STAR MEDIA presents Eldar Lebedev Yulia Mavrina Ivan Bezborodov Lubava Greshnova, Petr Krylov In film ID Photos I thought it wasn’t going to take more than five minutes? Beauty stops time Raise your head, please. Don’t chew As far as I understand, you need it urgently for a visa So if you gave me your phone number, I could… Thank you, but I’m married Come on, guys, the tables! Come on, get them, we should be putting food on them already! No, no, I’m listening Only three hours left before the party It starts at seven… But you come whenever you can, Sergei Vadimovich We’ll be very glad Of course… We were so young back then, so happy You and Anya look so cute Now, kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! – The present? – Huh? Yeah Your special style. There’s an engraving under the lid The new collection, from Italy I chose it as if it were for myself I hope you like it Good By the way, when I found out about your wedding, I was very surprised Because a Virgo and an Aries are, generally speaking, incompatible Apparently, there are exceptions, though Sveta, what comes next in the script? Okay, so after they shout “kiss”, there is a fadeout The hosts show up. And you… You definitely have to okay the music No. I don’t know much about music You do it Find me the moment where we’re celebrating back at the dorm All right And I have to go to the office Anything else, Vlad? No, Sveta, thank you You’re welcome. You’re always welcome Here. Happy wedding day! Hooray! Damn it Honey, your coffee boiled over again? You’re hopeless Happy anniversary Thanks Why are you still not dressed? You don’t like the way I look? I do, but with a start like this, you could expect anything from the dress No dresses today Anya, we have to be at the restaurant at quarter to seven I don’t want to go to the restaurant What do you mean, you don’t want to go? Sergei Vadimovich and his wife said they’d be there… But Vlad, this is our day! What does your boss have to do with it? Now, we’ll have some champagne and go to our little bridge! See how many “happy locks” have appeared there! In fact, I have a surprise for you What is it? Vlad… we’re going to have a little one Anya… We talked about this, we have to take care of the mortgage first Anya… Come here Come on, come here Some reaction you have there Aren’t you happy? No, of course I am. How long? I think it’s been about six weeks What do you think about the name Maksimka boy? What, is it a boy? I hope it is. But we should check that In any case, the face expression is definitely masculine Anya! For Pete’s sake! What kind of joke is it? Isn’t he cute? Where did you get him? Found him in the street And what, you’re going to keep him? Yes And it doesn’t bother you that he has tapeworms and fleas? He’s okay If you want to know my opinion, I’m against this Look what a cutie he is! Get it out of my face! Anya, we have to be at the restaurant in half an hour! Why did you make all the decisions for me?

I don’t our anniversary turning into a business meeting Do you realize how much money I spent on this? I’ve invited people from work Get him off the pillow! Can’t you see I have the allergies? Do you ever think about anyone except yourself? Yes My baby No, no, everything will be just as planned, we’re expecting you at seven. Yes So here it is: we have to leave in ten minutes All right, now, be honest: where’s your wife got to? What exactly is she so sick with that she won’t answer my calls? Selfishness Hold on, she didn’t like the gift? Come on, Vlad, don’t worry, you’re great You’re doing everything right Actually, it’s Anya who’s been acting kind of weird lately She’s stopped talking to us all You know, we would all go to a cafe with the girlfriends, and she would show up for fifteen minutes and leave right away Then I would call her and she doesn’t pick up for hours But, you know, she’s an Arse… I mean, her sign is the Aries And they’re emotional state is unstable this year, and they also have an overwhelming desire to change something in their love lives… Get it? Maybe it’s the magnetic storms affecting her I don’t know Right. The storms Vlad, can you hear the song that’s playing? Let’s go dance. Come on, don’t sulk No, Sveta, I don’t dance In fact, I have to go And where were you going in such a hurry? And I thought I’d get past How are you feeling? Do you have a headache? Are you going to be sick? Maybe we should go to a hospital, after all? No, it’s all fine What’s your name? It was Maksim in the morning Maksimka boy, then… And where did you come from, Maksimka boy? From Kiev All right, it’ll take the traffic cops all night to get here True that It doesn’t look too terrible for you Maybe we could sort this thing out? What do you mean? It was my fault And I’m wasted on whiskey I’ll have to either bribe the cops or pay for your repairs, it’s all the same to me But dealing with you would be easier and cheaper Well, I’m okay with this You want people to be afraid of buying our yogurts? Everything about the presentation is disgusting! My wife even has a “fear of obesity” now! Please, let’s be more specific All right! More specific! What’s with the slogan? “If you eat ‘Yummie Yum’… ‘Yummie Yum’… ‘Yummie Yum’…”

