I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me and wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 45 I’m sorry I can only give you a hug Kaoer… my Kaoer With this hug from you, I shall have no regrets in this life You know, fate has been cruel to me I’ve never dared to want too much Enough This is enough Frank, I’m sorry I’ve disregarded all that you’ve done for me You’ve given me so much, too much I don’t think I am capable of repaying you, so I’ve tried very hard to push you away But I do understand them very clearly I knew everything No more talking I’ve waited for this hug from you for five years I cannot give you more, even if I want to give you some more, even if I want to stay with you forever But Frank I’ve discussed it with Dr. Zhang Your surgery must be done in Seattle After all, the medical care conditions are better there Thanks I wasn’t planning to save you I’m only considering everything for Bai Kaoer’s sake I can’t help it You are the one whom she loves Even if I am the most capable man in this world, at this point, there is nothing I can do

So you win I never wanted to defeat you It doesn’t matter if you ever wanted to defeat me, the result is that you’ve won You didn’t win over me You won over fate Fate ultimately made a decision It has chosen you, not me It’s too early to say that Who knows if I can get that heart in time? Even if I can wait till that time, with my physical condition, I don’t know if I’ll live to come out of the operating room If I cannot survive the surgery, please take care of Kaoer Why are you saying that kind of talk again? Could it be you won’t feel better if you don’t constantly remind me that I’m the spare? You know that you’re dying You are forced to entrust Kaoer to me Why didn’t you say this when you were living alive and well? You know that if I were living alive and well, I would never have agreed to let you have Kaoer That’s why, you are a real hypocrite But I also know that if I die, you would not neglect Kaoer You clearly know that I would always take care of Kaoer, but you say you’ll entrust Kaoer to me. If that’s not hypocritical, what is it then? Okay, I’m a hypocrite. Is that enough for you? To be honest, if we hadn’t met under these circumstances, we might have become pretty good friends Who says? Just like you, there are only a few people who can meet my standards You are one of them. Even though you’d do anything to get what you want, overall, you are a decent guy Are you flattering me or putting me down? Neither I’m admiring There aren’t many people whom I admire in this world I know that Kaoer went to plead with you because of me You didn’t use that opportunity to take advantage Just for that, even though you don’t look kind, you are not a bad person, either You should know that I’m not being nice because you’ve extended a helping hand About that heart which I don’t know if I’ll get, I’ve never put in much hope I’ve accepted your help because of Kaoer I am forced to bow to you After my death, I don’t want you to vent your frustration onto Kaoer Therefore, I’m really entrusting Kaoer to you Look at how narrow-minded you are You’re not dead yet, no need to talk that way Regardless of everything, fate or destiny’s games is making fools out of us, the grievances we’ve built in this life will be resolved ultimately But… we cannot be friends At best, you are just a rival There are few people in this world who can become my rivals Thanks, I’m honored It’s because I believe that there won’t be anyone like you whom I hate so much but I have to save That’s why you cannot die If you die I’ll lose once again Don’t worry. Even if I want to die, I will not die Geng Mochi I’ve really had enough of you in this life After I’ve repaid everything I owe you, let’s not meet again in our next life Do you believe there’ll be a next life? Yes I definitely will have a next life In my next life, Bai Kaoer will only be with me It’ll only be the two of us Lovey-dovey, kissy-huggy, having a sweet lifetime

