-I said no -I don’t understand There is nothing to understand I told you not to go there and you will not! I know it is something important I can feel it Actually, I have a bad feeling about it If there is something to report, then we’ll get and figure it out Okay, I am telling you We should go there We just can’t wait for it to drop in our laps, can we? I said you will not go there! What is it? Why is he arguing with Mr. Ihsan again? He has a hunch I know he won’t leave it alone until he figures it out Please, why don’t you let me go after it? You are not going to find anything over there I will find something I can feel it We all know the figures. The cases have been increasing since 2016 I mean, it can’t be a coincidence I am sure it has a potential Ozan, listen People don’t read newspapers anymore The entire world is in this thing They can find all the news in the world anytime they want We have to sell this newspaper and to do that, we need big headlines We need bigger headlines in bigger fonts Is that it? Do you think being a reporter is just making big headlines? Huh? What about the reality? What about the contents? Aren’t they important at all? I am not saying they aren’t important I am just saying that nobody would read news about people getting blind without no reason Why wouldn’t they read it? Because blindness is just a contagious disease in this country What are you going to do tonight? With Ozan, I mean I don’t know We didn’t talk about it Do you think he forgot it? Ozan? I am sure he didn’t forget it I know I will find something I don’t care if you want to publish it or not He is pissing me off! I wouldn’t be surprised if he would tell me to be a tabloid reporter Flash! Flash! Flash! The famous actor got drunk yesterday and showed his ass to the tabloid reporters Isn’t he convinced? I don’t care if he isn’t convinced I am convinced anyway Don’t you think it is weird? All the people who got blind showed the same symptoms before they got blind They all had severe headaches and they all heard supernatural voices You know what happens next? All of a sudden, their visions go blank Ozan, where are you going? There is someone I need to find Door is closing Who do you need to find? Door is closing A chemical professor. Sadık Door is opening Door is closing He is a professor His name is Sadık Yılmaz He is a chemical professor I read his interview So? I emailed him a few days ago but he didn’t get back to me I found his address but he’s moved I found his phone number but it’s not in use anymore I have to find that man Door is opening Is that all then? What do you mean by is that all? Don’t you think there is something special about today? Come on, hop on You can go I don’t want to go with you Hop on! Press Museum What are we doing here? Please, stop asking questions for a while What’s up brother Hikmet? Son, where have you been? You said you’d be here at 7 I am here, brother -What are you on about? -Come with me. Come on My dad used to be a great newspaper photographer He helped them to establish this museum Look, that’s my dad’s camera And the one next to it is Ara Guler’s He was kind of his student He used to tell me not to look at life, at people he used to tell me that I should watch them He used to tell me there was a difference between looking and watching -Is that right? -To watch people He used to tell me watching people was really important This is my dad’s favourite photograph It is beautiful but I am sure he took better ones You are looking at it Try to see it with your eyes That’s you Yes, but that’s not the thing you have to see The first time I saw you, I thought I knew you I was sure my hands knew you, my lips knew you I don’t know how they knew each other but I knew our bodies had to be together Love is not between two bodies, it is between two souls Photographs, my love Sometimes they keep a lot of secrets

That little girl That’s me! That’s me! How did I not remember that day? I was there That’s me Yes Idiot! I hope it won’t rain so heavy Wow! I am starving, you know So, why don’t you come to mine? I can make you pasta I don’t think I can reject that offer Of course Hello? Who are you? Huh, yes, yes About people getting blind Erm, I mean, about the increase in the cases. I read your article Can we meet please? It is the professor I was talking about Can I come to see you tomorrow? I have a plan with my girlfriend for tonight You should meet with him Okay, I will be there Can you text me the address please? Because I knew you would ruin the entire evening if you couldn’t see him tonight Thank you Looks like it will rain cats and dogs Why don’t you Hey, there is a cab over there Why don’t you take it? What are you going to do then? I can take the bike. My house is not that far anyway. Come on -I will see you at home -See you later Ozan? Ozan! Ozan! Ozan! Ozan! Ozan! My love! Help me! Ozan, my love! My love! Ozan! Someone, please help me! Ozan! Why? Ozan, don’t leave me Someone, help me! INTERRUPTED Fucking hell! Fucking hell! Fucking hell! Fucking hell! Fucking hell! Fucking hell! What’s this man? Fucking hell! Who is that? Fucking hell! Fucking hell! Hey, what the fuck is going on? What’s going on? What’s happening, man! Who are you? Hold on, hold on. I know you You are the man I saw in the elevator I saw you in the cab as well I wish I could enjoy this thing Am I dead?