See, I forgot it! And a slogan should be succinct and memorable! I think it would make more sense to discuss it with someone other than you from now on Come in, please, I’ll be back in just a minute And then we’ll discuss everything “We’ll arrange something; ” we might not even have to disturb Sergei Vadimovich What, you slept at the office? Where else? Maksimka boy lives in our home now, you know I’ll come up with some place for him I bought you some anti-allergy pills. Here Look, I can’t just kick him out now! Of course, better to kick me out! Anya, look, I’m sorry, but I have a very important appointment Mine is important too, Vlad I have to sort out the papers, the photos, and the passports for the visa before six Damn it, I forgot I haven’t taken my picture You can still do an instant photo Sveta, what’s happening? Go talk to him, fast! He’s trying to reach Sergei Vadimovich Crap. I have a thousand things to take care of, all urgent! Do you understand? Yes, Sergei Vadimovich, I’m coming to you I don’t have a choice Because what your creative people are offering is senseless and useless! Viktor Andreevich, hold on, I’ll walk you out I think he’s just an old fool And I’m young? No, you’re just smart And you can easily come up and realize a new idea No, can’t be a new one This idea belongs to His Majesty Assistant Director Well, ask for some more time, then You need to rest Everything will work out then But if we don’t taje the photo today, we won’t get the visas and there will be no trip to the sea “Take the photo”, “take the photo”… Can’t you see the whole project is going belly up? The vacation is the only thing on your mind! The money will go to waste And where do you think I get that money? Here! And if I get fired, there’ll be nothing! No sea, no clothes, no apartments! And the funny thing is, whatever I do, it’s wrong! The restaurant is wrong! I give her an expensive thingy — she turns her nose up at it! Have you asked me even once if I want all that? I don’t want your expensive thingies! That you send Sveta to buy! We’ve been married for five years, and you still don’t know that I don’t wear jewelry? What do you actually know about me? Do you know what I think about? What I dream about, what I feel? What I like doing? Do something for me, for once! Who do you think I’m doing all this for? What do I have to do to make you happy? Buy you the moon, the sun? Walk on a wire? Dance, sing? What?! Sing if you have to! When was the last time we danced together? When was the last time you told me you love me? You’re only interested in your job and your boss! You should live with a robot, not a real human And what you need is a clown! What I need is you! We never had a honeymoon, and I think we deserve it Here’s a pillow and a plaid, just like you asked A very stern associate director is waiting for you Anything else, Vlad? Love and understanding Do you know where I can get some? Are you trying to humiliate me? Or are you really trying to get some love and understanding from Sveta? Think what you want I’m tired of this You’ll just have to bring the booklets and the stand After you’ve made the presentation, you’re free to do whatever until the signing on Wednesday It’s like a vacation more than a holiday! But it’s the holidays, Natalya Petrovna! What holidays?! Sergei! The May ones Well, celebrate them in Ukraine, then. Go, go! Did you hear? She’s a shrew! That’s it, the holidays just went out the window! Natalya Petrovna Shumskiy and Zhdanov are already attached to the project I hope you’ll be prepared for the tomorrow’s presentation,

