Alright Jynxie I need you to help me out with this, okay? You gonna be awesome? You gonna be a good boy? You do everything right? Probably not (Jynxie laughs) (Jamie laughs) Hey guys, Jamie and Jynxie here And with people staying home more we have noticed and been getting a lot more emails about birds becoming a little bit more needy than normal, over attached, even had some signs of separation anxiety happening and Yes? (grunting) Speaking of needy and attached and all the things and that some birds are even stopping to self entertain which means stopping to play with toys and kinda becoming solely dependent on their human for their source of entertainment and companionship So what I thought would be really cool, as much as spending time with our birds is important doesn’t mean that they should depend on you 24/7 So if your bird won’t play with toys I’m gonna show you today how to train it Woo-hoo! Your gonna help me right? Right-o Jynxie? Yes? No? Perfect (upbeat music) A little FYI about this, I am currently holding a contest from June 20 to July 20, 2020 lot’s of 20’s, where if you find a Bandit Boy Sticker this is him this is his design, his merch design if you find a bandit boy sticker in any of my toy-boxes that you order between that time, you are automatically a winner There’s gonna be two winners and you win two consultations with David and I plus my family-friendly parrot formula videos for free So, really really excited check the video description for a link to all my toy-boxes the more toy-boxes you get the more entries you have Oh, your head was cut off that whole time sorry bud If you win and find bandit in your toy box, please make sure to take a photo and email it to me [email protected] Alright, so some of you may be wondering why do we give our family-friendly parrot formula packages one and two for free when we offer our consultation packages And the reason we do that is because those really set your foundation, (laughs) they make better use of your time with us on a consultation, they just make it more effective to talk to us at that point if your foundation is already in place and it kinda sets you up for the most success and allows us to get distracted by our birds pulling our hair I swear Jynx is not on the consults with me so I actually talk in complete sentences on consultations seriously, your so distracting Bah! (squawking) (laughs) – Sorry, your just fun to do that too Okay, also the other cool thing about consultations is that they get really specific into the nitty-gritty of the root of your specific problem with your bird depending on your lifestyle because we all lead totally different lives Jynxie! Ah! And so it integrates our training and our teaching with your lifestyle (Jynxie squawking) – Woo! It’s something to celebrate, okay seriously So, on to the video, let’s train you to do something and self entertain other than pulling on my hair Okay so (Jynxie squawking) What? The reason that we encourage our birds to play with toys is that it keeps them from puking on us Yes As you can tell Jynxie has become a little needy So this video is really about you and the issues you’re having right now Anyways playing with toys encourages independence in our birds And its also a form of self-entertainment so they can entertain themselves and don’t have to depend on us 24/7 So for more ideas and super easy ways to get into foraging and getting your birds to take longer to do certain things like eating its meal and just basic introduction to toys and playing with toys and all those things What are you doing? Check out my other video I’m gonna link to it in the description it’s my foraging 101, I swear I promise, I promise It’s super easy you guys can do it my birds make it look way too easy but seriously it’s really really simple to get started Jynxie Jynxie Mwah, love you (nails clacking) Alright Jynx we are going to teach you to play with toys Woo-Hoo! Now Jynxie plays with toys already but he hasn’t been great about it lately because he sees me all time and he’s like, “Hey!” – Hey! – Yeah! And he calls me baba and he goes baba! And he gets really excited when I’m around because I mean who doesn’t? Just Jynxie actually Okay so, I brought along some toys that I thought we would