You’ll be so angry What about me? You? Scram as far as the eyes can’t see! Rong Can, I read your news script. It’s very well-written Mom, don’t put in more. I can’t carry so much stuff I know I didn’t waste my time teaching you my craft Do a good job. Don’t embarrass me Master, will you listen to my program? Of course Master, you must call us when you get back Of course Then that’s it for now. I still have to pack We’ll talk again – Goodbye, Master – Bye Mom, don’t put in more. I can’t close the luggage Let me tell you. These two sweaters are for Wei Wei She is cold over there. She needs to wear sweaters She won’t wear them You stinky child You’re going far away, so pack as much as you can Mom, after Mochi’s surgery, we’ll come back Will Mochi’s surgery be successful? Yes – Mom, it definitely will be – All right After Milan’s incident, her mom felt embarrassed, so she has hidden in the countryside. She left quietly Mom, let’s not talk about our neighbor. It’s in the past I will not have anymore entanglement with Milan I also don’t want to hear anything more about her. That’s all Yes, yes, that’s all. No more talk about it I’m only worried about Mochi now He’s such an unlucky child With me around, he will be safe Are you Bodhisattva? (In the path for Buddhahood) I’m his guardian star I will guard over him forever and ever Guardian star? Guard him well then. Okay? Let’s pack some sausages and preserved meats, too Wei Wei loves to eat those. You must take them Mom, they really won’t fit anymore, and they are forbidden For the last couple of days, your condition has actually been pretty good It should be no problem for you to fly to the U.S. Don’t worry Dr. Zhang, can I talk with you? Do you think I’ll be able to wait for that heart? This… is difficult to say – Do you want to hear the truth from me? – Go ahead Actually, I never even thought that I would survive the surgery I know my physical condition It won’t even be easy to fly to Seattle safely The reason why I agreed to undergo my surgery there is mainly because of Kaoer. I don’t want her to be sad I know. You’re probably tired of hearing consoling words But as your chief physician, I think I have the duty to remind you of something Even if you don’t feel any hope for the surgery, you should know that it’s an organ-transplant surgery, not a regular operation Regardless of whether the surgery will be successful, as soon as the surgery begins, it means that the kind person who donated his heart to you must have already passed away The reason that he is willing to donate his heart is because he wishes to see his life continue on in a different way If you lose your will to live, you will not only be irresponsible towards your life You will also waste that donor’s kindness I’ve been a doctor for over a dozen years, and I’ve seen much of life and death I’ve done a few heart-transplant surgeries in the past few years But every time, as soon as I pick up the scalpel, I still feel tremendously touched It’s because I know that every heart-transplant surgery involves the lives of two people I do not allow myself to have any delay and carelessness Be it the organ donor or the recipient, their lives must be cherished and respected I hope you can think carefully about what I’ve said When the donor’s heart beats in your chest, two lives have fused to become one Just the thought of that is truly touching Only when you live will his sacrifice and kind gesture be meaningful

Yingzhi? Why did you come so late? I made Dan Dan his favorite cookies I’ve also woven two sweaters for him. Please give them to him Why do you look so worn-down? Have you not slept well lately? Yingzhi, you should face the difficulties no matter how bad they are Sometimes, fate really is very cruel! You must take good care of yourself. You mustn’t get overly sad. Okay? That’s enough. You’ve thought too much. I’m fine It’s very late. You should rest early too, as you still have to fly out tomorrow I wish you all the best Yingzhi Oasis Medical Center The part about the estate beneficiary has been revised as you’ve requested Geng Mochi Wei Minglun, you must take good care of Jinyi Do not let her suffer any grievance Be one hundred percent devoted to your marriage Can you do it? Yes, I will Jinyi, I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend your wedding Just promise me, regardless of how the surgery turns out, you must stay happy – Brother – Also Help me take care of Mom Don’t let her get sad Enough. As it is now, when I think about the more than 30 years that I’ve lived, there is really not much to feel regrets about Will I be able to continue my journey? It’s not up to us It’ll all depend on Heaven I’ve loved, deeply loved, loved with my life, so there really isn’t much to regret about Please call if there is anything you need I’ve made arrangements for things here When you get to the United States, take good care of Mochi He cannot get over-stimulated with his condition I know. Mom, Dad You should hurry on back When you see Wei Wei, tell her that she must come home for the New Year She’s been gone for so long and still doesn’t want to come back. Why? Is it so good in the United States? If she dares not to come back, I’ll kick her back here This child Let’s go then. We’ll head directly to the airport and meet up with Geng Mochi and the others Don’t worry about us Please take care of Kaoer – Take care – All right – I’m leaving – All right I’ll just say a few more words All these years, I’ve given trouble to the Bai family Thank you for not resenting me You’ve treated me like family You are my family I know that our fates are connected only in this life, and probably not for the next life In this lifetime, being able to be meet two elders like you, I am very appreciative If we were able

