Tencent Video presents ♪Birds over the clouds♪ ♪Horses over the steppe♪ ♪Misty rain, armor suit♪ ♪Flower blossom under the moon breeze♪ ♪When did the universe start?♪ ♪Who will the moon shine on?♪ ♪Spring breeze sprouts buds in trees♪ ♪and breathes new life in me♪ ♪Love is a song, passion a painting♪ ♪Dream falls at the flower of my hairpin♪ ♪Been around the world, seen it all♪ ♪Have the universe under my sleeve♪ =The Legend of Xiao Chuo= =Episode 16= Long live Your Majesty! Long live Your Majesty! Long live Your Majesty! Taiping King, Mingyi king has ascended the throne You would be a traitor if you resist Mingyi usurped the throne I don’t accept that Kill! Your Majesty, With Taiping King in the front, the soldiers are timid and hesitant Please tell us what to do, Your Majesty Yansage attacked Black Mountain’s battalion that’s treason Nüli, I’m here Lead troops to support General Gao No matter life or death, show no mercy Take down Yansage, you will be greatly rewarded Yes! Kill! Move! Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness! How are you, Your Highness? Your Highness! By the imperial edict of Emperor Daxing, we will help Prince Xian to ascend the throne The new King has an order, take down traitor Yansage Alive or dead, you will be greatly rewarded Kill! Protect His Highness! Kill! Kill! Your Highness! Let’s go now! No, I’m gonna go up and kill Mingyi and regain power

Your Highness, The Black Mountain Battalion has more than a hundred thousand men we can’t beat them I am gonna kill him! I am gonna kill him! -The sword! -Your Highness! Where is my sword? Your Highness! They want to take this opportunity to take your life Let’s go now! Go back to Shangjing City, summon all the warriors of Yongxing Palace I’m going to take these usurpers of the throne and tear them into pieces Your Majesty, we are incompetent We failed to capture Yansage Please punish us Two generals, please get up Yansage is one of the best fighters of Liao Dynasty And you were able to keep Yansage out of the chamber You’ve already done a great job Your Majesty, it’s just that if we let him run this time, I’m afraid it will be a big problem in the future Please rest assured, General Nüli I have my plans Yes Prime Minister Siwen Your Majesty This time Yansage didn’t bring large troops Most of the troops of Yongxing Palace and Yanchang Palace are still stationed in Shangjing City So I believe he will definitely return to Shangjing City Please return to Shangjing City with Han Derang, and assist Wuzhi King stabilize the situation and take down Yansage Please rest assured, Your Majesty I will arrange everything to welcome you to the throne in Shangjing City Prime Minister Siwen, thank you for everything I hope you can control the overall situation for Liao Dynasty, just as you did years ago in Mount Xiangu Prince Xian disappeared for no reason last night Taiping King pulled out his camp in the early morning Seems like things happened in Black Mountain And, His Majesty of Liao Dynasty must be someone who can bring longterm peace for Liao Dynasty Prince Xian is benevolent and kind, he will work for the well-being of the people of Liao Dynasty That’s the end of this dispute Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices Yongxing Palace and Yanchang Palace are all stationed in the suburbs Bring them to me If I can’t convince them, Take them into custody And then take your men go to these two places, Take over military power and appease people in the name of the new King’s succession You are afraid that Taiping King will use the forces of these two Palaces to make trouble? I hope I am wrong If Yansage successfully succeeded to the throne in Black Mountain If they are asking who’s responsible, then just let him kill you and me Yes You mean Mingyi took the token and went out to Black Mountain? Yes His Highness has brought people to go after him now Your Highness do you want a thorough investigation into the lost token? No need Things have gotten this far, what’s there to investigate? But I will explain to His Highness when he’s back Go now Yes Anxi Something happened Your Highness, don’t worry too much I think His Highness will be fine It’s Yanyan, it must be Yanyan She showed up out of the blue that day, she must’ve taken the token then Why not go back to the mansion and ask Miss Xiao, everything will be clear then I can’t Mingyi got the message before Yansage Who works for him from the Black Mountain? Han Kuangsi is just a Southern minister He can’t control the situation Maybe,

