Ball! – Here! – Ball! Shoot! Yes! I’ll die, Dad! No, let’s sit and talk, dear. – No! Ma’am? What I’m going to tell you now, should stay between us Pass! – Ball! – Here! – Run! Pass! Yes! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! – Goal! – Very nice! Guys, match over See you tomorrow Thank you, sir! – Bye! – Bye, sir! Hello Hi I’m Romi. I’m an actress and a model Here are my photos Do one thing Mail us all the photos Give us your contact number There’s been an improvement in your defence and attack Now, you can play any football game in the world Thank you so much, my coach This is a result of your training The practice is over now. You can address me as sir Okay, sir How is my friend? It’s been a while since I spoke to Savitri As always, she is fine, sir Good to know. Well, all right. See you tomorrow. Bye Yes, sir Bye. Thank you I want to die! – Romi! Romi! Let me go! I want to die! Dear, listen to me – No! No! Listen. Let’s sit and talk.. – No! No! Please throw the knife Rohan wants to be a sportsman You got a special coach for him I want to be model, but my dreams aren’t valued Dear, we do value them. – You don’t! Please don’t do this Mom isn’t letting me go to Mumbai What is going on! Look, it’s all because of you! It’s because of your stubborn nature! Dad! – Let me go – What is.. – I’ll die! No one will step forward! Sister-in-law, stay away! Go ahead and cut yourself! What did you think? That I will die? I won’t die! I’ll go to Mumbai and become a supermodel! You will see! Romi! – Romi! – Romi! Savitri, why aren’t you letting her become a model? Sister-in-law, because I know that my daughter isn’t built for that profession Romi is mistaken when she thinks that I’m coming in the way of her dreams But in order to fulfil her dream, I met an ex-model But, Sister-in-law The reality that she told me The road to success in our industry is a slippery one Often, people push you away and go ahead Other times, you lose your momentum and And what? Majority of the women lose themselves in this world of stardom Some fall in the cesspool of drugs and vice Some fall in the abyss of affairs and some end up in prostitution And if you think that your daughter is tough enough to do these things it’s well and good This is one reason why I don’t want to send Romi to Mumbai We have noticed traffic signals while traveling on roads And also the accidents, which occur when one ignores the signals Just like the journey on roads, the journey of our lives too, has certain signals There are rules, boundaries and limits which give a heading to our journey in life And when these instructions are not followed the consequences that one faces are something which we will see in today’s story

‘Please close the door..’ Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am? Ma’am! Ma’am! What happened? – Ma’am! Why are you screaming in the morning? Look, I’ve been ringing the doorbell for the last three days But she isn’t opening the door at all What is it? Look, I’ve been ringing the doorbell for the last three days But she isn’t opening the door at all The house reeks as well Hello, police? ‘Please close the door..’ Move aside Move Who has the key? Sir, I do I’m the owner of the flat Look at this, sir Search the house Find out if there are signs of forced entry Ma’am! Ma’am! Take care of her Take her out What happened, ma’am! Seeing the body, it seems that she was killed three to four days ago Her throat was slit Yes, sir Call the forensic department and the ambulance And question the watchman and the rest of them Let me know if anyone came here to meet her. – Yes, sir When do you come here? – At 9 a.m., sir I came here three days ago too Did she live here alone? Or did she live with someone else? She lived alone, sir Sometimes, her aunt and brother came to meet her Did anyone come to meet her three to four days ago? Yes, sir A man came A few days before that, her mother came to meet her But she left in an hour What are you doing here? Romi! No one came to meet her after that Check the nails and see if you can find traces Sir, I found this mobile It’s switched off In the call log, all the calls are that of her family Didn’t she have a friend here? As far as I know, she didn’t have any friends And apart from her family members no other person came to meet her Hello? This is PI Shinde from Mumbai Yes? – Who is this? This is Rohan here Look, four days ago, someone killed Romi in Mumbai What! Romi has been killed! How! You need to come to Mumbai How! – Savitri! Greetings. This is CI Kanawde Look, four days ago, someone killed Romi here Here in the morning today, her mother committed suicide What! – We are investigating at her place What is it, sir? Sir Your daughter, Romi, was murdered in Mumbai three days ago Please, go out Come Tambe, whenever someone commits suicide

