– Can I film a video with you? These guys Oh, pets first, pets first Pets always gotta come first Alright guys, so this video is in response to your comments on my day one, part one with Bean here I guess I was pretty shocked by how many of you had a lot of passion behind your comments And really the number one is that you guys did not understand why I didn’t play SpongeBob for Bean Among other things, a lot of you argued that I should have put him in a cage, that I should have given him time to just settle and get used to my surroundings in a cage and that I should have kept him on his old diet and given him something familiar, said the phrases that he was used to that Laura had mentioned to me Just all the things from his previous home to give him some familiarity and settle into my home better Now the interesting thing about that that doesn’t help a bird settle in any better If anything, it just teaches the bird that new places are just like the old places Whereas my day one, you’re just super into this My day one is the most important day of taking on a new bird because it’s a new environment so there’s new expectations and he has no idea what to expect in my home and there’s fireworks going off right now You’re handling it like a champ cause obviously Fourth of July So anyways, more pets, we don’t care, we don’t care We’re also getting reinforcement right now for being cool with the fireworks So the point is is that animals just like humans don’t go through growth with unicorns and rainbows It’s not super smooth It doesn’t always look pretty, it’s hard It’s difficult It’s emotional It’s scary and they have to overcome that and you don’t get to overcome fear with having a just smooth transition right through it So as you saw, he was experiencing a lot of fear and discomfort and the way that we work through that is establishing new rules, new boundaries, and just new expectations And so we bonded through the new diet, through the new food offering him fun ways to interact with that food and to interact with me as well and being that comfort to him So if I would have triggered old habits, which I was told that he came from a home where he would constantly get scared and fly and so that’s why he was caged most of the time because he would do these flights that weren’t very controlled That’s also why he ended up getting clipped in his old home He was also scared of new people so they stopped exposing him to the things that scared him And instead of doing that, I prefer to desensitize I prefer to slowly expose him to those new scary things to teach him to overcome his fear so that the next thing isn’t as scary and is easier to overcome So that’s why in my day one videos, you see me, it is a lot It can be overwhelming just to watch to think, wow he’s in a totally new environment with new food, with new people, new things and nothing is familiar And that’s where I like to become the comfort I like to teach them that through training and through those interactions with me that I’m going to listen to you I’m gonna listen to your body language and I’m gonna be receptive to what scares you, what makes you nervous and I’m gonna help you overcome it so that it’s no longer scary I’m not gonna remove what is scary so that you never have to face it I want you to become braver I want you to become more desensitized and better and more independent and not need me to lean on or to be used as comfort so that you can just be brave and be a bird and be a functioning bird And so a lot of the things that I’m working on with being in his series are just basic bird things I want him to learn to accept and enjoy bathing I want him to enjoy tearing up toys I want him to enjoy being outside among fresh air and natural breezes and sounds that will happen outside That he will learn that aren’t they aren’t scary and they shouldn’t scare him I want him to learn how to forage and how to self-entertain and I would really love to crate train him so that going in and out of a carrier is no big deal

These are things that most people need to be able to have their pet parrots do just on a daily basis so they can just function as a bird and they’re just healthy things that a bird should do Also eating a healthy diet, that’s huge to me If I bring home his old diet which I did we had, we had your old food You saw where I was keeping it (laughs) So I do hang onto previous diets just in case as a oh my gosh sorry my foot slipped As a oh my gosh, you know, he’s not eating, he’s refusing to switch over Although I haven’t actually run into that All birds have been a little bit different in their diet conversions but I’ve been able to get every project bird that I’ve taken on switch over to a super healthy diet And Bean, it happened a little bit differently It was a lot of social eating He just enjoyed seeing what I was making, being a part of it I handed him stuff that he had fun with the texture of just destroying it So it was no longer eat this new diet It was play with your food, have fun, socialize with me, be with me but also have enough distance and space that you was really comfortable but you also had something to do that was entertaining And that’s an introduction not only to a healthy diet but also to foraging It’s kind of a dual purpose It’s also teaching him to hang out with me in a positive way that is hands off because I’m all about force free training and permission based training and that all means getting