okay welcome everybody to a special webinar that Clickbank is hosting this is beau Blackwell client knowledge guru for clickbank with me is molly lane or marketing specialist and we have a very special guest for you today with us is rand fishkin who’s the CEO and co-founder of SEO maas Rand was recently a speaker at our Clickbank exchange event and his session was a huge hit he had crowd waiting to talk with him afterwards about all the stuff he’d presented on and what what rands real area of specialty is an SEO Moz as a service is staying up to date with the absolute latest and greatest trends and changes in the SEO world so what he’s going to share with us today is what he calls the evolution of SEO opportunity and for those of you out there who are internet marketers you know that SEO is a huge part of your business and can have a big impact on whether you’re successful or not and so the fact that that groups like a CO masz and people like rand keep a really close eye on where opportunities are going and how SEO is evolving that can give you a real competitive advantage so r and is going to present on that today and we’re really happy to have him so thanks very much ran my pleasure vote good to get to join you looking forward to doing this at a great time I clickbank exchange and that yeah I’m psyched to be able to get some some of this new opportunity in front of more people because i think the the search engines in particular have not classically sort of evangelize all the marketing opportunities that exist great great well feel free to take it away and we’ll jump in if we have any questions that we think people might might need answered about stuff but otherwise we will leave it to you alright awesome so thanks for joining me everyone I really appreciate this opportunity so essentially what I want to talk about today is this idea that the classic SEOs are old-school SEO is is falling by the wayside a little bit it’s still incredibly important to worry about things like making your pages accessible choosing good keywords to target making good cond doing link building but these these sort of pillars of the past SEO practices best practices don’t encapsulate all of the opportunities that exist in the modern world and that’s that’s where I want to go with this presentation so some of this might be a little bit advanced but I really don’t want to go over anyone’s heads and so I’m going to try and make it as accessible as possible first off as Bono’s and the quick thanks folks to go high not very self promotional I don’t like to do that but just in case you’re wondering we don’t offer any consulting at SEO else we do have some great software we have almost 14,000 paid subscribers and almost a quarter million people using our tools free tools every month there’s lots of free tools lots of free resources on mods and from what I hear lots of click bang folks particularly those four more bins are actually using the SI OS platform which is totally awesome thrilled the happy so I want to challenge a notion that I hear a lot when I go down to Silicon Valley and I’m sure if you are in a sort of technique TechCrunch happening these worlds you hear this much to that oh you know search is kind of over at the era of searches instant really is that is that true or is that complete baloney fabricated by a self-interested press I’ll leave it up to you to decide but you can see here some data which I think strongly speaks to this so here’s a chart of the quantity of searches that happen on Google’s search engine alone so it doesn’t include being in yahoo or other search engines in other countries like Yandex in Russia or buy new in China or neighbor in South Korea and you can see here that twenty ten to twenty eleven was actually one of Google’s largest growth years for growing the volume of searches and part of that is google instant which which launched last year and has been meaning that they have a lot of chair but a lot of it is because more people are searching than ever before and they’re performing more searches symmetries it so this is from a Pew Internet research and it’s kind of cool right like you can see this oh look at that you know search and email are essentially like where where it’s ad on the web and yes social is definitely rising look at that two thousand five eleven percent of people were using social networking sites today it’s sixty-five percent even see is sort of leveling off search is leveled off but in the ninety percent range so it’s just a huge amount of people using search engines all the time on the web dramatic number of searches and search is a very

very commercially intent driven medium when I go on a social networking site okay when I go on Facebook I am sort of looking for adorable pictures of my friends right and my you know small closets but when I go to google and I search for you know new laptop i’m probably looking for a new laptop right like this is one of those things that’s that’s fundamental to the way people use search engines use social media and so I recognize that social media is an emerging practice very very exciting lots of great things you can do on there from a marketing perspective I’m actually gonna be talking about some of those later in this presentation I just wanted to give you a sense of the fact that search is so far from dead and search is in fact a phenomenal medium and the more people the more you see in the press you know socials the future area of surgeon SEO blah blah blah you know whatever that’s so yesterday that’s a really good thing for you because if you invest in SEO and your competitors don’t guess who wins all that traffic exactly a solid another thing that I really would like to share this idea that Google has evolved so dramatically over the last few years