Say something, man! What’s going on? What’s going on here? Who are you? I am from the interrupted business department, Haluk I am the vice head of the department What? I think I am in a nightmare I will wake up in a minute I will wake up in a minute Or am I wrong? Unfortunately Wait a second You said something a minute ago Interrupted business department or something? We have three departments in our management Interrupted love department, interrupted business department and interrupted dreams department All three of them would be interested in your case but the head of department wanted me to deal with you What’s all this? What does it mean? Let me explain it to you then We are giving you a second chance So, I am going to keep living? Yes, but in another body What? You have a very little time to make a decision We have to sort this out as soon as we can You have to start living your new life as soon as possible Why are you doing this to me? You have an interrupted business or an interrupted love or an interrupted dream You don’t have to accept our deal though You can bow to the inevitable -It is not easy, is it? -Of course, it is not easy You can’t talk about it with anyone Never That’s rule number one -What is the second rule? -There is no second rule What am I going to do then? Try not to get noticed and focus on finishing your business, okay? It is not okay! Who am I? Everyone asks the same question You are not the only one in this situation I am sure you will figure it out soon Don’t ruin everything, okay? Good luck Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! You are not going anywhere Can I at least say it to Elif? Huh? Let me say it to Elif please I have my parents too I am sure they are worried about me At least let me explain them Nobody What if I tell them? Go ahead, try me At least let me explain it to Elif If you manage to solve the case, then you might have a chance What do you want me to do then? Pick up where you left of, continue to play the game Listen, I am not your life coach or something, okay? How shall I say it to you? I am following the orders as well I would never question it You should do the same thing so we can both be winners Come on. Be careful! Hey no! Stop! Where are you? God, I am going to lose my mind! What’s going on? Think. Think Elif. Elif! My phone! -Hello? -Hello, Elif? Elif cannot take a call right now I am her friend. How can I help you? Where is Elif? I am sorry but we are at a funeral right now Elif lost her boyfriend last night My condolences Where is he going to be buried? -Zincirlikuyu -Okay, thanks Keys. Keys Yes Kadir Kadir Bilmez Kadir Bilmez My son!

He was so young, they have taken him from me Dad Dad, you must be his dad, right? Yes My condolences Thank you, son. God bless you Come on, let’s go I want to stay for a while Are you sure? Please, I want to stay here for a while Elif I want you to calm down I am going to tell you everything, okay? I am listening I Hey, are you okay? He was right Sir? Who are you talking about? Nothing I just had a headache Are you okay now? I am fine You said you had something to tell me Huh, no Ozan was such a nice man I wanted to tell you that I am really sorry How did you know him? From high school What did you say your name was? Kadir I am Kadir Kadir Bilmez Ozan Was he your boyfriend? He was my everything Chief Nejat Hello? Hey, son! Where have you been since last night? I called you but you never answered I have been texting you all night Erm, I was busy Fuck off! Don’t lie to me! I know what you have been up to Please accept my condolences -Thank you very much -Come here, quickly Okay What division am I in? Police Chief Inspector Homicide Bureau Istanbul Police Department

