It’s one of the safest cities in the country Thanks in large part to the impeccable work of the special dolphin squad on motorcycles They patrol the streets and beaches 24/7 and their bikes go up to 100 km/h per second None of these guys are afraid for their lives They don’t refuse to work overtime Since they don’t have anybody to go home to None of the police officers are married In order to become the life partner of a dolphin, the girl must be approved not only by mom, dad and friends, but also by a special admissions committee You are very welcome to Antalya This is The Life of Others New York London Venice Amsterdam Tokyo Singapore Zheneva Rio de Janeiro Havana Paris The Life of Others Zhanna Badoeva I think everyone knows Antalya as one of the most famous resorts in the world But the fact that famous Turkish TV series are filmed here and unique surgeries are performed is not well known So today I’m going to show you another Antalya through the eyes of the locals If I were born in Antalya, I could enter medical university, and become a unique doctor just like Omer Ozkan I would do face transplants and invent techniques that millions of doctors in different parts of the world would eager to learn Otherwise, I’d be a teacher just like Yasemin Ademkhan I’d work in a public school, and it would entitle me and my husband to visit virtually every country in the world without visas And when retired just as Uur and Hensa Tekche I’d move far, far away in the middle of nowhere I would have been absolutely independent of the outside world I would eat food exclusively grown with my own hands and drink Turkish coffee from an Ottoman Empire tray But if I were born in Turkey, the very family doesn’t matter I’d run home every night so I wouldn’t miss another episode one of my favorite television series Yasemin Ademkhan, teacher Right you are, everyone’s watching Turkish TV series And there are no exceptions And it’s not true if they say they don’t They are just too shy to confess When visiting a film studio in Brazil, I asked them about their top-competitors in film production Everyone told me it was the Turks It is what it is They make up to 200 TV series per year in Turkey Producers determine their own style as closer to Indian Bollywood than American Hollywood We have more drama, emotions, and incredible stories Dahan Baran, casting agency director Even in the local acting school, they take the Indian approach as a model The locals are guided by Bollywood stars The demand is so crazy that acting schools here are shooting up like mushrooms Although literally everyone, absolutely everyone, can be on the most famous show The main thing is match the requirements Absolutely different people are needed, of different ages, different physical types and all different colors There will be no clear selection criteria Your talent, allure, type and happy coincidence matters Mehmet Kefli, actor Usually, I’m starring in two TV dramas and earning around $1020 per month 20% of my income goes to the agency By the way, I recently read in a specialized publication that according to statistics, the profession of an actor in Turkey is considered to be the most difficult The first palace we shared with miners Maybe cause the local actors work just as much as miners do and that is the reason why Turkish TV series

are that popular and successful But I still doubt that their occupation is that difficult and dangerous as Süleyman’s He works as a scuba diver at the Antalya Oceanarium Check it out I’ve just noticed you feeding the fish I’ve been watching it, it’s really impressive Did fish spoil it? Right! Really? Which one? Suleiman Seleli, scuba diver That was a shark, Zhanna It hurt me while I was feeding them Were you ever injured more seriously by a shark? Or maybe your friend? Thanks God, we’ve never been seriously injured But feeding such fish really hurts That is the reason why we wear special metal gloves to protect our hands and fingers Shark teeth just can’t bite them Can you imagine, you bring them food so there’s no need for them to get anywhere and hunt, and it can bite you anyway! Chalar Altynpinar, director of the oceanarium We’re trying to maintain the optimum environment for the fish here So, same as in the wild nature, some conflicts can occur We try not to get in the way But if there’s a threat to one of the fish, we can intervene I’ve noticed you feeding it with some small fish, right? Or is there any other option? It was today’s menu The choice of fish differs from day to day They also eat squid, octopus, and other seafood We diversify the diet so that the sharks don’t get bored Are you kidding? I would never get offended, if my mum feeds me with the caviar daily I would let her feed me day by day Just look at them! Every day we bring fresh provision for the fish And it’s not just the Mediterranean fish, but some special deliveries from South America and from all over the world When you came down under the water, all the fish literally jumped on you There were hundreds of them there How can you get which one is hungry, and which one isn’t? They are all the same They aren’t, Zhanna Each of them is unique I know each of them, their habits, and preferences And every time I’m looking into their eyes, I can easily get who’s really hungry, and who’s looking for some fun And want to grab a piece To work here, one doesn’t just need to be a certified scuba diver You need to complete special courses to understand how to feed a certain kind of fish Some species of fish eat food directly from hands with metal gloves on And it’s forbidden to get too close to others