to become a real family, how nice it would be Goodbye This Call us when you get there Don’t be so sad It’s not like they are not coming back Just now, Shuli paid us such great respect I suddenly felt especially sad Of course, he is sad Just think If our son-in-law’s surgery is successful, then Kaoer won’t be with him Stop. Why are you saying “if” Of course, it will be successful Too fussy The rain is getting stronger Let’s go inside. Come The wind’s sound that you just heard was recorded in Qingquan Town of our province This small town that is famous for its wind sound was a simple little town before it became well-known It rose to fame thanks to a radio DJ who was full of humanistic feelings This is one of her random live recordings that brought the little town’s serene yet far-reaching wind sound to the radio station The sound of the wind, carried by the electric wave, has accompanied many sleepless nights to enter many people’s dreamland Many listeners have said, upon hearing this sound of the wind, their souls felt quieter Then what is the meaning of the wind’s sound to us? I once asked that from DJ Bai, the one who originally brought us the sound of the wind She told me, the wind actually represents the long journey in life Wherever the wind has blown, it’s the scenery that we’ve passed and seen When the wind starts blowing, it doesn’t know its destination Because it is unknown, it creates hope and expectation within us towards the future When all the laughter and tears have disappeared along with the wind, we are also getting closer to the destination When the wind sound has taken us to our destination, what will we find? Perhaps, it will be a mound of earth Or a clear lake Or it’s the bamboo forest behind our childhood home When the wind starts, the soul rests We fall asleep in the wind. We also wake up in the wind Life rises and falls just like that The conclusion of one journey means the beginning of the next trip Emergency – Drink some more – Okay It tastes good. Your cooking skill is getting better and better I brewed it the whole night Good in the main hall and in the kitchen (Describing a good wife.) Such fragrant smell of chicken soup. I could smell it in the whole floor – Do you want a bowl? – No, I already ate Where is my Jinyi? She went out with Qi Shuli With… Qi Shuli? Look at you. Why are you so nervous? Qi Shuli is not a kidnapper I didn’t mean that I just wonder why he is so caring towards Jinyi She is Mochi’s sister, not his sister Why are you talking so much? There’s something I should tell you Jinyi is the sister that Qi Shuli has been searching for years It’s so nice to walk along the lakeside

I suddenly feel an extra longing towards life You should say that to Kaoer Jinyi Actually, right now, I feel that you really are my family I know I resemble your long-lost sister In my heart, you are already my sister I’m grateful that Heaven has sent you to me So I have no more regrets Even if I die now, I will be at peace Brother Qi, don’t say that It makes me feel sad to hear it It doesn’t matter if I resemble your sister For two people to meet each other is already a fated connection I cherish this connection very much I am also happy to have a brother like you Actually, I’m grateful to be blessed with the life I have There are people who pamper me, love me, and treat me even closer than family. I feel very lucky I am contented Your hat looks good on you It looks good. Do you like it? Yes, I like everything that Brother Qi has given me It’s good that you like it Let’s go Really? Five years ago, I saw that girl’s photo in Qi Shujie’s album Later, I saw the same photo at Mochi’s place I asked Jinyi. She said that was her when she was young You all remember that Jinyi used to carry a key with her all the time, right? Yes, yes. She always wore it around her neck She gave me that key Each of the two brothers and the sister has a key That’s the key to their original home Jinyi was indeed adopted by Uncle He from the orphanage. I knew about that But does Jinyi know about what you just said? She probably doesn’t Qi Shuli won’t let me tell her He said this is between him and Jinyi He would find a suitable occasion to reunite with Jinyi That’s why I haven’t told her If this is true, I can understand why Qi Shuli is helping you It’s because you’ve been good to Jinyi. He is repaying your kindness You two are really fated You both fell in love with Kaoer and have the same little sister Is there really such an incredible story in the world? You are full of talk You got up so early. Why didn’t you sleep more? I don’t dare to oversleep – I fear that I’ll sleep and not ever wake up again – Mochi I finally learned how precious each day is when one is alive And how precious each day is when I am with you That’s why we have to cherish every minute and second when we are together What are you looking at? It’s so beautiful – Mochi – Yes? I’m wondering, after every leaf falls, will there be growth of a new leaf at the original spot? Of course, how else will there be spring? Spring Spring is beautiful in Seattle Cherry blossoms are everywhere Especially by the lake Mochi, when it’s spring, let’s look at the cherry blossoms together I can’t give you that promise now What I want to do the most now is to give you a wedding, even if it isn’t very grand. I owe you that I must do it It’s not important