and you’ll have some new, promising development, or you know what happens… This goes in the wastebasket Hold on, it has to be signed That’s it, everyone’s lost their minds. They aren’t themselves Anya is acting weird, too. She doesn’t seem like herself at all Do you remember Katya? Katya? Well, she was in the exact same mood when she found a lover No, Anya isn’t like that I just said it because it reminded me of her Are you going to lunch? Wait up, please, I’ll go with you No, I’m going to have my picture taken So you’re not having a vacation? Are you sure? You worked all week around New Year’s to take that vacation now! Have a seat Has something happened? No, everything’s okay Well, I’ll take it later In the summer, maybe Suit yourself Natalya Petrovna, can I go to Kiev? Instead of Sergei? No, I’m sending Sergei in a car! With the booklet and the stand Kiev agreed to it just days ago And before the holidays, you know how it is with tickets You can’t get one for a train or a plane Well, I could go in my car Ten hours behind the wheel? Anya, come on! Please. Natalya Petrovna, I really need this Well, if you need it so bad… Thank you This won’t do, either Bad, bad You know what, I’ll come back tomorrow, with new makeup and hair A new face would be better What? My lady, don’t mind this lout He’s just bad with a camera Come on, I’ll snap one of you You have a very unusual face What the hell were you thinking?! I’ve done four pictures of her… Wouldn’t matter if it was a thousand! Hello Hello Were you looking for me? No, I actually came here to have a picture taken I’m going to Kiev. I’m going in a car It’s for five days. A business trip The neighbor will come get the kitten tomorrow Don’t call me, I want to be alone for some time I just can’t take you with me! Let’s make a deal: I’ll bring you back something tasty Is that a deal? That’s a deal “The number you are trying to reach is unavailable or outside the…” Have a seat! You’re from Kiev, right? Well, yeah How about you come home for a week? On my dime What for? You see, my wife is going there It’s not that I don’t trust her, but… In short, I want you to follow her Take some pictures of her and send them to me A private detective would do a better job The circumstances are such that there is no time Just like in that song A thousand bucks, plus expenses Here’s the advance And this is your wife? Yeah I don’t think she could cheat on you Why not? Why not? She has the kind of eyes that can’t lie I don’t think so Interesting There’s a problem: my camera’s busted Not a problem, we’ll think of something Let’s go Hello?

Hello. How are you doing? It’s great. There was no cell reception on the highway I can’t hear anything What’s making all that noise? Oh, I can hear you now Well, how’s the trip? It’s great, we’re on the road Good, watch her Once you’re there — call me Of course. I’m sending you a picture for now, and starting tomorrow I’ll do as we said Full reports. Bye Wait, hold on. What was that music? Rock. A cool compilation Oh, okay. I’ll be waiting for those reports Hey! Where are you going? Damn it! Kitty kitty cat Just you think about making a mess there! I’ll have your head on a platter Where are you? What was your name again, you bastard? Maksimka! Maksimka boy! Maks! All right Look what I have. A French delicacy, very tasty You want some? Come on, of course you do Come on! Come out! I’ll throw you out of a thirtieth floor window Maksimka boy! Come on, skinhead, leave the promises. The credit is due One minute she’s driving, the next she’s getting out… Hold on. Have some sleep there for me She would drive, then stop the car, walk around Then we get in our cars again She’d drive for ten feet and stop again When I had finally followed her to the hotel, I was thinking my feet would fall off And she’s wearing heels, at that She must be very romantic You’re lucky, classmate. Lucky Nice clothes, iPhones… So does she have a lover or not? Listen, I’m intrigued myself Is that her? Yeah Nice job you got, no doubt about it Look, how about I pick her up? It’ll be my pleasure, and your paycheck will be justified Ilya, it’s like you’ll never change Come on, it’d much easier than chasing her all the way around the city I’ll meet her wherever you tell me We’ll upload it, have a few laughs Earn some money, too. You chicken? I’m not chicken. It’s just that she’s a bit much for you Come on! Let’s do it like back in school, a good old bet If you take a picture of me kissing her, you owe me a crate of beer And if I get into her pants, you owe me at least three Go to hell! By the way, call my Kiev number I put my old SIM card in You’re a fool, Maksimka boy I could send you to an animal shelter, a good one Okay, so you get to live here if you go to the bathroom