maybe it’s the Prime Minister? Stop it It’s it’s really father, then what happens to Yansage? what should I do? =Barracks of Yongxing Palace= Nianmugun, take the token and bring all the troops of Yongxing and Yanchang here Yes You get your troops together follow me to Black Mountain and crusade against rebellion Yes! That weak bastard Mingyi, wanna fight against me? I will let you know that you are looking for your own death Xiuge, what are you doing here? Taiping King, I came by the orders of Wuzhi King, You did return defeated from the Black Mountain Even Wuzhi knew what happened in Black Mountain, everyone knows what’s going on except for me Taiping King you better go back to your mansion now Yongxing Palace belongs to Emperor Taizong of Liao You don’t own it personally The late King trusted you, so you are authorized to deploy the troops Now, the new king has succeeded, and there is no such order So we need to talk about that when the new King returns Not only is this the case with Yongxing Palace Yanchang Palace is the same Yongxing belonged to my father, Yanchang belonged to my brother You are all loyal and brave people selected one by one by my brother What? Today, you are going to disobey my orders and betray my brother and my father? You can give your lives and root out the unfaithful for Your Majesty But, you are all great men of Khitan The power struggle of Taizu clan, shouldn’t cause unnecessary sacrifices and infighting at the cost of the lives of Khitan’s warriors Do you agree to that? Taiping King Yongxing Palace serves Emperor Taizong, Yongxing Palace serves Emperor Daxing, It’s not treason for us to disobey you It’s not treason for you to disobey me? Xiuge, you taught them to say that, right? It’s what Wuzhi King said We all think there’s a point You traitors! You really think you can make all the warriors of Yongxing Palace betray me? I have been in charge of Yongxing Palace for many years As long as I walk out there and make a clarion call, you will see whether those warriors will listen to you or to me Fine, if you want to fight, then let’s fight You got half of Yongxing’s troops, I got the othe half If we break Yongxing apart I want to see how you are gonna explain to Emperor Taizong when you meet him in the other world Mingyi,

good for you By the order of Wuzhi King, when Taiping King left the city, in order to stabilize the people’s minds, I have asked the generals of Yongxing and Yanchang who stationed in the city to stand by for orders and welcome the new King Great! I was worried before Wuzhi King is indeed the mainstay of Liao I will immediately search for the rebel Yansage in the whole city Father has returned to the city, and announced the succession of the new King, The whole city is under martial law, Yes, Your Highness now it’s a chaos out there Where are we going now? I am going home I want to ask him if he’s really abandoned his daughter and his son-in-law What exactly is he thinking? It’s all over Yansage succeeded, it’s all over Your Highness, All the guards outside our mansion has left Why did they leave? His Majesty died in Black Mountain and Mingyi succeeded Now Prime Minister Siwen led armies back to the city searching for Taiping King Your Highness, Taiping King has lost his power Mingyi succeeded! Mingyi succeeded! Your father didn’t help Yansage after all And he didn’t help you, either So what? All of you leave Mingyi is just a sick bastard As long as Yansage is gone, your father will just have to help me When our baby is safe, go home and talk to your father If your father can help me become Uncle of the Emperor then Liao will belong to our child eventually What’s wrong? You have been in a trance since last night It’s nothing I probably didn’t sleep well Your Highness, look, the plum blossom over there They are so beautiful! I will pick some for you Did Taiping King send any messages to you? Did they catch Mingyi King? If there’s any news, I will let you know as soon as possible Tabu, I’ve always treated you well If Taiping King accuses Zhimo King in the future You have to put in a good word for me I’ve always followed the orders of Taiping King I never had any second thoughts Anzhi, how is this one?

Here Thank you, Your Highness Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness! It’s bad, Your Highness! What’s wrong? No, it’s great Rumors goes everywhere that His Majesty is dead Mingyi King has ascended the throne in Black Mountain and is going to return to the city soon What did you say? Second Brother ascended the throne? Yeah Prime Minister Siwen led armies back to the city, now he is searching the whole city for Taiping King! Second Brother ascended the throne Second Brother ascended the throne Second Brother, ascended the throne Your Highness, Pack up things in the mansion Let’s go to Shatuo and pick up the Princess Yes The Princess went to the Prime Minister’s mansion The Prime Minister’s mansion? Leave the city when you are done packing up I will go to the Prime Minister’s mansion and pick up Princess, then I’ll join you Yes =Xiao Siwen’s mansion Shangjing Liao= Why? Why did you do this to me, father? I am your daughter Yansage is your son-in-law We are your family! Why would you rather help Mingyi than Yansage? The throne was supposed to be his Give me an explanation Since Taizu’s death, The three branches of Taizu clan has been fighting each other in order to seize power Most of them is only fighting for power They never thought what they can do for Liao after they are enthroned But, Mingyi is different Have you ever asked Yansage what he is going to do after he’s enthroned? For so many years, more people get to live because of his efforts, right? Why do you think that Mingyi is better than him? He didn’t do anything And Yansage has done so much Hunian, are you blaming me for not giving him a chance or not giving you a chance? Father, you think I came to ask you these questions because I didn’t get to be the Queen? Am I the kind of person that would do anything to be the Queen? You didn’t try to be the Queen like Wuguli did It’s because deep down you think you are supposed to be the Queen even without trying Just like Ren Huangwang, the power is supposed to be his even if he does nothing I never thought like that I just thought you’ve been too harsh on Yansage, Yansage did do a lot But most importantly Yansage didn’t think for the people, he didn’t think for the future of Liao Even if he’s enthroned, he would be the same as Emperor Daxing Father, did you ever think for me? Yansage is my husband, if you abandon him, does it mean you are abandoning me too? Hunian, I Yansage, what are you going to do? Xiao Siwen, I was going to kill you today, but because of Hunian, I won’t kill you Yansage, listen to me, The new King is benevolent, he is not going to be difficult with you