do you remember right for the furthest the first decade of search queries looked like this results look like this 10 blue links right went right down the page but do you ever see this anymore I never see this this is in fact it was incredibly hard for me to even find this so i can screenshot this is what search results looks like right Oh guys search for the social network there they’re showing me theaters i’m in seattle washington sufficient theaters near me that are playing it and then I have these star ratings the IMDb and let the Wikipedia listing even has these little internal click clicks results that i can do they have show more results there’s the news there’s images wow I went to remedy which is a relatively small city outside of San Marino which is a country that’s surrounded by italy and sort of think like two hours south of venice and a little bit inland and there’s the hotels in romanian they’re not showing me those ten bluemix enumerate I’ve got the local results I have the map look at the map the map is blocking the ads if I’m on a laptop I probably don’t even see the ads below there anymore right I’m getting that map view and I think that the way search engines are going is even more towards this this this is Google’s new recipe search it’s been out for about 45 months now and look what they do i search for osso buco recipe see they know my location and then they give me ingredient choices cooked time calories more tools that i can play with so that they’re letting me narrow down my results so that i can say oh you know i really want I don’t know why I would want this but a white line based osso bucco nakaso glucose suppose to be the red wine why you phrases like one sounds sounds crazy to me maybe but it’s google offers lots of good things but i also one of my favorite things is there really an awesome luca recipe that’s less than iron calories is that physically possible I think not I think Google’s up agree with that doesn’t that doesn’t seem reasonable to me ah it’s 10 I won one bite of osso buco and so you can be sense like Google is moving from this to these far far richer results and there’s ways to be included in these results that doesn’t follow the pattern of classic SEO and so that’s what I one of the things that I really want to talk about so we’re going to talk today a little bit about local and maps results how to get included in these types of results the image results video results i’m going to spend a little bit of time on videos because i think video SEO is just incredibly exciting Rich Snippets how to get included in that program some of the social annotations in the search results you can see Google strongly implementing an integrating plus one which is their social network and I think that this makes it so valuable for people to be participating in social from an SEO perspective and I realize you might at this point me kind of freaking out like um r and this is a lot of things that I have to suddenly do these are a lot of responsibilities this is how am I going to get included in all these places do I really need to be responsible eggs and what I want to see is don’t panic it’s going to be okay I’m going to show you some options and based on what you know from doing searches in your field from looking at the keywords you care about from looking at your search or audience you are going to get a sense of you know what is this tactic when I should pursue thank you video is not right for you maybe local isn’t right for you but maybe Rich Snippets is great maybe social sharing is an awesome opportunity

whatever the tactics that are right for you are you’ll be able to invest in them and have the knowledge and background into it and when you take on new projects or new challenges or you see those new opportunities arising you can get the framework from some of the information that you have for some time so let’s start with local and maps results so you see this these types results that the places for dim sum restaurant and these maps results or google places or google local they change the name every few months and whose church at the that particular site of the service i think right now it’s marissa meyer and she changed it to google places as I believe the latest name the algorithm that powers Google Places and that puts for exam in this example golden unicorn restaurant above shave all above dim sum go go above vegetarian dim sum house as opposed to what’s powering the wikipedia entry or the go nyc.com those are different metrics today it’s much less lake based and much more citation its biggest requirement is you really need to add your business registration and this requires that Google send you something in the mail you will plug in the little it’s eight digit code that you get in the mail from them they can also verify via phone now so if you have a business phone number and you can have someone to answer it it’s weird because it’ll be Google’s automated call system to dial in so make sure you have someone who’s staffing it after you register that way and then what’s really interesting is that they use this citation based algorithm right so when classic SEO you’re used to sort of Li the guy with the most leagues are the best legs were the most anchor text reach links from a diverse set of domains that are white hat lanes to see me editorial endorsements and aren’t manipulative those are the guys that make first right but in places you locally Maps kind of not the story right so what what I’m looking at here is this jing fong restaurant right so when I see jing fong restaurant anywhere on the web they seed in a directory and the yellow pages listings in all their data sources that they pull from and they use local ease a number of other director video yell city surge for restaurants