like a good person, in the litter box. Got it? You’re leaving already? Oh, thanks a lot for the help The presentation went wonderfully You’re not going to get lost? I could walk you to the hotel No, thank you. I have a map But how about tonight? What do you think about dinner in Kiev’s best restaurant? Not tonight. Goodbye We are in of the oldest historical place of Kiev: the Zolotovorotsky mini-park Please come up to the bronze statue to Pantagruel the Cat It’s a very touching story This grey Persian cat was a favorite of the clientele of a local restaurant. But one night, there was a fire Little Pantagruel couldn’t get out in time and died Now, there is a belief that the bronze cat grants your wishes You have a beautiful opportunity to make a wish You’re welcome to Please note this statue of Yaroslav the Wise It was erected using a maquette by a famous sculptor Ivan Kavaleridze… Dear Kievans and guests of our city! In a minute, this ecologically eco-friendly transportation device will set out on an exciting journey down the streets of our magnificent city! Can it be a bit faster? If the lady wants You’ve made the right choice, ma’am In a few years these works will cost millions “Millions” what? I said that in time these paintings will cost millions Why? Because they were painted by my dog Are you trying to say that these were done by your dog? And you sell them? Do you want it to be the other way around? You’d better choose something from the early stuff He was less shoddy when he was young And if you like, Van Sant could paint your portrait Oh, no, thank you Well, in that case… A present! Oh, thank you As a promo offer How about I buy this painting from you, and you distract that guy with the camera? That one? No need Thank you Young man, I didn’t give you permission to photograph my paintings

I’m sorry, there’s a mistake… I saw it with my own eyes, my colleagues can confirm it So erase it right now. Or pay Look… For each photo There’s nothing to erase. Look! Yes, you’re right. Sorry. It’s the age… Don’t worry Good evening Good evening – Excuse me… – Yes? – Could you help me? – Sure It’s just that there in the street, on the bench… that young man has been following me around all day I got you. One second Thank you Excuse me Yes? Our guest has asked me to do something She’s worried that you’re following her around everywhere Why would you think that? Why would I think that? What’s this, then? And this? And this? What do you want from her? I was just taking pictures of her. She’s a cute girl Well, from now, you’re not taking any pictures You’re not even her anymore. Got it? If you did, why are you still here? Your problem has been taken care of You can relax now Thanks. What did he want? You know, he doesn’t look like a creep It’s spring, he’s a photographer, a romantic You’re an interesting beautiful girl, and that made him go nuts Don’t you worry about that, but you can ask us anytime Right. Thank you Yes? Hey there You’re still here? Yeah, brought you some tea Thanks Maybe, that’s enough working? Could be… Look at yourself! Bloodshot eyes, looking all tired That’s not good at all I guess you’re right I have some good news Go on, then Yesterday, when I was walking our Yummy Yum to Sergei Vadimovich’s office, I got to talking with him and took his phone number So I called him today, went to work on him, and long story short, he’s agreed to wait until the day after tomorrow Thank God. Sveta, you’re a real friend Come on, I’m just doing my job You can’t do everything all the time No. I owe you one Great, you’ll give me a ride home, then Magnetic storms have been acting up all day, my head feels twice the size Sure, it’ll be my pleasure Great Hey, have you seen a yellow USB stick? Hi, where’s Ilya? Hey. There he is – Hey there – Hi, how’s it going with the lady? She made me Well, congratulations on mucking it up on your first day That’s because she looks forwards, backwards, left, right… Had I been there, you’d have both some beer and a happy client by now That’s a load of baloney Want to play a different game? If you get her number, I’ll give you a crate of beer If you get into her pants, you get my bike But if you lose, your camera and your cell are mine You and your bets can go to hell This whole thing rubs me the wrong way, to be honest Her man is dumb, she has no one, she’s just… Just melancholy Will you look at him, huh! You can tell right away she’s just being a brat Come on, entertain her Your client will thank you, and you’ll get something out of it And then, if you sink a couple thousand in my bike, it’ll run just as new And don’t forget about the site What the hell are you talking about it? What I’m talking about, Maksim, is that if you got paid, let other people get paid, too Chasing her around the city makes me sick And that security guy… What are you moping about? Just screw that Moscow dude over You know, Ilya, you’ve changed And not for the best Yeah, it’s going to be a long time before you’re out of here Well, I have to get back to the center, it’s against the grain What if you get stuck? How about a cup of coffee in the meantime? No, I really am a bit tired I’m falling asleep already Then I offer you a soft reclining chair instead of the rough office couch

It’s what friends do Thank you. I’m going home tonight Have you made up with Anya? She’s gone to Kiev to five days. Business trip Until tomorrow, then. Thanks Bye Good morning Good morning You look great Thanks Have a great day See you in the evening What’s the matter? You hungry? I’ll feed you There you go. Good boy Look how awesome According to the Chinese horoscope, this year the colors have to be bright: red, orange, yellow. Distinct figures This is by Vasiliy Mormeriki himself, by the way! The latest trend of the season Don’t be mad, but I ordered it over the internet, there was a huge discount What do you think? Well, your solitaire was more harmless than these internet shops Look, you were listening to some song about fifteen minutes ago

