I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 17 It’s here. I’m sure of it Rong Can Don’t tell anyone about today’s matter I know that someone must have told you something – That’s why you told me that you have lost everything I told you to download – Master I trusted you, so I’ll let you investigate Everyone around me are guarding against me finding about my past memories Rong Can, do you want me to forever be a person with confused memories? Hence, from now on, you must not tell anyone what I’ll tell you to do Do you understand? Don’t worry I’ve saved a copy for the things you’ve asked me to investigate Tomorrow, I will secretly give it to you Whatever you want to know, I’ll investigate it for you, because I think you have the right to know the truth Thank you, Rong Can I didn’t treat you well for naught! – Then I’ll go over to take a look – Want me to come with you? No need Which building is it? I don’t remember anymore Wait a second. You’re Mr. Geng’s girlfriend. Right? I know you. We’ve met each other before Do you remember me? I do. I do. So, it’s you! You’re still here as a security guard? Yeah, I am I know, you’re here to settle the matter about Mr. Geng’s house. Right? I heard that it’s being sold Yeah There’s something wrong with the door. I can’t seem to open it – Could you help me? – Sure, no problem – Thanks! – Let’s go [Ninth Floor] Sorry to trouble you It’s all right This way please All right, it’s open! It really opened! I tried so many times but it didn’t before! – Then, I’ll go in. Thank you so much – Okay – No problem. If you need anything, just call me – Goodbye Goodbye Mochi, I’ve come back

You’re saying that her memory is recovering? Yes. After the few tests I’ve done on her, her recovery is quite good Her memory is getting clearer Our human brains all have a system that lets us recover our memories Her brain’s recovery system seems to be booting back up This has to do with her own will, too Dr. Cai, I don’t think recovering her memory is a good thing for her Why? You also know that she was scarred by past events Once her memory improves, she will remember all of her past pains Do you think that’s a good thing? This isn’t right. Even if they are painful memories, she must gain them in order to heal I think that she will be able to withstand these memories with her grit, because she has a strong desire inside her of wanting to know what happened to her before If she’s unable to organize these memories, she would be in more pain That pain will accompany her for her entire life Even so, I feel that it’s worse for her to regain her memories Do you understand what I’m saying? Mr. Qi, I don’t think you have the right to decide what memories she retains If false memories stay in the brain for too long, they will hide real memories That’s a very scary and cruel thing As a doctor, I will not let a recovering patient become someone with a neurological disorder for life – This is unethical – That is your perspective as a doctor But for me, I’d rather her to never remember those things again Is it not good for her to just live happily like she does now? You want her to have a neurological disorder forever and become a normal looking patient? This is what he smells like I did this I remember! I can’t fulfill your request Mr. Qi, I don’t have the ability to control someone else’s brain Even if I did, I can’t do that I don’t know what you want to hide, but I must remind you that once she senses the false memories that you forced on her, she will hate you for the rest of her life You don’t know me, nor do you know my feelings towards her I think that other than her parents, no one else in this world cares about her more than me I only want her to be happy Fools are also happy You want her to be a happy fool? Dr. Cai, I can’t accept what you’ve just said just now I am protecting her. I will never hurt her I will not allow people that have harmed her to continue to harm her. Any questions? The person that harmed her, was he really Mochi Geng? What do you mean? There’s something I haven’t told you Today, I will tell it to you blatantly I was not only your brother’s psychologist, but I was also Ye Sha’s

