I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 13 Look at what time it is I thought you would not come Eloping is such a mighty undertaking How could I not come? You’re not going to regret it? I had done a lot of regretful things I am going to start doing things I won’t regret from now on Geng Mochi, I love you Take me away! Come, come! Happy New Year! Come, eat! Come quickly! Come quickly! Don’t be polite. Eat a lot! Eat well! Come! Come! You two, sit here. Hurry! All right! Happy New Year, everyone! What are you looking for? Come Where’s your sister? My sister? Look! Isn’t it pretty? Happy New Year! Happy New Year Thank you, Brother! That’s the latest cellphone model. For you Thank you, Brother! As long as you like it In fact, I also prepared a gift for your sister But I can not find her Where did she go? My sister? Do you know the story The Butterfly Lovers (Chinese folktale)? I know it. My older sister and my brother-in-law, Shanbo, have eloped – Eloped? – Yes With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound

You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust I traveled far and eloped with you to Beijing, and you’re only giving me this to eat? Look! Look! I’m not a rabbit. How come every day you had me eating vegetables? What’s wrong with eating vegetables? Don’t I eat vegetables every day? You must try to change your food habits I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat! I’ve never seen a woman like you Aren’t you afraid of getting fat if you eat meat? Aren’t women most afraid of getting fat? If you eat enough and turn into a pig, then what? Geng Mochi, I would rather you turn me into a pig than raise me like a rabbit. I am a carnivore I want to eat meat! I want to eat meat! I want to eat meat! You’re scaring me Uncle Chang, someone wants to eat meat! Serve the meat! Eat some, too. There’s not enough nutrition by only eating vegetables every day I’m not eating that. You eat yours I will feed you What are you doing? Playing the piano Who let you touch my musical instrument? Remember, there are two things in this house no one is allowed to touch The first is my piano. The second is my art collection I didn’t know – Can you play the piano? – I can Play something for me – Really play? – Yes So stupid Thank you Mochi, do you think

this color is pretty? Should I paint it or not? So ignorant and incompetent Can’t you work on increasing your strength in appreciating fine art? I don’t get it Geng Mochi, aren’t you going to be bankrupt soon? How do you still have money to buy art? I’m telling you if you keep buying, you’re going to spend all your savings Will you have money to buy me meat to eat? Why are you laughing? You don’t know how expensive rice and oil are because you never cared about household matters Relax, I won’t let you starve How much was this piece of art? Not expensive Hello Darwin, let me tell you I extremely feel contented right now I hope to continue living with her like this In a few days, invite Huang Zhong over to eat at my place I got two more paintings. Because I am happy Okay, let’s talk in person Kaoer! Kaoer? Bai Kaoer! Bai Kaoer! Where are you?! Come out now! If you come out now, then nothing happened! Where are you hiding?! Do you think I won’t find you if you hide?! – You thought I couldn’t find you? Who’s going to help you? – Help! Help! Do you know how much that painting is worth? I was wrong! I was wrong! Help! – Who can save you? – Save me! BoTian Holdings Limited Co Ltd You’re sure that Wan Zhengzhen’gs company’s legal entity is Geng Mochi? I have verified it. I’m sure What about Kaoer? They arrived in Beijing on the first day of the year But I still don’t know when they are coming back I found out that Miss Bai only filed for three days of leave, but she seems to plan to extend it Follow the original plan Yes Han Zhi told me the prosecution materials have already been prepared – Order a plane ticket for me -Yes – You’ve sold more than 30 suites in three months and set the company’s annual personal sales record – That’s right – Congratulations – It’s because all of you took care of me, plus some luck But Luo Hao, I’ve realized you really are a sales talent You sold cars before and now houses. You’re so good at both of them I’ve already reported your sales record to the headquarters The company will definitely reward you – Thank you – You all, don’t just focus on being merry Learn from Luo Hao. Look at him. He puts his heart at his work and endures the bitterness How did you do it Luo Hao? Share your experience I already said it. It’s luck – Then you treat us to dinner! Treat us to dinner! – No problem! – How about we all go? – Sure! – Right! – Let’s all go – Okay, let’s go Children have to eat more vegetables so they can have a healthy body, okay? Yingzhi Daddy! Yingzhi I’m over What is it? Did something happen? My god! How did that happen? Not just that. The position of department chief that was initially a sure thing for him is also now in danger of being lost He’s now dispirited. Not only did he not get the chief position, his wife has also left him. We don’t even need to talk about how miserable he is He deserves it. Who told him to bully our Yingzhi? Hence, people should not do things to the extreme. Am I right?