then because of his weight the marks on the neck are vertical These marks are round in shape. Look Right, sir. – Do you know what this means? First, she was strangled to death Then, she was hanged here An attempt was made to make a murder look like a suicide Sir, there are no signs on forced entry by the door Looks like Romi knew the killer already That’s why, she opened the door for him It is possible. After the postmortem make the arrangements for the body to be sent to Nashik. – All right Examine Romi’s personal life thoroughly Check her financial details Here, Romi gets murdered and over there, a few days later, Romi’s mother kills herself Maybe, the two cases are linked Finish the investigation here and come to the office All right ‘So far, you saw..’ Where were you when this incident took place? Sir, every morning, I go to Mohan and Gayatri’s place to do yoga There, everyone would do yoga in the lawn together I was there itself Your wife doesn’t go with you? Sir, she used to go, but over the last few days she didn’t Why? Any particular reason? Because.. – Because Because over the last few days, she was sick Your daughter was killed in Mumbai and your wife’s corpse was found here Do you suspect anyone? Mom.. – Quiet, Rohan It’s all right Where were you? Sir, I was training for the football game I go every day Who saw the corpse first? I did, ma’am. When I came here in the morning I found the door to be open I called for ma’am, but she wasn’t there I went to her bedroom, calling for her And when I opened the door I saw her hanging by the fan I was scared when I saw her And then, I called my sir And then, sir I told Mohan everything and the three of us came here Has something happened in her personal life which might have affected her psyche? Savitri didn’t like it when Romi modelled And that’s why, a few days ago, they fought too Sir, the safe is broken in there It’s empty – The safe is broken? Sir, I checked it The jewels weren’t there I told him Give us a list of the jewels that have been stolen Sir, one moment I’ve a list already By when will we get the postmortem report? We should have the primary report by tomorrow evening All right Deepa. – Sir Question the neighbours about Savitri Maybe, we will learn something that may be of use to us Yes, sir Let’s go Tambe, if the jewels have been stolen this means that they will be sold Alert all the jewels nearby Sir Look, Rohan I know what you’re going through right now But never think that you are alone So what if your mother is no more? Your aunt is like your mother Anyway you’re my responsibility You aren’t my mom You’re my aunt Stay like one Savitri, who lived in Nashik and her daughter, Romi, who lived in Mumbai where no more Romi was murdered and Savitri’s demise was made to look like a suicide It was evident that someone strangled Savitri to death and then, she was hanged An attempt was made to make the murder seem like a suicide The safe in Savitri’s house was broken and the jewels worth lakhs in there were missing too Sir, the safe in there is broken Sir, I informed him about it It seemed that this was the case of murder and robbery The Nashik and Mumbai Police were faced with the question if Romi and Savitri’s murders were linked Were they murdered for the same cause, by the same killer? Or were they different? If the cause of Savitri’s death was robbery then what was the cause for Romi’s death? And, was it their loved ones, who were responsible for this? Tambe, what do you think about this Vimal? Because given the manner in which he had the list of the missing jewels, it seemed that he was aware

of what was going to happen I suspect something is not right Listen to me carefully What I’m going to tell you now should stay between us only If this is indeed a murder, sir then why would Vimal kill his own wife? What does he stand to gain from this? We can’t say that right now But if this murder was done for gains then the person who stands to benefit the most is the one closest to the deceased In case of a wife, it’s the husband Find out where Vimal’s phone was at the time of Savitri’s murder Was he really doing yoga, or something else? I used to go to Mohan and Gayatri’s place, to do yoga Sir Sir, after speaking to Savitri’s neighbours and friends I’ve found out that her behaviour had changed dramatically over the last few months She was acting strangely What do you mean? Sir, perhaps, she was quite depressed for some reason Ma’am, where are you going? Buy some tomatoes They are fresh I wondered if you had begun to buy vegetables from some other place Where had you been for the last few days? You were nowhere to be seen Well, I’ll select fresh tomatoes. Let me What happened, ma’am? Savitri! What are you up to these