You know who Ye Sha is. Right? I have known Geng Mochi for many years. Based on the situation I know of, it is impossible that Mochi harmed Ms. Bai The reason I didn’t expose you is first, out of a doctor’s professional ethics Second, I genuinely wish to see Ms. Bai recover All right Let’s end this conversation here I also think that it should end here Your cooperation with me has ended as of now No problem But I would recommend that you go see a psychologist yourself Your current state of mind is alarming. You are too possessive If you continue to live like this, you will only become more and more prejudiced towards others In the end, you will harm yourself This is my sincere recommendation Thank you, Dr. Cai Remember, there are two things in this home that no one else can touch The first is my piano. Second is my art collection Telephone Phone menu Recent calls Geng Mochi’s House Hello? Hello? Who are you? Who are you? Where are you calling from? Tell me who you are first I am Wei Minglun Wei Minglun? What a familiar name What’s your relationship with Geng Mochi? Who are you to him? You’re Bai Kaoer. Right? I am! I am! You know me? Why did you call me? You’re at Mochi’s house? Why are you there again? Darwin, let’s go Okay, right away, right away Don’t call anymore Hello? Hello? Come! Come! Please come in! This house is pretty nice. Right? Not bad! The renovations are pretty good! It’s a nice place! Who are you? Why are you here? I am the agent hired by the owner. I’m here to let the clients look around the house Come, look here! How about it? Wasn’t I right? Good value with an affordable price! – Look at this quality! Normal people can’t even afford this! – The quality is indeed good Why are the walls too bare and empty? Don’t play it! Don’t play it! Stop playing! – Who let you play? You hear me?! Don’t play anymore! – Mom! She pushed me What’s your problem? Why are you pushing the children? – Go! This house is not for sale anymore – What kind of an attitude is this? – Go! – Who are you? This house is mine and I’m not selling anymore! – Even if you’re selling, we’re not buying! – No, let’s resolve this amicably – Let’s go, Sons – Go! Go! Mister! Mister! Leave! I’m not selling anymore. Go! Don’t look! What are you doing? Help me think of an idea! What can I do? I don’t have money! I must buy that house. That’s Geng Mochi’s house. How can I let someone else live there? Do you have money? It’s six million yuan! ($875,000 USD) I calculated it. If it’s 6 million, then I need 1.8 million as the down payment. ($260,000 USD) The market value of this house is around 1.5 million ($220,00) USD) Plus the 100 thousand yuan cash ($15,000 USD) I have, that’s 1.6 million I still need 200 thousand. ($30,000 USD) Adding the estate tax, you still don’t have any money So I’ve called you here to find a solution! What solution could I have? The richest person I know is called Qi Shuli! Only he could come up with 1 to 2 million so easily Qi Shuli? Yeah. Do you know anyone richer than him? Why don’t you borrow money from him? I will never borrow money from him! Okay, you don’t have to think about this anymore. I will think of it myself I want to see what solution you can think of Hello, Mom You’ve come to Xingcheng? Look at this layout and lighting. Isn’t it so bright? – Have you figured out that this house is different than other houses? – Nope

The structure! Other homes are either lacking this or lacking that corner, but this house is completely rectangular, and faces the north and south through and through In terms of Fengshui, this house paid particular attention about that This has to do with Fengshui? Of course! Did you not see upon entering that the front door didn’t face the living room? That is an aspect of Fengshui! As to why, go Baidu it at home! Who’s that? The owner of the house Ah! That’s your lover! He looks so gentle! Does he agree to you selling this house? – He— – He’s out of the country I’m his brother-in-law Sister, when is he coming back? – Rong— – You must really love him – How can you tell? – You can see it! This room is filled with pictures of him. Your relationship with him must be really good Just like us! Yes, my sister and my brother-in-law are deeply in love! Then, we’ll go home and think about it more. After all, buying a house is a big matter No worries. You should think about it before you buy There’s a lot of people that really like this house anyway Whoever pays the deposit first gets the house – Sorry to trouble you today! – No worries – The elevator is here – We’ll go off first Take care Master Where did you learn how to lie so well? Qi Shujie, died a long time ago. Why not tell them the truth? People who buy homes really care about these things, If they know that the owner has – …they wouldn’t buy the house! – Really? If it were you, would you want to buy? True. It’s inauspicious Do I really love him? How come I don’t feel so? Master, stop thinking about these things If you want to sell this house as soon as possible, listen to me No matter what they ask, try to make this house look good Sell it I don’t want to live here anymore It’s not because of the bad luck, but because I don’t want to see him again Every time I open and close my eyes, there are pictures of him. I’m tired of it Hello? Yes, it’s me. What do you want to say? Okay! Okay! No problem! We’ll definitely keep it for you! It’s sold! They went downstairs and must have discussed it They were scared that someone else was going to buy, so they’re handing in the down payment tomorrow! I told you! With me handling this matter, it’s sure to succeed! I thought that they didn’t want the house Why would they not want it? That man told me on the phone that his wife really liked the house! She says that this is a house filled with love! She really likes it! A house of love? After selling this house, I still need some more money Yingzhi, I’ve already sent the draft to your inbox Take a look at it. If there are no problems, it will be published in a few days in our financial weekly magazine Once it enters the printing house, I can’t do anything about it Okay, I got it. Wait a second Inbox I’ve received it. I’ll get back to you once I’ve read over it Also help me get a few pictures of Qi Shuli – Pictures? – Yeah, for the cover I’m afraid this won’t be possible. Our chairman dislikes revealing his picture to the public He’s very low key. You know this Then what if its for the inner pages? It’s still not possible Yingzhi, help me out here! What’s an interview without a picture? To be honest, I did this interview secretly If I publish it, I can go to the finance section and not the advertisement section There’s no use talking to me Our chairman won’t agree Milan, I’ve already tried my best to help you For what I can’t be of help with, I also can’t do anything about it Don’t even mention the cover of the magazine Even our company’s website has never posted a picture of the chairman’s face Not even a side profile Please don’t make this harder for me. Okay? Okay, I’ll stop bugging you If Kaoer asks him, he’ll definitely agree I overestimated myself How could you think this way? How could you involve Kaoer in everything? What does she have to do with this? Yingzhi, why do you always defend her? How am I defending her? How is your interview with the chairman related to her? What are you thinking? I think you have some problem with your state of mind Mentally imbalanced? No, I don’t mean that

