– Let’s see if he will go on a stand (feathers fluttering) It’s okay It’s okay (feathers fluttering) You too scared? Oh, you don’t have all your flight feathers That’s fine What about this one? This one too scary, too? (feathers fluttering) Oh Gosh, you really do fly about everything, huh? Good job Okay, can I set you down? Can’t set you down Okay What am I gonna do with you? You’re scared of everything (light music) Hmm (wings fluttering) Oh, well that looks good I don’t want you on my shoulder, so You wanna try some fresh food or come down on here? You won’t even like be on the counter? Come on, you can do it Come on the counter, come on Shnikes I have an idea Now you’re on the counter You’re on the counter, you did it That’s not even me anymore Okay, you’re gonna be all right I’m gonna get you some fresh food to try Really hope you like it Look at this No? Just terrified of everything? You wanna try it? Oh, good job He’s eye pinning This is my seasonal feeding system breakfast that all the birds get in the morning So you’re gonna be getting it, too So I’m glad you tried it Can I have my sweater back? Can I have my sweater back? Can you step onto the counter? Not happenin’ You just really wanna be on me So I’m gonna be a fear crutch Huh? You have a lot of desensitizing to do You want any water? (laughing) What was that? No (feathers fluttering) Oh my goodness, that’s so random All right, Mr. Bean, come on over here Actually, I might have to use my sweater trick again, huh? Otherwise, you may not step down (phone dinging) Grab my sweater real quick Oh, you pooped Okay Good job Good job, it’s okay You just not gonna let me set you down again?

Oh you switched hands Good job Good job Almond? Now, you made me spill water everywhere You’re finally, on the counter, oh my goodness That only took over an hour (gentle music) Okay, I’m gonna take my lunch break Always good to include birds in the food making process safely, anyway It definitely makes them have an appetite, huh? Okay Better now I had to do what you did with Sonny where I took the cage apart, but it scared the heck out of him and he flew, but he’s fine He’s just terrified of everything Everything makes him fly Offered him water, it made him fly – Oh wow – Tried to like step on it, and it made him fly He definitely, I could see where he’d wanna get up on a shoulder and just not come down and stay there for– – Does he seem aggressive at all or just? – [Jamieleigh] He doesn’t seem aggressive He kind of went down to my hand at one point, ’cause he really didn’t wanna go on the counter, but he didn’t bite me Good job, it’s okay Good job, it’s okay It was just more of like a nervous, I’m too scared to go down there, but just getting him on this was a heck of a thing He’s scared of all the stands He’s scared of that little perch So, and he does not have all of his flight feathers I think he was clipped, and they’re molting out and coming in So he’s like molting out some of his clipped flight feathers – Okay – [Jamieleigh] But yeah, just terrified of everything So I think once his diet’s right and I can work with treats I’m just gonna be desensitizing the heck out of him – Cool – [Jamieleigh] So, yeah, we’ll see He’s doing good – [Dave] I’m gonna bring in some stuff I’ll try not to scare him – Okay, thanks Are you scared of toys? Are you just scared of everything? Is this scary? A little bit? Where you going? Look Pooping, okay So Bean, look, you can like tear into this It’s pretty fun Pretty fun I’m gonna leave it here for you, if you decide to check it out, I’m just gonna let you hang out a little bit Do you wanna come? You do Good job I’ll give you an almond No, okay What you want? (wings fluttering) Oh my gosh, what’s scary now? (wings fluttering) What’s scary now I’m gonna put you down, nope (wings fluttering) Okay It’s okay Oh my goodness, not this again (wings fluttering)