mess around with My favorite in my line, one of my favorites cause I love them all is the kabob line Now Jynxie has not been playing with my kabobs which really breaks my heart because these are Tusa and Comet’s favorites So I wanna make them Jynx’s favorite So I brought along some toys Well, I brought along some treats is what I meant to say and within these kabobs, there’s these little holes in the center Hope you guys can see that I’m going to stick a pine nut Do you see that? Into that hole Come here Jynxie – Pa-pa-pa-pa (Jamie laughs) Pa-pa-pa-pa! Don’t try to talk and sweet talk me this whole time Get over here Get over here You know what I forgot, my most important tool ever, my target stick (grunts) (Jynxie chirping) Stay right there Jynxie, don’t move a mussel All right – C’mon – C’mon (laughs) That’s what I’m gonna say to you, c’mon All right so if your bird is target trained you can just bring them closer to the toy through target training so that they learn not to be afraid of it Cause a lot of birds they’re just scared of toys So teaching them that it’s no big deal – Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa (laughs) – You’re not gonna win me over with your talking – C’mon – He’s saying c’mon, C’mon, cause that’s what I say to you when I want you to fly or doing something or not be distracted Jynxie! Jynxie (target stick clicking) Good boy Okay so the other thing I’m gonna do here because this isn’t enticing enough and he’s just trying to get reinforcement from me and my reaction (Jynxie laughs) I know I need to stop reacting to you because you so stinkin cute and it’s really difficult to do Is I’m going to, hope you guys can see that I’m stubbing some old treats in there I’m gonna make him get them out Come here Jynxie Okay no Just shakes your head no at everything (stick tapping) – C’mon (Jamie laughs) – Seriously come on (tapping) (chirping) Come on (tapping) Come on you scaredy bird, are you too scared? Are you scared? Come on, Jynxie, Baba, Babs Come on! (tapping) – Hello – Hello – Okay Alright were gonna try a different method because you’re being lame All right Jynxie (rustling noises) This wood is so soft you can literally push stuff into it (rustling noises) – Oh! – Hey Jynxie (rustling noises) (clicking) So it’s really about getting your bird to interact with these (clicking) as much as possible (clicking) Good boy Not sure what you did? (clicking) (rustling noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) – Okay (rustling noises) (clicking)

(rustling noises) (clicking) (bird chirping) – Pa-pa-pa-pa (tapping noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) (clicking) – [Jamie] So there I actually clicked when he dropped it and I should’ve been clicking when he first picked it up so, make sure that your not (clicking) – [Jamie] Make sure that you’re not clicking and rewarding for your bird stopping to play versus starting to play cause that’s really what I want is I want the starting to play So let’s see (squawking) – [Jamie] Let’s see if he gets it this time without any encouragement Oh, he found one of the nuts in the other toys (chirping) – [Jamie] What else do I want? (chirping) – Okay – [Jamie] You’re not sure? (tapping) – [Jamie] Over here – Pa-pa-pa-pa! (rustling noises) – [Jamie] There you go No, come over here Either this or this You almost did it – Okay (rustling noises) (tapping noises) (clicking) – That’s cute (clicking) – [Jamie] Good boy, good job Jynxie, Good Boy! Yeah Oh that fell out of there? I’m gonna put that in there So Jynx responds very well to praise, he’s more praise driven that food motivated, right now (clicking) Good boy! Good boy Babs How about this one? (clicking) Whoa you knocked one out It’s not a pinata (clicking) Good boy! (rustling noises) Your getting it – Woohoo! (laughs) Yeah, there’s a reason to celebrate Which one are you gonna play with? Play with them You can touch any of them You get treats for touching any of them (clicking) Good boy! Good job Some of them don’t have any treats (clicking) Good boy He’s like what is going on here (rustling noises) (clicking) Oh! Although I don’t want to be training you to throw things off the table (rustling noises) (clicking) (laughs) He is throwing stuff off the table I trained you to throw everything off the table Supposed to be training you to play with toys (rustling noises) Let’s put these over here What are you gonna do? (rustling noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) You got a treat, for that one (tapping) Do it again (rustling noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) (clicking) (rustling noises) (tapping noises)

Come here, bite it (clicking) Good boy! Good boy, yeah! So that was jackpot reward cause he went ahead and broke it So he got, big old chunk of walnut for that You understand what I want yet? (rustling noises) (tapping noises) Bite it Good boy He knows what good boy means Didn’t even need the clicker that time More, get it (wood crunching) That was so good, that was so good Get it (wood crunching) Good boy (rustling) More (wood crunching) Good boy Good job Jynxie (wood crunching) (clicking) Good boy (rustling) You’re doing awesome More, Get it (wood crunching) (clicking) Good job – Good boy – Good boy Did you just say good boy? (laughs) So he is doing better with the praise (wood crunching) What a good boy, good job Jynxie (rustling) (wood crunching) (clicking) All right So you can see how this would transfer to the cage Although I’m showing you guys on this tabletop, so that it’s