What’s going on YouTube now the original LS was a car that redefined what vehicles in the segment should be like and so Far with sales more than doubling over the last generation. This new LS is doing the same thing again Last year we checked out the hybrid model But this year we’re going to take a look at the S Sport version which built on the already aggressive looks Of course we do want to take a moment to specially thank our friends at Lexus of Lexington for giving us access to this LS and If you’re in the market for any new Lexus be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website which we provided a link to in the video description, so That all said, let’s see if this F Sport LS can seamlessly blend sport into the extreme luxury that buyers expect So getting started with the exterior design the LS packs a styling presence unlike anything else in the class Most of this cars rivals stay on the stately side of things but this car makes a statement starting straight from the spindle grille Now the grille is always this large but on the non F Sport models It would be trimmed in chrome and the inside texture is a more complicated spiderweb design Even more eye-catching are the headlights which makes some of the coolest patterns in the entire auto industry This setup is standard across the board so you’ll always have peak law like daytime running lights that reach up to the LED triple beam headlights of Course heading to the side you can see that it’s very large. And since this new generation doesn’t have a short wheelbase They will all come in at 206 point 1 inches long The actual design is very fluid and it flows nicely into the athletic looking rear Like I’ve already mentioned this car looks a lot more aggressive than what you typically expect for the class especially in f-sport guys with the added dark chrome All models come with the same complicated LED taillights. But only the hybrid version will do away with the large exhaust pipes So all-in-all Lexus has definitely pushed the envelope in terms of design and it has created something that’s truly distinct from the competition Now to go along with all the other elements F Sport models come with these 20-inch dark finish towels while the 19’s and 20s on the standard model come with more traditional designs Moving up to the mirrors They have the typical 3-piece Lexus design and they are heated power folding auto dimming and have blind spot indicators Another subject of safety systems. This is one of the areas that receives upgrades for 2019 The Lexus safety system suite has been upgraded to version 2.0 which adds in low-light pedestrian detection bicyclists detection Road sign assist and lane traces in addition to the normal four systems There is also a further safety package called safety system plus advanced and that’s on the non F Sport models It introduces some semi-autonomous capabilities like full acceleration control Swerving around obstacles and for 2019 the added ability to execute lane changes Finally the last thing on the outside is the 21.6 gallon fuel tank which is good for 564 miles of range with this specific version. However, if you went for the hybrid model, you would have an exceptional 621 miles of range But anyways, that’s it for the exterior, so now let’s get to the most important part the cabin So as you would expect every version of the LS does come standard with Lexus a smart entry system They do have their newest key fob design with real metal trim and a soft touch material Now you can remote start the vehicle through a sequence of buttons here on the fob Or you can remote start at via the inform app, but you will need a subscription after a year And of course getting inside the vehicle is very simple

You just grab the handle since there’s a sensor behind it. And when you do your power folding mirrors will come out All right, so checking out the cabin of the 2019 LS Since this was an all-new vehicle last year. Nothing has really changed. So you continue to have a a Beautiful interior now. There’s an insane number of interior combinations You can get this car in 11 by my count so I’m not going to go through all of those However, I’ll hit the highlights here you do have leather in black parchment flaxen or chateaux, and then you’ve got Six different interior trim pieces that you can choose from some more basic woods some artisan woods Here in the F Sport we have this beautiful aluminum trim And then you also have the highest thing which is your Kirikou glass which I believe is the only vehicle to have a glass trimmed Turning over here to your door trim, you’ve got a special look here on the f-sport Of course nearly every part of it is covered in leather from top to bottom But here on the f-sport, we actually have a fabric with some color contrast stitching as well as this beautiful aluminum, which already talked about And there like I was saying you do have several different trim pieces some artisan wood. Everything basically has a really cool design To stand out regardless of what trim you choose Door handle is aluminum all models do have three-person memory seating. And of course all four of your windows are one touch automatic The export does get the aluminum pedals as well as the special branded floor mats Well turning over here to your seat almost every LS will come standard with the 28 way power adjusting seats You do have power thigh support as well as massaging and as you can see These seats are really really cool looking here on the F Sport you got this really neat design For color contrast perforation as well as the embroidering up here on the headrest this semi-aniline leather so it feels Just fantastic I Just failed to mention this does have a soft closing doors, so you’ll suck the door closed if you fail to close it Now one of the first things you notice about this interior is just how much different it looks from the German rivals It’s got a very Japanese type of design to it. And of course, this is a flagship luxury vehicle