the bird’s permission and invitation to interact with him So anytime that he does fly off if he’s scared, anytime he does fly off and he’s nervous, I make sure that he comes and seeks me out and finds me or I walk partway to him and have him walk partway to me but it’s an invitation that hey I do want you to pick me up I do want to interact with you and I kind of wait for those invitations A lot of you had also suggested doing target training And the reason target training wasn’t an option is because Bean came to me completely full He’s free fed so he’s almost always full I would have had to wait a really long time to get him to not only take a treat but to also target train him cause he doesn’t know what that even means So I would have had to been able to actually teach him what targeting was which is why it was not an option He was so fearful that I don’t think any sort of treat reward would have been worth it to overcome the fear So that’s the main reason I could not use target training on that day one So one thing that I wanted to talk about that was really hit on in the comments was how many of you wanted me to play SpongeBob SquarePants for Bean or sing to him or whatever And the reason that I don’t do those things is because I don’t take them as fact So I realized in the comments and the reason that I ask the questions I did in my part one video was to see where everybody’s at What would the general population do in the same situation? Because it kind of fills in the gaps for me and teaches me where I need to educate people or what kind of information I need to share more of and all the things And so what I realize is that a lot of people would have resorted back to whatever the previous owner said as fact He loves SpongeBob SquarePants, he loves singing and that’s anthropomorphizing so somebody thinking that he loves singing might actually get him heightened and cause aggression So I don’t wanna do something from the previous home that I know get some sort of reaction, I’ve never seen it So I don’t actually know if I take that as truth that he actually enjoys it or it might actually over heighten him and overstimulate him which leads to the face biting she had told me about or leads to why he hates men Maybe it was a man that played that for the first time and it’s actually an aggressive response that looks really playful You don’t really know and that’s why I choose not to retrigger things I know have sparked previous behaviors So if it happened on its own of course, that’s one thing but for me to intentionally try to trigger those things that were from the previous home just isn’t in my best interest of setting a new standard, setting a new relationship with him and figuring out what makes him tick and what he likes and doesn’t like There were times that I’m documenting over on Patreon where I felt like no, no, you can’t possibly be ready to progress to that and everything in his body language disagreed with where I emotionally was like, I don’t think that you’re ready for that You shouldn’t be ready for that yet he was and he expressed me through his body language super obviously that he was and so I just learned to listen to him and do that and then it paid off and he really was ready for that step and it was amazing So he really tells me at what pace to go But I did wanna just I guess make it clear that that day one is so important and it’s so misunderstood

I feel like a lot of the times bird owners spend so much time and put so much emphasis on what can I give the bird that it used to have in it’s old home to make it happy in mine versus coming up with your own What can you better in that bird’s life? How can you get it to overcome the fear of its brand new giant cage versus starting off in its small one that it’s used to Just try to find ways to help the bird through the fear versus recognizing that oh the bird’s scared, let’s take all the scary stuff away That’s not how you overcome fear You don’t overcome fear by avoiding fear You overcome fear by working through it and becoming brave and realizing that is not something to be scared of There’s no justification in being scared of whatever it is And I think that’s where the real growth comes from and that’s where birds learn to adapt to their environment a lot better But if you’re constantly removing things that could be deemed scary, you’re never working through the actual root of the problem which is the fear (upbeat music) I’ve not encountered a project bird where I have wanted to leave him in the cage to get used to things because that can potentially increases his phobias and make him cage bound where he learns that only the cage is a safe spot People are scary, the environment’s scary and now he doesn’t wanna come out So I know that there’s a lot of people that experienced this where their birds don’t wanna come out of the cage because everything is terrifying and then their experience when they’re forced out of the cage is equally terrifying So that’s another thing that I really didn’t wanna do So a lot of you that were telling me that I should put him in a cage to relax and settle in and all of that jazz, that’s how that can bite you in the butt later by teaching the bird that you included in that environment are also scary I want to make sure that I emphasize how well-intentioned, I know Laura was and other owners are when they do have to re-home So that’s something that I don’t want to get lost in all of this