Here drink this water my dear Please stop crying Mahjabeen You’ve been crying ever since you arrived Everyone will say that Mahjabeen’s marriage didn’t work Everyone will say that Mahjabeen failed And you know how much I tried, don’t you Ma? But what am I to do… I feel as if the word ‘Fail’ has been written in huge letters in my fate! No my dear, have faith And look don’t worry we’ll speak to your father when he gets back, okay? He’ll go and speak to those people What difference will his speaking to them make?! It will make a difference! He’ll go tell Abdullah all that he’s never told him to date They’ll say that she’s lying You don’t know anything Ma… he’s his dad and we’re no one to him! You know something, I got so scared… my hands and feet started to tremble I went running out and then I saw Abdullah and I thought I needn’t be afraid anymore But then he turned around and said, ‘You’re lying.’ You tell me, does anyone ever lie about something like this? Alright fine, I’m not worthy of him but I am his wife! You remember… who was it… what was his name… uncle… Uncle Shams! A betel vendor teased his wife and he beat the hell out of him But he’s hopeless in front of uncle Shams! What do I do… I really feel like crying so very much! What family have you married me into? You should have married me into a good family I don’t know what their problem is… a different style to sit, a different style to talk, a different style to dress… casual separate, formal is separate… God knows what hell I’ve gotten into! Please stop Mahjabeen Ever since your arrival you’ve been repeating the same thing over and over You’ll go crazy like this… hush now How will I go crazy… they’ve thrown me out of the house I’ve failed O’ Lord… When will daddy come home? He should be here soon… soon, okay? Even I feel sorry But what is one to do? We’re helpless Besides what can one do? You even tried your best to groom her But when she herself doesn’t want to learn then how is it our fault Its good that Abdullah is the one that took this decision Otherwise the two of us would have been accused of having ruined someone’s daughter’s life By the way… I don’t think that Lalarukh or Vashma are going to accept all this… that they’re going to accept this decision Abdullah wont change his decision whether they accept it or not Nor will I let him change it Its a matter of my son’s life

I’ll bear every problem that comes his way for him By the way… what was his fault… to get him stuck with a girl like Mahjabeen? Speak to the two of them Make them understand… whatever happened, they should stop it now… it happened, its over and now they should move forward I will make them understand I also want all of us to move forward Did you note the happiness and satisfaction on Abdullah’s face? I want him to be happy like this for the rest of his life Wow son, wow You’ve defeated a silly girl and you think you’ve done something outstanding… wow! I don’t understand one thing, why have you given that Munshi’s daughter such importance?! Its because she’s worthy of it Ma… she’s someone who should be loved She’s so very innocent God must have even broken the mold after creating an innocent like her Your son didn’t just go crazy for nothing you know Away with you! I don’t like girls that are such simpletons! Yes, what… what are you glaring at me for? I’m right! Go! Go to the mental asylum for women! Go have a look there because every second woman there must be like this! Talking nonsense! Now don’t go making faces at me! The truth is always bitter! Now you listen to me… listen to me and listen good! I’m telling you this now and make sure you write it down somewhere! This girl will not settle with you! She wont settle with you either! So much so that neither you nor your angels will even realize it! The husband is angry today, but what if he comes around tomorrow What will you do then? Then it’ll be this for you… nothing… this, see… like this… you’ll be left empty-handed… like this… like this You wont even know what happened! No I’ve created so much distance between them and that distance will never end now You can write this down from me Nonsense! Fine, I’m going to leave now and I won’t return until I have that girl standing next to me before you Now you listen to me Munnay Why should I be destined to bear all the devastation?! Sometimes you leave me for an old woman and sometimes for a young one! Oh hey… hey, why can you not stick in one place! Why are you acting so stubborn about this one thing?! What’s the name of that sister-in-law… of that Mansura… you said, ‘I’m going to marry her.’