urbanspoon and so God which they ended up buying just us just a couple weeks ago I think now so when they see in Palm Restaurant they look Oh 20 of them elizabeth street new york new york there’s a zip code that’s the phone number is it a dim sum restaurant in chinese restaurant when they see inconsistencies essentially jing fong restaurant mentions on the web that don’t include that address that use a different address a different phone number a different zip code different categories they don’t assign the value that they would too consistent citations and that’s why it is really smart to do something like a search like this so you see this search I’ve got here Jimmy palm restaurant in quotes minus 20 minus elizabeth money Street that’s me saying hey Google show me mentions ocean pong restaurant that don’t have the correct address or the jaw including dress you can see their homepage doesn’t include it probably smartly and the urbanspoon listing is a different city bloomington claymont i sued willington delaware so maybe that one’s fine but I might want to check it down that list and make sure that all the match and I apologize the annotation at the bottom not not quite Robin it used to be the case that if you wanted to find if you wanted to do rate citation research you just go to all these listings right so I find a new Chinese restaurant or new dim sum restaurant in New York I want to right here I could look at golden unicorns listing and Jin Cong restaurants the stated groups and go ballistic and I try and find all of their citations Google needs to show these you can see here this sorry the image is a little bit blurry but this is taken from someone who screenshotted this previously and you could go to that place page and see a listing of this a yell and several other people citysearch formed a lawsuit and threatened to sue google if they didn’t pull those results out of the places listings and so they pay which makes it much harder to discover where is google finding all this information but luckily you can do searches like this and include their restaurant name and their address and find all the places where they’re listed to get in there another thing that’s weird about local search is that Google does news reviews right so you see those star ratings for example here this this Keens Steakhouse since 80 to 85 right hats for four and a half stars and it’s like this give you away too many sem secrets

Google to come for you yeah they’re coming for me so they use these results but it’s officially weird the quantity of results matters much more than the quality it’s not weird but you see this all the time here take a look I think this example actually shows it so you see how golden unicorn which is the number one ranking there has three and a half stars but they have a hundred reviews they have the most reviews on the page even though their star rating is lower than the next three results quantity of result of review gooz matters more than calling so if you want to get included in google local getting lots of people to review having lots of popularity as a great thing and by the way this resource at the bottom of your data mins local search ranking factors provides you with tons of detailed information about exactly what the local results detail and i give us ran before you go on I wanted to them to just ask a quick question about a term that you’ve used several times and for somebody who’s not as familiar with especially local SEO what exactly is the definition of a citation it’s kind of funny so in the local SEO world we kind of use citation to mean anywhere on the web that mentions a business listing so think like the yellow pages has you know whatever it is Keens Steakhouse and they have the address they have the phone number and maybe they have a website listing right and Google essentially uses these references for these listing citations of businesses around the web as a way to judge which sites and pages are important as much as they used links you know in the normal algorithm they use these citations or just sets of words next to each other in addresses as a way to identify which restaurants are which coffee shops or whatever you want to call it up any local business where they’re listed and what if one more question what if and you don’t have a local or you don’t have like a physical address what if you just have a p.o box and maybe you work from your basement or something and have a p.o box can you get listed through google local that way as well you cannot you must have a physical address and a p.o box is not acceptable for google so you know it’s a little frustrating for folks who are sort of like why I don’t want to divulge my location or I’m working from home and so I don’t want to listen I my home business you need to do something you could do there’s lots of opportunity now would like shared office space so you know you can rent a cubicle for a hundred bucks a month that a had a shared office space and Google’s totally fine with that you skeet numbers or apartment number two whatever but they are not okay with pure boxes unfortunately okay I think that’s just because they really want physical businesses to be listed there moving on so you got local nailed it in the bag every time someone searches for something in your city or coming out number one of course after only listen to me listening to be 47 that’s amazing you are such fast learners but I want to talk about some video xml sitemaps too because the assaults are awesome you hear this all the time you hear like how YouTube is so huge you know they’re like that technically they’re the second largest search engine in the US behind only Google technically ahead of Bing and Yahoo because more people search on youtube for stuff to spend their