days? You haven’t come for the prayer, since last four days And we called you so many times, but you aren’t even answering them Everything is fine, right? Let’s meet tomorrow Okay? All right So, two months ago, something happened to Savitri owing to which, she was quite disturbed But what was it, that even her family doesn’t know? Or, her family knows about it but are lying to us Sir! Sir! Yes, Gayatri Tell me Sir, Raju, our company driver who used to drive Vimal and Savitri’s car he has been missing since the day of Savitri’s murder What do you mean he is missing? Sir, when I asked around, the watchman told me that he saw him with his bags, go somewhere in a taxi Have you got his photo or an address? Yes, I do Sir, here is his photo and here is his address I found it in the company records The door is locked Listen Yes, sir Since when is this man missing? Sir, the door has been locked for the last two days And he hasn’t been seen around either Do you know about his friends or relatives? Sir, has no relatives but he has two friends here Shyam and Badri, who live nearby But, sir. They are also missing with Raju Sir Sir, here is Savitri’s postmortem report Your guess was right This is murder, not suicide First, she was strangled to death with a rope Then, she was hanged Submit it Sir, SI Deepa had called Romi’s mother, Savitri’s postmortem report is out According to it, she didn’t commit suicide She was murdered Patil, like I said, there ought to be a link between the murders of the mother and daughter It can’t be a coincidence Sir, do you think that their killer is the same person? No, it can be any number of people We can’t say anything in this case right now But one thing is certain Whoever it is, he was close to the mother and daughter There are no signs of forced entry in the houses We need to find out who the murderer is Yes, sir Yes, Ronit Did you find out about Mr. Ravi? Why am I asking you then! I’ll talk to him. If you find something, let me know! Let me know! No, nothing happened! ‘The number you are trying to call is currently switched off.’ You didn’t do the right thing, Mr. Ravi! Sir, I think that in this case, the driver, Raju has had some or the other role He is missing with his two friends and their phones are switched off It may be possible that both the murders have been committed by the three of them But what kind of enmity did Raju have towards his boss, that he ended up killing her? Let’s assume that Savitri was killed by Raju But why would he kill Romi? Sir, it may be possible that they did this job

not for themselves, but for someone else I mean, someone might have hired them But who? Perhaps, Savitri? We have information that before Romi was killed Savitri went to Mumbai to meet her Are you sure? – Yes, sir Yes, sir. It’s true that mom went to Mumbai to meet sister Romi had been in Mumbai for three months but Savitri never went there to meet her before What happened all of a sudden that too, all by herself? Sir, I admit that mom was against sister But, sir. She worried a lot about my sister Whenever I went to Mumbai for football match mom would always ask me to meet sister And this time, when mom was going to meet sister for the first time, I told her that I’d go with her, but she refused According to our information, Savitri was depressed for the last two months This is around the same time Romi went to Mumbai to make a career in acting Sir, what if Savitri was upset with Romi on this front and she had her murdered? I don’t think so I don’t think a mother would murder her daughter for such a trivial matter But let’s assume that Savitri had Romi killed But who killed Savitri? There was no doubt that Romi and Savitri didn’t get alone well Romi wanted to make a name for herself in modelling in Mumbai and Savitri was against this Did Romi die because she went to Mumbai to achieve her dreams, against her mother’s will? The steps taken by Romi, did they irk her mother, Savitri to such an extent that she killed her daughter? Was this reason big enough to compel a mother to murder her own daughter? Mumbai and Nashik Police were investigating this case Right then, the Mumbai Police got a news that changed the heading of this case and placed a new problem We’ve received this information just now that Romi had paid a huge sum of deposit for the flat she was staying in so that she doesn’t have to pay the monthly rent And just recently, she bought a used car worth Rs. 5 lakhs She made both of these transactions in cash What was she doing in Mumbai? She wasn’t doing anything special Savitri was against her decision of moving to Mumbai It goes without saying that she didn’t get that money from her family Then where did she get this money from? Our team has investigated on that She’d a bank account in