[Applause] you want an urban crossover experience well that’s what the Lexus UX is supposed to do chief engineer she Kakaako was responsible for this project she’s a VP inside of Lexus she’s responsible for the touch interface of the mousepad interface for their infotainment and now this and being a female engineer or chief engineer in the automotive world is extremely rare so I took great interest to see kind of what her ideas were where she was coming from and the good in bed that was implemented here so let’s get started on the exterior now designers and artists love to play with shapes Lions geometry namely with light in a studio environment you can take something that looks in mundane and make it look like a piece of art and I do this all the time with my video work but in the real world sometimes it doesn’t play out like how you imagined it these massive wheel arches that are unpainted black plastic it runs all the way under the rocker panel to the front and that what they claim they did here is they didn’t paint it because if they painted it it reduces the volume it reduces the perceived height of the vehicle and it would make it look more like a compact car or a hatchback which is exactly what they’re trying to avoid now the entire exteriors not all doom and gloom because Toyota is good with advanced composites and other lightweight materials the hood is aluminum the fenders the doors the rear hatch has a an aluminum frame with a t soft shell which is Toyota super olefin polymer which is a form of polypropylene it’s strong its impact resistant and it’s lightweight so they’re trying to keep the weight down and all of this is probably you know based on my weight calculation saves about 300 pounds so there is some thought to design keeping weight down and making it efficient because that’s what Toyota is really focused on with many F Sport models there are some differences like the grille the badging the wheels and I think you know the exterior is just what it is but I think the main homerun here what they did extremely well for the price point is the interior space so let’s take a look at that now the interior space is something they should be proud of and I think that they are for this thirty-five thousand dollar price range this should be an example to other manufacturers and how to do certain things like material choice there is no piano gloss plastic in here and what do they replace it with a matte black plastic that looks like it has a machined texture to it almost like machined aluminum but every texture in here is either a matte or soft touch gray or a matte gray plastic there is no fingerprints on anything in here or dust unless it’s out of course on the infotainment screen and I feel like this is gonna age extremely well with the FF sport option you get the red and black seats which are definitely eye-catching I don’t know that it matches the personality of what this thing is but the interior space as a whole looks great now the chief engineer is five foot three she said it’s difficult to get into certain cars because when you get closer to the steering wheel it’s harder to use the controls and I find myself sitting very close to the steering wheel as well and you notice that when you get closer in certain cars certain functions become inaccessible or harder to find and I played around with seating position in here and I think they did a really good job with that whether you’re close I can still reach the HVAC controls which are stupid simple to use when you’re farther away you still see all the core functions that you need to operate the only negative thing about this as much is it does look good for its price they’ve run out of room to put certain things so where you would expect to see a volume knob or a rotary tuning knob doesn’t exist they’ve had to move it over here by the mouse control which is just it feels like an afterthought and again I can appreciate what they’re trying to do with design and you can also see the frustration here it’s like you have this blank canvas and you’re like we have to cram all of this stuff that people want in this small space how do we do it and certain things get put into less favorable locations or like you couldn’t put every single HVAC control in here so you have to go into

the the infotainment screen so go navigate there and it that’s the stuff that frustrates me but for for the most part this interior space is excellent in terms of now the backseat space this is where I start to get frustrated with these types of vehicles because this is supposed to be some type of like utility or practical vehicle and there’s literally no backseat room it feels so upright so uncomfortable so claustrophobic why wouldn’t you just buy a sedan or a regular hatchback if you have to have this much compromise now you know why really and I’m gonna talk about this in the shop but for the most part you know there’s other vehicles that this is built on there is more Headroom here you don’t feel like like you’re gonna crack your head in this thing every time you get into it but for the most part this is usable for really small people in the back or it’s kind of like a two-seater the the front seat space is where you enjoy it the most alright the cargo area if this is bad you can pretty much rule this vehicle out when