Enough. Enough No picture is fine I’m worse than Kaoer in every aspect anyway I’ll accept it. Bye-bye It’s really strange When that woman said that I really love Qi Shujie, I felt really weird It was almost like what she said was a joke Yingzhi, do I really love Shujie? You were together for four years after all. Of course, you had feelings for each other Really? – Do you really plan to sell that house? – Yeah Then, where will you live? I want to buy another house, change things up a bit All right Right, did you notice that Milan has changed a lot lately? – Milan? – Yeah I can’t really express it in words, but I feel that she isn’t as innocent and simple as before Her mind I couldn’t explain it. I just feel that it’s changed I don’t think so. I don’t feel it Maybe, I’m overthinking things Here it is. It’s time for the video call Mom! Dan Dan! Happy birthday! Look! I’ve prepared a cake! It’s a strawberry cake! What a shame that I can’t eat it! Aunt will help you eat it! Happy birthday, Dan Dan! You’ve lost more teeth? Indeed. He’s growing permanent teeth now – Hi, Kaoer – Hey, Dr. Zhang! Long time no see! You must be living pretty well in America. You don’t even want to come back anymore How could we not want to come back? If the person beside you doesn’t say anything, I don’t dare to come back Seriously, do you want us to come back? Move your face away. I want to talk to my son Look at you, just because you have Kaoer, do you really need to give me the cold shoulder? Daddy, I won’t give you the cold shoulder Look at my son! Dan Dan is so cute! Dan Dan, Mommy is going to help you blow out the candles. Okay? Come, together This is for me? I really like this! This is so great! – It’s real, right? – Do your teeth hurt? Of course, it’s real! A diamond bracelet from Zocai. It was really expensive! It costs half of my month’s salary My god! Now that you’ve spent all your money, how are you to live this month? Girl, why are you living so badly? Buying me a mere bracelet cost half of your month’s pay If you could find someone rich, you wouldn’t need to spend your own money! Where do I find someone like that? If you ask me, who am I supposed to ask? How did Kaoer Bai find one then? Let me tell you this. These few years, there’s always someone giving their house food, drink, and entertainment. They’re all top notch, too Old Bai twisted his back a few days ago Someone then drove a small luxury car to get a doctor from the city for a house call Do you think I can compare with them? When my neck ached, you spent Â¥25 online ($3.50 USD) to get me this. I don’t even know if it’s effective What are you staring at me for? I’m just telling you the truth You and Bai Kaoer grew up together You’re prettier than her Your grades were better than her You’re also not more stupid than her. You’re not worse than her Why is she living much better than you? And you dare to stare at me? My life isn’t as good as hers What life? You have to work hard to live well Even if luck fell from the sky, it wouldn’t land on someone that dallies around like you! I also want to live well I do the most tiring work at the newspaper just to live decently! But I have no connections and I have no background Who am I to depend on? No one! I can only rely on myself! You are so dumb! What do women depend on? Women depend on men! What’s the point of working well? Look at Kaoer All of her husbands were pretty good! The first one owned a car and a house

