don’t know what’s behind there little controlled demos good heroes on this side the base is still connected to the drain pipe so in order to get it out we’ve got to cut this pipe now dimension wise it is 48 inches wide which is perfect because that’s exactly what we have for our opening right here now our old shower base is 34 inches now this one is 34 look at this it actually has an apron where it goes out to about 36 so what we’re going to have to do is to mark this floor and break away this tile and substrate to get the new base down onto the subfloor okay look at this here though look at ya just as my guest this pipe actually stands proud of the studs so now it means that we can’t get this all the way back the base but also means we won’t be able to get the cement board to span between stud to stud all right so we’re going to have to just pad those studs up just a bit we’ve got half-inch plywood cut to the width of the studs and we just screw them in place okay so I’m going to trace the front edge of this apron to see how much of this tile and substrate we have to take out well I’m also here I want to mark the drain now the old one used to be right about here now I can mark the center of that pipe right there and make it easy to cut the hole okay now it’s time to install the strainer this is the pot you will see from inside the shower has a screen that goes in last this is all chrome plated now it comes in a couple of pieces now it has a gasket right here and that’s going to sit on the finish side of the shower that makes a watertight seal and that sticks right through here and then there’s a gasket right there and enough we just want to tighten it up really well and this is really the most important step is to make sure this base is level now front to back if it was pitched to the front water might run and drop down into the floor it was pitched to the back like this water could pool at the back of the base so we’re good front to back but when I saw looking around from side to side no matter where I check it looks like I’m down a little bit on this right hand side same here and same here so what I want to do is I want to install a shim now at the base of this shower base there is a spacer right here I’ve transferred this location of where the spacer is on the base of the shower base and I put it right here now with a shim I can establish just how much of a shingle thickness or shim I need and that bubble is perfect so I secure that and now we can put the base into place okay let’s see how we did oh that is lovely now it’s time to secure the base to the studs I do that by drilling some pilot holes what I’ll do is a secure it with some rust resistant screws and now I’ve dried fit a new trap with new fittings and now all we have to do is clean it and glue it and then make our final connection right up top to make the final connection between our PVC drain pipe from downstairs and this strainer I use this black compression gasket now I lubricate a little bit of hand soap to make it easier to pull it together Michael can you push up on that drainpipe yep good keep coming keep coming okay all that now I’m going to push down against you it’s got come now let it come I’m going to drive it down

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