hi I’m Pete and today I’m going to show you how I turned this old tub into this brand new looking tub using the rust-oleum tub and tile kit anytime I do something like this try to help someone out inevitably I get a reply from someone who says oh my god I’ve been doing this for 20 years you’re a hack you don’t know what you’re doing I wouldn’t hire you I’m not a hack I know exactly what I’m doing ok I’m not teaching you how to professionally reglazed tubs I’m teaching you how to buy a 50 dollar kit and give your tub a new finish ok so save your email for someone who cares this is not reglazing a tub basically this is putting on high performance paint so the first step is to wash the tub with bleach and water so that’s what I’m doing you really want to get your surfaces clean free of all debris okay now that I’ve washed everything down it’s time to rinse it off and you notice I did not remove the caulk yet now once you have it all rinsed off you want to let it dry but you don’t want to sit here all day so get a nice dry clean towel and get all the water off but the next step is to wash the tub with this abrasive material and this actually comes in the kit and what they recommend is to pour it on a wet greening scrub pad and this pad comes with the kit as well they actually give you two just keep going like this work my way down all right now that that step is done we’re gonna rinse it all again and dry it up again now obviously if this was in a shower I reduced the showerhead to rinse it but I don’t think that thing spits out water or at least I couldn’t find the control now it’s time to remove the caulk anywhere that this caught get it out and once you’ve got all that caulk scraped out of there it’s time to clean it out with the shop back I forgot to tell you about this step these trim pieces these on schools so you want to take these off and we’re ready for the final step of the cleaning process you use lime away and another green scrubby this also comes with the kit you don’t want to reuse that first one so same thing gonna work methodically around the whole area and scrub this thing up that smells real nice smells very clean mistake softening calcium deposits rust things like that this is gonna be super clean and if you’re thinking of making any shortcuts like all just use comments or I’ll just use Ajax it says specifically in the kit not to use that so I’m gonna trust them and just use the products they recommend in the instructions so the instructions say to clean the whole tub with the lime away let it sit for five minutes then clean it again then rinse it so that’s what I’m gonna do now that it’s all washed and rinsed driving it off with my clean rags and they recommend letting it sit for 90 minutes to dry completely so I’ve got a fan here and while that’s going on I’m gonna go over here and install a new custom shower door I look at that beautiful shower door it’s got a lighthouse edged into it looks real nice that thing has got a magnetic closure on it looks great works great now it’s time to go back to the tub it’s all dried up the last step of preparation is to lightly sand it with a 400 grit sandpaper just dulls the surface a little bit just stops it visited lightest of textures so that the paint will really stick to it and this part is critical it’s all been lightly sanded with the 400 grit and unlike the cleaning it’s very easy to see where you

have sanded it and where you haven’t and we got it all so now gotta wipe it off with the tap cloth the tack cloth is a very porous like a cheesecloth and it’s just a little bit sticky you don’t want to use a wet cloth on here or any sort of dirty towel and you see with the tack cloth comes off all the dust comes off and you see that the surface has been nicely scuffed dried up masked off and we’re ready to paint now the brush and the roller and roller pad come with the kit the pan does not I’ve got the paint and the activator and this stuff does smell very strong so I got a fan I’m gonna turn on here a minute and I also have my respirator on they give you enough to do a full sized tub two coats and you have to coat it and then wait one hour and do a second coat and this amount will last for six hours so if you’re doing something smaller you wouldn’t necessarily use all this but since I am I’m using the whole thing so let me get this mixed up and I’ll show you how it goes on I have to cut in very carefully around the faucet because I can’t get the roller in there you want to put this the fun very lightly because it’s runny and it finds its own level covers very well very easily see covers very easily you don’t want to go real heavy just get it on there especially around these corners on these turns on your walls you don’t want to go so heavy that it runs see how easily that covers and that’s just one coat it’s gonna look great the first coat is done and don’t worry if it looks discolored uneven if there’s some bubbles in there just think of it like a primer second coat it’s gonna cover all that stuff so now we’re going to let this sit for an hour I’m gonna cover this in foil so it doesn’t dry out now it’s been an hour and it is pretty dry to the touch not even tacky so that’s great let’s throw on the second coat let’s see how it looks so I’m gonna just keep moving along maybe that see how all the discoloration disappears me okay that’s it see how nice that the second coat covered look at this it’s cured for three days and it looks beautiful so now it’s time to take off the masking put all of the fixtures back on and caulk this thing and there it is this came out great thanks for watching you

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