They serve food on a stick for them Each scuba diver dives three times That’s the sharks’ menu schedule This oceanarium employs 350 workers And 20 only deal with the fish These are scuba divers like Suleiman and veterinarians who look after the health of 10,000 fish Do you like to eat fish? I love it, Zhanna! I can eat it every day I see, so they’d better be aware that you like to taste fish And it’s better not to do what the shark did today I think It made a mistake Every year around 800,000 visitors attend this place Each of them buys a $35 ticket Some even get a chance to feed the fish by themselves But the smallest ones only What a big one! Here you go! Look! It bit a piece of the pacifier Oh my! I’ve never seen that before Look how they spread their mouth They do it just like my dog does That’s it, my dear! Was it enough? Well, it’s dangerous to feed even those small ones But I wasn’t afraid to! In case of emergency, local medicine will save anyone

What do people usually leave behind? Well, what they can that they leave It can be either a house, or a flat, or some manuscript? Or the piano, maybe? And in Turkey, it is customary to leave their internal organs as a legacy Özlenen Ozkan, Rector of the University My husband and I have bequeathed our organs to the university and the hospital We are also volunteers and provide consultations to those who are thinking about such an opportunity Alpaslan Guney, hotel manager I used to serve in the army And they asked if we were ready to leave our organs in case of death I said that I was more than willing to Mustafa Isheri, Hotel Animation Director Each of us has a separate mark in our Turkish driving license whether the person is willing to donate his organs or not And I have noted that I am Turkey is one of those countries where transplant operations are performed Omer Ozkan, surgeon Medical education is very good here First, you study general medicine for 6 years Then you study your specialty for another 7 years And that’s incredibly difficult For some reason, everyone thinks that plastic surgery is solely for beauty of models and actresses But I also deal with complications that keep people from living The largest number of transplant operations is performed here Only a few hospitals in the world can do what they perform here in Antalya For example, breast reconstruction after cancer is considered to be one of the easiest surgeries here Larynx, hand and face transplants have become almost a unique experience in the world Tell me more about face transplants, please? Or is it just surgery? It’s a face transplant, literally So in simple words, a person who has been injured by burns or injured his eyes, mouth, cannot eat and is badly sick, gets a new face from another person who recently died The face is cut and carried over Oh my! How many of those have you already performed? Personally, I made five face transplants This is the top in the world The doctor also performed four transplants of two pairs of hands The first hand transplant lasted two and a half days The doctor worked without a break for sleep or lunch I lost my arms in an accident at work Yusuf Oguz Shimsek, patient I had to live two years without both hands But once I’ve seen the doctor on TV, so we applied here I already felt my fingers in 60 days only after the surgery 8 months passed and the patient can already do like this And by the end of the treatment, he will practically return back to normal life He will be able to eat with a fork and knife, lift objects, and work with PC Also, Professor Ozkan was the first in the world to make a uterus transplant It was he who discovered this technique and is now teaching it to others The world’s first operation performed by a doctor was to transplant a uterus from a deceased patient But now there is a popular case when the organ is donated by relatives, mother, or woman’s aunt A woman can give birth up to 65 years There’s a number of reasons why they don’t do it But physically they are able to carry a child up to 65 What happens to the woman with the uterus transplant? How is she doing now? She gave birth to a lovely baby boy three months ago Really? For nine years she could not get pregnant but did not give up And now she is a mommy like many women in the world who made it according to my method Onur Ademkhan, dentist Our medicine is at such a high level that, when you go to the hospital, it seems that you were in at least 2025 I am a dentist and patients from other countries often come to me Nowadays special tours are gaining popularity when you came here for a 15-days tour at the seaside, and same time are treated by a local specialist And that is the reason why many young locals dream about the doctor’s profession The Faculty of Medicine is the most popular and the hardest to enroll in Public universities are free here Neither there are no scholarships here Only young Turks and Turkish women who are very capable but from a poor family who can’t pay neither for food nor for the hostel can be an exception So in this case, the university provides minimal assistance or turns to sponsors Sibel Ozel, a student My family and I are from Antalya I used to live with my parents when I studied in the first year