Nashik, and before moving to Mumbai she had deposited Rs. 5 lakhs into it She used the debit card of the same bank, in Mumbai That means, before moving to Mumbai she had Rs. 20 lakhs And that too, in cash Where did she get so much of cash from? A 20-21 year old girl moved to a new city She had just began her life in this new place Such a girl having Rs. 20 lakhs is not something we get to hear every day Where did Romi get that money from? Did somebody give her this money? If it was so, who was that person? No, sir I didn’t give her money Rather, she told me that she’s going to stay with one of her friends in Mumbai No, ma’am I’m sure that mom didn’t help her with money Sir, even Savitri was against extending any help to Rumi How would I have helped her then? I have no idea where she got so much of money from I don’t know anything about that Sir Here are the bank details of her family members We have the bank statements of each one of you If you want to say something or change your statement this is your last chance You won’t get a second chance after this Yes I was the one who gave that money to Romi So, you gave her Rs. 20 lakhs and sent her to fulfil her dream in Mumbai Rs. 20 lakhs Don’t you think it’s a huge amount? Didn’t you think even once that so much of money at such an early age can take her to a wrong path? I wanted to ensure she doesn’t face problems in that city And as far as Romi is concerned I had the trust that she won’t do anything bad If your intentions were so clear why did you lie to us? I had given her the money without anybody’s knowledge I didn’t want Vimal or any family member get upset with me for this I didn’t want you to be suspicious about me We are still suspicious about you, Ms. Gayatri Generally, people make such big transaction either by cheque or through online banking But you gave her such a huge amount in cash May I know why you did so? Had I not given it to her in cash my family members would’ve come to know about it I didn’t want that to happen Savitri was in depression since the last two months You are her sister I’m sure you must be knowing it What went wrong with Savitri two months ago?

I don’t know No! Why did you do this, Mom? Tambe, Savitri was in depression since the last two months It’s impossible that her sister wasn’t aware of this I’m sure that they are hiding something from us Sir Sir, we had difficulties in finding Savitri’s account But we finally got it and it’s quite shocking Look at this, sir just before a day of her murder she had withdrawn Rs. 5 lakhs and she had even paid Rs. 50,000 to a famous divorce lawyer Divorce lawyer? You people Vimal, your wife had withdrawn Rs. 5 lakhs from her account just one day before she died Could you please tell us why she did so? Sir, even I got to know it through the bank’s SMS update I even enquired about that, but she didn’t tell me anything Let me ask you a personal question Did your wife have any affair? What nonsense! My sister was not that kind of a woman Then why did she want to divorce him? Divorce? What rubbish! Are you saying that Savitri wanted to divorce me? She had even made all the preparations We have already met the lawyer through whom she wanted to file this divorce She has also paid him Rs. 50,000 Savitri’s friends and her acquaintance told us that she was depressed since the last two months Her nature had changed She had gone into depression And meeting the divorce lawyer during those days and finalising her divorce clearly says that there’s some problem between her and you What happened two months ago between you both? Sir, I don’t have any idea about this But we think that you are hiding something from us Perhaps, you are not taking it seriously Two of your family members have died How come you prepared the list of jewellery you wanted to buy exactly on the day when the thievery took place? Sir, Savitri and I had made that list together We wanted deposit our jewellery into the bank And this incident happened just before that Vimal, a person says thousands of lies to hide just one But finally, he gets caught Tambe, I’m sure that they are hiding something from us Sir, even I feel so But do we have a way to find out what it is? Rohan plays football, right? – Yes, sir Yes, sir Rohan practises with us But he had an altercation with Mr. Ravi the other day None of us saw him after that incident What was the issue? And who is Mr. Ravi? He is our coach We saw them arguing with each other when we came for practise 15 days back He grabbed his coach’s collar! Why? We don’t know, sir We were standing away from them We couldn’t hear their conversation It was shocking even for us Because Mr. Ravi was his mom’s close friend too And Rohan used to respect him a lot Where can I find Mr. Ravi? – He stays nearby He has been staying here on rent since last two years But I don’t know where he is now His room has been locked since last two to three days I thought that he had gone out of the city due to a match Even Rohan had come here to ask about him yesterday or the day before yesterday Okay Thank you Let’s go ‘Joshi villa.’ Rohan has been leaving for football practise but hasn’t been going there since last 10 to 12 days Interesting! Did you spoke to Mr. Ravi? What did he say about his fight with Rohan? That’s the most interesting thing He has been missing since last three days that means, since the morning Savitri got murdered No one saw him And his phone has been switched off since the night before yesterday Sir, I don’t want to talk about my mom I just want to say that she was the best mom in the world Why did you have an argument with her best friend then? You raised your hand on him It had nothing to do with this case That was our personal matter It’s our job to decide the course of the investigation Just answer my question Why did you have an argument with Ravi? I got to know that Mr. Ravi had introduced my mom to the divorce lawyer He was helping mom instead of stopping her from getting a divorce I didn’t want my family to fall apart I tried to persuade him He didn’t listen to me So, I had a fight with him But why did your mom want to divorce your dad? What went wrong between your mom and dad that they wanted to separate from each other? I don’t know – Are you sure? Or you don’t want to tell us

What if your mom had an affair with Ravi and that’s the reason he was helping her? My mom couldn’t do this She couldn’t cheat on dad.’ Why did she want to divorce your dad then? Ravi has been missing since the morning your mom got murdered Where is Ravi? As I told you, I haven’t meet Mr. Ravi since the day I had a fight with him And I have stopped going for practise as well You are lying Let me tell you the real story You got to know that your mom had an affair with Ravi You tried to persuade both of them But both of them refused to break their relationship So you killed both of them in the heat of the moment Tell me the truth This is what happened, right? No No, sir I am not lying, sir I am speaking the truth I didn’t kill my mother Sir Sir, I am speaking the truth Both Raju and Ravi were in Mumbai Ravi had been escaping from Raju, not the police But why? On the other hand the police was suspicious of Rohan and Vimal There was no doubt that Rohan was hiding something from the police and Vimal did something that he was hiding from others What was Rohan hiding? And to whom Vimal used to talk secretly? Was there any connection between Rohan’s secret and Vimal’s suspicious behavior with Romi and Savitri’s murder? What? Ten per cent! Have you gone mad? Look I am telling you Don’t take the advantage of my situation Had I known that you would ask for so much money I wouldn’t have assigned you the job Disconnect the call now Sir, as per our cyber cell Raju’s phone should be found in this area Search the entire place thoroughly Check that side Here is the phone Sir, as per our cyber cell Raju’s friend, Badri, was present here along with him I think Raju intentionally switched off his phone and disposed here so that, we can’t trace his phone What’s the last location of Badri? Mumbai. His phone was switched on till the morning After that, he switched it off Inform Mumbai police about Badri’s last location Sir We were informed about this location Search the entire area thoroughly Check that side Sir, come here This is the driver, Raju Inform the Nashik police about his death Call his family to identify the body His face has been damaged Hello Yes When? Okay Sir, Raju’s house owner had called up Raju’s friend, Shyam, who had escaped with Badri and Raju has returned Bring him here. – Sir We found this from his purse Don’t hit me, sir Why did you guys kill Romi and Savitri? What enmity did you have towards them? Tell me I have not done anything, sir I have not done anything. – Stop lying Why did you run away? Why was your phone switched off? I did not run away. I had gone to my village I had left the house with Badri and Raju There is no electricity in my village So, the phone’s battery had discharged When the police verified Shyam’s statement they found it to be true He was in his village in Bihar and not with Badri and Raju On the other hand, Raju, one of the main suspects of Romi and Savitri’s murder had been murdered in Mumbai The police couldn’t understand whether Raju was the culprit or the victim