He now wants to have the child’s custody rights, too So now, there’s trouble for Yingzhi What are you doing? I am outside. Luo Hao wants to eat with me Didn’t you break up with Luo Hao? Who said you can’t eat with your ex? We’re friends now. Friends for life Also, how long are you planning on staying in Beijing? I don’t know yet I took another half a month of leave I said it was to go to Qingquan Town to record the sound of the wind This is already the limit. If I ask for more, Station Manager will surely reject it Can’t Geng Mochi go back to Xingcheng with you? He said if you marry the chicken, you go with the chicken (meaning that the wife should follow the husband) Bai Kaoer, there’s no saving you now Milan, I know I’m being immature, but the person I met is him I like him. I want to be together with him I am scared to even call my mom now She’s definitely going to yell so much at me Fine. You’ve decided, so what else can I do? You always stubbornly do things. No one is able to stop you Don’t I know you? I won’t say anymore. The taxi is here. Bye-bye Then have fun Oppa! Flower idiot (crazy romantic),did you watch too many Korean dramas? I like you Of course, you have to like me. Who would you like if you don’t like me? Then tonight, you must take me out to play It’s too boring at home! I was planning on bringing you out anyway Really? I have already had Wei Minglun arrange it yesterday How come I feel like your manager doesn’t really like me? You dummy. You’re my woman. Does it matter if he likes you or not? But recently, we’ve been together everyday He does seem to feel a bit upset Why do I seem to have this feeling of breaking up a pair of lovers? Idiot Who are the lovers? Who? – Happy New Year! – Happy New Year! Why did you think of treating me to a hotpot? First off, it’s because we haven’t seen each other as old classmates Let’s improve our relationships The most important thing is that I completed my boss’ task So, I will be treating this meal – Really? You sold all thirty houses? – Of course – You’re something. Come, congratulations! – Cheers Milan. Luo Hao is now our company’s big celebrity All the employees look up to him. The boss already said he’ll give him a bonus Luo Hao, I’ll tell you the news ahead of time The boss wants you to go to the new condominium development in Hexi and be the sales manager Here, here, Manager Luo. Let me toast to you Don’t call me that in front of Han Zhi Did you know that he’s now the vice president of our company? All right, all right. Both of you are successful Han Zhi, please take care of him more He’s very narrow-minded and only knows to bury himself in his work He doesn’t know the ways of the world at all. Teach him more You still care about me, huh? How is that possible? Luo Hao, if you want to individually treat your girlfriend to a meal in the future, – don’t call me— – Ex-girlfriend Can you not always bring up the “ex” part? Do you know that if I didn’t call you, she wouldn’t come out to eat with me alone? Here. Without you, there wouldn’t be this meal. Let’s cheer – Then you need to down this whole cup – Down, down, down Ex-girlfriend, don’t just laugh. Here, drink with us Stop bringing up the “ex” part Is Qi Shuli hard to deal with? Why do you say that? Have you met him? I met him a couple of times She’s Bai Kaoer’s best friend and Bai Kaoer is Qi Shuli’s sister-in-law, so they know each other That, Luo Hao’s ex-girlfriend, let me toast you. Happy New Year And you, don’t be angry Milan’s ex-boyfriend, let’s also drink! Here Here, Darwin. Cheers to you Thank you for accepting me as someone by Mochi’s side I am sorry I took over your spot What are you saying? Miss Bai, how can we compare? I might be the person by his side, but you are the person in his heart