What’s up, Kadir? Brother Ismet sent you his regards He said you have until next Wednesday How are you today, Chief Inspector? Chief Inspector? I am fine. How about you? I am fine too. Thanks Remember, you borrowed 1000 TL from me You said you needed it You said you’d pay me next week I will pay you But you said that three months ago, Chief Okay, I will pay you back Asshole! 3rd Floor Homicide Bureau Sir, when are you going to finish your work? Chief, it will be finished tomorrow Is the bulb gone? It is the smoke detector, miss We have to change them all They all got rotten Don’t do anything wrong Don’t get us blown up, okay? No, no, I got it, sister He is here again. Fucking asshole Chief Inspector? Are you okay? Kadir! Kadir! Come over here, man! Come here Look at me, man! Do you want me to kill you, huh? You are nothing but trouble, man! You are just a fucking trouble maker! What did I do, sir? Ebru was here and she was crying She said she had a wedding in two weeks So? You fucked her, didn’t you! You fucked her! She is engaged She will get married next week Why did you fuck her, huh? And on top of everything her fiancé is our colleague You, asshole! You have no shame! Hayati was here He said he borrowed you 1000 TL three months ago but you didn’t pay him back Cemal told me you got 2600 TL from him as well Even teaboy Sadık, man Teaboy Sadık! How can you not pay 55 TL in seven months, man? 55 TL! You, asshole! I had to pay him for you You never show up You never do something You drink, you gamble, you hit on women! You do all those stupid things, man! Hey! I can’t tell if you are a cop or a gangster! You, fucking asshole You can’t quit, can you? Quit what? You know the shit I am talking about -What shit, sir? -Shut up! You will quit it. Or I swear to god, I would put a bullet in your head You know me, I would do it And I would tell them you pulled a gun at me and so I had to shoot you Nobody would get suspicious It is homicide, you know Who else would do it if I couldn’t! Who else! -Okay, I will quit, sir Fuck off! I will quit, sir, he says I have heard that before Go and tell them to pull themselves together We have work to do. Come on I said, come on! A guy stabbed and killed his wife at Bağcılar

Where are we on that? Chief called me and asked about it but I couldn’t give him any answer Sir, we are trying to catch him He was seen at the bus station last We are about to catch him I am sure we will catch him today Okay, fine What did you do about the night club case at Şişli? Two people were murdered Sir, we caught them yesterday We are still questioning them Son, do you think I can think straight? Sure. We got them, right? Now. Chief called me a minute ago Someone hit and run a reporter last night His name was Ozan Chief told me to investigate the case We don’t want newspapers to say that we weren’t interested in the case Soon, we might get promoted or transferred somewhere else I don’t want any troubles Why homicide would investigate a traffic accident? I don’t know, love. I really don’t He was a reporter. I am sure he poked his nose into something They always do, don’t they! Sir, I am sure the driver was drunk or he didn’t have a license I am sure he made a runner already Didn’t they find something on the security cameras? We just got the footage. Put it on Why is he standing in the middle of the road like an asshole? He crashed into him so hard, man! I am sure the driver is about 16 or 17 years old I am sure he didn’t have a license as well Did you check the number plate? It was a stolen vehicle I see Anyway, go to his office Speak with his family Ask them if he was getting any threats or something You know what I mean And then, we can transfer it to the public order department They can deal with it It is none of our business Who wants to go then? Sir, I can do that Where do you think you are going, son? To my office. To his office Did he bang his head or something? I thought we were the cops Son, we are the cops here You are just a stupid asshole, Kadir I just want to take this case, sir Okay, fine. Case is yours Do whatever you want I hate running errands anyway Come on, go back to your work Come on Who the hell is Saadet, man? God damn you, man! To hell with you! You, asshole! I am an idiot! I am just an idiot! I curse the day I got married to you! What did I do to deserve an asshole like you? -I am married too? -Why aren’t you answering my calls? You have to pay the alimony, Kadir I want my money. You hear me? The money you sent me was not enough for Ada’s expenses anyway -I am divorced -You have two days Can you hear me? If you don’t pay me in two days then I will take you to the court And I am going to take everything you got Actually, you don’t have anything but… You, asshole. You, idiot! Give me my money! Give me my money! Good god! What did I get involved in, god! Ozan was my boyfriend He was my everything But he wasn’t only my boyfriend, he was also my hero too He taught me how to be a reporter He taught me to write about the truth He thought me to do the right thing He taught me how to be brave He thought me to listen to my hunch He thought me to finish what I started And he thought me love If he was here right now he would be saying, people are waiting to hear news from you, why are you all crying now? Ozan

