♪ I chase stars and the Moon ♪ ♪ My horse neighs in the snowstorm ♪ ♪ I hold up my sword ♪ ♪ Cut off my hairs along with my sorrow ♪ ♪ The world is vast ♪ ♪ In this life of mine ♪ ♪ I have taken both paths of love and hate ♪ ♪ A lone wild goose flies in the clouds ♪ ♪ The sky in the background is glaring ♪ ♪ The heaven and the earth are all in my heart ♪ ♪ A jug of liquor and a spark are enough for me ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day full of all kinds of feelings ♪ ♪ Like the cloud in the wind ♪ ♪ There’s nobody I can share my life with ♪ ♪ Sometimes I owe others and sometimes they own me ♪ ♪ It’s merely a dream ♪ ♪ Tomorrow will be a good day that flies by ♪ ♪ I’ll still be tender like yesterday ♪ ♪ Running toward that rainbow ♪ ♪ And hug you ♪ ♪ Come in to the outdoor teahouse for a cup of tea ♪ ♪ My brothers all like things spicy ♪ ♪ Hustling and bustling ♪ ♪ Mahjong is of course a must ♪ ♪ Some stubborn kid does not listen to advice ♪ ♪ He gets up in midnight to sweep the courtyard ♪ ♪ Oh my dear liquor jar ♪ ♪ Fill up my cup ♪ ♪ And let’s drink ♪ = Overlord = = Episode 20 = If the Yangtze River is used for grain transport, these ten points are the most important as they are controlled by four water gangs Among the four water gangs, Weng Dayou of Hanshui Gang on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is the most relevant Well… Some days ago, our master saved Weng Dayou right at a station of Longzhu Gang This guy has been really picky since he boarded at Xiazhou He complained about our searching in the darkness and our taking the wrong river course He drank his own liquor and fainted away in less than two hours He had to rush back to the Silver City as soon as possible If he really died on our boat, it would be a bad omen indeed He was poisoned with lead which had a very strong smell The victim should have noticed it So far as I know, some rich people in the south love to add leads in liquors for longevity and greater strength Greater strength? This big guy is a real Lovelace How to clear the toxins for him? Induce vomiting Dig some Houttuynia cordata thunbs The more the better Pound them, soak them in water and feed him Xiaoqin, make some preparations! Yes, master Master, this guy’s identity is unknown The tattoos on his body look like a sign of the water gang We should keep vigilant Forget his identity Saving life is the top priority Everything falls into place here How long does it take for a round trip to Jia’ermu? According to the map, it will probably take half a month Half a month? No, time isn’t enough We must finish the arrangement before return to the Silver City from Jia’ermu I have an idea Yan Bin goes back to raise funds Weng Dayou once left a message at the Silver City, claiming he lives on the upper reaches of the Tuojiang River You and I will set out right away to meet him If Yan Bin goes back, what should Longzhu Gang do then? You can go back to the Silver City secretly together One of you can rent the warehouse and the other can watch out and contact What will you do then? We will go on to Jia’ermu Master, if you travel together,

and he is… What are you thinking about? Take it easy Why are you looking at me that way? = Prince Zhao’s Mansion = Your Highness, Concubine De is coming Mother? What is she coming here for? I am not sure Her Highness invites you to the front courtyard now Mr. Pang has also come here Mother, Uncle, Take a seat Yes Liang Hongtu is the chief examiner of the imperial examination this year His two sons both succeeded in the examination and ranked among the top three examinees Moreover, except the top ten, all the rest of rankings were sold to children of rich merchants So, he obtained tons of money Who has impeached him? Zhao Jin, vice minister of the Ministry of Penalty Zhao… Liang Hongtu is the prince’s people He has always had conflicts with us at the royal court If Liang Hongtu is convicted of examination malpractice and bribery, he will never rise again It is good time to woo the Ministry of Penalty and eliminate our adversaries Mother, if Liang Hongtu really has examination malpractices, he will be brought to justice But Zhao Jin… How silly you are! Every official knows that Zhao Jin is loyal only to His Majesty and has never involved in any party feud It means his impeachment of Minister Liang is an initial gift to us Tomorrow is the sixtieth birthday of Mr. Zhao We shall offer him a gift in return as a token of good faith in order to win him over I will prepare the gift Tomorrow, you shall visit him early to know about his idea If so, I will talk to him further the other day I will leave first Take care, Uncle Zhao, do you know why I invited you here? Mother, I shouldn’t have cut in your discussion with Uncle But I really don’t understand why it is Zhao Jin Zhao, don’t just look at the surface You should learn to go deeper, understand? Yes This is a water gang? With the gang rule of benefiting the people off the court, the water gang maintains the livelihood of the grassroots and has certain conflicts of interests with the government That is why its base is located at a far and remote place Let’s go Make it harder You should have made it harder Sir, I really appreciate your strength If you really mean it, you need to offer some trotters for us tonight Frankly, – your eyebrows are really rare – There God has cut them in a perfect way Perfect? Shit! Who is that little girl? I… Call you big brother here = Loyalty and Brotherhood = Master Great to see you here Good to see you, Mr. Weng Good to see you, Master Weng Master Long, are you my savior? Please send a message for me, girl I want to meet your master This is…

