– Hey guys, if you like this Q&A video with Cressi, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up Feel free to share this video with your friends and family, whoever you feel like needs it and leave a comment below with what your favorite things about African greys are I’m curious to read them How did you not take it personally when she chose Dave as her person? I think because all of our birds are great with us as individuals just because she prefers Dave doesn’t mean that I don’t have some awesome stuff with her So I taught her how to say her name I taught her all of like the little tricks that she knows he taught her the larger routines and then we both taught her free flight But I mean, she’s great to just hang out with me, if he’s around of course, she’s gonna prefer him but I don’t know, it doesn’t really bother me I have my own birds that prefer me as well So I feel like it kind of evens itself out and she’ll land on us equally So if we’re free-flying outside, she’s just as likely to land on me as she is on Dave So it never feels like a crazy imbalance or anything, it’s not like she’s avoiding me by any means She knows that we’re still cool I just know that she prefers to get her love from Dave, and that’s fine, I do too I can relate to you (bright upbeat music) “Can people other you and Dave hold her?” Yeah, so Cressi and Jinx and Bondi are our birds that we really socialize with people and we have go on people for photos and things of that nature Or even if we’re free-flying, those are kind of the birds that if somebody’s like, “Hey, can I come take a photo?” Yep, these are the birds that we’re most likely gonna put on you So yeah, she’s incredibly friendly She understands that going to somebody is a trick, so she willingly does that And for photos, it actually super cute If we put her on somebody’s shoulder, she’ll actually nestle her beak either in your ear or against your cheek and lean in for the photos It’s adorable, she’s the only one that does it, so cute What are hormonal phases like for her? Oh man, guys I am filming my series called “Oh Flock”, that goes through the problems that I have with my own birds and I show how I’m working through them in each unedited training session video for my patrons And my biggest hurdle with Cressi’s episodes on this have been, she gets horny so easily, and it derails her training So I kind of talk about and show what I do to get through a training session so I don’t have to just end every single one just because she’s getting hormonal So there’s a few things things that I do And I think the big key with it is figuring out things that are untrigger So things that can get her out of feeling hormonal, and with Cressi it’s gonna be as my patrons will see it the struggle is real But there are a few tricks that I have that get her out of feeling horny and one of the cool things about the relationship between me and her and then her in Dave is that she’s more likely to get triggered from Dave So a lot of the times when you guys see us filming videos, she’ll be with me or on me because she’s less likely to show that hormonal behavior with me then versus him So that’s kind of a cool thing I can hang out with her longer than he can for the most part without triggering any sort of hormonal behavior Yeah, Amy, so there’s a little upside to not being the favorite What is her favourite thing to do when you and her are just hanging out? Um, Cressi loves being just pet and just literally just hanging out She’s one of our few birds that is just content to just be Bandit my Rose Breasted Cockatoo is literally the opposite She is not content to just be, She’s gonna be doing something So that’s kind of a nice chill thing about Cressi is she just content to hang out on the sand, she’ll start chewing on a toy She’s really this calm all the time, unless something freaks her out Where are you going? Thinking about something? Nice routine Do you wanna show them a trick real quick? We can change it up Should I go upside down? Oh, we’re getting horny Go upside down So let’s show her a trick to get her out of it goes you’re gonna see how we do it Oh, look at that Give everybody a wave, yay

Oh yeah, you do know that she was a head shake too I forgot about that one Okay, I’m gonna put you up here feely These two questions kind of go hand in hand Who does she mimic the most birds are humans which I talked about it was actually Bandit that she mimics the most And why was she mean to I antagonise Bandit out of all your birds? And I think because of the age difference, Bandit is nuts Those of you guys that know baby Glaus especially are just younger glaus like they’re so crazy and full of life and they have so much to do and they just wanna play Gregor (Birds screaming) (murmuring) You wanna go (mumbles) (Bird screaming) (laughing) And Cressi does not wanna play cressi’s pretty chill, she wants to hang out and be mellow and have some quiet time and Bandit is not quiet time (bird screaming) He was constantly bothering her and trying to get a reaction out of her and she was constantly trying to tolerate him until she just couldn’t anymore And then it would end up in a kind of a little bit of a chase where she would finally turn and be like, leave me alone And he would kind of find that fun He’s like, hey, finally, we got a reaction, like any attention is good attention Caulk too, Cockatiel logic So that’s why (laughing) I always refer to him as the annoying little brother because that’s kind of the dynamic that I saw between the two, but I’m an only child so who knows? Do you African greys make good free-flyers I think all birds are amazing free-fliers their ability to fly is fantastic It’s what they’re designed to do As far as the safety of it goes though she’s not loud So her contact call is very quiet It’s harder to hear And she’s just harder to see it’s so weird because we