JAMIE ROBINSON: This week’s episode with Meatball’s Hillbilly Hill Climb from Drive Channel’s “RideApart–” -Welcome to Generation Cycle JAMIE ROBINSON: Hey man, nice to meet you, finally -Nice to meet you JAMIE ROBINSON: Good stuff, well you’ve got quite a collection of stuff here, huh? -Just about everything you could imagine JAMIE ROBINSON: Slightly different than just looking on the website -Oh, it’s much different Yeah Here, come take a look JAMIE ROBINSON: Look how many front forks you’ve got -Yeah, thousands JAMIE ROBINSON: Good grief! -Thousands of sets JAMIE ROBINSON: I’m doing a hill climb We haven’t got much money What you got? -Well, I think we can work out a few things for you What kind of bikes are you looking for for this hill climb? JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, anything with two wheels and an engine, man I don’t care I swear -Two wheels and an engine? We’ve got stuff like this Honda here, maybe a little out of the reach What’s the budget that we’re looking at? JAMIE ROBINSON: Budget? There is no budget, man There’s like– $150 -$150? JAMIE ROBINSON: What’s a bike like that worth on today’s market? -Probably, something like that, you can pick it up for $500, $600, something like that I think that’s a little bit out of our reach JAMIE ROBINSON: What about this little, what about this ATV down here, this little kid’s bike? -You’re going to climb a hill with that? JAMIE ROBINSON: Ride to [INAUDIBLE] I’m up for anything How much is that? -That’s good for just a few laughs JAMIE ROBINSON: [LAUGHS] -This one, I don’t think I could honestly sell this to you for a hill climb I just, I couldn’t do it personally JAMIE ROBINSON: You couldn’t? -No JAMIE ROBINSON: Aw -I mean, you look great on it and everything, but I just don’t think it’s going to do it for you JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, gee -You know what, though? Take a walk back here I have probably what you’re looking for JAMIE ROBINSON: He must have somewhat in here -We could either take one of the guy’s bikes here I think he’ll get a little upset JAMIE ROBINSON: I reckon -Yeah But, it’s OK Or this one right here, I think we do this for you It’s a TY250, 1974 JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, man I had a TY250 when I was growing up -Did you really? JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah Wow Look at this old girl Been through a bit -Make it a laugh, and $150’s a deal JAMIE ROBINSON: Yes Good job, sir Does it work? -Oh, it runs Yeah JAMIE ROBINSON: It runs? -Yeah Give it a kick JAMIE ROBINSON: Here I come Oh, it kicked back There’s life in it -There’s life JAMIE ROBINSON: Yay! Oh, yeah So we turned up in a Honda Ridgeline today Check out the truck bed– 5 foot But as soon as the tailgate goes down, this is strong enough to hold two motorcycles Best bit about this also, throw all your gear in the bottom of here– all your tools, stinky gear doesn’t have to be in the cab In the cab, there’s loads of room And we’ve been towing about a motorcycle all the way to Glen Helen and we got 21 miles to the gallon– not bad for a pickup If you want weird and wonderful, all you have to do is come to one of Meatball’s events Here’s proof What is this? -Oh, this is my new T100 delta plan, man Shoot, I haven’t even picked it up yet JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, that’s the best bit [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING] JAMIE ROBINSON: Devon, you’re dressed for the part