But then you went and married that old woman! And now you’re after this girl! What I cannot understand is why being my son you cannot take a one single decision! Why are you running here and there! What…? Am I crazy to be talking here or what?! Eat Eat Assalamwalekum sister-in-law Assalamwalekum Walekumassalam I’m so glad you two finally remembered the way to this house Is Abdullah in his room? Yes, go call him here Actually there are certain things that I need to discuss with him on our own so… I’ll just go talk to him Okay How are you? I’m very well and you? I’m well Bhabhi, I wanted to ask you something Yes? Has Shanzeh’s chapter in Abdullah’s life reopened? Even if it has reopened, where’s the harm in it? I think that this will then be quite bad for Vashma Its with great difficulty and after constantly giving Abdullah’s example that I convinced her to get married as well And they’re also supposed to be coming over tomorrow In fact, this is the reason I came here… to invite you over for tomorrow… and to also ask whether Shanzeh had re-entered Abdullah’s life I’m asking you something Abdullah What was Shanzeh doing with you in your car Its like when two normal… normal friends are in a car… what… what else would she be doing with me in a car except sitting Why would she leave her husband to sit with you? She asked whether I could give her a ride… to drop her a little way ahead so I said fine, come sit in the car She sat in the car and I went and dropped her This is why she was sitting in my car What is it??? Why are you looking at me like this??? I’m tell… telling you the… tr… truth! What’s with you! Where’s Mahjabeen? I’m asking you Abdullah, where’s your wife? She’s gone home… to her house… she’s at her house This is her house now so you should say that she’s gone to her mother’s house Yes, she’s gone to her mother’s house, okay? I’m getting married Marr… married… you’re getting married? Who with? I’m marrying Hassaan Hassaan… Hassaan… Hassaan… Hassaan who? Hassaan?! You couldn’t find a nice boy! Hassaan??? Have you gone mad?! I’ve tamed him! And now I’m also going to give tips to Mahjabeen What… what tips will you give her? About how her husband is going around giving rides to other girls No Bring Mahjabeen with you tomorrow Yes… I… I’ll bring her Okay? Yes Alright then I’m leaving now Okay then… bye… bye… bye Vashma?

Vashma? Wow, my dear, you’re looking so pretty today Thank you Lovely Hasn’t the firebrand come with you? Where’s Mahjabeen? Uh… I didn’t bring her with me Why not? She wasn’t feeling well Oh really, what’s wrong with her? She’s got fever I thought I’d send her home since they would be able to take better care of her Why didn’t you bring her with you? How could I bring her with me dear??? They would have met her and thought did I have no choice but to have a crazy daughter-in-law like her! She isn’t crazy, she’s innocent Innocence suits children! She’s too old for innocence! Are you fed up of her or what? That’s not the point dear They would have think that… that what’s wrong with us as a family! Hassaan is here We’ll talk later Come on then Stop eating dad Is she her biological mother? Yes, she’s her biological mother Hmm… She’s nice Nice to meet you son It was nice meeting you It was nice meeting you as well… very nice Uh… I’ll speak to Sarwar and then let you know how we’re going to proceed Okay Alright then… I’ll be leaving now… Is that it? Yes Please sit Please sit Lets go dad Okay, yes… lets go Thank you Allah Hafiz Why are you listening to that disgraceful man’s advice and leaving Mahjabeen?! I’m not listening to anyone’s advice, this was my own decision Don’t lie, its not your decision! Vashma’s come to the office today Welcome! Welcome! I want to speak to my brother in private Vashma, behave Just shut up! Why are you playing with these foolish peoples lives?! What has that innocent girl ever done to you that you’re so hell bent on ruining her life?! Uh uh… Its alright Abdullah, its alright Let her go Let her speak Let her vent to her heart’s content ‘…Let her vent to her heart’s content.’ You wont be able to take it if I actually, ‘Vented to my heart’s content,’ so just let it be and answer my question! Why are you doing this? Its a fair question Look you and Abdullah are one and the same to me Vashma! Sorry? My name is Vashma Okay Abdullah and Vashma are both one and the same for me You two, your happiness is of the utmost importance to me and I can do anything for it If Abdullah’s happiness lies in his marrying Shanzeh then I will stand by him and give him my full support What? You’re marrying Shanzeh? Abdullah, I’m asking you something, are you marrying Shanzeh, yes or no???

Look, wait… listen to me… please… please… Enough! You don’t need to say anything more! There’s nothing left to say You’ve turned into a straight out cheat! You’ve learnt to be unfaithful! And here I always wished that my brother would be wise, sensible… this is what is sensible You’ve practicing all your wisdom on that innocent girl! No, no… no Look… listen to me Look at our family Everyone does what they want to… no norms, no ethics And I never knew that you wanted to practice your wisdom on that innocent girl and use her as your punching bag! I’m really disappointed in you Abdullah! Are you okay? Hmm… I’m fine Abdullah’s taken a decision now I’ve seen my son happy after a very long time Thank the Lord It feels as if Shanzeh’s return has brought the cheer back into his life And Mahjabeen… what about her bhabhi ? She also got a new life after marrying Abdullah And that too at a time when Abdullah himself was down and out and almost dying because of Shanzeh Hmm… But that was then Now the circumstances are in my son’s favor so why should we tolerate that foolish girl any more? She’s not foolish! She’s simple and innocent… and perhaps that’s why she never saw the unfair treatment about to be meted out to her What’s done is done, we cant undo it now I feel very sad listening to you Living with Sarwar this whole time… you’ve become exactly like him Now see here Lalarukh… Please! Why are you looking at me like this??? I’m not saying anything wrong! Do you know how many neighborhood women have visited me since yesterday??? And all of them ask me one question, ‘Has your son-in-law gotten angry with Mahjabeen and so left her back at your house?’ How would they know how upset I feel when I hear this question I just don’t understand why people don’t mind their own business Why do they interfere in peoples lives Dont worry, I’ll go speak to them… but don’t get your hopes up Hey What’s wrong? You seem quite upset since last night She’s my daughter but she hasn’t been answering my calls since yesterday and nor is she speaking to me And she’s also angry with Abdullah Well that’s what I’m also trying to explain to you She’s your daughter and she’ll eventually come to terms with things Look give her some time She did eventually accept out marriage as well didn’t she, so she’ll accept this as well Hmm Madam, Munshi ji is here