– Yeah? – Play it again, please Okay, I thought you didn’t like music. Here you go No, it was a different one No, it was this one Really? Okay Hold on, this isn’t the best song by Mitya. Here Mitya? Mitya Skvortsov, don’t you know him? A girl, too, by the way What do you mean, a girl, too? It means, Vlad, that he’s a Virgo just like you And Virgos… where was it… are going to have a very eventful day With serious changes in their lives Especially their private ones This one’s upside down, I think Okay, you can stop looking – Here you go – Thank you One, two, three, four, five Five, six, five. Five, six, five Anything else, Vlad? No, thank you What is this kid stuff? Like a baby girl Good evening Good evening Three, four, five, six Six… S.N S.N.? What does that mean? “Seriously, Nevermind.” “No new messages.” It’s difficult He’s gone inside himself His feelings are asleep, like a dormant volcano So what, there’s nothing I can do?

We’ll try to wake him from inside, the feeling will become awake from his very heart A long journey awaits us No, no, a long one won’t do, she’s coming back in three days There’s no way I can get to him after that Could I wake that volcano faster, please? His real feelings are buried in the depths of his heart Another woman has put a spell of faithfulness on him It’s all very difficult This is the first half, an advance. In a week I’ll get a bonus Please, I’m begging you Raisa Ivanovna, thank you very much, I’ve been dealing with Maksim okay so far If you say so Hey Did you miss me? All of his hidden feelings and emotions will break free from the prison that is his sleeping soul His secret desires, thoughts, aspirations… Lies will turn into truth What is this, Indian or Chinese? My ex was KGB. That’s where he got it Everyone took whatever they could back then Your young man, just give him some wine, throw a pill in it And you, wear something fancy, put some makeup on your eyes and lips He’ll want it so much he won’t be able to resist And once he’s sober, it’s already too late Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah That’s how I got my hooks in the man I’m dating But the bond between bodies is feeble! We have a long way in front of us, we’ll have to take hold of his soul, his mind, his feelings Here’s my 5% discount card If you buy a subscription for more than 10 seances, the discount is upgraded to 10% or 15%! But this offer only lasts until the summer! I’m so grateful, I don’t know how to properly thank you This gift, my dear, is a terrible burden A cross sent down to us to help those in need After all, we experience your sorrows ourselves Oh, by the way, use two pills, they’ve been sitting here a long time My ex isn’t even alive anymore One may not work, but two definitely will And when it happens, hop to it And don’t forget about the long journey to his heart Okay, guys, faster, faster We’re closing the hole, we’ve got a cleaning night! Go home to your beds Sergei, lock it up there! Okay! Well, Maks, I thought you’d goof it up, but you did good There’s fight in you, you got her phone Well, as I promised, I owe you a beer Carry on, the bike comes next Can I print a couple more? Help yourself, my boss pays for the paint That’s a nice chick, you know No, nothing to write home about Maks, next time, take more pictures of her bottom parts What do you mean, nothing to write home about? It’s all good. Look, almost a C Hey, are those real or tuned up? Everything’s okay with her, that’s it. Changing the subject “Maksim, take me, I want the bike…” Go to hell What are you, crazy? Sveta? What’s happened? I’ve just been robbed. They snatched my purse, everything was in it Do you understand? Absolutely everything! ID, keys, money, everything! And I’m soaking wet and I have nowhere to go Can I stay here with you, please? Yeah, of course, come in. Stay Should I make some tea for you? If you have wine, I’ll have some wine Wine… The clean towels are on the left Let’s go for a walk