is that they do have the best intentions but sometimes what we as humans interpret as our birds loves or dislikes or preferences aren’t always accurate and it can take an outside eye to really say hey, I think I see this Have you ever noticed that it’s this response instead of the one that you’re creating A lot of the times we hear what we wanna hear, we see what we wanna see and we really need to refocus when it comes to our birds so that we can make sure that we’re interpreting it as they are interpreting it The other part of this is taking everything that the previous owners say as 100% truth This is a mistake that I’ve made in consoles before when people tell me certain truths about their bird and then I’m working from assumption that they are correct and I have to say no offense all of you watching that have done consoles with me but most of the time what somebody describes an animal’s problem as being is not actually the problem that the animal is having And so I just take it as a human’s interpretation of what they see in an animal, I don’t take it as 100% truth And I noticed that in a lot of the comments, you guys were and I just think that that is a mistake It’s something that you need to actually test and see for yourself especially because my environment is different from Laura’s So maybe just by chance, he does really love SpongeBob SquarePants at her house in her environment but in mine, it may not see it stay the same and be 100% truth It’s kind of like her if she would have claimed hey, he loves head scratches but then from a man, he doesn’t So it’s no longer about the head scratches, it’s about the environment encompassing that head scratch or that behavior So there’s a lot of different variants and elements that play roles in those behaviors of getting them to be successful or not which is why a lot of people succeed or fail when they get a new bird and the owner says, oh he loves this and the new owner tries it and doesn’t have success and wonders what am I doing wrong? I tried offering the thing that you said he loved and it’s not working It’s not working cause you have a completely different environment and not all the variables are identical which is why you really need to pave your own path and find your own way And when something isn’t working, you need to work through it not backtrack and make it easier That’s kind of like telling the animal that instead of having to learn A, B, and C, if you don’t learn A, we’ll just go back and make it easier And so they learn not to try because you’ll just constantly go back and make it easier We want to teach birds to problem-solve and be independent and not be 100% reliant on a human for their entertainment We want them to be able to of course have an amazing relationship

and a bond with us but also function as a bird, as a baseline enjoy bathing, enjoy a healthy food I really want you to get awesome at flying and just the basics of things like that Not fear basic things in the home, not fear a travel carrier, not fear men, you know things that are just going to come into the environment randomly and just all the time because that’s usually a family dynamic cause there’s a man in the house So I don’t want Bean to be fearful of that and the result isn’t make my husband go away It’s work through that fear and teach him that men aren’t so bad, men aren’t so bad at all Huh, just pet me, just be quiet and pet me One of the things that I think gets skipped on my day one videos is the attention that people pay to diet and for some reason on this day one video, it did get everybody’s attention Maybe because I spent more time on it but the main reason that I didn’t go slowly is because Bean’s pace with food conversion wasn’t slow He actually switched over with no problem and no issue and I was able to weigh him to make sure of that so I didn’t have to revert back to his old diet because he took to the new one so easily and so well that I felt really good about it Also, he had never been on a pellet, he was only on a seed diet so I didn’t feel guilty not having him have a pellet initially I didn’t prioritize that as much as I did my fresh seasonal feeding system because he then took to my birdie bread really easily which was the secondary part of his pellet transition for the second part of his diet transition Now some birds you do have to take it slow You gotta slowly mix the old diet with the new diet I have pellet conversion guides and seed to pellet conversion guides and pellet to pellet conversion guides and all sorts of conversion guides that talk about taking it real slow The reason that most people have to take it slow is because they didn’t do it right from day one So a lot of the time that you have to take it slow is because it’s a learned behavior of I get the same food in any environment that I’m in and you haven’t made it interesting enough to try the new foods So a diet conversion should never be taken lightly as far as you don’t wanna just wait for the bird to be so hungry that it’s going to eat whatever you put in front of it, that’s not the way to go A lot of birds will starve themselves versus eat what you put in front of them However, you can get creative I had to do a lot of diet conversions and so I know how to get creative with the diet and try to set myself and the bird up for success to really switch and make it a smooth transition like it was for Bean However that said, my diet conversion for Sunny which