Have him sit and I’ll just come Come on then, lets hear his story as well No, no… you let it be, I’ll go see to him Sure Assalamwalekum Have a seat Yes? My daughter was sent home What did she do wrong? This is between the husband and wife so we cant get involved Madam, this is not between a husband and wife This is a complaint about which I’d come to you earlier on as well It would be best if you didn’t tie up my husband and my home in any controversy to do with your daughter’s foolish behavior! We accepted a girl that had a lesser mental capacity into our home with a great generosity of heart When a girl goes to her husband’s house its her duty to make a place for herself in her husband’s heart Your daughter was unsuccessful where this was concerned! My son has always been a boy with a weak nature He cannot carry the burden of a girl with a lesser mental capacity! If my daughter could not with her ‘lesser mental capacity’ handle the responsibility of being your son’s wife then… your son has also been unsuccessful If that’s the case then fine, it is what it is Why get into an argument over it? Lets just end this story here and now I am not going to continue to spoil the atmosphere of my house by listening to you Abdullah will be home soon and I will tell him straight out to send your daughter a divorce! End of story Why get into an unnecessary argument Good bye! Father-in-law? Of Abdullah Ex-father-in-law Are you going to your son-in-law… to congratulate him on his upcoming second marriage? You already know Shanzeh… Mr. Mir’s daughter? ‘Mrs. Shanzeh Abdullah’ It even sounds good, right? Remember what I told you? I will never allow your daughter to settle in this house as a daughter-in-law Remember what I told you?! See… I’ve already sent her home and very soon I’ll send her the divorce as well

And then that’s it… once the divorce is given… after that… After that… let me tell you what will happen Your dream will never come true even after my death What a great idea This means that you have very little time Munshi ji And the little time that you do have is real precious So what are you doing here??? Go home and spend your last moments with your family Go! You took your time getting back I was calling you as well but I couldn’t get through I’ll make you some tea Your son-in-law is getting married And do you know who with The one who humiliated him is the one he’s about to honor as his wife But how can he do that? Mahjabeen is his wife She wont be for too long What… why are you saying such frightening things? I’m trying to make you understand what is the bitter truth Sarwar has done what he said he would do Seema How can he do this…! They’re the ones who can do this Seema They have the money… they can… they can do anything Its very important to lie and cheat in order to survive in this world This is no place for an innocent person Munshi ji… look don’t lose courage Our daughter isn’t a burden on us We… we’ll forget that she ever got married Yes! But people wont allow us to forget To hell with people and their gossip! Who cares about people and what they have to say! Daddy, could you please get the remote changed Alright my dear… I’ll go and do it after I’ve had my tea I’ll get the tea Hello? Hello?

Uh… Will you take me away from here? Please take me from here? My daddy and my mummy are really upset See the thing is that they’ve become really worried about me… so please take me away from here I’ll keep real quiet! I wont bother anyone and nor will I say anything to anyone But I… You can get married again… yes; you can get married and you can live with your beloved I can live on my own somewhere… in a store room, in a room, anywhere… just give me a little space and I’ll live there But please… please take me away from here Give me one room and just protect my honor… a little, yes? I… I… uh… I’ll… I’ll… speak to you in a bit Yes… uh… uh… You’re my friend arent you? So come and take me away from here Stop bothering my son Why were you speaking to her? Dad, she was crying… so what else was I to do? Girls of her kind always cry Its so they can gain your sympathy and then trap you And you were about to be trapped had I not got there in time If you have decided to leave her, then leave her completely! Shanzeh will never be able to accept the fact that you’re sitting here talking to the ex-wife, whom you should be divorcing! Da… da… dad, don’t tell Sh… Sha… Shanzeh, please Am I stupid to tell her? But she will be able to suss it out because of your innocent stupidity She’s sharp She’s smart and not stupid like her to accept whatever is told to her She… she was crying dad Be careful And it would be best if you ended this matter as soon as possible

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