The second was a pianist He had quite a bit of money, too! The one right now is even better A global corporation’s big boss! His net worth is more than Â¥10 billion! ($1.5 million USD) Daughter, if ever you can find someone like that, the two of us can live off his money for several lifetimes! Must women depend on men? You depend on yourself, but how are you doing? You’ve been at the newspaper for 7-8 years, yet you’re still a small reporter Your salary is still so low When can you buy a home in the city and let me enjoy a good life? Look, every time I come to see you, you let me stay in this dingy hostel eating takeout When can we live in a big hotel and eat lots of good food? I know you can’t bear to live in one. So do I Why? Because we are poor. We have no money But why don’t we have money? Think about it! What’s the point of thinking about it?! I want to live in a big house, too! I also want to take you to eat good food! But I’m all alone in this big city and everything requires money! I have to eat, pay rent, and have all sorts of other expenses! I have no money. I don’t want to depend on a man! You don’t want to depend on a man, but you have to find someone to spend your life with. Right? Look at yourself! Let’s not mention rich men You don’t even have a decent boyfriend of a normal background! Let me tell you! After a certain age, it is almost impossible to marry a girl off! No one wants an old woman! Who talks like that to their own daughter?! Are you even my mom?! I don’t even want to talk to you I’m not done talking! I’m angered to death! Hey, Rong Can. I’m here I’m paying the down payment in a little bit Can you cover for me this morning? Okay, that’s the plan. Bye-bye! Why are you here? Hello, Kaoer This is a nice house. Right? I’ve already talked to the agent I want this house. Here’s the contract What? Yes, you didn’t hear wrong. I’ve bought the house and I’m giving it to you I will get people to renovate this place and to throw away all of the furniture you dislike It’s close to your office. It’s a good house for you Qi Shuli, must you show off your wealth like this as if no one knows about it? This isn’t related to money Whatever you like, even if it’s the moon and stars, I will give it to you Remember this If you need it, I will get it. No exceptions Go Okay I hope you like it Get lost! I wish your mood will get better How is it? Very good Do you like it? It’s your house, so why do I need to like it? Don’t you understand? With such a big house, how could I be the only one living here? Luo Hao, stop talking I won’t live in your house We can’t go back to the past. I’ve told you this so many times I’ve done so much for you. You understand. Right? I understand. You’re the one who doesn’t understand You still think that I broke up with you three years ago because of a house Then why? Do you feel that I don’t love you enough? I’m the one that doesn’t love you enough And now, I completely don’t love you anymore, even if you’ve bought such a big house It’s been three years. I’ve thought through a lot of things Why are you still stuck in the past? You have such good conditions. There must be a lot of girls that like you But they aren’t you. I only love you! Relationships happen between two people Yes, we loved each other in the past,

but that’s all in the past People at different ages need different kinds of relationships Luo Hao, don’t force me to not even be friends with you You need to mature Geng Mochi, I’m so tired I can’t win against him. I’m not his match Where are you? Hello? Hey, Kaoer? Where are you? Why aren’t you at work? Hurry up, Rong Can and Xia Man are fighting! What? I can’t explain it over the phone. You’ll know once you’re here. Hurry Okay, I understand. I’ll go there right now How dare the people working under you deleted our work?! And after deleting it, there’s not even an apology! And you’re even the one who’s being fierce! – You think the people of our program is easy to bully, is that it? – You said it right! – Kaoer – What’s happening? Master, you’ve come at the right time You see, I’ve worked overtime for the entire night and put the edited show in the office But in the morning, they deleted it all! Kaoer, that’s the footage we’ve spent two whole days at Qingquan Town to record! And now, it’s all gone! Who knew that it had your recordings on it? Even if you didn’t know, the tape had a tag! You don’t even know the name of our show? Yeah! Why are you guys using our team’s tape? Fine, if you’ve used it. We’re all colleagues and would see each other regardless But little Wu, you shouldn’t have hit other people Did you think that because Rong Can is an intern, you can easily bully him? – When did you see us hitting others? – Be more ladylike You didn’t hit anyone? Do you think I’m blind? Stop it Xia Man, I can take it as your team’s mistake, but could you apologize to Rong Can? Rong Can is indeed just an intern, but everyone is here to work. No one is superior to another Could you have a little more respect towards others? Xia Man, don’t forget that you were once an intern, too You were even trained by Kaoer What? Did you forget it that easily? I only followed her for three months, but you guys always bring this up all the time You’ve been saying this for years! Let alone three months, even if it’s for three days, she still was your teacher! Teachers should act like teachers. Right? Making people apologize over the tiniest of matters. Who does she think she is? Did you really think that others have to pamper you just because you were in a nursing home for two years? Only Buddhas are worshiped, not someone mental! Who are you calling mental? – Say that again! – What?! – Try saying that again! – Whats wrong with calling her mental? You’re all so capable now Really giving me something to be proud about Two segment teams getting into a fight, causing the whole building to be disrupted! How many days has it been since I’ve become your boss? The seat of my chair isn’t even warm yet and now, you’re performing a brawl for me? Should I accept this great present or should I not? What do you take the broadcasting station as?! The market?! And all of you are gangsters in the streets?! You all are people doing cultural shows. You are in the media If you all are not embarrassed if this gets out, I do! Who was the one that hit first? – Them! – Them! Shut it! Bai Kaoer, what did I tell you last time? You have to be a good leader If your team has gotten into a mess, the first to be severely punished is you! I’ll accept it. I will accept all responsibility for this. It has nothing to do with my intern – Master! – Shut up! Quite eager to shield your disciple Xia Man was once your disciple as well. Why aren’t you shielding her? – I don’t have such a disciple – I don’t have such a teacher Okay Teacher and student turning hostile and getting involved in a public brawl. What an excellent play! Station Manager, there’s only ten minutes before Kaoer’s show is on Coming to save the scene? Bai Kaoer, you’re pretty well liked, aren’t you? Xia Man, what about you? No one is coming to save you? Get out! Finish all of your work for today!