You have fantastic materials. So across all your upper – you do have leather with the color contrast stitching I’m down here in the middle. You’ve got some glass with a little bit of a design here You’ve got more leather through here real aluminum more leather Dropping down more leather a real aluminum pieces Basically anything you can look at or feel is very nice. I mean, it’s a flagship luxury vehicle So that’s how it is, but it is an absolutely gorgeous interior Now, of course as you would expect you to have push-button start When you press it, you will see the pretty cool animation between the gauges and the standard twelve point three inch display So every version of the LS will come with some kind of digital gauges however here on the f-sport we have a really cool Specific design to this model now, you can scroll through some of your information right here like this however, it’s Party trick here is that you can click this button on the steering wheel and slide it over to have basically your full-sized Multifunction display and this has all the other information that you’re expecting to see including your navigation safety systems and stuff like that Now to go along with that we have the optional 24 inch head up this way As you can see this it’s a little hard to get a reference on camera But this takes up like a great deal of the space on the windshield in front of the driver Very big very vivid alexis does say this is the biggest head-up display in any production vehicle right now Now coming on back to the steering wheel all models will have electric power steering and

All models will come with a leather wrapped steering wheel Once again being the f-sport trim you do have some exclusive touches with the color contrast stitching the house port branding As far as our buttons we do ever standard Affairs stuff So we have our multifunction display phone voice and audio and then on this side You’ve got some safety system shortcuts as well as your adaptive cruise control Depending on up you will find rain sensing wipers As well some beautiful real aluminum paddle shifters The steering wheel is power adjusting across every LS And then we also do have heating. There’s not a button on the steering wheel or over here It’s actually controlled over here in the display So you just go over to the climate section and you can swipe up to activate the two stages of heating Now moving on to interior storage the LS does have plenty of it So starting out with your center console. This has the cool ability to open sideways from both sides That’s a pretty cool party trick and then once you do open it up as you can see It’s very very large a sliding. Tray pretty deep. Of course. We do have a luxurious felt lining across the entire thing also inside of here you’ll find Your two USB ports aux jack and one of your 12 volt outlets And beyond that we do have two covered cupholders and another 12 volt outlet But as far as actual places to stick things that’s pretty much the only place you can slide something a phone to set it up Like this, but there’s no dedicated storage up here in the front Now with the LS likes us to go to a new electronic shifter So as you can see, we’ve got a little metal and with leather wrapped nub And it does feel very nice in the hand. Now the actual operation is a little bit complicated So you actually push to the side to put it in any year except for neutral so for drive We’re gonna push over to the left and then back To shift manually you can pull back again straight back and then that’s gonna give you the ability to shift with these Metal paddle shifters, which I pointed out earlier For reverse, let’s do the same operation go up And when you do you will find a standard backup camera or a optional 360 degree camera system which we don’t have on this particular specific model Of course you do have standard parking sensors and you do have the projected path Additionally when you put in Reverse the mirrors do tilt down to help you see the parking lines better and therefore park You’re just gonna press the P Now what you’re hearing right now is The rear sunscreen that does roll down as well when you go into reverse so you can see out the back window better Now in regards to the shifter you do have an electronic parking brake that’s located over here But you don’t have to worry about it because it is automatically deploying and then you also have a brake hold feature as far as your drive modes Like the flagship LC they move the controls up here So you’ve got your normal custom eco comfort as well as your Sport and Sport Plus mode here on the F Sport And each time you change these modes, you will notice the design does alter just to look sportier and sportier or each different time Now back behind the shifter you do have the newest touch pad controller for the Lexus enform system with some shortcut buttons This button controls that rear sunshade this button right next to it controls the seats basically shows you Expanded features since all 28 ways of adjustment are not located You know with the few traditional controls on the seat The rest of them are actually inside of here so we can go down to the driver or the passenger Go over various things like the side bolsters adjust those We can also adjust the headrest so I can just remotely raise it right here so that’s pretty cool that you can do this visually, it really helps you to understand the You know what thing does what Now I already talked about the actual heating and ventilation of the seats but as far as the actual climate control that’s located right here on This specific model it is to zone automatic. That’s the standard