Ozan, we’ll miss you so much Guys, you heard Elif We have a newspaper to run. Come on Miss Elif Hello What are you doing here? Kadir, right? Kadir I am Ozan’s friend from the university But you said you were his high school friend at the cemetery Yes, I was confused. I am sorry Can I ask you a few questions if you have a minute? About what? Homicide Are you suspicious about something? No, no. It is only a procedure You know, just in case Do you know if someone was threatening Ozan? Or an enemy or something? Sleep I mean, he used to hate sleeping because he said he couldn’t work while he was sleeping I see, maybe he was working on a case or something? There was a case he was working on but he just started, you know I mean, he didn’t even know what was going on Why are you asking me all those questions? Have you found something? No, we were talking about it at the station We thought we should investigate it And I said I could take the case I was his friend, you know That’s why Erm, so, you are saying, no one was threatening him No, not at all Okay I should make a move now You have a nice day Taxi! Mom, it would be difficult for you to get here It is a 13-hour flight, you know I am not okay, mom I am not okay, but I will be okay, don’t worry Mom, my phone rings all the time anyway Mom, Çağla left a minute ago Okay? Okay. We’ll talk some other time Bye for now Elif, Elif

Elif. Elif Elif Are you okay? What are you doing here? How did you get inside? Hold on, hold on. Calm down Calm down. I was at your door I rang the bell but you didn’t hear it I saw the light inside And I looked inside and saw you lying on the floor I came in through the garden afterwards I came in through the garden and you were lying on the floor And I got worried for you. Okay? That’s why I got inside I am really sorry Not a problem Do you have some ice? Are you feeling a bit better? I am fine. I really am It aches a little Why did you come to see me? I brought you these Ozan’s belongings I thought his family should have those? They told me to give them to you Thank you You have a beautiful house Thank you My dad’s retirement project I know I’d better leave now Can you tell me about Ozan, please? I mean when he was at the high school That would only upset you though I don’t have a better plan Let me make coffee then How do you know that I keep the cups over there? I think it was a lucky guess That picture was taken at Bozburun You look beautiful together Looks like he was a handsome man Very handsome This is our last picture together It was taken three days ago It is the car! What is it? That’s the car The car that hit and run Ozan! I didn’t know he was following us You are right! It is exactly the same car How do you know that? You weren’t there I watched the CCTV footage

I saw it on there No, it wasn’t an accident It was a murder Obviously, it was a murder Murder, it was It is on here as well He literally followed you But why did he want to kill him? Maybe it was about the case he was working on? Maybe, that’s why But you told me you couldn’t find anything Maybe he did find something but he didn’t want to tell me Maybe he was so close Maybe some people weren’t really happy about it I don’t know Everything is possible, you know Professor What did you say? You told me he was going to meet with a guy Professor! Yes! Professor! Maybe he has some answers, right? Do you have his address? No, Ozan called him And then he called him back and texted him the address It must be on his phone Where is his phone? Passcode? Fuck! -Do you know his passcode? -Of course, not Maybe it is his birthday Maybe he used your birthday What else can it be? Erm, the day you became lovers? I don’t remember that date I don’t know How can you not remember it? Think about the day you first kissed him Maybe he took you to a movie or something? Yes, yes, he took me to see a movie I can remember it was a day in October but I can’t remember if it was 12th or the 13th Try the 12th I am in Okay. I am in. Come on, let’s go Right away? I am going to see him You can join me if you like And we should check the security cameras of the café Maybe we can find something Okay, but it is late It must be closed now How do you know where I am talking about? -What number did you say? -Four Fucking hell! -The guy at the stairs -What? What? The guy at the stairs Hey! Stop! Why don’t you shoot back? Don’t you have a gun? What? Yeah Take the safety off Are you sure you are a cop? So, all this happened in one night, huh? Do you want me to believe that? Sir, someone killed this guy and that reporter How can you be so sure about that? I am sure he found something I will not stop following this case You better sort yourself out first! Don’t you have any shame? Why are you hiding your hands? You are shaking like someone left out cold at a cemetery Come on, you should go home and have some rest. Come on Home? It was only a figure of speech I should have called it dumpster, really Come on, off you go! Sir, we couldn’t find any fingerprints