easier to video You could also have this hanging in the cage use the target training in the cage And then also do all that encouragement within their cage so that they learn that way too – Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa But this should transfer to when you hang this sort of same material in their cage for them to play with and were gonna if you just want to come Good boy Jynxie, you did a good job Jynxie, what have you been up to in your cage bud? (cage rattling) What have you been up to in here? (cage rattling) All right Good job on the kabob (chirping) Oh! Good job on the kabob (air whooshing) Well, who did that? Who did it? Did it in your aviary Good boy Jynxie Good boy Babs – Pa-pa Jynxie what did you do today? Jynx, what did you do? Did you get anything done today? Anything at all? What have you been doing with your life? (cage rattling) (Jynxie crackles) Yeah You look very impressed with yourself Who did that? – Baba Baba made that mess? Another tip for training your bird to play with toys is by setting it up for success So all of our birds have favorite perches or places to be whether it’s on their play stand foraging tree or inside their cage I know that with my birds I often see a pile of poop in one spot because they just have a favorite spot they like to hang out So find that favorite spot and make sure a lot of toys are put there to encourage them to play with it A lot of the times when I notice that certain toys in my birds’ cages aren’t being played with it’s because they’re in a spot that my bird doesn’t like to frequent So I can often switch around toys and put them in new places for my bird and while keeping in mind where my bird likes to frequent the most and that usually leads to my bird discovering new toys Even if I put a non favorite toy in a spot that my bird loves to be in he’s most likely to play with that toy versus going to a different spot he doesn’t like as much to play with a toy that he really likes Those of you will really small birds like Budgies or Parotlet’s I know it can be incredibly hard to get these little guys to play I find that preening type toys where it’s very stringy and they can find little pieces are very appealing to small birds So one of the things that I do is I will often lay this on the bottom of the play stand and sprinkle it with some millet So the bird not only gets used to the textures

of finding Millet inside but also gets used to separating the little area’s of the toy to look for the food inside and then they usually end up just chewing on the toy itself whether you’re hanging it around the play stand or having it on the bottom sometimes for them to play in as well Keep in mind that toys don’t have to be a certain way They don’t have to just be in the cage They can be on or around the cage They can be on or around your table, or wherever you frequent You could have a bowl of toys that you pull from when your hanging out with your bird watching T.V There’s a lot of variety of ways to use toys It doesn’t have to be any standard way of introducing them Keep in mind too when you go to train your bird to play with a toy that simply accepting it being close, looking at the toy or just merely touching it even its ooh touch get it away As long as your bird is making contact or accepting the toy in some way go ahead and click and heavily reward Make sure that your implementing jackpot rewards for when your bird takes that first chunk out of the toy As always another great trick because we’re dealing with such social flock dynamic animals, is when you play with it, they wanna play with it If it’s yours it’s theirs Anything that the human is interested in the bird will become interested in So if your bird completely ignores you kind of what Jynx was doing to me in the very beginning, pay more attention to the toy itself and eventually, they’ll come and get curious too If your bird is just terrified and you can’t even have a toy close to you, I would recommend having a certain situation set up for success again where possibly you are social eating and a lot of birds love having their meals with their humans and vice versa So if you’re a human that does that and you have your plate of food I would recommend having a toy on that counter or that platform so that your bird just gets used to seeing it And then gradually bringing it closer, closer, closer and closer until it is accepted within that area And then simply encourage it and maybe start putting food towards it, put food on the actual toy itself whatever you have to do to encourage your bird to play with this Another example, would be getting your bird to play with its food I know it doesn’t sound like something you would naturally want to encourage but using whole carrots, whole pieces of lettuce, or whole pieces of cabbage or squash or zucchini and hanging those from your birds’ cage and letting them just