Right now, that’s the most important task for me Didn’t you propose to me? And I consented If there is no wedding, what’s the point of the proposal? Promise me, okay? Geng Mochi suddenly said he wanted a wedding It surprised all of us I knew he didn’t want to leave any regrets in his life He was already prepared to permanently leave us It made all of us very sad What suprised us all is that when Geng Mochi lay dying, he actually asked Qi Shuli to be his substitute at the wedding Everyone could see that he wanted to use the wedding to formally entrust me to Qi Shuli He understood me too well He knew this was the only way that I wouldn’t refuse Do you, Geng Mochi, take Bai Kaoer to be your wife, to have and hold, from this day forward, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part? I do I am willing to marry Bai Kaoer as my wife This is the happiest moment in my life I will give the deepest love in loving you I will unreservedly stay loyal to you, wholeheartedly This is the meaning of my entire life Even death… will not be able to separate you and me Kaoer I love you I’ll forever love you, whether I’m alive or dead Do you, Bai Kaoer, take Geng Mochi, to be your husband to have and to hold, for better, or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part? I do Please exchange rings Today, I represent Mr. Geng Mochi to hold the wedding with Miss Bai Kaoer here I won’t wear Mr. Geng Mochi’s ring It’s for Kaoer to keep When he recovers from his surgery, you can put it on him personally

You may now kiss the bride Don’t cry You are the most beautiful bride today You’ll still need to take the wedding photos. Your makeup would be ruined Let’s take photos Get closer, closer A bit closer Everyone, come Okay, come. Stand together to take a picture Sorry, please excuse me for a moment Hello His condition is pretty good now, but it may worsen anytime Mr. Qi, whether the surgery can be done, I can’t be certain I understand It was supposed to be a good day today I hope he can hold on Let me get a photo with Sister-in-law Okay, come – I’ll take one, too – Okay. Kaoer, smile Why don’t you hurry and throw the bouquet to Jinyi? Come, let’s throw the bouquet. Come this way I’m in a good mood today Eventhough I am just a substitute now, I somehow felt that I was really the groom Frank, thank you It’s fine. It’s fine Dr. Zhang called me He said Mochi’s condition is stable, and for you not to worry I think you should go home to get a good sleep Get enough energy and see him tomorrow I have to go there. He needs me You really don’t need to go now Darwin is there. Jinyi, too. If there is anything— I must go there. Now Okay, then we’ll go there now – We are going to the hospital – Okay Don’t rush Nothing should be rushed Drink some water and relax Drink You know that I previously hated that ring of yours But I wasn’t upset at all today It’s because I understand that only people who are truly in love can wear those rings Marriage is sacred, so I don’t blame you I do not fault you for your persistence Didn’t I also persist in my love for all these years? Frank, you will definitely meet someone who’ll love you very much She will personally put a wedding ring on you I’m not looking forward to that anymore Love is something you meet not ask

Take me, it took me so many years to finally find someone like you whom I love so much I don’t think I have the time to find someone else to love Nonsense. You just haven’t encountered the one fated for you But even the deepest love cannot avoid fate’s designated farewell I told the same to Geng Mochi I told him if we three meet again in the next life, I’ll definitely be faster, a step ahead of him, to meet you Fall in love with you and be together with you I will let him experience all the pain that I’ve endured in this life I am really very happy today Even in my dreams, I never expected that I would one day walk down the altar with you Hence, you must become blissful As long as you are in bliss, all the sacrifice and fulfillment from me will be worthwhile We’re not going to the hospital. Let’s go home Turned around and left Before you had woken up If I can love you so after Many years Even if I must be honest with myself Whether my heart is here all these years We agreed this was how we’d end it All the good that I owed you All the fights that we had Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains No matter whose hand I’m holding tomorrow Or who I’ll leave with next Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains If I realized the present back then Would I still be leaving today? If with leaving All the love still remains Those years, those things, And also the love All the good that I owed you All the fights that we had Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains No matter whose hand I’m holding tomorrow Or who I’ll leave with next Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains If I realized the present back then Would I still be leaving today? Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains No matter whose hand I’m holding tomorrow Or who I’ll leave with next Even if there’s no going back All the love still remains If I realized the present back then Would I still be leaving today?

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