day doing then then they do you want Bing and Yahoo which is amazing but yeah youtube by itself only gets twenty six percent of the market share of videos that are watching on the web which is stunning right I mean get out of town you you’re telling me and and look at this video sites number two through 25 so this is like you know vimeo and dailymotion and Spike TV and Funny or Die all these all these other videos sex MTV get only twenty-two percent of the market the majority of the market in fact the lion’s share goes to the long tail goes 2 tons hundreds of thousands of websites that have a couple videos on them and where most of the video watching activity is going down this this is 2009 data I bet it’s even smaller today I met YouTube chair and the top video site share is even smaller and more sites are waiting that long tail battle and what this says to me is people are not only willing to watch video on other sites but they really appreciate it enjoy having video is content can be a great great thing so

Google Offers this new thing do you see these results so there’s the tech chunks calm you creative I am calm fun then look SEL org and then you do wait a second right which one of these is going to get a click do you think the number one ranking site here is going to get the normal number of clicks that it that it usually would if there weren’t video snippets on results three and four no way in fact we have seen we were ranking for a while with a couple keywords a couple keyword phrases where we ranked number one and number two with normal test results and number three with a video result in google what we saw what we observed on those keywords was that the number three result one with the video snippet got a higher number of visits than number one or number two oh my god yeah i needa pretty amazing what that’s telling me is I don’t need to rank number one to get more traffic than get the number one position if I can rank in those top few results and have a video snippet I might be winning anyway now granted it still be nice to be number one and half with a result back you know still number three and getting more clicks in number one that is a huge shooter so one of the crazy things about this is you do not need to host your own video on your own server pay for bandwidth or use s3 Amazon’s web services to do this you can rank by placing a video from any site on to your own page with one exception the YouTube MN which I noted here is no longer bill under work so you need to use another video in banks I could be anything video it’s my TV we use Wistia to like a lot but youtube videos will only show for YouTube right now they will not show Google’s not showing them anymore like like this with the Eskimos result so you take a video from Vimeo from wherever put it on your page right embed in there it doesn’t even have to be the only place of things it can also live on on video site on spike TV site on dailymotion wherever and then you submit video external site maps to Google all right and you can rank like all of these guys here’s real SEO com here’s article stud latimes com here’s time com none of these come from YouTube right they’re independent non video specific sites where a video was embedded and now they get that certain result they get that back rich snippet of having the video in there which is just on my face in order to do this you have to submit a video xml sitemap and google gives you sort of an easy technical way to do that if you’re not technically you can ask your webmaster huerta to send up those xml sitemaps for specifically with the video once but it’s really easy they ask for like you know where’s the westin pages video so strong give me a thumbnail of the video give me that middle of the video and take the date that it was uploaded or something it’s really easy ah and I personally love Wistia there what a CO masz uses and not I don’t have any like special interested in them apart from I think they’re awesome but they do something great which is they will submit your video xml sitemaps for you and point them back to your site so you can rank with the whiskey up and that which i think it’s just super awesome and then they provide all these great stats so you can sort of see you know how you’re doing when you lose very very cool yeah that is really um yeah so this is this is the power of video is that by being in these results through video xml sitemaps an embedding video on pages you get this thing in fact let me show you something kind of cool we do this you guys see my screen yep alright 90 my email and my calendar awesome alright so let’s go to church or SEO guide second all right so you can see these like video results popping in here alright and that is essentially powered by Wistia uh let me see pink for article marketing SEO yes oh no I’m not ranking there while I’m an argument make sure that we had one yeah there we go so

you can see these like results that pop in here oh this is actually the one when I searched for finesse learn SEO so we used to have the top two results and then the third one was video for learn SEO not sure if he’ll show but the third one knows learn it was the video and that got more clicks than number one or two which was completely amazing so now a lot of the time what we’ll do is we’ll take a page like this and put a little video in here because we know that we can get the video snippet in Google and adding video to our pages is just a huge huge one so cool let’s talk about some of the other options for Rich Snippets and Google’s new schemas which is a form of Rich Snippets that actually anyone can get so classic Rich Snippets are things like these star ratings and if you do anything like reviews you can review any software people whatever you want there’s even ways