We will settle this problem at a later date! Still not going out? What is it? Station Manager, I have something to say! Pleading for Bai Kaoer? No I just want to share some backstory with you beforehand You’ve just arrive. There’s a lot of things that you don’t know Say it Here How is it? I’m not an artist. I don’t feel anything Say, Huang Zhong, you’ve known Mochi for so many years Did you not pick up some of his artistic taste? I’m a lawyer. I don’t need an artistic taste You Hello? It’s me Okay. Okay Okay, thanks! Then we’ll sort it out in a few days – Okay – What happened? – The house in Xingcheng is sold! – This fast? A lot of money was spent to renovate that house of Mochi The location is also good. The piano itself is worth a few hundred thousand Right, there’s something I need to say Bai Kaoer called me a few days ago from that house Let’s not talk about how she got in there first She asked me a few questions that confused me She asked me who are you? What’s your relationship with Geng Mochi? It’s not like she doesn’t know who I am. Why would she ask me that? – I know the reason – What reason? Last month, I was in Xingcheng to handle a case. I coincidentally met Dr. Cai at the hotel Based on what he said, Bai Kaoer seemed to have something wrong with her brain Something wrong with her brain? What does that mean? I didn’t ask. It seems as if her mind got messed up She can’t remember much anymore He mentioned a term. Something like… False Memory Syndrome What’s that? I’m not a doctor. How would I know? It just means that her memories are messed up After a few years of not seeing her, she’s developed such a serious illness It’s kind of sad She doesn’t even remember how Qi Shuijie died Does she still remember Mochi? I didn’t ask Don’t tell this to Mochi. Not a single word You said that Kaoer lived in a mental institute? Yes. She’s only been discharged for a year. She’s still recovering Xia Man isn’t wrong. She does have a mental illness She’s a patient. All of her memories are messed up At the worst point, she didn’t even know who her parents were What about now? She’s recovering very well But she developed the sequelae of chronic depression I heard that she must forever take medications Kaoer is indeed sick, but saying those things in front of a patient who’s just recovering, Station Manager, don’t you think that’s too cruel? Moreover, the person who’s saying those horrible things is her past student! I couldn’t tell that she was sick Yes. She looks like a normal person on the outside It’s just that her memories are confused A lot of past events are messed up in her brain Kaoer is also very tough. She knows that she’s sick, so she controls her emotions very well She also regularly takes medicine and does therapy She’s very commendable Station Manager, a person that has to frequently battle with her own brain, that needs so much determination What you’ve said is all true? One hundred percent Other than the new recruits, everyone at the station knows this Station Manager Liang also knows about it. If you don’t believe me, ask him I will investigate this matter If it’s really like what you’ve said, I will deal with it fairly Thank you, Station Manager! What’s wrong? Does your head hurt?

Drink some coffee Don’t worry. It will be fine Station Manager will definitely sort this out fairly That Xia Man should just wait and see for the consequences of her actions What did you say to the station manager? I didn’t say much I just said the truth It’s to prevent that Xia Man from spouting nonsense and distorting the truth Kaoer? The audio files cannot be recovered. What about memories? Are my original memories permanently deleted? The real appearance of truth is now so fuzzy Only that face would sometimes float up, then submerge again Some things should be forgotten I am reluctant to Even if he has hurt me, I did love him deeply before There’s no trace of him in my life, not even a single slip of paper Nothing’s left How could I still bear to forget that face? Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate Be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust

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