Our master is busy and asks us to visit you What can we do for you, Mr. Weng? I help you Take care What is the use of it? Longzhu Gang saved my life I should say thank-you to your master What does your master mean? Doesn’t I deserve a meeting with your Master? Our master said Longzhu Gang is always ready to offer a hand We are obligated to help anybody in trouble on our boat But our master is a righteous person The aphrodisiac liquor that has intoxicated you doesn’t seem to fit in with your identity Nonsense! How dare you comment on me as a messenger! Calm down, Mr. Weng The most important thing now is you take good care of yourself Our master has asked our brothers to prepare your tonics We can discuss further after you recover Bye It is too late for me to recognize that you saved me despite our prior conflicts I am sorry for that Come on, take a seat Thank you, sir What have you two come to this desolate wilderness for? What can I do for you? Frankly, Master Li and I have come here for a big deal with you Great I love a deal offered to me like this Many grain-producing areas are attacked by disasters The loyal court will certainly increase the grain transport by water The waterway grain transport will certainly double in half a year We prepare to rent warehouses at various big quays If your goods can be stored at our warehouse, we not only offer you commissions, but also provide additional jobs for your gang members It is a good deal for your gang indeed We are friends and I have to be candid Your proposal is a good one Our people have gathered together based on brotherhood Having a deal with a businessman will be a subject of gossip for others I see Master Weng may have some worries with businessmen like us Actually, doing business reflects one’s integrity One’s personal integrity depends on one’s practices instead of profession Like this teapot Tea Bowl Array? Master Weng, please Drinking the middle one means loyalty I didn’t expect you know the secret of Tea Bowl Array Yes We do the waterway grain transport business also for our people to make a living in lean years To be frank with you, our water gang has always been doing hard jobs in history My brothers follow me and work hard with me just to make a living In the past years, I have tried to diversify the means of money-making and expand our gang It is just a test of your sincerity I didn’t expect Master Li, the most successful businessman of the Silver City, is such a sincere person I am feeling much more assured now Mr. Weng, thanks for your trust Somebody Take my Coiling Dragon Stick here Master… The Coiling Dragon Stick is a holy article of our gang It hasn’t been lent out in history With it, anybody can command all canal gates nationwide and travel smoothly along the way Thanks, Mr. Weng Master Long, I have something between you and me Master Long, you really have a good eye on picking a lover Mr. Weng! Call me brother Brother, we are just ordinary business partners You are on the same boat anyway Not all people on the same boat travel in the same direction And he has his beloved already

Do you mean he is engaged or has a baby? No What is your concern then? Look! He is looking at you lovingly What are you doing? Keep away from me! Or else, I will slap on your face I will beat you What? My fish Can you do anything other than robbing? Robbing what? Robbing a girl? You are no longer a silent person with stabbing words You have a glib tongue now Do you like me as I am now? This is my fish Go and catch by yourself Take care. It is hot Yummy! Why are all businessmen of the city gone in days of grain collection and taxpaying each year? Sir, if we go too far… If we don’t go far enough, how can we get their money? = Account Book = How can I go to Chang’an without gifts? But, Mr. Pang hopes you can make it clean here Cleaning means making all people black instead of making myself white Register all businessmen having no connection with us and collect double taxes from them Arrest and punish all resisters Yes How about that issue? Li Qingliu and his three companions have been divided up and are approaching the pass Divided up? Their servants left on the way and only two of them are left now Keep a close eye. Don’t make a mistake Just take it easy, sir Everything is within my control = Silk Store = Step aside! = Seal of Silver City Government = = Seal of Silver City Government = = Confession = = Account book = = Xinsilu = Waiter! Here I am Give us a pot of tea Okay = Liquor = Sir and madam, may I take your order? We call you after a while Okay What do you want to eat? We have eaten dried food for days It is a rare chance to eat at a restaurant I must eat my fill today Eat your fill? Come on, eat here Let me have a check Cut this way or this way? Steward Yan, can’t you recognize me? The owner of the Tao Shop in the north of the Silver City What are you doing here? Don’t you know the Silver City is in chaos now?

