Integrated PlayStation2 I tried to make the PS2 that can run by itself equipped with a battery or a monitor This story is old by someone imitating. However·· Once, dream of carrying the PS2 came true As you might guess, because large and heavy I must have lot of preparation and courage to bring up to the outside Such integrated PS2 Named in PlayStation2Unify I introduce the creation process and play The first step is to procure rough parts PlayStation2 body (SCPH-90000) LCD monitor and the substrate (aitendo 7 inches) Up scan converter (S video → HDMI) Speakers of elecom (using the built-in amplifier) Panasonic lithium-ion battery × 8 Charge and discharge management board of the lithium-ion battery Akizuki electronic switching power supply kit DualShock2 game pad For now to verify the operation of each component Actuation is OK I on the basis of this simply image map, work to integrate these parts Decompose and wiring First will continue to decompose from PS2 body Remove the connector, and subjected to the wiring in its place DVD drive will take care in a safe place This is the power adapter which has been built into the PS2 Up scan converter also decompose and remove all of the connector This is the board of the amplifier taken out from the cheap speaker of ELECOM. As a precaution, I’ve all electrolytic capacitors exchange. And, I subjected to wiring on this board Connect the wiring to each other, and checked the operation Actuation is OK Creat a pad Disassemble the DualShock2 Cut a frame from a game pad Transplanted to the front panel made of acrylic plate From the pad is taken out of the film substrate Cut it in half. And, … peel off the center coating film Cut out the raw circuit board, … draw a pattern with a permanent pen of blue It is etched Extend by processing the film substrate And set up a plate for pressing the contact part Once built, it will look like this Realized the analog input function of DualShock2 From the substrate of the pad to remove the analog stick Porting the analog stick to the board, and the wiring Once built, it will look like this. Vibration feature was decided to not mounted Make a battery pack Make a battery box Wiring to make a 4series of battery Insert it into the box the battery I made two battery packs It is 4 series 2 parallel Assemble the Akizuki electronic switching power supply kit for stabilizing the output of the battery pack Connect it to the charge and discharge management board, and confirm the operation PS2 has running on battery Create an external power supply In order to power supply to charge and discharge management board, use the large-capacity AC adapter for notebook PC This is the power adapter, which has been built into the PS2. When connect an external power supply, PS2U will be running on this adapter Destroying the box, take out the contents of the AC adapter. During charging is hot. So I set up a fan By the thermostat to open in 122 ℉, fan is controlled Make a small part and the front panel holes for the speakers Drill a hole for attaching a monitor or other small parts This is the speaker. I prepare the two channels at right and left The self-made Power & reset switch The self-made battery fuel gauge The dial of the sound volume

The external power supply connection terminal. By remodeling, it is ok with a large current The foundation of the sleep function Memory card slot Attach were processed each of these components to the panel And I checked the operation Form came into view Create a body Created a side panel Using the ventilation port of PS2 would like to put out the atmosphere Create a rear panel, and then molded into a box-shaped. It is quite big Drill a hole for the DVD on the rear panel. And to create the disc cover Since the “shape of Mt. Fuji” is easy to grip, it was molded as such. Transplanted DualShock2 LR buttons frame on it The construction of the rubber foot of the pedestal and screw hole. Finally, molded by using a putty and sandpaper After molding, … to paint the base paint And painted in white Create a monitor panel of the Game Boy-style Used the water transfer decals, to render each icon. And coat with clear paint over it Create a speaker bezel Glue the parts It came out finally atmosphere Put a label on the back panel, more atmosphere will increase. Rubber feet has changed to black after this Create a disk cover Cut out the parts of PS2, increases the degree of perfection in the use of it Finally assembly Bolt holes or fitting that is pre-installed in the main body. All of the parts will be fixed to them Each buttons, Substrate of the sound volume Speakers, Game pad Power switch, Memory card