destroy it is a really great fun way for your bird to learn, to play with eventually, toys because they can often match the texture There’s some really hard squash out there that you could eventually use or pumpkin is one of my favorite things to use during the holidays and have my birds carve their own pumpkins I absolutely love doing that, so encouraging that sort of natural foraging or natural playing is a really awesome thing for you to do And not that all of you have Toucans but for those of you that do have Toucans in Estaires it’s really fun to give them whole melons to play with as well or half a melon so they can go at it and have a lot of fun Those are also ways that you can take natural things and make them into toys For those of you that have multiple birds Some of you may have birds in your flock that are naturally inclined to play and destroy toys While others sit inside there cage and do nothing One of my favorite thing to do is take a partially destroyed toy from one of my birds whose good at it and give that to the bird who’s not naturally good at it because it’s already open and destroyed enough that now I can create a forager out of it very very easily So sometimes you can use part of your flock to help the other part of your flock I also have noticed that, when I house my birds together and give them something that they really like they’ll often see one bird paying a lot of attention to a toy and it will usually create some curiosity for the other birds to check it out as well This goes for my son Conyours and Miamakaz especially if they see one of them is doing it the other one usually wants to join in So again birds are very social creatures, if they see somebody else doing it it’s most likely that they are gonna try it too One last tactic that you guys hear me talk a lot about in regards to other types of training is capturing If you by chance happen to catch your bird chewing on some sort of part of toy or even it’s own perch Try to click and go over and give a positive reinforcement of some sort to let your bird know, that was an awesome behavior, I would love to see more of that Whether it’s when your bird is on a play stand, maybe there’s a certain time of day your bird might be more playful I know for me i notice my Budgie chewing on his play stand A lot in the morning but this time in the afternoon he’s more likely to be sitting and chilling So figuring out what time of day your bird is most active and making sure to train during that period of time is going to set you both up for a lot of success

Also don’t forget desensitization training, which just means training your bird to accept a lot more new things on a consistent basis and not be fearful of new things So usually introducing one new thing a week to start out is really good but if you could get up to one new thing a day that would be super amazing The more desensitization training that you do the quicker your bird catches on and the more mellow it will be on introduction to new things and using different type of toys in this type of desensitization training is really, really powerful My final thought for training your bird to play with toys is figure of what the reinforcement is As you saw with Jynx he responded much better to my praise than he did to my food reward And being actually wanted to get pet as his reinforcement rather than get birdy bread as a treat So keep that in mind when you are playing with your bird and trying to encourage him to play with his favorite toys What is his number one reinforcement and how can you make it even more reinforcing and more rewarding for him to go about and play with these toys So think about that and keep in mind that it’s always up to the bird to decide what is reinforcement, so just because you think food is it’s number one the bird doesn’t show you that it’s number one, it’s probably not As always thank you guys so much for watching I hope you found value from this and get your bird playing with toys in no time Go check out my Parrot Toy Boxes and bundles @birdtricks.com Sometimes the most helpful advise or tips and tricks come from you guys in the comments So please make sure to leave a comment, tell me what type of bird you have, how long it took your bird to play with toys and what the number one tip was that you used to get there That way as an avian community as a whole we can help each other get our birds to be a little bit more independent and a little bit more self-entertaining Thank you guys so much for watching please let me know in a comment below what your favorite tip or trick was and which one you decided to implement with your bird Don’t forget to check you Parrot Toy Boxes from June 20 to July 20 and see if Bandit Boy is in one of those boxes for a chance to win two consultations and my family-friendly parrot formula series, soon

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