– Did I say it correctly? – Yes No matter what, I still want to thank you for caring for him all this time But did you not spoil him too much? His temper is so bad. The worst I’ve ever seen. It is too hard to serve Miss Bai, let me toast to you for that! I’ll drink first Call me Kaoer. Darwin, don’t worry. I will work hard to make him happy Oppa, you also have to work hard to make me happy Talk properly Aren’t they being excessive here? That’s why, I said to not come Older Sister, you’re so beautiful – I’m going to find my dad and my mom – I’m sorry Mochi. Let’s have a kid to play with, too Kids aren’t toys. Why would you give birth to one? But I think there is a need to give birth to one Why? If you abandon me, I can ask for child support Cold-hearted woman T-That.. Mochi’s money is being watched over by the lawyer In the future, it must be me who watches over it Or else, he might just get fooled by those female celebrities Darwin, you know this, too. Because he’d rather die to protect his dignity, that’s why, he got manipulated by Wan— Was I able to block your mouth? Wan Zhengzheng! I never thought we would be in the same company together What do you mean? Are you not happy? No, it’s not what I meant. Hey Are you taking care of only the real estate piece? Not just that. I also manage some investments My priority is to develop the local projects first But I am also new in this field. I have a lot to learn, so the pressure’s quite high Don’t worry about the pressure. Let’s toast to our great future Can the two of you not talk about work? It’s so spicy. Where are the drinks? – Didn’t I just order coconut water? – Can you rush them for me? I will go check up on it Milan. Have you been contacting Ms. Bai recently? I have. I just called her. What is it? Tell her to come back Mr. Qi went to Beijing Looks like it’s too spicy. Come, let’s drink. Use the alcohol strength to down the spiciness Coconut water is here – Don’t eat so much spicy food. Here, drink some coconut juice – So annoying Let’s toast to our great future! Here Here, cheers Happy New Year! Mochi! This! This! Does it look good? I painted it You are not even embarrassed to bring it up? Quickly go back to the room. Stop being so shameful out here Th-This… this painting is very expensive! What about it? See that? She dared to touch Mochi’s painting. This must be true love Some things, like paintings, have monetary value and you can buy it with some money But there are some things you can’t buy even with money She gives me the latter Okay. Okay. You can’t buy it Then, I wish you bliss and happiness But… she’s too avant garde I think this girl is really cute, not pretentious, and very straightforward Let me tell you. I suddenly have so much hope towards life I want to live a little longer I’m scared that one day, when I’m not around anymore, she’ll just be with another man. Whenever I think of that, it angers me to death! Spit! Spit! Can you say something more auspicious? I am just saying the truth. This ruthless woman is capable of anything So I must work hard to make myself live longer I think this red nail polish was painted on pretty nicely Look it matches the head wrap color Yes. It’s not bad Th-This… this is a very successful DIY (do it yourself) Welcome to the Yanqi Hotel We can start prosecuting the company of Wan Zhengzheng’s legal entity, Geng Mochi, at any time The move Wan Zhengzheng shot using the money borrowed from us was a disaster They definitely won’t be able to pay us back. We’ve already prepared her company’s financial report Are you looking at it tonight? Bring it to my room later Okay Wan Zhengzheng’s company facing a lawsuit; The company’s legal entity, Geng Mochi, will face large penalties

Wei Minglun Have you contacted Ms. Bai recently? Yes. I just talked with her on the phone. What is it? Tell her to come back. Mr. Qi went to Beijing Boss, after filing the lawsuit, Wan Zhengzheng still hasn’t given any response But Geng Mochi, through his manager, has released an official statement that he has no connection to Wan Zhengzheng’s company Regarding Wan Zhengzheng accepting overseas financing, they were uninformed He will apply for a change of legal representation through the judicial process Hello, Milan? Hurry back right now. Don’t ask anything Hurry and come back! How can I go back now? Something happened to Mochi – He – Do you still not know anything right now, Bai Kaoer? Either you come back or go look for Qi Shuli. He’s in Beijing right now Why should I look for him? Are you an idiot? Wan Zhengzheng has already gotten overseas financing It’s entirely possible that this company was instructed by Qi Shuli I think this company is actually Qi Shuli’s I told you earlier that he’s targeting Geng Mochi, but you didn’t believe me! And you even flagrantly went to Beijing with Geng Mochi! What are you doing?? Will he let go of Geng Mochi? Qi Shujie died with Ye Sha. Would he not know Geng Mochi? How would he? How would he? What can Qi Shuli not do? He will definitely come after Geng Mochi a hundred times over Only you are the idiot who is clueless and left in the dark I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it They clearly have no grudges between them Wake up, Bai Kaoer Do you think him exiting the music scene is accidental? Do you think Wan Zhengzheng has the ability to do that? The one behind the scenes has to be Qi Shuli He already set his eyes on you guys. He won’t spare you guys Then what do I do now? How about this? Come back immediately or look for Qi Shuli and tell him to spare Geng Mochi He’s in Beijing I don’t know where he’s staying, either How about this? I’ll ask Han Zhi. He will know All right, I’ll tell you in a bit Han Zhi Who is it?! Your favorite snacks are here Why are you here again? Hey, do you have Han Zhi’s number? Mochi, we can’t get out of this. Even if you don’t know anything, you’re the company’s legal entity, so you have to take all legal responsibility That said, you’re also the guarantor Wan Zhengzheng took the other company’s money to fund a film and ended up losing everything She created such a big hole that you have to fill The other company suing you is right You’ll also need to be the one who goes to court in the future This is my fault. You must blame me I told Wan Zhengzheng so many times to change the legal entity of her company She just ignored me. She dragged it out Otherwise, today This woman is brutal Mochi, don’t be too anxious Leave everything to us Don’t worry. I’ve done even harder cases No need to be afraid Yanqi Hotel, room 2188 No choice? There are many things in life where you have no choice Hello