I helped Dave with his project bird, Sunny was entirely different from Bean’s So they don’t all go the same way I just want to reiterate that but there are different methods and different ways that you can convince birds to eat healthy I promise there are ways to do it (laughs) and it’s something I’m very passionate about doing correctly I really feel birds should be on the healthiest diet possible and you should do everything you can to get them off seed diet Every single animal and bird that I work with will be different No diet conversion will be identical No way that I get a bird to overcome certain fears will be identical I’ll use the same technique but how I go about it is gonna be entirely different based on the pace of that bird and its natural likes and dislikes and it’s learned behavior in the past as well But I really try to have a clean slate and work from that clean slate and build on my own solid foundation And if I learn later down the road that one of those things from the old home is not a trigger and it’s actually something that is positive behavior than awesome but I would hate to start off on the wrong foot by incorporating all the things that I take as truths that may not be truths and applying those first thing to my own situation You know, I think that’s why birds have a learned behavior and get really set in their ways is they do start to develop these expectations in certain homes where they get passed from home to home because everybody responds to the screaming the identically and so the bird just won’t learn any different because it’s never been tried any differently And I think that that just sets a lot of birds up for failure so it’s something that I try to be really mindful and careful of So anyways, I didn’t want you guys to feel like I was ignoring your comments So many of you were just kind of echoing the same thing over and over and over again and I guess I felt like I apparently haven’t done a good enough job explaining why I do the things that I do on day one If you wanna check out more of my day one videos with different birds from an Indian Ringneck to a Quaker parrot to gosh Caique parrot

to a Macaw to an Alexandrian parakeet, you can check out some day one links in this video description that I will leave to you And if you missed part one or part two to Bean’s first day, I will of course leave that in the video description as well But just kind of wanted to I guess give a little bit more in-depth explanation behind why I make the choices that I do and why every journey is just a little bit different with each and every bird because they say different things, they go at different paces and all that stuff and that’s okay I don’t know, I guess hopefully nobody’s too pissed at me but sure seemed like it so there’s that but honestly, I believe in my methods, I see the results in the birds that I work with and I feel like he’s doing pretty awesome and okay for how scared he started out so I’m gonna say that day one wasn’t traumatic Oh the other part that I wanted to address was that people were oh yeah petting time, people were not super happy that I took apart the cage to get Bean out and they wanted to know like why couldn’t I have been more patient and just like waited and waited and waited The thing that I saw with Bean and why I made that decision was because he was showing incredibly anxious behavior inside the carrier He was actually biting at his own nails and his own toes and showing such anxious behavior that I felt like there was no way he was going to come out on his own Nothing provoked him to really even get away from that side of the cage for a long time And so when I saw that body language, I realized okay well, I could probably take the top off I thought it would go a little smoother but I totally forgot about the front door that slammed and scared him So that was definitely my bad But the reason that I went ahead with that was because I figured I could undo whatever kind of scary experience that was gonna be I could build upon it and work through it and make sure that you were happy with me because I would have the entire day to do so If I would have waited until the evening till maybe he even cared about getting a treat or something and was trying to bribe his way out of it by the time I would have got him out of the carrier if it took all day, I would have had no time to actually work on my relationship and work on building something together And so I didn’t wanna not have time to do that because I figured I could use all the time I could get So that why I made the decision that I did so no, it wasn’t perfect Maybe there would have been an easier way At the time, I felt like that was the best decision I had Definitely could have made it go smoother But that’s why the reasoning that I had in my head of why I made the decision that I did about the carrier All right, should we go eat? You’re not ready You want to stay here, film videos all day Anyways, if you guys wanna see a bunch of his bathing progression and aviary progression and desensitization progression and pooping, check him out on Patreon He’s made a ton of progress so far and patrons are getting a whole bunch of videos on him plus behind the scenes of Sunny who is Dave’s project bird who will be public here on YouTube Bean yeah We’re gonna go have dinner We’re gonna go have dinner See ya We’re gonna go have dinner

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