can be in these flat open places that are mostly white or brown and you still can’t see her And it’s really frustrating, especially in Moab She’s really hard to see It’s why we have the least amount of photos of her in flight She’s incredibly hard to capture in flight So I would say as far as ability wise, yeah, they’re fantastic fliers as far as safety goes Not so much, not favorite to fly just because it scares me scares me more to fly her than my son Conures Oh, I love this question So does cressi have the typical African grey traits? The only one that I would say she has ’cause Dave and I are always like, do we look out? I mean, other than the fact that her talking ability is pretty pathetic Sorry, Cressi, but the only typical African grey trait that she has is life will be dandy, and then one day you walk up to something that you’ve had for a while and she’ll be like, Whoa, whoa, when did that get here? And you’re just kind of, this isn’t new And also with new things, she can be phobic so African greys are pretty known to be pretty phobic And she does have that trait now it’s very minimal I need to give her credit where credit is due Dave literally put in this three routine into a show And it was literally three routines in one and Cressi had never done them before She’s been on stage before, she’s performed with Dave before So all that was done and Dave had performed those tricks before with other birds, but never with Cressi And he didn’t even give her a rehearsal He just put her in And she did fantastic And she’s done fantastic ever since So that kind of stuff She’s amazing But then every once in a while, we did this part in our show where I would pick a random person from the audience to hold up a hula hoop and she would fly through it And this one time, I picked somebody who had dreadlocks, and that was not okay with Cressi So and that was harder to work through because we just didn’t have anybody else with dreadlocks around So I don’t think we really got to work through that in the sort of depth that we normally would work through something but yeah, the phobicness she has some of it not to the extent of most African greys I see but she’s still presents it every now and then What other African grey traits are there that you might have? We often say that we lucked out with her, we would be terrified to get another African Grey

I don’t think we would ever get another African grey after Cressi just because she’s been so amazing And we feel like we just lucked out But she’s not a real African grey (laughing) She’s, I don’t know, she’s so awesome that we’re just like, what happened? why she’s so great So yeah, and I know that somebody else had asked me would I ever get another African grey and I would not, I would not, Cressi my only one Love your face Okay, which leads me to this next question What’s the hardest part of owning a grey and would you ever get another one? So no, I would never get another one I think the hardest thing, particularly with Cressi is that she can be so chill and calm and then certain things just tick her off Bandit obviously ticked her off, but now it tends to be the sun Conures So sometimes she’s okay with them and other times she just doesn’t want them around and is so annoyed by them, so, and these feathers like her FU feathers will definitely take up and she will just get huge and puffed and real angry And when she gets like that, you can’t even have her step up without her taking it out on you or the closest thing so she definitely can get seriously moody about other birds and how much they annoy her She’s easily annoyed by other birds, I’d say She also tends to stand her ground So if one of the birds picks a fight with her or is like, Hey, get off that perch I don’t want you here She will stand up to that bird and that makes me nervous just because she’s smaller She’s just a smaller parrot So it freaks me out when it becomes her Macaw And she had kind of a standoff with Comet one day and didn’t come out on top of that one Would you say she’s a quiet bird So Cressi is incredibly quiet Unless she’s practising her talking, which she doesn’t do in front of us I just kind of can hear her practising The other thing that she does that’s incredibly obnoxious and annoying It’s probably the worst quality that she has, but a totally normal one is her alarm call her alarm call’s incredibly high pitched, it hurts our ears We hate it But at the same time, we’re glad to know what she’s alarming about she’ll do this when we’re on a free flight trip, she’ll do this If she’s near a window and she sees something dangerous, she’ll do this outside and the aviaries if they see something that she deems as threatening, she will do her alarm call, and it’s just really not pleasant But it’s instinctive, it’s normal It’s what you get when you get a bird so it’s not like it was a learned obnoxious screaming behaviour by any means it’s legitimate Our African grey is easier to deal with than Macaws Not to me, but I’m sure some people will disagree I’ve learned over the years of working with all the different project birds and just clients birds that I’m really a Macow person, i just connect and get macaws I also feel like they probably have the most obvious body language Among all the species I think they’re the easiest to read But it’s not that African greys are hard by any means I think that they’re fairly easy to read as well But I prefer macaws Overall, when I think of all the behavioural problems I’ve ever come across or anything like that I’m gonna go with macaws Sorry Cressi love you I love her eye though like her face Your face is so pretty, super pretty Who is Cressi’s favourite person right now? What’s the percentage looking like? Um, I would say it always looks like I’m doing really great when it’s just me and Cressi, but if Dave walked in the door, I’d be chopped liver right now (crowd murmurs) So whatever percentage that is not great at math guys Has Cressi ever encountered any major injury? If yes, what did you do? Yeah, I think the only major injury it wasn’t totally major, but the only injury that I can think of that she has had was when I had the entire so I’ve converted my whole garage to just cold giant aviaries for these guys And I had it wide open and I was doing some major cleaning when I heard her yell, and I came over and in a divided aviary where there’s a wall in between but it’s graded It’s like a graded wall She had gotten her toe was being held by Comet on the other side, and so they had gotten into some sort of predicament and he wasn’t letting go to her toe