How dare you have a meal here? We have just returned What happened? The commissioner arrested hundreds of merchants in the Silver City Why did Du Changfeng do that? They said it was to crack down upon illegal businessmen No more chat I must escape from here right away See you! It is really strange I think we must tell our masters We are far away from them How to tell them? Let’s hurry into the city now and finish my master’s task right way Let’s go = Liquor = Please take care Sir, please stop for a while We have traveled for a whole day Let’s take a rest here Okay Is the pass right on the other side of the mountain? After grazing horse, we will set out and can reach there tonight Is there anybody else other than soldiers there? Is it a big place? Are you wondering if that place has any restaurant? I am starving now. Answer me The pass is a strategic point How can there be any restaurant there? Master, there is a horse thief Horse Go Go Go Wait for me Go Go Who is that thief? Stand up! You fall down so easily? Don’t pretend to be dead You… Calm down It isn’t appropriate for a man to cry I am Animu I escaped from my tribe For any crime? To escape from marriage Escape from marriage? A man escaping from marriage? Do you think it is credible? It may not be a big deal for you But it is for me I had no choice but to borrow your horse Please just forgive me He is there. Go and get him What shall we do then? It is late Find a place to stay firstly Are you dismantling home, Your Highness? Answer me Where is my Gold-coated Dragon-in-cloud Sword? Isn’t that your favorite treasure? Yes, it was still here yesterday But it is gone today Yes, I remember The steward said Her Highness gave it to… Mr. Zhao Give it? How can she… Mother! I asked the cook to cook some soup

for you to dissipate your heat inside I have no appetite You have much heat inside, so, you are restless and have no appetite Mother, did you ask somebody to take away my sword? Exactly! Your uncle knew Minister Zhao loved sword collection So, I gave it to him as a gift Do you know it is my favorite? It is only valuable when Minister Zhao loves it Do you take everything as a tool tradable for powers? It is just a sword If you like it, I can ask them to make one for you Just forget it You only read these useless books in the study every day They have deprived your ambitions Attend the birthday party of Minister Zhao with your uncle tonight You must offer the gift to him personally Mother, I just don’t understand why you must ally with him instead of many other senior officials at the court The Ministry of Penalty has always been out of our control The Vice Minister of Penalty has great powers in hand and even the prince is trying to win him over We can’t miss this opportunity But that son of bitch is really… Shut up! You must be tolerant The personal hatred is already the past If you really want to revenge, we can do it when our family controls the imperial powers one day If you like the sword, I can make one for you again It is too wet here The goods are all soaked Good, good, good – Get her down – Good – Where is here? – Beautiful! – Good – Go ahead Judging from the tribal flag, it should be Zheluo Tribe which was separated from Bailanqiang Good Good Good, good It is very boisterous there Let’s go and have a look Wait The tribe here seldom has contact with the outside world Leave it to me if any accident happens later Get her down I see Good Get her down Uncle Han, tie the horse Good Good Good Make it harder Get her down Go ahead Make it harder Go ahead Good Good Good Go ahead Make it harder Dabaru! Make it harder Women’s wrestling, I love it – Look at that person – Make it harder Good Good Isn’t that buy the horse thief? Why is he arrested? Good, good, good Good Marvelous, really marvelous! Get her down Get her down Good Good, good, good Dabaru, Dabaru, Dabaru The winner of this battle is No. 1 Warrior, Dabaru! She will win the marriage with Animu Good I already have my beloved Why do you have to force me to the corner? Our Zheluo Tribe is a warlike tribe Women rule in our tribe and even the man of our leader has no right of speech Unless you are no longer a member, you must obey the rule without exception Any violator will be expelled and