But our flat is too far away from the university, and I spent too much time to get to the university This year I decided to move into the hostel We have public ones here, which are pretty cheap That’s around $130 per month Özlenen Ozkan, Rector of the University Besides campuses and hostels, there are even fitness centers, swimming pools and stadiums right in the territory of the university We often host matches and competitions for adult teams We have shops here with food, books, special equipment for sports and clothes Some campuses are located in the suburbs It’s around two hours away from Antalya We have shuttles driving there for free Besides students get special discounts for public transport Travel by bus will cost you $0,4 And for the students, it’s $0,23 only When Turkish adults graduate from the school, or lyceum here, they take one general exam and apply to the faculty they like The admissions committee reviews the results of the general examination only in subjects that are related to the selected specialty The higher grades, the better uni you can pick up Onur graduated from the medical faculty as well, and now he owns a private dental clinic Let me show you now how young dentists live in Turkey Hello! You are welcome, Zhanna Show me everything Just look here! Right, that’s a million-dollar view So you enjoy it every sunset and sun rise How long have you been living here? We’ve bought it three years ago And we repaired it by ourselves It is very nice You have a lot of space here, and kids You have two children Your dress is so beautiful Do you always look like that at home? Right, I’m trying to look good all the time Yasemin Ademkhan, teacher Especially when we meet guests Its above importance for my beautiful wife to represent our home from its best side Onur Ademkhan, dentist So she pays more attention to her look at home than at work Your house is very spacy You made it awesome Your kitchen is very modern, by the way What is the area of your apartment? We have 250 sq.m and we spent around $127,500 to repair it Thus the very apartments cost $255,000 My wife was a designer, and here I relied on her taste A nanny helps the young family with children Her salary is $445 per month She doesn’t just take care of their kids, but teaches them Russian as well Together with English, Russian is one of the most popular languages in Antalya Your falt is very clean Do you have a housekeeper? We don’t, I do it all by myself I like it And I’m already one year at home After giving birth to my daughter, I stayed on maternity leave But now all the educational institutions have closed due to the virus and now I have a lot of time to take care of our home Does it still remain here that Turkish wife takes care of the house, and the children, and the husband makes money Do you plan to go back to work? Of course, I will The school should be open next week already, so I’m ready to be back I love my family, but still, I love my job I consider that nowadays we both should work to provide us a decent life Besides, I will have my wife cope with the house That’s awesome I agree with you Everyone needs to do their own thing The utilities cost here $95 in the summertime, and around $190 in wintertime They are trying to buy organic food only, so they spend pretty much on supermarkets and markets which is up to $640 per month So they eat quite rarely outside the house And there’s no need, just look at this terrasse with the sea view This is a real heaven I think it’s a big pleasure to live in such an apartment Is it true that people usually present a lot of gold on the wedding day That’s true But nowadays they usually present money It is considered indecent to come without an expensive wedding present Especially if you are a close friend

Due to money and gold, our relatives presented us, we managed to repair our flat So relatives show that they approve of our marriage and support our choice That is the reason we organize magnificent weddings I am a trendy girl, but when I’ll get married I will have a traditional wedding The older child is already attending kindergarten which costs $255 per month Usually it works from 8 am till 4:30 pm There they dine, have lunch, attend classes and walk They sing, draw, and study English and Turkish Lessons are divided into levels for three, four and five year old kids Private kindergartens are very popular here As public ones accept kids from three years old only Just imagine! It’s very difficult to get there! Maternity leave in Turkey lasts 16 weeks Murat Terzi, lawyer 8weeks before the baby is born and 8 weeks after the baby is born If a woman is feeling well, she may not take maternity leave before the baby is born She can take maternity leave of 16 weeks after the baby is born Young mothers are given so-called milk money This amount of money is calculated individually It depends on the amount of tax that the woman paid while she was working If the woman did not work, this amount is calculated from the husband’s salary And also this amount depends on the number of children If state kindergartens accepted children from an earlier age, mothers would choose public kindergartens Turkey is one of the few countries in the world where public schools are considered more prestigious than private ones That is why the best graduates of pedagogical universities tend to work there When choosing between a private and a public school, teachers in Antalya will always choose a public one This is because the working conditions in public schools are much better Being a teacher in a public school is much better on a variety of criteria Firstly, it is prestigious Secondly, if you do not have lessons in the afternoon, then in public schools you can go home earlier In private schools you are required to stay at work until the end of the day even if you have nothing to do The workday ends at 5:30 pm Private schools offer many additional weekend activities Therefore, teachers go to work on Saturday as well There is no such practice