there’s a wordpress plugin to help you enable this or you custom built and submitted to google they’ve got that that star rating system and you can do this with all sorts of rich so you can see here you know number of reviews price range fifty dollars and over raving eight out of ten the d linkedin does this where they’ll say the city and where the person works so there’s lots of ways to be sitting Dunamis here’s the here’s the LinkedIn one right they get an extra line of visibility and they I get to know whether that’s the result I was looking for right is that the Tom crucial I care about oh yes it is that’s the one who’s in New York is the vp of operations if distilled no I want that guy and these sorts of Rich Snippets are we way to get more data included in their recipes if any of you are in the world of food or recipes schemas org the new system and make God supports this and so does the classic Rich Snippets and so you can get included in those searches like oh you know what I’m going to give you a bunch of osso bucco recipes that are under a hundred calories sounds like it would be terrible but someone’s got it mushroom risotto that could be that could be a small number of calories potentially there’s also this is one of my favorite ones is the new rel equals author so r l equals author relies on you using something called rel equals me where you’re pointing back to essentially the page that is you on the internet and usually that I think that needs to be a Google profile once you set up a Google profile and you verify by adding the rel equals author and pointing back to your Google profile page Google will show articles that you’ve written anywhere on the web so if you go and write a guest post and they use rel equals author Huffington Post does this now about com does this now we do it at SEO laws with all of our guest authors do you see that where says by danny sullivan there’s a picture of him yeah I cannot tell you how huge this is for clicking rate and for trust you know if you’re searching around in the world of search engines and you see that an articles written by Danny Sullivan I don’t care what’s ranking you know number 8 i’m going to click on it because I know Danny I trust him I like him a respectable I’ll show you another example of this in the results here so let’s let’s go to look at that see see how it has my picture next to it because it’s showing the the rel equals author Mark up really really really cool and that’s actually using the news let’s do another one here okay there you go why don’t SEO and effing works sorry Clickbank arisa I got a little excited but see to see how it it’s in there and hair I’ll do it with no personalization on because this is not I believe this is not personalizing for me oh you’re stupid oh yes 0 will give non-personalized results there you go you’re that they’ll ranking there so that you know that’s going to get just drive a ton more clicks because of the way that is showing because of this relative who is author Mark up this is just a very powerful way to build trust and authority and credibility wherever you write on yeah I had not I hadn’t seen that before I mean I’ve seen the you know the the photo and a name in the listing didn’t realize that was something you could actually control and influence so yeah that’s probably it it’s pretty the uncrazy awesome I mean what I love about it too is it it sort of inspires more trust in the search results because when i see you know and i do a search and I see somebody who is authoritative who I know entrust i think i did a search around travel to peru recently and I saw anthony bourdain’s picture because like enabled rel equals off their bring him on the Travel Channel and it was just super cool cuz i was at all anymore dane like that has

famous it’s written all these books rinse the spray travel show i’m probably going to click on well it probably doesn’t even you know you probably don’t even have to know the person it just stands out so much that you think wow this guy’s got to be somebody if he’s got a photo on google’s listing so is that you know even if i don’t know you that’s a great way to get known yeah yeah absolutely i mean even if they’re not clicking that result you’ve got to be thinking every time you show up in front of people with your photo like that it’s a branding impression right i mean a bird geysers paid millions of dollars to get in front of you know hundreds of thousands and people with an outdoor billboard or TV commercial you bet to do it for free because you’re smarter than that is the beauty of creative SEO very cool so and along these very lines I want to talk a little bit about the social annotations and social ranking gusta tu so this is kind of interesting it’s essentially Google saying you know what we are going to use your social connections to improve the results that you see when you search for this so here’s an example this is just the social search of dinosaur SEO and you can see it’s things that I share the things that people I’m connected to shared there’s Yost to Vulcan michael gray and barry schwartz my brother Evan right so this is the social tool you constitute over there but Google does this normally in just the regular results sometimes too I’m sure you’ve done searches like this happen to be in salt lake city when I get this one and there’s my wife showing up for Italy market great there’s no way she would rank there normally in fact she doesn’t rank there normally it’s only because I’m connected to her on Twitter I follow her on Twitter and I’ve connected Twitter to my Google Google’s connected me of it my Twitter accounts i’m logged in and so they know he follows Cheerilee will show him this in step back I bet that will make him happy and you know this is the power of