sent to Coyote Lake in exile Why? – Who is that? – Who is that? Who is this young girl? Madam, I don’t think it is logical and unfair Don’t make troubles He said he has his beloved Why do you have to separate them? Because of your rules? Somebody! Tie up this alien sissy who keeps talking nonsense here Wait a minute Our tribe respects martial arts and advocates fairness Fairness is got on the wrestling field If you defeat Dabaru, you will make the decision Who is that? She sounds very tough She is Yuwuaji, our leader’s daughter, and our future leader You are a reasonable person I’ll seek fairness on the wrestling field It is too dangerous. Don’t go there Come on Dabaru Dabaru Dabaru Dabaru Let me do it Dabaru I don’t need your help Withdraw from here Dabaru Shit! This guy falls ill whenever he is in close contact with a girl Take it Dabaru Dear all… Dabaru! It is a critical moment on the field Let me help you relax a little bit It is a gift from the Silver City It is tea It can clear summer heat, make you prettier and slim your figure Off the circle Li Qingliu, great job How is it possible? Dabaru is defeated Sorry He defeats Dabaru Impossible! Really powerful Didn’t you expect it today? Young leader, can you release him now? The battle is over We have to leave now Wait a minute May I know your names? Well… Of course, you can We are both Li He is the elder Li and I am the younger Li Heroes, it is late today Please take a rest in our tribe Well… Okay, why not? Let’s go Go Go What good couples! = Suyong Hall = Sir, the message from the pass says they didn’t go through the pass tonight Instead, they entered a hunting tribe called Zheluo What? Go and make preparations I will set out for Zheluo right away Sir, you are going to the capital city for the new position soon I have handed it over to the officers at the pass You don’t have to go there personally Nonsense! We must catch them at the pass so as to hold them responsible for illegal transport of weapons It is already going off track We can’t wait any longer We shouldn’t allow them to escape Master Li is really cunning

He has a hidden cargo hold Take care A crafty person has more than one hideout We must learn it Hurry up, hurry up Shh! Speak softly or you will attract the soldiers here Let’s wait for your gang members to carry them away Are you crazy for me? Who is crazy for you? I think my master and Master Li must have had a battle with each other No Your master can never defeat my master Pardon me? No, I mean… I know my master can never defeat your master Why? They may… They may be doing Doing what? Doing… Outside, outside, outside Shh! There are soldiers outside ♪ Brother ♪ ♪ Brother ♪ ♪ The moon is only on the west ♪ ♪ You don’t have to walk slowly ♪ ♪ Brother ♪ ♪ Brother ♪ ♪ The moon is only on the west ♪ ♪ You don’t have to walk slowly ♪ Mr. Li! Mr. Li from the Silver City Are you still awake? What can I do for you? Mr. Li, open the door, please It is me, Dabaru I am sleeping now We can talk about it tomorrow Mr. Li, it is the right time for a talk now Don’t you hear the songs around? They are all singing for a proposal Proposal? When night falls and the Venus is high up in the sky, a young girl of our tribe will sing a song beside the residence of her beloved man At the moment of deep love, the man can invite the girl in and have sex Madam, you make a mistake No, you are my Mr. Right I hadn’t found any beloved in my tribe until you defeated me My heart melted down for you utterly Sir, just open the door Don’t you love me? I have my beloved It doesn’t matter We can have momentary pleasures I don’t feel identified with the customs of your tribe Madam, please return I don’t want to delay your marriage You… = Cargo Hold =

Hurry up Hurry up – Take care – Take care Brothers, the goods are reserved by our master for emergency use Sell them as soon as possible Don’t make a mistake Okay, take it easy. Brother Bin Shuisheng, how are things going on with you? I have confirmed with both Master Weng and Mr. Shen Master Shen agreed to advance the money without interest for us The water gang takes the shipping space not ordered by the government Listen, Du Changfeng openly claims to crack down upon illegal businessmen in the city There must be complex causes behind it We must do it in a low profile and avoid any trouble Finish the grain transport properly ♪ I embarked on the journey when I was young ♪ ♪ Now I have experienced everything and I’m still alone ♪ ♪ I ever lost myself and complained ♪ ♪ Nobody knows what I have experienced ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the mountains and roads ♪ ♪ Let’s watch ever-changing clouds ♪ ♪ Let’s watch blooming and withering flowers ♪ ♪ Let’s watch people missing each other ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Clear up the mist and warm the loner ♪ ♪ You are smiling like before in Spring breeze ♪ ♪ Time blurs the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I’d like to be with you for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the desert ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the misty Spring rain ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the secular world ♪ ♪ Let’s watch the boundless sea ♪ ♪ Sparks are still shining in your eyes ♪ ♪ I look forward to the day we get together ♪

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