So once he did, she had a pretty good gash on her toe and I immediately cleaned it, stopped the bleeding on it and just kept a really close eye on it And then I had to clean it every single day, I think two or three times a day and make sure that her aviary was really clean, which is really hard, because she gets stuff just everywhere So I had to try to really control that so that she wasn’t getting food and nastiness on her purchase and then walking on it with an open wound And the wound was on the top of her toe But still, so I just made sure to clean it and I used some nNosporin on it every day and we bathed you all the time We just made sure that you were nice and healthy and felt good And then I think I had Patty come over and check her out And I gave her some pain meds for the first two days just to make sure that she wasn’t hurting ’cause she was holding it up for a while What do you wanna do? You’re the sweetest so that’s a little thing that you guys probably don’t know is Cressi and I have our own little language and I don’t know when it started I think during show stuff it started but to calm her down, I would always go (clicking) and it worked and now she does it back to me (laughing) So that’s a little insider info that people don’t know, that I didn’t even think about till you just did it to me Going down Does she ever get jealous when you’re spending time with your other birds? Not necessarily from me, but from Dave moreso and only if it involves a Conures then she’s not really jealous, she’s just annoyed I mean, if you guys see Cressi she just gets annoyed Really easy if anybody ruins her chill, she’s annoyed Does she usually prefer being pet or not? Yeah, Cressi is one of our more cuddly birds but she prefers it more so from Dave than me so she’ll last forever with Dave petting her but when it’s me it’s kind of short lived I just wait for her to ask for it and then give it and then she’s over it pretty quick So this is interesting I know a lot of Grey’s are talkative How come you didn’t train her to say more words or talk more? it’s something that we’ve never really focused on training talking to our birds real specifically, the only time I did it was with Bandit and that’s because he showed a real interest in mimicking me and he mimicked my voice really, really easily Some birds mimic tones more easily than others And Cressi is just funny, she just does not have that high of an interest in talking And she’s still a closet talker which Jinx was originally as well and I had to be so sneaky to capture his talking on cue and be able to get him to talk in front of people It took a really long time So I think maybe that’ll be the same thing for Cressi is just kind of waiting for her to get more comfortable doing it in front of us and making it so that we can capture it So that’s how I actually got her to say Cressi was I had to be really sneaky So even now we will hear her say certain things and you’re just not sure you’re like oh, I think she did she just say that? And it’s too late you You missed capturing it ’cause you’re never expecting it So it can be one of those things that’s harder for us to capture But she one day she was like Hi guys And I was like, what? it sounded like my mother So I’m pretty sure she has caught on to some things that my mom says because they stay in aviaries out of my parents house sometimes in a really nice weather in the summers And So I think she’s starting to pick up some stuff So the more we have the opportunity to kind of capture it and put it on cue, the more we will but talking has never been something that’s a huge priority to us We don’t care, we just find it funny or cute and if the birds wanna do it We try to capitalise on it And if they don’t want to, we’re not concerned but Cressi is more of a Whistler Those of you that got our stop screaming course Got to hear the difference between screaming and a contact call And Cress’s contact call with Dave is adorable because I can’t whistle so I don’t have it and I’m not in the club But her and Dave do a whistle where one of them does the first part and the other one completes it and the second part and it’s just super cute So she’s way more of a Whistler than a talker But hopefully someday she’ll just surprise us all and whip out an amazing vocabulary that we didn’t know she had Is Cressi a strong flyer It seems that in free flight videos, she doesn’t do as much long distance This is a really hard thing