the social connection where they will plug in all these different you know social socially boosted results and I did do some tests to see what would happen here so i searched logged out and logged in for the same thing google panda farmer she’s the panda / armor update and look at this right those two results search engine land and we’re tracker are bumping up and ranking higher when I have social turned on right because chris bennett and andy middle of unconnected to i think on facebook are actually finding those and those annotations are social proof as well right i’m going to be more likely to click on that someone that I follow has shared so I was credible I was kind of a little weird out this google says oh you know we don’t we don’t use Facebook we we haven’t agreed to the Open Graph licensing habla and I thought to myself wait a second I looked at my google connected accounts right for this account and I saw okay kalenna Jordan shared that Google social search and I’m connected to her on Facebook right so even you hover all need google shows you how you’re connected but I went wait a second I haven’t connected my facebook profile to Google how does Google have any idea that Kalina and I are connected on Facebook but if you go and looked at your connected accounts page which is kind of a hard to find page inside Google service but you can find it will show you direct connections from links through google profiles or connected accounts and there you go like look how it does it see google’s google says oh well we found you on twitter which leads to inter warner on twitter an inter order on twitter links to come on Cora and mixergy and Andrew on hora links Andrew on facebook so that’s how we know to take content that Andrew share on facebook and connect you to it this is incredible right there crawling network through network through network to discover sort of the social graph and put those connections together so they can give me results like this totally insane amazing so Google uses now Google Plus this is 210 million we should karere right now is this number is now 25 million google+ has grown over 25 million users in fact is the fastest growing social networking site ever which is a little unfair because google already had a lots of users on it’s a right facebook is huge Twitter’s huge linkedin is huge for squares getting really big stumbleupon big red it’s making all these networks getting to scale means that there’s a ton of diversity out there and that folks who participate in the right networks and can get these social annotations have tremendous power to influence their net what do you think about what this means right where are things that are ranking

higher or appearing on page one that never would have before because of social means it means oh yeah you could do a bunch of new building right you could you could do a bunch of work and keyword optimization and contact we available to try and get to that first ranking position or you could try and find everyone in morals is going to be searching for these topics connect with them socially and Google will do the rest for you so long as you’re sharing your content or someone in their network is sharing your content if you can get your content more socially shared you can rank better that is a truly amazing new power of the connection to tweet searched and searched and by the way bing does this too so being if you’re logged into facebook will use Facebook’s entire open graph to show you things in your friends of light and shared and mentioned on facebook so along these lines I’ll dive a little bit into Google+ because I think it’s so critically important in Google is placing such a big back here and they’ve had relative success with with meeting this network work so first thing is you seen these in search results where essentially they’ll show you even when I not logged in they’ll show me Oh 1430 people plus ones I’m sure google loves that facebook is my example here for their plus one network some irony but I and search engine and by the way data did a blog post that showed this is conferring google is showing the +1 counts to log out users so this is like a oh well lots of people are sharing this a +1 it must be included result so we’re going to rank it higher and people are going to click on it ronica now I wanted to do a little you know just illustration here this is my google plus account where I had 9700 people following me and my facebook now where I’ve only 1700 people following me on Facebook so what you know for obviously I’m in a weird world of sort of internet marketing and SEO but and my google plus account a lot more powerful than my facebook account I can reach a dramatically higher number of people and because Google+ is a little more public I can find and build more connections whereas Facebook you know you really have to be friends with those people so getting more and more connections on Facebook is more challenging to be fair though google+ really messed up their URLs right like can you even imagine being like oh yeah I follow me on Facebook Iran fishing follow me on Twitter Iran fish follow me on Google+ and 11 12 9 4 2013 325 5870 4069 22 totally just falls on I clearly no one works in marketing at Google right right because like this is the kind of thing where you put it on your business card and no one is going to bless you on their business that’s funny the other thing that I want to point out about sharing on google+ that’s a little bit different from how you share on twitter facebook is facebook when you share you share to a given group of friends right and those only people who consume twitter you can share and anyone who’s following you or anyone publicly can go and see that Google+ when you share they show your circles but by