Climate version but you can get four zone automatic where each of the rear passengers can control their own climate as an option As you can see basically have this little wheel to control the thing you’ve got this really nice animation And then you have some of your physical controls for most of the features however, some of them are also located up here in the display when you go to the Section called climate didn’t you just click into that? Now all this stuff works together the seats the steering wheel and the climate control in a system called climate concierge at all Just automatically deploys to make you have the overall right temperature And now that brings us up here to our audio system the standard model does come with a 12 speaker sound system However, we have the optional 2400 watt 23 speaker Marc Levenson sound system. So let’s go ahead and take a sample Overall sound quality is excellent as you would expect and it definitely has a really balanced sound And speaking of weighting. Nobody weights their buttons as well as Lexus does it just has such a smooth and luxurious feel to them? But anyways that brings us up here to our Lexus enform system, so let’s go ahead and take a look at it So as you would expect from the flagship Lexus you do have the latest version of the Enform system It’s got the newest graphics which basically allows the menu to pop up over whatever display that you’re currently on So when you press the menu, the first thing we have is our destination. This is where we can add in our Navigation results or you can just press the map shortcut to go to the map This of course is standard equipment and you can pinch the zoom right here on the trackpad to go in and out of the map Additionally your phone contacts do automatically sync over from your connect the smartphone However, the big change for 2019 is that we now have apple carplay onboard So what you do is just press that projection button. You’ll plug in your carplay compatible device And then it will pop up right like that That’s pretty much the main things to talk about with the in-form system However, we have a much more detailed tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more elite 2 that is provided in the video description now Moving on up if all models do have a frameless auto dimming mirror with your three Homelink Universal remotes built into it You also have touch-sensitive LED lighting do you notice right up here you have your controls for your moonroof So on this particular model, we have the optional panoramic moonroof So as you can see, we’ve got two different panels that can be individually controlled With the sunshade and then the front panel does Open up like a traditional roof So you can see it does give you plenty of air and you do have a built-in windscreen as well But overall the cabin of the Lexus LS is simply an exquisite place to spend time What I like most about it is actually that it has a genuinely unique and different design it really represents Lexus and the Japanese culture and I feel that it just stands out a lot from the more traditional German rivals And when you turn the vehicle off You will notice the seat and steering wheel do move out of the way to help with an easier exit and entry But anyways now go ahead and hand it off to Mason we’ll finish up the rest of the cabin Now checking out the rear seat of the 2019 Lexus LS

You’re gonna find one of the most popular rear seats you would in any car regardless of price But before we get into all the crazy luxury features, we will talk about the rear specs in general So as far as your rear legroom, you’re gonna come in at 39 inches of rear legroom and 37 inches of rear headroom Which does place it quite a bit behind of the German offerings like the Mercedes s-class and BMW 7 series However Lexus does make up for it with awesome materials. So here in the back door trim You do have a beautiful door trim leather wrapped where arm rest as was a beautiful, Alcantara here in the F Sport trim With some stitching going through it and it’s even leather wrapped here the upper portion Your door handle is made of solid metal you go some more beautiful trim as was a nice metal speaker grille Now down below that you do have some door storage And turning over here to the seat itself is a gorgeous design So you have perforation here in the middle with an intricate design as well some Alcantara and some supple leather Now hearing this in your area you’ll start to find some of the features of the LS So all models will come standard with these we’re events down the center console and there also over here on the b-pillar In addition to that you do have a 12 volt power outlet down below that and as you turn over to the armrest here It has fold down nicely It’s nicely leather wrapped has a beautiful design and inside you’re gonna find a really large felt lined area You can fit quite a bit of stuff back here and there are also two smart charging USB ports inside Now in front of that you will find the control for the rear window sensing that our model has and You will also find this button which will basically slide this whole Passenger seat up and out of the way to give the this passenger a lot of legroom now I do want to take a moment to mention the $23,000 executive rear seat package that this model does not have it’s actually not available on the F Sport trim And we actually have it last year so I know quite a few of the features that it has and what it adds is a power a Passenger side rear seat recliner so you can stretch fully out It also adds a tablet thing and here in the center console that gives you controls for your four zone climate control The heated and ventilated rear seats as well as the massaging functions And it does also give you 20 to 22 way at power adjustment for the rear seats as well So if you want to option for that, you have to go for the regular model But it does add a ton of features if you’re interested in that and also here in the end you will find some couples Now up top on this model We do have the optional panoramic moonroof, which I would highly recommend it looks great on the outside and it also helps air out the cabin back here and Also, you have a vanity mirror Typical LS fashion and it does have LED lighting Now I do want to take a moment to mention this beautiful headliner This is