To stay and serve him is your best choice He doesn’t deserve it! Hunian, come with me Where to? There is no room for me in Shangjing City I am going to leave Liao I am taking you with me Then go now! Why did you come back? If I didn’t come back, I wouldn’t hear what you said Hunian, I’m not wrong about you You are there for me no matter what happens Xiao Siwen, you will pay for what you did today I will take back everything that is mine one day Let’s go Really? Prince Xian has been crowned Is father back too? Yes It’s a chaos out there Excellent Miss, madam is home too My sister is back? She must know that I stole the token She’s back to give me hard time I need to go find father to help me Father, why are you sitting on the floor? Where’s my sister? Yansage took her with him But I’ve ordered Dalin to guard the South Gate Maybe we could stop him Then, I’ll go after them Don’t move Xiao Dalin, release my people and open the gate Sinner Yansage, throw your weapons You think you can do that? Fight our way out Yansage, Your Highness Yansage, Yansage, Yansage His Majesty is kind enough not to ask for your life Come with me to beg for forgiveness You are such a villain, stabbing me in my back In you dream Han Derang, stop it Hunian, move Hunian Let him go or I will kill myself in front of you Hunian, don’t do anything stupid Let me kill him and then you go back with me I’m not going to do that Just go I can’t leave my family behind Hunian, you are my princess, I won’t leave you behind My marriage to you is because you saved Wuguli Today I’ll save you to pay my debt I owe you nothing now From now on, we are not husband and wife anymore Let him go Hunian, Hunian, don’t Yanyan Are you really going to leave father and us?

Spare Yansage and I’ll come home with you Hunian, you always know what’s right and wrong If we let him go, Liao won’t be stable in the future The new Emperor is already on the throne, I believe he will spare his uncle for he’s so broad-minded Derang, Yansage will be no threat to Liao once he leaves the country Just let him leave Dalin, open the gate Open the gate Hurry, go Just go! Leave Go away All right, I’ll go Hunian, you remember this, I will come back for you no matter how far away I am We kneed to God Tengri, you will be my wife for my whole life I’ll come back for you Cherish you, protect you, and be there for you my whole life It’s me who spare Yansage, you should take me to His Majesty =Kaihuang Gate= Welcome Your Majesty The Emperor is deceased and by his death wish, I am the new Emperor now Now that I’m on the throne, I will reform the set rules and innovate I will free all the prisoned kings to regenerate the imperial regime I hope that all the ministers and chancellors will assist me to create a new and strong dynasty Long live Your Majesty Your Majesty,