slot, LCD monitor Charge and discharge management board, Up scan converter, External power supply input terminal Battery pack This sense of weight is like the early type of PS2 Headphone jack Switching power supply … I push the wires into the gap PS2 motherboard, Amplifier DVD drive unit Finally, put the tray of the DVD drive. The front panel is now complete This is the rear panel Is on the rear panel “disc cover”, “slide switch for opening and closing”, “LR button”. Compared to the front panel is simple All assembly finished Connect the LR button of the connector, and close to push all PlayStation2Unify Short PS2U It was to “Unify” because it put together all in one Heavy, and large. So I gave up that call themselves the “Portable” First, turn on the power. This slide switch is the power switch Red LED is the standby state. Is the same as the PS2 of early type PS2 motherboard is in the standby state, it contains the power to the LCD monitor This switch is turned to the double-action type of slide and push It is reset by pressing the switch. LED changed to green, PS2U will start Quadruple LED which is visible in the center is the battery fuel gauge. It is currently fully charged So … I want you to look at the whole story of you to PS2U While measure the duration of the battery by using a stopwatch, I will play the game Well, how much time will be able to play? Play the game ready for First Prepare a 8MB memory card for genuine PS2 Mounting!! It can be treated in the same way as the PS2 It is natural The same as the real machine, equipped with two slots Of course, moving or copying of data is OK It is a little difficult to see By transplanting the cover from the real machine, it does not come in the dust Heave-ho This game to play is It is a “Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3” in the racing game (Japanese title : Shutokou battle 01)

Disk puts from the back side Open the cover by a slide switch In the case of push switches, when I place the PS2U on a soft material, such as a futon, there is a possibility of damage to the disk will open the disc cover Insistently and sorry, but because very heavy I made a simple wooden stand It is impossible to play while holding the PS2Ubody. It can affirm. it is impossible By the way, the dimensions Width 7.1″, height 11.0″, depth 3.2″ Weight is a marvel of 72.31oz Since there is no technology to me, … that I have become this way The four buttons is the OSD (on screen display) I can be adjusted, such as brightness or shade of the monitor in this button Always, I think this kind of OSD switch is hard to use The center of the dial is the sound volume I adopted a dial-up since the button type of volume apparatus is weak Speakers is the two left and right channels I can use headphones That plugs into the headphone jack on the body under side The output from the speaker is disconnected will be output to the headphone This is a cheap speaker amplifier, so the attenuator is not equipped. And note the volume so loud sound comes out from the headphones Sound is broken, this is because recording environment is poor I’m sorry hard to hear So, while actually playing the game, We will send you the status of up to “full charge – full discharge – full charge” in uncut “Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3” is a racing game in which the Metropolitan Expressway at midnight on the stage I attack the Metropolitan Expressway until the battery limit will come. This long video is uncut, but there is a part to fast-forward First, I will buy a car After all, I Nissan is good … Nissan Let this Body color will be red Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka. I can select an area from among these I chose Tokyo C1 (Inner Circular Route) Start from the C1-Counterclockwise I want to show how that works for you. So, the beginning part of the game I want you to look with me Is the first time in several years to seriously play. Not run well unsteady In addition, the “discount LCD + up scan converter” is an environment that does not avoid the delay The high action of racing game, I want to try to make the verification of whether I how decent can play Of course it is possible to operate in the analog stick. However, I like to operate at cross button if anything Also it can be analog inputs other button is the same as the DualShock2 Drive feeling of this game seems to like running on ice When I get used to this feeling, it becomes addictive Whoa! I found the enemy Competition to be passing to the enemy starts Whether the road surface is called or referred to as “smooth”, “slimy”. Sensation elusive Basically, the enemy is belong to the team of street racing. It has more than one team exists for each area And beat all the teams in the area, I will have conquered the area In order to fight with the team leader, I have to win in the competition to all of the team members Other party that are competing now, is one of the team members Late at night is a public road. General car has run a little. (The company says that made this game. Here is not a public road.) I at that time, now drive the Metropolitan Expressway in the wake of that played in this game. I loved the unique atmosphere of the late night of the Metropolitan Expressway