Who had killed Raju if Raju had killed Romi and Savitri? Raju was after Ravi Did Ravi kill Raju in order to save himself? Or was the story something else? Only Ravi could answer all these questions But will the police find Ravi or will something happen which couldn’t be imagined even by the police? Come, sir. Look at this, sir Turn the body Sir, he is Ravi Ravi? Sir, I have got an important information Look at this Bring him. – Sir What is all this? Were you planning to running away from here after selling everything? Why? Sir – I’ll tell you Your wife, Savitri, had an affair due to which you guys used to fight Savitri had gone into depression She was planning to divorce you with Ravi’s help When you found out the truth you killed Savitri and Ravi with the help of your driver, Raju You killed Raju too Now, you planned to run away after selling your property Sir You, Savitri, Gayatri and Mohan had gone to a picnic to Khandala two months ago You fought with Savitri that night and Savitri left the three of you there itself and returned home alone Why did you guys fight? Sir, there were some problems from the past few months between Savitri and me We had taken them to Khandala to our farm house We thought that everything will be all right if they stay alone for few days But nothing changed, sir Savitri left us there and returned alone to Nashik Sir Rohan? Sit Sit Do you want to say something? Sir, I Sir, I wanted to know whether you found out who killed mom and Romi This is what I wanted to ask. I’ll make a move Rohan. – Yes, sir The truth cannot be hidden if you run away from it Tell us what you had come to say if you want your mom and sister to get justice and to get them arrested Sir, I want their killer to be arrested But I don’t want my mom to insulted I know what you want Why did mom do this? Rohan – Wait Let him go But keep an eye on him Yes, sir. But what do you think after hearing what he said? Thambe, this case is more complicated than what we assumed it to be Initially, we thought Savitri had an affair with Ravi But after listening to what Rohan said I think Savitri had an affair with Mohan I think Romi got to know about this affair and Mohan killed Romi Otherwise, Romi must be supporting them So, Rohan or Vimal killed Romi and Savitri There is a possibility, sir But where do Ravi and Raju fit in this story? Sir, this mystery will be solved only when we find Badri Because Badri is the only person left after Raju and Ravi’s death who can tell us anything about this case Keep an eye on Shyam’s house Badri will definitely try to contact Shyam Sir Sir Hey! – Stop. Stop Raju? Come with us Sir. – Thambe Sir, the dead body which you found in Mumbai was Badri’s body Sir, I damaged his face and left my card with him so that you guys think I am dead Did you kill Savitri and Romi? – Yes, sir I had gone to Mr. Vimal’s house after he left for a yoga class After that, I hanged her body to the fan

I wanted people to think it was a suicide But I found her jewellery there I became greedy and I stole the jewellery You killed Romi before killing Savitri, right? Yes, sir. Three days before that It was a matter of an unknown city I took Badri with me We went to Mumbai by his bike Raju. – Ms. Savitri has sent some things for you Okay, go Ms. Romi, can I get a glass of water? Yes, sit Take this One last question On whose say did you do all this? Why did you do all this? Sir, I had an interest in wife stropping Gayatri was aware about it She didn’t have a problem with it I had always liked Savitri I spoke to Gayatri about it one day We informed Vimal about the same Even he agreed for it Where are you? – I am here itself Vimal Brother-in-law, it’s you Savitri didn’t agree. She left from there in anger She went into depression I knew she would never disclose the truth But I was proved wrong when somebody threatened to disclose my secret and she asked me for Rs. 20 lakhs Gayatri withdrew the money from her account the next day and gave it to Romi When I spoke to Romi she told me that she heard Savitri speaking to Ravi We were scared after getting blackmailed by Romi That is when I decided what to do To hide this secret you got Romi, Savitri and Ravi killed One last question Why Savitri remove her sari in front of you? To show you your standard, right? You were right You mom was actually a good human being It is neither a crime nor is it wrong to wish for something great or leading your life as per your wish But this case is an example of how dangerous it can be if we break the rules to do so Everyone lost everything in this case We should learn a lesson from this case and just like on the road we should follow the rules in life too On that note, I, Anup Soni, will take your leave We will meet again in the next episode with another shocking case of crime Till then, take care of yourself and your family and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’ Punishment to a criminal serves as a lesson to all ‘Jai Hind!’

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