it’s my fault that Yansage got to run away to the south I didn’t get him at the gate Your Majesty, it’s my responsibility to watch Yongxing Palace I didn’t perceive his next move, which gave him the chance to run away It’s all my fault Your Majesty, Yansage is my son-in-law, I’m responsible for the oversight Please don’t blame yourselves Yansage runs Yongxing Palace for many years It’s quite normal that he has eyes and ears there Xiuge, You’ve been able to control the two Palaces when we were fighting over power And this time, you even succeeded in capturing some people in Yongxing Palace This is a great merit As for Yansage, just leave him be I believe that as long as we ensure the political stability, he can’t do anything worth worrying out there On the other hand, you have made great contribution I should award you, why would I punish you? Thank you, Your Majesty When the deceased Emperor was killed, you have comforted the officials, controlled the situation and put down the riot I annonce that Siwen Prime Minister takes the new position as Privy of North and the official of Shangshu Knighted the King of Wei Gao Xun, the official of Zhengshi Nüli, commander of the guards and the Khitan Palace deploy commander Xiuge, Tiyin Han Kuangsi, Shangjing Liushou Thank you, Your Majesty I told you that His Majesty won’t seek to punish Hunian’s crimes You have to bring it up The deceased Emperor was cruel and all the officials lived in fear Now His Majesty is kind and benevolent, lenient with others but it deprived him some majesty Although he forgave Hunian, I can’t sing my own praise Of course I need to ask for forgiveness in front of everyone You are the most powerful person in the court Why are you being more cautions now? My future looks bright, but it just how other people perceive things I have put my country and my family in front of everything Now I’m afraid I can’t look after my family for the sake of the country What do you mean by that? Everything went great in your family Is it about the heritage? Be someone as powerful as you, if you want to choose the heir, you can choose any talents in the queen family It’s been a while, Zhang There are many guests coming to congratulate our family Right? Then what are you doing here? Go entertain the guests Dalin is outside Hunian, don’t be so sad Yansage is not good enough for you Besides, you don’t have any children Just forget about him You can choose someone better than him in our family Please get out I want to have some rest Hunian, you weren’t willing to marry him back then Now he’s gone, it’s all for the best Just go OK we’ll go Let’s leave Get some rest Let’s go Father, I heard from uncle Husi that you’ve been quite busy lately I made chicken soup for you, it’s good for your health You are more considerate than before I’m a wife and a mother now And I realized how great pains father has taken I was only a couple of months pregnant I’ve already started worrying about his future What’s more, father have reared me for many years At that time, Xiyin’s family got involved in the assassination case and may fall at any time Father didn’t agree my marriage to him But I insisted on it, hurting father’s heart Now, I feel really ashamed of that

Come here, dear The past is the past As long as you and Xiyin live a happy marriage life, then I’ll finally be relieved You and Xiyin reached an unspoken consensus He said I should come back to see you often and take care of you Father, now, you see, Xiyin is the only son-in-law of yours When you come to see His Majesty, could you intercede for Xiyin and plead His Majesty to set him free? He’s a grown man After being besieged in the masion, he was always signing So what? He wanted to go out of his mansion No, no, no He didn’t say anything It’s me who get so worried about him His Majesty just ascended to the throne, there are many things to do He’d better take refuge in the mansion first I’ve been thinking about your business When it’s time for him to get out of the masion I will surely tell His Majesty about it Father, Have you always been preoccupied with it? Father, Xiyin is really nice to me He’s been thinking about you, too This time, you really need to help him out We will take good care of you in the future Have a taste Should Xiyin be the emperor’s uncle later, our baby will be the future of the Liao Dynasty Dalin, today, you must be very busy Dangyin Xiuge, welcom It seems good Uncle Xiuge Dalin You’re all here? Xiezhen, why are you here? Don’t mention it My cousin Hugu wanted to propose to Molugu, but had a quarrel with Prime Minister Siwen Since he won’t come, I have to be here Wait. Here you are Please come in and take a seat Okay Good Let’s go Darin must be busy with everything here Yes You’re a perfect man indeed Thank you No wonder Prime Minister Siwen Isn’t that Dalin? Why did he come before us? Did he also want to please uncle? His intenitons are the same as yours Congratulations! Congratulations! This way, please Fine Dalin, You must be exhausted now You’d better take a rest at home Just leave things to us He’s right, Dalin How could we make our guest to serve us? We are our uncle’s nephews Right? Today is an important day for uncle Nothing should go wrong You’re already late I’m afraid that you can’t handle something well enough Please leave it to me What do you mean? We are not considerate? So, you mean you’re considerate? Don’t think I don’t know your intentions Then tell me Uncle has no heirs, so he will choose one from the descendants of the family We’re close branch of the clan It’s us who should give a helping hand Instead of someone from the remote branch It’s none of your business Yeah You know what? You’re behaving like a villain Who are you talking about? I have to teach you a lesson today And I’m justified in doing so We’re not easy to bully Enough Yanyan Yanyan Yanyan, you need to testify for us Xiao Dalin must harbour wicked intention It is you who have that So what? My father hasn’t said a word Are you going to disregard my family? It’s my father’s party today But you are making troubles here Get out, now ♪Who wrote the love down with affection♪ ♪Who got drunk with thoughts on horse back♪ ♪Song of her across land and sea♪ ♪Lingers on and beyond the men’s world♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪

♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪ ♪The watch at night, dawn at the skyline♪ ♪Two beating hearts, a never ending story♪ ♪Unbending belief, bothered by none♪ ♪All the joy of the universe at your blink♪ ♪Like a bird across the clouds♪ ♪World shimmers at me♪ ♪Love without regret♪ ♪Fear for no danger♪ ♪What a brilliant life♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪ ♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪

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