Vlad… The wine is on the table, I’ll be right there Is it okay that I’m wearing Anya’s bathrobe? I’ll take it home later and wash it Back when we were roommates at the dorm, we would take each other’s clothes all the time We’re the same size Sure, all right. Look, there’s a bit of a problem with the furniture They haven’t delivered the couch yet So you sleep in the bedroom, and I… I’ll think of something Let’s drink to love and understanding All right Vlad, what is this? This toast means bottoms up! Has it gone sour or something? Thanks a lot for the dinner We had a great time I try not to eat on evenings, but tonight I seem to have the munchies What could that be about? Well, the important thing is to stop in time Vlad, what are you thinking about? Nothing I want to go to sleep All right, see you I’m not sleeping in the bedroom There’s nowhere else to sleep That’s what I mean I barge in on you right in the middle of the night, and now you don’t get to sleep because of me? And you have a difficult day tomorrow Four appointments, a meeting with Sedykh at twelve… No, you’re going to get tired Come on, go get some sleep, I’ll sit here in the kitchen Sveta, what is this? Either we sleep together or you sleep alone As you wish Very bad for you! But very tempting! You bastard! You took a poop!

You took a poop, you lousy thing! Sveta! What’s happened? Good morning, Vlad! It’s nothing, I forgot you had a cat and got scared, I thought it was a mouse Got it I’ll kill you, you scoundrel! Excuse me, please It’s okay. How much? Two hundred Buy our hat, lady! Can I try it on? Of course. There you go It fits you very well. What a beauty We have a very big selection, in fact Here, look, we have one like this This one will fit your dress well Kind of flirty Damn it And here, look, here’s another hat I have This one’ll fit you, yes… Wow, it’s just right for you! This must be your color You like it, right? + 7916-331… 547…7…73 Hello? Yes, I’m listening Sorry, wrong number But this one is cool Well, take it, then Take it, lady, I’ll give you a discount “Message not delivered.” Oh, right. I’ll take it Do it, it’s great for you Here you go – Wear it with pleasure – Thank you Hey, I don’t feel so good And I think we only drank a couple gulps last night And why are you exhibiting your breasts, like this is a museum? Sorry, Vlad, I didn’t realize You should be more modest, Sveta I’m feeling a bit weird What would you want right now? For my head to stop hurting Vlad, do you feel anything right now? Anything… unusual? I do… Your crappy perfume, Sveta Apart from that, what are you even thinking? Your friend is gone, so you show up at her husband’s, crawl into her bed, and now you’re doing everything to make me sleep with you? No How about this: you get dressed right now, go to the office, and you write a resignation notice, voluntarily “The number you are trying to reach is unavailable or outside the…”

In two hours we have to present our project to the client, and no one has any decent ideas? Yes? Fyodor Mikhailovich? Yes, Sergei Vadimovich. There’s nothing You were a given a great, cool idea for development And what? Nothing! The tone is too festive Kalinin, we’re not getting in the way, are we? Not at all. Go on, Sergei Vadimovich And if Fyodor Mikhailovich wasn’t screaming so much… …it would be just perfect Hold on a minute Maybe, you have some proposals of your own? Any ideas about the development of the project? State them Could it be that the author has some ideas about developing his brainchild? Don’t pass the buck, Kalinin! We’re asking you where your creative input is Where are your results? I think that idea was proposed just for the sake of appearances Okay, Kalinin, do you have any better ideas? Yes, I do. Stop torturing people and let everyone go for the weekend Look at it, it’s like we’re all in a vice! What creative input are you talking about? In fact, an office party somewhere outside Moscow would be even better, huh? You’ll see, on the first meeting everyone’ll have a clear head and some interesting ideas! Who do you think you are, Kalinin? Do you even hear what you’re saying? Not really, to be honest But I think it’s better than make believe we’re working for weeks on end and let you yell so much I’m sorry – Sergei Vadimovich… – One moment No one passes any notes around! Your car was seen, your license plate is written down If I see you here one more time, you’ll only have yourself to blame, got it? And one more thing: it’s my last warning You could have kept silent… Just silent Yes? Yeah, Kalinin I didn’t expect anything like this from you I wasn’t expecting it myself, Sergei Vadimovich It’s just that today… What? You voiced your thoughts? Or maybe you don’t think so anymore? It’s not that, it’s just that I… Kind of… I’ve been for long time for a move from one of you For you to have your own thoughts, your own position I’ve been looking for a second-in-command for a long time What day is this today? Well, then you’ll start on Monday You went a bit too far with the office part, of course You haven’t earned it yet But I promise not to bother any of the departments for a week But in a week we’ll get together, and you’ll offer me your new developments, your new ideas Is that a deal? Good luck to you Rebel It’s important to always say and think only things you believe in Damn it “No new mail.” “The number you are trying to reach is unavailable or outside the…” Has your namesake disappeared into thin air?