It private car was a normal sedan, Of course I did not runaway act Dank feel of deserted annular line. Outrageous racer our atmosphere running at speed, has been reproduced very well When I play this game, it is possible to recall vividly the smell of burnt oil after the remodeling car has passed Although there are many games in the motif of the Metropolitan Expressway, Here to feel a strange reality, it is about this game Anyway I won In this way is a game to compete with the hundreds of racer Now let’s fast-forward ▶▶ This video, in order to avoid the environmental sound, has taken in the middle of the night the family is sleeping ▶▶ So so as not to cause the family, I picked up a small sound with a microphone. Since the correction of it by force will contain noise ▶▶ At the same, I am careful not to hit by drowsy driving ▶▶ If it is too hit the wall or other cars, it will affect the “nickname” in the game ▶▶ When would given a dishonorable nickname, PS2U is serious because would think it is the thing that can not be decent operation ▶▶ When I think of such a thing, my nickname has become the unwilling “lazy rogue” ▶▶ I Even “rogue”? I want to return the stigma ▶▶ From now run carefully ▶▶ It has passed one hour after turning on the power Battery fuel gauge is reduced to 3 from 4 And fast-forward ▶▶ Now, I am in competition with C1-counterclockwise last team leader I won The first is capture complete the C1-counterclockwise. The next step is to attack the C1-clockwise And fast-forward ▶▶ Because I’ve been accustomed to the operation, it has become not hit much ▶▶ I have a little break ▶▶ After a pause, it is resumed ▶▶ Nickname is now “fine Swallow”. Meaning I do not know, I think that it has become better than “rogue” ▶▶ I won the C1-clockwise team leader all of them. This C1 outer is also capture complete Disturbing one car “Jack knife of the Betrayal” ARRIVAL Hmm. Is cool production “Jack knife of the Betrayal” is the boss of the C1. So incredibly fast, I can not win now ▶▶ The next try attacking the “new circular-counterclockwise” ▶▶ Nickname became imperceptibly “extraordinary fox” What What, extraordinary fox? ▶▶ Two hours have passed from the power is turned on Here is the description of the forgotten had function introduced When I press the button of the “month” mark of the screen panel, and then it shifts to the power saving standby state LCD monitor, disk motor, amplifier, game pad. Four functions stops, reduces the consumption of the battery This is a sleep function Nothing is also input by operating the pad However, PS2 motherboard running. So, I use from then pause the game When the power supply to the pad is cut off, there are also automatically pause the game. This game in also running will be so Also because in this way takes a long time to return, it uses far from is limited. But, it is effective when for a long time you are away from your desk And fast-forward ▶▶ It was beyond the walls of the two hours. Aim is more than 3 hours ▶▶ Nickname had become “Sudden fox” from the “Extraordinary fox”. And now “Super fox” ▶▶ Heck, Who are called like that? Part of the “fox” does not seem negotiable ▶▶ Because much of the same attitude, bottom has become painful ▶▶ Remaining battery capacity is 1 ▶▶ Hang in there, PS2U! Hang in there, Super fox! ! ▶▶ Wooden stand of just created is as early as tired ▶▶ When looking to fast-forward, you can see how the wooden stand is going to fall behind little by little ▶▶ Finally I have defeated the last of the team leader of the new circular-counterclockwise ▶▶