default they will also show your extended circle right so if for example I share something in BOS follow me on Google+ in Mali’s following bow on google+ Molly can see my content you get that like one extra network hop inside Google Plus which i think is a good a relatively smart move for Google+ because they know that you know there might not be not much sharing activity additionally and so having an extra hop can help people feel like Google+ is in the wasteland even if they’re the right friends aren’t ya using the network catalase Google+ also does have something like like Twitter’s mentions so if you want to see people who are mentioning you but you need to do is click on vacations and then used a menu to select mentions it so if you if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss this and then a lot of the time you know people will be mentioning you but you won’t be part of the conversation so it does pay to be in there and I think as soon as they enable business accounts which i think is just a few months of wedding there will be this extra incentive for every business to be a google plus monitor and what people are saying about them on that network we can also kind of see particularly the last like six weeks or so that Google+ is becoming the default Social Connector so really Google is kind of trying to push Plus above other things above you know

friendfeed or or Facebook or Twitter or the other thing to do in the other networks that they monitor and Google+ is kind of becoming the default line so this is a really big incentive or anyone who’s producing blog content or article content or we’re just doing content in general you might want to share that on google+ and see if you can’t get other users who are on plus to appreciate enjoy and +1 your content because that’s going to have a really nice network effect in the social graph for research see you you get this sense right like looking at all these opportunities and I have touched on no given limited time you’re right I’ve touched on maybe four or five ones that I feel a really big but there are so much more than just classic SEO and the responsibilities that you have as an SEO have really been upgraded so I think you deserve a raise I think you should be definitely compensated more if you’re doing SEO because you have to do all these additional jobs now or eight you’re responsible for analytics and enrich nibud inclusion and content marketing and social media marketing well and stuff but there’s also so much power to investing to being an early adopter in these systems where other people aren’t yet applying and I now so it really excites me so hopefully you’ve learned a ton here there’s a lot of great free resources on SEO was on search and Julian on Clickbank itself and so you can check out and download this presentation epically / SEO evolution and if you if you want to give esto mas pro free finding that’s for free there and yeah thank you very much i hope i hope this has been inspirational i hope to see many of me participating in these cool new ways of getting the big search results thanks very much thanks so much r and i had kind of a you know just a general question for you since since you study this stuff so extensively is there any one of those areas that you really feel like is is poised for kind of explosive growth where people should really focus their efforts but you know would you say it’s I’m socially doing if you’re going to do one thing out of this already I would say it depends a lot on who you are so if you’re a local business if you have a local focus getting into local getting into google maps in places is absolutely critically important because they just they’re just not showing the regular results above the fold anymore you do a search I mean you don’t even have to do I can search here let’s go to google and what am I search for but I’ll about pizza I mean look at that right I’m just not getting you know these results dominoes and papa john’s pizza like these guys are not getting my visibility these are the guys for getting the visibility and i’m very likely to go to you know Ray’s Pizza actually New York intended haha I can search for think I just did this so you know pottery barn and Kirkland’s first off kirkland’s is local only right so that is getting geo biased because of where I am these are all the results that I’ve seen like I’m not I’m not getting the normal sort of there is no normal results actually that’s if you really want to see normal results now which is very rare because people does this you can see so what i’m doing here is i’m going to change it so that i’m searching from canada but i want to see us results and those are like the even then they know where i am right so that’s like the non geo biased results it’s so different to what I actually see here so the you know Google search is becoming so local so if you’re doing that individually if you have any opportunity to use video usually how we’re holding do xml sitemaps video xml sitemaps and if you are in a field where you think some or many customers of yours or business connections of yours might be or already are on facebook twitter google+ that i’d be investing efforts there and so it’s not about doing one thing i guess though it’s it’s kind of choosing the right thing depending on what we do sure yeah absolutely and you know a lot of our audience and people that work with clickbank are going to be trying to do SEO for information products that are related to a certain niche so it might