in public schools After 2 years of work at school, I receive a so-called Green Passport My husband and my children receive the same passport Thanks to this passport, you can fly to Europe and other countries without visas There is no such thing in private schools The salaries of teachers in public schools are often double that in private ones Taking into account bonuses and allowances for years of work it can up to $1020 per month Although it’s a rare case The average teacher makes around $320 up to $445 per month To become a teacher in a public school in Antalya, it is not enough to graduate well from the university Teachers will also have to go through complicated state selection And also to work in the east of Turkey for32 to 6 years in your specialty Children go to school at the age of 6 Secondary education is compulsory and lasts 12 years Classes begin at 8:30 Guney Yozleshe, schoolboy I arrive home at about 6:00 pm Most of all I love the physical education lesson and I don’t really like the rest of the subjects The grading system in Turkey is from 1 to 5 points It is strictly forbidden to punish children here And there’s no need to do it The teaching profession is considered one of the most respected professions The teacher is another member of the family In the case of a conflict, the parents are likely to side with the teacher and the school We also have additional sections at the school And I, for example, do karate And on weekends, I just love walking with my grandfather in the mountains and catching snakes It sounds cool, right? But not everyone in Turkey wants to go to university or even finish school Because work can be found even without education For example, in the field of trade This family runs one of the most popular corn and juice shop Mehmet Akyn, corn seller I know that shops like yours are very popular in Turkey How long have you been in this business? Ali Akyn, enterpreneur I have been selling corn for 27 years

Really? Almost all your life Please tell me corn was more popular 27 years ago or now? Corn has always been popular On average, I sell about 400 ears of corn a day We work all year round even when there is no season Therefore, our profit is always enough for us These guys got married 28 years ago They created their small business together and are doing it together And now on their son helps them He has been working with us since he was 13 years old We are always together and I am confident about his future That’s awesome! Did you go to school at the age of 13? And assist your parents after the school? No, he didn’t finish school When he was 14 years old, He left school to work with us fully We considered it to be better In my opinion this is a controversial decision This is quite popular in Turkey Young people are either involved in the business of their parents, take risks and start their own small business The state supports young entrepreneurs Murat Terzi, lawyer This is especially true for small business, medium and foreign investment For example, if you open a business here, you will pay taxes only after a year from the date of business registration Further taxes will depend on the type of your business as well as on the level of profit Every businessman is required to work with a financial advisor You will be provided with such a consultant free of charge If you contact a special social service Abdurahman has his own shop in the local market He earns around $1900 up to 2550 per week He works 4 days a week From this amount, you need to calculate $ 510 for renting a place and taxes The earnings are still very good New shops and shopping centers open in Antalya every year But despite this, the locals just love to go to the markets Every day around 2500 up to 3000 people visit the market Abdurahman Shanly, seller Market is not just a place where you can buy everything you need For Turks, the market is a meeting place for relaxation and walking And for tourists, the main resting place is a beach, hotel and a disco I am sure that you have always wondered what is really going on behind the scenes of hotels under the All-Inclusive program It’s time to find out the whole truth How many people do you cook for each day? We cook for about 9000 people a day Yusuf Ozen, chef Breakfast starts at 6:30 What time do you have to get up so that everything is ready at 6:30? We work 24 hours a day in several shifts The night shift is engaged in breakfast, which always arrives at 12am They prepare the kitchen as well as food, and only at 3 am they start directly to prepare breakfast They cook a little less than 900 kg of food for breakfast On average, per day at the hotel under the All Inclusive program, they calculate about 2.5 kg of food per tourist This amount of food provides tourists with satiety as well as a large selection of food for every taste This restaurant has 170 food vendors It includes farmers, shops, wholesalers as well as private sellers The hotel signs a contract with each of them, which is confirmed once a year In total, this restaurant employs 12 chefs Each has one assistant This is a total of 24 people The menu is prepared for 15 days and repeats every two weeks What happens to food when breakfast, lunch or dinner time ends? What happens to all the food that remains? All that is left in the buffet remains for the kitchen staff to eat What is left on the plates do we give to the homeless or cats and dogs They really like our menu I want to be a Turkish dog or cat Just imagine how many goodies they get It’s great! In order to save on food and not throw it away after breakfast, Alpasan Guney, hotel manager lunch or dinner, we try to cook very tasty According to the All Inclusive system, the tourist is tempted by the fact that he can endlessly try different delicious dishes But if the food is delicious and of high quality,