All right, time to surprise people And you, boy, are going to Raisa Ivanovna Don’t you hurt my neighbors, got it? All non-passengers are to leave the train, please Don’t worry, I’ll go straight to the trainmaster He’ll get kick off if they make any trouble You know, I’m no expert, but I think it’s great There was a time when only respectable people were in state-cabins, and now… Maks, this is Ilya, where are you? What do you mean? Well, your Moscow lady just went past my “Hole” Where are you? Look, Ilya, I lost it last night, so you… you know… No, wait. You’re a dumbass, sure, but a bet is a bet! I never made any bets with you, Ilya Stall her for five minutes near the internet cafe I’m close by What do you mean, never made any bets? Whose beer was it last night? I’ll give it back to you! Ilya, I’m asking you as a friend So you never made a bet. Okay Hey, ma’am, do you want me to guess your name? No, I don’t Your name is Anya, isn’t it? Leave me alone Also, you’re from Moscow, and married And there are some very handsome photographers around here. Right, Anya? How do you know all this? And now, Anya, you need to pay me to shut me up Ilya! Anya, don’t go anywhere, okay? Okay Ilya, can I talk to you for a second? Just a word? How much money did you want? First of all, I didn’t want money, I wanted the phone that is almost an iPhone and the camera Almost a bike I had my phone stolen And who bought you all that beer last night? To touch your hair and drown, To wake up with you and never frown, To be afraid to offend you, To be with you Sorrow will leave your home forever, I will become, I will become… Excuse me, it’s a stupid question, of course, but do you think it’s possible to come up with a song overnight? Of course it is Today Pasha came up with one in half an hour after the concert …next do you, day and night I know that sorrow will leave your home forever, You see, he used to be my classmate, he’s seen pictures of you And how does he know I’m from Moscow? Moscow license plates And about the husband? Right, and now slowly stroke the strings with your right hand

Like this? Relax your hand. Like stroking the hair of your beloved woman What’s wrong? Everything’s wrong? Okay Thank you Anya, I… I don’t know how to say this, but… I have to make a confession It’s beautiful Yes I dreamed of going to the sea this spring, and I ended up in Kiev Well, this isn’t too bad, either No. It’s not It’s just that I haven’t been to the sea for six years There was always either no money or no time We’ll fix that. We’ll go to Yalta this summer Or maybe tomorrow? Tomorrow? I’m sorry, but what’s your name? Maksim Maksim? You’re Maksimka Boy? Why Maksimka boy? Maksim Sergeevich. Why? Maksim Sergeevich. M.S Listen, what does S.N. mean? I didn’t get it back then at the hotel Seriously, Nevermind No, really Scarlet Nose, Salami “Novomoskovkaya”, or So Neglectful Such Nonsense! Super Natural, Simply Not-of-this-world That just meant “sleep, now.” If you aren’t tired, I could show you the city by night Do you want it? Let’s go, then Let’s go Esenin, we’re almost there Good morning Hello We’re almost there, right? Nice poetry Yeah, it went nicely with your music Well, sing it to me next time we meet. Bye Thanks. Hey, you forgot your guitar! It’s a gift. Good luck from the future megastars! You’re not going to forget the chords? No, I don’t think so Hey, how about I buy it from you? Not everything can be bought, Esenin Okay, bye, now. Say hello to your muse Hello. Let me help you Yes, thank you Could you tell me what room… this girl is staying in? You see, information about our guests is confidential I see