you open this up the first thing you notice it’s got an electronic lift gate which is important to many people that want to buy a luxury vehicle when you look at this it certainly makes sense now why the backseat space is so compromised you have a huge cargo area this is totally usable this is what you expect like on a kind of a crossover vehicle the height the width the load floor is good and it’s just easy to get things in and out of here now this combined with the frontal interior area the design and the seating comfort this is kind of what makes this more of a compelling vehicle but enough of that let’s get into the shop and take a look at the underbody I’m glad you’ve accepted the invitation to have a look at the underbody of the Lexus u X now if you’re one of the over 350,000 people that have watched my Toyota Corolla hatchback video or the Prius prime or the CHR you’re gonna see something familiar here this is Toyota’s TNG a/c architecture which is shared between all of those cars they call it GAC for short and when they start to make this modular architecture this is what you get all of those vehicles share the same body structure this um the shares basically the same wheelbase is that CHR and the corolla hatch and when you look at the underbody it’s almost identical now they’re gonna make different tweaks like to the subframe on this car there are risers there are spacers to give you a little bit of that extra ride height and of course they have to do some geometry changes but mostly the panels are very similar they’re almost identical in certain parts and you’re gonna see almost all the same things and this is how they reduce costs improve production efficiencies and they can just release more products so you might be wondering well why would I buy a Lexus if it’s the same as other Toyota models and they’re they’re doing something different here with the Toyota versions and a lot of it has to do with making it more quiet so you’re gonna see heavier use of under coatings namely on the wheel wells I mean they build it up so much in the front wheel wells it looks like somebody just took a bucket and throw it on there and that’s like the subtleties they use to quiet cars down but the most part all your other under panels are very similar you have strut based front suspension here which the dampers have been retuned for the F Sport model and it’s different than the other Toyota models you get the F sport wheels which is more aggressive but I will say and I don’t say this a lot these Bridgestone tires that they have on here are extremely good in snow in icy conditions in fact you know I was concerned about the the ability of this thing you get through that in the traction it felt almost like a mild snow tire so I was super impressed with that the handling is good let’s take a look at the back end of this vehicle now I reviewed my footage from the underbody section of the Corolla hatch and this looks so so similar the control arms the subframe carrier the sway bars and of course the exhaust now there are subtle differences again your fender well liners are different some of these composite panels these shapes are slightly different the fuel tank is supposedly bigger in here but the other nice thing this does not have fake exhaust tips here you can just see the exhaust exiting out it doesn’t have really anything fancy about it which is kind of a nice change but other than that it’s basically what you see on all the other GAC platform vehicles let’s take a look under the hood under the hood of the UX a 2 liter it makes a hundred and sixty nine horsepower the same as the Corolla hatch xse so what’s

different about it well it’s got the same CVT as well with a physical first gear set and then it hands it off to the traditional CVT I feel like the biggest difference here is the way they have the CVT programmed because the drive modes are a little bit different and of course lexus has to tweak the software that way and I’m gonna go into greater detail on how it switches modes and all that during the drive and some of it you heard in the intro but this is one of Toyota or Lexus ‘iz masterpiece four cylinders in terms of emissions or lowering emissions and fuel efficiency and it does all of this on regular gasoline and the second part is now they’re using ul vs or ultra low viscosity oils like zero w16 and in another three years you’re gonna see 0 w8 and right now pretty much you’re only gonna get this editorial a dealership or Mobil 1 and again these are all the tricks that they’re using to try to get fuel economy better and better squeak every last ounce out of the internal combustion engine this is dual injection as well port and direct and there’s so much technology in this motor that I could literally make a standalone video on it which I’m not going to talk about anything more than let’s get this on the road and see how it drives finally I’m on the road in the new UX having an urban adventure a young professional budding with desires to explore the world and what is it like well I’ve been in the CHR I’ve been in the Prius Prime and I’ve been in the new Corolla hatch all which share the same architecture it’s basically the same type a ride quality the main difference that you’re gonna notice is with the F Sport this is more firmly sprung but it does