seats do hug you in place really nicely it’s got a really quiet interior when you turn off that silly active sound control it’s just very very quiet very hushed in here very little road and wind noise I mean the only atmosphere in this car is good I feel like I’m driving a luxury car until I put my foot down where it feels a little bit too slow now thankfully because this car is so sluggish it does get good gas mileage in my weeks where they’re testing I géza ly average 38 miles to the gallon which is phenomenal for something like this and the all-wheel drive system is appreciated but keep in mind that the Lexus all-wheel drive system in this car the rear drive the rear wheels are driven entirely by the electric motor and they will stop working after 45 miles an hour so only at lower speeds well this vehicle actually be all wheel drive and higher speeds it’ll actually only just be a front-wheel drive model because the gas engine is only powering the front wheels turn the actors come sound control back on fake engine noise it is hilarious with that fake engine noise God why did you do this Lexus it sounds terrible now the CVT does offer a manual mode which offers six different virtual ratios again even it tries to mimic the sounds when I went down shift here it matches the paddles when I flicked the paddle at the fake engine sound creates a shift even though the tack isn’t actually moving so very very strange but hey you have to give Lexus props for trying to be different I just don’t know if the UX is different in a good way so even though I don’t particularly love this segment of vehicle which launched really only a couple of years ago my all-time favorite that I’ve driven so far is definitely the Volvo XC 40 and I’m sad to say for Lexus I do not like this car more than I liked the Volvo now of course there are a couple of strengths the Lexus will give you it gets better gas mileage it has a much better reputation for reliability and quality it technically is less expensive and if you guys like the lines you like the interior more if you’re just a Lexus fan there are obviously reasons to choose this car not one thing I like about the hybrid version it’s significantly improved over the old ct200h because you guys saw it’s got significantly more power still slow but not gutless ly slow like the Lexus ct200h was I like the fact that all-wheel drive is standard but really I hate how Lexus calls this an SUV if it was if I think of this car more as a hatch with some stupid plastic cladding I like it a lot more versus calling this thing an SUV because in my eyes it’s not an SUV it doesn’t sit up high enough it really doesn’t have enough space in the backseat it really doesn’t have no space in the cargo area and really you could get a much more practical vehicle like a Mazda cx-5 or Honda CRV or Toyota’s owned rav4 for less money or the same money and you just have a vehicle that is just much better to use in the everyday real world now with all that said it’s time to give the Lexus UX 250 H a rating on our new rpm scale and of course starting with the R and Red Line for real-world usage I’m gonna have to give this car a 6 out of 10 points because even though it is technically supposed to be an SUV this is I think of this car Mora is a small hatch so I’m gonna come in a docket for points because the backseat is very small the trunk is very small and the interior just feels cramped over I’m moving over to the AI and efficiency in red line I’m gonna have to give this car an 8 out of 10 points because hey it gets almost 30 or almost 40 miles to the gallon in my weeks where they’re testing I easily got 38 miles to the gallon so easily I’ll give this an 8 out of 10 points now moving on to the D and red line for desirability I’m gonna have to give this car a 3 out of 10 points and really I gave it a low score because I just don’t particularly think this car feels desirable now of course desirability is all going to be my own opinion some of you may think this car is a lot nicer than I think it is but really I think that you could get a car like the Toyota rav4 adventure and it

has a much higher desirability factor for me even though that car is missing the Lexus badge now moving on to a category that you all are probably excited to see me talk about longevity and this is a Lexus it’s a Toyota product so I’m gonna easily give this an 8 out of 10 points for longevity because it’s got basically a Toyota powertrain it has a very solidly filt built quality and with Lexus and their reputation you have to kind of factor that in so we’re gonna give it an 8 out of 10 points for longevity now moving on to the eye in redline for innovation now I have to say this car seems kind of innovative on paper however with its strange noises from the engine which are fake and the fact that this car you know for a luxury brand I still want it to be I want it to be faster I wanted it to feel a little bit more special so for in terms of the innovation rating I’m gonna have to give this car a 5 out of 10 points simply because I think that some of the competitors feel a little bit more special they feel a little bit more unique versus the UX 250 H so moving on to the N in red line for a Need for Speed I’m gonna have to give this car a three out of ten points simply because zero to 60 in 8.6 seconds that’s really what I expect a compact car to do like a Toyota Corolla in a car that’s a Lexus that has a near forty thousand dollar price tag I expected this thing to be easier to 60 around the six and a half second mark so again I’m gonna have to dock at points in the Need for Speed category and I really just don’t like the fake engine noises thankfully you can at least turn that off now last but not least the last e in redline for expense and for expense this is a category that I kind of struggled with with choosing the right number I’m gonna have to give this car a 5 out of 10 points typically because it is still pretty inexpensive to own one of these you’re gonna be sickly started out around 32,000 the hybrids gonna cost you $2,000 more the F Sport package on this one cost you $2,000 more this one here with the F Sport package with the luxury package with a couple of upgrades on the interior stickers for around $42,000 42 370 which isn’t really all that expensive however when you look at what you’re getting this is a small hatchback that’s not very quick that doesn’t have very much space in the trunk capacity or the rear seat and really you could get a mainstream non luxury brand and just get a much better vehicle to live with on a daily basis you really are just paying for a badge at this point and you’re paying for a car that is a little bit smaller but again if you like that if you want that it does make the UX a little bit more desirable and it just makes a little bit more sense but for most people I fear that they’re just gonna end up choosing a rav4 because it’s just a better vehicle to live with on a daily basis but with all that said once you add up the entire score you get a grand total of 38 out of 70 points which when you look at my table here of all of the scores that I’ve gotten so far since I just started the red light rating score this is right now the lowest rated vehicle but of course once I add more vehicles to that list it’s going to expand and I’m going to also start categorizing these vehicles by class so when I get another Volvo XC 42 review I’ll definitely add it to the scale there and then I’ll kind of adjust it and you’ll show where this car falls on the actual table when you add up all the numbers but I hope you guys have enjoyed my full overview on this 2019 Lexus UX 250 H overall it’s a huge improvement over the over the old CT 200h I just not I just don’t know if it’s much better than what you can get from a lot of the European offerings specifically the new Volvo XC 40 and then of course there’s the upcoming howdy q3 but with all that said I hope you guys have enjoyed watching if you’re also looking to see latest cars I’m testing be sure to follow me on instagram at red line underscore reviews like us on facebook and as always guys please keep subscribing to the red line reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you all in the next video

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