It’s okay – [Dave] All right, Bean, I’m comin’ through (laughing) – Can I touch your head? Wow I thought Laura said you couldn’t pet him – [Dave] Yeah, well – Nice – [Dave] People always say a lot of things – Wow, that was nice He’s, it’s almost like he’s shaking it off That was really nice What do you wanna do? Just hang out, kinda get comfortable Pet you again? Wow (gentle music) Not so bad Oh you scared me (laughing) Okay, well Bean, we got a lotta work cut out for you Everything was going fine and then I sneezed Scared the heck out of you, and he flew, and I caught him So that was cool Cool that I caught ya Not cool that you got scared by me sneezing, though It’s like everything scares you Look at this You need some birdy bread Oop, you wanna try some? You wanna try some? You’re eye pinnning about it Try a bigger piece? Did you want more petting? Awwww So you don’t wanna try a birdy bread? (gentle music) Someone got scared and flew ’cause of the door (voice muffled) let’s see if we can get him to go on the stand Yes Good job, bud You did it We managed to squeeze that into day one Whoop, whoop, look at you Love it You look really happy on this one So he flew from that stand over there while I was literally filming and ended up by my piano So like down there So yeah, I guess we’ll see how it does on this stand I think every time he flies, I’m gonna put him somewhere different It’ll just be part of the desensitization process, huh? You look really good on this one, though Looks super good on this one Look at you being brave and comfortable on one foot So I would say today was a success My goals and things that I was most paranoid about was the fact that Laura, Bean’s previous owner, had told me that he was scared of everything I didn’t realize how accurate that would be Normally I’m told one thing and then I see another, but with Bean that was so accurate, scared of everything I sneezed, and this wasn’t on camera, but I sneezed, and he went flying across the room I actually caught him, which was awesome But I have to say, I ended up sneezing a couple more times in the day and he didn’t fly and freak out So I consider that a win, but he has a lot of desensitizing to do because he is really scared of a lotta different things Just the fact that I was able to move this foraging tree over here was phenomenal He’s gotten a little bit more comfortable on it, but he’s still only at the edge He hasn’t gone around and checked the whole thing out So I hope that we’ll get there I know that we will It’s just not gonna be today It’s not gonna be super fast progress,

but I considered today really awesome progress I’m really hoping that Bean doesn’t do any sort of over bonding to me So that’s something I wanna keep in mind and I wanna make sure that the rest of my family plays a little bit of a role in all of his desensitization process So it’s not just me that’s comforting It’s humans that are comforting It’s not just this specific human I want it to be humans in general So definitely gonna work towards that And can’t wait to share his journey with you guys over on Patreon So if you enjoyed this day one of Bean, please come join me over on Patreon for the rest of his journey and documenting it I’m really excited to share it with you guys For those of you unaware, my patrons are why I can take on project birds like Bean This was something super unexpected for me I wasn’t actually gonna take on a project bird this year I was just leaving on to Dave, my husband He took on a project bird this year named Sonny And he is a macaw from a hoarding situation It was really devastating And because Sonny was gonna be a longterm project bird, I decided that it would be best if I didn’t take on one And then a friend of mine was sadly diagnosed with stage three cancer and had to make a decision And there’s a lot of deep rooted issues going into that besides just the cancer that just played a role in this decision And so I decided to take Bean on, and I wanna get him to a place where he is easily adoptable into a loving family So that is my goal with him He was not planned, but I’m excited to have him and be a part of this and help a friend So this is really, really something super meaningful to me to be able to do this and document the journey for all of you And also huge thanks to my patrons for just making this possible and always supporting me when things like this come up and allowing me to do things like this for people It’s really amazing So if you feel like supporting project birds or following Bean’s journey, come join me over on Patreon It’s Patreon.com/BirdTricks, and I will be sharing his journey with my Bondi tier and above And those of you that are following the Sonny story and the Sonny series from Dave called Unwanted, I will be sharing behind the scenes of how I am interfering (laughing) with Dave’s project bird, because I can’t, I just can’t stay out of it apparently So if you wanna see any of that head over to Patreon as well That is for my Rocko tier and above, and as always check out the other benefits and exclusive content that we have over there for all of you guys looking to dive deeper into bird behavior, and he might be able to even learn to sleep on these plays stands Hopefully– – Ope – In case anybody wondered what I looked like half naked and wet out of the shower (laughing) Sorry, I didn’t know you were filming (voice muffled) you’re comin’ in, too

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