Well? Room forty-one. She left at 8:15 AM yesterday morning, she always leaves early Never later than nine And she gets back when it’s dark. Always alone And yesterday, some suspicious-looking guy was looking for her, I saw him with his camera a few times. Sketchy guy – Was he driving a purple Lada? – Yeah, that’s him Right. And did she leave early this morning? I didn’t see her today Maybe she went for a tour Ask at the reception desk That guy wasn’t here, either All right. By the way, when she gets back, don’t tell her I was asking about her The information about our guests is strictly confidential Well? Are you serious? Dreams have to come true And if we do everything right and quickly, you’ll have enough time – Do you have your passports with you? – Mine’s in the car Mine’s at the hotel. But it’s not far from here Great! Well, what are you sitting around for? I’ll be quick! Meanwhile, the young man and I are going to begin Good afternoon Good afternoon Hey, baby I missed you so much! I’m sorry Vlad… I know. I’ve been working myself into an early grave But I needed this job just so that everything would be good between us I’m so sorry I’ve been forgetting to tell you this, but I love you Vlad… We need to talk Sure. Of course. That’s what I came here for Sit down, sit down, sit down, Anya I have a surprise for you First of all, I’m getting along with Maksimka boy now, he turned out to be a great guy The allergies can be cured with a treatment session Right now he’s amusing our neighbor, so we can either stay here or go to Moscow, whichever you choose. Okay? Here, take it. And the most important thing… Tell me, do we still have time? Sure, of course Vlad… Just don’t laugh I’m pretty bad it so far… …but I’ll definitely get better I see the night, and in the eyes, desire, But now, nary a word to me, you leave My soul, my soul is set on fire, It’s not forever, this I do believe And I will fight to win your love my life entire Baby, what’s wrong?

Vlad, I’m leaving… I’m leaving you. Do you understand? He’s gotten to know me better in three days than you did in five years And he really does love the same things I do Who is he? That doesn’t matter We don’t have to talk with him He understands me without words We’ve always been trying to change each other, and that’s wrong. Turns out it’s completely unnecessary You haven’t told me who he is What does it matter who he is! You… you’re much better, you’re smarter, you’re more successful than him But his love isn’t an advance payment, he isn’t trying to change me, he doesn’t think that I’m going to change and become better He loves me the way I am I think I know everything about him, too Anya, it’s me. Anya, is everything okay? We’re done there, I’ve been waiting for you So, it’s Maksimka boy? Great job You could print some of those pictures in a magazine You can keep the camera as your fee I wanted to explain everything… I thought I’d tell you tomorrow, on the train What would you have said if I had told you everything from the beginning? You wouldn’t have believed me. You don’t know me at all He thought you were cheating on him and hired me to follow you and take pictures, to send them to him He’d call me like a hundred times a day! He was asking how you were Anya, that was all yesterday I really did fall in love, Anya Frozen fingers touching the heart inside your chest I’m falling asleep again, between Heaven and Hell, I am standing at the world’s end To the train station Vlad! Vlad! – Wait – Let’s go One year later Vlad, I want to tell you this poetry isn’t just great! Okay, no flattery, all right? How can I not flatter an awesome author and producer?

Who would really call this being an awesome author? It’s just a hobby I’m going to take in some air with you and then, that’s it, back to work Vlad, advertising’s bogging you down, you should do this full time You write great lyrics! Maybe someday When is that, when you’re retired? Well, what are you going to be writing about then? How hard it is to buy bread with my small pension Very funny All right, let’s be serious now Vlad, I’ve meaning to ask you this for a long time In your poetry, there is some hint of a… confession or something Get to the question I just wanted to ask you: who is she? Now, it doesn’t matter at all You can’t correct this mistake We are in a regular Moscow photo studio But it was from here that a young photographer Maksim Skvortsov got into the world of mainstream art Tomorrow his personal picture show will open tomorrow in the House of Artists. Let me congratulate you, Maksim! I’ve seen your photographs, they’ve impressed me very much Thank you Tell me, what inspired you to make such elegant and sensual works? ID photography I think you’re not being straight! I can see the face of the same girl in many pictures Share this secret, who is she? A person who changed my life Excuse me, may I ask your name? Vlad… That’s some intuition! You guessed my name? Let me try to guess something, too You like peach bath foam so much you pour out half the bottle every time, and you love children’s toothpaste with bubblegum flavor You also like to lie in bed in front of the TV all day, getting cookie and potato chip dust everywhere, which you also like for some reason When you were a kid, you dreamed of becoming a ballerina, then a painter, then a cop You love music and you really love dancing Have I guessed anything at all? Everything I’m sorry, Vlad… Please, Vlad, I’m so sorry I’ve started writing poetry. They say I’m reasonably good at it And my coffee doesn’t boil over anymore Be my wife again! I say yes!

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