Alcantara and it feels absolutely amazing and you do even have a speaker grille up here in the top portion as was a coat hook and a leather wrapped assist around Now like I said, this is one of these smaller offerings in the class However, I still have tons of room you’re not going to be lacking for space back here So behind your seating position I probably have two feet of your legroom and my feet don’t have any trouble setting up up under the seat and As you can see I can basically stretch fully out So definitely, this is a very spacious rear seat, even though it is smaller than the brightness and Just for reference, this is with the seat scooted all the way back. I still have probably 6 to 7 inches of our legroom But overall, there is absolutely nothing to complain about in this LS’s rear seat This is an absolutely fabulous place to spend time as you would expect out on a flagship But this definitely does not disappoint don’t think that you’re going to be sacrificing much over the German rivals Just because it has a little less space Now coming around to the trunk in typical flagship fashion it is power So you have to do is locate this little button and push it and it will open Now once inside of the LS’ trunk, they’re gonna find 15 to 16 cubic feet And that is on the regular model if you option up for the hybrid is going to be 14 to 15 cubic feet

Now that does place it a little bit less than some of the German German rivals like the 7 Series in S Class However, it is still plenty of space back here as you can see we have our camera equipment we also have a floor mat and there is tons of room to spare as you can see it goes back quite a ways and As you would expect it is finished super nicely back here. So we have a very plush carpeting and underneath the floor we have a little bit more stuff as Was a cargo net Now it is worth noting that the seats do not fold on this model We will discuss the pricing here at the end of the video Now the passenger seat is one of the nicest seats I’ve ever seen I love the design and it is also 28 way power adjusting on all models So as you can see, you have all these adjustments here and there’s even a nice metal button So they really did a finish it really nicely back here and it even has a leather wrapping around the seat controls Now it is also worth noting that we do have three person memory seats for this for the passenger seat as well And that is standard across the board Now in front of the passenger you will find some of the nicest materials you can get in any car so you do have leather wrapping in front of you all the way up here on the dashboard as well and you do even have a very intricate design it’s not really sure what this is but it looks like glass with a very intricate and cool design and Double of that you do even have a leather wrapped glovebox That is also good-sized and it does have a felt lining inside Up top the Sun Visor is nicely sized also as a mirror and LED light and it can also detach and extend But anyway guys that sums up all of the rear areas of this LS So now let’s go ahead and get on the road and see how it performs out there All right, so let’s go ahead and talk about this card as two different power train setups so this car comes in both LS 500 and LS 500 H a Hybrid variant and they’re totally different from each other Now we just have the traditional 500. That’s what most people will probably opt for But unlike in the LC the Their a coupe version of this car. Basically it actually does not have a v8. We actually have a three and a half litre Twin-turbocharged v6. It’s the first application the Lexus lineup and that produces 416 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque Now as far as the hybrid system that Uses three and a half meter naturally aspirated v6 with two electric motors and that together produces 354 horsepower Now as far as the transmissions this model has a 10 speed automatic But the hybrid model has this weird Transmission that’s a combination of a 4-speed automatic and a CVT and I won’t go into all the technical things but apparent apparently together these simulations plus the real shifts add up to the effect of Also having a 10 speed automatic. It’s pretty complicated but That’s the way they set it up here in the LS 500h and finally both models can be had with both rear or all-wheel drive Now for your fuel economy, the LS actually does quite well even in the traditional form for something so large So what you’re looking at is a nineteen city 30 highway 23 combined with this LS 500 with rear-wheel drive But going up to your hybrid version that’s going to jump you up five mpg combined So, you know up to 25 city 33 highway 28 combined also with rear-wheel drive And then if you want to go with the all wheel drive version of either of those two You’re looking at a reduction of two mpg combined But anyways that basically explains the power train setups. So let’s go ahead and take this LS 500 on a quick test drive All right, so first thing, you know been the LS 500 Definitely plenty of grant right off the line

also sound That sounds good. Sounds very muscular Sounds powerful So in case you’re worried about the v6 not giving you the quiet as much You know lymph and that it’s sound as you’re used to In a previous generation v8 LS you shouldn’t have to worry about that So we hit a little pothole there You hardly feel anything to the cabin it’s like something you hear it, but you just don’t feel it It’s it’s very interesting. Of course, this is even the sport-oriented LS But definitely don’t hesitate If you’re thinking about that the F Sport is going to really sacrifice your ride quality or something like that It’s certainly not you. This is still Its main mission is always going to be comfort even at this F Sport model I’m honestly in shock at how smooth this car rides I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a car that rides as smooth. It is honestly unbelievable. I Mean, I don’t even know what to say I didn’t know