It is what surprisingly advance I would like to tune the car, but no new parts are provided quite What conditions will there is, but It does not have the time to examine it now But, let a little peek at the car dealer Because it does not tuned for a while, I have accumulated money Hmm Ah·· I can buy the FD. …. (Gollum) However, it will buy the bankrupt. When I buy a car, there is no money to buy a remodeling parts Super fox will leave the car dealer give up Well, retaken care. Next Let’s challenge to the new circular-clockwise The battery residual quantity basis, it seems harsh to realistically conquer new circular-clockwise But, I only do it But mercilessly ▶▶ Red LED began violently flashing to request a “please charge” When the end is steadily approaching Already 2 hours 56 minutes … from the power is turned on Do I just wait for the time of the end remains this? No That I am not doing it, there is one So. This man … which runs in front of the now eyes This man has reigned as the ruler of the C1 Jack knife of the betrayal A little bit of power left in the PS2U This formidable enemy only has to shoot down! But – Just because it is formidable, not left time to challenge many times Chances are probably only once In order to enable a chance, I will now, put a trap This man to that place for that Put someone into that place Put someone Now I wait with bated breath Wait until you reach the location Battery …. Keep God’s sake- – In the past, a man who has been called a fox is Unawares came to be called “Strange Chaser” It is known its name to the street racers of the C1 – The rumors, of course, reach even to the “Jack knife of the betrayal” that govern the C1 Him to bury the direct “Strange Chaser”, tonight He arrivaled in this C1 foo …. I am a fox even if the nickname is changed Cunning fox You are the future, the addictive Lake trap of the fox Ruler of C1 from tonight’s not you. Of course not this even me Because going to disappear also light of my life But, I do die alone. You also to the companion Good …. The time has come Death Race’s start! Gu …! It tremendous speed!! He is crazy But you would have been found? The Ginza area is a technical zone one of the best among the C1 Narrow curve and pillar of the bridge girder is pounce many times to the driver Look … I came out in front of you. Where to Did you go the first of momentum? After all, you is “AI”. You is impossible as possible to avoid all of the bridge girder! Hey! Eat it again! “ABUNAI-HASHIGETA!!” (It means bridge girder of crisis) Crash! With his car reflected in the rearview mirror becomes rapidly small I felt like I heard the death throes of the man who had deceived by the fox

Game is a fraction of a second Always determined by the moment And will collapse in the twinkling of an eye is also hierarchy of C1 No longer, I would be run out of energy – From the gap of the building that flows at a high speed Before long, the morning light will spill Night will dawn … go home anymore – Yes Finally was evil glue, but the battery has expired It was 3 hours 12 minutes after the power is turned on If PS2U is categorized as PS2 portable device, this operating time I think that it is the top level. (It is speculation) By the way, from the start of the red LED is violently flashing prompting the charge, time of until the battery runs out was about 16 minutes In fact from the previous 30 minutes or more in, flashes red LED is from time to time So, When the player has confirmed the red LED, it will in time be carried out work to interrupt the game In the next, I will charge the empty battery Connect the dedicated large AC adapter And insert it into the external power supply connection terminal of PS2U Charge is the start Of course, can be charged from an external power source, I can game in charge Measure the charging time. How much of the time in charge take? Measurement start! Fast-forward ▶▶ It has passed about 6 minutes 40 seconds from the start of measurement Fans of AC adapter has started to rotate. The inside of the heat dissipation version will rotate with more than 122 ℉ 500 speed ▶▶ It has passed about 1 hour 32 minuites from the start of measurement A result of the inside of the heat dissipation version was slowly cooling, the fan was stopped because below the 86 ℉ Fast-forward ▶▶ Red LED that indicates the charging has disappeared Charging time was 1 hour 34 minutes Played time is 3 hours 12 minutes Charging time is 1 hour 34 minutes Since the result of Catalog specific to the Duration time is 3 hours 10 minutes Charging time is 1 hour and 35 minutes I would say Well, especially large reflection point of PS2U There are two – I’ve used up scan converter (cause of the delay) – It still too large this body In the late game of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, a condition known as “+100km/h, +150km/h”. Operation will become more severe Anyway, introduction of PS2U is now complete. Visit the HomePage for further details Thank you to accompany my clumsy English And Long time, Thank you for your viewing

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