You looked like you were having a lot of fun up that hill DEVON: This is my first time I had a blast JAMIE ROBINSON: First time hill climbing? DEVON: Yes, out on the dirt track ever with my bike JAMIE ROBINSON: Wow What bike was it? DEVON: It was a T100, a 1970 Triumph Desert Sled JAMIE ROBINSON: Desert Sled So those things weigh a ton as well DEVON: Yep So that’s the problem And I was really slow around these corners So I wasn’t getting enough speed early on And that’s what you need to get up the hill JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah, yeah, you need a bit of momentum DEVON: I was lagging I was lagging So the first time, I just didn’t make it up And I just whipped a circle up on top and just was, like, and then zoomed back down, hoping no one would notice JAMIE ROBINSON: We noticed We noticed DEVON: Yeah Shoot JAMIE ROBINSON: It’s been a great day, yeah? -Not bad at all for a day out in the dirt and the wind Like a dust bowl, but it still was a good time and a hell on wheels, rather JAMIE ROBINSON: Always, man What were you riding? -I was riding a 750 Bonneville JAMIE ROBINSON: What was it like being at the bottom on a motorcycle and having to try and get up there? -You know, looking from here now, it don’t look so bad But when you get into that top third, you’re like, hey, that front wheel’s coming over, especially on a bike that weighs 420 pound or whatever It puts some hair on your chest [CHEERING] JAMIE ROBINSON: The medic of the day You’ve been busy, haven’t you? -Yes, I have There have been a few scrapes, and contusions, and things like that I also gave out some candy JAMIE ROBINSON: You did? -Yeah JAMIE ROBINSON: Well, it was fancy dress But this is your usual uniform, right? -This is what I wear every day JAMIE ROBINSON: Every day So you’re an official medic? -Yeah, much like you’re an official motorcyclist JAMIE ROBINSON: [LAUGHS] I wouldn’t really class myself as that But there you go -Well, all right You know JAMIE ROBINSON: So you’ve been fixing a few people What’s the worst injury of the day? -You know, one of the Dangers had an exhaust pipe burn on a rather tender area of his anatomy So I didn’t actually see it, but I gave him a container of salve JAMIE ROBINSON: OK, so you didn’t rub any cream on there? -No I didn’t, no, no, no I don’t get paid enough to do that JAMIE ROBINSON: [LAUGHS] [CHEERING] JAMIE ROBINSON: What were you riding? -I was riding this Triumph right there JAMIE ROBINSON: And is that your bike? -No that’s one of Meatball’s loaner bikes JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh, man, Meatball does a good job At the last event, he had a bunch of bikes and lending them to people He’s doing the same again here, huh? -Yeah, yeah, he’s always got bikes for people that want to join the fun JAMIE ROBINSON: What’s the rule, though? Is it if you bend it, you mend it? Or? -No, it comes pre-bent JAMIE ROBINSON: [LAUGHS] Meatball, another fantastic event What’s all this one about? MEATBALL: I got this idea where just the common man can come out He doesn’t have to have to have a specialized motorcycle like for dirt track, or road racing, or drag racing Can come out and just ride JAMIE ROBINSON: Why the hill, though? That’s quite a hill, man, a bit of punishment MEATBALL: Yeah, I think almost every bike can make it up Maybe there’s a few that won’t make it up that But I wanted it to be enjoyable because it makes you feel good when you get to the top, and you’re fighting and losing traction And then of course, my favorite brand of motorcycle, Triumph, it sounds bitching going up a hill, man It just sounds like a damn P51 Mustang, you know? So I really wanted to make a little commune city down here

with tents and have the motor sound coming through the tents and people drinking, and talking, and swapping stories I thought it would be a good time That’s pretty tough coming down that hillside on your ass, bare-assed It’s pretty good You could see it in their eyes It was getting friction, you know? JAMIE ROBINSON: So another one of Meatball’s fantastic events is now over This one was a hill climb Get a bike going Twist the throttle and get to the top of the hill Many of us tried Some of us succeeded I didn’t But man, it was a blast trying I say it again Get a motorcycle Twist the throttle Hang on You’ll have a blast [SHOUTING] -[INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING] [CHEERING] JAMIE ROBINSON: Yeah! Yeah! He’s going to make it He’s going to make it Yeah! [LAUGHS] JAMIE ROBINSON: What’d you do, Nik? NIK WOGEN: Rode the bike JAMIE ROBINSON: What did you do to it? NIK WOGEN: Well, the lever was a bit loose, so I helped that out I just gave it all it got going up that hill

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