The tourist just can’t resist and eat everything and be full Therefore, if you do not want your food to be thrown away, cook it so tasty that a person simply cannot throw it away After the restaurant, a well-fed tourist falls into the hands of cheerful animators The guys earn between $ 500 and $ 1,000 a month The salary depends on their experience and skills Wages are paid only during the working months There are only 8 working months per year The animation chef is the only person who works all year round While animators are either working at another job or resting, He is developing a new show program for the season to come In addition, he is looking for new interesting subordinates To work as an animator in Turkey, you must always be energetic, cheerful and also know one more foreign language besides English Mustafa Isheri, chef of hotel animation The animator’s working day starts at 9:30 after breakfast After that we have a meeting which lasts 1 hour At the meeting we discuss our plans for the day and everyone gets an assignment Then the animators go around the hotel to communicate with tourists and entertain them After lunch, from 12 to 2 o’clock, they must have a break This is the time when they can relax, swim and rest After that, the most active program begins, which sometimes ends at 2 am Basically, we have very athletic guys and girls who can withstand such a rhythm Do you want to know more about Turkish culture? Or do you want to try the local cuisine? Maybe you want to touch the ancient history? Tour operator Pegas Touristik will organize an unforgettable vacation for you Own hotel chain called Swandor in Turkey, Greece, Vietnam and Thailan, direct charter flights, Annual opening of new beach, sightseeing destinations Together with Pegas Touristik your vacation is in good hands It turns out that hundreds of people are working for your good rest Most of all, they want you to eat your delicious dinner with pleasure And also so that you have a good time at the night disco Very athletic young people will take care of your safety during your stay in Turkey This is a special Moto department of the local police called The dolphins By the way, this is a very apt name On the street the temperature is almost 40 degrees People move slowly as if in a steam bath Now it’s very hot outside and I’m barely alive Are you hot in such a uniform? How many hours a day are you in uniform? Metin Batman, policeman This is one of the most frequently asked questions We have such uniforms and also we have irregular working hours and constant heat But especially for this, we studied for 5 years to master this profession Including we got used to such uniforms We call ourselves The dolphins We were trained to masterfully operate motorcycles that weigh about 300 kilograms In addition, we were explained how to communicate with suspected, criminals and victims Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything else because this is secret information What kind of competition do the guys go through to get here I see that all the guys are so athletic and fit Will they accept you to the police if you are small and thin Or you will be recommended to pump up to become a fit guy We have strict physical requirements A man must be at least 175 cm tall and with a normal healthy weight You will be surprised but a girl also works for us and this is not prohibited She’s not here now, but she will work the evening shift But we have stricter requirements for women Because they will also have to drive a very heavy motorcycle This factor must be taken into account when selecting their parameters Therefore, the girl’s height should be at least 180 cm and who selects? I’m wondering if any of you are already married Truth be told, only I have a wife, the others are still looking for a wife The fact is that all the brides and grooms of Turks who work in government agencies including police officers and officials are checked carefully If there are controversial points, criminal in their biographies,

they aren’t allowed to get married On the other hand, this is correct The psychological state of a police officer at work is very dependent on his wife She might be crazy What if she makes him go mad at home, and that he’s gonna be nervous at work You see Before getting married, you need to ask those people around what they think of your wife Better that my husband doesn’t ask anyone Were there such cases that the guy wanted to get married but he was not allowed There were such cases because you cannot order the heart But laws cannot be broken The guys quit, looked for another job, and married their girlfriends There is always a choice Favorite job or beloved wife But if all is well, the questionnaire is approved, you can give birth to children when the wedding has already been played Surprisingly, Turkish women are not very keen on natural childbirth Cesarean section is more popular in Antalya That’s 53% Inanch Mendilchilou, gynecologist Caesarean section is more popular in Antalya But it depends on the wishes of each individual patient There is no particular difference between public and private clinics Paid hospitals have more wards and additional services Such as special bathrooms or a more varied menu Although at a free public hospital, the doctor will carefully monitor the woman’s diet This is an urgent problem in Turkey We are sure to monitor the weight of