installing sterling ensemble advantage or intrigued showers proper planning is key to achieving a successful installation all the components packed with your product should be used refer to the installation instructions for product specific information throughout the installation process ensure that plumb stud framing is present at the back and front corners double studs are necessary at the front corners if a shower door will be installed verify that the subfloor is level and meets load-bearing requirements plan for future grab bar needs now if you intend to install grab bars in the future be sure to order walls with pre-installed backer boards do not remove the foam strips attached to the back side of the wall sets you will need the following tools and materials for this installation common tools to include are a pencil tape measure square level utility knife and tack hammer you will also need an assortment of screwdrivers our tools to include our a drill with bits and a hole saw protective materials to include our drop cloth if a liner is not included and safety glasses other materials include 100% silicone sealant a caulk gun and galvanized or plated truss head screws ruff in the plumbing and drain outlet provide an access panel to all plumbing connections to simplify future maintenance refer to the installation instructions for specific roughing in information if an ad a compliant installation is required refer to ad a requirements for bath and shower control locations for bath or whirlpool installations we recommend you install a threaded spout pipe after the wall is installed for best results we recommend that you install the bath or receptor in a bed of mortar cement this will not only provide solid support but will also eliminate the potential for movement and noise when in use otherwise use the felt pad if provided for whirlpool installations make sure the power has been disconnected install a GFCI protected 120 volt 15 amp grounded outlet install this outlet behind the whirlpool and within 24 inches of the Whirlpool pump secure the felt pad to the subfloor if one is provided Center the basin and cut an X in the felt pad at the drain outlet location install the drain to the receptor refer to the drain manufacturer’s instructions move the receptor into position make sure the receptor is level if the receptor is not level shim between the receptor and sub floor install plastic attachment clips at each stud location at the center of the stud slide the plastic clip between the flange of the receptor and the stud secure each clip to a stud with a galvanized or plated screw if the gap between the clip and stud exceeds 1/8 inch shim before securing repeat this procedure for the remaining plastic clips secure the drain fitting to the drain pipe refer to the drain manufacturer’s instructions install the back wall engage the tabs on the back wall with the slots in the unit mark hole locations for the faucet components on the end wall remove the end wall determine hole size is required for faucet components make sure the escutcheon flange or cover plate will be large enough to cover the drilled holes always follow the instructions included with your valve and fittings holes for the components apply an l-shaped bead of 100% silicone sealant at the front edges of the unit the bead of silicone sealant must be a minimum of one quarter inch wide and 1 by 4 inches long reference the orange labels attached to the end wall panels for more details position the end walls with the pins engaged in the wall interlock slots on the back wall verify that the end walls are flush against the edge of the bath make sure the gap between each wall and the top edge of the unit is less than 1/32 inch or the thickness of a credit card starting from the bottom of the end walls and working up secure the end walls to the studs about every 12 inches

do not over tighten the screws verify that the walls are plumb before securing to the studs add shims between the wall flange and studs prior to securing with fasteners install the finished wall material leaving a 1/8 inch gap between the edge of the wall surround and the finished wall material when sealed this gap will reduce the possibility of water seeping into the wall material make sure the backside water channel is free of insulation and construction debris after installation cover seal or remove any loose material failure to do so may cause wicking of water from the water channel into the material this can result in mold and mildew growth or leaking seal the seams between the shower and the finished wall material with 100% silicone sealant allow the silicone sealant to cure according to the sealant manufacturer’s instructions complete the faucet trim and shower door installation check for leaks refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for each of these components visit the sterling website for detailed care cleaning and warranty information to order care and cleaning information call one eight hundred seven eight three seven five four six

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