maintain a lot of wheel travel it does maintain a lot of comfort and the steering seems to be a little bit more responsive and confidence-inspiring the other thing that they’ve done here is they’ve boosted the brake pedal pressure which means when you breathe on the brakes it feels like it’s gonna stop immediately and it’s very sensitive and it takes a little bit of getting adjusted to now that doesn’t mean it’s gonna stop like crazy but it just everything about the driving experience is pretty immediate now the main thing to note is this still has a pretty good compliant ride until you get over some bad pavement and I’ve noticed when you hit sudden impacts or like a little bit bigger pothole or minor potholes or just almost like speed bump type bumps like these it feels like the suspension doesn’t not have enough travel I feel like at some point it’s hitting bump stops and you get this huge shock into your seat it’s just not well it’s not well sorted over really bad stuff and you kind of you don’t really expect it to be to be real about it but for the most part you’re gonna really kind of enjoy the driving experience if you’re just tooling around now the next part of driving the UX is I feel like this vehicle is best driving at night and the reason for that is it’s the automotive equivalent of putting a paper bag over it you don’t know what you’re in you don’t know what it looks like and you kind can just appreciate the interior space and the overall design of the architecture of the car the underbody some of the engine performance and the transmission if you’re not going flat out and I think that’s the worst part about this for me is you almost have to or at least for me I have to almost forget what I’m in to appreciate some of what this car is and what it’s not all right the big thing about driving this is the direct shift CVT and it essentially has a few different modes it doesn’t matter what drive mode here in sport normal or eco it’s based on how you use the accelerator pedal so if I want to accelerate and I push the throttle down it has this immediate downshift but if you don’t push it all the way to the floor past the detent it will simulate fake shifts as though you’re in a torque inverted automatic the only way to get this car to act like a true CVT is to push the pedal past that detent on the floor and mash it it will accelerate once you get over first gear it will no longer fake shift and it will hold the RPM the entire time and it sounds horrendous namely when you have the fake engine tone on it is so bad thank God you can defeat the fake engine noise in here because it’s straight-up

synthesizer so let’s take a listen to this first using it with the fake shifts next using it accelerating past the detent and holding the RPMs like a traditional CVT so I think all that can be said has been said this is a very interesting car it’s definitely not one of my favorites that I’ve ever driven I think they’re piling a ton of technology in here it’s still efficient I’m getting you know over 30 miles to the gallon if I’m driving conservatively it is it’s a great interior space but again you know this is not the most inspiring Drive I feel like I would almost rather have certain hatchbacks or sedans that give you a lot of this same experience but just better driving but enough of that let’s get to the final thoughts final thoughts on the Lexus UX and I said this at the beginning of the video this is one of the very few vehicles that has a female chief engineer now I’ve been in the workforce long enough to been on both sides I’ve been in a female dominated area where I was the only guy and then on the other extreme like this one where it’s male-dominated and sometimes when you bring in the opposite sex it brings in that diversity fresh ideas and that’s why I was so curious about this and you can see it on the interior space in terms of material choice design placement of things the seating configuration it really is good and that’s this vehicles highlight now the negative part about it is they’re trying to do too much with too little here and you know this is built to a price point they only had X amount of money they had to be different than anybody everybody else and you know and you can see it on the exterior and I had to bite my tongue so many times because this thing just looks like an over styled mess when you look at it in person I just I just can’t stand it and I don’t know if you’re gonna like it or not if you do you might really enjoy this the the interior almost offsets some of that the drivability is pretty good it is a little bit firm it does have some issues with bad payment or like hard impacts I felt like the suspension would bottom out too easy and you know the backseat room is totally compromised but if you’re really gonna use it as a two passenger vehicle you you like the interior design and the cargo or hatch space mmm it’s pretty good but for me I just feel like there’s too much compromise here for what they’re trying to do that I don’t know just take a look at it for yourself and make your own judgment but hope hopefully you enjoyed this thanks for watching this savage case I meet of my pseudonym I’m going to show you how to get back at him on Yelp and all that other stuff

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