pregnant women Unfortunately, many women here are either close or already somewhat obese In such cases, we try to balance the diet We do not offer any rigid diets And we recommend to exercise at least 150 minutes a week Doctors also monitor children’s nutrition The only exception is the period when the grandchildren visit their grandparents Especially if they have built a house with huge gardens and all products are grown by themselves They are all delicious and environmentally friendly Hello. Come in! Here we go Well, I’ve never imagined a Turkish home to look like this It seemed to me that it must be very up to date Your home is like a fairy tale Did you build it yourself? Right How many years ago? It was 7 years ago Hesna Tekche, senior We started construction 10 years ago We have been living here for 7 years Did you make this bar counter yourself too? It is a modern bar counter that we ourselves have brought to life Look, we have a tray here that remains from the days of the Ottoman Empire When do you put a cup of Turkish coffee on it, just imagine how many people took traditional drinks and sweets from this tray The walls in this house are not very thick Isn’t it cold in this house in winter? And I don’t see the batteries and the air conditioner We try not to depend on the city and live autonomously And therefore we use a fireplace Our house is currently worth about $ 100,000 Uur Tekcje, businessman At the moment, the demand for real estate in Antalya is growing Therefore, real estate will rise in price literally every day Hello! Your husband is already back home from work Please tell me how much do you spend on groceries per month? We spend about $ 640 per month This is a small sum because we grow almost everything we need We grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, then either preserve or freeze them Therefore, all winter we eat organic homemade products We also have the meat of our cows How much do the utilities cost? We only pay $ 130 per month Considering that we use solar panels, we do not pay for electricity We only pay for water Besides, there was no electricity or water here when we came here The creation of such an ecological house seemed to us a wise decision For 5 years we have recaptured all investments in solar batteries They are already retired People retire in Turkey when they have worked 7,000 full days If people worked very hard and those 7,000 days accumulated a little earlier, Before the man turned 60 and the woman was 58 years old, And they will have to wait for pension payments until this age Pensions in Turkey range from $ 200 to $ 1,300 High-ranking civil servants receive high pensions Now I will show you how ordinary people live

Local retirees love to drive their cars to specially equipped places near the sea And now we will talk to one elderly couple Hello! Will you be making breakfast now? We had breakfast long ago because we get up very early Hava Kyuchyukashchi, senior I see Let me help you This will be a pie with a filling for lunch This pie will be with lamb The pension of the husband of a former taxi driver is $ 320 Hava never worked because she has three children The youngest daughter is not yet married, therefore she lives with her parents The family has no additional income And therefore they try to save as much as possible Do you have enough for life or do children help you? In fact, we ourselves still help our children We have enough for everything, because we live modestly and practically does not spend money That’s great There’s nothing to spend money on The shower is free here, the sea is nearby, the cake is being prepared The air is fresh, the nature is brilliant If you had the opportunity now, go back some time ago What would you like to change in your life? I would change everything I had a very, very difficult life I finished only 5 classes at school I have never been able to find a job except cleaning We have always lived poorly and because of this we fought a lot And if I knew that I would have such a fate, I would definitely graduate from school I would go to university and I am sure that I could be happy My mother died very early and my father did not take care of us So I had to get married too early I was not even 17 years old So I would like to change everything But I can not Everything goes differently for everyone At first glance, it seems that the sun is always shining in Antalya It seems that the Sea is warm and calm But not far from the serene beaches, someone is crying over the lost opportunities, Someone saves lives without looking up from the operating table day and night, Someone quits work for the sake of the beloved woman, Others drop out of school to work Life is diverse and unpredictable, and someone else’s life is a mystery Sadness and grief can often be hidden behind a friendly smile In a thoughtful look, a quiet and warm happiness will hide Going beyond the borders of five-star hotels, you can see a completely different Antalya This is a city in which medicine makes wonders And people here feel safe This is a city where everyone values their family very much This is a city that every local just adores And there are no exceptions because it is always warm here, it is heaven here, it is clean and cozy, it is rich in youth, it has awesome medicine, I feel safe here, and I’m always smiley When dreaming about the life of others, keep in mind that behind the bright landscapes, and beautiful facade, people always hide their problems and shortcomings Therefore, our life may be much better and more interesting

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