her car could ride this smooth like like he said you had something and you It literally just does not go into the car at all and it’s also so quiet in here it says truly truly luxurious Drive and you get the seats too these are some of the best seats you can get ever experienced in person And also as we’re cruising along what do you want to mention the Gigantic head-up display. I’ve never been on any car with a head out this way as big as 24 inches, so it’s huge and it really does have a lot of information on it and Just has everything in general being a lot bigger a lot easier to see but it’s at the same time It’s not distracting either by how large it is Yeah, this thing’s definitely got guns it really does it really does I Love that engine note. Mm-hmm. It really does. It sounds excellent Honestly the average buyer or whatever if you didn’t tell them That this was a not a v8, they probably would think that it can continue to have the same v8 as last generation, so They’ve done a really good job with that And I do also want to point out that it’s not like an obtrusive sound I know we keep saying that it sounds really good, but it’s definitely like a very refined noise Everything in this class has refinements like that. And as we’re merging onto the Freeway here. You’ll be able to tell just how quickly this car can get up to speed and It’s even quiet if you want it to be This car also Has like a really maneuverable feel to it And we’ve driven several of the rivals and This feels like it gets a lot smaller a vehicle Then like the fate that we drove And it’s not actually a smaller vehicle, I think it’s just the way they’ve tuned the steering and also the visibility it just To me feels like a manoeuvring something smaller than it is And that’s a good thing when you have something big like this you want it to still feel Maneuverable and I feel like I’ve got a good sense of where the car is placed and everything like that More so than what is average in the class The transmission is incredibly smooth I Mean is shifts. I can’t feel anything. I don’t know if you can Mason I can about definitely not even the smallest Sensation of a shift I mean, it’s just it’s nothing. It just moves through his ten gears Seamlessly, it’s it’s still ready to respond. But when you put your foot down, there’s no hesitation and

That’s really good because when you have a lot of gears You don’t want to have any of that Confusion the fact that some cars can have and this definitely does not have that. You know, I was paying specific attention I knew we’re gonna talk about the transmission I wanted to like count the gears and I could almost not even like hear like what gear has changed or anything because it is Extremely quiet and also you definitely can’t feel it. There’s no type of noise making it that see, I’m going over a pretty vague speed bump right there and it’s just like Can’t feel anything. We don’t even have the air suspension. You can’t get an air suspension if you want. We don’t have it on this But you you don’t need it you don’t need it if you don’t want guys I’m thoroughly thoroughly impressed And yet there you go, I mean you have so much power and tap like it can be Extremely smooth but yet, you know, you can put it down and it really is just it’s really a joy to drive. I’m I’m just really impressed normally cars like this are you know, they’re like a limo and they’re comfortable But it’s there’s no Let’s say driving enjoyment to the fact to the you know driving experience But I’m actually I’m enjoying myself. It has enough of that sound it has a Maneuverable feel it feels agile. It feels fast You know and part of that is because it is the F Sport version which in itself, you know rivals don’t compete with that You know by offering you kind of a sporty version So if you get that’s something you’re looking for. The LS is really the only name in the game and It’s a really really well-rounded package to give you the extra stuff but without taking away any of the traditional LS comfort All righty and let’s discuss the pricing for the 2019 LS here for a minute Now you will notice about a $300 price hike over the last year model So that means that the LS 500 starts at seventy five thousand three hundred dollars if you want all-wheel-drive That’s going to jump it to seventy eight thousand five twenty and if you want to go for the F Sport model Which is what we’ve opted for that starts at 81300 for the rear-wheel drive model If you want all-wheel drive Its 84520 and then if you want to go for the hybrid model with the awesome fuel economy That’s not going to cost you too much more It’s about four thousand dollars more than the standard LS 500 and that is 79810 and rear-wheel drive form If you want all-wheel drive its 83030 and as far as how this particular LS is equipped We do have several options checked off. So we’ve opted for the LS 500 F Sport all-wheel-drive So that’s eighty four thousand four twenty starting and then we also opted for the 24-inch head-up display Which is a twelve hundred and twenty dollar option mark levinson premium audio with twenty three speakers for nineteen forty the panoramic glass roof for a thousand a paint protection film for 395 eliminated door sills for 399 and trunk mats for two sixty four and then finally when you add in the 1025 destination charge this particular model as equipped is 90663 dollars now, I know you were thinking that’s probably a lot of money and it is however I do want to point out the value of this vehicle in its segment so this car competes against the 7 Series in the S Class and on those models, you are barely getting warmed up at ninety thousand so this car is Definitely a value player in its segment Well guys who’ve you enjoyed watching one of the first in-depth looks at the 2019 Lexus LS 500 F Sport Please hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you Next time is his sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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