be health and fitness or you know it might be business investing or something like that so you know definitely there’s a lot of opportunity to use video to over to supplement posts and you know one interesting thing i’ve noticed that not very many companies or internet marketers seem to do very well is asking for social you know boosts basically saying if you like this plus 1 it or if you if you like this like it on facebook and it’s such an an easy thing to do and a lot of times if you just ask for it people will do it whereas if you put it out there they they see it and ignore it you know who does a great job with this and that’s an excellent point is okcupid just a dating site their blog that’s just a phenomenal job it’s easy here 10 shirts about sex it sounds like a fascinating topic but so watch this I’m going to read this article right and i’m scrolling down going down the fascinating stuff all did you see that see what happened scrolling down and then i reached the bottom of the article and four huh maybe i should like this maybe i should tweet it maybe i should share this interesting right there doing that call out right again you’ll be telling us that this is well on his site Oh what is his Chris Brown so if I go to his page my click one of these and I scroll down think he still has it did some testing yeah yeah so do you see how that Scrolls to appear how I should subscribe I should tweet it’s giving me that call to action sore visual call to action once I’ve completed it reading the post which is just a great way to remind me oh yeah if I enjoyed this I should share it yeah that’s just it that’s a great point in it I mean it’s not even necessarily related to SEO but it’s just a good internet internet marketing tactic of you know people aren’t going to share your content unless they’ve actually read it and enjoyed it and so many people put the social media sharing stuff at the top of a post and you know before someone get a chance to read the content I’ll show you an example of one that I don’t like I mean I like mash like they’re very good site but take a while to load because they know so much stuff on our site but here’s right here’s one of their articles and look there’s all the social sharing stuff on the left there’s a bunch more social sharing stuff on the right there’s social sharing stuff in the middle like they don’t even want me to read the article this is all social but i just-i can’t– haha look read next right there overwhelming the content with the social sharing it so it’s almost lost in there so I you know I much threats or suckle kind of let me do this one off at the end when it’s when it’s required I think that’s a lot unsuccessful and because social is so big and Google’s using it so much we must try here so what is that running a consulting company running hey look at that right like Neil is ranking very very well with this post that he just produced a you know oh actually let me do this to switch my count too so this is they haven’t enabled it seola’s uses google hosted apps so they have not yet enabled goplus let’s see so here this is my plus account oh look at that there you go right I search for running consulting company and look tomorrow I’m connected to google plus as plus one Neil’s article and so they’re right it it appears more visible like this is clearly to stand out result on this page because it’s been plus one so it’s just a the power of social is incredible yeah I mean well you look at those results and you know the number one results from 2003 the two three or four 2009 and then to be in the fourth spot from six hours ago so yeah you know it doesn’t you don’t have to have a post up for a long time for it to rank as long as you’ve got those other factors in place yeah yeah and I think this is a it’s just a really powerful tactic overall to be able to reach particularly you know when you’re talking about information products right so health and diet stuff so let’s see I search for so I’m going

to see local stuff I’m going to see shopping stuff i get to see news that there’s video it’s usually video check you for heavy runners so that if your know so here’s here’s lifehacker look look at melanie pinola right is getting the rel equals author because lifehacker is using that and that’s the standout result so I think this isn’t you know this is this world of snippets and a changing optimization is just just making these these few things super super dot very cool well I wanted to thank you again ran for participating this has been an awesome session and we’d love to have you back again in the future for once things have changed as they frequently do but my my pleasure yeah thank you so much for taking the time and yeah absolutely encourage everybody to download rands presentation for one thing I think my screen recording may have cut off some of the notes at the very bottom of the screen and there’s some really good links and things that randa’s put in there so those are all available other residues one of the things i always do is I can see IM can click on the links in any of these presentations yeah and get yeah so definitely be sure to take advantage of that and thanks so much for your time right one more time could you tell people it’s just at SEO ma zorg and where can they find out about SEO Moz pro probably right on our homepage ok if you give SEO mo argue you you will be there and I think if you can also search for SEO usually where Rick use it on the first page oh there we are it’s cool yeah i would encourage everybody to at least check that out or do the free trial because yeah it’s one of those tools that a lot of the the top internet marketers swear by and you know it’s always kept up to date so definitely take advantage of that and and you know at least take the trial and see what it can tell you about getting your business ranking better in the search engines so very much i really appreciate you posting me and say nice things about us absolutely thanks ran take care bigger

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