You did it, right? That’s right. I did it Why? He never offended you, so why must you do this to him? Maybe I offended you in some way, but Geng Mochi doesn’t even know you Isn’t it too harsh to do this? You think this great artist has not offended me in any way? Do you not know who his wife is? Do you not know what his wife did? What does his wife’s actions have to do with him? Even if his wife’s actions has nothing to do with him, then what does it mean that you’re with him? Jie did wrong you, so I worked so hard to make it up I can give you whatever you want I will support you with whatever you do I will satisfy you wherever you want to go But if you want to be with that woman’s man, I will not allow that I did all of these for Jie He is already dead Why must I be tied to him forever? He is the one who clearly betrayed me Are you going to make me pay for it my whole life? I do not oppose you remarrying You can marry anyone and I won’t have an opinion But I want to clearly tell you this if you want to be together with Geng Mochi, I swear I will make him die very cruelly Before when someone poured dirty water on him, and make him leave the music scene, it was all done by you, too? It depends on what matter you’re talking about I did some of them, but some of them has nothing to do with me Shuli, you bastard! You are bullying intolerably! I never planned to be a good person, so don’t expect that I’ll be merciful Let me tell you this. I will definitely make that guy fall from grace and even let him go to jail I want to kill you! Will you only give up once he dies? If you dare to touch him again, I will definitely kill you! Are you very angry? But let me tell you, everything I’ve said was not a joke I am not scaring you I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 9 a.m. to go to the airport. You’ll return to Xingcheng with me You go back with me, and this matter will conclude If you do not go back with me, you know what the consequence will be Qi Shuli You will not get a good death You will definitely go to hell Where did you go today?

Don’t move. Let me hug you What’s the matter? Nothing, I just want to hug I brought you to Beijing to make you happy I didn’t realize you would run into such shambles Mochi, don’t say anything anymore It’s all my fault What does it have to do with you? Wan Zhengzheng must be jealous about us being together, that’s why, she brought this lawsuit upon you Bai Kaoer, you are too narcissistic Why are you so shameless? Why is Wan Zhengzheng jealous of you? I own nothing now. What does she want from me? She will find a richer sponsor Thanks to Wan Zhengzhng for making you poor with nothing left That’s how I was able to reach you Do you know? In my eyes, you are like a star in the sky, shining so brightly and totally unreachable I can see your bright rays, but I can not get close to you Now, you’ve fallen into the mortal world, and even right onto my plate Geng Mochi, this is fate Bai Kaoer, do you know what I like about you? I simply like how you are so unashamed, to the point of being so cute I don’t like sophisticated women For a Cinderella like me who stays in the dust, what right do I have to be sophisticated? It is also because of it, I would disregard all other concerns to protect my love, and protect you Whoever dares to take you away from my plate or to hurt you, I will fight that person with my life Do you know what I visualized when you talked about your plate? You were eating chicken wings Okay already. It’ll be fine This all shall pass. I’m right here – Mochi – Yes? Remember this No matter what choice I make, it’s because I love you Geng Mochi I love you What’s the matter with you? You’re so weird tonight Mochi, I think you should talk with Wan Zhengzheng What is there to talk to her about? She holds all the evidence She keeps saying that you told her to defraud That makes the lawsuit more difficult That right. Many of the original documents in her company have your signatures It’s difficult for you to exonerate completely That’s right. Wan Zhengzheng is the kind of person who would push all the responsibility to you I still think you should go to her and have a talk That’s ridiculous I haven’t fallen so hard that I should be dragged on a noose by a woman Isn’t it just a lawsuit? Let’s fight then! Can she really topple justice in this world? Mochi Why are you carrying your suitcase? I’m going back to Xingcheng Didn’t you apply for half a month leave? Something’s come up Why didn’t you talk about it last night? What’s the matter? Anything happened? Geng Mochi Let’s break up

I am going back Bai Kaoer, what are you saying? Last night, you were still saying you love me I thought it over carefully last night. I really cannot be with you You are so poor now and undergoing a lawsuit. I can’t live a poor life Keep talking This is the kind of person I am, Geng Mochi. All women are vain Wan Zhengzheng wants your money. I’m the same Bai Kaoer, it’s early in the morning. Why are you acting crazy? Look into my eyes, and repeat what you just said Geng Mochi, don’t talk about it anymore. I know I owe you I am sleazy You are the one who overestimated me Mochi Someone outside is looking for Miss Bai Let him in Yes Who is looking for you? Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust

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