to show in video with both the sun Conures and Cressi we lose sight of them real fast, real easy There was a video I just did when we were in Pahrump and I was trying to take video of the Conures exploratory flight and you just couldn’t see them in the frame anymore They were in it, but you couldn’t see them And it’s kind of the same with Cressi She’s so hard to videotape And it’s hard to capture that a lot of the time because we are more on edge and trying to be more present when she’s flying A lot of the times we just put down the camera and focus on the fact that she’s flying our birds safety is paramount to us So we wanna make sure that we’re really on top of it and paying attention and doing all the things right and so a lot of the times we’ve been videotaping all day, or I’ll just set a camera up and you guys just can’t see her It’s just really incredibly hard to capture so she is a strong fire She’s really good She takes a few days to get into shape So she always starts off thinking that she’s in better shape than she is on day one and day two But after that, she usually does really well And I would say, Yeah, she’s a strong flier, she just needs a chance to get into shape Because based on where we live, we have all four seasons, we can’t fly our bird safely, where we live all the time And so that means that we really dedicate our trips to flying them and making it for them And that means that it’s kind of about getting them back into shape for the first half of the trip So that can be hard and painful and exhausting And, they’re basically working out so although they’re playing, it’s hard work too So got to keep that in mind that they aren’t going to be as crazy good the first few days and it’s way easier to film in those first few days What spoofs Cressi? Nope, nothing She’s not very easy to spook and I just lost my spot She’s like, whatever just just pet me Just pet me for the whole video People will watch 40 minutes of that right Okay, so the last question and probably the most common is whether or not I would recommend African greys and just based on how often they are surrendered to sanctuaries I’m gonna say a big fat No! Cressi is amazing, I completely adore this bird But she also has, certain things that aren’t perfect just like all of us all animals have pros and cons to them But I do think that because African greys are naturally phobic and most people just don’t implement training, not even accidentally, that if you don’t properly desensitise them and properly socialised them, that they will just grow older having these phobias that become these major problems and lead to like the plucking behaviours that you see in a lot of sanctuaries and just all the behavioural problems that most people can’t work through, it’s when they really escalate into these distinct and crazy phobias, that people are just kind of lost on what to do with these birds So getting a baby is one thing and baby animals are so cute and sweet, and they’re not trying to hurt you And they’re just all the good things And they’re easy But once you have an adult animal that now has a problem from a very young age, and you don’t know how to reverse it, or fix it or conquer it That’s where people just end up kind of giving up or feeling overwhelmed And that’s where it just kind of all spirals out of control So I just think that most parrots in general, just most species are just hard for most people So I would recommend if you’re thinking about getting an African grey That you go and just be with some be with some at sanctuaries or be with some at your friend’s house, like get some experience with them and see if they’re everything that you were thinking they were gonna be Cressi is finding the remote But that’s what I would always recommend is just going and getting the experience with them to see if it’s really what you’re thinking it’s going to be and ask about the stories with sanctuaries ask why was this bird given up? Why was that bird surrendered? Why is this bird here? How long has it been here and ask all the questions to get the backgrounds and see does that relate to you? Is that something that might happen to you? Is that something that you could foresee? I think that if you don’t play out these scenarios with these birds and say, could I handle an African grey on its worst day, almost every single day If you can’t handle that and you’re not ready for that, then you don’t deserve it on its best day because these animals are really hard

and they can be really complicated, but they can also be awesome and incredibly rewarding But they’re not designed to live in captivity So you’re kind of working against nature in that respect And although I’ve seen some really amazing thriving parrots in captivity with people, I’ve also seen probably more so parrots not thriving Are you coming up here? What are you doing? So I just feel like people should do their utmost research and literally try to talk themselves out of it And, find all the reasons why not to do it fostering a bird is a really amazing, great thing to do So I highly recommend doing that That’s how you gain a lot of experience with birds And it tends to take a lot of pressure off of the experience so that you can have an open mind and just be like, Hey, I got this amount of time to make this big of a difference in this birds life,Let’s go and it tends to be a different mindset and in something really awesome to do it’s kind of the mindset that I have with Project birds I know that I only have an allotted amount of time to make the most progress possible and make the biggest positive difference in that birds life and so you really give it your all and you put everything in Oh, You pooped? You pooped, can move you out of there so yeah, I don’t recommend African greys and that’s just because of the failure rate with how often people end up regretting their decision So do all the research you can to make sure that you’re not gonna regret your decision in getting one Hey guys, I would love to find out what you were most surprised to find out about Cressi let me know in the comments below And if you wanna see more Cressi in my videos, please let me know that too I tend to match her mood level and be very mellow when I film videos with Cressi But if you guys enjoy that tempo, I would love to give you more of it So just let me know in the comments You don’t make a sound I’m gonna show that how hyper you are We’ll show you guys how easily she spooks and flies away (clapping) And that’s the scariest Cressi gets that’s terrifying

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