Whoever did that, did a clean job We couldn’t find anything on the security cameras as well I think he knew where the cameras were That’s all we need right now Why are you still here? Come on! Off you go! Move! We’ll talk later Where the fuck is my house? Ebru I feel exhausted Can you give me a lift home? I am busy Ayhan is downstairs. Ask him Thanks Chief Hey! Chief. We are here We are here, Chief Yes Chief, your keys Have a nice day Mr. Kadir Welcome Thank you Mr. Kadir, I know I told you before but How much I owe you? You haven’t paid maintenance fee for three months The landlord told me Hey, why don’t you take a look at my face first? Do I look like someone who would pay maintenance fee, huh? What do you see? Let me tell you what I see I see a son of a bitch I see a scumbag, an asshole, a crook, a shitbag I see a complete son of a bitch This can’t be right! Or can it? I don’t know what to say, sir It is a problem but -Okay, I will pay I will pay it Mr. Kadir I think that’s your car You parked at Mr. Şevki’s spot Mr. Sevki told me to tell the owner to move his car Did I park it there? Okay, I will move it I will move it I left your invoice on the door What door? Okay Okay, you can leave now Look at this mess, man! It would look better if you were to take a shit in the middle of the living room, man You got me Do you want to put handcuffs on me? Who? Who the hell are you? Where have you been, you, naught boy? You don’t need that, love Your gun is over here What is it? Can’t you get a hard on? What did you do with the money, love? What money? What do you mean what money? Didn’t you take the money? What money? I risked my life for you

Do you know what he would do to me if he knew I was fucking you? Don’t you ever try to screw me over, Kadir Bilmez Don’t you dare! Or I would slit your throat right here Joke, I was only joking Okay? I was only joking I hid the money somewhere, it is safe And when the time is right, I will bring it For both of us That’s what I wanted to hear Someone at the door! It must be that idiot janitor Forget about him Don’t answer it You don’t have to answer it Don’t answer it -I think I should see him at least -Don’t answer I will be right back Who the hell she is? Who is she? It must be the wrong flat I don’t know her Look, what I have here for you Yes, hello? Mr. Kadir? Yes, hello. It is me I called you about Ada Remember now? Yes, but which Ada? Aficionada! Which Ada you think, Mr. Kadir? Your daughter, Ada Yes, I am listening Listen I will read something to you It is a homework we give to our students I thought you would like to know what your daughter wrote because I thought you or her mother would like to know about your daughter’s psychology I am listening “I hate my school. I hate people Because they are very cruel I hate my mother My mother always nags She always complains about something She is criticizing me all the time because I am a fat girl She is telling me that boys wouldn’t like me I think all the boys are idiots And my dad is the most idiot one We never see him anyway He is never there for me The other day, a fat bird, just like me, hit on my window and died Life is so silly Why do we live if we are going to die one day? Maybe when we die, we go to a better place Sometimes I really want to die I am so unhappy to be alive.” Mr. Kadir Ka… Mr. Kadir? Where are you going? You don’t even open the door anymore I was in the shower I know you looked through the peephole I am sure you have another woman inside Are you okay? No! Headmistress called me Why did you write all that? Because I want to die so you and mom can all be happy Why did you say that? What did you mean by that? Why are you talking like that? -Like what? -Like an idiot Hello? Kadir, I found the footage Which footage? Remember that car on the background I found the security camera footage I thought maybe we could see his face but they didn’t give it to me They said I needed a court order What do you mean they didn’t give it to you? I know how to take it from them Don’t worry I am on my way. Okay? Wait for me Wait for me. I am on my way Come on, get in Let me give you a lift to school -Are you talking to me? -Yes, I am talking to you I am in hurry Come on, get in! Move! What do you think? Guys, why don’t you gather? I think we found the killer of that reporter What do you mean? He’s been following him But he got caught on security camera What was the date?

14th of June 2020 That’s the one! That’s the one Be careful. Be careful This is a government office If you do something stupid, then I will screw you What’s are you doing over there? Are you watching funny movies again? No, sir. Chief Inspector thinks that he found the killer of that reporter We are checking that -Move aside Go to 2 o’clock Hey! You are here. Look Is that the other camera? I think so, sir It is there. It is there He parked the car He is getting out of the car He is getting out Show us your face He will, he will show his face now Fucking hell! God damn it! Stop! Stop! Stop! What have you done! Switch off all the computers! Hurry up! -Come on, come on! -Hurry up, guys! Someone, turn the water off! Turn the water off! I am trying! Turn off the god damn water! You fucking idiot! You fucking idiot! Careful! Turn that thing off! Computers! Turn that thing off! Computers!

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